Mac Attack: Dwight Howard And Greg Cosell Interviews

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Thursday, December 7th

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It is a Mac exact or their fans see I don't get into a lot of banter stuff here Bruins forward you all until we got him just. You could tell pigeons Tennessee looks like actually if they're coached in Alabama. A bomb and Greg cosell bottom of the hour we talked Panthers and vikings and was from him watching film that was a match up look to him. But first things first just your day before I got all worked up fifty hornet's watching last night's game. I talked to Dwight Howard he's engaging conversation Manny really was fun to talk to a first thing I wanted to know was not having Steve closer for a while because. Other health situations you know one hole how does he feel about that what does the team losing without class. Good group part of we're really you know coaches. Fumble just I have a clear Perot will be you know you know from our soap and water because you know we love that record for a than it was good to talk to. Com car he's series. He's really into our team in the world you can accomplish have you thought they just believe sort of because they're so concerned. And does good to have been there for coach. They're back to cheer for awhile and good luck over here is born. You know this is going to hurt. Hey you're a former so. Yeah he Dwight I passed Tuesday cliff's question had to be the first question was what's going all coach. The second question has to be the sack to that I'll start to wonder if they got to move cam mall small and let you in Iraq. Kirk the other night you had best steal and then you sit it is in the resident Wayne finished. Then you could just ones all over the Internet by the way and ESPN's shows you had a little shake on booze have this man he had the greatest jock up. Mad quite how to handle on the rock yet they take into Iraq maybe. Oh Lebanon and are kemba who. Truly glared at those so you know little or mentally you can do well privileges there to do. Lone truck Ulanova who refuse. To do work can only do good here he's created a bit true. And you know migrated our ambition is still. Load man island your. Your reaction to it a big old smile soon when you pull those off is great stuff. You mentioned Campbell I saw you sent out sweet the other night after the win you say man's great avenue just got back. He had 29. What's it like play within you played you know twenty or so games with a right now Obama what have you learned about him that maybe you didn't know when you're playing against them. Oh well western pool our and also are pretty it was a lot of progress supporter just kind of either. You know you bet you still hear birds where the basketball. All time. I don't know where he's been you know lawyers in this sort of system has his first career. And millions who wants to win also you burn there if too many of them and outside the court. Well it was great to have him a lot of it was just really learned each other you know news takes a while. And don't really good thing about as you know we know the greater attitude towards each other. So we enjoy your desk. Or do you have a explanations and affected you guys are 83 home. And one intent on a road vs one of these where you're you're limited and you can't put like these are truly something on the road the effects this team or is this one releasing you can't really figure out. I just say we gotta stop thinking about it you know create a lot of time you know it Marty's car or basketball clears. When we tendered Greeks so must therefore increase in the book. Poll we just play basketball. If we we we used to do good you know the white game that we want to overly broad and this is. I'm hoping none of us thought about new data with impunity because we have a woman who wrote it didn't work there who are here play basketball. And you know look to move out of after the day that we clear where where we do all the things we've got to do who went. Somebody in the Olympic Games in the world week. They could barely got to get this game to move the whole you know we have on your dad put malware site. Do your homework you can't do have a special cleanest and try to. There not consult white power win us calm talking about this season today his first season Charlotte. Are just so so so many of us in the media you even talked about it have made the connection that hey it's kind of cool we got to Superman here in Charlotte. And you guys your camera so similar in that you both got those big all smiles and feels like when you guys are happy. And get like that it feels like you both think your best have you talked to him and all you guys have any relationship and all review not met at have you not talking since you've both been here in Charlotte. Oh we've called the cobbled you are or are you extremely busy. Although clear full blown you know having fun actually had a chance to go to a gate. A couple weeks ago were. It is from under your trip every kind of program have got to trust that I gonna try learn who you'll stay notes Joker does have a 400 unless there there's there's we. Certainly yes. Others no doubt there's a parallel have both you guys here you can see it. You there's an SI article you'd you'd cover guy back in September was an amazing piece week at the time we talked to Lee Jenkins who wrote it. I thought he did a great job when it and I thought you're revealing in those close there feel like you kind of stripped of everything away and so okay here's got a what's what I've been going through. You were all deeply honest about as a person you feel like you hit a point where hey that's not me who I should be. You also admitted as a player you sit at one point you try to be mean like right you know and in LA and and I got to be mean had this attitude he says I mean I got a smile. What why did you choose to for that piece hey we'll let everybody get on make it got to the mysterious guy I think a lot of people truly know you. Why did you decide let people live just got us. I don't I just think I just