Mac Attack: Damione Lewis & Matt Schick

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Friday, January 19th

In this hour of Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with former Panther Damione Lewis, as well as ESPN's Matt Schick. 


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I don't man enough to admit this I'm man enough to admit I was kind of miss Damione Lewis all right Amanda to Mitt does we got to the end of the week. Look at for people to talk football with and I realize. I'm not ready to quit Damione Lewis like for a full week and I can't do that we're not doing to tell the truth Wednesday we will bring a minimum Schwartzel in selective situations are free stuff happens around addresses the camera why a lot this is that he's been told so but we got. I miss tell the truth Damione Lewis so I we asked to get Damione Lewis on he's always cool dude good enough to come on with us but I'm man enough to Mitt. But when I miss another man all right and I miss you over the last week is there a tag is it okay. Yeah school where struggle. In BR IPO. I give being called the pick it up so doubt will out well. That's a special occasions song dealing that's very rare out of terror are pretty. Not as sure it's going to it's not like we're gonna continue that way it has been one wakes it's made dub Somalia are much. I'd listen we're gonna get into the play also the second and whether or not the patriots can't can can be beat. But let's start firstly Andrew nor well I was one of our subjects today it's seems kind of split among panther fans. It sounds like from most of the experts that if you wanna retaining injured Orwell. You're gonna have to make him the highest paid guard of football is first team all pro is hackable player and it's just good timing former writes only about thirteen million a year. You've already got eleven million tied up in trade turner would you sign nor well or do you think that's too much money to spend on two guards. After a lot of thought and a panel ordered girl you know world out there that are indeed. So you know I don't want it don't doubt there are all of our Rivera or now. Other notable even what ritual ought to be terrible terrible tool. There and you know we're open demanded ever of all part if there will be put their mother in law and boy are in power. You'll feel it would look very government money. They're not not even late comment on our group or you're late there amount of money although there are very. Don't you know that portable stroke distorts what are. Coach law school so our goal of very strong clear and very strong gore better tomorrow we'll put you know what they have here at. And the work out the dual what are we all seen the big epidemic level. You don't go to the dollar bill wall. Yeah are all right mark Dell forget all argue with the mound because we got we and we want to get to a lot of issues and the markets are dealer and I disagree on that one if you're exactly what could remain about what you're lucky to be little fury in studio to get their deal like Larry allegations are you now saying it yeah. Very good copy didn't want go to my record or. Oh how about that have a death are let's see why let's lose 1 morning Harry we talked about just today. And you know him obviously Symbian with this team and Marty Meehan here and Marty bringing in all that stocks. You know fans are kind of split on this one how much should we trust just import all season for his team. How long how much should we trust more to her need to do the job this off season should we want Marty Ernie is a GM long term how do you feel about that. At this point double called that ultimate all or you know if there are. Now what or where Eric jobs you know when you went there are all didn't. Is you're not gonna respect their ultimately a bit. So put him back and give it or burn you don't want older being. It would have done what you already had a rare what do you care bill O we look into it and what are gonna go to call it that. The but what book due out there or if it is great up big popular promote our big bowl. All we all believe that their bare and though they if you're wearing your car wreck. Abort a lot feel our political aren't normal order or. Great we're beginner book throughout the year we don't know what we're coming out of their interpreter are. We all these removal and Rick. It is he'll be a wild all season and then you throw in the owners of search. You know and that whole process the sale of semen Emeril signing this is menace will be a lot. No other commodity. Prep mode very you don't want it well ought to learn there will. All shook up I don't go here we have a David going to be a well so all. So third duck is very good good clear they go out well got a lot of good at what beer into. Absolutely that's the way you win the new loan broker DeWitt new boss over you perform. I'm what do you. What do you think. OK so we just stood the three year. Contract extension at some people are speculating and I get what they're saying you know it's a