Mac Attack: Cam Throwing This Weekend

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Friday, July 14th

We discussed the news that broke yesteday that Cam will be throwing this weekend to Christian McCaffrey and others in the next step in his rehab process 


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Each week days beginning on Monday at 7 AM and 11 AM to CNN by the end when you hear the keyword and just taxes lowered his seventy to 81 can get away 5000 dollars for more than 25610. WFAZ. This is the national contest message and data resupply and remember. Do an object didn't drop. 1025610. Dead yet and he has another special deal for you right now I get my first get a great deal on any windshield from. Eight out of class log on to get my first dot com right now download to get my Hertz mobile I'm for more amazing deal. It's time for the Mac attack. On sixteen and that 102 point five the man now here's your host Chris McLean. Not me. We may or another week. Ladies and gentlemen we are inching closer and closer are. To our football we've got another day of media days here in Charlotte's. This this time it's the coastal division cosa vision heels and gambles and you know teens Hokies all in town and you know that's the boys appeal to their later on today Garcia Bailey and groves you get more coaching interviews morbid self or don't have. A bunch a good college football coverage on today's show gonna get you guys in ball one talks in ACC today. And I love that man's Adamo in limbo yesterday both. Tell this conference is the best in college football also look at the Reza Manning and I don't think you could argue with the that's and they beg and they backing up this year it's going to be fun to see we'll talk to Randy cross and 7 o'clock hour get a cut and kind of take a look at the national landscape. Charles or buckle joins us. A man and double talk some counsel Paul Hamm check in on the ACC was in deems may. In the 8 o'clock hour to focus on the tore heels a team that we Evan we have talked about this seals team a bunch there's a lot of mystery was what to expect with this offense. And just train and air speed up to speed hat at a how does that go and who steps in. For although the skill position guys lost so get into that we deems may that's coming up later more weaves guy it's. McGregor Mayweather de three press conference number three they'll do day for today in London. It's getting to the Claire. It's getting the point where you feel like today don't have much left in the you know chambers and start to get support or your life. I think I have heard all the d.s do task. We will discuss that little bit but somehow. The odds are are dropping. Four Macgregor he is that the money is coming in on McGregor in the last two or three days since they started yapping. Which goes to my theory that people are hearing the trash talked since Cox. Making themselves believe the economy Gregor has a chance to talk about that a little bit more. Your Alonso ball a shoe updates what she used anywhere last night this becoming a a great ministry and done much much more. McCaffery. And cam throwing together this weekend. You know that was a thing did not know cam really was drawing with teammates but that is going down courting Christian McCaffery we'll play that O'Neal for yet. And much more on today's Mac to check a radio show. Us is here he's down in the met and Mayweather McGregor bunker and it's gonna do this week is a go down there and dig up the audio last night was just a debacle Avery was the worst by far. But only what's going on Brothers. Well you mentioned feel Good Friday it has brought to you by partners though for off exit 23 and I 77. And the Charlotte covered system's temperature right now. 76 degrees. Ten years of parts and labor covered is available for free at Charlotte Comfort Systems bony tip today. Drink a lot of water today you wanna stay hydrated during this extreme heat. I start I got a he's kind of thing now you get your sponsorship this bones to delay like death lot of lawn today and if it's not water around five. Negative may get a guy alcoholic Bruce he could you mention exit 23. In hunter's bill. I went eight miles Passat yeah shoot I'll validate my house pass that met. And ups your neck of the woods bound exit 31. Right there on the lake. Or grainy pat and I hung out and Phil who I think is gonna be a new segment we're gonna keep doing. It's a knock off of the James scored carpal karaoke segment. And grainy pat now we're singing and dancing in the car. I just don't know why. But some of this stuff mine had to be cut out grainy pat was a low price. And that was a little Tracy spring segment we're filming about I don't wanna spoil it but I have two questions for guests why is the number one why is this China involved and pretty that was drinking in the car there is deathly liquor in there and I don't know like a real on the show that your chances to drinking in a person's car. And I'm driving and there she is just toss it back. Number two adults spoilage just BS are now once or physical touching involved and it's grainy pat what it sounds from the dome Acker. She she wanted to. Yes she was trying to get action in the car. Seriously I allow more booked us. Bomb. It was I think it was interesting to see that isn't she is a crazy woman man I just so I easy pre game lady lover you don't notice I have audio of how you responded to a grainy pat try to get frisky you ready for us. You are in. A room in your bed she's smell like me now looks old answer that. He's an idiot are serenading there was an edge here in the music she's into is it's a very eclectic mix there's oldies. There was a song about mama's drinking Laker again a dozen name of the song she loves that song and you know why. Bruno Mars is a huge for Dumars and so one point on this carpal carry out you were singing Bruno Mars. And this is going sewer and let our video staff do we're gonna figure out what we need an legally. And our need to may be up on the web site oaxley early next week we can get done maybe up