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Wednesday, February 14th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with former Coach Bobby Lutz. 


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I we're back every Valentine's Day I don't know if you say Valentine's Day to a group 98% made of the dudes but go ahead boys are that even at times today also met. Until it. Are you still mad that I read that email about suing your mom I'm O not an auto. I well over young Zach he's getting more Osborne asked like a lot of guys is that one Osborne Osborne gets out PL. As far as a large I ask you again after Mac don't worry Zach is becoming more. Osborne as time goes by before you know I'm blonde to elude the next football season young Zach the ritual the Panthers or something and I'll be ready to strangle and now. A few tricks up mostly. Can run. About that interesting conversation someone wanna hear this whole thing where Steve Kerr had. A few of his players like coach the team during timeouts and it pissed off a bunch suns players and media members cross country. I wanted to today at some point awarded to the Panthers wide receiver searched that should be going on this offseason a wide receiver search. Com we'll talk about that as well like this and Bobby Lou to the bottom of the hour this conversation though let's start with us just discussing the attendance dropping college football. Which has been the biggest we've seen in 34 years of study asking people. Is this this is a trend in sports so are you guys personally. I'm part of this trend which is to watch less live sporting events. The Diamondbacks dog some dude tried to tell me was made of diamond back steak meat that might cost wanted but not expect a I'm too Smart for that one ready plus I got Google. It's 818 inch corn dog stuff would cheddar cheese el Ninos and bacon. Side of Fries for 25 bucks only eat like that when I go to games can be a hot motors and chicken tenders some yummy I don't need all that craziness why. Why is the lesson here I don't eat that healthy myself a lot. Why if you have an eighteen inch corn dog would you decide a trots him while likely outlook was my side going to be with my eighteen. Maybe the AT its corn dog should be enough for Obama do you carry that they do a ballpark. And job I was silly we mentioned earlier in the week I was at the hornets game this past Sunday. So mimic or from we decided to give those angles before one and paid what eight bucks forward to for peace prince karma how much do you think the four. Forced piece supreme combos you get what Fries when it. A little bit of Fries now it's like twelve dollars at the Panthers game right it was fifteen to 75151000. We saw also maverick like I love the horn is a game day experience I think you do a great job over there I don't like to sack to their losing usually in the game day experience easier when I liked the job they do their very customer friendly over there. Those ticket price goes concession prices were while Obama Weaver's parents tape we're just flat out what about the peace and a little mini pizza. Was like fourteen bucks the cheeseburger was what 1475. And as soon as crazy is just and that's I don't blame people for the concessions being one of your biggest reasons why you're deterred your order Clinton paid a pretty penny for. From the tickets are let's go to let's go out to you on here it's more for you guys on this. Are you going to last live sporting events or there's some sporting events that you will never give up. You know like if your answer DSL owner a season ticket holder. I'll say this though I think more more dice. Good dancer coral may be in sell some games rights. I got buddies that are ravens fans and they'll sell a couple of games a year and it'll kind of make up for all the money they spend elsewhere. So I think that goes on with season ticket holders more and more with the prices be and I. I was going here you guys out 704 or 570 nice extent soprano Bob who's up next say Bob you don't brother. Act. Talk about it. You know hurricanes hurt story about those guys state. They're actually had to allow people come out of lower level. Because everybody would not be able price they were all should not dot. Schools. That's crazy. Yeah that's help in end when you're talking about the NBA I wouldn't go that product is so terrible. You couldn't pay me to go to game. The NHL. It is okay well I mean. Do you gotta drive well it's an NHL game I would go to the raptors because it is you know about the epic games. Our outlook very. And make league baseball. Oh yeah oh yeah. So you know experience there. You know I appendix in the arch two. Wrigley Field. Took great spirit is I would they go to baseball. There are that the problem areas. We don't happenings in more. Not the product that we and. Again there's no doubt stats you know you when you goes through. I mean look doesn't go the drivers and a bowed out the last few years Tony Stewart. Jeff Gordon Dale Junior thank correlate words now Matt tens of tossing a Mac tens of as a sexy is