think. The Leno a lot of you know you have to speak for me in the process. And even though they've always got an episode scenario this type of person. And you know which is really who are there. They're earned you know hard her kids are kids see an artist to have that because. You know this is what people's seat is worth. Closely on TV or would there regal at it and there it is the people there are certain schools. They're Nittany Cinderella Mira Vista so you at all. But yet they're major little bigger slopes are. About who are here. They're you are going there this this is so far from true pro or who are your current clear. And you know person because I gotta I gotta attorneys who. Yeah that just to let him that's that's awesome that they humanize you really yummy and Symbian is big mythical figure everybody almost unless it is humid you know it's like. I think there might look to dad learned a little bit about chipped. It's for us this team goes like what are we Nazi because I have this feeling I'm sure you have this feeling that it 913. And you guys have been a little inconsistent we talked about the road home thing. What do you think that we what what does this team capable of doing that you think we have yet to see and it will see eventually well. He says there. A little deeper assuming we can be a lot of that. Any woman or because from the get go out murder. Problem overall persevere and I think we do we just got enjoyed it your best quote more poor. Aren't there. Was something you couldn't. From there we need to get better armed resistance to getting. An award that are sort of skirted gardens. In our record here fourteen is not easy. Any gold or her. There. You have been Juli why you have this. You never know what recorder you're you know put every moment that you have poor people would actually order practice or. In Dearborn notable but it's itchy. Enjoy ticket red observed because word they're all be over so he'll look breakfast prepared are we so would have took the term we do this to grand jury hearing. We are the best job in the world. You know it's so must've been every day are simple the court. I've been and I got 20000 people usually include basketball it is it just for days. We've come to police he he played in I want to be just a whole lot of Yugoslav and clearly the eighth Jewish groups went very. 20000 people are not have you watched clip towards you or what they beer or third. He looks familiar to discard the well of course. Bring it here because you go process you go sit back and pogo on the you don't this need of what they're. Essentially. Enjoy eagle door so there is achieved. Every cheer and our Beirut bunker Google incident eerie but I had the opportunity to break. A great attitude great minds about a way as wanna say this. Mud Dwight has been amazing and community I mean he stepped right in and starting getting out there and doing a lot of great work use of the Boys and Girls Club yet again. Yes today sought Z you deserve major trends that not a says she just lets you know about this community they should just jump drive didn't become a huge asset and com what do you think of Charlotte like 20 this is your first you know canceled a month's here what's your impression venison. I don't know I really like blood glucose a lot of middle of a home. I didn't know what to expect coming here. Alone could only barely hear you grow or become political players turn it was clear to the poor days. So you can see that symbol of the old till our room. And may be restored it every now. But just gave you heard of people so brief. You know look at all period. Focus focal part of folks is invincible we call the roll you restrict Craig everywhere but you go to city disc security remains good. Arum would really enjoy my time you're yeah. No like I told them grow numerous amounts of people you know there I want to show you on the wall won't be alone retired. Chrome. But you enjoyed this city introduced him. That's Dwight Howard your Charlotte north had a great time talking he's a really accessing Chad. And so I was really I really enjoy delight and then watch a game last night and Dwight does not rundown of larger delegate it's easy dunk and then I got frustrated a joint and everybody else on the team. I would jump back at the strains we did talk about just now everybody same play also making the playoffs. We've gotten to that point where people are so negative and if there's going to. In the twos come back and and an end and plays the way we're capable. I mean you know probably some of the biggest disappoint is also the missed opportunities on the offensive side you know his chances. Took to make some more plays that we didn't defense that we had chances to crazed some stops and we didn't come we weren't very good couple third down situations on both sides of the ball. We didn't tackle well we're capable of is that we have for the most part. We do and we you know we know too many big plays over the top. Com and then we haven't made the big plays that we've we need to on the offensive side special two inch touch football. Com this going to be about field position on this I mentioned earlier. There you go Ron Rivera slid in a missed opportunities on us there he definitely did but Ron talked about field position us wanting to talk about moved forward when we get into the vikings game after Greg cosell how you win the vikings game field position. It's got to be one of those games the defense has amassed a great vikings defense and we got to get into a grinder that's what needs to happen bombs. I mean borderline punt is a good play title football game on Sunday I think for us to have a shot to win these games. Greg cosell bottom of the hour we'll talk us some more answers here. And the playoffs enthusiasm just the saints just beat it out of some of some of you guys Jeff says I don't care Sweden just season ticket holder says DSL loner he says. I don't care if we make the playoffs. But a 100% don't wanna play at home to waste my DSL playoff ticket price just to apply next year. And either way if leave a secure a wild card spot we are one and done time to