Mac Attack: David Shumate & Ron Sanchez

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Thursday, March 22nd

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with David Shumate & Ron Sanchez. 


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Mac attack continuing your final hour of the show. We gotta talk some groups such a lot of dancers on the show today makes it a little bit of madness after all. Sweet sixteen action starts tonight's. Tomorrow. You'll get so it's nice of course they can zag is the only ACC match up tomorrow you get that. Region its recorders ACC in the midwest you'll have. Duke and Syracuse and in Clemson. And Kansas inclusive to win a game I won't take Kansas. But Clinton's goers and it's going to be tough but if they can play well ask. Those Kansas guards they can win that game I really feel like that you've heard denied error. Not her lumps you heard your song come and and we're hopeful we're hopeful. There are to get Ross Sanchez said coach Charlotte here in the next minute or so there's era they are currently at putting god tracking down coach Sanchez right up like go on a guy good job so hopefully be your government and got a couple of promotional announcements here. That I need to mention. The final four mile or is gonna take place next Saturday in uptown Charlotte. It's the morning obviously the big games so you know how much you get a run in before you bunch of chicken wings and drink a bunch of brew like later nightly watching the games. It's it's it's who steamed you know supported favorite team dress something you team's colors. And get Iran to take just four miles through uptown Charlotte next Saturday. It to details and WS Lindsay dot com under events are so hopefully we coach Sanchez. Here in a minute we also are talks in basketball duke basketball when David Shoemaker. Duke radio network play by play guy replaced Bob Harris last season regular monde and talk about that little midwest. Fourteen tournament now that's left the Syracuse match up might not be a prettiest match up but can they advance at Syracuse by sixteen last time they play. And what about if they play chances what do they have a rematch against Clemson so we'll get an all that stuff when David Chu made. Of the duke radio network I have to say bone in my yum. My mighty interest is peaked here there's a phone call from a young Coleman Young coal. Just absolutely blew apart trivia game name that receiver supposed to be a game where people tried to guess schemes receivers. All the long ones he'll remember anymore B bushels a missile and it is those take forever be funny right. Well cold the first contestant won it and it. So anyway. People came out and start saying Cole was Google thing that's the only way he would have known the answer which won't let the answers or is your Tutu and what to do Nanette. Who came from so does San Diego following Ron's house like you I'm source sounds like teams in the World Cup so here to valves for Cole's character. Is Kyle who has colds faster team around this is. Only happen once to make sure people do not accuse Sam Young COLT I play GI Blanco Sanchez was athletics coach Sanchez is on this right now though this would just don't you ask coach call still thank you for gone to show. Art art art there are hey so you think Cole who did I mean I was amazed it's never happened before worries on this game this post bills like ten minutes. And the contestant blows it up the first time was it embarrass me and not quite frankly on the one good moment for me. But you're here to say people should get off his back about cheating as your Airset. That's right I can about her character cold up there had backed yet that the panther prodigy to see where. Burry an effort so you guys are here and the real deal. Are cool so OK see you don't think he might have gone on Google people are those energies and I'm going on Google on his phone discuss sneak a peek. Not men got to bring that video they'll come watch. And that our church or you're out whatever he he the real deal. Well okay tomorrow's going on here bringing him back tomorrow. And I think the players don't like the initial plan was for you to test him on trivia track changed it to trivia question guy and see if you can stumpel and yes like people of suggested that US to questions and I compete with young goal really to see -- get revenge so. It's Amare he's gonna get another shot to make a mockery anime Kyle so we can make you proud again tomorrow. Hey man not you but you got don't have a prayer he got. Well anyway so you be so I couldn't even prison even that trying to get the Laura my side and asking for help is not going to help me Marty sank we got past. This does this young man is it any in his entire church realized I'm going to obliterate him tomorrow. Or. Are glad that he had me I don't mean to be offensive to the church when he might not be there Sunday. You may need to go confesses since iron you gave me my job not I'm not playing around here why he had the challenges they now the challenge is on me. That he's got to stop it's not happening I'm sorry it's not happening our pastor Kyle thanks for vowed to your guy ever