due out there. But like these are these are accomplished drivers and I think it got some good young bucks out there. But it's I don't know feels that a lot of people just aren't going to give NASCAR a chance again to try to okay who are these young guys. You know the Kyle Larson reasonably knees and those sort of guys. Tom Ricks says Mac baseball's best bargain where they're gonna Daisuke locally or headed down to Atlanta to see a game you get the best ticket prices. At baseball yeah I mean you can like we got a team in yards I try to take my son. When did last year Rashad eagerly wants this summer we have family still back in the Maryland area we try to go there and I think those prices are pretty manageable. Com bush you're seeing you're seeing one of eighties are like one out of 81 home dates or whatever you know there's so. Added I think that makes it kind of little more bargain horse football you're seeing one of late home dates. On what you're seeing a game in football there's more urgency became seals so much bigger. Are on the go back to song 704 or 57096. And do you. Watch less. You go to less live sporting events now laid to rest of society seems to be let's go to Mike and Mike what do you say about just rather. We won't be able Heyman what he sank. Well I had about. People always in. Am. The question in which parts they number of people who want apple they don't within. Cook now it would article looks was a blanket like SPS attendance numbers so. That is short and I'm sure there's plenty of schools and Virginia tech's front one on their private you know. Our. We are at it if that's the guy that's a fair point about auto. Oh yeah no there's so album they're there is that true there's like. You go to schools like Kansas. Schools that aren't football schools and make it cheaper to garbage product out there like I don't know the attendance was never any good but that attendants can't be going well so there is an element of is the attendance really dropping bone at these big football schools and that's the point to something as tragic cannot burn wanna brag say Duke's hot tennis is a day in a thousand people last year one. A how to cut clip Sarah bound they have definitely doubled from 500 to a thousand call I call the fire department. Mac to WF Lindsay dad Tom Ricks says I'm done with golden panther games I consider home. My answer my fantasy team to watch Sunday ticket gets things like that plus let's face it when you watch a game at home now days and HDG eight HDTV. HT. There. Did you can't excuse they analyze today's Steve had a bunch. That's my life plus that when you watch HTT demon and you feel like you're there you can you can follow it matter replays you know and all that sort of saying. Plus you're saving money I don't blame people all I'm. Look big couch potato sports fans and maybe that's where society is headed although the NFL as attendance down and as TV ratings down they've got a double dip the problems on their hands. I we come back we'll talk about this if you guys wanna go there 7045796. Standard if you wanna jumping in on the Mac attack on dancing NCA. Mom lets you know what's coming up by the way on the sports Kryptonite a lot of interesting group still denied and Bobby Lewis comes a bottom of the hour to talk college basketball. Into theaters this Valentine's Day. He's the story of a man and his attempts to belly and sees many loves these fifty teams of him. My main key is ahead of schedule this NC state team I love. No matter how hard Mac Fries she cannot speak truth to just one college basketball low. Chris America act happy any team within a 150 mile radius seems to get him going yellow ball Roy hall of Famer doing some work improvement as basketball team. But this isn't just harmless hoops flirting. Mac is hurting many fans as he hops onto their bandwagon I believe this you'd crash the next time that tech team tips dot. This Davidson motion offense is just a beautiful thing to watch how low can Mets find happiness I'd be. Oops oh well he find a way to stop hurting fans all over the Carolinas. Will Max settled down with just one team. Find out on Valentine's Day in theaters as you watch fifty teams have met. Thought I love the winners do team plays their eight game man they're fun to watch best team in the country winning play like death. This is Steve bounce favorite subject now. Because finally Tebow has found someone else that he can make fun of for supporting a lot of different teams you can turn the tables on me Tebow is your favorite thing right now I've walked those sports streets many times myself sit down and got someone walking a what's been. Contact Colin people I got multiple teams in action tonight as I as I mean my family hit the road for our derive our prison loyalty and drive down Disney World. That is not a monster just stuff on the phone on ESPN asked. Duke and Virginia Tech badly doesn't practice this week according to when Carter so it would do in your case. With duke injuries when they say mild sprain for one game what does that really mean. In the past