on a website it's got to entertain you she is or not. And out here more easily kids I need is is why I'm here I asked questions. All what Mike Breen asked the question this did not go down the video did it. That's could not go down between you agree any Delaware's a series frisky I mean that's a good outsiders thousand worried that. Happening on the video though something was happening on the stadium's. As just does what I had to explain in my life what passed it was drainage. She was amused by it because she's got to kind of funny but I like there was a moment there rad explain now this is what happens on the video. I mean I need to hear this idea deceived the the video on WF and C dot com I also need to see the on center did you receive a Roth that is not only are we gave people that. People all pay five dollars for paper's op Ed says. I would pay probably point five dollars to watch grainy on censor what people make me feel bad they're telling me to granny was breaking the law all national letter drinks at its like I don't really having control over Grammy. Brady gone wild gray yeah I mean I don't so I was just China should try I was trying to get me to drink it's the longest time in the car and I'm like I got Mountain Dew oh. I am I just I don't know I was glad to see the glass was Margaret and her husband Eric I don't know how she was own solo behind his back. Until you sure those spouses there C one of those spouses. She wanted tiremaker move in the car but I got an apparently did tell me that at one point he said he wanted you to drive to a to relate to show you delayed light flares out make out point solaris I thought might be going on there she claims just want to show me had me look at the leg is beautiful there and choose to observations I don't get up there are a lot don't you go their like every day and accessory go every night. First ball I would be insane if I had to drive up there and back every like I would be imagine known people who do it in. Regular drive time hours I had my I don't you might go and eight and come back at life how are being met Bob howdy all zoos that and I guess the only way to do it is my second point is salacious freaking beautiful. Like I mean I just speak. He's imagine how much fun is had nothing there. I mean I'll see the occasional pictures on social media how much fun you are in and out there but it's like so maybe that makes up for when you get there when you go to the headache. Getting help select US so much fun there than it's worth the headache gone back and forth. But it's crazy man it's absolutely crazy gotten crazier it's gotten crazier too with DR. The whole lane construction door on 2 sometimes in the morning SNL last week target. All get stuck in traffic sometimes that you know for failure 4 point in the morning in the land that is being criticized somewhat like how to play not coming in the work. I don't blame you so so the deal is this if this goes well at this is well received will do more carpal karaoke we'll see if any other Lister is wanna get involved global I'll go up to you where every ad and we'll do a little segment sing some songs are start there's also the thing we're trying to do would barber shops in the area where you and I go out we debate sports and all the guys and barber shops. Looks like we're gonna have one lined up when I get back from vacation. Like right around July 830 it's like organized somewhere in the neighborhood and so agreed to go out and film so we did testing don't want to bony I have eight. I have a ball workshop etiquette question for. What do you don't need your haircut you just go and our debate sports I think are probably need one Biden but the what do dieters got a lot of what's gonna get my haircut. Because I think you gotta be gotta ya know I was just a little more filming a segment I have I get the sense that people and and guys can tell us to show go to barber shops we have sport clips are I guess if there's a difference here with some we are not gods I go to this lady salon and more. Fast and totally different story now the barber shop but my question is. People just don't hang out barbershop bright against that's the feeling again bound is and they just go hang out a guy has been haircut. And it's just a great day community because it dude said to me mom my guy said to me gland. Who owns barber shop he says I once you guys they're probably on Saturday because that's where my big sports guys are there. Desolate mud big sports fans and they're so I think there's I did on Saturday dudes are working they just congregate. And had a good time so we're gonna bust up in there we'll see how that goes for a film that's so loved written some good things hopefully some good teachers go on for years. And it's just about football time once football times here right and which is were treated like it is right now. It's go time already talked a lot Tulsa ball today. In a little bit here a few minutes here resort to get into. ACC media day so don't know what ACC media days it's day to day yet to coastal division teams there yesterday so we'll talk about that little bit. That this is the most anticipated ACC football season I can remember bound. They are they have never been at this place and I think it was Wes Durham yesterday when he was talking to mom. I think it was with our Garcia barely talked dust but he's also all those guys. And he made a point that if this ACC football conference teams play in the way they are bound. The football basketball combination. Could be something that has never been seen before and sports. I mean eat that that's how good they can be taken stay at the top in football. You know they're gonna be right their two top in basketball this conference could be just plain nasty and the two revenue sports well. Did you get you mention a few times the last couple weeks Thursday and eight shifting coaching. When the SEC was on top you can name off all the great coaches are in the SEC at one time. Right now the SEC doesn't have a lot of great coaches ACC you've got data about you got Jim