Mac Attack: Dick Vitale & Matt Carroll

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Tuesday, February 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Dick Vitale & Matt Carroll.


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And as soon as everybody always thanks to all the time listeners it send it all kind of suggestions on you know businesses account mile wide get locked get out of her call her. She's got in the car. To get into her heart where the keys are and did move in with her day also allows suggestion she's also more upright now see you guys. Kick but even the ones who disagree with us on sports issues. But let's talk right now demands a legend in the industry no doubt about it. ESPN's own Dick side so we gonna talk some Tobacco Road and some big picture national college hoops. As we now are inside a month to selection Sunday Dickey big it's always a pleasure how you doing. Under really well just oh over Orlando as they grow last two. Not corporate event for a particular about the that a quick retired coast a little Asian HE people are well they're going to be like royal as well as well. That's where you are ever worry I mean yeah I see the way to crowds react job Bennett College basketball games where these kids. Go crazy over you and it was happening just a generation ago it's still happening today Dickie VC you must feel like royalty everywhere you go brother. There are really a basis the patella somebody it's unbelievable or maturity triggers all I want people to read it as much. Either it's all true sort reps. All ages are less 5% figure it does being world its options there are days. I look up and they don't want to get traffic in Britain and everybody in what is smoke cloud dust but it ought to cable life event action all right well what you do. There really becomes contagious shut I won the art that. People are lucky. Very fortunate that people are. To sit very special way eventually they'll be here. Now and he comes across Manny comes there's no doesn't come across for years on the air on tar heel fans are getting pretty passionate about their squad they won three games in five days beat two rivals along the way then beat Notre Dame last night. He's he's what's the story LT capable of doing we've been trying to figure out like what is Jindal said last night during the broadcast stick to it. This is a second we can't seem is that about right or they can they be more than that what do you think. Well you know I I think they're able to report to. A couple of the deep threats of that's a short company you know trying to. People bush or it might be at you know it just to eat which are grip there it's gold for you can go to data to dirty habit deep stretch of it. They got potential orders don't doubt about it. So we neutral period typical very knowledge or ability. Should look very partial to help what are kidding Williams's shoulder but it. Re not reach a student of the current rough to about what they got literal Bridget potter series. He really really. Really delicate chip opal oh what is shocked and Opel now. Gotta keep that to just jump ball or not too easy global political equipment bench gave that wonderful double triple and they're taught to doubt in your. Right now out of the got to look out there are trying to do that without wrote showed it to just. No doubt no doubt someone digs like tally ESPN talent troops analyst arm as we discuss the status somebody's ACC teams we all talk about. On this duke squad Dickie V is. Gets so much talent they're trying to put it together they made a little move the other night a trade Don Duval gets put on the bench she played 45 minutes but they. They start with O'Connell. Arm I feel like she's been a guy it's been a little frustrating I think duke fans have been a little frustrated because they haven't been able to put it altogether here what do you think. Well you know there's a corporate but it started. At a great outlook of the it is Georgia Tech he has to be a leader group. So that gave tours which saw war. Just kit reliably don't double talk book book book called to arbitrator ordered. Transition. Shut picture up that we need both the totality does so we welcome a couple of I like ordering it got back with is but it ought trip to show. They're so there's Arctic are very Chela but that picture is very are out of tensions there about a prairie view article Ortiz. And I don't need to look like. They commercial or problem quipped Urlacher or what. Deep pretzel he wanted to let you know it is Perry of the bulk of the approach towards school and can't wait. Cheap secret so it's the rule book about so. How to help out how to communicate. Assure each other these are about to blow so. And that's a problem due to a lot of boy. It's a burial is politically and wished there were about a bit like well what is. Bottle like it or duke or Carolina. This record so shall law. They got the report well but it. On and dig deep they are you trying to get their security. It's evident port wind blows up at the ability to create what they are I would not there to be able to