it's cattle out Carey does that mean one game one week Arianna. They're not good don't give any additional pastors don't a lot of information up front when the Carter why don't go to Linda Carter for your donation he led provide the largest pro dad daddy practice it does don't wanna. Do you share that. So they got Virginia Tech at don't mess around I mean good news is it's Cameron the game Tuesday don't have Bagley for Sunday at Clemson. As a real tough game with the way those guards can drive the ball. And then it is good to go zone the widows Clemson guards can shoot the ball. It makes you wonder I told we got a dual roll off scuffle on Friday when I told you Bagley. It's like he's moving as well wait wait does this injury did acting is North Carolina or is this something that has been going on for maybe a few games doesn't linger I try to tell you it's not the movie. As slowly open down the sport as he was earlier so. Something was not right you said that in everybody rituals are guilty and saw your make some sort of makes writers I don't know maybe maybe it does raise money that might have been a gives you a Seattle nobody has not moved as as. He's got a high motor. And it hasn't been the same the last couple. We'll release explains his performance in the second half of the UNC game there's a sprain and they are saying happened in the first half of the UNC game. I'm let's see a lot of people point to NASCAR has a great value in sports. I just don't agree with you all like people are pointing out the great sack to NASCAR you bring your cooler Ramirez. You know I mean I guess that's the beautiful thing right there used to pop numbers he's. All race long it's beautiful NASCAR also has these saying and I wish other sports to somehow find a way to incorporate desk. Where you put the headset on you take the scanner and you're listening to your favorite race team talk strategy. And listen to your driver vent about the other idiots that are on the track I mean like this stuff is something NASCAR has some others also to meet. It's a damn shame that people still appreciate those things the way they used to but multiple people have mentioned NASCAR. This guy John says I'm a giants stand Magnum from Jersey. I don't know a lot of pain at the games but I will still head back with the family to see about three giants games a year. Those games are expensive going to be worth the price to see additional offense. In action this year we have got Georgia coordinator all these other cost well I don't mean any thing although I will say this shows kind of I don't like the baby sitter and the higher we still don't leave the baby sitter alone would kids completely out of my best server is going to call the plays and have a big influence it's a good thing that she was not calling the plays we could see it incident this year where Beckham doesn't get the ball. And actually travels through the blues. It tries to strangle us a lot of international Gordon Beckham and Shula hire let's go to song 7045709. C extent. Ryan is up next Bobby moods coming up in about eight minutes what's up Brian. I would go don't got Lisa. Not not much out. Baker report coming out optic that it bought bear up our quick about it but he's got to go the F out of all four per are awkward thing a little bit. You know it would Gifford are people go to out of both people but ordered game Alba. It involved or or outlook or abbey. Despite other player right now or are always bonded and therefore can't be greatly. Try to our like I thought he bought out while ago well. They'll put up court order on import category and there about opera app or game. Are there appear at the bigger the better that we always golf we don't go well it can't prepare brigade out that brought great be because. Quite a crowd are yet. Like what they think they'll pay per call or go like in a row. I don't that would cripple their game if you're Robert OR rated buy in a good. Our whole broke it up I one got they got out got up at the it in every couple better get up. Go to bat and active local court get out of order barrack. You know you know it like a packet that they are going to epic game no it would not be a great up or are the I hope they'll look you can't be there Coca let people that are out there. And there not that that makes sense rather like it and I'm also getting this so glad you brought that up because that's making me think of the drunk out of control route exact. I've got multiple dude saying hey man I used to be this one guy says well where's my cabinet. Does this smack down I'm not judging guy used to be the guy that I had a little bit too much to drink when the fellows while tailgating and it showed once the game started. But when you take a family the last thing you want is constant and drunk slurring and maybe even sliding around your kids. And as a prayer boy that was a very light. A very honest team context and don't like hey I can see I used act like this and other parents probably hated me but like yes I may drain lake and he takes kids. An atmosphere that's not really