Ball. You've got Bobby Petrino you've got couples was not that level in terms of programs. But couples a great coach for doors doing a great job coaching has shifted to where the ACC now has the upper hand. In coaching in the SEC doesn't have the coaches Mack they don't great quarterbacks either. The FCC even during their raw and there was the hour here and there there was your TiVo's or whatnot. The SEC not a great quarterback Robert Teeter so what you don't have the great coaches or the great quarterbacks. There's going to be a shift in the balance of power I think dec. Be changed no this year in the SEC they got some young talent EC and badly. There's truly Paterson and all and miss I mean I think this is this this is the SEC home bound. Is it that's changing I'd I agree John percent. They had been really struggling to quarterback position. And I don't think do I. I entered I don't think their defense of Venice as good as as is as he used to did you want her to the sophomore personally stood on the ground there is Greg tell about Santa previous years so we had a great coaching and a lack of great quarterbacks. I think it's cause the ACC to overtake we agreed on a percent SEC fans what they're banking on is at this young crop drew locks another guy. The dish young crop of quarterbacks is going to change that. And we'll see. We're gonna find out you know Sunni and cannot wait. To keep dissing all in one way to started. Locally we get ACC SEC NC state South Carolina. And then you get to big one on opening Saturday night Florida State and Alabama. And I'm telling you right now I know people make fun of the fact that my picks a Boston missed against spread without the spread however you want to come I have my problems. Florida State and eight or eight A half points depending on where you're looking. Feels like a bargain to me in my sucker to fall for that low or do you agree with me now Alabama lost a tunnel on defense I know they reloaded. But it's the first game of the season. So it's not like to ya wouldn't wanna play them at the end of the season world as young. You know tell the defense of players get those wraps and but he lost seven NFL draft picks on defense. And Jalen hurts if you can make him have to throw a football. Clemson sound out if you make him have to throw a football he is far from polished in that area here's an alloy. Counter to you win. Bob would Alabama what is their record and what have been the scores. They've played a lot of these opening games they've demolished people in these games they absolutely did the USC last year. He got to go back in the over the last couple years they're not even close our night. I did play West Virginia wanted to hear didn't play great now West Virginia has had a lot of games our they'd they'd just demoralized what they do that in weeks three weeks four weeks I. When I say it is this David would months to prepare for that for a game has just when people are. Yet twelve to be Michigan 411413. They'd be Virginia Tech 3510. For was West Virginia is not a good performance I want my sense that I will be constant lack into what are you fifteen excuse me. 3517. Ending USC last year to want to be deduced the coolest thing about it is that they play those teams every year they start every year with a legit nonconference opponent I respect that I really do I don't sleep on God's side as sexy obviously has demo for a state but. Labor Day night we get Georgia Tech Tennessee. Another ACC SEC game which I think debt. Tennessee could lose up for Georgia Tech's got a chance to do after the ACC source except bunch of starters back man and they're playing really well to end the year last year and now Auburn Clemson is one held a match up in week two it really is. Are we come back sort gain enormous college football and we come back ACC media days was a news. SEC media days final date any news coming out of that bad boy. I mean I'm really I was I was slow wonder mound which I'm which America was gonna get tired of first. Connor and Floyd's press guy Robertson is or SEC media picks it feels like they both have been going on for about nine straight days at this point. Our rights when we come back we'll talk more council ball it is the Mac it's 1025 WF and C. 102562. And WFAN sea traffic. Crippling of the construction comes on 77 south and around for 85 that we still an accident that area this report sponsored by Taco Bell. You checking on the strength right around her would read in the construction zones clearing up which is still see this accident not gonna backups as you head southbound. Northbound 77 looking fine. We did have an accident in the university area north Tryon and east WT Harrison hit and run it Wilkinson employer. Effect cut through around the airport David Cox still shut down with that water main market westerner creek. 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Alone nickel vehicle's critical below the caucus you agree with you at all it takes to be loved by Kyle take Kyle. I figured Garay. So love I drive. Garcia and bailing this morning at 1001025610. WFAN easy. One of my favorite teen sticks out dornin in 2017. Season the NC state wolfpack. This team has a shot to do some really nice things are really believes that's. Finley backs second year in the system. Coordinator he's already familiar with from Boise State's. Jalen Sam's I think there's a chance to be Candace profits player of the year if they use them correctly use a more to run game to. And that's what Siemens is talking about yesterday. I am a little down on Jalen Samuels though because he tell you so pro Jess today that despite growing up in Charlotte easing cowboys again. All my lord nothing's worse than a cowboy fan born and raised in Charlotte that is a knowing. As I tweedy yesterday when I saw the quote we lost to good manager wants and now he's right they're great football player from our city could have been a panther fan it's amount that we lost apparently we never had apparently we never had. I let me get a call him getting the discounts of ball stuffing stokes