move along. Nothing to see here she Evan says broke we ain't making them. Well adults it's this guy says here we go again we missed opportunity I know it's in going and seriously I did not know that was a cut Osborne is gonna pull specifically I didn't realize it said missed opportunities and there's some sorry it's my fault but should dad I don't either I don't hear that never in about an all sports decides it's scientifically impossible to poll Ron her audio right now sir Hillary does. Say that that's fair that's fair this guy says I'd rather miss the playoffs and lose one game of the wild card. Kevin says Mac you watch Justine the last two weeks and secure a playoff team I think you're dumb ass. Seriously it's like god bless you like you guys script when we get some stuff cranked duck as you guys have these strong opinions and you take good shots at us. But honestly. I mean the NFL ebbs and flows man back there of the dolphins game a few weeks ago. You guys warns we are talking this same way so because they should they struggled but beat the jets and because a really good saying steam stakes is to a skating game where. Obviously we self destruct in a lot of areas like. Do you not still believe that we play a clean game we're capable of winning this Sunday we play clean game we can be to Green Bay Packers we even with Aaron Rodgers. That we play clean game we beat the falcons for a second time and I just. Ides you know. Listen I get angry too on Monday and Tuesday Bono was debt now is let loose when it comes to pay answers. But now I've taken a step back more towards reality I realize in this league. Last week doesn't necessarily predict how you're gonna play this coming week. Like would it shock you the Panthers beat the. Vikings got at all death in bed. Today seems to be a really negative narrative around the Panthers right out I get it as a loss for the second time the saints what do they do beat the vikings on Sunday. That's five or six Wentz yes I think that's pretty way it's not necessarily but has filed a six wins and it seems that knighted for. So I think that will really negative right now or win on Sunday completely change the narrative back to positively cowboys yeah I. I think drama. I think it's a little over more afford be it from me because I you know I've lost my monitor the borders today got angry about the Panthers on us I mean listen I know I can be mr. overboard too but I just feel like let's see this thing play out man they're. The NFL season get a two point back to a team like to chiefs look like world beaters early look at him now you know chargers Owens for early look at them now they look like the best team in that division so. I just think if we can get on a good little slow good little ride again I. The defense has to pick it up and and that's what -- get into bone you know after Graco or -- this league you have to do to win a game and make it look like a playoff in this league you're about tour through recent beat a great team or bad team it's true reading on where your before that it is true to say not a good change like that is just a semi clean games of the Panthers play and I felt like Detroit and New England. Or or and Miami worth three best performances of the season personally. Although you look at it you look at the bills game I know our offense struggled in that game mightily. But Theresa may teams all the bills to a single I'm a saint S greatest offense in the world to bills are a lot more competitive. It except except maybe that's our show was it chargers are the revenues even beat them down like it. Chargers right yeah nice to ask Peter married to amend the defense was great against the bears and the Buccaneers. Yeah I just think it's a great does week's Johnnie I would just settle for the defense to be great the offense to be average has been my battle cry all season the defense is the reason why these last two weeks we look different they are different. We go back to the sounds of how do you guys feel about this playoffs. Situation where the Panthers are you really got down on it or even you don't think for one or use sink or you don't wanna be there. I still believe two wins in Tennessee X gets a sin although I'd like to see just don't wins three of these games should be to seal like we can make noise in the play else. But I always rather be in the tournament and watching the damn thing man don't take for granted playoff appearances. There are surf fan base is like you Cleveland for example that would cut off limbs to be able to get back into the playoffs 704 or 57096. Cent. Our Randy is up neck training how you feel. I don't know what we did it it it didn't wanna be optimistic. But outlook that are scheduled. We can we win 34 we can Lou history or through the ministry of sport in Dorset their knotted haven't. It's so yes or negate I'd that there but it epic Greek debt. I'll win it all the states districts it help get into that spot but he just don't know which team will show up will say however. Comatose and I made about reminisce about wanting it and then in one I doubt I'd stick that's been. Are seeing that happen. Our personal benefits eligibility to a draft lottery. Like your drafting literally like a spotter to go ahead. Of where you are gonna play also lose the first eight legislate what is there to gain from missing the playoffs so you don't have to go through the immense frustration of watching your team lose a playoff game again. There's plenty of Sammy you'll think bears hits would love to get the play also lose their first game like let's not act like spoiled day impressively make the trials sort of forced. How many here in five years. Just he says Mac don't let these doubters turn you into being nervous negative Nancy being positive. I think I think what the caller says I think a lot of these guys what they're saying is we don't expect some cancers I think there's an element of that. Just don't load expect this weekend I'm just not making these declarations like we're not making the playoffs just based off my frustration over the saints game. I'm not going to do that man this is still an 814. Are