that cool when you're not you know thrown a few backs man drunk people really annoys me. When I'm sober. It's almost seem like is that the way I really acted back in the day when I was crazy. Amber too it says she feels a colors are talking a lot Sasser and how to try to avoid the golf does that let's update the colors or make an adjustment now to try to avoid to gobble let's see let's see if there's one guy that needs to avoid the gong it's march from Macedonia right argue he's been gone 42 straight times Emma Jane what's going on brother. My dad had a note I when he used to man. This kind. Yes I talk about it today but then got a better look at the crowd no matter who Davis. You have the answer sorcerer's attic as. Yeah oh worse those hands that's what blu rays got bushy brows and why Lavin answered as if they Davis as a unit brown I know Luke meant I go bushy over unique. Did but I doubt start curious I forgot his name. But payment public beta bits target of our time. It's guys that he had to go I wanna go out and don't want to go sort of stupid eyebrow in question likely entertain that's like that was a serious more supplies should and then he had to go live meg raised our real well. Think she knows that he knows when I'm gonna say this under the gun they had data here are when we come back this next man will not meet Don we get too much respect forum. And what he did for Charlotte basketball. Bobby eludes joins us we've got to talk about college basketball it is analysis. And also need to know Charles look at our Nady look at for a coach look at forgot help and guidance. Bobby eludes told us he'd love to take a call from Manhattan today cold we'll talk about that in the next. Next guests. Bobby Louis Charlotte. Legend when it comes his work as a basketball coach has taken a liking to tweeting Alex. Then he was sweeping out later stood right there real easy like sunny Morris coach lute who joins us on the Mac attack. A little basketball college hoops analysis Boris here on the radio show they coach are you don't know what's going on. Outdoor great Kerry doing good what do you George savor it. Musical acts from the seventies your favorite group. That's close is really tough for me when he a broad group Eagles. Are. Fire outlet for our group and encouragement James Taylor is. Nice nice very cool well Larry cool I love that classic rock stuff all right let's not. Let's I wanna get incident you know this year in Tel troops got a bounce around. To a couple different things going on and ligature opinion on. First thing is you know Charlotte searchers are lady you know obviously is gonna be a search for coach at some point. You had mentioned last time you're on man I would love I'd love them to call me pick my brain I'd love to help. Have you talked to anybody over there from Charlotte then all of that about anything. I wouldn't know one official. An out and not you know straight she'd the F talked to brand. Lot. But that no one call. At this point that I'm sure they all of our. A really good. Charged herb. You know tentative figure out the immediate thought some of the the first step you would probably get a I'd donate to show up at a pretty bit. All right let's some talk about some mark cows' fastball stuff you know you and I we're trading tweets back and forth I commented on steel concern and the way Roy kind of slid him over the point put Barry off the ball and and that's something obviously he's got skill set to do is agree one held a passer and you made a comment that hey that's as spyware he's gonna play at on the next level. We we had this discussion. Steel pins and Luke man a bomb Joseph Barry how many at least Oriole players do you sing play our NBA players what would be your guess. Well except critics. Coke question. I you know got our bank they all can make money into our next level but that have to be. What the web app but what dark net pat they Everett and then you'll have one turnover game like she say we're back yes. But that. But but he he actually looked orange very itself showed. You know happened to that letter says. Ability to guard different positions. Give him a cheap state. He may be the best in the NBA and now. Beyond never underestimate them but you know I watched him as a this summer raptors make in year. It would offer a lot about pat and I quickly. What I love the you discount military that no one and recruited in order earlier that I. How is she got up. It's. All pretty mapped roots in governance op well here. We go. On to our listeners he. Had a Georgie hang at Iowa State that to me was this same type gap just. Not that web that that while he would docs but boy it really polite stroke and then you know very very good players spot it will but the question but such a tough. You know. I would think I think he acts. To be the best Mercury. Now what will play some more action on. Yeah no doubt about that we're sorry Bobby Louis coach man NC state fans right now are screaming at their radios Bobby why couldn't you close the deal because may is averaging 32 and fifteen this easily