listened to show interest spread the word during your sermon of the Mac it's actually you're allowed to do that der Sar made our Hebert of state radio show coast Sanchez loyalty here should sit just important to hear from Kyle's mother. If he if you do not get on the line the Zune coach Sanchez. L.s mother is going to be the next heir to witness this is this is colas Coles is there and here's what we do Alice Kyle Coles a guy's stick coal is accusing coals for world. I called goals or mental is a great fall goals and grade are great character at all man kind of cold sisters cousins Brothers girlfriend Mayo thinks he's a righteous dude you know remain so here's the deal blown this what we're doing now. UN guys getting to some sort pastor cow this is evil and this is sent. I would that's confesses to you come up don't you give me questions as time. Bam Cole gets beat 3822. About that. What would you want would you do that austere and what are you what he Arizona basketball player now capitalists into us right now I'm going to be in straight out may be straight up iMac did W Jeff Lindsay downtown niner fans I apologize yet to listen to this is your life cull. We thoughts go Sanchez is gonna be on your work and turning trying to track him down. Maybe he's crude right now I don't know what's going on. Bruce wants to talk about center are all Cinderella teams in the tournament. Normal. But I would say that just jealous. I. See. Bruce are you talking sponsor him. I'm sure are you are out there. Okay could you were talking I didn't know I just think that we are having a conversation we you're really am accounts say someone else I who look read this say about Cinderella season sermons. Right now you know bad marriage why the French fry. Don't exceed. Whether you'll recall I don't what how dirty you know what here locally talk look like well I don't recall anybody given a shot to win the cat. So they got get a Japanese should get a tablet war then guerrilla. But it had to hit a lot of people want it bad on the ballot coordinate. It you don't have those over 85 gone over it. He's a Michigan fan but I'll Michigan. There. Are undeveloped land that we don't I don't look at what they don't know what did allow you know sometimes beat and a well. I think it just did you tell it the right time and I'll it to become ought to be. I'd is OK so. When you see some BC VCU when George Mason make the final four so what does happen you're right and I wanted to. I don't wanna completely discard I appreciate your comment trouble I think he still have a conversation somebody else stared back Rex. I'm dumb but well here's the thing now you can't call the fab five a Cinderella team though Daniel. And what was perceived that a year. They say it's six it was a sick I'll succeed okay Sarah succeed the first year they went. Because member today they made some wind up changed a debt that wasn't the lineup when the year began remember they sort of had a they got some seniors so this the they've probably had some losses early death that hurt them seeding wise but they ultimate about how we got to determine I don't think they were then the next year they certainly weren't sent out they weren't that wasn't your average sets not at Villanova 85 was a center also. No definitely and then George Mason in DC yield. I hate to say is not George Mason DCU even though they clearly earned their way there they were amazing in their term runs the final four and it was shocking. They guy got to a point now where I was like I wish there was a mortality teen there a more traditional name I don't know if that makes me evil. Because we're supposed to love the underdog in this country but I kind of love beyond the bigger underdog that's about like Michigan is succeed lawless salads. But. You know I I don't know maybe everybody's different to me but disappoint or I would have rather seen. For blue bloods in the final four than having because it's a point where you feel like they can't win anymore you know I'm saying. As 2011 final four feet dirty UConn who was. Always to recede with Campbell although there pots Kentucky got your mates. But bottom they awards they award that was a a sore Kentucky's team wasn't that Domenik you know they were they see that Kentucky team right. That a year and it did appear that what's the championship game and it's gonna work 2014 UConn was a seven Kentucky wasn't able got here also feature bought or VCU. So you have Butler VCU. Kemba as UConn team at Kentucky that was sort of say yeah I'm not not a not a great Italian guy wasn't what it and that. You got Boller just all your callers championship game that you're just like little else ugly wonder what's it. Was led to worse and it's worse or watching some of these holes are frustrated hornets games down the stretch the since it was over we hello my man Dwight Howard 32 with thirty was absurd last night what's up on we have located coach Sanchez for 930 I'm actually coaching his own dark Schneider fans we apologize jedi here from Coles pastor we apologize. Ahmad coach Sanchez are not a nation is at 930 we come back duke nation you'll be entertained. David Chu may play by play voice for duke. They