said yesterday things or talked about yesterday ACC media days. And SEC media days SEC's wrapped up. ACC coastal teams players and coaches are over there at the west in it today and again coverage live from ten until. On six once you've got to wake up and you go on over there are the other two shows will be over there. Rocking and rolling I let's go to mum and Ed this has become like an annual fixture bone on the show were dead makes a very nice call to me makes me feel good what's up. Had. A good morning Chris did at all do you gear and yeah also that. T bone not borne out they're not being permissible truck driver not so in a little blob in the big tent somewhere between here in Louisiana. The anyway I'm very easily your favorites also out of school on the color done about this time in the summer this little part of July 2004 war. So embarrassing and it can happen in my life tomorrow would want to do some illegal type of smoothest. Company and Stalin. That support some attribute. In your afternoon show where they co host who are not allowed say out loud. Or your producer but anyway knock it. Canned albacore quote I heard you got to remember all the overall. Just drama queen rocks south Baltimore and on base toward him some. By county anyway. So that would be if I did the math correctly you have now completed thirteen years in one market and it's a big market has not like you're. I think about it though you know the little eight you know tell nobody ever heard of them. So it's competitive you can have been in the big cities suddenly didn't we have an always got one home. I remember the old days I used a colleague just ordinary yeah. But I thought our pro I must say yes congratulations to you can make their Travis but he goes by T bone. He's grown so much in his various social booster knowing how Warner reversed issue from. Here to go to albeit a bit. He's really grown in his responsibilities and and I appreciate app that takes seriously. His role in the and it's true like he's doing the reading in the research that. You should be able to have a reasonable com we cannot just be like decide cute kid and also great and also lucky given more comment about warm pretty led economy in a truck a lot actually they don't hold in Waco must be talking on the phone. I'll let you make a quick shopping him. And he came up only and so he allowed me to get a shot in some time appreciate gas also one last question for you gearing and the I wanna make sure the new owners and are calmed and knows that according to the whole Libya can do web site. They both stay oblivious completed in August of 2000 are in 1997. That was my best solace the twenty of our steaks and steak and also opens. It in association ruled earlier I'm sponsored senate. And one of these sports or us and good point that maybe maybe the sales reps can step up and so proud all the plans and have a big you are today and twentieth. Absolutely great call and I knew the kind that before he got the eyes of the Karen I got a uniform observation. For you majority uniforms. I yesterday on the view solve this. Denver Nuggets are releasing new uniforms in a couple weeks they had heard aren't they have not a are. Revealed what they are yet in yesterday. I. Was the old ugly Multi Color 1980s. Denver Nuggets uniforms. Would you be OK at the nuggets brought those back. Well in in the spirit of the American basketball association and the great calls here who invented the dog. I did you know it didn't do it one crewman has done a good. That. You know that that historical level label for all the political stuff that's associated with what that look now. I guess so I felt I congratulate them on its. I wish they had got in regional final maturity about all they got to blow back we saw broad and lasting so long skinny you know move my tropical looks three quicker. And anyway also cannot give a shout out to Jim appreciate you June. And I'm you gotta gotta dig dig them just a path station that I brought to you thank you thank Fred and T bone I am unfortunately. You know. You had a uniform efficient uniform during his stations still lasted longer that is today but I did I dog thirty for thirty new demand and you may not adds he's a nice. These guys do did he think is the thinking of us voted this year every time thinking grass and heavier now or saw how I always comes around I don't I was never at any job more than three years in radio and so I got here. So to get near thirteen is amazing I hope it continues we don't want move anywhere else is great place for a family. He's got you know major sports stuff. But I felt like I really want to be in his big overwhelming so big overwhelming city Elena really raise a family one like this is just a perfect spot. I hope it continues and it twentieth anniversary things are great call. Could be something really worse celebrate man is really could be there's no doubt about it I've only had two jobs bagging groceries and missile. Sock puppet to gather our act. That's almost crazy it's weird black I mean I ever had to work on our Reza man I don't know how I'd I don't know how I'd do that you'd. You need to you never as a base to send to the local team here and then present they sent out the radio you have two different X around good guy and guess that the buildings that are tax I'd get a white light up that phone golfer beads and god knows this he's too nice to add these guys got to give meaning to us on the tech slide. Tom let's see here I asked a question and are you allowed to just go hang out at a barbershop and just talk. There's reed ray Doocy short we just go BS is the barber shop and recorded. This dude said barber shops and get away from dice no need to cut get a cut just talking don't want to Macy's trying to escape your your wife your your wife is which decided it would barbershop. Next guy those says MacKey you have to get a haircut it's a business as much as you love capitalism. You should understand that. Why am all the sudden mr. capitalism. Just I'd just as I said it's no big deal that the Panthers are increasing