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Friday, March 16th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with ESPN's Chris Spatola. 


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The pair allowed. Out of hand to stop taping golf swing crowd in this thing we call drove the ball. Hop dancing begins to slow can't answer good name torpedo listeners speak. Well exams. Can pick it can't bail out everything up ground beef bought at say it's good thanks god. I just pop my. And good night and asked the black cat scans just to ask you go we have the team being good all legal go going to bet double down. How many people are all okay. National occasions in the month of march are gonna get you some ten Woodley Carolina panther jam. Well I'm out now but that's what is happen now. Seventeen million dollars a year spent on two starters on the defense Julius Peppers comes back for a very team friendly five million dollar wage. And I am trying to convince anybody to listen. Including our last guest Billy Marshall at Torrey Smith will be all right. Torrey Smith has better receiving shops and credentials throughout his career than Ted Ginn had before he came here to Indian was bought as nothing but return man. I'm telling you we can do this again we can take a speed guy and get the most out of him he's a great dude in the locker room already familiar we can't influence in the receivers. But we'll see we'll see you guys feel because that's the one complaint then I'm getting now don't we well I shouldn't say that some people are downplaying the 01 down playing really incidental. Which I think is crazy but the offense is the complaint then I'm getting what are we doing to the offense offensive name bettors we'll talk about that. I've got hoops guys text it and wanna talk some hoops about the Davidson wildcats in an effort last night ugly first ask. Couldn't hit a three there were three of fourteen from three couldn't get into the paint and finish. Because of Kentucky's athletic schism but manned the Icelandic assassin. John astle Goodman send. Just went off with six threes in second at this is a damn shame they couldn't get more from all dredging grating you got to give credit. To Kentucky those kids are just athletes cal gets to play hard on defense. You gotta give me credit. And that knocks give me a couple of tossed buckets to be damned Davidson was right there. Went to evil empire late that was great. At opportunities down the stretch students can get that. Could get the shots to fall when Kentucky got up by four in. What's Kentucky's got a bite for laid back kind of sealed the war but that Davis and Justin. Get him back to a manageable they'll do is just too much resort like six possessions with that nothing Aldridge wasn't great last night which is rare for a state. We're going let's talk match or exceed those athletes bonus stepped outside with him and have the same lens as him he does not used to Stacy met today Axel Foley Goodman sit out there because. So and everything we've God's actually sold was trying to get an assault the banana in detail tonight and last night from Arizona losing it was a trip thank you gotta what was Virginia my brackets. Over Arizona Kentucky fans feel vindicated because barred people call for Davidson upset we are called for Arizona beat him. On ACC not a great day yesterday one in three just today but to Duke Blue Devils look good and I'm telling you duke by double digits bone. This weekend coming up this all the talk about on the show the Ford Dubai double did Boyd excuse me to tangles with dialect. Do you think mad that the Audrey in cried last night that is college cork or dirt to an Angel he looks so he looks so far. Kind of pres Obama's I. So sorry to advise because he's probably thinking I can't win a got employees classify you. Our man Mac and WF Lindsay dad and analysts will be it was just stress the NCAA in Arizona. But had to go through the process of vacating the term wins and that's true lizards are no dirt and wins debate day at all maybe they talk about Carolina opened up today in Charlotte by the way later this hour. And I'll say this in the next half hour. In the next half hour you'll hear your chance to win a pair of tickets. In the afternoon session today at the spectrum senator includes a Carolina game against lipscomb and it also includes. The calm Providence and games well to stay tuned to wanna try to get out of work. And go. Miles for free to the games are bosses given a deceased and somebody out there's gonna win a state to say that I awards over the Panthers offense a little bit we'll do some more group saw as the hour goes on Christie told bottom of the hour madness off to a fun start. Armed panther fans do you feel good about Lamar he's doing and how about what's going on with the offense should we be uneasy with the offense that's the next. Tax scheme did. Stunned group those complaints that are common in. Let's go to the song 70457096. And Jersey Frank's been wait a while Jersey frank tell you feel about Marty's moves. Feel good I I you know obvious you know I don't in about your bat or talked a big Turkey Turkey right away from these Airways. Well hey you'll see all I can see how I want it to our I'm all for Carolina like that you know up looked like Ike yeah. Here's the deal