are favorites in some locales out there in the desert to cut down the nets should they be the favorites list David should make next. Thousand dollars. One more chance here on our show every hour you'll have a shot to win a gore thousand dollars in cash buster. And it's very fitting to gray and it is the word today you try to win a thousand dollars GRK and it is a national contest so do you text and try to compete. Messaging data rates supplies full contest rules available at WS NC dot com. Again text or grain and 2720881. By the way the latest on this cold young Cole situation terribly the legs that this is saga has. On people now all. Keep people 2018. Are just brutal people now bone to the text line arts using coal. Of having a friend call up and pretend he's his pastor. To cover up for is cheating in the game so we're just got to find out tomorrow how much cancers does a kid know does he really he really answers about. Find out tomorrow when he goes head to head against me with T bone asking the question a young young calls about B Hubble tomorrow I think so we humbling experience we don't call I think so I mean I wasn't here to start to get a true just an illiterate man I live banter for bar live for is if I come. Let's let's go to the take account gas slide our next guest doesn't wanna hear about the Cole saga he's getting ready to two depart on shore. On this he's not dare already to oh ball for the midwest regional which features three ACC teams in Kansas and he gets his call rematch of Syracuse duke. Tomorrow night David she made is the voice of duke. Athletics he joins us on the Mac attack David you don't brother what's going wrong. Good morning aren't there or near Rio we got a lot of great civil suit you all bought it out all our our. Very good your radio. It's like gay lives like a little ACC tournament or you guess you've got your friends Syracuse to Clemson. Come that are there as well what do you think about just use game I mean are you kind of like me David would you call that first one. It wasn't you know aesthetically pleasing but I don't think duke ultimately cares they held on 44 points. They didn't shoot well but hardly anybody does against Syracuse what they won that sort of grinder. I can't feel like this one's not going to be the most pretty saying. But I think to console equipped to win a grinder so this year unlike may be in the past because of how good a defense as when they played and so. Yeah I don't I don't agree that this thing can go about. What you. And you comprehend anyone ought. It your QB should they they they look a lot better. Or February and start a little girl all shot. Our is a huge deal for them -- the program there is very well for burger or it was really just three guys who could score. On Howard battle would now get goal try give a little bit. Cool little that'll be all their. You can win a game you know there are fifty or sixty. Are to go forty or first to put yeah I think it's going to be harder workers or about. I think news is going to be who can be get baskets in transition if it is at all or you can bet per unit paper but it. I expect at least be critical court. David could you believe and and I'm sure he's talked to people you know involved in a program that is there's not coach K himself. Eight can you believe how well duke has played in the zone and that's one thing leaked for coach can finally say you know what you we got to go full time zone it's kind of I've never done it before but we've got to do it but to execute. The zone this well where they literally are one of the best defense is in the country like. Are you surprised and our our people around her surprise they've been able to pull this off with such success. Well I'll. You know article article little recorder practiced quite of their I would I not surprised speakers she it was pretty evident fact that we're going to interpret art that they are there. That don't would look good worker or to work on there and their coaches are an upper arm a big or report could be expected to create it. All cattle or help each other aren't there. You know what it's going to be made. The statement. Our whole team does want to eat that are. Perfect if they trigger still follow would be a girl real estate correction. What point so you're forced to talk with Peter so you know I've got all our effort there are out that person and an outlaw Google aren't so. Maybe you'll pull to close like this YouTube are very. I'm surprised because I got it practices that developed but I think you out for people that are coached just just you over the years. Probably a little bit jarring to watch out but I do think it speaks to you know. Guy who could Wear it here and take notes and all that there are and it speaks to why it happened at six there are you cool era or so all were just an. To the sound barrier. It's one of his best traits you look at the way they play offensive basketball analogy you know it's different this year and next year we'll have a different make up and he has you know he is more than willing you know to tweak things based. On the personnel he has a talk when David Chu made easier no mall tomorrow. In the sweet