Mac Attack: Brad Brownell

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Tuesday, February 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Clemson Coach Brad Brownell


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I would imagine the maggots at 102 point five WF Lindsay had a very adjusting our man. We you know talked about Clinton's comments. On Garcia and Bailey he's got enough talent to win it's on him. I respect that accountability but I don't see view that that led deathly dull as far as UNC. We gave them heap some praise for that win last night it wasn't pretty 13 game inside of five days over the wasn't reward for a while but man did they turn that may be up late would have 259 Ron. To finish the game out. Are they attacked the paint too big time and steel pins and did everything for that squat. So will talk about that Luke may struggle people are taunting Luke made it understand though why is there live may backlash. But to do a real good stories a local kids we just leave that that like why is there. Why can't do a story don't just be universally liked why are there people that you're good story that makes him angry I don't know all those sort of people. I don't get it and a lot of it comes from some of those six listen and I don't I don't analysts say this. If arrival. Saying was removed may is it accurate probably not they got as an unbelievable stories claim. And yet 32 we have 33 points two nights ago third 317 to 317 so even ripping him as arrival seems a little bit. There ought to ties into his own sand Seattle got back to these slam and I just downright bizarre I don't think about that this could be a Stater details here every time I hear about a little let me know that there are fans out there that oratorio fans that have. Happening a week ago I asked. And it is listen it's a glass of some rough nights yeah he had a rough night last night couldn't finish inside but to do that too big assists and a big run to put the game lag. He can pass and pass on this team can really pass the basketball when they're doing their best. Arroyo talked about last night how well they're moving the ball lately. When they're sharing the ball and consist pass anime spasm like they've got the ability to be a tremendous. Passing basketball team and that's when they are at their best. And I here's. It's all but also a lot of us portability with flu may where he'll get points or eight at least I don't get rebounds in her also and he'll be out like. Six in three and don't put up polite. 16812. All the Cedric had to get to those numbers he doesn't why doesn't he gets his numbers and out and watch it. Definitely now here's the sum 45 Brad Brownell he deserves love Clemson deserves loves there there there are three seed on the committee's early release. Of the art sweet sixteen seats on so we're to talk to him against Florida stayed on the road tomorrow they're second in the ACC united three. However this conversation I wanna get Gil stands in duke fans want you to feel free stand up for your squad. I believe it to this point in time Carolinas is now better team into our Erykah deuce points higher recounts. We usually settle Erica was not odd TV know what's coming. You're gonna turn on Digg so fast well it's not so elegant turn on duke and you're gonna lead suddenly did fast enough mainly due to NASA they lost real side bound Carolina beat him as a player card actually barely else hostile I think he left quicker than just ridiculous and I'll get your hands get better listen I must say this though duke has to the higher seal. Do concluded altogether and they start to put it altogether then I'm going to change my opinion because of the talent level they have. But it does boarding time duke is benching their starting point guard. And Carolina has won four in a row and are playing some really good basketball. I don't see like did to me I'm talking about right now I'm looking at the teams right now who do you think is a better team right now I'm sorry bona guys that work. So my eyes tell me that as of right now North Carolina is playing better than duke. They beat him head had they're tougher to duke duke Duke's level of toughness and effort is despicable. Seriously they are the quintessential team with tons of talent but doesn't play their ass off. And it just straight. US aging UNC had a lot as for issues against Virginia Tech on the rolls up. They didn't become owners say where was a hard desire for UNC that night but it's a big Carolina's been playing with hard lately man they really have been duke is not a at this point aren't you you're you're using a line up changes as you're. As a example here. These you know aware of the fact that I'm not saying this is going to happen again but. Facts are facts. In the five championship runs for coach Gary. He has made a lineup changes in February all five tots but it's crazy he's done it though does he removed Matt Jones in Sears at twentieth and eighteenth. And these other five times affords glory it's it's resulted in championship as member zoom back into what needs and he came in the lineup to change things around Matt Jones and the white 12015. Formula Jefferson agencies around. They took off from there he did in the nineties with players in 2001 he need to