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Friday, March 16th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Radio Host David Glenn. 


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Crazy up there. Folks coming into town for determined enjoyed enjoyed games enjoy the parties are man's Zacks got a bar crawl Lamar these things are guys still look in their twenties god bless still. I feel like dog do manhandled. I can't figure out why go out like I can't be out tomorrow night feeling sick and I'll saint patty's day. Get your college buddies in town and they did expect it but I tell you I know these guys it'll launch or something magical slower. I've known these guys. Aren't Arabs are I drink with your buddies before numerous times these guys don't clap their docket is they're not gonna say hey Matt was have a a small cocktail do you have knowledge here it's the posturing it's like you guys are old school frat member and he might be out till 4 in the morning in chasing tiger's around. Some saying I'm two I I'm I'm coming off this illness do feel like hot garbage Playboy he's he's more. Milan morning permit these are great guys and their insane right there over more. Her brother broke away from the wives and kids dude think a guy go crazy seriously you have one friend named him mayor he succumbed to NASCAR races. What time this guy didn't make it to the race now is that in the grass you test out and Grassley rolled in the race sat in the grass they called and he laid eggs at a car counties are more animals are savages he can't be out there. I don't let our two here's the deal coming up in about ten minutes so 917 or so David Glenn. ACC sports journal rally radio joins us really statewide syndicated radio joins us. Talk some hoops let's get some strains in your people chime in on state state fans unhappy with the rats. 53 total fouls called two months and I'm not the same benefit of one of the other estate could make a day of free throw when to help try. But didn't take advantage both Al calls on Seton Hall with a missed eleven south sound had to miss elevenths Al shots that was killing their man you're trying to come back in your clay Doumit to line. This dude says get a few bigger forwards coming in next year hopefully that will sit Keats is. Pressure style better. Com. Let's see bone police an open date for Mac was Kevin keeps. Kevin Keats is the most overrated piece of trash since mark got street's first year. But Godfrey had CJ Leslie Enzo brown and all those guys were holdovers right. From zillow Scott warned that hasn't been as many hold to keep a team that was already they made that run. Too sweet sixteen or notes. Today as we succeed yet that the noble in a white Kansas. But it's. That team was all right little more ready made this team was supposed to be a project distances please stop Porsche. Pinkie suffered a T sweet sixteen round number that quite Candice and once we sixteen. Now they played Louisville a couple of years ago and it Syracuse again and it's appearances it's distances please stop worshipping pizza guy was at the root of the Louisville scandal for as much as you all covered. The investigation UNC no I believe. The initial route isn't fun Richard Eugene casino I believe that the root of that well and then they end insistent that was basically the attempt. Was he was bullet yes I think he's name I didn't hear ever mentioned in any of these things so don't play the same game that they played with you Carolina saying as HI turn it around. Does it stop becoming it's unbecoming of either side all right I was glad I chairman and apparent agonize to be fair to state keeps didn't pay Dennis gauging her doctorate program. I let me go to you guys say well yeah keeps I mean yeah Keyes was no word as a matter of fact Godfrey was no review found. Stennis legitimate got paid as a junior in high schools I should say enough good got a bug got freed was to go to that let me go to song 704570962. And a wolf back James is here mound you said one enemy air bag jays. Well. If I do doormat and yet they cooled my final fourteen block out Arizona entities state. But they don't talk about the bet that's so because we beat them on neutral site at in these states. That peak were oh yeah. Great town this year is going roll back the ground even repeat do. I told to our defense was going to be a problem we don't know how to play home we all they Amanda mean in we don't know how did you hit decent comment is never. Really tip sheet. But you know let. That's okay we have ballplayers coming in depth about 68 or call we have no our governor we have or guys that come. Particularly the taller but what did that on its system you're seven I don't know all the come back. But he's going to collect and actually won't do appreciate you knuckle book NBA. And be in an eight you do look where he did know without go our way. I think that's going to carry over my coach won't get better at don't want you better. So I mean we're going to I expected to the finish in the top three combination connection here. I'm really had a bit even though we social and I knew what. James James there's at a question breeze you. Felt so bad about the defense why do you have in the final four. Got somebody they. Watched our sport and the sense when you. Sit and it's. It's a tribute thing about it even got app all you're gonna play a little properly placed proper commitment that we can score point. We're Buchanan Craig gore is absolutely not what is so quickly big. Art that was our week that was so weak man including stay out of