sixteen duke takes on the Syracuse. What are your thoughts on duke movies or we were just read off a list it was from mom thing dot shark you know one of the big Vegas web sites and there one of these you know some have no business favorite but they had duke is the favorite to wrestle away. How do you feel about this thing he feels like maybe we saw their eight game the other day and if they can play like cats. That might be good enough to win it all do you view them as favorite worthy right now what do you think. I think you edited out the for a while. If you track they're eight game. I think to the eight battle will in what their bet they could vote right but I think we do take it hurt. You recruit basketball. It didn't play extra order I think duke they game what are the that that what would that be true games and basketball well they're hitting their three there at the reader into each of those being opened at Burke. And it really are. I'd open a couple early. I don't come out respect to report shot or lack there audience back order. They get open to all of our whole way. I do thank you are. A lot people like they had ample power and counterpart to quantify because you don't or a look at our leader trigger. It has died but I do it or they're bad. They've really got religion or respect are. Currently two game or hopefully. You know it is the sixteen journey to a park always feature eight. Well we won't let you know well. Straight as you think of great returner you're gonna get to see. You haven't seen or copper or are we are. Or 2.0 antiques and return of a particular piece to copper audit. If everybody that we very good at other. It's a death in an odd twist Orioles had to twist though you know a couple years ago you know when they made the run in the final game didn't win it. But they also rated a multiple deep in his sermon. Multiple ACC schools. What do you what I want to ask you about just a year round program. You really bothered me David when Dan dot pitch went went on about Bagley and selfishness and all that never really ticked me off. Because everything I've heard and you can speak to this pattern many but everything we've heard you know come from people close to things over there is a that's just not true. It felt like he was kind of blown so out of thin air like it criticizes game. But does subtle little Sudan personal. How did people seal over there are no coach K took the high road when he was asked about it. I had did dad had to take people also over there the way that was done I think. Well yeah I've heard the comments I am. RB clear out the broad street to where it all but that's what become an art that you point out what that I didn't argue bow. I see your point of what we're trying to get our regular murdered there a hero. I'll want all people think about diets that are all were brought out the gate like that you're addicted to ACC ought to their grip pre prep the first ought untouched. To go broke here. A few months certainly on the count to go broke you ought to do that. It don't want to really report talked about basketball blew it is portable lap are we practice or is always what the coach who didn't think you differently like that I got it. You don't want a per hour to go pick up the eight circuit where you know. Reckless and wrong so. I have a third and this is a lot a couple of games Dirk you know watching it play out to be as to what. Practice on wouldn't populate these are your career that the whole lot better protect could be further corporate troops so I'd put all our. Our man hey we appreciate your busy there are no more hall enjoyed enjoyed the experience and out of keeps gone forty man. Banks are color. Eyebrows thank you for coming on your David Chu made. Voice of the Duke Blue Devils are we come back. Niner nation. So you're not loving friends we believe now we can officially say Iran Sanchez new head hoops coach of the niners is joining us next. Side and Charlotte fans saw. Our cost about as clearly told to abortion niners fans that are pumped about this hire Ron Sanchez associate head coach. All of Virginia you know right there on that stance. With Tony Bennett for all these years as head coach including not just Virginia have gone back to Washington State it's now his chance to run the show and it's right here in Charlotte with a forty niners and we welcome Ron Sanchez to Charlotte and done congratulations to coach on the on the new job are you doing. Great rhetoric. Or are. They appreciate you coming on all right so this is one of these deals where you don't get to be honest here you know like. I I'd I did not know much about you're all you know would you be in an assistant. I I figured whoever was on the staff there had been no other stuff to how well coach you guys work. But man when I started hearing you start reading a little bit about you know these kind of coaches surveys inning start. See in the quotes from. And the stuff he was saying about you your reputation clearly among other coaches and people in basketball. Is established and they think you're going to do great things what what are your mind do you think has has prepared you why are you ready for this moment. You