Torre. Not only did he bring up we belong and you bring. Actually. Won a ball that bad experience that we needed. That kind of guy you really big that it. You know we talk about we haven't had that chip on the shoulder. Receiver. We talked about appropriate and very glad we got cut back that's great I know he is still look at it in the running back and still concerned. Both Irish or not that I mean I'm that they were meant is gonna be our number one receiver but just to have him out there and maybe get our other Hebert and are tight and animal may be open them up. And give them you know get mount a little bit which we group we don't you're the reason we can go back. Actors so I'm excited about what it would I just wanna be a demo we talk about every all of these that it. But quite a bit getting an arm of the oh yeah dormitory good but let's let nature can Madonna yup it upright to get the bald eagle. Although it and that's what they're just poured into the offensive line's got to protect long enough for some of these deep develop these long routes develop down field. I think Norv Turner definitely and called those deep shots I don't think there's any doubt about it I believe cam can throw it. I was getting grief from people take care can't throw the deep ball he came in Toledo's first couple years many years of suds chunks robbed Kaczynski should tell dug up some place. And we let we were right up there among the league leaders in John plays Cam Newton rosette deep balls one of these true stress. We just need to have the players that can run those are rounds and I think Torrey Smith can do it. What do people who are complaining about bone isn't the offense hasn't been addressed enough in free agency that Marty's gone too heavy on the defense. Kevin says Mac. News flash to Mardi Ernie offensives are it is our worst side of the ball. All we do is bring in a washed up receiver. And we let our best one moment ago how is the defense in the last season. Defense is playing poorly and the deep remorse in football or how many games 67 weeks are we trying to build this to be a defense first team. But you've got to get back to the defense dominating like he did the first half of the season to give yourself a chance I don't think we're trying to go out there and out score people. On this dude Kevin says Mac I like to defensive moves but the offense is going to be garbage every year we get lip service from. Whoever's running it seemed about trying to help KM and give him more weapons you need freeway and we did some old dude aren't under sixty degree when in power over Sammy Watkins. That's no intermediate good deeds. That's an amazing game at seventeen million dollars Sammy Watkins is sixteen million I would pass a football team more in good means more to the roster for UN and Pablo. Or Samuel walker yeah when exactly athletes I don't think it's a debate I think Sammy Watkins is the ham and egg mound glossing gets injured when I just sink that's a waste of cash. Would you look at it this way but I don't like people to go on Torrey Smith over to hail all. Clear as yet is best yours recently no but I watched MS thirteen catches in the Super Bowl. I've seen that too big Super Bowl runs for two different organizations. Mom I know he's great the locker room here's something soon would Torrey Smith's. I think it's better business tool acquired Torrey Smith's first five million and a quarter you had no plans for moving for the obviously wanted to upgrade. I think that's better business and given sixteen milk Sammy Watkins. Because it allows you to go out like you said boat and get low and relent and they're not done. And I would bet that at some point once a safety marquis gets going and Marty can kind of judges there's going to be some sort of veteran safety move I would stick. I 70457096. And and then we gonna talk about other ways to improve the offense running back in the draft it's gonna be an important draft pick what do you guys think about the offensive line loud people complaining that we haven't addressed the office lines and talk about that. But shouldn't we on the whole feel good about what Marty still one. We've got madness talk if you wanna go there is well the SEC was unbeaten. Yesterday in a tournament and they're all bragging like it's football season it's a Mac itself. Thousand dollars. There yellow cashed out buster contests this hour there's word his drink. DRI. NK I have. Have a ceiling they'll be plenty of this being done in uptown Charlotte this week I get double bodies come an end for the NCAA tournament a boys ask. And dot com and for Merrill. Whoa whoa whoa. Plenty of that I'm short but anyway nobody stacks the word old college buttocks I. Text aware that we does my buddies there right now about it while I'd on the bag I had to work. Text the word dragged to 7088. Wanted to get into win a thousand dollars. You have until the top of the hour it's expanded to national contest. Message and data rates apply full contest rules are available W and Z dot com text string to seven to 81 I'll use it in a sentence. NC state fans started to drink last night at about Sarah started a let's just sucks about that game states anngelle though I love pizza I believe the future's bright. And to defense has got to be improved but the thing is sucks is like get