new owner comes in and once you know say next year doesn't go great. New owner comes it it has a coach in mind right and he wants to work form. That Rivera could be out do you think Rivera saved as a contract extension gives him security your do you think K that new owner can basic do whatever act he wants. Yep the couple bought a lot of well what lol I'm one thank you go about it. Your opinion you know old Rivera were gone like I don't like it regarded preacher. Yeah are well you know they're there. Or book well here you know which nobody but it could be better. So we're going to be better they don't go well we're all out of there. So you know you are well in the strip there everybody out there are only out your Eric Idle. We're softwood Damione Lewis it's a little quick segment of tell the truce Friday here on a Mac attack on SNC we could apparently were not ready go through a full week to broadcast. Without. Below Tebow told me to tell you what caught my bucket until told me to tell you that sorry that it seems lost last week and you sings in your falcons C chassis educated accent. I don't tell you. They're but it gave up like but I thought that more stable world order. There are so I think it's orbit spare ticket you know regard whether there. Like they're not out there or where but it and I would always do what audio decoder article in a note we're out there respect and I do have a very. Whether or less well again you know they're gonna bet you'll barefoot but it will make their what you court. There might go look at the rather well ultimately mr. you know table when you're right there. Oh how old are you know goal and weak credit by the end of their oracle which you know there are many Arab. Thought this week in. And duplicate or are they need. Oh now I think here's the thing with the Eagles deal Lou. The Eagles were able to run their football keeps holes throw short passes in managing the game against the falcons defense. This Minnesota defense and it's a whole nother animal trying to run the ball to take care Ron to kinda helped knicks bulls output remains second and medium third short. I don't know what what is think the Super Bowl match up is gonna end up being who do you think wins both these games. I'd like they open a preacher book but well like the fear of rejection appeal. If there are a lot like the under your car well great great potential boat. There are are built like they're gonna you go oh wait a little bit of electoral arm back or open up. To look Covert total Bologna where the waited like pro. I could be weren't. Dot org how loop more that there are no regard to due to be nearly so there are on every year old war in Belgrade. And bitter and very commander there out there and in the back yeah yeah you know only god you look at the board and it was gone corporate every football team in the league. So you know they're irrespective of hardware out there really go well that the ball well don't you all probably. All of the domino not able ER you're the ball in they've done a great problem well well and you. And you'll talk about it you know is the perfect target but not. Well I don't ever hear everybody in the orbit browbeat him if you're out don't come out they're not at all. Lot of smoke. Didn't they could be an element it not been able to you know what he's got to incorporate all about what he's been on the so you don't do that can't deduct their quarterback relevant. If there are what are indirectly brought it up there in an art and it'll wait a birdie or what if it. If Lipitor did it ever recorded is. All well very well the great to operate their real political rival dot. Loud and he does he's on your side senior. Yeah it will go out. They're not totally open code red Motorola and you know that little article there there ought there is all well. It is you know as long as they all Wear you know four hole. If not well no but I'll orbit anybody could get doubled to do well okay well that it would be a great program had a great great. And it got him where in the weight taken our our record and quarterback is going to do it all well all over the winter yet. A bit that they have a bit going to be out. Of their way to Philly. Well I think that's not you know a little lower probably about nobody ever go to have a vote so don't earlier went out to audit they can go out. They're give up out of don't go out and we're here. Well they're practically nobody spoke art. So you don't mind our boat the boat in the wind well. All right there you go. Both road teams win that crazy and that would be crazy Barbara the way we love talkative man. We will see a tough talking to my therapist about how to get by may be a week's hear here and there without. Oh we got cancer stuff going all we will be calling your brother be good we'll talk to you cameraman. All right meg you know you'd need depth of the that a welcome all the way. That is always an agreement that really is yeah. Our other schools particularly go we have to civilian and Kaka preference for a cliff feels like dealing RD Madison