know I've been involved in a long time and I've taken the time generally pretty epic come out. This is another game from the moment they're. I began playing it and you know my my time under a bit coaches like. You know Tony his father Dick got a problem Mike David and Indiana. You know with my favorite experience through not a tribute to go to training camp told Garko area McConnell well the people. You know played in the America's cup is so long I think I've. I brought my right I Pritchard await rock idol well we do you know the Bennett family but not try to find ways to grow. In other areas as well. Coach why the Charlotte jobs and he's had chances in the past you know when this was a time. The U says American jump you know Tony thank you so much and I got to do this amount why Charlotte. Good Charlotte are all intrigued me. Of each other. Basics city I think the stand there. Can get behind her and rally up behind this team. But. The true factor of written words that the reject. Mike kill. When I sit down and and talk Pam. You know architect if you get the passion that the boy. I can hear. You know. The vision that he had a very clear. And I wanted to jump in Atlanta back in the parking lot cost of this matter and and get this spring in underground at a bit amazing experience truly personal. And not a fans are hoping you guys make great seemed there's no doubt about it works all goes Ron Sanchez new hoops coach. At Charlotte you know Mike kilos on our afternoon show Chris programs on up prime time the other day when he was talking about you. And he talked about how he was clean up his office in Florida. Any sound kind of like eighty some notes and it was notes that he made about you when he met you I think it convention some business function. And he kind of still larger name he was impressed by you and I kind of jogged his memory do you remember meeting him. You know back in the day and get him when you reflect back are you thinking yeah I was pretty darn impressive that day I can see why I can see why it was so Reggie remember that at all. But today a column in I was the competition and what they're from they rehearsed. Kind of awkward of moments of genuine and now I remember sitting there. And you know but I hope that you would not. On track of people here right now to remember exactly background. Well call all of that but outbreak orbit it regards start I get it get. And we just we didn't communicate I have to that they were you one time I was probably a five minute conversation I'll knock but I do look at. That's to see us in the that's a lesson everybody in life it's like you never know when you meet someone converse with an informal conversation. You never know you know what what square where could leak you know he thought a lot of puny remembered you from that conversation. Come coach what do you think. About. Why Charlotte like what what's what's what she can meet the goals Charlotte because. When I came here was 2004. And man I was coming entity you know it's Taylor and I saw their last tournament appearance in 05 they played NC state and the fan base was on its year I mean fans were going crazy. And to see over these thirteen years of missing the tournament. What do you know the way the fans have kind of just you know analysts say they disappear but they're not his vocal and I was involved like. It's so much more fun when Sandra involved in when Charlotte not just Tobacco Road teams in Davis symbol when Charlotte. Is a factory going to tournaments I mean they're. Charlotte shouldn't be any NCAA term and I think how do you feel about what are reasonable goals for you to accomplish there. You know the truth this is gonna harder and harder agreements in the year at 32 out there and that. You know go to Lincoln you know picture changed did you watch team that are really good. All the time you know he's meant in my opinion you know a court order giving a lot of great. Season this year one under your name come up I felt it in order you are. And only feel. Political a couple of players because that might be the only particular area you know that beat the wonderful spirit so well and that's create term you know. There are you know at everybody what could be interpreted it to become harder and harder are being. You know computer trying to out of and it's you know what time at the fort. In fourth place VA if you feel weak and getting it. You know I'll bet this is becoming metallic debris right now if you want at me you know what I like and it there are and I think we can accomplish. I cannot keep you. Specific to create a got to focus on what to think like I I got a preview. Is not going to be O in order to win this renegade yeah you know Greg that that there are. You know that I would do a piece of artillery and don't retaliate so I think what year. But the group if we got to focus on just playing the best quality basketball. You know. On the moment there we go on the floor try to improve every single very you know and then let go bring take care of himself. Well I tell you gonna win this many games but we're gonna win that I'm just sitting here there and comfortable to better control and real know that I