Mac Attack: Charles Davis replay & Name that Panthers Receiver

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Thursday, March 22nd

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain does a Game Show called Name that Panthers Receiver. 


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We know you watch some. A wide receivers in the Cam Newton our. What are you expert enough to remember the names of these tips danced around a place Charlotte's favorite new game show name that path. And there is where is she hurt her in an hour here's the queen city's most beloved game show host. That gave me. I heard senator. I thank you so much. Thank you so much rob Roddy. This is gonna be fun we saw this list sarge float around by the way I still maintain am OK with cams weapons this year are right some of these guys I'm not okay with these camps weapons I ask. But Obama a solid listen we were we had some way to do we do a bit and we thought of doing a game at two tests really to answer savvy folks out there. Do you remember these guys because it's a list of twenty something receivers and some of these dudes. Or about his notables what you had for lunch like seven years ago on this that I needed is. So he's huge you wanna forgets and you have forgotten but we're supposed to help Cam Newton throw the football win football games. But let's see if he can do it we're gonna just gotta keep this is a running thing we got people lined up the phone lines. You get a in the first person gets their shot. If you answer one question corrects you name that receiver correct. Then you'll get a second chance. The first one to name in the second question bone is going to be here you're in the red zone bad guy once in a reds owner red zone questions are going to be more difficult. First one that hits. Two questions in a row they're out here that you Jimmy Buffett Cyrix. They did some as a warmup to Jimmy Buffett tickets and Jon Bon Jovi tickets so this is big. All right big prize at stake. And a lot of I can't throw I'd if you actually know these do I look thorough and I can have green beans as well wow that's very good spirit I would start this off. And this. We'll see how quick discos you may we get a segment hopefully within the segment somebody can win this bearable out. By cold cold Europeans are saying right I'm assuming. I don't see how well you know cam Newton's receivers. Are right number war on a scale would number one this guy played in ten games last season. He's best remembered for his punt return touchdown against the jets who is named that receiver. Where are you Austin casino easy this is bone it's easy to get into the red zone now if you if you can. But being step up to the red zone question can you finish it off in the red zone. Namely to name the two receivers. The Panthers picked up from the chargers they came following a Ron Rivera Iran's first year here from San Diego. They were both for the chargers and they were both known for their difficult to pronounce names can you name those two receivers. It's here it is yeah and then yeah he. And the other guy had read. They were like seventeen. Not. Say. Mike Garrett as I. Oh this is this is the war as soon as I really don't tell did the little one ruined the game shelves this this is the worst thing I've urban car. This is the man we will play more his analyzed all I was freaking amazing dude that was amazing this is supposed to be its 45 minute game and that's how. Also by the way extended tomorrow. Was current. But can't there's man I love the way that we make it's been a ticket to print out there. Well there's really just screwed up to Shelby's Marty your vibrant and did a good John hold you win the bus tickets and be calm until we take you know what into her review. I just heard you know we should have given away one early concerts first and then when someone want we still had questions and I don't I have seventeen more questions iRows. Seventeen more class yet or that we don't need those doing so I just asked people anyways if they know these are little boy god we got to do something here five years is I don't want I don't wanna be here Roberta or David David I want to see if you won this game all right MSU question. I'll see if you got dissed who was the other app state quarterback Matt the most famous one but the other app state quarterback to played receiver for the Panthers. So you never young men are you make me feel better about my question stamina is not helping your at all and I appreciate the attempt to win. I too don't make him act maybe I just I don't. I don't know maybe we just ran in to some pants or super strain in the I didn't think anybody was gonna remembers your Tutu would like to do and they both. Do you think that there was any chance. I look this is that this is a brilliant brilliant idea energized Syracuse DJ here odd sort of check my questions CDs now only to some use out of Syracuse DJ who was cam Newton's former college teammate in Auburn. Who played two games of receiver for the Panthers in camps rookie season. Martin and didn't. Are you dig out and pound every these questions. Don't you lost you for making me feel better seemed well what happened is I came here I'm like a pitcher came to game we really good stuff and I gave up a leadoff homer and now on settling