foul trouble when he was on the floor when the facts show that hurt his ability to get into rhythm. There's no doubt about it just do it says five guys combine its ally of the game is ridiculous. It wasn't so much found calls but I will say this both teams are driving the basketball kind of making arrests make a decision one way or the other one she found out. As he played a Smart basketball once you find out more get a less these guys are loose with the whistle today then you drive anymore morbid state has to be better. Acts. When the pressure is over. You got to play half court defense and usually got a plan for less time because you kill time on the pressure. And you've got to be a slide your feet and keep guys in front of you will thank James has been called idiots. Bomb it big satin dumbo any typical state saint by the way about and that's the communication we're getting since I got you got a message is that I got there. I don't get one more hero quick Mac it WF and Z dot com. My man Spencer's and hang in for a lot that you want to talk Panthers and morning birdies. Terry I'll move to France. Motor I've been. A bit. Don't go bit. All the pretty good oh well what do you don't won't you know reading you'll see a role. It may have chatted earlier but we won't look Oprah did people got our lone tree. You don't talk with a marriage league we are very well you're gonna hurt. I don't know what. People can turn. It. I got a call is this a happy Friday well. Finish a demand always kind of done right now this is just isn't his arsenal in terms are. And what they call it. Have a look at me it would already billion umbrella there are. A lot of good to have him. The wealthy but you know he would you want to but it could be a bit. They won two games though they won two games but I don't blame all those contracts Jerry Richardson clearly wanted him to expand NAFTA to lock out. I hope you get by Canada. We really can't borrow goat you know. Marty's doing good all right let's see I get to the Reagan not a pleasure thank you and your serious just speculate a big boy please regulate big boys. That's just how bad guys and that probably aren't so excited it's somebody just turn on the radio right then that I just turned to Randolph immediately. The and yeah. Let's not act like T bone it was headdress in the morning Ernie fan club when he got retained. Tebow didn't like it either you wanted to new voices of GM as well all I'll call eight conceded this was Jerry doing him a solid in the new owner role timidly decide. Why am I not allowed to sit here and say yes looks like we have a new Marty attorney's aggressive yes some urgency probably because there's a new boss coming in. Why can't I be excited about his minutes isn't that stare like I gave you my honest opinion I think we'd be better with new voice but right now the start of freeing see there's urgency. That morning Ernie has and I love the way spread the money around he can spend all one wide receiver got a wide receiver got a corner and got a defensive tackle that is an upgrade over star like why can't I do both all of our stance. Obvious why their party for awhile. I admire Ernie. I heard you bet on air hurry for about three days just like me I haven't heard you're a frequent flyer man I have some I have a Liberty City side have been unethical and I. Hi this case yeah. You're our viewers say when they got married this is your captain skated captured artery. I don't like to be no move I don't like it if he fully intends to let trying to Lille play for nine point nine million dollar cap hit. But I will say this though he's got there he brought in today and Luke Wilson and the other day he's clearly not done. And we are almost out of cap room so there's got to be some restructures and stuffed some cat gymnastics that are gonna be done here soon because Mardy knows his work Marty knows how to handle that capital problems. For the disparity in the hour wreck with no I thought of the future is I don't know but I do like it man I like to Lucy's make every you know like the sort of poke. And short together side by side. And then pat fanaticism on the end it's like who's getting doubled on that defensive line man that's a tough call for the aisle to come here did you spank and they're just spending the am glad you're Spencer president knowing disturbing phone calls Spencer. Mac it's WS concede I doubt we come back. Let's keep dude we'll get back into new stuff focus on the ACC squads to Carolina's plaza Carolinas down to tune out Carolina duke. We'll talk to David Glen next. Thousand dollars. I work for this cell or is playing MPLA. And Texas descent into rating on your shot is thousand dollars. It's a national contests message data rates apply. Full contest rules available at WFNZ. Dot com we'll read some emails building senate tax you guys are on fire today man bring in a fire. But right now let's talk. Little grooves some about these ACC teams we only have two teams left now in the state of North Carolina. As it Alston is Carolina duke carrying the banner. Let's talk about them David Glenn joins us. David Glenn radio network all around great state of North Carolina and also the ACC sports journal. DJ what's going on brother how you doing. I'm doing Great Neck it'd give to bwic did get a look like all year note so that we do not develop this inaudible without. We were I love the fact we had six from the state that was a nice little thing to be proud of four of them have been eliminated. And here we are back to the old drill but wool we'll talk state to onshore. While