Mac Attack: Blow Up The Hornets? Jeff Burton Interview

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Friday, May 19th

The guys debated the theory that the Hornets should blow up the entire roster and start over with draft picks. NBC NASCAR analyst Jeff Burton also joined the show to preview the Monster Energy All Star Race tomorrow night in Charlotte 


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Our 7 o'clock there's welcome mobile armor and this week what do band with your help with your help we're gonna do this together emails tax everything slow and early. Suites keep it up stay active. At 730. Jeff Burton joins us. To talk about the all star race a state of NASCAR. Every time I bring up. My love of NASCAR. I get five emails at least immediately values like NASCAR but it stinks now numbering that would Jeff Burton and talk about Dale Junior in his last all star race. The format for the all star race Jeff Burton. It's an annual tradition he comes on Friday explains the format to us on the guess it's okay it's so complex issue they've got this set of soft tire you're allowed to use some point to try to. As some speed TV's gonna choose when to use it so moral we'll get and so all that was Jeff Burton 730. I wanna discuss. This situation here where is the hornets moving forward. And death I would say this it's already a feather in my cap in my debate gets Osborne marks from Estonia sides of the Oslo and says it is true says he blow it up hornets blow it up and just two tanks from the stark. Obsolete and here is second. Matt this Charlie come persistence temperature 68 degrees 17100 dollars in rebates is available from one X. I'd let's jump into this I was. That you get. Because we got into this off the air I said well we wanna sit in on a house right near where there's argument in control whatever you said whenever your macho low you know speech what else around the guys dynamite I just Europe monster or your very and I don't take on world on this right I will miss out and and Robby and take them on so anyway OK so. The question is the hornets had a they approach approach moving forward now listen I'll be the first one to admit. It feels like they're in no man's land it feels like there in what the listener called the other day territory NBA quicksand somebody OK I was just like I can't get out of this. We're in the hunt we're not good enough to get into the high lottery. Are not bad enough but we're not good enough to even begin to play elsewhere we are we don't win a Reynolds. I just think tanking is done. The more I think about blowing it up and age yes there is a part of it that's appealing. There are no guarantees a slight tangent ask what what's your. Guarantees in anything Mac if you're looking for guarantees my in my opinion it is and there's so many things succumbing to this in this is what makes this so difficult. We as a franchise my feeling in my opinion we don't have any good options. Where are with this current roster what's the ceiling with this current roster even what the eleventh. What's the ceiling is it is he competing for championships because of its not competing for championships if that's not the gold in mind. The one what they'll we Dylan. Am a war why would you even play a sport if compete for championships is your goal. And I know that it's OK to have a short term goals and long term goals but the short term goals are not achievable in my opinion would this roster. Not watched it on a hornets games last year. Who's a second best player on that team this it's because to be honest but yet it's a book and in its its timber in the Kim bets in a game. It's nick consumed by army senior I want imagery well you don't want him as a second best player. Here's here's my thing you say the goal is to win championship let's hear it down and let's try to build a championship winner. On mud. That's easier said than done irons for the bronze got these are locked into how much longer will that happen don't even don't even think about when the championship right now the second thing is how we win a playoff series or start talking big game. I'd just win a playoff C I NASA. I'm saying is it's OK to have short term goals that's fine and I understand that and those are completely valid. But if you're long term goal isn't. We wanna compete for MBA Jamie says. I don't know what they're Hilliard doing and to be honest with you when I look at eighteen days has drafted like we've drafted. And played I mean there aren't there were stretch where we lost twelve of thirteen games last season. I don't know what we're doing eight I don't wanna be in the middle if if we're gonna suck. Let's suck all the way in get a top three NBA draft picks let's not hang around eleven where it's like. All can we find a good. Here here's the thing by the way silly has been tanking now for about five years I understand they still look about them through three years away at best. I don't honestly know they don't like I know though this tiger was hyped them up they still got a ways to go out and Simmons and NB legacy had health problems. How about the Sacramento Kings drafting high is no guarantee Sacramento's stripped it ain't third or higher nine. 80 last nine years they suck. A jag yet they've drafted high up and out. You you're blow this up and keep brits show and company don't get a mix absolutely not like you you need to clean house you certainly nor do I need a new new GM to me Hagan takes another thing is. So you have to sell you the risk is being the Sacramento Kings being a team. But just sits there as perennial bed. Minnesota Minnesota's won 31 games or less in nine years they had Townsend Wiggins