things started off on a bad note just like the BC they did not even give themselves a chance to ending the play catch a connecting. I was at your larger seven not showing up that was group sub only shot. Would come persistence amateur right now fifty degrees. Charlie cover systems never sends a committed to act to Euro look the number of safety that is the amount of pizza boxes that they had promised to deliver yesterday during a meeting and we got. This dude packer Lewis by the way troll troll troll your votes he says. I'm a DC native so I'll watch a lot of skins in addition the Packers Braylon was terrible last year opposite Norman. Now I feel like he's terrible the year before I thought last year was his best sure you look at the stats. You look at the advanced metrics and numbers he has never been thrown at less never allow less completions. Never allowed a lower completion percentage was eighth in the league completion percentage against. Quarterback rating it's easy eighteenth finally I felt like last year or he'd like that's. I thought that was the best he's done mama he also says Torrey Smith has been a deep threats since Baltimore. Look at who we played with decent deep numbers or year two in San Francisco to look at quarterbacks who play with the players get around him. In San Francisco and Philly one necessarily a deep threat but he showed some other things he could do another 49 total catches. I would go muscles talked a couple bad the fans here Mac and WS Lindsay dot com and another one of these SEC for a basketball fans once the brag. That would that would add the SEC does good things in basketball these fans are annoying I mean listen I don't blame you you wanna rub it into the basketball minded ACC science. But damn it's like a little pesky neck. I'll Gallo was the last Imus I ER SEC team got the final four opposite they had they need one and 81. I'll get a good vigilance that's another Solon who can answer that game got together together let's go romance. Good morning. That lets. I didn't want the cart you buy deny it you needle pot one at bat for slots during every North Carolina. I am in mid state region and world that's and I support he and that's. I'll just know it now and finish his point and what about that at the port 81 match. At about a pack up it would probably more that she knew. That states. You apple product. Imports at the bit I think it will not get it done next. We do pick them you know what it down packed remote setup. I. It got to make noble and it popped out at all woke up that way a bit name it it may. Toward you know you have a ample continue to play well read a Coptic state L. Yeah not a bad the other low speed that he knew that. Adams the act that became a debate when he stated. I repeat the problem is it agony about what he beat. I would quit we know we'll let you look at the spot what he beat we know but it only about a no Batman and don't give up what it would look crap but Matt it would go to it may get to rent at a that a bottom may forty million dollar. You're gonna be dumb according to. So is sure he meant what I heard this may well the stat the other day camp was crazy a 165 million more than any non quarterback in NFL history you afford to do that no doubt. It's a good bet I appreciate Julius and welcome that may mean that none of pat apparently to let. We don't need to replace an eight happily we needed it serial lamb and another material lamb. That was the goal of the year with the coup real brother let apple may have because. With a double sided all war we did a great read about what that we will do it in effect that are out of met my. Film opera ball general but they bought in the shell of albacore moral right. And it's my guides it met our criteria that went. Right but let me just say it now I would like Chris and Carr rated. Com we definitely the best we if it would like crap that we don't have to scrap the current. It's a beautiful beautiful thing brother I appreciate golf sort of touched off he was Roland bounty could done arrest has shown us good stuff. During. If these panels that. That's how I described Kevin as a caller I think he got a great chance to get a wide receiver early in the draft a running back earlier draft did some young skilled position so I wouldn't sweat over the offense right now offensive line though so that's another position where they could use somebody early in the draft interior linemen. Oh by the way tickets for the afternoon session. Over its Specter senator is silly term includes Oreo game we're gonna tell you how to win here in a few minutes can I do this bone to do this real quick. Damage done dug him is time to brag. Payment John congratulations on the win over Virginia Tech brother. Up eight you're doing Matt and our. Actor Alabama prodded book popped in the that it takes you have to really outdated at the judge did port carry out so the last game. Not only. Repeated basketball. Well a bit of Florida Gators were to let these Big Brother. So that's a less valid national champion. But he meant that it eight state big game. In it live and and a big country. We can't really get in and then basketball dark don't have them and or they don't what can you. I'll play this yet but kimbo had that job no doubt it ought to are saying get older games. They can. And yet