it. You gotta get nearly gagged me in the first inning down settling in and now I have good questions the problem is the games Regan over man here's our Twitter had a question for you back and ready for him for you do this question I told us they're gay man of some so annoyed with that. Someone said Nate it's unique name that dumb ass and of course the answer is Mac. Oh how much time did you spend working on his cross tie an hour an hour on these questions you see why that might have been a waste of our dot some dimension about Cole here and literally saw his information what year do you think Coles board and sound pretty young so at a pretty young junior in 2000. What do you think Mack. 959696. And younger than me Tony too he. Is older and tell dollars and questions. How all this little kid this little damp Doogie Howser trivia so those twelve and eleven right let me just contradictory question though I'm telling you right now these questions are hard I just ran and I shouldn't take it called first. John from Pickering I'm asking your question all right well. What else is trying to make us so feel better your brother so I'm trying to do a guy. Actually it is is sadly it is as a world I limit man my wife says same thing. Who was the wide receiver who was a teammate of Kansas Florida in camp shared Florida. That's been played with cam in 2012. Key play came up. Yeah. Totally out. Oh. What you try to get there. 2012 came second year. Oh it. She no police or John had to use these aren't usually that way and usually that way. No city. The red zone questions are good I just ran into one element hitter to start the inning you gave up return touchdown I just slowed him down now alike did lead off guy knocked down the bark but I didn't vote everybody down the rest of my red zone Klestil opening kickoff for that seven nothing. And clay question is all too easy well yeah it was a Caylee club that was the first round the first round is supposed to be easy. Then the second round stores and not get down on your Sany on ET start etc. so that's cold cold cold got you when it comes at a ground game show host of all time you can name law. Probably job. Everyone Bob eubanks this guy says Karr is he Harvey's get a game shows you were not good at this to says coal use Google to ruin your game. Are we pretty quick to Google but you're Tutu and waited and I don't like you gotta be pretty this guy says Max questions are now wasting away in a Margarita veils. That got shot at our. All man let's see here what else do you have a Mac Adobe doesn't he not come due was looking on his phone while you're asking the questions he's not Smart Google how does -- how do you Google would not come up does your TT was like you do donate equity is student do good DR Andre Presley effort to give you that answer Louis Murphy was like his associate people answer you know. That's good idea to Andre press Louisiana State quarterback played two games. So we tried that twice to take at stake QBs and make a wide receivers drug device. I asked my own question to detect slighted he wants what are. Was this the worst moment in our history in place. Okay and steam and it all worked in steam in all arms and hands are banana dolls and Adams are garbage cans the guy did he break the backboard on UNC easier to their laser. But again high school player wrote the backboard on May assume I'm making fun of here really essentially got the bags were broken on our showed a demo he broke the backboard on me and I'm all cut up right now Mac at WS NZ dot com. I thought Jessica email addresses they can't agree indeed I promise you if you wanna jump it. I here's the deal would come back here a fresh start everybody was unregulated thousand dollars fresh start okay a through much she's up there are guys acted out of Clark we move on we still have bony. Charles Davis a great draft interview early in the show yes they don't want to get o'clock Thursday here at 830. And people seem to be confused don't with our opinion about their greedy here. People seem to think were bothered by air agreed to protests and we don't want them on the painters I we've got to be a clarification coming up here at some point. It is the Mac tech won a 2.5 WS Tanzi. Thousand dollars. I here's a word to word this hour's curves CU RV eat text the word curb to seven to irradiate on the to get into wins thousand dollars it's a national contests message and data rates apply. For contest rules check him out. At WS. NZ. Dot com maybe you know winning grand and be a bigger winner even in young COLT out there maybe can be the big winner. So text curve just seven Su K they want you to say you're Joan Zach. Let's say here's your joke about the words. Yeah you served up a curve and it hung in the air too long Nicole literally had a 500 feet out of the park. That's embarrassing mad the only people that aren't mocking me are the ones that think it's a coal spirit see. And they colts the colts owner and all people say cold though only knows these names Gaza Madden these young he plays Matt well whatever the reason for notice like. He's wears his men can help you understand football better. I've always thought I've heard players say that about so tiger I noted older generation looks and madness is always a time like. My son learns a lot of players' names