you well you with us and I'll start there we were just talking about states. I mean I guess that the micro is frustrating right you watch those two games out of there in the post season ACC determine NCAA tournament. You fall behind you can't stop penetration and you're trying to fight back the whole time like. They were frustrating games but the macro picture is still has to put a smile on state fans face right. I agree entirely because the macro. Yeah that'd be fully what it but that is in the bottom four of the ATP and the open I'd prefer. When you see who buried there at the other end of the rectum. All in the more you why in the world and people won't do here and there is very doubtful debut with the wolfpack. The more real laws didn't want to look what applaud. This slow down Wimbledon politician. We didn't won't even global along the Long Will mean Walton did then birdied the first of all people who weren't being spent the week. A book called the pert Walt what what is the verdict could promote sport. We did not have a good defense is being beaten Britain execute the way you'll eat that is all if you don't have. In order to get bald strip as one minute and three more majors while it's first and all of those down. You won't weigh you won't they won't cut pro basketball terms of their rule them all well this is and so. Until this is a huge success story but it won't put it wall being at war you're in a golf ball is always won't want to miss him. They can gulp top that within the ball well potent than that but that's not the time to stop it in multiple ways you know under for your coach in a matter more. Bomb what do you think can abouts about Duke's. Against Rhode Island I Mena. This he'll run island obviously is talented man they can just standing get after you. But I don't feel like they played their best basketball down the stretch and then when you beat Oklahoma in overtime it's not impress me much because they have men. Brutal you know since about the start of February or so. What do you think about duke Rhode Island Howell how much fear or should duke fans had this Sammy. It should be concerned about the same thing that they've been heard about all you law although mainly on the wrong side of course in points go. If you want great and on and the president Preval and the ball I think I noted today they were off the chart I mean the ball well thought out well Lugar. 84 out of greed and yet and we've all been. They hadn't been bad ball and the ball very often you know all of the good food you know they've been on the import the moment there. So will a point guard boat as Spain at all when the pulpit in the proper and had spit up a bit. Rhode Island that it won't be most experienced teams in the ball for the tournament and Dirk. He'd been acting all mean it's an old team because they won't work well in the body while not too cocky in the entire. So is that going to be a problem maybe there's been a period in ten will respond to a boat people within. What did inexperienced team maybe even if most is that you don't put the ball. So it's eighteen. I think the only way he goes along with you it is great when all evolve involve both moral and the way they get it. No absolutely X-Factor status on that seemed so no doubt about talk about David good talk with David land. Dated Glen radio network ACC sports journal heels getting going today. A mom what do you think. I mean what do you think their their fear meter should be I mean Providence is a team that comes up the most days. What I'm talking the basketball guys about you know who is who could give Carolina the biggest hits this weekend do you agree. Well I agree with that title that probably the perfect like they're part and day earn their keep the big. Experience a team in the entire practice and that's always in our. I think I'm not to argue about match you gotta be able to hit three. And let's come integrated greed and the possible route 32 opponents that they edit property. Neither really stroked the radio I want them they're great around 2.0. I didn't think profit would be the offer help it become that I have Carolina on put the sweet sixteen. And that might group except him because. AP PT to drop like I just the way they'd North Carolina a drop a quiet. But I do it basic you know the double that and change are the best bet would go to the sweet sixteen and beyond. Now they say is that the three big dogs are still there I mean what what do you think I mean Miami losing. To Lola was one that in both means he bone are working bruiser we both had that one on our brackets like. Miami is inconsistent those garlic does like Newton and likes can be great they can be inconsistent. Virginia Tech was kind of a coin flip game stays coin flip game like has any I know we've got people like. SEC fans also and again our basketball aficionados for the second straight and are cut up and their bus and our jobs but did anything really bad happens in the ACC yesterday. I don't I remember a year ago account while the game they won't accept it all come out there for most news in the cymbal pattern and did not. And it was the celebration. And then by the group that you always tell all the walls towards what you did it work ball and then the potential long all the way that the governor. All the ethnic people could bode well then what if this happened and then what happened. Apparently it's called all of back the other way with the that there all the woman that there be particularly when the thought though Walt. The little off button at a remote city more so I didn't we