Mac Attack: Charles Arbuckle And Deems May Interviews

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Friday, July 14th

Charles Arbuckle from Sirius College Sports Nation and Tar Heels analyst Deems May both joined the show this hour 


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Mac side of the ACC media days today here in Charlotte so. Those. Garcia and Bailey India prime time guys going to be out their game interviews with the coaches and players from the coastal schools. Today and then they will wrap that up the SEC SEC's absurd bottle or not they have a four day media day. But they also wait until today when media days over to announce how the media voting went. For who's going to win the conference is gonna finish where the conference who's gonna win awards. Would you could you could sort he's SEC you could announce. It's annoying and got college football's coming up eventually they're gonna give each coast our own individual aspect that it has done the last couple weeks. Could you imagine nick save the day a beautiful day and where he had the talks in the media how ornery he would be holy cow. All right it's good size may be some balls come in Puerto Doolittle ACC stand roll call are later this hour. To see how many ACC fans are jacked up because I'm selling discovers a good spot right now. Teams may joins us bottom of the out of focus specifically on the heels I'm worried as heck about it heels offense we'll talk about that. But let's talk right now. What do dimensions feel Good Friday. Brought you by an unusual for an exit 23 stakes in those guys. Let's bring in Charles are buckle. Two you can hear on college sports nation breaking it down he joins us here on the Mac attack in Charlotte. Charles are you doing let's go off. Ullman and after I remember when those ACC media kick off or whatever they'll all the BS I regret over resort. It wasn't as well you know what their high class and type movement of the live now just they'll never have seven or eight days like this week. Now right now we can't ever get to that point. What. What do you think OK so we're being accused. There's ACC fans that love the world is under way were hyping this conference up and then you know how it goes Charles there's fans of the SEC other conferences are like oh my god it was one year. Do you believe the ACC is the best conference in college football can they back up what they did last year. I'm do you think we need to slow our roll I mean I know dabble in Jimoh we're going off guests today about check our Reza Mays is the best conference out there do you believe that. Well I'm absolutely and who is four years and I've covered this conference when Ross who also look at that point Calvin job somewhere around you know what David Kirk Wilson. Kind of curtains to reproduce. I think what I what I do does lead to that they've really elevated the quarterback play. And they've really gotten some people that can play the position so if you look across our art facts of control 100 crossbar extra that was the bus so hard only. Oh really effective Cordoba that include the provision Daniel also I don't think it's somewhat credited do. A really good player big big guy out at Syracuse or dungy. Order they happened here this league and I think a lot of people wanted this kind of push for the word. The regional IB ACC is really taken another step in my opinion it would be a supplier or. So now I look across these easy it used to be closer and we'll Kristian wolf can index the lords and got in the past and they've. Or for that state would always be the thing that you saw that have really good people so why put. Beautiful accomplished PJ hill and played with anybody. Japanese bank or local do you know where their body of orders say Cheryl Landry I think it's going to be an outstanding. Player but also the college level duke. Edge of war also a week or so. I think there purposes it is safe because of the people who are employed in the peak and there's just start proceed now. Order took the first slide home or maybe put some blood or saliva there's and I think we need to talk more about that if you wanna say a lot of dominance of this conference is starting to happen. Remember who gave the fist to the Mark Jackson it would force. We force so duke blue grit that they didn't win that game but I told people that all the not to be sort of make everything. The couple is better because of that you want to play and the quarterback is is starting you know. Are absolutely no a year you're right a 100% what do you. The what do you think about the Clemson Florida State quandary it's become the annual question which team is there is a class. Of the Atlantic in the class of the conference where do you where do you lean. You know I think bill this year are we don't lean towards closer because Romo the quarterback looks like almost could make slaves Charlie Watts I can't I don't think you can all think. Whoever plays out of this or this hour you know I don't care what young guy they put it that this is not are going