they still won only 31 games it takes time to build it up exactly right now. We should do it right now you can't just because we we don't have would have the luxury. Above waiting around is sort of just I can't say the word I would want to say. But sort of half heartedly going at this is so crazy to me. Because I hero he's arguments from the fans auto wanna watch bad basketball really wanna do you wanna have apathy for your team for the next ten years. George the next five years you just wanna be apathetic towards your team that's what you wanna watch three years which are going to be if you tank you do realize that but everybody are now. All the tankers John says I'm with Osborne on this assorted steam as constructed as a ceiling of winning a first round series. Here's the thing now all you guys his cigarette and tank will be the first guys to bail out and not watch games during the season. It's just like DE GU wanna put a crappy product hornets are also trying to consider there's a crappy product they're now I was I. Doing it's a mediocre products right now it is an honor tell Randy you're telling me a team that lost twelve of thirteen games was mediocre note yes they are they're drafting eleventh crapping your genes that are drafting ahead of us such hot army are not watch that team play a lot last year I would cease crappy defined describes a lot of listen what he did in his semantics all you want I don't give a damn Nelson Coca when I try and he's there would you not just take. Why would you not try to get Blake Griffin why did you not try to do something bone where you unload a couple of big salaries and KG and Cody. Somebody take them off your hands can you clear cap room and make a run at somebody. Like I did and as far as aiming to win the title bone I have to be honest with you there was a poll done by to bring back the buzz guys no one loves a horse mourn those guys. On Twitter they did a poll boning up hornets fans. In your lifetime do you think the hornets will win a championship. In your lifetime. 63% said now I voted now. Winning a championship in setting that is a goal is just in this league. I'm sorry but it is at its finest not to meet his eye in the sky from. That's where you've been brain wash now now it's not like the NFL every team's goals should be let's go win a championship because in this league we can't. We can draft well we can get better go listing there really is better well we have. Formula is tanking losing. Visiting here's here's the deal still wouldn't win a championship is the process the result which antigen I don't I don't know I don't know but you wanna know what they do have they have assets. They are players that are worth something they have they have tradable picks if they want to. Okay big they have they have at least some semblance. Of hope that there is they plan in place to dig them out of what has been. I'm wearing it but baseball basketball applauding. There is taking for ever seriously do you realize how hornets fans will bail out on a five year process. I mean what are they get back to the playoffs. Has it been doing this for five years. It's six years six. Your five this year coming up. Like how long are you gotta wait for a team just to get in Didier seemed like it takes for ever manned space is like me you listen listen. When we okay see draft. They drafted well. You you have to draft well I'm not gonna take an American to treat it this is this is a theoretical conversation because the practice is not so cut dry I would fully admit that. What options do you half the listen this isn't it nice. Congress try to move a couple of can you try to move couple contracts if you can you try to free up some money has been a Blake Griffin we try to do horrible contracts to NIC Batum contract alone is one of the world and I sort of understand my. Why he feels like we're stuck in the middle but I feel like. You have to sue oh yeah try to do something about it defying blow it up DB trade kemba Walker's lunch well you meet us to be honest up and he double teams contract. You can't fully blown up because another team. As the one that contract so I don't know you got it Campbell if you wanna blow and public did assets to start over then you got to hear what I do and Agilysys your quest I'm not favored it pretty Campbell I'm ready to go out there. And try to get a number two option behind him and that's what I'd rather try to do what did the Celtics proof here recently. What a great GM you can make a move in the east with only one quote on quote. Star player they traded for Isiah Thomas made a great trade they all the next pics they drafted doron guys. They entice Al Horford there but a great GM made it work. They had a great GM and twice as Asian market higher and usually doesn't see you cannot delay out of and I has come. Clearly on board with that let me let me ask you this question even with Campbell walker. Even with Kimmel are who probably is our one major asset on this team to trading Dick draft picks with. What's the ceiling of this franchise would know that you've got to added this team as constructed yet you gotta wonder about their ceiling by the way east other than the cavs. Like you're not dead far away from the middle of these playoffs regime. You're not that Ira let me. In the middle Mac I want I want to go to the top five year old building currencies like go to the bottom. Players draft well guys who can help us compete and being built and how long term sustained. What express that we get take a break here but let's send it seems like the raw data slowing down right now itself so glorious in theory it's not is easy Asia making out to be good to kings