didn't do until I know it's like well. We all know that the they want to include well put keep the ball over there and in the NBA BP will be one of those little ended with somebody in the final four all and it did not at all in the that there is other. All the greens probably won't even though is to repeat it. I'll tell you this can you do it if you feel down about what your conference did in your bodies or bust your chops. Just break down the pac twelve just say pac twelve I thought I mean the ads that is definitely a full on emergency out there. Pat Patrick forever I mean well all. Over the city Eric go to local all of won't. All the world want to open all the all brought it all happened and for all well and you're right all in between well we're. All the loot he celebrated with a nobody's more miserable than more. He dated may till Friday. They never mind never mind I did the second read it and they until Friday of the force are still of 48 teams are Mandela the last 48. Mom are DG last question you touched on Virginia and hotter injury. To me what my hardest bracket calls and and I spent so much time as it's really I'm going to nail that one year you know and I never do it. But that Arizona you know of course the match symbol members say but I Arizona and in Virginia I was Hammond Holland. However would Virginia anyway I've decided after years of questioning Virginian saying why don't they get it done in March in being skeptical. A buying in with this year's team even without Connor do you have them in the final four also house forty you have them going. I do a compromise on or root they miracle and a what you're talking about. Because they are all there were a few pounds before the Tony Bennet and mark that the I came back with this although quirk we put all Robin and you know good on that vote that opposed him. Ever present and offensively both Virginia and everything is open because there was little more with an all ACC blog. Every single woman is either all ball that was in four. I do wrong there will be what point guard or DeVon all the while the all new world would the lawyers. We need tiger ATP and that I didn't let it all the prep NBA all over problem. And if they want to go to Kentucky is formidable the immediate problem. More and different between this being a millionaire as the Clinton as any opinion as mean. 31 years of squabbling DP they and that doesn't know what it is but there's you lose the what he'd beat beat that man of the year I think those other seven guys know what don't you don't want them to do. Our bit and upload bothers regard it is it is a model for I don't have one in at all but I do all four. I DJ great stuff brother we appreciate it and we'll talk jump short down the road take some time man. What. What are Diego David Glen David Glenn radio network and also. The ACC sports journal is well are we come back we got is some of these emails some of these. Building senator text messages well you guys are on fire we get silliness we got fired up folks. So stay tune so that's. And also a media member our kids sit when he comes stick Cam Newton and what makes him so good you've got to hear this clip from a national. NFL annals. It's coming up next. The number six. Quarterback in the universe according to Chris Simms is this Cam Newton more. Cam Newton ID Cam Newton is under appreciated and it's fassel never do justice to a guy like cam knew nothing that's the first thing people got to get past you can look at the bottom line with Cam Newton. Cam Newton it's more about the pressure he puts on a defense side week to week basis he is a quarterback where when a defense that coordinator has to camp game plan for Cam Newton. Normally they go. Damn this guy can make throws that were just not used to seeing whether it's twenty yard in concert twenty yard out routes or go route or post routes all that but then they go. Wow well we can't be too crazy wouldn't blitzes and coverages either 'cause he might keep it on a quarterback you don't pulling guard power play were. Were all the sudden now he runs up the middle and we are playing pass defense to protect an aggressive pass from play down the field and he runs up the middle from fifteen yards or if they run Jonathan Stewart and he keeps it off the edge of the read option so it's about the pressure he puts on the defense when you play the Carolina Panthers nobody's going well we better double Devin function as their worst screwed go. How we stop Cam Newton and that his enemy number one and that's were stars of the stats aren't always good to settle a great talent around them and they run the ball and they play a different style game but Cam Newton is the biggest quarter rack in the history of the sport and maybe the most physically gifted and a lot of ways buckles under appreciated my eyes. How is Chris Simms on ESPN radio he gets sick man. The guys get this fast can not be used to fully judge Cam Newton he has a quarterback. Unlike any other there's never been a quarterback that is as much impact on the run game. Never been a quarterback like existing game plan for as a coordinator. He gets it he ranked him number six quarterbacks in the NFL that makes me very very happy. So who's got that we've got done Teri Pope showed Braylon pants are happy right now I think Dee Brown will be worth taking a chance on. Because he only be your back up he come cheap he's visiting the days get so much upside. You know bombs so much talent even though it never came to fruition in the under achieved in Detroit and a cancer happy. Well yeah he had died