to be child bought our guest. So that day when I look at this Kelly Brian. Conor Jackson whoever they happen be serviceable circle really got to make plays. But I know what the hundred France walked into my concern the report stated that often so far. They were horrible protecting him and he can't continue to get hit like that now at that game comes down to those two. I only moved towards Florida State because there are no borders based peoples are going to be good offensively the weapons or we always know what the hundred French law. Can make plays or so. And look like it's something out of closing and I see that order but really show me something where they lead to move where they decide at all. I think at W Florida State is going into the city. Charles Tom thumb really big on NC state this year alone that DE talk about defensive line talent my lord they are loaded up front. I think Stanley knows this system he's back again it. Samuels are held player like they got I think most of their receivers back a guy like this state team. Com but I did you know I get messages from fans state and other fans that say. Hold on now you really wanna back the wolf pack because every time seems the star high but it won't tacked up you know there's disappointment common. Do you think we should buy in the NC state is a team that can make a little boys and surprise some folks are no. When they got to where some of the local games they have border state and homeless here that say call me think about what they go this year. Bet that Florida State pit work about the good things you want a little dark horse and well. There's there there's going to be a lot of veteran diplomat while a quarterback at notre today even though that's not a conference game. So can you look NC state over the course here is but that is that they are not how they play on the net now has been America. And mini games like last few you've got to win you've got to beat. When someone you have home roles like that you can't let a mall and I think apple Bradley DJ hero continued street. Although people support gotten people talking about probably the market they've abridged. The double deep all our lives. I loved it was back I think he is outstanding what he can do the football I'll that you put him in the complacent. But I really think is gonna come down a bit defense winning some games or late. Will they didn't do last year and that if they can do that they can show me that I haven't seen that consistently enough but Guerrero will cut fast. It was a double in the Carolinas up the one thing relative because god if I look at the Sweden's. Please if you go there. They loved football and probably it just haven't had a team that can consistently show that they should be at the top. Who do retain their and I think they're working on and I think with the quarterback offered some weapons and special that people are. I think they've got a chance to do so stressful and and and that and that hat happened this year muffin. Who do you choose in the coastal who's your pick there. I'll grant and why didn't Cole spoke to a dessert that always crazy coastal way I. What they call you know I'm leaning towards Miami you know. And it's been hard for me not to do on the Miami I've during the last couple years so the support you know. But I think this year where they made their run out Virginia Cha at Jerod Evans as stated I think it. In Miami. I'm I'm not I'm not sold on Moore to a lot of this year because remove what we look they lost some of the things but I think Miami wants a conference articles. Who do you like do you like UNC or duke at all both those schools are not being talked about there's there's question marks on each. Not like bolt schools. But out. This is I'm I'm curious to see how that you are you gonna play when you lose all what they are often so I. I know they can say we're restock and reboot we've reloaded and Brandon Harris. I don't know if you can ever be able to be together weeks he was oh lead quarterback and you little god and everybody talked about building was. And I did not see it so. I know they have an office a lot of going to be Beckham though they have all been holy got a really good weapons that come back I'm just not sure I'm sold on you'll see each offensively. I won't say that the like Daniel don't look like that do call us. But I think do these kind of in the same boat. Are they going to be able to compete each and every week. Several officers started spot because of starters and when duke blue B roll and there offenses played well but they've had really good guy out of so cute so. I think vocal and you look look at the sea early at all. You know when do plays Baylor looked at Baylor is going to be you know they're not going to be great to move but I think. Baylor will be competitive you know be fast and then present an early in the years dude play that North Carolina. September 23 so I'm curious to see how they angles and that won't give you a better indication of he be the better team throughout the rest here bar