in the concept of plays and stuff through lands and I know some people think that's cheesy. Tom but anyway someone had a great idea. Get cold this guy says this is your segment Nicole that their that we had lost because of coal you bring back coal. And you go Mac can call one on one. Answer questions. I don't want don't want him bone and see trying to ask him some hard to answer questions seizing get and so we're trying to effort cold you're out there we wanna play a fun game when you. And C are you just this amazing young cancer survive that's what we're trying to figure does he knows more than media and he hosts a show now path that I don't know would be my job. This time. Over there somewhere we slow momentum there to try to say cited in my job. I'd say over the next to get out of the bus you know exact same day so competitors probably young Zach he made fun of my questions during a break. You know what I try to be nice to young Zach can not beat a hostess says oh yeah. Lois got a total ball right tees and trivia question stormy drug actually don't myself a little against a mock fourth by Zach. I think go to column with harder ones and not those beyond dispute had me do it detailing my question was opener was just a little Barry it's an. As you under a year. I don't have to. Our autumn. Had to drop the hammer and hammer earlier room camera hammered took a month the answer the question someone wanna meet apply to satisfy that best describes Cole's performance mr. cheating bastard yeah. Double goal let's run it back maybe you'll get surprised I wanna go mono a mono what you won't fans he basically took that returned. And Deion Sanders high step to right by you like you or they I was bad you want your daughter he couldn't tackle him it's one of the most embarrassing performances of your life but it's even when I did Sumi this guy says a list of receivers was Randall let her run on the radio yesterday. So maybe that doesn't help me out why don't people tell CCs that are promoted as a forty hours of the other it is this guy says the segment should be of your new game should she be called stump the coal. It's exceeded all of my questions. Bomb anyway aren't we got a gallon Dave let's talk about this Eric Reid saying bottom of the hour we will low latest oh Charles Davis interview it was tremendous from early yesterday morning. David what are your thoughts on signing their creed man I think it'll be a home run. I think it would be a good move won't let them make you feel better about attribute but there's just called. And other suggestions. And I really don't know get around him back at least somewhat that the number of so hard hitting but don't. Let me about it right now you'd be right but that that dinner cheered. He runs like date did you do it. I think you'd be at yet are we can probably get a black or what are. Yeah oh yeah well there's no you would have to give up much to get them there's no doubt about that I I don't know I would reds got a draft trap like. I wouldn't I don't zags in airports giving anything else for eight and then B Boni. Just draft a guy let's not make any trades you'll to give up any picks we have we just document we need like seven or eight different positions. In owl so. Let's some you know not use up any picks keep all the stakes less stress in late two really good. Draft shot pennies really interesting to see really versatile kick returns catching the ball run the ball but he also has some ball to home. Nick job is the guy I think would be the ultimate because he just remind Joseph. Light but reminds you Jay still you know seems perfect. So we mentioned yet this week the offensive linemen they govern the colts the other day for the public and yet. Vendors and their offensive lineman for the colts wanna try to for the evident. We not talk about you know we didn't talk about. Following a trio who has never held as a dues now. I saw the name finally noticed dude is closing he was a fourth round draft pick last year as I complete my daughter's name to my William Digg decided that we are Marshall estate side probably should have a during the break there you can Italy Delano during a break here calm but anyway here's the deal. We come back you're near the Charles Davis interviewed for the guys the same voting Max sound like they're not only are greenside. I'm honored percent on his side I just simply if you wanna win Zack exact banner. He's got mentioned the other guys underneath senate familiar Zach banner was that we picked him up right yes yes OK he's six foot nine. Not I'm not viewing he does he's six foot 9360 bodily disguise he's English -- returns it to forget incredible Hulk is got a now I don't have high expectations for young is that the I don't know why I said traders off waivers are back but I want to say this. About the arm about deer creek stamp completely aside I'm like I believe like Tom Sorensen hey some people might be upset when it but this is march can't didn't start till July. I think people are gonna get over and this guy can ball and it's our number one or 21 or the other positions of need some big for this one and I also wanna say this to bony. About Eric Reed mom I think he might be your best safety out there on the board I think you're gonna get it cheaper price on because there's not a market for