ticket prices and by the way can I say something known. About that whole thing to do I know people don't wanna get dragged back into that again. People are complaining about the right stuff as another thing that bothers me you wanna complain about something take a look at the prices the two dollars hot dogs two dollars and soda take a look at those prices and then when you have to get done in five dollars in your fan fest. Take a look at just if the prices again. And then get pissed off. That is what you should be compared about a beer for you should be mad about a beer for 1011 dollars that should make you angry. But it did not five dollars to go be entertained for a couple hours at night. When that's not what should make you angry and that's one of my my feelings about this whole thing is. Light wears a concession anger you know what a concession anger is not there really bone because we have just gotten used to it. We accept you accept it and it's way more outrageous and five dollars for science test but. Stand to ask you never had to pay for it to change. The change people are rebellious to change I get it but just think about what's more of an injustice the more double knows Burris case. Or pay your five dollars for tonight and it's going to the Panthers charities when how what what does what it's way worse for. Now you've got a family of evolved for. By how much would it cost if he wanted to go. Eat your family at a ball game does any ball game right now how much does that cost he does just the so dogs sodas and whatever else how much is that right new normal. I get 5060 bucks is it's like saying man. As absolute course hasn't hit 211 dollar Beers and an event that we OpenId doesn't help matters I'm certainly has thrown in there I have a barbershop talk questioned what sent. Or we bring you Osborne with us. Because now all we're gonna use Erica. She needs her likable. Well there let the savior have a Eleanor I say take a victim that thing going to talk to tabloid trash and a barber shop about guarantee you have some support other big cowboy fans in there is that there will be there's it's gonna it's gonna be eclectic Kabul Afghanistan where my friend I listed TI now and that's part of the profits of movement that is surprise you why I cannot escape them it's a bowel movement. And including. I'm madly jailing your good guy act it's WS Lindsay dot com is an email address. 7045709. CCR got to do more golf softball there we got to play the audio so we do on this hour play the audience Christian McCaffery. Talking about coming to Charlotte this weekend and next weekend to work out with cam. Throw with GM that's big news it's the Mac it's at 102 sub W asked Lindsay if this. Prime time powered by ortho Carolina. You dropped the ball. He would be welcome in Marcus Smith CEO and president of Speedway Motorsports I he's a true MLS leaders are going to be in town on next week is that true. It is a is the rumor that is just started today and I can't confirm it. The certainly wouldn't tonight. You will want to. You raw red carpet and welcome everybody in sand make sure they know Charlotte is ready for an all out. Catch primetime with a Chris Kluwe over powered by ortho Carolina. Weekdays from two this six. Join a touchdown club luncheon speaker series presented by electro Lux and ESPN commentator and journalist Stephen A Smith sponsored by a man to glean from Wednesday July 19 of this year and Charlotte hotel reservations visit touchdown club dot com. 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SEC football media days kicked off yesterday in uptown Charlotte coach demos Sweeney of the defending national champion Clemson tiger says the ACC is as good as any conference in the nation. I don't think this league's ever been better but again I think that's best for more we wanna be a great lead. And I think all of us coaches take pride in that. Panthers offensive tackle Michael or plans to report to training camp according to a ESPN report or was in town for mandatory mini camp in June but did not take the field. As he has been a concussion protocol since last September 9 back out of the all star break and hammered by wood at thirteen before the play again uptown tonight. Tim Tebow when they walk off home run for single A saint Lucie last night now owns an eleven game hitting streak and a three point seven batting average for the Mets affiliate. Major League Baseball returns tonight and among the game's Red Sox host the Yankees and Astros birth of twins nationals and reds and braves take on the Diamondbacks. Cubs acquired pitcher Jose can tonne up from the White Sox for four prospects for the knicks report Olympics Sacramento Kings executive Scott Perry to be their new general manager. And at Wimbledon tenth seed Venus Williams and fourteen CW a mugger Rudy event on the women's final I'm Jim Nokia maps before. Yes from two very big boy. Charles Davis of the NFL on fox McCaffrey is going to be advanced because of his father obviously in this coach in the he's got a Stanford McCaffrey are not worried a bit about him this kid. Yes it's. So many different ways but did it during the confines and I didn't buy the whole way through the draft brought that I oh let's go out there and give your best round rock. In this year's draft has any prediction Garcia and bailing this morning at ten. 1025610. WFANZ. Hi we're back. Feel Good Friday brought to the hunters don't forwarded to fight songs all day on Friday request. Your favorite school's fight song or under 200 talk a bunch of ACC football later this has to be. I mean just the biggest the best buy never. I'm going to ACC ACC football season and won two of the last four championship surely ask for highs and end. Feeling their oats down below and Jumbo call that the country say we're best conference. And I think they're on percent right I do love that so we'll talk about that a bunch a couple of things. That. Of the notes. Wake Forest Kindle Clinton was. Did close again announcer these are starter. Our kids real mobile and they were playing I mean didn't