constantly tweaks the wind up in February to get ready for march every database base of a lineup change. But I can. I don't out but tiger is Chris the Tola I don't think this is intended to be that permanent change. I don't think they want Alex O'Connell out there is a permanent starter I think it's let's light a fire under this Duval kids because he's extremely talented but he's a knuckle it. And I think that's the attempt how can I get through to him Carolina you have to admit both Carolinas jelling. Likes finally cam Johnson and his small lineup it's like GE O Jim my Jim Johnson came in the middle this thing. You know I read an article last night after the game that says this basically team Johnson is kind of got his training champion now with the team. And you're starting to see him get comfortable playing with him Roy's getting comfortable playing with small lineup Kenny Williams is getting his shot back is well armed. Story and why all that great last night. There really everyday they had a horse at the end that game was close was sediment is the only game it was what day it was a blood at moody it's those 333. Free throws. It's a one point game motives are our game at five not understood. And they still ended it was tied 59 I worried and I understand added grace or get the credit them for an apple that was their best effort that's not I'm not saying it was but they have won three games in five nights they've won four games overall in a row. This teams up to fourth now in the ACC. I'm just saying I think they're plainly don't think they're playing well that. When it rallies and press there is certainly playing better than it did for that stretch with the Virginia Tech Clemson. Stretch the other getting better are they better than duke right now I'm not signing off on that. Some are still say Duke's a better team I don't blame your dude sing it whom they gave they game burst a game. Who's got the high ceiling does not to class every guy out there. I don't think that's a question I set it to start to start conversations but I think duke still has a higher ceilings but Duke's big game has been MIA. You know it's been missing in action are we going to see that they can't get weaker while mice but I'm saying as of right now if you're he'll stay at. Are you guys at this level our own beliefs and listeners about face for me because I sent their last week like an idiot and told you to do and stay or both Kennedy Caroline's. I had Carolina at six and seven in the AC CM to lose two games so part of this bone is I'm giving them their due credit. Eight based on the way they made me look like it AME idiot and do on the slip signed by the way is making me look like an idiot. Reverse an eighty degree when he racked your acted like there are ninth seed determine right now. What needs no need any remarks under is she what are you talking about how on their underachieving and gathered us are not playing their best leader acted there's still projected as a seed I know they are tonight well see I'm not act like dad they are underachieving despite a loss and get it right off completely that you guys aren't. Write a moss if you read tomorrow is gonna be their next week just it was a Carolina why you can't get here. They've backs once again on now you're the you're the indeed impartial observer are the Tar Heels or do better right now. I mean right now that's easy to say the UNC's better but like you set I agree with all your points are the because a bigger ceiling and everything all right. Mean yeah great now you just won three games at five days you gotta say Carolina's better playing better right now and they just beat. Carolina went through their rossbash its turnaround we'll see what duke does but I think you got to give Roy credit for turning around I mean and you look at some of the stuff teased on consume gets reps at point guard last night the second half it works out tremendously. Puts takes it on Bagley. That worked out tremendously in NC state game he had just from the first game and they don't switch everything. Andy you know that works out tremendously when Mary LaMont to Joseph bears played some unbelievable on ball defense what he did mark L Johnson. And what he did to Matt Farrell last night back to back games is some tremendous free can work really. That you're the pride in his voice and after this year and he says Tom wants to see you thank you Roy's got these guys as. Just just popped out. This finally doing his Tiger Woods is out of the box I here's a question though when our other tar heel fans excited. Editorial fans out there listening and fired up about this team and wanting to brag about this team. Tom 7 o'clock or 57096. And Gil stands. How good are you an RUS debt point where you want to rule. You know thump your chest and say I think we're a better team until we beat him heads up. Came from twelve down to beat him. Or is this to Zastudil and five base will talk about what your thoughts on that duke fans don't make team on site alone. T bone is he is in it has been a rough spot for three straight days of shelling. I don't. Pop songs speak. He's getting very well senator Corzine so Ullman the league with ease in the old ladies are seen as he's only that we would do that's the only problem otherwise I'm sorry