him as well. And I also wanna say this again the Panthers personnel might be listening. It did not seem like that many people were really against the way last year when we talked about Catholic in the pre season would you do it got a similar skill sets cam. And that won't was volatile this one really wasn't at all what he got out there is that. We had cold just collect ten dollars taught until for a minute and he says he's working the rest of the day today but he's. He school doing it tomorrow he used toggle smacks and you better come at better questions is gonna stump every time bus loads as young man. You better bring your Mac coming event you gotta reorder. You know there's still have figured out here as well as he handled the scared. You're gonna end on Monday don't and that they got this guys are only going ask you come up with a clutch I gotcha and are you that come up was smarter ones those who easy Alice fell asleep at those easy question. Unbelievable idea and they don't always how about we confiscate your so I don't TSA security how much take your phone put a little balky low bolt IDs and I don't. Ice and didn't cry attribute nights and challenges on and I got here and I started today got hit around you coming and I we come back. Charles Davis on the Mac tech you have to hear this great insight on all our draft needs. I imagine zag rolling along here. People now ripping me because at that he don't come in and take my place here against the young went for staff let's find an audit of all it's a team game here is a Mecca tag team game we lost today colds going down the law doesn't matter Lee who does it. When the great bullpen arms of all time dominant car all this is going to be nasty Mario armor burial place of free dinner Sam and before you ask these questions. And you just gonna roll in with adrenaline maybe. I let's not less and evidence and evidence let's get sued Charles Dave's interview you know as early as the right around seven yes they're so loud you guys might miss it not meant in commuting yet. He's on the NFL network draft coverage come our coverage is tremendous he's on the NFL's fox so we went through a lot of these positions in need in the draft that the Panthers whose real adjusting stuff. First thing I wanted to know lawyers say. Usually I'd like to go to junk running back may be in the second round MI get greedy it's just say couldn't we might be able to get Sony Michelle in the second round. I don't know that Michelle makes it that far I think he's probably ought to meet. We run aren't running backs. Start in the second round because right now club or prop. They are are well block running back in the first round we know that. Could another team. Or to walk running backs in the that it got the first scrap cadet period like. Could be instantly show it could be. But right now you most people proper. Or sure. Maybe to get after that we start to get the rod and I think we shall be in the top that they start talk about. And nick choke it up when it teammate at at the at the university of George. Different outlook that way because shell out big marble front here. Not quite more slasher choke stronger. In there and wave. Battle that's been the injury really didn't feel well productive bat he gets after it yet stick it to divert to enter the game itself. You know guys like yeah will be there you know you're gonna get plenty of running backs route to draft. Back in the docket just beat we talked about that there are plenty out. It probably rushing or are latch here. But if you you're really regret it popped for one there should have any problems stride this died when you walk Patrick I. Very nice very nice. What do you think OK and we go to two positions. Of need for the Panthers they're both on defense. And I would wonder if they would consider doing something in the first round one is pass rusher and you know I think with. Act I think they can you know piece it together this year. But I don't think you may need to pass pressure on the future majority lost Charles Johnson camp does is probably his last year I would think although he is a streak and then court. Are these madre asked that rain we're drifting Charles it's one before I don't notice a lot of pass rushers in corners is that like. Is that like game day is like a hole there where there's not good value those positions what do you think about those two positions it's one before. Sit piece did pass rusher and Warner. Yeah I think I think perhaps pressure's really appropriate in this year I really do I don't think it's very well and I'll have. I think it is going to be Iran around them early. Obviously restore preppy joke that your territory Carolina state immediate he commodity their body on you might not get a list. Our drafts you know I thought it. There's going to be discussion in New York about taking a bit to what did you are you can I know I don't yeah I mean you got to know yes yes well look at. Thought guys were productive. And it giants the whole franchise. It built dot. There aren't yet ready got with the people relate to in this city. In what they want it they're Super Bowl in defense first. Sort of have been discussion might not go there but it might not get that top rate you know top spot or go to eat going to be gone. Market Davenport at this edit Tony