enough that I too far there's too much we're going too far off the rail or visit us football going on to see here's the thing milk is about the SEC fans. They would not like bragging to us in ACC country therefore known tournament so far less shoot a couple of final four all this stuff. But the thing is you asked them to give you awful basketball call 100% hoops. I don't think they can do it. But I challenge it SEC fan what does Tennessee could show all the great you know Dick yesterday whether it's Kentucky did you all stuck to our Davidson wildcats who we were bullish for. Somebody make a full basketball call went out mentioned a football cleats in my the only thing I am basically doing the whole conference man. Damage are you don't call back until Nick Saban gets mad at the media or something like that to become active years. And I will say this my desk which you guys have done the last couple years invest most impressive it's got to be documented so we're told she's brought in that conference of the reason why. Bucks don't Aqua DA CC wasn't a better conference couple years so I'm not saying it's you know Adrian have a last year but two years ago it was for one year released. I we come back Chris I'm told joins us ESPN. College hoops guru let's talk about what went on a day want what's coming up this weekend. Tied second stage fans tell me I jinx the team and wanted to get lost they came in from an NC state sand. We've got duke fans that don't want me hype and a duke is double digit winners against rowdy. But it's gonna happen bouncy it's going to happen. And Carolina fans seem at peace they haven't played yet don't get it going in Charlotte and speaking of that before we get short next guest crystal of ESPN. Right now BD forestall forced caller right now. Is going to win a pair of tickets to the afternoon session you get the heck out of work you know inspectors senator. And you watch Providence and AM and probably the most maybe the most competitive game of hallmark Charlotte pod today and then you get seeded Tar Heels at 230 after that. Forced caller right now it's our bosses seeks. Is he actually working on Friday for a change for some reason. It appears so. You can go to the game fourth caller right now 704. 57096. And a pair of tickets to those two games he seeds are close it like sitting on Roy's a lap visited cities sit on Friday. As Lloyds shares his jacket you'll be right there you'll hear the terror. Of the jacket I'd let's go to the technique on gas line and bring in the friends to show ESPN analyst. And also with the ACC radio as well do a great job there. Christa Tola joins us Chris what's going on brother you don't want. She got us. All right Chris that's also going on there don't seem to deceive he's OK governor so you've got to I would twist it's all on hold. Bomb easier doing something or maybe he is a since of I don't know what he's still. A double figured album get him going is a true broadcast professionals so we will get him back on the air are we got him. Chris you ready broke. I have a the the city of Detroit what happens what really just got this whole conversation about the arts. As a bad dispensary off I could see Tebow that Wu is good for comment that will throw you off. What do you think let's talk about day one of the term let's start local and Emma get in Arizona which was just a huge. Development. What do you think about NC state like. I really lost 78 I think great stuff scum and but damn do they have a lot of work to do defensively and that come with personnel I'm sure arrived to take can't keep anybody out the paint. And they really finished the season with two duds. All in all state fans have to be happy the what do you think about the way the season ended. Well I think it'd occur arm is is where you would sort of characterize he's been there were 30000 he I do saint. You know here quite a perk developed important understand because higher every teacher hired a way to I don't. Cops probably because that was the keynote pressing style what what he did it will be what it great that will be it. Which you recruit out of there or you're you're hiring in two played at trial and I think. You know ultimately beat you you had a clue that by the end the year it was a lot more smoke and mirror team that was trying to play that in the open. Or trying to turn you'll Burke. And it's tough to do that in the tournament especially when you're. You don't have quite the guy to do it. I thought it sustain him for awhile like a lot of little bit of around their top let's play but ultimately it's it they're just not quite there with the guys they need to. Play that. And so we end up with these is a lot of layups like is that a lot of a lot of access to the paint a lot of tourists scramble around with not a whole lot of Dutch so I I think that I don't where they ended up by the end here. What do you think about what happened Arizona last night that was a convincing beaten down in case for thirteen game buffalo. And if they wanna hit fifteen three's again on Saturday Kentucky's gonna have all they can handle what you think of the way Arizona went down and it. Is it fair to look at Sean Miller. And and continue to criticize what the results he gets in the NCAA tournament when he said. Yeah I mean look I've. I'd want to sort of fight