okay which you need help to deal with the sun don't need any help whatsoever he'll want any don't like the Mike Kemba Walker is giving the ball. Analysts. Aren't so whatever we UNC and duke fans. Specifically UNC listen we were all down on them you all. I yell what do you call and talk about him I said here pull my hair out over this team's three point defense. Let's say it's completely cured but is Carolina to a point where you think they're the better shape lose 70457. Or nine success we'll talk about this it's a Mac and sac on one of 2.5 don't yet Wednesday. I we're back so you do another barrel this Australia. This storm of view on the don't hold all you do have greatness wagon down and it is officially over with your off. No more questions asked you to pay your. You were aura your residence. You're everything that is you. If you go ride that UNC wagging its ads or scratches here's a lot doomsayers are saying the same things thank god Max finally back in a Tar Heels are taller holes or every dollar saying it killed at least they don't last week. I did I get too carried away would NC state and now you know their raw red carpet out of the paint from the wing to paint. But is far as this you know I will say this obamas can change though. If duke starts playing better protect a source I reserve the right to send all our boys as Duke's go to potentially the best team in the country that's why I'm so frustrated with them they're not playing anywhere near to that level here. I that this is the on Thursday you're about duke. On Friday looked around anyway what the wolf pack active and he tried to tout NC state on Friday you looked around on Saturday and Sunday now Monday and he said. My meals that this is the quickest duke. Us state to Carolina get out of here you. Her out of her so you can make out what she rude frenzies that you declared a state and one shell few years that tells of a step out of the ten years or something that loss that enable us to Davies and that's due to Millwood to US. By anybody to beat dads are real secure shameless man. I let's go to so I'm just talk and honest question Tar Heels fans to bone is not rounding duke fans here. Tar heel fans want that wanna talk to you right now the way he treated to argue with me and say dude what are you given up on us so needless to play Carolina fans of course are gonna talk about what's happened Roy Williams is doing a better job with his team right now and coach case duel with this AT&T disputed. It can't man what for a three day period finally go to the phone since the close and game they've won four rows since Clemson game one was all right store does that count this camera says you cannot make this big of a jump in five days but it was three games in five days it's damn near unprecedented don't want to Carolina has not done this since 1980 all. Finally go to song 704570. Nine's extent. Who is Whitney origins make the Carolina right now is a better team and duke as we speak right now I would go to Luke real quick look at you with real this or not. Our new guy out. Swimming at their dog park in Japan. You know if we're we're we're the other. Yeah I do you think I'm better. It made me. It is they do Chara or that a spectator do it it is ready to keep it really can't stop. You can't we all get in the debate if I'm not I I really I don't know I think a lot of light brigade. Are not well I'd just what they eat they eat veggie debate around. Didn't our state to play up the RID I don't know that they're not in Lebanon and you gotta pay out there were rerouted around. Thus you guessed two point you talk about completely reversing the way you feel about a program with what makes it to do it nobody. And then I coupons put up forty organs marked their next game that they want. I will say this though to the Virginia stand the loot. Meet one he seems as good as Virginia all right I'm not and I didn't praising carried away. But spent Virginia team is not this automatics final four team the way some people want to talk about if they have. As any Ross. Offensive game against the wrong team as they could be in some trouble you know assembled at some point on the way to try to get to San Antonio. The same never seen his fans have going for them though is the future. That bearer to scorers are sophomores and they're not going anywhere and more of their best players is also fresh attitude we don't these guys Connors a real difference in your system these guys are gonna leave so. If it's not now for Virginia I'm telling you this group the guys is gonna be their best chance of Arnold's. We're gonna break through I would say that's fair at some point nice couple years is drew probably breaks through recent this year that's an interesting question. I'd ZE. Sensibility senator Saxby heels lagged defensive intensity for much of the time for me to consider them a final four team but if they fix that looked out yeah I. I don't even though I consider him a final fourteen at this point I just staying at a Jindal said yes say its second weekend team. And I didn't feel like I felt like this team was in danger Barnaby and Roy's first first round loser. You know during their three game losing streak and now I feel like dis teams in the second weekend let's see was a good move forward