kind reader it. Try to Celtics took the nice who was there an entire list. Popular right and go support chuck and are well stroke worked well well well well Purdue's Curtis. Well yeah. Struck it a quote well before jobs it is like gold to carry up to could be viewed the other to reach the site. Coupled it won't know what you're a real. And this is from a man is a little wacky and some EL wolves out they're bad people what it's. Wall not mean I ever got there won't get back to regain you know every entry now and as. Oh my goodness sides and that's going to be something what if that's. Or domestic rugby football. All that. Would it got you when it with what coach is editor poll released. A couple big board oh could be but first. A quarter of all that they won't acceptability. Analyze that quality of people quit if we dip and TP about it to tape what I distorted that is just what a great great people so article. Told me to go we. Do you unity. Particularly. At it to Terry. The TP box deliberately take the and I tried it about that well that it would cut it like your show well. I really old Jerry depth chart Burkle and got to be too. But the bottom widely used you gotta have that point. When you realize a lot of people who are what will want to get payable to. All threats solution that would pull. Will Walsh Reid took a couple people read it. Well you know what tickets you you have taken an over the years. I mean there are some people in the same business how I can take a one legendary guy retired lives in this panel. They used to kind of take shots that your approach because he wasn't Billy packer right it was real serious about it. But I mean I think I think you guys are both good I think people can do with their own way right and have different styles can be good at their particulars. I know. I would regret respectable every two dollar Shia or up for lost were terrific trio are. I don't that there would such a boatload. Jobs at the degree of pocket book but well we don't be bought out. But I think as he today at the world so it can't. Look at it did try to go. What are the watched Dudley John bad to actual people whose purpose. We take for. Rhetorical but it fatigue or just well orbital will restore order I would yours or wish good. There's a debate coming up which what are we here culture. This. You so but the appeal pool a this journal especially true words what did I tell another minute to your TV industry to what do. Do one has beaten went so well right of occur to you all saying she brought a cute. I've got a lot Wheaties but it. From our before lets you don't wanna work and see stayed in on this conversation how do you feel about stating Kevin key it's like. It's just turn it seemed this year or is this gonna ultimately be like a year before. They start making tournaments how you feel about it. Are apple already about it they got to get a couple of which. Ball. I really quick vote question our bar that the shuttle or order a pop ups and watching just. Should be yet however. They can afford or real slot particularly difficult well we're we're so I think it is a rich are or should now will be all of this purity possesses. Social or tittle but we're well and their futures are secretly brought it. I believe potential or Wednesday that there's a political got. Quality tapes include two schools look at rock and roll call triple Gerald. No doubt those I can't teach is a bright young coach man he really is on the lies. Easy does this help about back or be addressed the alleged desolate. Well the Japan people out there right now it is no question that there restrict our partners to read body kits about jet so. We lord spoke about judgment it will be like dollar what was a way to do quite what to call. Rhetoric should adapt polished. Bachelor Lester recently. Your joke one point two dollar to restrict what they want that is not about. Sure well it quite well. While they don't let it be a political moderate troop or are pretty tip that a lot for capture. Will also moderate like green park review tribute to your letter alternate. What do we do our troops won't work to people cultural doubt about true we want it ought to people so well. What I want to provision at all I won't want. Three are all all our ego but I won't want to read bark all all it'll. Give it to the liquor or group heal up part two what a 56. Year. Coaches are they Pollack to be done collection rear torch. The oak. They're bitter that putt audited. We go. And really kick up a new coach McConnell opportunities what a cop out there don't wish to repeat but there's but of course not. Don't watch Obama done. Watched a trial. Battle caps and it is brutal. It is brutal up and hospitals and kids with parents who lost children to Boca funeral were about what what do we got a poet. A told that it is squash we need dollars people don't they kick the tall gallop back to our web site. It wiped out all out on top draw. They could don't pay your vertical and the pundit put it about Tibet. Awesome to TV you are such a champion of the great cause you do great work and I think many of our