like deal Lou was on my side quite a bit they're one argument he was gonna have a dead bony came ascent and it was all your eyes so apparently you're telling the truth and I'm lying is that does that how that worked out I would say it is there's something dealer might need your help on RI I've had my kids in the house would make for what feels like seven -- strange case right now I got -- multi -- Can't just trust him off dealing with decrypt I when we come back some gold only college sports this summer focus on what it's getting overlooked. We could be on our way and maybe it won't be next year. Maybe it'll take two years but it's a very good possibility there will be a free transfer rule or transfers in college athletics may the best most football. Can move freely without sit out a year. Matt chick has been all over this story for ESP NE joins us next talk about it. I we're back it is the Mac attack on SN Zain. Let's see here we've got to low get a bunch of Billy search text emails all the great stuff coming up 930 bottom of the Al Oreo was some funny ones some fiery ones. Right now our focus on this I don't feel like. You know people talked about there's a funny kind of interest staying. Armed the NCAA this this week spent some time talking about. You know change in the transfer rules and basically having you know a a free transfer rule where you could transfer freely without sitting out a year and a guy that was kind of on this story on Twitter and Elise. Heads you know a source or two about this kind of process is well. Is mad chick ESPN ESP and you when he joins us dearly MacIntyre talked about this. Total college pigskin. A does indeed football and basketball by the way Matt what's going on brother you that. Hey dog it's certainly yet though it appreciate that each song music from 1985. I. It's classy what your classic type you're a throwback to anchor you know so that's kind of what we won alleged plan that for a throwback Thursday then I realize it's not Thursday citizens and it got a lot of sense. And they're controlled play around with that have a debt on that's a Democrat. I'm. After a that's a good one man and a dagger the dagger ECB on there how those days. Oh com all right. Let's before the end of this I gotta tell you looks like you're doing a very good parental job based on some your photos on not on that's literally it's that second I think a lot of local sense like T job you're doing is apparent here in Charlotte now you live here but let's start first with this thing where we stand now and other meetings there were talks. There were debates back and forth I don't jedi Al NC state athletic director was won the kind of passionately spoke out yesterday at these meetings against. Free transfer she said you don't have the wild wild west you'd have people trying to poach people lost their teams in styles. Where do we stand on on this thing is it being pushed back a year like what it does it seems like you have a source that is stood seals like this is going to eventually happen. Eventually happened yet you know what they sort out earlier that we can't. You know are putting out what are people think that soon meetings tomorrow. And that back in the back 95% certainty that. It a done deal and it started in the books that none of that would be further from the truth. Nothing happens that quick peace with the NCAA but. There today is not working board that is putting together ready to be backed up out of bit. And then eventually go on Google is going to give proposal. Likely at one site and Turkey tension. And Natalie. Like England ball and academic benchmarks that they ask me and that they won't have to sit out a year if they do it now. If you go like oh isn't he their coaches are very quickly very he's done in these presidents and chancellors. And it is not going to. Because they're I had an eternity Oates one half would be a public official and and call me with that. Well we're not work top spot outward and becoming more and more typical for a put these restrictions on kids couldn't and when you really think about it when he. Kind of creepy to you about. Not happy it out in agreement out Craig. Because we've never had a video yeah very good because you've had a one way is it that way better than me the way QB. And attracted to look at. It you can credit her play immediately unto. You play baseball and women's basketball football Portman I. So it could well see here because you have been here yet at your residence. And academics at your rented that say the wider cross country at Butler. Why do you want to crack are white what you saw ball you know all these others wore. According to get middle and what they're not yet. And it application white that it is not having academic standing here it is and all that and why are went by so. There's a lot of ball and prevention mode that I think it's that was kind of needed to hear debate that law about challenging the very rule. And I think it appointed an epic of the vehicle that well we've we've got to come up with something like