Louisville's a tough game on the road against Louisville how. Respond to that right now I just feel like Carolina and duke. I should look look look at the rankings right now look at the way they've played over their last five games Carolina's 14 among Duke's once global. It just feels like right now Carolina has moved up in past duke I'm not saying it's permanent alt. I only go to a vote so. Once sweets in it's more confused. Meta world peace on Big Brother or Mac try to figure out what ACC team new license. That here man I go back to disarm. Radio appeals fancy a funny thing though he Virginia fans are gone up where they Gil stands a believer what Roy he's doing in his teens don't southern hills for. 57096. Day indeed truly believe your better than duke we go to Myron. I'm just kind of Myron what's up Mirant. How much I don't Heyman what do you think in my gone too far in just for five days and the seals team how you feel about them. Muted O Rick aren't really even a Tar Heels and is a Whitney OK why do you say that. I don't they're not saying that in this group what a great spot by it but I'd be a simple. An important statement. I had an apologist they want and if there. Genuinely don't think it would not in court oh court. The team won't Wear Blu-ray has two great games are. They're voting at the one note off to their war if not loops it the other. You know you have held the stats and I now appreciate my kind of lose a Marvin yet held a stat he emailed me earlier in the morning. And said when Kenny Williams gets ten or more points were seventeen and two. Armed and he's a guy that was really great to start the season it was a great three Indy got to start to season he had a rough patch for weeks. And then he's out of it now shooting 66%. From three over the last four games. He hit big shots last night the state game he had to daggers late. The duke game he was huge in that first half especially just. He is an X-Factor for this team in the fact that he's coming on I think is a big big sign there's no doubt about it sort of played well. Early in the season. In the in the pre conference part of the season when he was hot. And again against Stanford. We had like fourteen points in light the first eight minutes of the game so when they played. That stuff for the schedule other. PK if they played some pretty. Ohio State alma was numbers exactly for every game but when he when they had. Bigger wins early in the season he was playing our mission in Tennessee Ohio State had to play today they've got some big let's say a 625. Wins on their resume right now. Runway and and this is not not or six off fifty what I UNC or duke related but off. If I'll mud tore out my bracket Obama team that. Has Michigan in my bracket that scares me. Is the light is on boy born and I do not one Michigan near me and number no although they sliced off a little bit they have Harris Allen crazy range right now saw last year though. Then later on after doctors and they don't tell data one I don't want the wind Umar enters the tone saying. Don't how would you say my movement's going to get tar heel fans for claiming their faith in this team and saying their better than duke right now we got a Virginia Santa called the Virginia fans and then I get a UNC's Linda didn't agree with me you've got. Got nothing so far. You've literally got no support how this team not exciting L'Oreal stands it's been a whirlwind five days man seriously. That was a nut check assignment and this team came out on the other side I believe it closer is a team to a believing in themselves I think just to be the moment we look back and say this team came together because this challenge got checkered nudge I checked it was enough check some other time it was gut check out. I've changed it up I don't. I don't know what would sir I don't wanna do this I imagine WS Lindsay dad Tom Richards says of buildings that are sent out my heels fan and even I think Duke's better. What you just beat duke I cannot believe the exhibit heels fans won't close and and I was doing better last year than Carolina. Duke beat a nice sort of the better team last year how they weren't not a work of guy I and was in Chapel Hill I guess is that what people think of Mac did W Athens he got dumped by my yum attempt to find one UNC sent. But thinks his team is real good right now and better and UNC will continue seven Opel are. 5709. C said Brad Brownell had go to surprising Clemson at 740 Sox. Bank gives the maggots at 102 point. I've WS. Can see our pay at their stock coming up at 8 o'clock. We're going to get into more earnings should get a second chance to be the GM of this team what are you rooting for us expand what do you wanna see had been wounded in the that's DOS. IMac and WS Kenzie dot com Joseph says tar heel fans don't wanna be apart of this Mac you are bad luck. Much last year when I made the jump from dukes Carolinas the team I was touting Carolina cut down a net shell 2000 size. Out of Carolina cut down the nets 2009. Cabbage town to Carolina they cut down the nets we are great team together and I could be a great team would do can take to I want everybody to know that it's. Armed and UNC Greensboro I should drove them into the mix. A saluting local teams huge winter Wes Miller and his boys