we come back to work on in the film room. Greg cosell would IDC in the saints film for from the Panthers. Of notes and most importantly we got a looks forward to heading to vikings' dominant on a nine game winning streak. How do we match up with sand based on the film Greg cosell NFL films next. Man spends more time. Max spends on the couch and that's a long time. Pierce spent over thirty years breaking down for fall for NFL films and he is here every Thursday to share that expertise with the queen city. I'm busy with the INS guys is about your Panthers with Greg goes yellow of NFL films on the Mac it Jack. Do you buy garage door guru and go garage door guru dot. Our let's reviewed the tape to review the tape of the saints game as upsetting is that game was. And maybe the most important thing we're gonna do Greg cosell NFL films. Is give his thoughts on the vikings what makes them so special wire they tenant two are there any holes that show up on tape. I gotta be honest statistically studying this team. They don't. Too many holes insanity they really because the whole we thought was a hole this case given it's not a whole umpire does suck to Greg cosell NFL films who like it Shearer come across the way once when he was talking Osborne. Asked if Mac is okay today and by the is that the kind of lunatic do you think I am Greg. If I had Norman. Welcome aboard brother Greg casino is every darn week make it sends what it does do good or bad explaining to us what he seemed when he studies the Sonoma. On this been aware we Gregg in that we've been hard on the defense you know if you look at again. You know you'll you'll so we went to film says a lot of Calcutta supplies and stats but if you look at this defense. Last four weeks they're given a 401 more yards a game and gave the first eight weeks of the season they've given thirty points a game up the last three weeks. When you watched a defense against the saints. I feel like to run defense even you know let us down and then became a mom what did you what's the what's the biggest thing that sticks out from a negative standpoint about this defense. Yeah you know it's funny they've had this issue with the rule would run defense at times through the years but now it's sort of didn't strung together a little bit. This particular week I thought that the loss of Davis was big because he only played in the nickel. And he did not only in the basic so obviously they played David Mayo in the base and and that's but he has just. You have to be realistic that is significant drop off for amnesty Vista. And then they're giving up some big plays in the in the running game and normally. When you give up big plays in the run game. It's usually gap's stock but there's one thing net debt I find very very acoustic. And I thought it showed up on the 72 yard run by Ingram. And see what they do with Jack Thompson and I know he's out this weekend what they do with Jack Thompson is when. They bumped him out a lot and they bring their safety essentially in the box as they lined back. So for instance 172 yard run by Ingram. Holmgren was essentially playing a stack linebacker Justin should not place side not a linebacker. So he was the one who is who had to take on that no lead block by the full back. Now Cole mentioned this player. But he's now going back. So they do that a lot with Thompson he's the bum out guy oversupply. And in fact it was motion on that play but he stayed out of the box and they brought a safety in the box and that's a large part of what they do and you can get caught like that because safeties are not stacked linebackers. Mean interest NS interesting. You know observation on that flag which was obviously one of the biggest ones of the football games. What are you seeing Greg in regards to the pass rush it's starting to feel at times Madison I thought was tremendous yeah but wired and tapped it feels like peppers you know harmony of place a mortals snaps last week because of Charles Johnson the end out. Feels like tempers maybe he's been a little quieter on the pass rush is this team at a point where they're even short maybe last week in noticeable to pass rush. Is this team's four man pass rush when they don't blitz big question mark is that part of the issue right now. You know it also function to this past week of who they played against you're dealing with the quarterback. Who's very timing rhythm based get the ball out. Obviously a team that doesn't throw as much as they used to you used to seeing this thing struck back at times 4550 times a game. That whole scene this year two different offense. But. So I think it'll be hitched to see what happens this week against Minnesota which is very very play action based test you know peace Keener particularly out of these personnel in normal down and distance situations. There are among the top two or three teams in the league in terms of play action drop axed. So that's. You know then Patrick is also a little more difficult. I'd. Yeah I mean it did stay at a very often the nature of the opponent they've they've played a team this week that read it's it's strange to say I think are running around football team. Yes no no zone no doubt the way they have the ball is likely to pay if there's abuse that were about what they're trying to do on offense. Greg is a false. I'll be darted to the saints are the ones an excuse completed an evolution in the blink of an island it is amazing the way they turned into a running get it running team. That won't run through your tackles and that will be to look up front on the line like I got to give him credit for that transformation. No they actually have a pretty good all lines and armchairs is healthy Peta is probably not a left tackle as we saw this week he stressed that a number of bad snaps against. Status didn't catch pro. Com I think he's got this week as well taught for tonight's game Pete but. Com but yet their whole line would Armstead is there and Pete plays left guard has become a really solid alliance. They're really good in his own running game tax congress a wrist extender and excusing what we call reached blocks which