listeners. Would love to jump in and help. Dig sites out on line and Dickie V is a pair of two little ones. Like mile mile wise give bombed out what we see them sick what do colder to see little or something right like did you is it hurts us to see and so. Imagine how parents feel in that position. Dickie V keep up their great work against so slightly concerned horrible disease and keep up the great work on TV we'll be watching you guys tomorrow night. Well keep what took that Erica material that you Robert did you want to resort to. You know what's gonna. Yeah our did very we'll talk to your. Audience and the idea here and taught. He's just like a tornado Jesus freak and celebrity to this day it's 78 years old little kids wanna posed for pictures with it and it's crazy it couldn't get it back to Charlotte cover system's temperature right now is 45 degrees ten years of parts and labor coverage available for free. At Charlotte comforts as a I got some kids are Max. Did you did you I gotta get this guy gonna go take a big somebody where all right let's do this. Are always the case the real deal that I know that. Sometimes. People may get our first thought he is the real deal the person we legitimately has a great day knows. Every time we have more you're a man really love this guy he's likeable you must in his own horn a little bit there but he was also highest medal attacker to critics ago was stand up for himself he'll it comes across a great studio so what's good charity work. I think the one thing is like you his title like it's been out there for a long period of time. But that's kind of just the way he acts. You may like people ask me why you saw hyper on the air just I Purdue. You know I mean I got advanced disease you know a very hyper fans think here's a day at a very high for individuals here's a wanna duke does speak at W did you he's a rock star now. And I gotta give away some rock and roll tickets if you wanna see if you guys wanna see foreigner right now to see let's see here at PNC music pavilion July 4. This is celebrate the country have been some pops I don't see foreigner right now police force. Eagles to call just a full cost force called callebs act on uprise line right now. We'll get a pair of tickets to see thawra July 4 PNC music release cause now 704570916. And if you guys want an additional courtesy of us. He could have Tanzanian folks of PNC music pavilion when we come back. All these things were upset about we take all our rage and anger out on port Matt Carroll he's coming up next. These are high school hoops legend from Pennsylvania. And the other is a former NBA player encourage analyst Matt Carroll. Each Tuesday can talk. Yeah this segment we call to. Here is match. As Betty we got hornet's questions do I ask about I said man we're all worked double bus so many things are the hornet's. And Matt Carroll is the customer service representatives right we. Unfortunately for him when he got to bring up all these things and tell Matt because he's on the other line that you excited about this segment out and introduced of that life. You know we tell our broad belt might be he gave but at the bit that way lately our side. It's supposed great leader we don't know what the late right well back trap no watching my are urged dip deep there nobody. I know now and wizards had a game makes you know Dave Hong and the Colson things terrible man and Harvey sound and in Farrell's out for a while. They also while Matty but that last six minutes could have been enjoyable. Period a big big Nagin there which are right into way to an eight feet are doing your. You're a lawyer what you're better players entered a hard BR don't play beat that. You know they really what you guys that started did you like Carolina I'll be ought to hear a lot of looks pretty good at Augusta. You're so depressed admit that but you know what it's yard Colson if you guys were healthy you would be your picks are the conference like you guys would it. Be right up there are firmly believe that man. Well you don't do that but I'd ever been picked Greek team that can hurt you like it appeared that the underdog and go to the ball but vivid art rod. We would. Review much better than they got off. True Timonen I can't selectively made an observation about. On the how good that Mike Brey is he keeps finding these random white dudes they can put in the game and just like Mooney and Gavin right ideas can ball into the only person that is as good a producing or turner random white dudes in the stars as Tom Brady I mean that's others that are there class. It's crazy men. All right let's focus here on the corner. A guy a pocket ballot are ordered a much more people. Patty you hit six threes in order that goes from beyond the arc. And it needed to the foul line as so demise our trade sounds are sick of myself dogs don't miss these man are you miss one. Don't miss society and as to how you gonna miss all flurry. Amare you know I was the first point about workbook may be game when it bought it do so we're. She knows that the period of. She knew by the way everybody see what Matt's