last night. Over a team in eastern Tennessee that was unbeaten in the conference. Now all of a sudden there about a game I have UN CG out of first place of mark them down Bono on the list. Of local team some touting may get that URNC state loss look better than zero that is open and it didn't make it and you say needs UN CG to be as good as possible and I still resonates in this Guy Ritchie says -- niner fan windows Mac start touting the niners to got to hire competent AD they got to make a good hire basketball as a basketball coach. Bobby Lou should be involved somehow. Loves Elmo could be a great candidates coaches endorsed her eyes just so I mean I out. I want him to be a factor man I want to just like when I got your girls wore I want him to be a factor to be fair and acted out the niners ecology meter offload will Santa court likeable I've. Oh man Matt did WA SNC dot com is the email address. From my policy toward a fancy stealing this burst of confidence or should I slow my roll when I say right now you're a better team and duke and you know that they have opened my eyes and there's a lot of things that are coming along with this basketball team I still think the bench is not a typical heels bench to freshmen bigs are still work in progress. But there's no doubt this team is vastly improved from back Clemson lost those three losses in a row iMac to W Athens he'd come 704. 5709610. Zach said we keep getting ripped about something off the air but he's left the studio. So when I will try to steer with the help matters when we you know when he gets back dangerous go to the phones though body wants to talk about these deals body MI a MI tooled. Excited about deals or are you with me how you feel. Not what you and I might get very. Did get nonevent. A top or came in the ACC the big question these debate who's better and peace spader did. Carolinas clearly better and this is what Laurie got to go to is always. Internet. And they hours governments fear and it start off you never know what field are going to be like. About term a time or got in got ready and they're definitely playing great lowers blood or coaching jobs might be at best coaching drops out for a finger bitten you've been here. He's doing a hell of a job you're ma I saw an article kind of comparing this coaching job he's doing so I think it was 2012. Whatever year was when they use a small lineup the bullet interstate and one of those guys had to play before. And they kind of like you've got a little bounce out of that. 2006 another one in this article bond that I heard and I saw it being compared to remember that year now they lost to George Mason that you're determined disappointing fashion Wednesday they lost all those guys are most odd bag does agree Sean Terry David don't well they played a small lineup that here. And it worked out so I like Royce flexibility you know he doesn't wanna have to play small lot of its work and and Cameron Johnson you out there every bad steel pins into rebounded for his position Kenny Williams same thing. They can make up for not playing too traditional bigs are on the go to us Sam who is up next Sam how you feel about to seal sting. I'm doing good feeling good you know Kenny will have been shown up I said. When you factor is valid experience that you get a bit we're a country that's what about about it martz you look at it. You know back in baked into a Q did you cry he got a great guard play don't bear the game look or the margin down a net maybe. That makes OC has Saturdays ago and I've got. A here's at all that support a guy here contaminants is too far man I don't even a final four seem like it's still might be too far but they're getting close to making me consider that. I got into a back and forth with another guy name salmon and emails big deal sand dollar list or emails all time and he said Mac you just said this after a while for losses and Mac. How can you say is in the final fourteen and that's the way I felt I felt like death for most of this year and I still feel like maybe I feel that way second weekend team I feel strong about. But let's see what does teams can do looks let's see in policy of staking keep this progress on that experience factor is key and you know Joseph Barry is a damn dog. In tournament games in crunch time that's a big advantage for them. Whereas Duke's trying to figure out who is their point right now are they better off I feel like they're better off bone grace and Allen to point. Right now. I did do in stretches the memory play pretty well last year at the point for awhile but I think when he plays it too much. It becomes an issue but I do think in bursts and in concern stretch I think he's. There's a gentle getting to the bundles full time joint for him Vanessa didn't think they're trying to figure after we get to the great passer man he really is a great passer. He is he can do it many Smart plays a lot smarter he's just he's not scored as much. Arm but he can do that when asked to do it this a building senator tester says what a win do beach UNC by thirty Cameron what are you say thirty. We want to please can we all set we all come back here for 12. I just guys got was he cut the nets down all the sun. This guy's got to win in my 32 we got to meet the middle ear somewhere I