are really hard to do a really good with double teams at the point of attack. So they have a really good O line and are really good run blocking the whole line. We're told Greg cosell NFL films to make sure you watch your DV RN FL match up it is on every week side Saturdays you get a shot at an 8:38. AM on ESP into Sunday's. 6:30 AM on Aren't out to talk about it it's a vikings is this one's a huge game two saw one you know let's let's had to break this down. The second there's this good I think it's surprising a lot of us. Because for a while there okay how good can you be would take skiing and playing quarterback the kids playing amazing what do you see from him on tape how was even doing this and how he played so well. Well he's a very controlled and managed player. Which. It is in the context of what they do Derrick Rose he won't make 'cause he knows he can't make them terrorist throws to leave on the field. But he doesn't turn the ball over and he doesn't detect a lot. And he has to sort of slippery element to his game where he avoids pressure and doing what we call second reaction is placed so. So as long as he doesn't turn it over. Within the context at any committee complete passes seek. He completes passes these high completion percentage guy now he's not gonna make it stick throws down the field he's not gonna complete a lot of long passes. And like I said their son he won't even throw because he knows his limitations. But as long as he completes passes and doesn't turn it over would the defense stepped they have. Then he does exactly what needs to be done and they've been running the ball a little bit better a little more consistently over the last month. And it all goes together their complete people. Yeah I know they are they're a very complete and oust. I'll say this on the defense aside the ball so it looks it looks like a team drags that. At every level has started football players and I am looking at things like Xavier Rhodes as he travels with function stat that could obviously be a hard match up. And then Matt Lille playing against his former team against ever sing grifter like those two things stick out what what do you how does a painter offense Minnesota defense matchup look. Yeah well let's just talk about the vikings defense to the personal lives and number 13 down defense in the NFL stink about it they play twelve games. You know many first downs they've allowed on third down in twelve games. Forty I'll think about it he's just three plus for us this. That can read it since they're really really good out of their nickel and the reason they're really good editor Nicole which by the way they play on almost 80% of their space. They have a strong did you pass rush with Kristen Connor and grit and is really good at great defense event at times moved to left. They have weak speed at linebacker would Kendrick and bark. They've got a matchup corner in a row which. They've got one of the most multi dimensional safety and Smith so at every level of their defense they're really really good and one things Zimmer does so well and he's always done this well. If he gives confidence in different combinations or very similar law. No they're not high at least keen to know what you think of all look at all these. Multiple looks they're they're moving people already don't do that. Derek nickel defense seemed guys pretty much all the time so they're not high at least keep it but they showed just enough. To create dissertation in the quarterback and there may not be a more in the least my fundamentally sound defense and only what. Is the and we won't use the word we did so releasing terrorists want serious you know we Sunday is sir what are itself is our best way to attack Sam likes it edged the Panthers it's up to run the football right does the same every week's of them. Well I think to be difficult to be one dimensional against this defense they're too good and I don't think I don't think the characters would be able to pass protect. You know so they needed to. Improvisational so protection plays which Kim Newton has always capable of making against anybody had any time. But again you're not coaching that and it's hard to live like that so. You know you. You have to execute I think you're right that that. Wrote will be unconscious I don't think that's a great match up pretty conscious which doesn't mean you could get shut out. You know but but I don't see crunch is going to try once thirty in this game now old citi's back yeah that's important. That's really really important normally. Normally when the vikings play man the tight end matchup this Harrison Smith so he's a really good player. But I think also it is the kind of tight end that theoretically can win against any safety and I think he becomes a very important player in this game. Interest I'd Greg cosell and still sells us last question. This panther defense that we started it there's these segment by talking about. Do you feel when you watch them on tape for the last couple weeks that they are starting to some people think it's wearing down because they have a lot of bowl players do you. Or do you think you'd think durst they're regressing and that's and there are a lesser defense or do you think they can bounce back this weekend. You know play a heck of a defensive game what do what do you think. Well I think he's saying and this is not profound but it's absolutely true in this game is they are going to have to stop the run then make Minnesota one dimensional. Present suspicion this case kingdom has been. He's just not really the kind of quarterback that you won in long or yardage situations on a consistent basis if Minnesota if you Carolina absolutely. And then we'll see what Steve will decide to do I think he'll pressure in the situation. Because keep him as a smaller quarterback as a city is slippery Eddie can make second reaction placed you do have to be aware that. But I think given his size and given it if you get people around him he can't see is well. I think you have to to try to meet Kim played fast and but the key to that if you have to get to the second on a certain