incensed he states. How are. You that Abbott and it adds that the pop. A so you know it at any damn we aren't. We we may actually make mistakes we all look I'm one of them needing to step step Kirk I met that he go. So. We've we get in is urged that we didn't think it will look group. But personally. I was a record outlook and outlook records which UK. Yeah yeah limitless systems what's the hold for second co C if you Tebow to work out the song because we're kinda you're going in and out a little bit. So let's see if we can geek coach Louis Solomon and we got to reconnect. What do caller whatever that's interesting stuff on Luke may says he knows says he annuity may you write it Luke may had the it factor. I says Bobby nuisance we'll get a Mac all keep talking some college basketball's on here on the show got to reconnect with him whenever he also admits I had to talk to anybody from Charlotte. And any official capacity it always bothers me the money that these schools stand on search firms and you know that's what Charlotte's doing another heart's in the right place all these schools are. Which administer your administration kids should do that work yourself the issue like tap that right to have that come up with a good list yourself are anyway let's go back. To Bobby Lou it's our body we got you now as a slow down our our our car. Sounds good I know we got to we have you know let's not ask you this question about what you thought of staff curry then you did this yourself coach you're very honest. When you like when you saw him play Christian. Like did you just staying K he's not big a mouse like what what was sitting and again your sourced from the only one but like what was it to you guys. And I know Seth Greenberg remember all the ACC coaches you know I did the same thing but what what did you think he was lack. How are just a couple her nose if he wasn't. You know that he had the most physical guy obviously early to look back and say well should just look at just added. And all that but I think we tracked the ticket consideration the other thing is. Our goal. Same position that was just you know I had a camp and actually post it doesn't want to bash. Shoot out of all how Perino when we were at the peak yet here they went way today. Don't give your call obviously we've we should've had a boat like about it because who knows where my not a big. Under. I'm going to beat this in eight out of apparently played out so. That front but no he just in case you make mistakes. Remember mark hours sit in the summer. Before his abortion that's sitting here. And we watch admin and 88 cities just to go apply exactly what. Toward all make mistakes in not enough he is just move on for. That's let's that's a lot of stuff from Yale and I must not the Amazon badgering coach on on not on recruit studs you didn't really end. Let's go to let's talk about duke right now. It is duke underachieving right now coach order we need to chill out let's start until the season's over like how do you feel about his dukes water. There are obviously extremely talented and then we're really all the ball so good in Butler their health is not helpful and can detect game. The question denied that. And that's a bit player in the art. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so are. But there how they get into they've got that's all world. He each ticket to how hot or too low with the main. You know everybody thought Florida was top spot in the country I just observed him for a week last week have been diligent consulting the Serbian. You know it and they're back Wall Street wrote. What are proud and happy place in an. Last week I went to Albert back on top of the world and I think a lot of things like that you know Virginia. You know is it's been so consistent but that didn't fit that category really counted. They don't guard it's well they have a topic a cop on actually the games straight. I opened this garden is that they're saying we're taking Albert at at that one out or they were just but with Nolan Smith the app but it. They guard the heck out and nearly. Is that they're different they're plans are all they're beyond. No matter how talented they are. It's harder you know it's been a senior or upper I mean really know how to guard in and help the job. It's that allow teams that can't beat yeah. But I think it's way too early and you know there's no doubt that they go in March. And go a long while what I'll always opal. Still got that high ceiling man with all that talent level what. What do you think can you know what it's like to coach jumped Aron rallies you know and the challenges of it all that sort of stuff. What do you think about Kevin piece like what you know what what did you think about him you know when he got the job and it's feels like he's got that thing a little bit ahead of schedule at this point. Yet no no doubt he you know I've known coach Keith since you are good hard great record of the doubt and stuff like that Ottawa. You know we obviously really good coat and now. You know we're becoming a great come in and