this let the president. He's we're talking magic ESPN a ballots on the NCAA taking a serious look into. Given slowed giving players you know one time you know free transfer hoops and football where they can transfer and play right away. Let's get into why so many coaches oppose it I would think it would be the reason why it strikes me is just. It is like like that there's red flags to me on this still. Armed and I guess that's got to be their red flags right to you could have boosters. From other programs that are trying to literally recruit players off your roster. It is is it do you is that they're sear and do you think that's a feasible series think that stance a little over the top. Now I think that would get a beer and you know there's stuff going on recruiting right now all that it took the FBI and our outlook but you know everybody recruits are pro basketball ball player currently taking care of all. And here we go what can't prove that there would be issues with it when we say he immediately eligible any trips are these days ago. It's you know you just say we're gonna hurt that you went second half and it leaves this. Bet you he transferred saying November and you way. Probably the ball over foreign trip through December you can play in the all of that. (%expletive) out semester who likely in the elbow right oil and sitting out all year. And so you know your it would here is it that it did go to you call and then come and get after more rockets fired so. You know and a candidate I think there is there's a huge concern. Coaches about it and insert that expertise in mid major level what are the coaches who went through it UH yeah so are calling it their last went up and and there are certain certainly be okay. Well there's already a red. They're already tattered red brick the mortgage these IO programs we made out to his. Imagine what it would look like a good look at it okay. Who wouldn't players. Out there in that in the mid major conferences and how we get that year but we're gonna happen spot. Andy eat through that area up there and it happened they would say they're gonna increase it has bigger tampering. Violations and it'll be a problem that it hampered and so our crew just like any recruits don't writing checks. You know what you're are hampering the world ought to pick it. Com to see you coach Heidi who goes getting word those cute way and I are here are. Dan and that's it that's the ones here I would definitely have the by the same token you let coaches go. To a new jobs by the way you're not paying that. Here will lead actor 03 C 360 back. It's spent eight years and years in some open but they're they kick you give up eight years eighty year. In order Fred and see any give up figured out what it is extreme are. And happy few alone or restrict I think at very least. You'll see that there are restrictions. Go way. School they had you can't go to Florida and we played that. And I yeah. And I hate that that's so unfair to kids man really is by the way flurry let you go kudos to you what you're doing as a football dad in the city of Charlotte you moved here for your job there you know with ESP and you in the Ballantine studios. So I noticed that you kids. Or sported some Cam Newton jerseys during the cancer playoff games so you're raising him right like your bills and handle it seems like you've got to root for both teams is how you play and that as a dad. Well it it certainly you know gather around there aren't all the that answers there's at least that. Their grandmother sent them in New Jersey that was rooting for the Bill Clinton decked out there bill stuff I I. Brought out by the 1988 bill clothing that's between when I set a art well at this time we're all locked in the bill network it and edit the. Oh yeah yeah this is the oh. But Rivera right where it highlighted the highlighted by the way allies said bills game somewhere in the second Gordon if I could win puts his candidature she's ought to be honest hum talks. Are mad viewers. The man. I appreciate another pair doing it right move and and let me kids embraced answer mania. EST and underscore shake on Twitter Matt you demand thanks for coming on. Tech reporter out Margarito getting regular Barry Melrose little Bill Clinton. So NATO tonight music he requested when we come back to come we got to jump into the email bag tweets text all that good stuff. And I get it so yeah union count me I'm about and I'm about to blow combat the loser on the air man you got me so frustrated. Lebed's comments. I know this Union County schools around. Let's not do you make Americana schools. Every county schools that say how the I held and we get three inches of snow and that equals three snow days I mean seriously if do you realize what you are doing to me and other parents you are driving us crazy. I live threat to our silenced when I get home I listened to our south. I got a bachelor on DVR lined up until now Harris teeter solvent and now I got deal when my kids being home for a third straight day it. I don't know how bad it is Tebow