along. Greg how would you say OK so first you're worried that I might be going crazy this week you've talked to me how would you DA he had you think my mindset is right now's a panther cannot cut up our. OK guys have a pretty good deal for this may act how I think you're under control. Here you know you hear your manage you use your being coached well here. She's heard the words to share your putting your playing with in this game now. She should hornets just does a 7 o'clock hour I was losing my mind. You know what's funny and gave box scores but I don't really look at standings so I didn't know in order to record wasn't very good. What I was a netstat puts in perspective that's. That's wherever I go right to use a football term to describe Mac right now he has had picked the Panthers to win yet this week so he is behind schedule right now Hamas. I'm gonna. Go by the j.s did you ever done and the stakes have sources has on third down doesn't run his route to the stakes it's. Anyway I don't go back to back Greg art Greg he. Now we didn't crazy you are mayor Greg it's one of my favorite conversation that gives dad every week and I'm telling you guys you'll learn something when you watch. NFL match up. It's this this Saturday 830 ESPN's news Sunday 6:30 in the morning on ESP NR Greg you are the man thank you for coming on. Actually I do go Greg cosell he doesn't Trace he doesn't crazy excessive you know I mean like that I like that are we come back. People I got a little love Lance our people said we gotta start talking positive about the Panthers. Can we do that that's my challenge you guys how do we win this football game against the vikings give me some saying it. That will help us do that we'll talk about it next. So Mac attack on FNC. Tomorrow night Friday night. Adds details jeweler is right there next to Carolina play small. 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Five until seven tonight frank Garcia and odds are hanging out at Hilton killed over there and here Carol wins seven until nine. Oh nice conversation Herm Edwards during the break through that. I. Was gonna talk harmed during a break and I cannot believe her headquarters went back to ESPN to give them one final week of employment while there's an early signing period coming up now in just a couple of weeks for God's sakes. Don't recruiting arm all right let's talk about this bone and I don't know which side of this you're gonna take sometimes we try to put together a victory to victory formula when I get in a lab though. You are mean and I'm not I mean they're cooked in like Walter White used to cut mask on in his tiny white piece. I'll be slayer and an actual meal not a drama in the lab stadium in the army in their little army he used to compete around your fans socking your Jesse take miscast sometimes. Us and does sometimes you'll help me out. Just like Jesse pick and sometimes you will not help me and things don't go very badly like digital breaking bad so here's what I'm curious if you're gonna come with me don't. I think his game is winnable I think painters can beat the vikings there's an element of the vikings having won nine straight. Just like when the saints had won eight straight bonus and went to LA vikings won nine straight they're playing good football team on the road this week I still think there's a good scene. And so I think there's an element of at some point I think they're gonna trip up to lose a game. Arms with that said though bulk. They don't we don't have much room for air rights or now we have an offense they can overcome errors we saw last week how errors skin absolutely killed this team. Our defense is. First things first I guess the first singles say bone and when I ask you guys what's the formula to get a huge WB two vikings. Number one thing for me is a decent test to look like it has data early in the season. Because Minnesota is going to come when a defense that may be the best in football in all honesty. And we've got to match that this has to be that tied the game Ron Rivera talked about yesterday which is a field position game kind of a grind it out game. The defense has to return to that and I agree Greg cosell. The first thing in that list is play better run defense we're given a five yards a carry bone in the last three games combines. That's not to answer football Damione Lewis is on yesterday told us that star in short were moved around. Like they were on hand trucks like just like back to regret those boys on hand trucks into more or less so to meet those two dudes up front at the point of the sacked have to be better. What do you think bones beauty is is there a formerly made here you're telling bad. Add there's no I can't I would never I would never just disagree with you just for the sake you disagree with the that's Jack's house has got played Apache I just had such Thomas Davis has been banged out so the defense is getting it on the injury side. I'm not go with the on the big. You say there is not any kind of formula that it's like a waste of time on the radio is what I don't use I don't think it's a waste of time I think it's a giant waste of my time. What does not like you're not committing to the segment elbow you're committing to like just trying to look I mean there's some interview last week to the saints still gutsy birdie that was a tasty still their views towards god and white are still I got sick golf this film I gotta go the on this little bike he's got to win the game I'm sorry. But the boy he's way they're great great team ready to bite us in the vikings are the better football team. But it doesn't mean about a football team has two wins that football game like there are things are criminals and where you can beat a team that is better than you don't say like for example it's just he's finally plays red zone football for change were thirty some African leader red zone defense you get some stops and hold the steel balls you can I guess does this football game. I don't know as us you help me out to Stonewall. Bones we have to channel our inner John Fox. We have to play flawless game. Keep our defense off the field. Run