spoke. On the quality of play. Our our market. Ron Sanchez new niners coach was here for another minute or two. Coach OK so a lot of people wanna know hey what what style of play is coach gonna bring you Charlotte and you will it how much will resemble Virginia I mean I know this if you can play that defense. Anywhere near as well as you had those catch you and Tony and those cats playing in Charlottesville. It's going to be a nasty place to come altering imply I mean is it going to really on both sides of the ball are you going to do a lot of things that you were duo would totally yours are going to be differences. And this is this school basketball or come from and I do believe how tired could ask what they want you know that they would want to something out there and you know I would not been the person that they call. And I would be a boring you know a disservice to a personal hired me all of it and if it. I have not I am not only. You know I have so much respect for. In that code and even more so respect and a person. But you know I do intend to take the big titans are prepared. It over time their he has taken a little bit it will try to trick helped me become better and try to implement you know Charlie. Coach but this is the part where your this the part where I have to ask your question it's like I know coach is Christian man and we stringent. But it's been clear for you don't have that much time to think about it because you go from. The NCAA tournament the crazy laws here in Charlotte and then you know few days later you Musharraf 49ers head coach. Have you had any time and all you've been busy to think about the loss and when you look back exiled still simulate how that happened how to let patented a Virginia defense. What are your thoughts on how you NBC did that too because I watched all your games in the ACC didn't see anyone do that's. Yet you know I I've been not big about it for us. In a completely other you but the time that I have been thinking about Barack. That side of their game and these payment exceed ten. Not what people want to say it can you know he kicked well for period and I expert at this QB in Obama look look what your red light it. You know achieved. Far beyond what we are expected. You know to beat what do you wanna be a few feet. Barbie and a bit and blue pre game could achieve it. You know I don't know if you keep our cap issues was which disk was so soul heart picket. I'm disappointed that it articulate and a tactic to why there aren't being. What buckle in go get bigger and August are my favorite team. Or congress I have a total war how that happened a simple land com you'll be a better than it. No rival it was a really good coach I hear it and I'll match my respect gravity that it you know com. They played big credit that we did not part when you're sixty seat if I'm the last game of the first round what took pains me to go up 00. Another thing different they come out to where able to be in that venue. That there. You know a history of both sides. I'm generally just happy they're you know we have been here that we had. Merely an amazing year and it's like you know ACC fans try to say something about you to take a shot at CNN everybody's reminded that you dominated everything. Everybody else in the ACC so com hey thanks for coming on coach I'm very. You know I'm interested to see which you guys put together there or not. I'm excited to see you guys play some defense up there in Charlotte man I hope which is nasty just like Virginia thanks for coming on coach and best of luck to you. Arctic sat in the event they both guide the ship are backed up pretty sure there. The French and and they have better people all of them Dick is so much. Thank you coach we appreciate you go round Sanchez new show for not a head coach and and it's quite easy answer to your question was pretty I mean it makes sense he said yes I'm very inexact yelled that's the way I that's my school of thought well basketball learn from big builder from Tony Bennett actually were playing and that's what I was hired to do is to bring that style yourself. If they do it well I think fans are gonna love in Virginia fans vote embraced defense more than darn near any fan base I've seen in any sports. Our men and if they don't do it well the styles and they don't like us in the war from the man. I'm telling you I don't think conference USA pro Craig that's the best defense is caught and played. Anywhere nears wells Virginia I don't think they're going to enjoy playing Charlotte. Aside I know that's an impressive guy though a net though it is so yes. And he's got to get it done and they take a little bit it's time to try to change the culture that's the biggest thing at Vegas judge exact ultra back to what that would Saturn owner was going well. Amanda's guys up for the challenge for the task I steal. I feel like this tiger is going toward the more I think about mark price was sexy name. But when you look back on it was more prize ever going to really where there's some sort of send an ecology you know head coach and this thing with this too is like I think that's. Better about this one and out now major. That was another