a man can't even use the bathroom. This whatever happened you all parents let the secret tunnel to get an error in there doing anchors talking monetary dang you DB just sitting there using the toilet right. On one so user using facilities and not citadel. Today a holiday that we don't fight dragged out fight broke out between sis and bro. And I got to deal with that I'm kind of doing something important here and then they hit him with this one bone. Teacher workday today is optional for teachers but the kiddies will be off you know what we ought to be able to do my wife brought this up we don't have the option of taking my damn kid to school and let him sit there learn something from the teacher. I'm tax go to the kid learning and also you want to make it for awhile alright I do nothing bad home. Have a loss after three straight days join also told us just say tilt we have built into our school year enough days are we don't have the math yeah. I'll. Want these guys are. I was all right three. Pays up to our descent have lost six hours a sandy trips are a parent is free can go all the only goal and talented that it's ridiculous is absurd we as parents should revolt we should take our kids there today on optional teacher workdays I don't care what teachers there. Drop our tip off and make dead teacher watch him for two hours sudden go home watch the bachelor DVR any Aristide result in peace and that would come don't would that's so I'll try to go to the bathroom but no more yell at me and tell me come out. When I'm using the bathroom. Kids kids have got salters tablet here because I had my dad's back in the late nineties early two thousands we wanted to go to school. We want you know art you know what it's no reach a lot and they say suggests. It is his kids that don't have the grit the grind that we had in early two I don't think consolidate their being asked to have the rights I want I want educator I wanna do. Our I never miss today because this now now one time in my life there or are you talking about is always there aren't a job outside the door it's Chris could wait a second left I. Eric Mack did I hear you say that you will watch the bachelor that it's recorded I did a DVR the bachelor right now I got I tell your kids know. Once there so. Look like my kids are. I don't have many good things this isn't I know it's not the Manley is doing but all I'm saying if I really need one day this week for I get a little bit of pain. This student says you'd rather have the kids read in school buses they catch on fire. No policies on those tired now what I'd like to have happen at. Is them driving on roads that I drove on the day didn't have anything on and I'm like gonna get out on those streets and roads and you know what's. I would also like my son to walk to school with he had too so I get two hours that would be a better option all the kids free can walk Mac needs his best score tie. Time to just rolled across the bottom of the TV and hear that unique carries out Monday are you care for thanks by the way this decision adding I'm Kenny for is that you unfold daddy issues and that rant tell. The did there are there's going to be other see you guys I don't anybody on the show the two related. Another you guys have any idea what this means no freaking iron I can't say. Now on a personal level but through my my parents I totally understand looking back on it and it was so he's right there please keep it away from me there is brutal and here here's what I would say parents what can we do I'm here like this is like DNC double A meeting to try to figure out to transfer rule. What do we do parents I say we signed a bar. We don't there we hang out we drop our kids off all our kids play nice on the parking lot in a bar or up the streets by the bar. As we do we bring your kids go play streak. Alito street sports they don't play part about sports and they'll be okay after all right because of roads is so bad. Many cars out there right that's not been told so anyway that's a rebuke were inside drinking is that something that people can get behind. This is called brilliant results also brought enough new instead of with a new crazy life of watching the bachelor in need your Harris teeter saga that seems like a crazy lifestyle. Wanted to go spend the afternoon at castles yeah. With the establishment did. Oh god the stories I heard about castles from not textures in the first hour now I don't think there will be many many many assays that began at castles and by that I mean was. Probably diseases but it's an emails texts and tweets and Joseph says you just made a whole show about yourself magaw so what we wanna hear. Don't see all the Mac attack I made this about all the parents out there that love their kids but right now would like to put to kids in a box and send them off to China. That's that he tied up our series I am to call control are right now. I wanna just got with the kids may get down on their level this guy so be it Christopher's and Matthews. It apart you want to safe can we throw it gives