done an assist filibuster right now I do it's a stock and some ACC hoops next thing you know less angry rage towards him on the hornets arm and listen I don't comes from a good place and I don't want to see Ottawa be on your seem like a total haters start if I do I apologize just. Man we want this team to do so well we had expectations. And here they are right now let's start with what Steve Clifford said yesterday it was own Garcia daily here on station. And we played clip last hour. Any says hey this is on me you know obamas as aren't as responsible as anybody if not more so he says I've got talent I've got my best team I've ever had. Do you feel like that's the case or do you feel like she is just kind of fall on the sword like a good leader would do what do we think. Here are our big. I'd write so well what the latter they eat you try to be a good lead fairway which I think he did you know I think they were bought the Village People about where you know when you're way to become a bit you know the great and every begging dilute it you -- they all work out. I think you try to do that but. Which I know it well I'd Darby bit of blame to go all route right immediate thought on the court he's not you know taken shot you not make them wait so. Inside PP targeted group leader but it took the one thing you don't do though it that he. He they're going to be getting it deep pit beta of the most count dropped but I think that I have had your starlet bell. Yeah big I understand where we properly not because Booker statement that you made early on these. Oh no doubt and an end and again you're right this is leadership and I just I think he's been a little too hard on himself some blisters disagree you know and we kind of got in the that the amount of blame he deserves. On the when you look see ya Charlie good aspects of this team we've been talking what public let's get back in the month saying that this might be. Whose answer the question more this year about mark not playing you on the show or Steve Clifford in general from everybody. But cliff cliff also addressed that and and I you try attributed these to these numbers still Kroger tweeted out these numbers efficiency wise. You know because Clifford said I'm just gonna be dead honest with you we don't play that well when the leak monks on the floor. And he says if you look at the efficiency numbers and incur rogues you know who is just a hornet's stat geeks galore like he dug them up last night Tweeter amount. And I mean you you look at deficiency numbers there there are way worse a month on a Slorc are the plus minus one months on the floor mat. And it's like minus 187 like 440 minutes and has almost I'm just terrible I mean so like what do you see with my leak Montana we've done this before but. Like OK so those numbers support that. We're not good when he's on the floor what is the problem when he's on the floor what does he not bring yet at this point. Well and I agree that number why but I think those body reading a little bit the beeping. That big that had been in the game with Molly mark but I'd edit it in that regard he did that in garden there. That would really well Gator somebody we could really get the lane and kicked out for breed I think could be totally different I think one player. Oil and other well wait they went situation. No we don't know only help the right of the matter part of the right combination that late quick temporary owner around they'll. You know it all for it or to book all cute you know you don't think you ever get a guy out at a speed critical commentary get. Two shot out there may want to meet heated appetite mr. did not you have to figure that out as people want to be more special though. Intricate thought he got it we get to maybe shot you'd ever want it right it's good he can knock them down to range. Now what about op but it is trying to adult we're like it and they would you don't get admitted that the talent and a self. Don't know where tradition tribute escort but what you don't give the opportunity to the minute. It's really hard the beltway argue that it part of a lot of equate to give to people don't do. Hey you know your for your lottery you should be doing it look good Donna Mitchell bill. Do you go into your head and when you get that gave up you to litigators to a while ago. In part that because you're not quite a lot of in the beat the minute you do come under more let's get a game became a breach. And they should be part art should be quite you know the game on the side of the what the report blow up. Can you let me ask you this can we declare there's a lot of it's a must have been doing this sort of thing lamenting that we didn't choose Donovan Mitchell. Can we declare that that is another screwed up a hornet's mistake or is it too early to say that. I they've. Gonna be after want us out of the role that they everybody that out but it was very excited they complete. In a deal would you go out you guys all do it would be doing that speed. You know I'm Bob deployment everybody. Ought to follow up pretty well prepared but. He would going to