would still favored it in years is really animator by Matt I would still probably favored duke to win the game in Cameron. And for this to be a split may be justice decided. Up in we're playing determined we Greensboro record Brooklyn again the issue Taylor brook closet piper says nice color the last guider if he said duke is the top fourteen in the ACC yet. There ahead of UNC in the ACC. Nice that Fella he went a little sick without one he later saw a little sick there are guys that buddy's dad's name was body get mom and clean a senior next clean this how you feel about these Steelers are. I didn't we view it loses a minute edit my mama I got bit law but I thought I plan is. Italian man either they've put all about it that it not in the you've got to bring it out. I must say though. Candidates say that. That they can act. You actually couldn't get them. How can call was doing I was so confused a whole time we somehow Roy Williams and a par lays it into a since freedom Roy Jones I don't know Indian tiger attack you know we should've known when you say well I guess when I say clean is your next house unit price thought I. I had heard clears on college basketball yet I thought maybe there's a chance it does is his wheel house and they clean this is like your college hoops of bunker sometimes. And I take the call and it might have been worse than just football calls I gotta be honest already shows that take callers simply dislike we'd. I guess find bomb maybe by Bob and us probably take callers by guys in cleats. I would stacked on March from Estonia. And leaders in terms of callers that hurt your head and ears as much as any sign bomb someone I don't say that as a badge of honor I say that they kind of venting to everybody in frustration right now we're not done a complete its mark from Estonia trivia can't wait until July and save it for July political debate and political debate would cleat is. A march from Estonia what does this thing Zack you want to tell us people calm I'll be your man lamented mere. No they're mad at Siebel core arm because it is now about an hour ago or one or were talking about draft picks our corn seed draft better is superstar all. It their religious once you know Tebow on the Kobe was actually drafted by the horns and you didn't know that. Thanks for the breaking news alerts to people think you don't know that people are called off the year to tell you this right. Our general at all until I well here now that's why after I said and I said well treated we were talking about. How teams get their star players and draft policy wizard addressed first drafted don't get a lot of the boss drastic beyond this. I said the lakers had Toby. What I meant was they acquired. He writes to Kobe Bryant so were the NBA draft and he remained a Laker for his entire career. I understand that the hornets technically drafted Toby bright my point was though the lakers changed or franchise on draft night by getting CoBiz. These guys thinking you wanna watch Joseph you'll learn Spanish shows Sports Radio station I know he sounds dumb you are serious and I get that but like they think you don't look old Kobe breakdown of and I was I wrong what I said that they acquire Kobe on dry dry type and it settled for twenty years it was set up when the draft went down the hornets drafted him for LA. Don't mean this wasn't like Lawrence got him and thought you need this dude you know let's get them out of here like he was stressed that he wanted to play in LA or or bust. And the horn is just simply facilitating Jerry West LA get it at stats outlet so essentially a draft acquisition easy if you volatile week. You called this show off the year to tell me that. I'd I'd never contact you forget. It's. Yesterday Roger that Roger all Roger never contact you show earlier. Audio Roger that is. All right this guy just as clean as even knows how that Toby thing went down eyes when we come back. We gotta get a little lonesome Clemson basketball program Brad Brownell and the tigers are terror and up second in the ACC in a three seed. On the committee's rankings as of today the other day we'll talk to Coach Brown next. We're sitting here normally we're stuck in our you know North Carolina basketball world Tobacco Road basketball world away are we so doing that would Carolina and duke in stakes. But man we gotta get some love and now what's going on across the border down there in the palmetto states are second right now in the ACC force in the RPI and and when the NCAA put out a sweet sixteen seedings a month away from. Selection Sunday on this Sunday. There was Clemson on the three line what a season they're having they're doing it without right now they're stunned Donte' grant some. And this coach is doing a hell of a job ACC coach of the year candidate Brad Brownell joins us. To talk about his Clemson Tigers coach congratulations. On not a great season so far are you doing. Great thank reverend Leo hey no problem you guys definitely deserves the love and media attention that you're getting. It I'll tell you this thing it's still it's amaze me the most in a whole season's been amazing I mean you guys were picked I think it was like thirteen us. By the media what the heck do we in the stupid media know and you've had an amazing run. But