he had camps ACS staff for five. He had it's very similar things to say in terms of their wackos help the last couples is not Calvin Johnson years for the last couple years. Actor Craig got the latest about the wires for secondary craziest that may be in football right now is the Detroit Lions rushing stat it's that he noticed. They have not had a thousand yard rushers just point thirteen right Reggie Bush they have not had a hundred yard rusher this that same season. They have not had a guy in the game rush the football over a hundred yards the story thirteen is crazy it is absolutely mind boggle. Dalian China put a running game together like ages literally they staffers don't throw 48 times a game you know that we are and don't try. Not a thousand not 2000 ya a hundred yard rusher in game -- Georgia senate decides Frank Gore has about 373. Hey maybe I mean they just don't take a series he's running game series memo he's saying here detector can't didn't have a hundred yard running backs is 2030 mob you lose our minds I did I'd be protesting on the outside attorney's office right now laying down wanted to with a non violent protests. I'm I listen we have been cut buildings and other attacks sparked Kendrick dungy emails. How about this one the worst this is a Myron Mac that was the worst 100 K Sean Miller has ever spent. Yeah editing get a post season win the NCAA tournament. I need to get a policy that victories like this guy says hash tag money both Mardi matches up perfectly with hash tag riverboat bra. We were trying to say is or hash tag it's better than field Hern or disaster be fielder I think seal the earnest probably still the best one bony. Let's see here on this dude says Joseph Mack and bones in your bones. He says I'm way if you brothers' you've got to fight for your right to Marty. Only like down a boat a dad saying now. Let's forget what was the poll result on whether or not people would come if we had a Marty party to celebrate the freeagent moves reconnect seem alma satisfy guy yeah looked at up. This guy says please tell me you talked about Marshall I guess Sony is bracket already being busted. He had the pac winning the championship the drought from 1989. Continues. As he had he had Steagall final four then he weeded out afterwards I never believed in cleats and Keats is off yet. He believes in them enough to promote its final four. And may not make a lot of sense boy right eight Reitman and how would you attend a Marty party if we had once 70% say yes we should tell hit there we got decided to celebrate the Panthers moves. And we should dual Marty party yet Canseco gold all accounts your party out there. Speech speech speech Smart. Get him as a guest of honor I would be bad Mardy was the people he knows he's a man who people aren't they Barry may also loved. Oh parties. Cyrus right L he's Irish eyes will be smiling as we get or even Marty on Yan Marty get daddy were onstage and get a couple back may be all right that's all one irishman took to another. Although I'm trying to avoid drinking this weekend I just told I don't think I know language of fellows in who are in town. Lisa nights I can do a good daytime hang out session. You don't believe in a Boston. You microphones out organ side will say yes we have made the best studio adjustment ever and we turn those microphone off it's a glorious day. No go area. Now. Air out willingly screen. That was on. I was on Zacks mice. What about that either you don't and I got to go on day until we stumbled upon something right. Iron down that area obesity here don't you dare apologize because state lost. That's what state does they sold in the clutch. On this there's a back and forth now between game got Kevin and packer Lewis. Packer Louis game got Devin fired some shots Becker Lewis says. I gave guy Kevin your name is gay guy Kevin and Europeans are staying in Manger to time the loser. By the way we signed Jimmy Graham and you guys signed Torrey Smith yeah I didn't wanna bust in just Kevin was rolling so well. But they did sign Jimmy Graham. And Mo Wilkerson and that's actually to pretty damn good science. You know remain one once pretty dead. You don't think Wilkinson is a good son percent Welker is a good son and then he's motivated they still talent rightly should be motivated in the senate pretty cheap deal yet. I mean I'm sure he's not but and there were some motivational issues of the jets. But he got a hundred million dollars I was his motivation right there and then what desire to have once once Momo got paid that Momo he didn't say it did seem to be the big deal any more than it was before he was motivated no not at that point well maybe now be motivated again and. And surround around. Every. He he's no John Terry podium dancing bear next to take a short maybe. So. This guy says. Hate Mac what's wrong with Chris Nicole Lee sung it sounds like coach K dropped him from assembly plant. As COLT a son Patrick. I think right as that is I stay right what's faster does that have so. I'm sorry dude honestly don't know it's an end this Carolina fan assay values its Patrick is a one I teed up the other I don't know since that guy. There's a guy called we fall back record of that allows might be non lethal bastard I'm trying to figure this out ask him down attack tweet about it there's a magazine you bully ball match and you know sheriff Joseph responded that about this one we were asking for Kerney hash tags we can usually get excited about these moves he's make him. Hash tag time to get hurt. Now we don't learn about this one hit her and left