be our security at the start your butt if the guy like the way way the way he could. And movie did a lady you don't like bit of weight Garbo related to body. It is gut ray. You know go. I've been really impressed big everybody's been out of the Mitchell probably you don't yeah. Their statement it's not just a hornet's Isa or getting down the damn near everybody past autumn hybrid tech and can say damn I wish we had him. From our brother where you may step Daniel or get off the Budweiser hot seat now the Mac is access to get off there. Arms aren't we will talk to you next week man thanks as always for coming on appreciate it. You've got. Back to your Mac Carol Warner Stevie orders radio though what does he just send. Donna Mitchell Dwyane Wade who was bring an end up on the show before the draft bouncy well I believe I was. I don't know what can you allow me to say that first people write to your self assess. He said okay but here's the problem the game let me say I you said who said I don't hot Italian. Great I was I was I brag to myself like dignity just dead earlier during his interview but you know what in fairness to myself let me stop pat. Patting myself on the back can you just pulled a muscle what did I say they'll. After the draft we did the right thing by taking the league mark. I was involved just like everybody are you worn down hires you or that's fired from wing mark Korea or is that BC he talked of course I was pretty fired up we got evidence or here's our idol idol I wouldn't have audio here that you want. Others. It's up to amongst those goals for you. Does not sound like a guy anger that we didn't think Donna Mitchell doesn't. Because they have to draft we've got Diana and here's you ever heard you sing at your most players on the way out here unless you are in. You can't see it smell like me no logical and didn't let. Players is on and as you can hear just a little second Diana's the first lady of GMAC to tax FaceBook lives. Well look she has a request of the guys or something she wants the guys to do we're going to usury answers to this question on the FaceBook live Valentine's edition with team on me and Diana tomorrow so she's gonna join us your tell you'll about that old then we'll get into some of these emails tweets and sex. It's the Mac it's at 12 point five WF Danzig. Hi we got some some great building centers extender does emails all that stuff get to the second Garcia de Lille slide in here about ten minutes landed also dabble rift with them on its Orioles performance again last night strong performance. And it's easier got into some other stuff to launch gunning down into what the Eagles did bound to combat the sneaking this in the patriots. You hear about this one I did not hear that we get it we'll do this before we get out here Toronto you Doug Peterson brilliance he is brilliant man. Com but right now we bring in a Diana so if you guys want to some FaceBook lied you know she is Diana works with us here Entercom Charlotte she is she's more proud. Our current position as the first lady of the Mac attacks FaceBook live and that's really an honor what's up. It is it is and a hi guys I made on. Doing good aren't so this was your idea I think it's a good idea or do any Valentine's edition of FaceBook live tomorrow after our show. We'll do the regular like sports conversation but we also. One of these so fun for valentines as fact that your there and it's not just me anti Bono bunch in just Elaine do you know he speaks yourself. So. Are your idea is. It's so we wanted to sit simple little band and do some things underground tying stated that of the boring like what should I do with my girl or it's a tape which I buy my wife we wanna hear from you guys and gals. And we want to hear your worst pick up lines. Why have you said it. To a girl to get her to talk to you or gut females out there what have you heard that a guy is yet that you've just been my week. His face palm shake your head like I can't believe he just really sad that a guy you want to hear from now. Our list of un un amused by this I had no game when I was single she's so I never even tried and these lines I was lucky my agent out anywhere my worst holes easily my face I never got the I guess could I say hey I got back yeah. Why we're gonna choose the best ones which really is the worst one he's the one. If I may have like an official winner of this whole thing won't Antonio absolute worst so. Z and that's a tide of the war. Wireless so premium right now building center text line 704 or 57096. Standard. Give Diana some of these cheesy years and then it outlines snitch you know. Tomorrow it's your incident faced a quiet and that's only like your comment and Tom we'll talk about and tomorrow we'll just we'll take all the bad ones are that he do you have a personal worst one. But you guys really do this in this day I still do they come up with a cheesy ones they think are funny sometimes yet because they think it's just like breaks the ice some time yet but so I just seen the look on guys' faces sometimes they're super serious. So they're really trying