it does take Grissom goes down I think a lot of us kind of thought okay this is where. You at least take a little step back can you keep trucked in hell you been able to move to people on the truck get on through even without our tech. Well certainly is a difficult law he an outstanding player great young man that. Hate to see any kind of singers career in that way but. Mark got the battle we have older dark. And those guys were there early shoulder a lot of the load gave Devoe is in playing extremely well or stop the Shelby North Carolina. More Q3 Shelton Mitchell Shelton right there out of Charlotte those guys there are good players and calling more responsibility on those guys right now just in terms of ball handling decision making circuit scoring it. We tried to deploy again and Dante placed a freshman Amir sin. He's a big strong guy that does a good job defensively rebounding is improving all that lawyer. And David scars transferred it became dust that is also a plane that spot. He's a little bit more athletic versatile. I've got to play a couple different positions and so we just try to piece mailed is that we came in just got to keep going. Through those dark as as best we can't as well. Coach you think she didn't about these guards from the tar heel state first of all love all three of these guards mark he's read. Arm is also real good he's a merrily can't. But as you mentioned your gay devoted Shelby she'll Michelin could do far away from where I live in Union County up there in wax all. How did you grab these kids like hi how. How highly touted war today and was everybody sleep and Ottoman state in North Carolina where you battle and we battle you battle for these kids. Hey you know gave Devoe was a little bit. A little bit under the radar these big strong guard. That. They want to get a lot of love in the ABC. To be honest with you he had some folks you know Butler I know I've been occurring in slum and Xavier looked at him a little bit LB he had many. He school really occur and I just loved him because there is. Trying and his ability to should be balls. A great kid was an outstanding student high school is over at Rio are there's the school clutch and he's just there is just a great young man. And in Shelton mr. with a guy that we recruit extremely hard at. Coach did tell it was still the go to Wake Forest in that. Signing would Wake Forest and then when coach is Bellic got let it go off for whatever reason he got out of actual letter sent in there's an ace CC ruling yet sit out two years so. We really could recruiting me what the Vanderbilt for a year and then in the spring just called it he really would like I'm back to. Complaining ACC really domain that we recruit for a couple of years and I got him out. Knowledge OK yet OK interest and I were talk and Brad Brownell talking about a couple of is North Carolina product guards. Tom coach let's discuss. The you know this season moving sword like all these accolades are great for you. But I'm sure church I'm sure you're selling to kids on hey man this is a great you know where you're at RPI oldest stuff. But man we got work to do and you got a rough stretch coming up at Florida State started tomorrow night. Duke this weekend albeit big one free all of home. How much of that is your message trying to tell these kids you know chill out or get recognized. But we still got we Saddam best ball play health part of the challenges that. Yeah it you know our guys have been good and it started about six weeks ago one broke into the top when he and you know a lot of times that he could to stay in the top point out what you get very it was a couple of games erode your that it got to drop out. Are out of that a pretty good job you know the old we are older it's. So I think they're they're pretty focused. You know world apart from last year speed and we know we thought we had a pretty good team last year we just didn't get current mini breaks. We can we could win a logical in law on cold gained that so. Roddick organizer you know heightened sense of awareness this year because of that I think we played better close range because those experiences. And so we really haven't worked at the top of too much about a lot of the distraction but I think they've been a very focused goal or group. Having said that we do have been unbelievably difficult stretch here these next two weeks. Go to Florida State on a road. Hero wins they'd only host duke couldn't go go to Virginia Tech play really well also so. You know we gotta we gotta lot of innings we know that in the where is the key. Folks of ourselves trying to get better. And coach you guys get in grabber now Clemson coach put us. Coach when you're gonna start seasons I mean what kind of goals were you talking about like test as this team kind of exceeded. The goals that you use sex are more former U Ramon is how I honestly would just basketball team. Well we've done we've gotten a little better and we probably thought that I think we like we got our street no question I think our. You know we New York's starting five especially at dot they grant them in a lineup we are if guys on any night to score twenty points and gain. So we knew that are all that's going to be fine. We just had improved defensively and then. You know