and injured. Clark before we wrap this up ice wanna ask you questions juries which way you go on this year Charles. Charles' arm Iowa we are doing a thing called lunatic SEC fans and the last two days we had incidents come one was the LSU guy only Byron about this. And Lacey got to try to. It's sneaks him in a hooker into the stadium I think he or won't try to score on in the end zone there in Death Valley and he got busted that was trouble. And then yesterday we had at Auburn fans and media today that tainted his little dog up to look like a tiger. Which one do you draw the penalty flag on the most on that one. The demand that painted his remember. All of leg. And I thought I thought that was a real well up up don't you go oh. I got a total lack of you on that one out. All of them when I think you both slightly the other guy that didn't happen to have good that you know we didn't Dick he got caught. But it was something that he gonna do and be done with this guy put you on the Vietnam not not be good luck. All right there you go very good Charles. You can hear him on college sports nation. You Charlotte right UltraSharp U shortly guys. I'm sure. You have great DC media do a little bit later this afternoon certain so well you have me. I'm near Charlotte got somebody sees you gaining on the docket radio coming out this year and slowly names you know obviously you know I'm. I'm here very cool I will have to talk to you once the the ball starts line a row we appreciate it rose thanks coming on. Open and I would go aren't there you go that is Charles our boss school I was with ESPN is being used for years now. Must for now trees don't don't TV somewhere else but for now it's college sports nation what happened both I think your wording confuse Charles there. He thought that. Little dog was at the way you were saying that he hated himself down and a growing and all. I'm talking about Haiti as a member how he said member yeah what he was saying they thought you were saying little dog to be clay season. Oh now Arizona is a dog is this little puppies my own. Italy is I don't do autograph now back up but you can abuse Charles Harbaugh. We've got to do you know. But about a plot and could you maybe it is goods now I wouldn't be shocked if that happened in the SEC you know if he painted his an Auburn sand. Pain in his singles. Did you gotta can you take source Charles back and say hold on it was a misunderstanding other dude it's clear this up here man. Clearly is someone Charles I don't want him going on his radio still played today 106 guys can you put it put them all birds and dead. I wanna spread him bad information that's funny right there man I wish I could correct and I didn't know that I didn't know why we say and I think I actually did he just remember. The Michael could've just said members anyway are dead and work out well bound so I don't I got you. I took little what does this little dog it's just sort of dollar Jim Brown missed too many people out their dirty minds as from you my people I heard a little dog and that's what we got good equipment. Are items whose. It stands now I won't we come back you SEC fans yell or so crazy we wouldn't screw up just how crazy York. All right when we come back. We got the audio for you may be Christian McCaffery you're wanna hear there's a Trish McCaffrey told NFL network guys yes they just don't fire you up into vans coming up next. When any communications they might have violated quarterback Cam Newton. Possible good you know we've been talking a lot sexism alive and from going maxed out there this weekend so a little bit and then next we can see yourself. It's been good though I'm excited to work there you know he's unbelievable players great leaders so that we will be funded. So it's this is something best field. Hi hi. Did notice was about to go down here in Charlotte, North Carolina diagonal location on that mound can you do an investigation and find the location for the just throwing session could be. It could be Armani. Could be a place I wanna spend some time this weekend Christian McCaffery NFL network right there. Tom revealing that he has plans to head back here to Carolina he's out west right now has plans to come back to Carolina. This weekend and next and throw with Cam Newton I feel like this is big news as folks had early made a big deal out of this don't. But I was not aware he was gonna throw with any team they still training camp is a good development. McCaffery came have to get on the same page they've never been able to throat again McCaffrey's going to be such an important weapon out the back field in the slot wherever he is. And it also makes me think okay. It's not just those dudes candidate catches it. I guess this isn't like you know pulp pops in and and son after throwing a ball around there's got to be other receivers to do is this possible. That what we feared we weren't going to get which is the usual teams throwing session what is guys before camp. Because of the injury maybe that's going to happen after all