an important life during a diet that dogs my dogs but it's not a lot this week to haters like you relate to it knows colder day care for the elderly don't. I would go to the scourge tech's top seed sales. Obsolete so I just match is lost his mind on the air idols I've ever had in my mind on the air but it's. Yes I did hassle NIC shows a great when he answered the studio I don't panic anymore are suggests that. Accurate here. And if we get god forbid if we get two centimeters of snow on Sunday night in and what they're also the next two weeks I'm lose my mind it was and it doesn't hacker like his kids and how we're not sure that I'd grow my kids and it's a pacing thing you just need that break right you need a break. And then they come back to the huddle and I don't embrace hunger he's got a break some of the march housing Estonia and oh lord geez I was too we have here senator Dodd's emails builder and he's so intense race. It was. We gonna take advantage we don't have the toast in the area. This study. This good says most Islam and places don't neighborhoods so there is ice roads that change won't matter people can drive in the snow but no one can drive when I like you'll find the ice in union county and I would like to locate the ice take me to it and show me to freaking nice man I anyway let me call you that we do have faced -- video and data Lamo Alicia was the Rhodes show us runny eyes and I surely see your own allies are driving that say this guy since I was ready I sexist Tyson as Max sometimes I had to dodge emails the insert text reads all the self. Max sometimes they try to sneak it dated the movies and do nothing inevitably. That's when it snows. And Mike's or my kids get sick it backfires. Deadline day to hash tag dad's life you know it'll be very rewarding when their doctors and lawyers and are running the world but right now there is a very stressed out as a man wasn't go to sold to a movie man wants he has some man wants to use the potty there's a lot of things in Umbria blocked right now. A look see what else is going on. Obama. Let's see Mac after hearing this segment someone from social services will probably take your kids per and Lisa you should be good. That's always take this as a ran out of love this is a rant at a law but sometimes even though you love you don't really about Weis. My wife producers around the every day she wants strangle me like sometimes your loved ones you just need little break tripling kids are young being a parent is a thankless job. And you need to timely just a little break us are now sound hey how was that I was academy about parents better this guy says Max get iPad you'll get your two hours back yeah I don't know that I passed saying there's no doubt they're both got to my kind of melt as so. That game plan today later today aren't secretly reached more emails don't deal with me in my strikes on my two beautiful children so I could handle things well. God seriously mr. says cherish every day Mac they grow SaaS gesture I mean I try to do that but I've weak moment right now so are weak moment. I just says breaking news that I would have to Tom Brady's right can't get a hand surgery to put a six finger on the Sandra six Super Bowl ring. I refused our that is funny as well to play even though you're no good if Pakistan and its well placed. This dude says com allows somebody wants Marty attorneys fired I got a great idea how much a fire Tebow. Prospects. Don't you miss a guy that was during the now allows abortion oh OK Alison look as easy as we debated I cease fire I guess the it was all over Mardy Ernie this guy's a while we guaranteed bonus and get rid of Mardi Aaron lot of spirit of that text or email on this this dude says so until he Bono and not to worry about nor well our Ernie worry about his staying which is eating coming months. First of all I was at a honey bun in weeks well. And out Monday. Ignorant wow well. Let's pat madam Heidi about an hour all right so you don't know what I'd do it's mere minutes folks the pilot seat here match your new guy. How are jerks I'm just reading the ones that are here I'm not anti counselor you guys seems that lag this guy says Max you knew guys an idiot. Takes Pittsburg basketball team plus twelve and has been good. The couple. This guy did over here. Make him a bad c'mon man he's a pits and he's trying to be loyal but can you should start higher let him talking ganymede the millers as he should you're gonna be adopted of miseries. Well if you really can't help but see here Mac I once or heal injured tri swallowing tied by. Knocked us that is right NC state fan and he's. It's a tough variety into revenue rivalry a oh my job Oliver Cisco caller rivalry AC UN the NC state Acie Law to be here for the hate on nine your that iPods. This juices Osborne's right. It would be tied pod should not stay long a long enough around long enough to reproduce just you know Manny here it is a good. Yeah David came to us today it's not ask you. That's material gets bandied about your Red Sox set aside Todd what is