you TSA. I don't know that he thinks that there are four. You know don't want it and two feet of our people in the big yachts. You know it's damn hole from Ohio State where it is twenty or. There can be a question mark for people are Kiet think there's too many. To many feel too many flags that candidate a candidate twenty. Or you know. Don't don't pass rusher for. I wish you luck out now you've paid even if perhaps Russia or quiet back in need due to be sent to bet there are going to be interesting thing that the debt is continue to play the wit they lack. Defense it ended in political issue want to be put on us to get. These are the same way that's bottlers are more corners valued at 24 I think. Value and I figure out like I hear. Louis bill really jumped on the scene to come by and you know we all know. Let's be cautious about com are involved while law. Yep I bet it was her horrible bit of Lafayette street in beautiful definitive people we get to see if they've let but it went through the count but I keeps its top top quarter. What he was dealt with top did she play. Let alone just we want it to quarters in the draft. How people law tightly to totally in championship beard got. It pretty Alexander that's it from Louis though in my cues ETF who did not. Rudd as well we expected to come by Iran and I think that 26 that is protect. He can it be editorial hate. Day he comes back to run we expect. Bumped him up we get out on the draft for either got it I think it could be at play there Josh Jackson. Iowa. Great ball skills one year starter right at far. But did not bull like we expect it when I watched it bit back pedal that he'd struggle. In doing that you're much more if they bail technique guy. Eight interceptions speaks volumes so don't be employed if he may have slipped a little bit or it. Open date this over I don't know if the first round guy. With a long strong quarter into Galveston being considerations yeah I think they're more quarters or just got her well Rondo and our budget guys there but it is more tightly at the quarter inherited to capture. Okay sounds good Charles Davis breaking it down as well as anybody when it comes to the NFL draft whistled a Mac attack. Charles are just go and everybody's their position in this town wide receiver man people look I'll sellers here go to sleep industry and go to sleep and a dream. About big time wide receivers catching passes from cam it hasn't been our strongest position. I'm looking into drafts and again I guess some kind of and asking the same question like is there value in that area for drizzly could be kids like Ridley dropped to us. Is DJ more work to take it slowly slowly what do you think about. Well I think the mixed bag because I don't think it's great Credo why we people group or lashed at depths by any stretch. Ridley still popular topic or what strap or but I think people came out account you questioned without it. I think every Christian project that they event that attracted. But where do you plan. Is it outside receiver Ricky Moore would flock continue playing them both places. Portland Sutton protested duke speaks strong physical receiver. Problem that you rob good to meet which is still needed and indeed get a Carolina got flat out. You needed he needed a better case. That makes that yeah I. It was Astaro makes it got to continue to open things up. It's critical to continue to lag if he doesn't need to have my stuff things I think it used to play you dedicate to get open space for him right. So you've got to use those big group of guys. You know it's. Did you go through it got a jump off the screen for give our p.s that would BJ chart that she. Could take you flat out go get a. It times a little struggle with the hands people thought but in the postseason you've been dynamite. And like most LSU receivers they're going to be better approach than they are count intro song wanna they'll shoot into the guys they have Ehrlich at work very good. And I just I don't want a bit it would be like I say it's just. Maybe at LSU quarterback if we beat good pro let us know it's true it's true although I wasn't meant I was mad murder trained and I don't really want to talk about them. Right now Charles. Out of it was all out on your. I've got plenty album are great trust me up played it I've touted it talks in. It's turned out to be entirely wrong I ever state all like you know everybody atlas that you'd you'd did it just like it. I needed to keep moving it would drive me great you are all our bread or vitality to well all of their mistakes along the way Cullen argued that. He would do well but that's annoying ads easy show us. Don't write T Mullah Omar mistakes. You don't it now and attribute get. You know our life and I think you might want this decade round for you this kid out of wash it that it that. Security did you did you debt kick return ability as well since I'm returned BP picked up in there yet maybe take some of the pressure RP yeah birdied it that's daycare we turn back there in notably at a baby can poke a little more front and backs so. Guys like that are out there they opal I think there are plenty of players. Look back you get a good diet eat it why are you get an outside yeah I think there are plenty of very good lie. I'm not I don't know why does which really need right