us out register earns so good. We use that one before and we both come on baby may get hurt soda areas that I want it's I got Marty mania by the way do I mention this real quick. Mom I'm doing that we're doing to school single put the group together of listeners that are to come hang out with me. At the Metallica show which is in October Specter senator but we're getting are doing to get away now over the next couple of weeks. It's real simple pure rock and roll saying you know your Metallica fill out the application. Under constant section of WS and Z dot com or picking the most qualified. Rockers to hang out with me maybe a couple Bruschi is. Concert at the spectrum center. We drove down to some Metallica maybe we may be thunder cells in the pit only so be it good sound any real. Rock and rollers all right guys like Justin Timberlake can not applied to argue though that soft yet Sam Smith and enjoy wider and invited out. Are you going to last summer of Sam or you who are you going to survive deceived. And those survive this evening Reagan just like I just I just don't feel right I discovered the artist I don't. Are you gonna survive deceived hell yeah I'm not survive deceit I may say about that I've done done done Metallica is since the ninety's as they like twenty years so that it Metallica show there's a long time coming I simulate you wanna try to give it a shot to be in my metal squad hanging out would be for the Metallica show would have you don't want to be not. I thought ninjas don't drink I'm like this in my application. Apply it adds a W infancy dot com go to concepts Irish take a break. We come back tee don't thinks it's funny so he's going to play. The old clip of me responding to Don Terry pose amazing freakish come by when I fell in love with his big man. And of course team owner has to make me sound even more ridiculous it's the Mac attack 102 point five WS and zinc. I found Carol. Hannah yeah stop moved in and our to Pam. Free yeah. Yeah. Tennis and not at Richmond or stayed the path and full full. I'm a Big. Three and yeah. It's nerves and stand. On the end. It yeah. And hadn't dropped him. And. I would that was supposed to basically put me six years ago just Diaw going gaga over Don Terry Powell when he was it to come by Kyle Bailey joins us. I was here for the handoff there's somebody is not here we're not shocked that is not news and is not a news development. But some. And what it turned into was Tebow dodger my voice and making this thing sound reduce those to be made. Pointing out this due to physical freak and in six years later we did it was mostly great moment how. Any how did you find that bomb and how how much did you have to sift through to find a religious had a I have ever prior to prepare accordingly for his mama always indicates indicates that I'll wait to hear do you say needs do you save that for summary is it like because you're like Max weight raving about because I know I have a final file of your moment so it was and so that was considered a moment but yet it wasn't good enough votes on its own little. Yeah. It had to do street glad you turned and Mickey Mouse in order to make that moment. I know my voice was a little more hi John. On that and and yeah yeah. It doesn't sound funny I don't. That boys can make getting self funded there's no doubt about it how's your actual voice to be alive and Kyra. Grown and matured as a young man since then cal what do you think about the punk move this line now I shocked the heck out of me ma'am but I do love it it's. It's an upgrade to. They really I love it I do I really love to do an hour talking about it last week I think the best thing they can do for Cam Newton is to give him a great defense and a solid running game if they can do that I just let him goes. That this is a great step in that direction that this guy when he's always dominant and he's he's fun to watch. There's no doubt you could next short it's like sure you double in the area Leven and single block status and single block about the linebacker still. Like their life. It's just gotten so much better as well yeah I think needs big what do you think about the wide receiver thing because you might think differently. And a lot of draw flight to Greeley thing and the post things seem like they're going over really well enough. The Torrey Smith thing does not seem like it's enough that wider senior but I know you attended talked about why receiver and not think it was as big of a need. Why do you think Torrey Smith is enough as long as you go say in the drafting we'll get to receive. I don't receiver in the draft twosome or you're gonna develop for the future but I mean at an all this is dependent upon health right but it's if you go into two week one of the season. Oh with a healthy Chris Christian McCaffrey and Greg Olsen. And endeavor influences and Curtis Samuel and to your bird ended on surely some do but you you go get it lets you go to camp there is dice. Or nick show sort of Michelle or back a vet bill and you throw him in the mix as well and you've got Cameron or strained back there. Cam Newton is plenty good enough to win the whole bunch of games backroom where I think that's what they think I do. Especially if you're working on that defense to make him a defense better like. I thought one of the story lines cowed into an acting I'm guilty to that I think a lot of folks we all haven't focused on enough is. How the defense dropped off that second half of the year brought you know I mean it was literally bottom five yardage given up in the last like seven