very intrigued by this vote. I heard that I here's here's a possible conversation it's gonna take place out there McCaffrey is going to be out there and say it's pretty cool. He brought offensive lineman on Europe to help problem practice today you can't get a say a man's. That's delta management. That's not that nobody has left unchecked it. Let me give you guys are wide receiver back. That was another that was a new guy we drafted player right tackle. Lord yeah Benjamin could get out there as well on Samuel would be a very nice for him to get some reps with cam so. I'm curious whether or not something like that is going on him maybe I should be around trying to figure that out but that is just cool just a thought. It's wrong that the thought of cam throwing a swing pass when nobody else on the field a Christian McCaffery excites me. It is it is our problem there like geeks I just absolutely fires me I cannot wait to see those two makes weak passing game music together brown if they air that on TV how long would you watch all of a lot today it made an hour special to cam McCaffery it's relevant. I'd be locked in for a full hour and nothing but just those who want a fee yeah I just watch Allison devers is. You're only people on the feel Lucy McCaffrey skills bounded she would become mine we did you got hands. And and Charles Davis himself from from a NFL network's a disk do the best route runner of the whole rookie class regardless of position. May I can't wait to see some Christian McCaffery hear about it on a lighter and I love it was doing man let's do it by the way you and I sit here and don't get pumped about this. Can't the McCaffery camp and look at the soup. Look at the NFC east dynamic dynamic duo over here of Osborne cowboy eyes and eagle Thomas. Just sit here like nothing's happened and as disappointing. He's our teams are intact improve the winners. Really the Eagles. I happen. 'cause I don't. Years since 1995. Any gag your first playoff game. Is there really track record of winning every so we're Rihanna see man we're playing with house money I don't I used in move or fancy yellow our defense I mean look at our defense trying to out guess that I hang out and there's my hands at. Capsule back island diner on. I can also join the NFC east party if I Tuesday as a giants Galley entire time will you win division this year you hold your hand hi I'm firmly. Entrenched in the camp of giants win the division this year. Colombia and socially hated unload the additions are cowboys simply don't know why I love the addition unabashed of martial. Com. That's a legitimate question I think that's legitimate question is more instead he sensibly he's going to be derailment but armed can they run the ball better than he did last year at rice legitimate question. But I think dad passing game to an open look after land game you know I think that's how it's gonna work because it SO Beckham sterling Shepperd and Marshall. And a defense proved last year those free agent pick ups they are legit. Like who's gonna cover any of those receivers for the cowboys. Asked a question I. My dad Dez Bryant got Ryan switzer Michael Beasley how they gonna cover unbelievable and what are they gonna call I don't know who could do can come from no less and yeah. Other side of the ball series you don't know football conversation with a cowboy fan and this is the way it ends up going to allocated I have I asked about is CDC's Reagan about his wide receivers giants have a guy that predict right now might witness president BP next your going to college. Do you think your little doggie look like the cowboys are out. You can answer to the Internet and that's. Mac OW Evans he does Tom Bryant says I know the U did not mean to tell Charles. Much his quote unquote little doggie conclude. Yeah I have a body that is such a big Alabama fans he did they roll tide campaigning on his little dog I'm. Isn't a thing I didn't know that was a thing known I had no idea. Are we come back Mac into a comfortable match it's the fifth since he ducked out that was a strange miscommunication would mean Charles. All right when we come back let's talk so are you swim focus much on him there's a lot of questions sprinted Harris. Can he run this system is even going to be the guy. What about all the guys gusto ball on offense skill positions will the defense it would carry more load all these questions for deems may. UNC guy through and through rejoins us next. And then after that we got to get the ACC roll call going on a football Friday this is a conference where sand should be jacked up we'll see how fired up yards is the Mac attack. 