elite and it's going to. Do you have you Edinburgh banter receptive when you I used a cheesy line or do you find that is a lame way to introduce yourself. It just depends if it's really really cheesy I feel like it's funny yet and it's kind of like okay you're like trying to begin at around her best yet. But if it seems genuine I don't know whether to feel bad for you if before. Just kind of went to sag you have a worse one in particular you wanna start to begin thinking likely get set the bar yet they weren't always that she's human she's seemed unsteady so well well well well geez it was cheesy you want if I could rewrite the house about a I would take you and I began bats and also. Isn't that he had SSD that's always one not use one on Bob Mac here for example are you work or not or you'll parents face facts. Now we're now back at your asses out of this world this. God news value of these and you have you used these Siebel it's probably well see I probably decent chat rooms not my dad. Young so I was always been able attack or do you use any of these lines are exactly no not at all until. You know and how did you get your girlfriend this Lang now. And I've got her. Writing and normal you know do I decide for being sexy what do you do for a living. I don't know what you ask him if let's show us just hesitate a one outside from being sexy what do you do for Olympic. For same sex Cesar didn't understand the pick up close is Lorena welcome you know. Old son did it hurt. Does that narrowing yourself from having. You know these are just she's yeah I budget literacy youth. I think it comes to get a good look at the guys good looking I'd bet you get the benefit of the doubt if he's the only your team O'Neal again you know tears car. Are they argue from Tennessee can only to NIC and I heard that is so bad some ads are so yeah I think. They are angry. Anti gun signs say and. And it tomorrow downsized able break it dance a deal Lee. Crappy cheesy pick up lines Texan in 704. 7096. And Diane you're the bomb we were talking Jim small. Wash your eyes laundries acquired casual black 103011 sibling then tomorrow on the shelf. Our rights let me get emails that don't involve cheesy pickup lines although that we could see some of these. I once I was once sold your eyes sparkle in the moonlight and looks like it's eight at last learned an SH. Is that a pickup lines. Are I don't know what these guys I house to apply to working with the anybody. Let's see here. Stick your tag yet made it doesn't expect at that would that would that may have by. I may have views and values the are these sound familiar and let's see here hurry up to give mere you're number before I don't want it anymore and that's networks and really that's that's a Jessica. I that would slap you sort of take up lives. Hardly get to some nonstick toughest client emails but people still ripping me moan about my loves us tomorrow Dana FaceBook lives 103011. Check this out on the Athens he faced a payback uses his take up lines and UNC fans all the time. People are written rebound because you you started this staying where you say on some sort of like ACC fans hope because I 00 groom your hooker is stated says it's a back coast road street walker is on attend this morning. What did Byron say Miron said I am a high price ACC school that's something like that. That's all right you all I'm supporting whoever's doing well man I'm support Obama excited when teams do well Carolina's playing their butts off right now I think they're better duke Greider I guess it's a cirrus ACC sister wives. That's not have a did let's see here this student says pleased that a life of me do not say anything about the heals we don't need GMAC. I'll buy you all the doce don't you want if you just start saying negative things about big deal had to act. Your speed and by the way I just saw something really funny I guess friend requests about this woman and Samantha yesterday right she's won many spread request sought out a notice her husband Gary is a friend of mine to a FaceBook C by Alyssa some show and I thought. OK well she must sometimes watch listen and actually get in the show sometimes wise I don't wanna listen that. So I thought that she must have got into the show and she hits Leo today and just so happens to be a health coach that wants to help others get help. I guarantee you Samantha you're all beset this guy Matt is gonna kill himself with fried chicken. And girl's skeletal at least you need to contact them immediately. Cells I don't know my wife and I like if I contacted this woman trying to. So probably lead to year which is long enough the big laugh legally these. I gotta be honest I didn't see our Atlanta anyway it's legs are talking about it look. Since I got a problem and the suit says check out the Russian female curlers that this will get your attention on the Olympics are nameless and a stage just something Russian. And that's our last day looks unbelievable I'm better ritual aspect now that's another classic is all. Now the united I don't Verizon and it now sergeant debate so anyway she is fine