against that like if if Virginia lose these this year in the part of it. 800 honor society he refused client if they lose department. To me it it eat you can't sort of obscure. For about putting a secret war games and seventeen and all that that you can't stirred up a quote we let it I think. I look at toe mark's view goes to a national championship games anything bad about that. It'd be requested. I think in light of all that kind of gone on this year and order that a bit of all the pattern now with. What he was accused of but not tapped a guy I think there's there's no question it's always neat so it's something that that that can be had about a program and about him I. You know look. You can't buffalo like epic good team and I X I had it been yet. They're trying to latch here and I'd say this is going to be that really any leniency Arabic term epic sixteen threes it's going to be very. Go to beat like that and and I had a lack I don't know where it and you know pocketed it there's a block although that program. They're a bit aren't here why have questioned their chair or all the war. And I thought that I'd equate it I thought well low right after the and who wants Arizona public it would be you know all by Ike but they are back. Yeah I can't argue with that all cannot be neat and listen though I think the whole starting five sleeve and I mean there are guys on their like gay and others are got a big NBA dreams and and they should wonder sat in the scandal kind of got their minds we're talking to Christy Tola. EST and cal troops analyst Chris what do you think. And listen I'll be the first to admit my track record predictions Chris is not stellar doesn't matter what the sport is it's not necessarily my you know my Macs for thomas' uncle being nickname a mine. Com I have this feeling. That duke is going to stick it to Rhode Island I don't mean 20/20 five points. I I think they win this game by double digits I don't think Rhode island's played their best basketball down the stretch and when you beat Oklahoma team. And has now lost twelve to sixteen in overtime that's not really impress and make. How do you handicap duke Rhode Island tomorrow. Yeah I mean Rhode Island is it they have struggled of late. And look at stray thought about plate like he did yesterday I'm mad at you many side you're bet there. Not only are those guards the key for duke but but you now. It and that's really the point production was great but it the ability to deliberate about all the billion control Spain's people who play under control Wiki. Any debate back there and I thought I thought you beat Specter yesterday if you play like that they're there need to be in Rhode Island morality that. You know they're a little bit like I look at South Carolina last year though it like South Carolina like. In terms of how they defender very aggressive. I thought luster to what you're ready for that I thought doctoral I'm not duke back without. How how much of that or how much they pressured. It did it actually this year is Rhode Island church well good player he's not in areas on blow. And they don't have any side but I think it's were duke has to really. Elliott besides. Roll the ball down inside but they've they've got it. There have to be a substantial edge on the collapse. And it generated they aren't I we elect I I think duke when that want to go away. Rhode Island like you know it's likely that four guard lineup they don't usually like to play to two bigs together they got that one big looks like ECB plane left tackle somewhere. Guide Mary. But it seems like not now. Does dramatic news yesterday when it looked like it was fathers and sons playing on the same court together. But they will have a size advantage no doubt about it will what do you think Chris about the heels. Mom they open up this week. The Providence game seems like one to me they couldn't. Could be tossed. How far you have the heels owning your bracket. You know I got it actually got are got that going. Ultimately lose acute back. I got them go pretty far back. You know it strictly can't gotten back. And I I do agree that property they match up Carolina ban. They expect to say I am at and I just. He'll probably in keep you up beat bigger in the big east starter played that final really grit and grind kind of steam a team that. You know physical and it. I think we give Carolina. Especially on the perimeter we could make it sort of a real physical tight game comment such idiots. Date but it would be a bigger a bigger issue but I I don't beat Carol I that it. Well last month at this season the two hottest teams it's ironic that they are they could end up playing work impact yet in North Carolina with a beta reported it. I don't I don't know Carolina loss last game regulars beat him go but won it in coaching men at the project into a tournament. There's a shame that our ideas. There are you re down to mitigate. Bo or are rarely sit through to cover that small light up and that help Powell back up by the I think will be a top popped out these in mr. met who haven't seen it. Yeah no it's a good point as a very good point it's going to be fun mandate to we just. And that that was one day man and I had a ball and we got plenty of action to go. Keep up can look to good work brother we appreciate you coming on check out the