the ball was harassed the Iraq kill the clock just kill the clock right for defense is if our defense is beleaguered and hurt. Don't put him out of their defense is good to douse I don't know he spent so you got a winning Gainey got to win a game like sixteen to tanner I agree upon percent thirteen and 163. How are you so happens the eyes you get the bidders away it no but you don't macaroni and pedestal went on Eizenstat. I thought I don't take to argue against number crunching to do what I. I don't. Feel like you're so daddy would. There was no way you're picking the bidders away and yet here we sick. Does it you're gonna do yeah I don't exhibit my hand. And I'm just so it how do we win this game is there a way to win this game even odds. Osborne negative Osborne came out what do way to win this game nose in front doors it's hard to deal gives the vikings defense that controlled the ball but we're a team that needs time possessions saints onerous and time of possession and our defense wore down and I gained do you feel comfortable never aggressor adverse Mac O we. Know you gotta give clear some help us on number five on the list here of what you've got thirteen things we need to do about it until a couple of Xavier and Xavier Rhodes against Evans fudge is now needs to know that number two receiver on on the tea thirst. Estimate polite no that's not really a good situation all but she knows the key is yet actors also. Also practiced in full yesterday. Sounds like last week for much of a caution because there were on turf Greg Olsen Lisa sent right to be big factors a pitch count for a he is the guy that when funds is is blanketed by Rosa can make some plays on his defense goes Celso himself and what the conspiracy theory began also now playing against the viking and I went back and that's what you've overlooked here the Intel Greg Olsen he's supposed. And his CIA now aged Intel down work in this. It's game on Sunday that's the ticket right there Mary's face that I can't eight times last year I did they pay him twelve times and that's who was on the other ticket. And Mike rivers needs to get healthy and practice just it was a back injury what'd I do Mike what do I send you to make you better Minnesota. I want to know the old field. How this does this say they jump on the stairs they righted up. That's a mag is always riding up the stairs of the to a man the way I guess I'm just going solely up to staircase. This game from a standpoint as a pit a fan of saying how to we went man let's say we're gonna win and say how do we do this are what we come back. We want to turn it over to you guys panther nation are you going to jump it would mean sit back you know what we pull this off of we do this we do that's. Or you see any or be like T bone I just seated sad little party. I'd say is that is that what you wanna make 70457096. And I need some banter positive ID what goes into victory form on Sunday you'll help Nia. An Italian man as I wish you deeply. Incredible return touchdown last week tied anyway plus. Let's focus here maybe let's focus on the task can answer the phones the building center attacks have a lit up like a Christmas tree in Times Square. I'm telling you right now about what's coming in his pants or beliefs. Interface and they're mistaking eighteen your grill right now bonus we're gonna get back now red. Austin was all thirteen parts of his plan during the rated higher rate was that reading off one by one more thirteen fort former lawyer. Lessen the tax can. Peggy and it's only I mr. wizard because it's more it's going to gonna have to be exact gonna have to play clean they're going to have to play well to beat Justine but just seems capable of playing to their abilities and not going around doing chicken adorn all resident of the number seven to realize no one's eyes that was. I'm just loads and loads better stage you guys are Conan let's hear from you what should go and its formula to beat the vikings what do we have to do to win this game or you on Tebow inside but it's a waste of all of our time to pass this sketch it. About Bartlett Steve note that the Panthers can't win the game. 70457096. Hours or Charlie he's been weighed alongside Charlie how do you view this. Memoir galleries. Or all. Do trivia fact that any income on day is a real pain. We you have back there aren't ordinarily I like that it is nice to like dinner. I mean you know just like cherry Mac you know this great you know every now. We have these good skater but let last week really village there are shocked how much find it would have got manhandled man. And I'm worried about their merits or deep but I Specter is up formula burst when it as. And a quarter starts where a bomb. Perhaps the Minnesota Vikings beat them bad meat on Saturday night. I sit is it all of them gaga to Madonna guy doesn't tell us on TNT we're look at port here all right we're trying to be probably can't dog just is your this is part of your plan here I need long Dong over here we're trying to be proactive here Charlie OK I've got me on got a call earlier from Ron Rivera said he and coaching staff they're having trouble coming up game plans they need the Max thirteen point plant and they need to answer fans to tell them what they need to do to win this game so rob mistaken notes right now and only see here is that ridiculous stuff. Brian assistant Brian says. Mac if we somehow. Now meg Joseph Thomas healthy and trade for him to play left tackle we got a shot to win this game she does not proactive right there all right all that is. Is couple little yachts but that is not proactive as what we're looking for like for example Bo how about just one. Just one don't look at the game this week. It's a big plays right get those guys involved Ron Rivera say yesterday's press conference that. I think using a judge shall then as a coaching staff they have to be better at getting those guys involved business Steve Geist Amir bird. It's Cam Newton put cinnamon money berg was opened borrowed a big play in a game like just might be a defense of stroke can be the difference Tebow that's what you gotta think. Big big slice