as fraud or check in Afghanistan Asia. Com Zell to pick up lines for you right. There and how. Us older you what are we what's that's a unit what do you Mark Twain why that is broad is that an old problem that's probably use another. Out of the calavo. And that was not a sub shorty finest frog hair Diana you know that you remember that you like Denzel. I don't wanna be comfortable know who. Just check out the Russian skater you are seriously O'Keefe tell I have been and bars lately kind of guy. And let's see last but not least sister and says you need to be like hit man Mac. And turn your health around heaven forbid something happened to you and make me listen to duke senator with T bone and Osborne. Appreciate that man I definitely for Obama I'm a professional I would obviously. Actually insults on that statement and on the data around villagers as an insult all right it is not. Say did you guys out terror outfits. Telling you BI and I certainly didn't really get it unless and at least UNC 11 not two rivalry games in five days was a senator like Joseph Larry. I don't judge Joseph centered on Texans are you all send in the building senate sex. Cheesy as worst pick up line you've used or heard guys in lady 704. 57096. And we use and tomorrow for the FaceBook libel Diana after the show we come back Garcia and Bailey come in and what do you think about to Tar Heels. Better basketball teams in duke right now after the hot grumble talk about that. Diana is now perusing all you'll pick up lines like I thought we get a feel. You guys are going crazy which he sees he didn't find it's almost like get experience spells with using these are trying mis hit solid that sort. 45 seconds to cross the line must report I'm I'm I'm not up to us. One I can't say those were won by Todd is like really went there there are no longer trust at this guided tied to gold. Hi Judy another guy I'm the grosses take Kabul I have a that's about how to tie Otis I heard here this is tied and I. I Italy is on the air and no one's I don't place I heard you're looking for a stunt I've got the SE deal all I need is you. As they go. How are you China's Gerry Ford years these things and try to find some more trying to we're labs maybe I don't know I'm what does the other ones I was gonna plead not tie again there's something wrong with your phone my number's not it. Early clad girl I'll probably works double and he got the solidly number yeah that's a damn I'll take you know it's your Osborne. Up. Us do you use buzz do you stick up lines ever you don't strike me as a duty to delay guy I am I can never say these lines ideals ideals fashion thing we like try to get to know them as people bounce low. So soft. How is that working out. And I think all of or sophomores are so what is saying hey I want to do the grass Tyson last night. Well frozen meal progressed Tyson I was what's the Simon understand I was reading my dictionaries or do we Snyder was an Seattle's end he's got. Some of the long loves it. It's got to that operate do you blow in your senior days when you are like you type your nap sleep I didn't need pickup lines. Here I am though. Your question that's asked if I don't have a good sense and click and really made. Mr. woods immediately. Oh man that's after you know couple months. After like us when you get to know him real well inside and out you know I see Al Gore's problems trying to you know people. Stomach when costs in this guy's got way too many cuss words and these are guidelines call for radio show we could guess three doze on FaceBook lives. But we'll have to look into that Kyle Bailey you are happily engaged right now. And watching C you're skating where your sweetie during the Olympics but before this point before you met your fiance or maybe when you matter. Where you'll pick up line did you try like to silly cheesy pick up lines or is that not your arsenal. But it wasn't afraid to use one of thought it was great we had a great you know I'm in debt and they had to be actually phony like this one is that a mirror and you talk to because I consider me your pets. I'm getting you in there with that would premiere of there's at least if I got slapped to still fight to sell something when you go to yeah I think I have the bass or is that you know if I'm able to use that probably that he probably not yeah. Got some good news Ottawa let me if I'm wrong doing you did you console on the black. Oh my god Ari what do you know look at my resonate really clearly. I don't move a little closer beyond. And it's not going well let me do. I don't earlier today he's our senior. That's what this guy. Believe senators. Also as digital frank got. Denies it asked us now. Krstic is always too seriously is the problem we take our jobs seriously. Why are you blushing we take our lives are yours is what it's in your daily very excited I had. The things that he does on a daily basis of this used to be you know he inadvertently doesn't we pointed out the other day you can't say the word peanuts. In a way that most people say it because it sells itself that Venus who. You're trying to