new ACC radio channel Chris is on their Euro there in the afternoons right. Yeah a guy and then obviously SP and you see him on there as well. Our Chris Sugarman. Tebow tried bug yet another point item I cannot you know I'm like it's a good bye for the full season yet Tia. When Boehner never out. Well how about that lead a little respect for once I know I love that and a producer so respected worldwide like Tebow and it's bad our brother be good enjoy the games. Are. There you go Christy toll joining us life by the way the Arizona saying it's got to be he says they quit. I can't be a coincidence that as bone says literally when the game was starting. The announcers were saying by the way it's now known saying. And every starters can be going off this team and the second game ended eighteen century or had their announcements we're going to grow lights. You've got to think between the scandal bone and between that. It's their mind was not right placing you know what the hot streak they went on to win its conference tournament stuff that you know I was very close to buying into and put them all the way. Like that that was just because that's what's garbage right they they they had their mind on these other things didn't matter the cost. So we talked about it yesterday because we talked about how he debated Arizona Virginia for days. And you want to UCLA Arizona State in a lack of pac twelve team that we determine already he start to realize is Arizona really that good. More. Is it just or is it just smoke and mirrors because there conference. And turns out it was Amir exceptionally well I don't I'm not completely dawns it's our admit to facts well. I'm not just supporters are IMD 96 this radio producer in America what that one back president shrill is answer and Israel aren't they out there. Our show was listed in the heavy 100 for sports talk shows. I just look at that as it seemed we were in the top 100 I mean there's got to be an ID six producers saw probably number 96 or is it dead Zach is such a good assistant produce our. And I am so stellar here here's a straight face that we pull you up you know remain is that you don't remove you indicated it might meet Justine number of guys expects that I don't. Yeah I mean ID six I tease maybe at C five or take a break we come back stage fans we gotta talk this out all the state trolls are out today. Is it all gonna you guys ticked off how he feels or is it all good because cheeks. As you in the future and duke and Carolina you're both survive in the weekend right we'll talk about it. I'd like to sir you know I am so proud. When I took the job I didn't wanna just how. On the team wanted to go. Did a tremendous job a lot of these guys came to play for me before they even know how. And these guys and programs to Meyerson. Out of them when you think about the first year program and you know we went 21 games here we go 117117. Any ACC. And finished try. Ever really could get over the hump. I thought we fought in the entire game all we're right there and then every time. This one goes out to state fans I was Kevin K state fans stay updated daily stay out they don't let the bastards grind you down. All right seriously is motto once sang. Don't let him do it I got Carolina fans Duke's Lance all kind of people trying to troll NC state blame me. For a curse and say and managing similar it wise and season it exceeded all expectations or state they're picked twelfth. In the conference. And great things are coming mayors get a bunch recruits come a's got transfers coming in. This team get better on defense the defense of display for much of the season and really. For the help they haven't it's been since like February 3 team on since they led a team out. Armed forces team to shoot a 50% from two point let. February 3. That's like that's over a monthly costs it was fifty series based in the same period which Oklahoma has been a horrible team for I mean. It's been awhile. While fifteen games and they got to get better dad the got to get better defend him pick and rolls. You're seven tick me off yesterday. What are what happens with him does he. Try to go well I mean obviously. There are times he looks like she could go pro there are times or looks like he needs more time. Why I would I would guess in this day and age. They always test the water trying to I I think anyone that has any inkling of talent this point is pretty much probably got our test the waters up does he does he come back. Who knows as he did he just one or maybe go play in your I don't I don't know enough about his situation and know what he wants to do I think testing the waters for sure. You schedule army and that heads east it always is a boot daily and lose both Freeman's it was your seven. Not that Al Freeman was a big name but there's not a ton of size. RNC state next year to one of the big guards that Kevin Keats why so interesting to watch how that team changes or identity in your number two. Yes there's WB is she gestured to see a shift in the idea and he's gonna get more like teach teams he had exactly UNC Wilmington they're gonna blazer all be deep eventually and it's still going to be a little bit of a process. But just took a flat out coach if he can get this team to eleven ACC wins. Tied for third in the conference is always grab a transfer