and draft tie every year in just sucked every year writes there's a lot of bus early in the draft guys it's not a guaranteed if you draft and manpower read off the list next segment. Humana guys have busted out. In his top three picks you are so far from getting guaranteed LeBron. Or somebody it's a difference may or true difference maker. And another thing is us we do all this stuff and then we can't keep our guys in little old Charlotte when they become free agents right. If you get a double this young stars based in Charlotte and they don't join the Big Three somewhere else. I am just so cynical about how hard it is to win in this league opera while he was tanking draft the guy like Hasheem Thabeet. Unless we know exactly what W Alameda listen man be the beats in there. I don't hear from you all on this one too because it is just a philosophical discussion had blown up and becoming great sounds great it's just not easy and it's not guaranteed. Do you guys want the hornets are you is or your Mormon Osborne. Do you want the hornet's just do literally strive to start over from scratch. Don't with the process south or do you just staying act to create agony for years with no pay off 70457096. Stan. Jumping any on the phone lines when he or three guys we got emails Matt in W opens he got down. Texas at the same number. And sweet sue pat Mac WA AF fans see where assorted station it does feel like we're stuck in the middle but would you blow it all lumping those sixers. Hi during the break we can't ranting about whether the corners of blowing up or not Osborne is on five hour energy which is just not good for all in congress that's not good for all of those you get a fight made energetic I have not checked that. I'll just fighting all day ladies seeking to all I don't know there's enough. I own and I got a nice all right anyway what do you guys you guys what a load on start up or over if your port its nation. My whole point is are no guarantees by the way I read an article last night mount. They took me a certain sample period and look to teams that drafted one through three looked in three years later there was no sign. On average of improvement. 43%. He took a look at the team's three years later. They lose 69 more games in three years and did when they drafted for three attend. Like this is not a guarantee. You can socks and you could be stock in suck dumped by deception could have changed somebody else Nick's bonds necks. They talked about you know that about you know tank in in not being good this is our growing Dick good again but up forcing its great what else to death. Well I cattle let's go the fact I had a there's still go to some outsider attitude but it sounds how does 170457096. And like I honestly do you want the Lawrence. And then here's don't think too it's easier said than done man to blow this up. As -- are what these contracts is who gets how many of these guys you truly going to be able to unload I supported station blow it up. Stay the course I'm not even say in state of course is an exciting idea either try I mean I don't think there's an idea it's exciting for anybody. I let me go to our let's see here HJ you'll start us off HJ what do you what do you make of this. Matt got a court reporter asked if insanity. Did you the same thing over and over again right in the done work. And it could be a result I guess there yet. So I ordered that our current. What's important now they've been a little bit. For the last couple years. And I think that there we go under court apart pretty. Yet what we were more or re tied for third but yet we end up with what six. Because there was a tie among fourteen are. So so we could we are now on up with it could hold the first round and outfitters popcorn is. So its partner. We know what. We're not only USA. I'm in order to get it that we hear about the field that they bought me the credit he's got a bit. In order to battle I think that they are prepared they're to be on the table. It's not a cold out there where we have. Obsolete you know maybe do odd Freddie where you get our I don't think we can't hit great art super car with at this that we yeah I don't think it. I'm not saying I'm not saying this I'm not saying a superstar but if you try to. You know trade off and engaging in a code ear and I'm KG aplomb my our famous forensic data on slate. And then you try to clear cap room to make a look around and like crystal like to report from the guy from the ringer us. I can you just try something like this that it's just try to clear a couple of these contracts out and see if you can do some. Armed because the east feels like if you improve a little bit you can move up to the middle. And I know I was done wanna be in the middle but what us also is going to do is make you suck for five years in Iraq. That is not a good I mean and that's just with no guarantee whatsoever. It would be like saying I'm saying you to a terrible neighborhood to live for five years you may get. To be in a penthouse which you may have to stay in that neighborhood. Like I just it's just just so far no guarantees in trying to come up with a draft list here I thought I typed analyst bone of all the guys taken and it's not like three. Let's see here we go back a little bit. Okafor Okafor who I would like to add here in Charlotte but he is not. I franchise changer us diesel Russell's not even a franchise changer. Joseph let's see here that was good drama Jabbar Parker he's been hurt. But the thing to bow with injuries there's no guarantee my drift a talent and he ends up injured like MB or Parker or something like that. Anthony Bennett victory Allah Allah all the deep on Otto Porter. I