out there's a problem in any formula heady football game. Big plays is probably far before here's the problem Minnesota gives up the forsee was excellent defense I would go to congress that is Minnesota turned the ball over a lot. No offense eternal famous fourth fewest turnovers but I don't they don't create a lot of turnovers on defense here's the deal when it's a third down conversions while. Third down conversions. So are moving the chains like does said that you get time of possession. Can you keep your defense rested here's a problem Minnesota's number one on it since it's 26 years or third down defense. Amman we're I was postseason they say move in let's get into this thing is I don't they had to do Minnesota's hard team to do these things against Kansas fans I'm. I'm now are getting as myself help me out here. How did Panthers win this game on Sunday 70457096. And Carolina man to bring in a song baby Carolina man you feel it. Build a going to be met well. What I've dealt Marriott. We've got to get the job. Our debt limit and you don't know that the that the well we want to say we got I've got. We don't revenue of about is we don't want to get back. I tried very Ezra could actually. Even Carolina and don't have as usual zest and zeal doesn't ID. I do. Brian says our fans are acting like worm on Cleveland Browns fans we have no chance to win a single game. This is an embarrassment it's wire fan base sucks Brian I like that. Now why aren't you calling in helping out just opposite should chip and remained utterly texting you're like how do we win this football game. That's a question or do you view it as Mission Impossible. Lama Gisele has emailed in Gisele so well is this resolution. Can't cannot throw a ball and catch you bought the same time Zell here's the deal Gisele says all the dancers need to do. Is getting after case keynote pressure will turn him back into the case keep them that he was until this year. Here's there's some problems with that phone number of course there's just because she's right that's all my thirteen point plan over here. You've got to get a pass rush go all the way shape or form four man rush can you do it or they give up the second fewest sacks in the league Minnesota and offensive line even with rivers and there is played pretty well. But date they've given up pressure 38% of the time that's just most in the league you can pressure you don't sack him. Continue pressure forcing completions. So why is. I think that's part of the planned ten you execute that one man that's sensed it Julius Peppers needs to look. Get a second wind you're still in the last few weeks he hasn't had that same zest and seal himself slowly coming around again. Gotta you've got to have a big game from Brad Barry also. Those receivers sort of like these are what jet. Yet tool Miette digs ante when. Brad Barry's gotta take one of those guys and always do his part and now what's so when you lose 'cause. The other match it's going to be tough Friday other corner verse days or steal or wherever we travel today is now the top bachelor Brad there as a bad game. Both those guys are going off and that is Reagan not actually seeing as such is Bradbury and also just from playing great lately in his own right either. I'm amigos and firing salinas'. Did you say goodnight Gracie or goodnight Irene Irene OK I don't like that was that Eileen has Gannett Eileen and as a nightmare that's not right on the 70 slam or no clue what you're talkies and outscored 57096. Stance I'd mileage CEOs keeps his going Jerryd wants to jump in next Jared. What is there to intercept it could win this game. Are you know out with a better team and at this year. The patriots know what happened repeal even their house gears shall we went we cannot help distract you look back over allotment. Altman had you know turnovers that bonehead play. You know ego return vote why don't read don't there was diverse respect our daughter dropped the ball I think we've played mistake Brit pop pop an oracle we had great back. They are doing the ink. I think we can't sue I just wanna see that now here's the thing I am getting I got bombarded with emails like since we play clean game we can win this game. Brian says Matt we won't play clean game bed teams make mistakes and were bad football team. The problem is saying is deemed a bad football team is overstating it right down like you're pretty negative right now on this game in particular. But isn't that harsh a call this a bad football team they won eight of their first eleven games Helena went to lost they still won four of their last five. This team just needs to I think we need to play it play up to their abilities and I think they got a shot to win this game I think Minnesota at some point. I don't know man you're gonna hear the seed or line interviewed a couple of minutes and he speaks and this is Minnesota at some point due to lose a football game I hate to know that but I think that's the dew factor does that play Iraq. Here's the one thing you can counselor all the numbers in the world can't predict XY. Have the Panthers lost to the upper Echelon teams in this conference. Because of mental state is Sarah writes the saying goes no doubt I don't know where those who were those might come from maybe they don't act it may be physically game. Well we don't know how to predict mental lapses in how those might occur in effect the outcome and again good as happened numerous times this year. They probably will happen is just a matter of are they speed up the states. Carlson and some links to our minds are gonna laps right and we know that makes sense but at some point we've got to to clean up. At New England Detroit news to a point to against you know all the eggs Trisha the six to six right now but playoff contenders. On the road we've played a clean game now we've got to play one of the best teams in the NFL home. I just feel like this team's gonna be more focused this week is how can you be less focused. Are we come back you're going to hear it from Steve Beuerlein former Carolina panther now CBS analyst his thoughts on dancers vikings have more.