now work with what Brcko you know obviously help in the transition to college game meant. You know there they're air play and despite. But often they play real well. They put up a really good position here's your book. It debate it with their territory schedule soaked up there rational way. You know here at the dilemma. You know notre our stakes scheduler rational way. Looks easier on paper but that you know and in terms of RP all of which makes the pressure even more minutes occult you can lose some of the you know you're gonna lose to Syracuse. But then you need to wind Abacha there the other risks that you have or Syracuse. As. You know really tough game you look at their scheduled rest the white but. That's an opportunity they can Wear it they're cute whereas order laughs they're gonna be in the tour of heard about why. Is he stay and open a great position. And now they just kept take care there and they get when Turkey that we do it always those are two things that are probably. Very similar weight placed in the committees not. Our coach I was on talk he's always on talking hopefully we do this some more here on the show and on this station where we get you on. Talking college basketball. And may be one of these times pitchers and catchers report maybe one of these times I'll let you in Tebow talk about the Yankees even normal very upset morial stand right now I don't. How that how got a patient at our house. About well he's got substituted the middle school bank debt twelve reception battled in the middle school here BJP today I'll know. Iceland is still no decision the Yankees the Yankees don't have a second baseman or third base and right now I don't think it matters doesn't matter it could play without either position between you and the Red Sox I'm social frustrate is an Orioles there's going to be a horrible year for me for you it's good to great coach. Well I. We we need a good year noted they'll sort Padilla. I think yeah the little engine that could I feel so bad for you guys are coach when those kids in shape other middle school will talk to down the road. Aren't an ego Bobby eludes 49 or head coach you resolute stated PD can we turn out office bother me. That radio call her after I take a quick break Mac Ed WS Lindsay dot com is an email address are so here's the deal. Jason allotment for us sent out a tweet heard round Charlotte last night would you may not have seen it. It is the latest name that is heading up an ownership group or six ownership groups bidding for the Panthers. This one's got a history. It in other sports and a lot of you may miles we'll tell you that name is we come back. And at some point here we got to work our way into this conversation. Wide receiver a big need for the answers. How that we don't get it totally don't get this all season talk about that coming up soon. First twist teammates. They when they lose. Listened to WFANC. Only bad guy. 5:6 PMW. Garlic sports leader fee. 102562. WFAN sea traffic. 45 with a wrecked right now just before east John Street take you back to exit 44 that's going to be in teaching each team. Also gonna from the Munich. Ballantine Erie hitting your Valentine Johnson Odom Marvin right now accident there and we also proms at ease strained sugar creek it's on the shoulder shamrock a temporary place to crash and independence of brier creek slowed traffic heading in from that. He site. Colony sharing and also problems that right now and 77 cents down just pencil sell the crude Richards eleven you can find slow traffic approaching that ramp way. I'm pretty Cameron that's traffic on the fan. You know the doctor walked into the room and told you were deathly you could probably do the same thing that we all work. You'd get a second opinion. How folks Mike Rogers your particularly forthcoming. They're obviously your personal health is not sounding player railway. Yeah but neither is health of your heating and cooling system if another company has walked in your house and told you that it's about. Do yourself a favor and get a second opinion it's not all HVAC companies nor HVAC technicians on the same. What one person says is under terrible I mean easy fix for someone mails what is really about is whether someone thinks enough of dvd you world. Class customer service pulled folks we do and half for all of our customers for over twenty years. Our website at the big green Kate our call into your neighbors are saying about world class customer service that cost no more. You Collison 70 for comfort that's covered with a K 7045663678. And folks remember. Killing sources the home of the free second opinion so if you call today EU because he denied. Iron about now is we're New Year's resolutions to get more trig go out the window I'm Ozzy surprised he is still here added that the gym is definitely something different would you I'm here now lots. It's just this new younger mean things yeah if this keeps up for my birthday this year how might start taking candles awfully case numerous medical ray it's working that well for you it is for me I'm. Don't wanna