play well what without him they've played they seem to have a different sort of a lot dance with him with his versatility so that was mentioned yesterday meanwhile over in the SEC does smells on is not willing to say dirt cinema as a starter. He still says there's a chance Sean White could still start. Which I think is proud schools but he liked very unlikely there's probably a better chance Connor McGregor. Beats Floyd Mayweather when Shaun White starting overstate them and Aldrin went. I Gus is not willing Dionne to come right out and say hey this is this is students job. Com what else I see SE Katrina Bobby Petrino talking about. Working a lot with Lamar Jackson under center. And a one of the reasons given was I've got to prepare him for the NFL and it's interesting though because a lot of coaches really quite honestly. Don't really care that much about preparing a quarterback for the differences in the NFL game. Now is that most coaches don't most coaches you run our offense were spread offense team we run it. And then you worry about the NFL when he gets there and going under center when you get there are so. This interesting I don't know bone as does this mess with the Marchex is mixing see how that experiment goes into more under center. Who was Katrina prepared for any NFL himself for Omar Jackson. Yes the original lines here. He's ready to go back to is gonna ride his motorcycle off into the sunset it into an NFL cities where did referral Louisville scandals been awhile what the last time we had a good scandal Louisville and thank you it's been so long or duke from Katrina job change also I guess is part of what your thinking there on that one. And demos Sweeney had a great free can quote yesterday. About Dexter Lawrence who is just a physical freak there there were two defensive tackles a Cayman accounts football last year us. That we're just. I've never seen anything like it affected they were just removed from high school. Dexter Lawrence and a dude and Oliver down they're used to poets like those or did you look at and say I think they could play in the trenches in the NFL already. And it usually Don which is insane and the quote the demo had to explain that is he said I've got guys plenty of guys that look. Like Dexter Lawrence when they're leaving the program. He says I have never had a dude that looks like that when he arrives at the program absolutely it's absurd and and Oliver is even better. It's extra large which is right is Ed Albers appeared on some the back into some Heisman Trophy west sorrowful for a defensive tackle. From Houston to appear on. Heisman Trophy what is is just our early release amazing they're already planned on both those guys being in top five picks not this year not just coming to rampant a year after when their album coming out. Our Mac at WFNC I don't know I wanted to mention there's. You phrase it is. Well I was kind of McGregor I would say he's asked I would just I'd just jump Lernout yeah but you phrase it's a joke you know there's this Houston not lawsuit. Alleges stage you freeze these sports information directors like the PR guy for the program on and others and at Ole miss. We're calling up media guys. And saying hey this stuff that happened that's that there is a violation its Houston nuts fall. And Houston not a star in a lawsuit so yesterday the day after the lawsuit was files you've freeze had to talk SEC media days. They said he talked for like twenty minutes straight by himself before you take any questions and was talking about as long snapper one point. When she was 100% during a filibuster. To China to hunt down. And forced a guy and push back the questions are gonna come and on what happen what city do anyway go when they finally ask the questions are not able to talk about that I'd love to but I can't talk about that. Our point of view. Mag I'm not trying to go the full Slaney hear you mention Hugh. I sub once of people last night talking about Hugh Hefner guiding on Twitter. I'm trying to search the news here I don't not see any easier after receipt. I views on the air but I do not see news on you jeopardize so. Just one of those what are their way to mail Internet you're asking the guy who lost dead or alive to mark. So but I can't find at the new I port saint RIP you know I'm a pretty good as soon as you have her die we would all know about it right I think he's a significant loss figures just that would be major news. When sports talk radio. News right I would interview I did do you rank low but it just brings it up on the air. Someone might have diamond reject and figured I had an offense to just got a couple data for your professional growth both. And that moment on air Soledad as he brought up you know it's an act request I was just sounds and has 2000 endangering your real quick. I want to Christine McCaffrey audio are coming up the I think you're gonna wanna hear about eight minutes. Andrew what's up. Think that was called homer and then what he's. Mayoral first Alvaro what are my operated isn't quite there we went to the clinching game you went so well that ball. Executive Lawrence it has. Totally he's like they usually is so ridiculous cautiously. Obviously it's terribly reluctantly went Kazaa a each for a North Carolina and I've heard about what I saw almost like a dubious top three top. But Macs are not that good here reproduced here so Mercer on the sixth hole which or whatever it is like a hundred degrees there's not the norm PP. It's gotten so bad arm probably won't want to go two that you put all armed tribal like particles go out there you. But the biggest mega can be headquartered dealt MacBook and dedication for Julius Peppers. People aren't that Matt showed up at a public appears in a restaurant that picture they don't soon after this happened. In winter wondering what yeah that you also with pat. Despite all that east. Still under the tendencies are immense credit that as he may be a little note as my united. We come to college sport particularly vocal coach sportage. You know there's so much that can