was a top 31 draft and if you tank that you hear us you're getting you're not getting anything that's going to be a game changer for you. So then you got did you get a tank we got to wait wait wait till the right players are up there and you gotta wait on the ping pong balls are at the mercy of pink. And all odds yeah here's the other problem this market here in Charlotte as well or not. Boston or New York or Los Angeles or he's major markets so let's say you ended up tanking. And voted I'll lobby drafting a superstar Cesar I got Williams and yeah came to borders or not it's an example that's a whole local got basically yeah let's say he was here. What's gonna happen when the big mortgage comes calling when a guy's contract expires when you could you could do all this stuff get a guy here in Charlotte. He's a free agent he might get you know what that the lakers saying later wanna put together super team they're I got. At a hearing that's my fear about being in a market show our vision to literally get a developmental league cities did you know these other markets. But Minnesota who thinks that Townsend Wiggins are gonna play together in Minnesota for twelve years. You listeners I don't like only cable goes somewhere else to join with some super team. All these arguments are fine I had no problem with your argument it in theory they're fine in practice in reality they're fine they're site. You have to keep yourself that chance now. You have to give yourself a chance to compete I don't care everybody says oh we'll look at gold state they're not going anywhere. Your goal should be short term did you playoffs a long term beat obesity okay will go short term it's a Playhouse is not your goal as he tanked the sixers were still waiting on them to really aren't in it but you know how are you how are you here how are you going to retain ankle you have to draft tight you have to go kit a stores into miles now changing anything just what a close game their O nine and create oil and let me rephrase it. They're not gonna compete in the playoffs in any meaningful way at all they've got to add somebody but I would rather than try to add so I would Blake Griffin come here. Then why would be nice steak. Why would just when you just don't know the rule into their fourth year there contract at least last year their rookie contract colonel probably to offer 75 million more than they would make it any other team. You've got at least try guys to get people here and to build all what you had let me get the clubs the warriors to their teams that go anywhere so all -- other franchise are gonna duck had a we compete with that. We've got Dora we got your Big Three and it now you know whoever else are let me switch article calls in your quick Gaza's and a jumper coming up talks a race and Patrick Patrick how you feel about this one. You did it tough act to go to quick comment about the kids when you at the moment. Happy to say that it would ever get to the people that. Yeah. Not so great ever etc. so I'm saying it's all part of this not guaranteed thing nothing is guaranteed. Even when you stink in the NBA the tank colleges make it out to me like you're just guarantee like listen. We did tank you know we got four Michael Kidd Gilchrist one of the guys we wanna trade now. That's so we got Lawrence and he brings up a good point. Even if you get Anthony Davis there they can apply also in the west Derrick Williams and Venus cancer we're number two and number three. What is your sank us and you drab Derrick Williams one year at number serial then you stink so bad to get the number two Dick the next union and JJ. What do you have to show for those two years of being horrible and alienating fans and losing money. I guess nothing until you're in a busy you know lose money on on a wing and a prayer. MCI got an emcee and here for us for a minute before we get to Jeff Burton and see where you saw on this thing. I grant our warm all year of course all my goodness yeah. Ought to go for your global and local worker who called tiger you're very up. We're 100 Boogaard Rick probably one of Rivera and you're also looked. The Chicago board under their bill would know the weird who also urges or the watch ledger talk about the children abused good. They have political or ethnic your car broke gut not good horse but he. What we're we have coach bill regardless produce basically didn't go to a buildup is that it's sort of like and that's more group a group of kids don't. Mark wolf dragon boat full polygamy kemba vote Shreveport for four. Okay where did did you say that this is substantially since the fans' choice us like are you to stand the people's champ here or is just just sounds so sexy. But yeah I mean everybody thinks this sounds sexier and going to ourselves Siam don't got a five Zion Williamson emails and hundreds or just don't get him and just. It's that simple and like bones said when Zion worries it becomes a free agent he just LA and we just freaked out about the way the structure of the NBA works and because he makes up for endorsements what are gives up right bone announced I didn't care if he's in the big market of LA I'm just. I just eat. Beat the ability to build a team. In the NBA compared to building a team in the NFL. And you're building it up aboard movement in this league compared to the NFL just feels. So minimal it really does when we come back we change it up Jeff Burton talking all star race and Dale Junior. Dale Jr. win the darn race in his final season will ask him it's coming up right here 1025 W Afghans. All right it's also are weak and in this city of Charlotte the Charlotte motor speedway and could afford to watch