okay we're joking around about throwing amount element in play industry plummet barbecue chicken soup and vibrant next. She is a beautiful thing man don't give all the tar balls on choose to do so themselves multiple cancer sand saying. That they do not want to jaguars winning this weekend because they don't want the jags. To get a Super Bowl title before the cancers. IC can sing and ness. It's not a cat thing negative if that was the case we be worried about the lions Ichiro also. No this is because they came in they were it's just too expansion franchises they came in together in ninety plus ninety add things so the old old time panther fans. The link do you see full time get a chance from day one that you have viewed that as a rivalry from day war. So that's that's why until he gives a general outweigh is that reaching orbit. There's a gentleman I mean I personally don't care about that but. That's the wasting our time to organize I don't either that's why don't I don't relate to that you and I we're not stands in fairness I don't think we were sands. I cannot find in North Carolina does 1996. Cancer stances about 2010 are south Minneapolis. I got a little bit of our. Maurice all right I does it matter to me but you guys to which once he does line amid reports that is that attack mr. honey the visiting yeah solid numbers on now mr. Honey bunny is telling you that you're wrong justice right answer. I was raised and I managed to catch anger surged fifteen seconds Kate they're both cats. Okay jag wire cantor and the just don't want one cat to be before he okay. Since. That now that would be I would turn on the Pentagon doesn't matter if that was there's sing I was. It's Paramount are we come back let's handed off to Garcia and Bailey on the Mac and I will call. Down at about Osama get out of here I won't embrace the opportunities spend more time with my children aren't. Mortgage. Sing your song. How little time I'm just saying. We're back it is the Mac it's 102 point five it W ask pansies. Come down the homestretch do not eat tide pods this weekend that's the message that the kids. And Lama I don't know hygienic broom closet if you're a parent and you're stuck sort of third straight day hide a broom closet for a good. Ten minutes and meditate more I don't have my advice repair I have no kids in my weekends are about to get free T let me tell you what I got going on here what he's talking about may head over to the old guard this weekend well. Move every week and whatever happens at DOJ says a DOJ. That's that's all I got quieter on what hey I'd I'm jealous we don't even get to leave the house and have dinner I gotta be homebuyers and I gently on my fourth for Dugard Pittsburgh. Oh man I tell Daley joins us here as we handed off to the boys to their shows from ten instills sue Bailey what's going on those. Well not a lot Gloria may have some cause some longhorns did stars they tell alone is a good lies double as olive garden did well so I don't know how this guy that I think I got out. I may be able to put those very nice however that are so what service Oz Oz just sits at home like reads a dictionary or something that's his social life nothing wrong with what he's you're like I hear about Tebow socialite was like you've got a goal on your engaged a year to staging your life where you're better off stand. Mean and Tebow. Like what are you gonna go one on mentally somebody read your does something exciting to do. We're going out and your record or to the Jamaica was on visual ball tonight it's no longer get all dressed up in there and don't do that that's gonna comes like social lives and we can tell they're gonna suck quit the olive garden but it doesn't tell us. Small talk sizzle and turn this morning Heidi Botox Botox I don't know where to Tom Osborne's decision. And I was always there somewhere and I only have one suit and I don't know its meaning to be our next play thanks for the unified voice. We remind ourselves we got invited and they got invited and we're sitting here without invitations we did I get invited to the ball which he did not. Osborne the mentally did you guys I guys I know I did we have these now again. Well look franks and Amanda is right as coach tells itself is I don't. This man I was Sadler I'll have a coat tails of Ronald got around here at Fifth Amendment and a nice you are negative I know in woods' age around my good deals where my don't get. Garcia what do you think we're talking about nor Weller earlier and obviously we got plenty of time it's all about it is still early march is free agency. I'm also got played in in Syria lies I just stayed dead dude so important if they wanna play power football we need protect can't use their best lineman this year. Do you think you can't go that ritual in two guards how do you feel about this site. I like genocide I think you gotta pick and choose one or the other you know when it comes down to it and you know there's still an opportunity to maybe take some clue heels money. And diversify that hit in put a young player