125 WS NC. We are back. Want to give the ACC fans drank WL ACC fan roll call that is coming up. Had about a forty titles talk to these very first assault about the seals. We've been focused on a lot different teams in the ACC the heels so many unknowns on offense let's get to scoop from a guy who you'll hear. A bomb on those post game shows and heels radio network you'll hear right here on this station. So knowledgeable about the game of football so now told that his story a football program deems joins us. On the Mac attack DMZ ready for football brother. Damn and I came quick racquets. Either you know it is look at an MBA all star game I mean NBA finals the next thing you know where he's got a Suzuki today down here up. This coming Greg but does. As he says there's a lot of question marks were the territorial this year bits that weren't that many in the past the letter. Let's say I expect you had every answer your I guy died to expect you to solve all these laundries forest. Number the Brendan Harris question is kind of a two parter I mean do you feel like he is definitely going to be the starter or is that not known and the other part is. If he is the starter I mean can can Larry Fedora like yours are great offensive mind the system's really quarterback friendly. Can they make something out of his his one year UNC if he starts. Together that's a great question have you lived god at all but he's he's definitely got strong arm deadly very athletic. I just its accuracy meant questions for a long time and and and we saw a few years down it. And training camp where one who put LSU and and his accuracy just left a lot of leaders are sorry if he hadn't improved auto mat. I thought I definitely wouldn't employment and as a starter I think it's going to be the biggest question mark born in the camp in Gaza don't mannered or fired for them. Obviously he's got the most experience spurred some there's there's factors here there's a big question mark right now and what does that Syria had dinner with Larry last night and you know you also not we laughed my percent of our offer but the big number and actually not the only question mark got to go out there and replace every water here every running backs were up principle I'm probably always there. Everything we know about right now about parents and and that's that's just truly a lot of questions will be answered in court where it was biggest challenge Serb court date certain. You know I'm a lot of things doubting camp. No discipline is in Larry's going to you know if Larry's got those those doubters out parents in the sand base and sometimes I get there I did it sometimes sometimes I think it's over the top. If he gets this offense to really play well I think he's he's going tee he deserves a lot of credit. What do you think in the backfield because teams are hundreds and rushing last year in the country where is holiday and Logan. What do you think they can do is there are running back that may be you know god let it we don't know about that you think can emerge can they find a way to run the ball a little bit. I hope we cannot think apple without principle I think we will be better on that there was a lot of things happened. It's a lot of people who go around and then we'll just wasn't the same record is gonna be last you're looking are not a very. The Barack the best back we had in the backfield and and we got Zorn rapidly toward look at their rookie out I mean look. The top or come in an excuse for not on everybody's mind but. We've got some pieces back there but I think offensive line. Is that going to be a little tougher I mean we were hit pretty hard in the last year I mean if they really bring this up and Alice goes off so hopefully these guys got an envoy group. And took that Butler and local member of the ball with the. Go lose the team square root. I would put my whole scene you guys cannot resuscitate this phone call here because we don't have a clear connection he may think I'm talking about a guy patent so that he didn't pay down you know remain. I didn't make sure it is connection is clear. I don't sell you bad teams he would airman on a mission pressed the button. Campers but deems in error. I'm here I'm now we gadget now we gotcha I so let's move on the running game question saying how much you like duke in the phone cut out. It seems you know how annoying Tebow and is man about duke basketball even this time a year he pulled out a story. Where this of course deuce on after a five star recruit him trying to get them but just five star recruits and on the other day at a camp. I talked to coach K the other day was like talking to god. And this is what T bones this is just you know talk about off the air deems is shameless man. Or rare stop. I will say he's exhibit at break neck it and it turned out got into Africa. But it. I must act terrified of basketball. Bonus I've given an avenue Bose gives us steal this segment from the deems may join us to talk heels football. The task catchers are another question I think when you look at. Last year stats I mean I think it's a lost control of the kid Thomas Jackson that you know it's the most experienced accomplished guys that are back on the outside. Are there kids sticking catch a football because man they lost some playmakers on the outside to right. Yeah I think the biggest question mark deserve place my calendar look we're played pretty well opposite so. He went out with we're