in a race tomorrow night. A mom I would and we are trying to make this an annual tradition we're Jeff Burton comes on the shelves friend of the show NASCAR analyst. Four NBC and explains to us the format mound city annexed nights also our race and we did it last year underground doing this year. We don't talk about stays for my guy Dale Earnhardt junior struggle and in his final season. Jeff Burton joins us here on a Mac it's Jack Jeffery how are you member out of got out there we're doing good does more to knowing me here we disorders conversation but other than that I'm doing. They or are you surprised he didn't move up and address we'll battle that. It was and I'm just I'm frustrated I listen I'm not what you were on the same team nearly thousand are both frustrated about the team. It's just we have different ways to try to get out here but anyway less so are the soft race exam will get upset again Jaffa league it's gonna get let's slam. What you what you what you or you had your worst season. And they yearly NBA draft is not full of talent. You're destined for more years or at best media Rockford. Yeah and then you hear and what you're still not bad enough to get in that group of the six or seven players that you know are parlance I would add that the product are bad enough what. Exactly you got them KG I'd anyway so I understand I understand all point views are right it's far as a sort of my guy junior man a big junior fan. I'd love to see release make the chase in a final year mideast when he sits in the points he very well might need a win at. I also would love to see him winning all starry site you'll be storybook you know he wanted to in his rookie year in 2000 I love the book and was all star race wins. I mean. What are the chances of a win Saturday night it doesn't feel good until they're running good enough. What are the chances of them getting going and winning a race and making the chase what do you think. But doesn't have brought a little better then they're finishes that indicated there's a lot of data that well at all bam out there are about as self induced abortion edgy. You know some but it does call luck but. They had thirteen it literally got in a motor sports so you know you never count out and it motor sport they had shown on the speed lately but. And it's all star race where anything can happen any bank gets and so. It it's if he was is able to get himself in position able at the end of the at the end of the race and then he could get it they just called Balata. Just who's the fastest car he's certainly. I wouldn't be my. But you know that's not all these two wins the racers and that's certainly not who always and he also it's. As far as arm is as far as the way this season is going lets us I'm about the stage. Racing in this week they just announced they were put an actress stage into a six under which I think is a great idea. Got a break up that race have to have those moments of a bend in the stage drama throughout the race. What do you think about stage racing has just succeeded do you think an intriguing those moments of drama throughout the race. Caught and there's no doubt that it made erased more fun to watch estimated I'll blocker drivers made more sense they'll. Analysts in his race stands and as foreseen and we all know. That the more intensive years of equity the more fun to watch and it just it just cares that's what NCAA its bond that's why. The playoffs are fine if you don't succeed your editor and that makes more that you feel that pressure or so. And adding more pressure with in the race and making what are you running with in the body of the race. Is certainly increase the the excited (%expletive) in a race. It's made it. It's made it matter where you're running it and not try explained to people. Where when the candidate score. You know the first quarter it was seven points on the board. But for it never leads the other team pastor respond they can't take those points off the board they got to go earned their four. That's what makes sports fun and racing. We never really kept score related matter was OK it is where you sit there. The body of the race although it was just it was about this yourself. To get the finish at the end as opposed to it battering where you are now that it matters. Guess what an hour drivers that we can't rationing water we race or yet you can't ready can't make you can't go any faster but now what it matters you gonna try to pass some. Body. Now you race other people harder you don't make it caught around a racetrack they'll barter. Which you make that you'd try to make take more space she'd try to take a spot and that's what's fun about what generations are on lots carpal Serb. It's start watching guys do battle at this stage format has put drivers in position to do battle. I do agree with you and I I think we've had some good racing I think stage racing has been good. But Jeff you know I don't you probably hear it you know when you listen that's Lindsay could your big sports fan you'll listen hear about almost Borchardt big duke guy you know all the local teams to the ANC is far just this. It's far as a way NASCAR is perceived by our audience. And you probably hear it. Like Albert a NASCAR we're talking the other day about what is the next best pro sport behind football is it is DM BA and I still think it is. But I threw in NASCAR's say they may be my number three you know favorite sport. Among the pro sports and I immediately get these angry responses and emails or alcohol intake a shot NASCAR I used to love NASCAR but now it's garbage. What I was sure it does I still enjoy it I'm not saying listen I'm not saying. Then I'm insiders