unknown one rewrite was what's this guy gonna be about I'd feel much more confident Sanchez. And the production side he was. On a staff that is why do you the last five years as one of the most well coached programs in college best ball every year right does want it Kennedy's sentence I noticed this show has been hurting her clothes from my father a father always just detail makes a thorough just tell me when I would criticize somebody in a movie it can't be better than the script. Mark price. With what he was given. Kind of hard for him to be better than the script Charlotte. So I think was some of the pieces it moved out. After some of the pieces that are coming in description is improved and maybe he'll be successful in his casket dads are walking fortune cookie year's masters and best cars we had a meeting last week. Station me and dad Kent Osborne say close his dad in the meeting so this isn't just for radio bit. This is like the way I was born lives as well as quoting his dad and there's something cool about that there's also according about it. Idiosyncratic wise negative men impressions more than for EB ED in 87 I eight T Moore leads dream like. Early to send. Oh man I was sick rebel advance sale just to recruit don't you would LC can build. He can find at three star even if Virginia that fits perfectly what they're gonna do he might find these diamond rough type recruits to the you have to do when you play he's got a conference Jose cover Jose has not been good for recruiting it just as. He then he's also got to locate a star player in this city for the fence around. I saw multiple players last week and determined that were from Charlotte test Randy Williams grant Williams the SEC player of the year from Charlotte no one in the state recruited him. There's multiple guys last leaders are also want. Garth Ohio Stacy. After all over the place man they really are aren't we come back we'll hand at a loss to Garcia and barely see what's going on with those boys com is the maggots at one of 2.5 W that's F Tanzi. Eyes at the Mike Breen of Iceland right there. Gold that's. Think that's Icelandic basket full. That is one of their announcers and he is losing his mind on that play by play call that. Was all over the Internet man known dug it up that is good stuff right there were back. On the Mac attack. Thanks go out to Charles. It's beautiful. Not to be confused with the announcer in Lithuania who came up with a song for the ball Brothers. I'm bald Brothers like today get kidnapped over there are they still play like I haven't heard somebody playing on the same as a bad thing. But I have earnings in a long time about the ball Brothers and listen when I heard something the other dash what's that T know where they are currently playing Harry. Look he's beautiful. All or whatever how does that Orlando beautiful basketball stays so yeah. I heard a Lithuanian champ plays the Icelandic chant and immediate astute announcers together about and it's going to be beautiful armed by the way that reminds me is frank Garcia comes in. And he reminds me of Eric Collins last night on my goodness for Franken has just drag you talked about before I'll say this. I admire air cow's ability. To move. Brought just a game like downpours come back 123 and make it sound like it's the NBA finals I don't know how we do has that energy. He was losing his mind last night I come back Frankie. I also our officials are served well I do. You have to hear that every day I'm not sure when his ears start bleeding you like mine do but eventually they do but no listen I mean. As I expected Doug those type that you can you can put on that performance in Dowdell and the back nearby and it's it's in your lobbyists say can I think he's generally into the game. Go so crazy over that mantown bear is awake on my couch there was a turnover and then a couple of months ago where Omnia so we laid out on the floor got them all and he was so I mean that literally I think he jumped out of his seat start jumping up and down. And you know was just like with two arms in the air going crazy on the sideline. The greatest play in Horace history is what he called. You know and I'm like you know that there was a turnover right after that analyze I mean so you know that that that doesn't probably call Pfeiffer great. Dwight got a cynical last and that means a league suspension he said oh my goodness boy is this going to be a story why don't four. They get and I'll probably not it is like he might miss tonight's game and then we move all that I mean what then I don't want any audio from last night we have merit Collins. Oh yeah we got you we played as a the first hour this is. Which one earlier tonight Campbell won this is when Campbell or reverie hits the shot frank we commercially through finally take a little over the lay up this little lower gross jumper in the M Warner a zero Swiss what's what's shall Johnson has listened and was second IDC. That's fantastic let's whistle what are the cat burglar Johnson the guts of a cat as one of his got a series band that is one of his then go to use but anyway I laid out giving you love Eric comes out. How you bring the intensity 82 united