separated shoulder and and I got to really take to stop all about chapter of of the defense and and open up close there's underneath route or switzer and and coal and iron and Saxon American and other browser you got items but for our threats and we just thought we gotta have my mistress or feel that offenses they come home on gonna Irsay is very grim and have a mobile underneath our work our. A worker underneath our congress actually a great project here local trip from Charlotte walk on earned a scholarship made a lot bigger stamp are some really good route runner. And hold on academy the leader back there and we just gotta have a tiger stepped up especially if we're struggling with our quarterback play. Running game and play action and to me it's Ursula quarterbacks are fighting amber got on some idyllic setting up all but definitely that's for sure. All right now I feel bad deeds has ever question I'm asking you is about something that's someone that's lost right now you replace them up but the same question lies in defense of coordinator Gene Chizik. Are moving on to spend more time what does family this defense are not what do you think this defense can do I felt like Digg got a little bit better last year. But it's it's this offense is gonna be as explosives to defense probably has to carry a little more weight they gotta do without chizik how do you feel about that signed the ball. That act Larry about that last night and it would surely you're going on upfront on the front seven got some more. More are more experience now linebackers and there are a little bit better we got it occurred our spotter what you started out this like everybody else your story about bill in. That's the past searchable. A restraint will be in the defense secondary wooden Jerry Stewart there's got coming back in. And the corner and we got some guys significantly by air so hopefully we can model which can overlook it better. Random man and and maybe develop a little bit more room on the blitz package and get some pressure but. But it all gonna you know and I'll start sub prime and not think our defense will be a lot better. We'll also chizik does hurt but I I have competent senator Kurtz is I mean that the birth. The system inland was it was fairly simple we won't simplify everything and didn't you know or Syrian. I've got just trying to get real and not think that can be translated pretty well out of the younger. I lesson don't ask you about a sustain this ACC Jim Bowen and ammo were raving yesterday and and I think to the victors goes this goes spoils I think date. I think you deserve to call right now the best Compton college football the question is teams can they continued this year to be the best conference like they were last year. SEC Stansky Pitney with the quarterback saying you know they've got these young quarterbacks it's been a little while since they've had some good quarterback play in that conference. And there are they're sued another young quarterbacks and they say hey the ACC lost all these quarterbacks. Does that shift the balance of all or do you think the ACC can be truly the best conference again this year. That's sale iCloud has done a phenomenal job and a man. And they just yet article today in the paper about how they've just reloaded apple is 77%. Just look at Greg Denver downforce they develop quarterbacks as good as anybody. And you've got a problem perfect order and horrible and and there's a lot of hype around mark break in the Gaza are Miami and import Perrier didn't explode. I think we're Democrat conference there of course are pretty subjective opinion but. Then the content on the record last year Garces is a good lie in the national champion in line. I was very find it very basic simple bolt and right now although it is not known as congress but really really well lastly now and and and and some good good quality coaches throughout the league I mean yes it is just look up the downloads but in the coastal. And the Atlanta it's really really ought to urge is or continue to recruit well and he's. And those those done about it and I know it'll always had a basketball history if they can keep this up deems it programs like my coach is like. Richt and Wednesday doing I think they can do I think Katrina was not going anywhere I mean I think there's a chance that this conference could be known in five years assay. They're the best in basketball and football I think at this can be huge time pretty ACC are brother hey we're glad you stopped by to talk a little. Football we apologize. About does Tebow and I should have opened the door for Tebow to brag about coach cash. I should have done that in the owner Sam are brought our real home yeah. But he didn't seem best with your signal and then seized the opportunity I'd rather be able to talk to got a romance book I appreciate out. They go deems an editorial guiding your money post game show tar heel radio network and here's the love deems gets for coming on bone and shot targets are real football. A building senator texture says