are. Devlin what are what order that this thing that I would like says that that's me. They widely garbage and I accelerators Bogut out in the last say as full if they are yet. Big because if you watch generation I don't care what you say the race is better to beta was twenty years ago there is no. There is no doubt about it period in the story I'd race two years to go out and ally in my career forty years ago and and if you sit down don't watch a race today there's more people would have a chance to Wear. There's it's closer the cars run closer together it is better I think if we if we created this marriages that are head. The same way that created in there to better head about the NBA. Magic vs Larry look at what Matt regulated plates the other it could be. A lot crappy ball games at air. And and we tend to glamorize history we tend to rewrite history so ask are what this now that an end. You know I don't know not a lesser. It's quite turned the race sort of watch they don't like get out of television why did he see you like the Eagles like it's just straight double. Look for whatever reason there has been there's there it is that it's not. What you charter rate Soto watching Hannity tell me it's not good. Then don't go back and tell me it's not a goodies to be until we you don't like. But you can't tell me it's not as good as they used it because it's just not sure. But what is it and that that has 'cause it's something in their mind you say it's a narrative in December I almost just starts to believe what. So so I have this I have this theory I had this crazy Syria. That that. Used to product still have some bell bottoms jeans most people got. You know. There'll at a time where bell bottoms jeans are free get off the right everybody asks. What the body hasn't anymore. What do they do they do anything wrong did they did they commit Klein. Did they do they do some good to have sending American public know for some reason there is fashion editor in an effort to try to get back in a fashion. Sports business or some lunch push too hard and try to all part. To get back in fashion. And and I think that we had some of that and Internet. I think it'd just for whatever reason. People say yellow let's go do their Cisco do that the economy you can not. You cannot look at the start of the problem and and and that you have to accept. That it started with the economy or bad if you have to accept that it's clear the problem is when the economy start to get better we would be it would not give the fans. And and so that's the problem it all started I don't think it started with the NASCAR problem let's start with the economic problem. But it hasn't recovered as the economy is about. A cut and very juicy stuff Jeff Burton does NBC. NASCAR analysts are we've only iWeb blessed us with only certain this is impossible to ask you explain the format only thirty seconds are just. I don't isolated part of it so this year there's say they're that there are cock I am so so. So each team will give one set. Are they softer tire that saw that I was sort of like the car go faster so they can use who wants that one time during the event so do you need that sort to have enough speed to advance into the next segment did you just open that bottle rarity gauge yourself but the extra out spot again at the bottom rail. You can put that edits are well. If you put that setup I don't he had to start behind everybody that has the normal car. So you're gonna have this opportunity to have faster cars trying to work federally backed up to the field and never do that bad into. In multi barrel yeah that was awesome and you get knocked down a part you like coach Taylor and traveling you just did that man. I numb I I don't like like because even like you said even in different stages of a racial have guys are trying to make that charge. You know the NRA is to be crazy you could have how many guys make it charge at the end of the race does. Exactly believe that some people use those tired should get death bottles stay right so. So definitely this is a new concept in NASCAR but it is not a part of the course or some other form of motorsports. They had a prime Tyre which is the softer tire that goes faster. And it bait they have a certain amount of milk so this shouldn't do that NASCAR but it's not a new immersed. Is there a risk of blowouts like he's not shouldn't be in this race so you got the yards short short segments interest rates should be a problem. That is a problem and try to integrate them into a normal race we get where. You have to run you know not Molitor and oh yeah that in the go problem armor on the U you always knocked down Clark we love having you on animal talk to down the road man shall be ready to talk Panthers in racing the next time we cannot accelerate golf fans ask. Next time maybe next time it's happening aren't they don't go change my bell bottoms for the next segment. I am not just until it's a cheap shot is that I missed the Belmont and they're not old what does it think canceling any amount battled. Back in getting all I could explain to format TV gasping he had died years ago do you or burn one or the other I have my own all star race ideas to try to maybe make you hold a better. I said it before but maybe guys use their own vehicles. Don't you honestly and there's I don't go and he got there in a minivan the as you'd be racing how I saw the should be an SUV racing series although there's gonna be pretty there's a serious danger of tip over on the banks of speed left. That's my watch when bush is telling you watch when we come back. I'm we always do don't Osborne for all these things that are big in North Carolina