in there and if you wanna go to guards but. You know when you look at most teams that are running the ball successfully you don't look at the left guard to start with you look at the left tackle goes to senator goes to the right tackle that's the way if you do what. Based offense you're gonna look at. And you know kind of start from there are you looking at Pittsburgh Steelers are typically a team that runs the football well the gun all pro center you look at the Dallas Cowboys had teams throwing the football better than anybody they got no pros are the teams that run the football the bass heavy diet center this capable of holding the point. And they have athletic guys that guard he drafted guys it's time to use them. It's time for them to grow on maybe developed some guys with the draft in the second round if there's a guy you love in the first round that might really give you some impact that can play a little senator car. Aren't you you might take him I know some of the mock drafts have him have. And looking into tomorrow's state and maybe the kid from. There's another snowstorm consultants we have Aaron I can brag now and arkansas' the other kid as a pro football focus pick up so. There's an end and they try to stay taken center thanks for our surname franks of Arizona problem. No no not that would give problems laws you have 65. There'd be no problem with that girls aren't colonel Elizabeth service teams ever had but everybody gets sold out on the times undefeated. You think they should do weekly a lot of people are really talking about him as a potential cut. He's a nice to have million dollar hit you can shave seven million by saying man has been great that your bodies breaking Dan you've got a lot of great those things to accomplish and do you think they make that move and condoms are they talked about trying to restructured somehow we. Absolutely I think you know if you if you're gonna. You know look it's just the the business of it and unfortunately sometimes that's between have to look at it unify these players. You used your tenure sat with a bad neck and miss half the season if not more. Other things don't get better overnight. Funeral and mitigate the risk. And reduce his contract then that's an option that you can absolutely export is still good player when healthy but. A campaign and I'm half million dollars in which left at left guard goes all pro are you on that would be that's an Australian calls. Okay seven million U sale so inaccessible if that's the way they wanna go then maybe they can do that then you have a left guard. The Russell ball by the way we leveraged pointing up this for Saturday may right now something slash Iraq fracas at the last minute cross strain of that so that's that's some serious protest leaders insist on what it's a hornet's may Kemba Walker available for trade that was what that was the graphic on the screen. So did I'm done. Resolution goes as Campbell Campbell we're totally one outrage we don't we don't think they were gonna get much. Interest but we're gonna put TI that maybe don't say that he's not to do much interest but we're gonna make you available. You know for the for the near the near future. I hope you understand this is a business and if we get a whole ordeal we're gonna take that. That's crazy I didn't think he'd be doing some light that was freak show trying to keep gadget you know you're trying to get another contact there. MS that a Christian movement San and they go right to make its auto Stew out of you just saw that it's a sports are not top ten number ten was on the Charlotte checkers playing in front of the material. Ford is the snow who have the camera straight runner makes photos for free John. Old footage to a bobcats ahead a that's not well. I heard is how Orlando right now the last on u.'s board sedar checkers got a W they've got that touchdown and we played well but nobody got done OK welcome. We don't Birmingham sound fair and right towards the sound off I didn't see any. Yeah Sanders now sources are now so they're talking about at some point. This your the rig an old time blues are you this would make sense is they did yeah it wasn't a question mark Starr with it was a division just. And debate it was I didn't Maria Kim Walker's available operator that's coming up on Garcia and Bailey but don't July of this and a great topic local sports are big drops out of the air and I have to say you have to make. Strip clubs into iPod don't want to edit Zedillo on Craigslist has just. A big time should just like get him. Just like canceled contracts it's all about Somalia it Tyrese Rice just like normal study was right then all you're you guys have good timing my friends and will be listed on the way don't you guys talk about this camera style I'm sure digital Monday recap the football we get a money you know you're guaranteed some Panthers. Every darn day on our show we'll talk to you guys good to your kids even if you wanna throw them out a house right now because you've been stunned them all week we'll talk to you Monday.