to sales you always get a crack transfer big man has while stone dead roster probably far from set now Rick says our mistakes and a game was tough to watch is it wrong if I'm a little less optimistic about key Santa the last two games. I think it's wrong it was frustrating because they ever really give you much hope there were gonna win the game like Alice through our form both ends BC and C hall. And it's just like you never really felt like I just they they cut it to three and you start kinda think in maybe you're getting something going. But now. And assault on our street and play good. It's just too much Al Freeman last night like they're better bone when it's a balanced offense of set up right. Beverly didn't give them anything last night you're seven indium a damn thing last night as well it just leaves too much Al Freeman you go create. And it's not the way this offense is Beauceron. But I don't think it should take away your enthusiasm it would Florida that's what I wanna ask NC state fans like. Now the season's over the game was thoroughly disappointing ACC tournaments are disappointing but they don't deserve to get a tongue lashing today from state fans do the right. I just is still a huge. Starts at a key Serra. So I actually get upset yesterday urinate dying. There are going to your dislike other adult if you lost four loss to a thirteen and then and then he set out there what happened here but I was a nine game also game and we talked about I thought I guess you added that they're gonna win the game because of the veteran tourney experience. City Hall had a don't forget to Seton Hall seniors and the veteran players. Had a terrible loss last year Arkansas. In the first rounds of those guys wanted to prove a point this year so I thought it was our bottles tough matchup pitted state soared this year. When they played well it was when your seven played well. But when they were Roland and they looked at their best that was when your seven was dominating in the paint yeah when you're seven didn't play as well case in point he played great against duke right in Raleigh. Dominated against. Second pass of the game in Raleigh against Carolina your seven could be on the court it's been defend would merit yeah I thought this year that kind of came in west as dirt samples was her back and yesterday was that your set. And obviously the three sewer big seat on these big guards to become posts about mark Kelly Johnson that was a tough match up form as well their guards are bigger I say state fans let's focus on the future what he stayed in the first year big picture of the macro instead of looking into micro which is they have this game is frustrating but your stayed there we'd love to hear from what is seen mindset. The mental what is the mental make up right now but NC state same Haggadah stay presents go leagues on Zora smartest comic opera today the house and there's guys don't run from it may just goes a trolls are taken shots that you need doctor sell John says once a little brother always a little brother mag did nothing determined but again they weren't supposed to be anywhere near this tournament I don't even think they were considered and I keyboards. When it started. Who else we need to hear from don't I'd like to hear from some Carolina and duke fans do they both survive the weekend. I think the toughest game anybody we'll play this weekend Mon South Carolina and duke is Carolina against Providence. That team has got some good they've got some big wins this year no buck. Xavier twice. Like I think debt Providence team may have just don't give Carolina some fits. It near Reno on Sunday Virginia fans Virginia fans jumping nearly cal. If you're Virginia fan how good do you feel now. Arizona's out of the path I'm not saying Kentucky's not legit challenger because obviously they're playing some damn good basketball right now they're growing up but if you're Virginia saying you lose Connor. Would that Arizona thing is out of the picture that's got to be big as well. What are the Virginia Tech fair I don't know his name the guy that they lawyer. He told me he told me out after they'd be cute but he said that's reality parts that's a basketball team Virginia tech's team duke right now team. Well you your team still in your team sitting how I would hear from that guy. Virginia Tech guy yeah. I was named an excellent advertisers want that guy called you out Virginia Tech jerk Colin Virginia tech's defense has been up and down this year that was down yesterday although I could be honest. That dude Teddy. Was hit the shots well and I never could tell there was ever sex and they look like twins it would make the payments when it's. But petty was hitting shots dude where he has a he has in his face and he's 25 feet out there. Those dudes it's a ridiculous shot isolated was sweating like god we got no audio ladies. Nobody laid eyes closed this could take a little breather we have David Glen by the way talk about all he's these ACC teams and determine Miami gets upset. By loyal Chicago we need better ACC play today 70457096. Wolf back fans are you still keep your heads up. And let's talk some other cultures as everybody pumped about things so far this about things and tournament would you talk some hoops to throw some Panthers into it's the Mac it's.