your football team sucks nerd actually dad is responding to me. Does it update that I have I. I don't know about board did I. Hey do you probably deeds could ever be our construed seems just like up early bad bad badly he's gonna disguise tailback Osborne's are gonna win curtail money you're all right you're saints are shot this show would have a miscommunication. I don't Barry it's good communication whether it's text or phone has struggled this hour all right when we come back. I want you guys are jumping and we need to hear some ACC fire you know down the last week. When we did the whole thing about college football fans and your girls above fans we had fourteen different fan base is only two in the ACC if she that it didn't I don't know what their elaborately as we come on duke fans get out of consciousness and still wrapping duke fans included UNC fans included. Mom and certainly fans of Florida State clemson's NC state all these teams Miami all the teams I think Jim Ball out this year. The ACC is as hyped as it's ever been gone into a season. Can we hear from how many of ACC fan base is can we hear from. With some enthusiasm. Call later represented school under an ACC roll call when we come back it is the Mac attack right here on SNC. Hi we are back it's time to talk a little college football that good touch the dog here on the Mac attack 125 WFNCA. I want to focus on the AC CS today right around the same spot we were into. Knock down drag out about the ACC are they the best conference in college football and they deserve that title after last year. Mickey got passion was good stuff. On the ACC I've not seen this conference this healthy probably ever and I've not seen it does hyped up probably ever. I once is I wanna hear for some idol fans of this customer focused specifically. On this conference like I said don't. We had some fun last Friday we have fourteen different band bassist Jackie and I think over twenty calls total but her fourteen different fan base is call up we had more pac twelve sandstone. Call up. Different teams in a pac twelve be represented an ACC. It was 32 pac twelfth. We can't have that going on in Charlotte with EA CC media days in jail. So I want to hear from and we've got a good half hour so. Geared to want to do this may be no longer Matsu. I'm 35 minutes or so I wanna hear from as many different ACC fan base is as we can bone can I do all fourteen bony. All fourteen. In 35 minute. Can we do facts that somewhere retreat Helen now. A ten. Did I get ten of the fourteen fan bases to rent in the next 35 minutes. To the most hyped up ACC football season ever bone and in how much 35 or five minutes can I do miss some new thing you do do it now. Aren't they don't lose so unused Shalit I think I need is a channel or Thomas are digging you're probably get. Five fan base over under five I'd say I think under Yahoo! does your thought on that are 44. Iron from may I mean I'd say. I think I'm looking at the phone right now so you wanna talk to me like I was just call I'm just I'm just reading this just artist and we bring layers there are no. No he's not president. I would say I beat Ted seems high to hold conference. The green get Boston College fans call it web probably not but updates can't tell sports everybody has bought the colleges like Calvin to help. I here's a look at four I'd just start off. We're the ones should be cranked up close in danger actually did call last week which he called in here represented clients if you're not fired at the Davos turned this into elite rebuild program. When their defense a blind was Farrell and Wilkins and Lawrence in those dudes if you're not fired up about that team. Even with some of the questioner quarterback I'm telling you right now you know they're gonna have skill position talent and if they just don't turn it over. Like Dudley Kelly Brian and John's uncle make the plays Watson made. But maybe doesn't turnovers much to Sean in last year maybe he'll hurt yourself in that respect another fan base got to be cranked up Florida State. We do have this problem last year mound where we we ordered from Florida State fans out the quasi you know why because I was dissident. You know because I thought to Clemson was better all along the Florida State and they wore. But Florida State fans I have your back this season I am very close to pull the trigger and Dick in you ought to win this conference because of DR Andre Francoise. I was just a Tom alluded to yesterday your resume their lessen bone they were brought they were doing we'll show from from ACC media days. We'll talk about the extreme are talented to France slot past I think at times resold it at times we didn't because he was on his tiny so much. Is that Florida State offensive line Elissa this will be something death out of protecting yourself front. But as they can be better this year and give him some time I think decade cam acres at running backs ready to go already. And I think to Florida State defense is going to be elite which are when James back Knoll stand