bring people around here that we don't see I don't want that but what extent that we hear real. Did you know or didn't close when wolf pack rat comes. That happened here rate. Is over road and left and wanna stay back. It's how we got opened McGregor has been cheered so we do is fight but I think you're talking out of double B are important expressed or Jews. They're about to army and you're probably out of her nervous. I would try Lambert at 7 o'clock we're gonna play some of the Reid. The newest it Dino is Floyd and and Connor audio which I thought last that was the worst on my far. But replace some of it and we're just discuss what's happening bone. This is happening to a lot of folks they are saying I'm getting drawn in by this. And I'm not understanding why this is make annualized to fight it makes me wanna watch them. Yellen each other but it doesn't make me wanna watch him fight so we'll talk about that a little bit here coming up to about 7 o'clock. Enter here's your three signs were in mid July. We get random calls from east Carolina fans touting their team and they don't call back you know rest of the season game got Kevin calls a show brag about South Carolina. And maxed out that these guys. That's how I got a little look at the calendar I know why fourteenth C I feel like I have been touted stayed in a few years I feel like just kind of laid off that. And now a bad pick my spots a silly this is a worthy spot for me to come back and how humble see what happens I for the record Mac in Monterey. It's not know for sure be shut down gone on while barbecued. We don't know until I was 31. Serve. It's it's did see you know suspicious or not there he is that's funny though that it was very close after I am dear lingerie in that restaurant was gone it was a very ugly indeed did timing is that it warns an investigation I believe that's the same event grows wearing a Josh I'm on the outside of my short answer I know there's. There's a picture of you holding me in my lingerie insistence I don't legally aren't going Osborne has no idea what's going on on the good old days -- the good old days I would not I was probably like thirteen when happened we come back. Your voice sounded the same value and you've always on Sunday. But the shot was it's come back. We got to play and I'm excited about this Christian McCaffery talking about war in with Campbell for training camp you've got to hear this this is cool to Mac attack. WM DNC presents she's 88 squeezing you should listen to WFANC. Had 102 point five in high quality ethnic. The man doesn't want you to tell what color match. 10256. 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Night after the listener special and you several comprise an immediate 50% off too much pillow premium pillows if you anywhere below 804343219. Go to my pillow dot com he's our promo code prime time to get this unbelievable offer don't lose another night of good sleep. Steve Clifford coach Judd thanks for the time end a minute understudy up by promising to be more or during an educated. But then you're like golf superstar own our own Paula we'll be forwarded back and assume. Start so who's you know I think there's just part of who you war. All right so they'll they'll see you tomorrow okay coach but he's a prime time when congress I it's this afternoon that he. Okay lives. What Indian communications and like so. Violated quarterback Cam Newton. Hostin good you know we've been talking a lot sacks in the laden. From going maxed out there this weekend so little been in next week continues so. It's been good though I'm excited to work you know he's unbelievable players great leaders so that we can be funded says it's juicy stuff. All right that was Christian McCaffery yeah. He was on good morning football NFL network yesterday. And he just sat in on us I had no knowledge this was getting ready to occur I wonder who else is involved in this. I had I had thought that cam was not able to throw a bone with teammates until training camp. That's what I had kind of thought that what the deal was. And just kind of throwing on the side you know would train around vermilion nothing nothing extensive but it's. Christine McCaffrey says this weekend and next week and you're right there I'm coming back to Charlotte's. And a long throw was cam and it makes you wonder how many other guys are involved in that because. I keep your Boehner about the other team still he's gonna do it there's a couple others that are going to get together quarterbacks and receivers and backs and stuff. And had these passing sessions can use to do it with the receivers up ads of the Baltimore the under armour set her up under armour complex up there. So this makes me think maybe there's more guys involved to bowling team is getting a chance to throw with his rookie teammate McCaffery. Hopefully Samuels involves both of their more guys involved that's good news I didn't think so like just will be happening. Great news we didn't I don't like he just said did they cam was thrown with teammates and the throw that guy right away that's that's a good sign right there got a gal are you gonna show up for the event like in the woods I could touch it it's a David troubled star organism that. Vote them out of this pesky restraining order on me it's driving me crazy. It's so anyway that's critical. And we have an update in a while we are now at Mon twelve days. And before you get to the job the sport part of things here shout out to my man you have to includes his breakthrough is ski enough so I'm not that he gets a lot I thought I look at yeah it. Probably not even that yet can you probably sit up all my fault or is he in that he's still standing to. Rally on bad. So yeah he's alive there's a death closer read an article about this and apparently this is a something that happens all the time. Because. Indecency article I read said that a something called the celebrity post did a survey. And 94% of the respondents of the poll said they think did you ask her death rumors are not funny anymore. When you're do you mean they