games you know close to bottom this team's got to be great on defense and I think these moves were made to give it back to that point plus. They are part unbelievable city about Jesus knows as much or how. Disc dvd disc it also described Bob. Because some Kyle Bailey during the Amadeus also. Visited some birdie did he ran a four day when he was 29 yeah but it's true that is that Dodgers Esquire. No probably not in his head there's definitely an innocent of. A 46. Your point about the defense is a really good when it's a really good and and all I kept thinking I was thinking about this last night I don't know why but you said time to kill. It is if they were gonna try to turn this into video game offense right which by the way didn't really worked Pittsburgh this year but there does try to work turn this into a video game offense and they still don't when the Super Bowl. Then they're to becomes what. Weller Campillo do so much he can't tackle people till you know you. You do the defense isn't isn't old look at some of the bargain we didn't spend money on defense that's been the Caroline Dreyfus calling card third you know 1520 years it has is playing defense it's oil and I'll see any reason for that church. Now I thought I saw like what they've done there are on the I am pleasantly surprise a Marty's been aggressive I don't think it's coincidence but the new owners coming in. And it's not just Jerry Richardson a guy who Marty knows hey I'm his guy. I didn't listen metal. We all went through all the you are you went through the way to where you're new here an ideal but we all came in this place I assist new building right do you become show abilities like. Now we get new boss is anything we did it may have actually I don't know if it did impress our boss Gil building. I mean squat squat diddly now more he's gone through that. I think it's helping with that because they haven't been this urging a free agency early on in a while. No doubt and I like it and again. If in every fan base does this when you get to draft time received teams around you spending money you know special been more money to spend and you do it. And you know you've tried to address needs and yes it's easy to forget the painters to go eleven to five last year but you know we realize their holes there are so I wanna see Marty go Fonda another edge rusher. On the order Seymour as far as safety. A lawyer who supported I want supporting their roared back and quite frankly I'd love to see Marty dressed and a top in tight end in the stretcher or you know is much of one as he can get you know whether it's it it might not be just sixty but Goddard are Hearst are one of those guys you know it's for the future repair was Greg Olsen because Kim lost prototype is very much I would love to -- a source. No more gloves tight ends are usually involve the offense the best thing about it is the more needs you can sell. The more you get that a draft and just take the value right to not have to feel like I gotta get this is inside now Tom what do we sell about the Hokies are you. Are you upset about any thing about the Hokies lose it or you lied good run spring football time or US. What does that one Amanda it's it's it's thought a mile guy. I didn't expect him to do too much and a deep enough on the they were tells an outside of the Gaza set about less side to actually watch the game because the audio was upset about was. Though there's the cold the end let on just robs it wasn't charged into the still moving his feet as roms it was in the year on the way doubt that that was blocked you know other than that you know it is what it is I. There's a way. I thought that was close well I didn't think it was legal back and watch it again there's that there's action overhead angle of this morning where you can actually see the Jews Robinson is a premier talent is way down the kid then sets is these slides his right foot over and get. But he did so Hokies fans are doing with their morning designer and a fairly good there's overhead it's always. So. Obviously Al bill includes a phenomenal gave up hope they're great. Don't go so well I had nothing to complain about on the front Hayley she can pull in Arizona lose touch one dollar and yeah forestry not a bad news on fire Sean Miller today front drive front -- harsh on Melissa I mean here's the thing was Sean Miller like the idea maybe she'd like crazies assistants orgy like crazy and he continues to lay eggs in the postseason all kinds of talent. It's a double edged sword was him right I did I'd I'd move off under I just got they've done in order to move on now would you guys your show is your show that organs his house. Man you guys got to. Yeah. I gotta go onto an ass maybe an ulcer after about hey excuse rookies in the building. Oh Kerry and senator Ted Danson bear that out players an element frank Garcia are were out here. We handed over to the one hour extravaganza exit volunteers madness is as is the it's a hostage dudes are trying to nominate me for match. We have been talking crazy industry judge threw just there's about a two and a half hours at three hours I threw in all seriousness of that's exit goes. Whoever's call on this Oklahoma game is to be submitted the dues but I turn on the brain. Yeah Grasso. It's a good idea it's fun stuff man aren't going to be a selection show next year which let you guys just total selections don't need and I were carried out and recorder team Julie Garcia and barely enjoyed games if you're headed into the games enjoy it. Join on the Tubal talked about at all on Monday. 00.