she cranked up. I have not heard from one NC state saying yet bound since we start getting into college football mode. This is annoying me. We didn't hear during basketball season this episode without one day when they finally one day when they fidelity they can also they got very excited when it Argyle street. But NC state fans how does one know what you are thinking out there. Like are you not in lobe which we damage Bradley Jon and rose Borough and all these dudes street and all these dudes on this defensive line do you not think Stanley. Is obviously one of the better quarterbacks in the league because of how many quarterbacks have been lost in this conference state fans should be feel frisky who else should we feel frisky bowel. Miami collapse so I. I have never just another fan base and I usually fight with. And I'm actually trying bony. To extend the olive branch because I now believe. The canes are going to win the division I think their defense is young hungry and nasty bone they give up eighteen points a game last year. 37608. Tackles for loss. And as does point out the other day I played three freshman July refreshment refresh its three freshman at linebacker. That talent there is young and legit on defense it really is and they got a quarterback question but so does Virginia Tech item I don't. I have a college I ACC football I take for you the guy it's gonna be nearly impossible I think for Lamar Jackson to win the highs but he. I think it's too much pressure it's too hard he asked do we exceed what he did last year buyout almost a model we see when guys returned to try to win it again. It's hard to do that how would be star and maybe you guys feel differently if Amare Jackson won Wachovia does. I think the media realizes they Davidson the wrong guy. Had excited a little too soon to end the thing is it's not their fault. The Heisman is out before the playoffs or play yeah but once Steve but you're right may be day did not did they watch every last little game or did they send amend. Because he struggled I know his line was terrible down the stretch but I think there's a feeling that Watson was the best player council poll last year was also and Don so I think people like. But he is a very. Lately heights returning Heisman guy don't. I think people are very skeptical about Louisville on the way they finish last year and out of claim under under center more so I wonder about that. Hokey and should be cranked up just since Wednesday's sharp offensive mind. I received Evans kids as it has got to be a bit of a must deal does Evans kid should still be very went undrafted he could be a player of the year in the league views back this year bony meet that good. But I still think bud foster's defense. And Virginia Tech is some considered to be watched after. And I don't know about things like duke waking Carolina I don't know I'm very curious to hear from those and tastes oh my gosh a phone call. Right now we're on clay maybe Derrick Thomas trying to answer the phone credits the it's could be bigger iPad you guys change your mind based on the ACC fans Conan right now. Are we gonna get to ten Thomas are you get content databases now yeah awarded three right now and one guy hung up on me for no reason so he calls back to what we have my four because he heard that your some ACC panther hate each month. Thought I'd see my sensation. I'll talk is fine but don't look at this moment of Boston Gary is ready to represent. BC guy Gary. Man boy you talk to him well. I love BC. That's where my favorite play just a little peek today came at all they're not good birdie Auburn. Yeah. We don't want Mehdi we don't want they season. So how well Z college fan right here worst attempt at a state Boston accent. I Betsy the wars accent attempted would you try to do Roy and I want to get an Irish eyes my daughter McGregor yeah. I'm that was bad cook did a good idea he's got a bite to eat and I Daytona is an error on my goodness terrible and I had a buddy won my bet. Friends in high school was. I was fro from Ireland. And we basically ended up over here we did our best ball team Mason recruited him music 66 center. I think there's something shady going on there but he was one of my best friends and I can say tree he says tree. You know I don't want to infantry tanks tanks they sang but I can't really say anything else why did you say W dot does luck Lindsay Laker Irish. Ozzie who I can't do it to the FD and Z. I walked into my name more names we Murphy WS in Z there you go that's it I'm trying to do and instead I'm saying WAS NZ. That's he's an iPad and I was just adds it is in other would you take those revenue up I won't we comebacks in most honest only two completely sidetracked. Which is it hard to do god forbid I stop that at that segment Enrico. We've got to borrows ACC fans this is the most hyped up season. In ACC football history I believe we did we do reason. How many fans out there are cranked up about their ACC squad 704570. Nine's extends All Saints coming up next ACC culinary acts yeah.