now. He too needed outside Jack Jesse got. And draw the attention that they media kit from notre saying it would be pretty brown Alia that the I think he's moving his way up he's being need to move man I lest they don't ask Charles that they're. As Charles days in order to keep you all day although I could talk you about football pretty much all day but the last thing is safety you know the Panthers cut Kurt Coleman Mike Adams is 37. I mean you could make an argument this team needs to safety easier moving forward. Unlike sector ran out just just play the hypothetical the Panthers. To a second or third round safety selection is there's some money. Though it does seem like it's a great CC class a user someone in the second or third round safety they can plug in right away that is is kind of pro ready what do you think. Let's talk or a couple for everybody and you don't you're talking free agent you know there's one guy and make a lot of joy that step that those who had acquired it there are three. So I just I just talked about that says hey you know it got that only those coroner will keep. Ticket from Virginia Tech terror doctoral litmus. Big strong fast player. You know he'll be a billboard that time if Quinn blending from Virginia your flavor. This problem armed happened back to watch these kids that people get a lot of the Uga political spectrum box they see. Coming out and they give play which is where the college game it's pretty guys a lot of doubts it close or script they can play. But it NFL under throw the ball candidates played I think he can't they go back here co op ash covered candidate they built sort of play. That's what you are looking for a struggle a little bit more could cut your wife went to get really era debate what should be the feeder all. I'd give it up to what it sent continue to watch keep track our net. They get imparting get much more closer to our scrimmage or. Try to connect. To cook at Rome beat orient and we'll have a tougher tougher task I think it as we watch. Decatur get a lot that fit that we're all watching that keep that date rent or three or four PER. I'd Charles. Rick there. It you but what we're watching it because it was dark flat it's like yeah right at the back I doubt where Welsh player. It ever that traps speed he would say what you have to write what do you keep it deep debt could he be a gut and act yielded athletic that the. A plucky band and say go go free they got. To clean up stuff in the back to. There you go Charles Davis fox and NFL network is well. Talking draft demand the pandas can go so many different ways without first round pick guard when we come back we have a new cold development somebody can help a great idea for cold tomorrow. Even better than he moaned. Asking him questions and seeing if he's really that Smart we'll tell you about that. And it. Shouldn't be the favorite now was sixteen teams left to win the NCAA tournament is it duke by any chance what do you think it's a Mac attack. My challenge. Is making sure these Jews don't drink that poisoned food poison being world we have an easy road there are no easy roads in this tournament. The figure to have poisoned her will be done Thursday. To say notre deploys and only a dogfight on Thursday let's see what happens. Sometimes you wonder why they're trying to paint a picture with my team probably because they're young and they know they don't know better. But the teams here veteran coaches and their teams are all playing well the poison is both ways if it's their median download team or a player. Don't drink it it's a one game thing just play and be your best. If you think all they got this this is going to be easy you will lose in this tournament. I'm Kansas State wants now again no chance 600 chancellor and and I do I this is not. 06 to retired sixteen scene this is Kentucky any seemed to start to look like one of the best in the country because it's all coming together for them right now. And these young players. Don't shut out Nevada though maybe in the next game as a team that maybe to push I don't those Loyola can do it right Ali loyalists are they come to enter and are open Nevada. Even sister Jean doesn't lose Schneider bracket so you think they Nevada might be a team maybe to push Kentucky in the elite eight are not in the art. Martin twins not really gets it going one died yes sir what time kid as Martin Martin twins could play man armed no doubt about it your state fan you get to watch another wolf back. And went to your former players. To North Carolina kids you know born and raised here army and they are represented there's no doubt about it. And Eric muscle men's trip but due to fund got to watch you know win these games he just goes crazy. Combo will see that region you know here's what happens without sets that was our cal Perry by the way stealing the Nick Saban poison while I don't this isn't out there. On the wish they would share a battle poisonous or refugee camp worked real. That region here's that was all the upsets on that region tonight seems got to end. You know having like the upsets are great when they're happening on the first weekend. But you can go too far when these teams get to the sweet sixteen you have that many or Kentucky is a five seed. Is though there's a low is a high C year lows CW look at