make this weird but you look. Great to relate Kansas rated weird can't take ten snow I was there last week didn't get on blood test turns out I have load TCU just like you said it's a problem that nearly all men have was a hit a certain age restarted treatments already not yet I -- talk to you first the whole new mail program I'm totally happy with my wife physical plane you need much energy is back I have more motivation I'm lose some weight too that's the new male medical program did you just go on your own you know my wife may meego stack. New male medical and Charlotte 7048181177. New mail dot com and you an elite dot com. On this historic day Jack in the Box introduces us. Truck series. Vision fried chicken sandwich with crunchy agents lawn goes your junk mail from. Really PLC what's hanging out merely from the prime rib cheese steak smothered in probe alone cheats and so does say hey come on attributed to. Celtic one of these Shannon order Fries well. Sounds good check bullets the next win them. Plus participation may very. Trade you my drive and then you really need to get a new ram truck like my club just got kindred Chrysler dodge Jeep grand concourse. What off of I 85 of the way home is rape drug mart in you could save 121000 on a new ram truck blow that's sort of the Concord mills exit right. I heard they have over 700 new vehicles and they always give you a great deal would you know that means belida. I'm driving next dad online at Hendrick seat outcome tender Chrysler dodge Jeep ram Concord wealthy is there. His birdies this is your home for Charlotte hornets basketball 1025610. Guy would you. Charlotte sports leaders. I can put up an 8 o'clock we gotta get in his stance to wide receiver situation an eye has a few veterans way to go wide receiver some of you guys. Are very. Frisky about the draft in somebody's wide receivers. Tom. I mean I'd love talent Ridley blogs C network now 124 but I am very much. Into the plan's going after a veteran wide receiver we'll talk about that how do the Panthers go about getting a wide receiver. To see it to north offense and help KM asks. We'll talk about that coming up at 8 o'clock by the way francs or Tina. Is the man I was mentioning going to break a teased it Jason locker for an CBS NFL insider tweeted out that he is leading up one of the six. Ownership groups attempting to by the Panthers. On heels course of USC ownership stake in him and his brother Lorenzo. USC owners before selling that product off both he and his brother are each worth 2.2. Billion dollars in gas at cash in the family. Millions he's a West Coast guy vaguest of Vegas born and raised. But obviously did a great job you know calm. Run and let UNC businesses certainly climbed on his watch so that's missing game we know that we know about the feelings about this group locally. And there was some talk last Friday that Eddie DeBartolo is indeed involved in one of these first I hadn't seen that anywhere else and CNET official. So those are three of the groups we still have one more local group we don't know. Who is involved and we still have T bone to more out of ten groups because that's a yes or CTV reporter couple weeks ago was. Two local four out of town ownership group. Spitting adjusting mega. Would you aside more towards the Florida low because of the football past and the fact that he has been port organization before I know that. I know that this guy has done a tremendous job of building of USC but he's never been involved in the NFL if you are distributing the ball. 00 in this guy. Would you winging the bar look these are probably want yeah but the one thing went to Barlow is his taxes and pass the NFL wants some to do with that. Yet this owners can replace Jerry Ford is exactly leaving you know. When they clean or you know record a behavior Eddie DeBartolo was involved in a white collar crime situation. With the governor down there in Louisiana Sony has been in football since. Hit from a football sense any do you run into TB and heads ownership band doesn't seem like a terrible idea. I mean I still rooting for local you know this about this group he won't tell us exactly which NASCAR guys are involved it we got gas Carter asses every day come out there's another local group to be curious to see who's involved in that local obviously would be my choice though because then the not saying I have a total worries that they leave but then I think they would be you know you feel better about. What they bring Joseph Rogan has started broadcasting. It's just so TV or he would Joseph Rogan about Bruce buffer within the DNA yes I did and I'm not allowed Zelaya he can't say I wanted to say. I can say is it's a boss first saints. Bruce or Michael Buffer. I can't say they're named big I I guess he considered. Up up. I'm afraid that will probably get sued if we Saturday has not allowed to say you can't sit there saying I can't say he is saying now cut tires and I really want to say saying I am really wanted to be headed our laboratory doctor and you say. Brought to I don't know. The the bustle