sell it dial dinner and a good he looked when he says that it's that draws us a peanuts right into the T and they're nice you are using the right and here that he yeah. You over emphasizes the first part of the words. So I was I don't want to try to ask you first that the united what does that tell. Yeah. Now I understand valued. And I'll tell you know there's a hostile workplace environment and. I yeah why is there anyway a Segway Ohio's. Source sing yeah ought to Jiaka Garcia yeah I said earlier today. UNC is a better team now than do their past due can change Duke's got a bigger ceiling are you willing to concede residents and Tebow wasn't Tebow seemed that there are better team right. So right now they beat him in one game on Carolina's once for a road duke has lost three of five. Okay. No I'm not really concede that yet I mean there's still a lot of basketball left if we had to stop today our duke is favored in the knees they're going to be higher seed. But that's the full body of work I'm talking. Right now don't like I got to do just introduce you to zero like right now like maybe changing Easter eggs in the boxes and you have these guys having a higher ceiling going further so I don't understand like where you say if they can reached their ceiling. Did it's it's hiring Carroll. This is really hard goods are that at least it would be to better team that if they played there ray game I got to be honest though I haven't seen their damn day game since I've seen used out. You know army what does Ben want to shut I don't know. I since I've seen this now I don't know what I am trying to say like I did what we summon up just let. I don't Tar Heels and the degree with you know your shocked by us that and the tar heel fans said if you poll. Other coaches of other teams who do you wanna play right now neutral site Carolina or duke the answer right now today is probably going to be let me take a shot would duke. Did you notice U haul trailer actually start there or not. No way to know how to Carolina's going to go to says that give me the team that I know they stand they've hit their ceiling we can work around them. I don't like if you ask him as a coach. Gimme a team that is gonna be pretty well coached those type of things vs a team that has ability to just run all over the place. You don't go over the I mean there's Carolina likes change is doing a better job outlining the tote bags out I. Now now your. Teens and college basketball like differed on the road dramatic in his case it's it's a fact I UNC play different points and travel hell they doing to dean don't Dugas played three straight road games. Let's let them go back home again Wednesday night in what seed they give backtracked orbit assuming that we act was to record. Wait twenty and Tony. I can't find the idea was I'd like Carolina's record. Twentieth seven. Who's the better team and that's the horse makes a setting the whole season now we're taking a look and tell us this isn't sports it's a stunning when. Dukes is thirtieth you're talking about one game get a one game scenario we take it and it's in apply. On top prod to do but my. Sorry I just. Obviously he's got hired silly and Netscape didn't play so hey it's. So I can Australian airline's troll and I'll get added Garcia patrol these troll takes one to know one they're out to batting. Straight talker return yeah. Did you say Augusta and the tougher nonconference schedule in which to settle on that Carolina they get Carolinas the number two strength of schedules got. The worst loss as sort of you know for comparison sake Carolina definitely who is the the top ash I mean I guess Virginia would be up there too but the book at Michigan State right. Yes yes how about that work out when was to have when his two played like that. Recently she's staying yeah I don't know if duke is not the team there aren't Carolina right now is playing like the social just excellent business week is getting the most out of this so what you're saying his coach Terry has made in due course. Now let someone on Sam say he's a hard time with these junk box is what I'm saying to figure out can we end this bona happier now now instead of arguing there's another pickup line hey basing your single mama want you wanna be a single mom of two. I don't think that's a guy I don't think that's gonna work I don't know I think Boston or if I'm amazed at the winners. Give me an opportunity trust law dynasty didn't my FaceBook lie if you were a voter I'd pick you for a season when. Let's batteries. This one really really pushes the envelope so try to price Alley but somebody so I put the WB STD and stuff I just need your. I don't you know. Adversary that. Yeah take double Mike but I brag about your recipes. It's and it's that aren't good humor are we can wrap this up like guerrilla read these things all day this is rather amusing so tomorrow there's a more moral on the air nimble dukes the FaceBook live outside addition Diane it was used best ones. Garcia daily coming up next everybody good work out of our young exactly work got a bone we'll talk to you all tomorrow.