were funny the first doubled us. How long do we stop killing all people in thinking that's like a fun way to spend an afternoon's create an easy job second time in two months I almost killed somebody off its free syrups and the shouts the Morgan Freeman himself kicking yourself for that once they are totally. And then you and every NFL quarterback dying in a car crash for awhile stupid death hoax was out I just. What I'm more as a great question during a break like why what an why do people do this kid's job. Go to work so we destructive it's your time you know Nelson Suggs got as I got something here that are going to be incidents. It says the poll also revealed that 98% of the people would start to death hoaxes are cowboys and it adds that Cabrera got that's got messed up false. Brandon is a propaganda that I thought like hate speech. I would also wanna say oh god David Newton Panthers blogger. Is reporting that Michael Moore will be very training camp but this really this is not. Big news here on my mosaic stake this I mean it's gonna happen apparently. But it's we had a feeling he would show up he's got to show up to try to get his money what happens though when he shows up is the question. Does he every clearance to play. Is there some sort of injury settlement it's just. How does this play out when he gets there because I don't think I. I really didn't think Tony was just not gonna show up because if he wants to get his money if you must get an injury settlement if he wants a forced them to route to cut him. Any of this stuff mound he's got to show up and goes through the motions. It doesn't appear from the outside that is intent is to play for the Panthers. It doesn't appear that they want him to play for the Panthers so it's more about trying to get his money that they get back to getting out there. And input on the Helmand quite footballers out money. They know that title to date on the day invasion employed this football team so we knew he'd probably be there how he plays football for the team that's out there that would be a big. He's out there practicing and he gets cleared and it looks like man they're gonna go with him and I seek a stay healthy dose not the most important thing our offensive line is not import as a man's you know. By its it would I don't that's a long shadow is abound but he contributes Justine. It just feels like a long shot even talking about it you know I wouldn't ten remained to be offensive bodied you can pencil ready to gap now and that made it Mac and WAS NZ dot com is email address and yes Tebow fans I will mention. What's your guys do and I've been a harsh critic of TiVo's baseball experiments. And I can report to be sitting what like 326 of high A ball right now he'll walk off homer last night when the game eleven game hitting streak it's it's crazy low A ball to 26. Hi able 326 from the big hitting streak and a walk off. It's a small simple mind you everybody gets a bit of a small sample. But if I'm going to bag on him when things are going badly I'll be man enough to give him credit things are going well imports saint Lucie right now. And I expect him to be starting for the Mets bone in the next week I would think. Lost my day job I was hearing not a prisoner of the moment thing he could be a not a prisoner of the moment type guy. But Oslo where does this rank among the greatest force for them all our. And a guy that was forgotten about it all away Balkan ghosts a high A ball this is like what movies are made up this might be. Angels in the outfield to want to mark. Auto market. Has done a pants and a solid today no shame when it comes to Tebow does shame in his game what so ever none whatsoever. I ask you I saw you rob my sideline with you us not thousands Verisign and why this guy. I was I was third on a no because. The last time we brought this up I started kind of going after him and it is nice and anthologies goes as is turning. Yeah I think the tide is turning pro IP continue to do well he goes to double way. And he does well then your back all ominous say OK maybe there's something here maybe he deserves a shot. But how many games he played Ohio hi able. I mean you know wanting others well Reynolds twelve and he's got a lot to gain city streets and he got OJ he has done it every game a relatively. Small. Very small sample okay so if he'd be six back down then I'm getting paid a lot. I think when you. You talk. I Eddie continues to play well and did you jump back on the fun. And I'm back not let her right now I just don't see it okay. I date early signing Webber foyer slipped more than Simone bottles in the Olympics right now what you did your staying and it's I'm I'm very conflicting I will say this regardless are not I will watch inducing movie don't take my guess is Disney movie it's in it's not a I won't do that. I won't we come back what public goods orders does is far away Tim Tebow does a great you know Ozzie gray do Clint sexiest and years overrated you know we're gonna go as far away for a very due to class act as we do and where to talk about Mayweather McGregor. That's coming up next got three more emails some guys that said we basically we agree they Andrew. See the trash talk is making us wanna buy this fights. We have to discuss that hustle play the update audio from last night's press conference it is a Mac attack on SNC. WNBA and see receipts. The 44 threes in you should listen to WS kinsey had 102 point five and high quality FA because four out of five. Genesis group. The US since he had 102 point five he's just better for your team. 10256. Dead. WFANC. This hot it's gonna stay that way for awhile Scot Shields and here for Charlotte Comfort Systems the area's original vein clinics premier dealer and home of the best price guaranteed to have you noticed your AC is kicking on a little more often flailing have you gotten a service yet. It's not your gambling on a big emergency bill don't take the risk sign up for our preventive maintenance program give us a call a 7043661661. 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