we we felt like we really need to stay healthy. Because we have a lot of young players behind them. We work sure how much they would be ready and those guys are slowly coming along. Mum but we we felt like we had a good team we we we knew it last year's season that we were. We were detained last year we just walk a lot heartbreaking games. And so I don't think that. That made us lose any kind of confident even though we lost some good players are employers we we do that. The topic that we had last year all play Wii at bottle back. So we felt good about our thing we really did we just. You know certainly we've done better that we bought a purple when it's one story at this point. Nubian eleventh in the country. Coach what do you think the ACC this year you know it's got it spend. It's many injure staying calm to watch this thing unfold Virginia's kind of bad in a class. All their own although they did Simon get tripped up the other day. Arm you guys are sitting there in the second spot duke seemed so talented but hasn't put it altogether Tar Heels coming on top. What what do you think about the conference this year it feels deep. But I don't know if it feels like you know at the very tippy top. At the conference has as many elite teams is may be I expected is that a fair assessment or would you call BS on that assessment. I know it's probably fair right now just based on performance I think we. You know I think it's it's I still think the best league in the country. I think there's more better teams in our league in any leak. You know there's probably eleven teams right now. Maybe even twelve better better balance for NCAA tournament that are all really really close and it's hard to win anywhere that you will know but I don't think there's probably you know couple came to maybe have performed quite as. Quite as high as as people would expect them. You know it's ready to be top five in the country every year you know you drop it to ten or fifteen and her but thank you your your little bit out. It's just it's hard to date he took to play extremely well for four straight months you know you have a bad week in basketball and you might lose two or three games it's a little bit did you triple bought so much talk that'll all you know we have a seat that's probably a little bit longer just because little when we start. And again it's hard not to have a bad week in warmup period walls perhaps be you know you can take a real step backward and a bad week or two. As a coaching point you can we seem we seem to have a habit lately we saw Carolina you know you're part of hand and that third straight loss and he seemed seems kind of battled through it. Our last thing I got to ask QB bring up demo. I gotta tell you I'll watch all on TV and I'm sort of thing Davos employed by ESPN does seem like three games are scary I saw he's got desk color commentator. But the point is he's there are supporting you guys he's genuinely into it he will often talk about his pick up basketball game like. He is really what you guys are doing isn't it. Yet dabbled a great guy we have a tremendous relationship called my radio show last night we just we you know I get along great you know we just took a click right from the starting that you basketball ramp when I spoke all still played a lot of new car all its chance but he comes just several games the year for sure and you know we spent a lot of time together. He's just a guy that was made me watch at all at the games that I beat him that. But would we have a lot of fun together he's a great guy and that's for the. Algebra coached do you have a scouting report on his noontime pick up ball game. Yeah he's back at a past you don't wanna be on saint. Oh. No doubt about it you don't wanna play on your team lets you like to read about it you're out proper exercise. I guess really taxes and isn't this is just right yeah I appreciate that breakdown. Our tocchet keep up to go to work bomb you guys are our haven't held the season keep it up and thanks for coming all this here in Charlotte. Absolutely bank got a. There is grabber now those guys really know one of the surprises this season in college basketball Clemson are real quick one of the college sports guys that's all want to Prius a global poll. Who should be the national coach of the year college basketball. It was between Chris beard hold live from Ohio Christi Texas Tech. Hold an Ohio State Bruce Pearl are burned in Broward run Al was on that poll. So some people out there's a unique he gets a national coach of the year lab recognition and I brought it up I think it's got to be a conversation if clemson's case went down the stretch coming out to be rough. But if they keep winning and stay close to Virginia. The Brownell Bennett thing has to be discussed Clemson was picked thirteenth while the media both their second try and loses grants Allman has got to be a factor as well exactly it's a great point table we come back. Mom there's a report out there. Katie out T cancer player. Underwent surgery and we're just kind of felt that it went down we'll tell you about out of fuel though that won't come back. And then we need football on our lives don't wait let's talk about this morning turning things should he get a second chance to be the GM and all that.