it. The best team in the drawl and what are the other teams again nine. And eleven and a seven right yes so it just ate her stats sweet sixteen round. When you have a bracket debt explodes like this one it's tonight's series furlong time that we we need god Cecil we don't need to. We don't need to go over the top the amount of upsets can arson match of satellite into Cinderella story right gap. Well she's got to go home at some point though you don't want her to come back to the second ball not desecrated she gets a stay late at the first ball. But the ball the next week and you don't want her to be like when you already own year old evil stepmother you roll over and that is Cinderella still there. And that is guy you're basically later waged it was Cinderella. Insides or it's got to Augusta got Cindy. I was gonna use that and Al jalla with a different analogy but doesn't everybody get your point well I think they do. Who do you think is the favorite in Vegas now this is just odd shark this is the odds chart got. College basketball section their website they've got odds do you think is the favorite to win the NCAA tournament now. Don't know. As the second choice. Are now I will say this in your defense Villanova is in other places out in Vegas stat sad scene and is the favorite. Dare I say Kansas are America's team. But it blew it out there's sort of level of saturn's blue pills or at least favorite at plus 2325 and then you you're in plus 450 for Villanova Kentucky Inzaghi are co third choices in this tournament let me ask you this of one. Side of the once side of the sealed as more loaded with sabres and yet the Kentucky. And zag or Michigan's side. Is not loaded with what's land mines on on the decided got Philadelphia got Kansas held Clemson to me right now might have been easy team knocked out of this thing so. I think DD. But champion is most likely going to come from the war the do no like Kansas side of the other arm I am not so sure they Kentucky's. Is not gonna win this NCAA tournament. The hole so the whole thing gas. I hope I'm wrong mom I ice and I take no look I must stay with no luck. I think Kentucky can keep playing for a long period of time can can win my whole scenario I don't do you see I think that's I would I would take over against them. But if they get someone other than nova I think they have legitimate shot and it the more these guys win the more confident sees young bucks are gonna get and talent was never the question. It was gel as a team everybody knowing their roles and I think John cal Perry is an amazing job with this team I don't like to meet you all. But he did an amazing job this team was nowhere near this team for a while. And it all came together and I think they are. You my dear I don't notice that the next hour adding to the best team on the left side of the bracket and. I think dating I didn't and I'm not I'm not are you do on the Dayton get their because that side of the bracket. These data they can win in order to be no nor do I think every game I will take note when they came I know winning all I think I know being duke so they do could be Kentucky but I tell I think dad got outing against tossup man. I think Kentucky stimulus. I maybe I'm overreacting to them playing steel Davidson in and it team in buffalo that was scrappy. But not the most talented team in the world maybe we'll react to but does the also bone. The grand city SEC title if you watch this team down the stretch is not the day bowl where they were up before I fear and I don't want this all. I see your Kentucky as legitimate chance to do. And I like I don't like feeling so let's keep in mind that Davis and took him down to the end as well here and they didn't and they played buffalo sag. There they have exactly no signs today has him by any means haven't read to a golly heading down haven't they hasn't but I I don't know Heidi guys heal by Kentucky Max 70 slower process I think that. I know that mag there and I ran out duke to win on the record duke saints let's all get together may be. Let's go to those who know I want to do to win this thing most gonna do with garrido and his children people don't want it was me yet. Dumb butts. Some ice I want do to win this thing out what is titled stay right here in this great state racing to basketball once I outdoor now Villanova or I'll worry about Obama. Can such I really do man it's usually Kentucky can sag over there on the other side when I initially noted championship notary OK I know bill. I differ seagate the first two games out they don't feel great about it but it's that I think they will rusty from the white apple C outdated and in a better shoot the ball better of that garbage against Houston I mean they banded about barely survive and survive and advance okay. Let's not let's go over like text saying that neither are the way that idea date. If they found something here. And that Carolina game did they have enough to get to a final four if Texas and comes out and gets blasted by Michigan and I am I have so much UNC anger. So am I mean seriously take same goes back to be the team they banned for most of the sees some of the biggest. Aren't we come back. Charlotte 49 a Sandra keep talking Luke. Talk about you're talking with your brand new head coach Ron Sanchez joins us next stage soon.