Sam wait you can't say there are phrases on the radio or they won't. We will supply you need trees drop down into a bit of misery if you say there really OK yeah. Assuming your Chinese and next thing you know our bosses behind wire resettle in alas it because it is an ideological fighters are your words you can't say westerners the F word. It any figure waited to Mike about it. It's ridiculous that it really is by the way I see here's my question about ownership. What is the number one thing. It's whoever the new owner is insists young team well. What should I do give me some advice what is something I have to make it a point to do is owner of the answers it'll make. Don't make my customers happy what is the number one thing you would set. Only talking football or just anything will it any day I think it goes back to we just talked about I think organizations. Need to take the model. A concession prices. That the falcons to. That's a force and I think into voter to. To make his mark in this task that I did get people to say you know what disguised there was some work as. They're gonna take the falcons model. A concession prices neared a longer going to be paying nine dollars fraud dog dolls will be 253 dollars and we want the Stanley experience to return the bag. America's massive I think it's a good I think it's a good one. That's a good kind of like basically one and two with a sand I don't want this guy do what's more you do that right away and say hey I see what they're doing down there in Atlanta and we don't like them as a team of man's. Arthur blanks on the something concession prices now lower they'll be huge ogle good what a great start you know he try to win the fan base so now wants us to erase that. What's this guy writes for. There's such uncertainty managed just had eight dollars brought dogs I wanna know who the owners I want just and I wanna start to hear the owner I assume he's gonna do press conferences. A press conference unlike Jerry Lewis well here's. You know what there's doubles things I would tell the new owner guilty ask me I'm sure they're gonna ask us when they needed every one of the first things and why why would you not. One is do not ask any employee CNB a foot massage so different him out of their zone probably good idea I can't I did know in all seriousness and I heard. A barge catering trucks talk about just the other day we talked about it. I would tell him man I know your end of the Bible Belt I know you're in a fairly conservative market compared to some of the other also markets. But he stands wanna wind and I would not have this choir boy only policy. You know I mean I'm not saying you need to bring in people that are you know you need to bring in my car criminals. But you can't have this thing where people are off the table for just make can mistakes when they're young. You know you know say I just I feel like Jerry Richardson hurt just franchise. I'd be and so choosy about who he would bring in who we would not bring in I certainly wouldn't sell draft picks I don't want to to have tattoos. Corn rose or any of that stuff you kind of way that's what you want to get around as an owner either. He got a taste of Bristol win right you have. I do you mean. The great teams of all time the greatest franchises all take great there's a balancing act like listen I do like Greg Hardy like a guy would absorb record Ray Rice I don't want that in this organization. Well there's got to be some indiscretions and Jerry would say no way to. That's the new ownership possible saying let's take a shot on it and by the way with that said that will lead right into my wide receiver stuff because I've got a wide receiver at towards the top of my list. The Jerry Richardson try saying now. But I wanna say yes to whoever the new onerous. Yeah hockey about a half an hour USA in the second period leads. What's he with a tiny Slovenia Slovenia one to nothing about it. Who USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. I stop you UN doesn't get settled out of Summers about my gracious. A major category is a Thursday. It's a second period is a first Olympics and another exciting about the whole week one nothing US second period over Portugal I don't know who scored. No one knows that if I play it out to talk radio about to set prices are we don't. Come back Rizzo about the Olympics later zoo because I want to know if you all other dudes out there listen to us. If you care about any these Olympic events this this Winter Olympics as a rough one for main man that's the most excited I got right there. I mean we come back Panthers fans once solid jump in on this conversation. We need a wide receiver who isn't wide receiver should BA veteran or should be a draft day try to deal let's talk about this outcome that's why receiver you. NASA guys toward the gulf oh yeah of course of course he scored Al Bryan O'Neal on the task from my gear at roll zero. O'Neal Ogg audio in a row combined on the go Herzl one timer from the point mountain. Plus less I have no idea artwork coming back printer dock next.