because this team sometimes like the first at this team made me want to run my head like oh. And to a brick rubber and bring many bright spots with the horse issue last night was obviously one of the two hours and then generate Dwight Howard. Hardly the dominant so 3230 becoming only is such employer and you know history against Brooklyn to do that. Hill and in Kevin Love and done you're the rebound Sinorice record you are just so many records and I know people probably don't think you know maybe he fits here with the style but. It's hard to argue a guy goes 32 and thirty and just dumb racing game like that. So much we say net. He's face enthusiasm for the hornets like Mack does on vendor Friday. Okay that is O that's not right and low blood that's DirecTV keyboard warriors that's always teach your warriors next and doctor Ralph painters try to us guys out there you now that one year mound when we're at what we had a point 02% chance in the playoffs. And I acted like we are still latest frank I know I'm an in line myself and Charlotte and then there's. More enthusiastic you're till historic skelley stories that's not none none none none you educated are more than our yeah. As she's she's at least sometimes realistic shall call people out every now and then. You're just like that nobody until you get angry you know who made me angry not do they have the right wheels contract makes me angry I feel like I got some painters angry. I knew I was got herself he's backer Kelly sorry and CME be tested gasoline so he's definitely has you beat there. All right so anyway I O'Reilly went on the Dwight block doubling its ridiculous and did this is amazing third to a thirty boards like got that 33 down. And Eric Collins had some advice for all of us parents out there about what we should do after watching this moment. When I got this kid's toy the kids you may see if could you imagine Fred you see you you've been there no strings of low do you guys know what his reaction is she found that I woke up a little ones that there's no. Yeah I got to. So what are good point on email though. If Cam Newton threw for four yards and a Super Bowl victory I would weight gain up there newest force him to stay awake during the story can we keep him away. He's definitely worthy of sacrificing my kids you know sleep how to go it's my cock Erica it's tough I. However countered strip Mandy he said intensity don't. Can you imagine that he was UN CB's and you know as doom and hall talked about that game and he mighty Knight being intense once I got I mean seriously. OUNBC fan oh you're NBC yards. Others the reichstag catalyst to your legacy. Frank said yeah I don't what frank said is that UNC beat yourself chances and I thought you said you NBC now they go right over I'm not going ignited as. But somehow honest speaks the language of Garcia I don't know. Israelis and and I are on the same wave flanked a lot of the time stroke surprisingly. Ennis Texas Dana how you slice the Italian supporters guys and Cleveland here's what we better than I do. FF what do you think about tonight these matchups tonight like. I had the upsets in that south region. Has kind of made those gains like to lose a low middle last or forming like how you feel what's the match up tonight did get you going the most I mean how can Michigan maybe I. I don't know what gets me going the most of but you guys had and you guys had met nor lender on before today it would seem metrics Purdue and Loyola in the national championship game. He always did serious about the still. Purdue and Loyola at a national championship are doing isn't without their big man and how the heck is loyal to keep winning that many gay I don't know that there's a dole is worst nightmare oh regardless man. I don't know I would be my cell of the frying pan. On FaceBook life. I think it's just Mears everybody else bulls hot here is hardly a it is doubtful that. Yes we forgot to tell you about saves and a c.s now turn over here. Tried to tell ya as Aristotle did you ambassador Daniel. Barely a moment timeouts are on yeah. I do now to think Italy has the best on that I read out loud and president to come they can't be what I Angela Sen while seated later tonight what's that Alexi policies now let's explain this immunity you went off on soccer yes they're local soccer fans want us. Average match it was one of the top three ranch you've ever heard here and Libya to listen really serious really no easy Eric Collins. Apparently it turns out it ended up for election I'll does your moser is a box and Marty listen to a beloved Samoa city tweeted it out and said loses a layer so how does a soccer. Analysts. Who's so committed to soccer like you ripping cycle and what you. Ribbons are the socket a suspect doing gripping thing and circumstance I'm doing what we it was W Susie talked more modern motor league soccer team path because obviously we were not punitive. That this. Ask 'cause we're talking about Major League teams are run down that right there are Major League soccer teams in this country don't you talk about much like I really point Denzel that's your point I would like is almost always Alexa wells is gonna come on.