he doesn't likely to while Clausen and Griffith and all that stuff we have found something. In the state of North Carolina that is huge and most of you probably love the three of us have never tried and we died in the state for combined almost sixty years. I've we've got to we've got to get into this that's coming up. And we get into some banter stuff plus Matt Carroll to talk hornets at 8 o'clock say to. We're back on the Mac exact OK so Osborne has banned there. Ridiculed on this radio show and it passed by a semi you all. For like things like the Waffle House Andy Griffin as any job born on the day oh not you go to Lawrence mascot and cerberus are perfect no I don't know those mascots are. Things are big here in the state of North Carolina Osborne all in for whatever reason he's been in North Carolina since he story affirmed breezy just doesn't buy into. Well we have finally were found something bound that is it institution in this day. And it's in the news to death and we looked at the news started asking about it and we discovered that none of us have tried this product. We have Dan here for a combined 59. Years. Combined 59 years meet thirteen as Tony five M bone watch when he. 2141. Years we have never tried a product it is celebrating its 100 anniversary I believe today cheer why. Our ice. I don't doubt it's going to be jocular guy I don't know how is this is gonna play Cyril I was treated the same years killer killed no merit less. Now I don't I'm curious sing it like. I would sun drop I don't some sun dropped. I'm a sister she's so at a time but I do I love sun dropped falls in that genre like that's the type of sodas elected drink maybe a coal here and there. And also I'm trying not to drink as much soda you know I mean I'm trying to like get away from a little bit. But if for whatever reason every time I go bound to be convenience store. I looked in that glass also beautiful glass fridge as it went off these beverages. I do not Cho Cho juice shear wind. I just I'm not a doctor pepper fans I view it is maybe it's like doctor pepper cherry I don't know if I really need a cherry soda. And I had our what in my question is is shear wind deserving of being this North Carolina institution. Should we be ridiculed. For not drinking it are we really missing out on something. I know you never. Appealed to me for some reason I don't know why just I'm with you would just seem to me like job. Different version died of our now may be great I don't know I net I have not experienced it before. I don't drink a lot of sodas anymore because that acid reflux so why stick Mort out code zeros got in my drink now I have warned that just never I don't know I just never. Never appealed to be at that I. There's really no excuse I just never bought into my. My in laws love it we gotta take my mother in law loves it we have to take shear wind home. Too and I'm a mother in law moved South Carolina which school. But they lived in Maryland for the whole life and we had to take shear wind Maryland where like it would be like I'll settle bunny might my dad's body. I have to bring home since or my dad has to bring home cigarettes for him. Because cigarette prices down here. You know off the charts compared to what they call us up there Pennsylvania where my father is friendly and seal cigarette I heard here I drop now and always stay there should never sits well guy and importing both of those two different to different people. So and listen I try to having dinner for thirteen years I tried like any kind of barbecuing it all comes sauces. I tried to be the guy that truck tries everything that is an institution in North Carolina shear wind is the one thing. Then you'll swear by and say it's greats that I've just announced. I'm not it's actually not try and that. Program a son dropped go grab a do something like that. Osborne not at shear wind sample for you in your life is like I know is impossible to find in Charlotte a group with three people and any opposite they were they all have never tried shear wind and doesn't make us evil is what I'm asking. I mean I I never I've never tried it eats like you said it's I mean are really drink a lot of softer. You know I'm kind of like a body unum sort of my body is my temple I can sign one at odds are right there are some beautiful simple you've got over there. I'm allows thank you we came in this morning wanna. What a sample this man adds I have nobody turned an F five hour energy earlier is that how intriguing that terrible advice that he has let's work off isn't decided by lousy day I'll massive. Five hours so here's my question though we imagined coming a mile away about five or six minutes. But here's my question everybody listening and we got all the different forms of communication. Al there text at the same number you call at 704570. Nine's extent you've got sweeten math at Magda yet Lindsay got emails. Matt gets a gift and Z dot com. Hit us up late eighties I want to they're the real skinny for you guys longtime north Carolinians like do you view this as. Almighty god all three of you are North Carolina State ciller's. Why is it easy is it is great product that were missing out on or is it just kind of okay. But I always look like that's not. That's not one of the North Carolina institutions that is must act. Am I wrong in saying that we go to Miami and Don real quick we'll need to Matt Carroll after this odd Don is cheer why can't miss are we screwing this up. Yes sorry you are filed a great Omar lives. His first sixty years old oh my bookshelves in enough. What are you up and it's as far as pop our breaks the. A Cyrix OK you're cheer 10 yes we do know that's one there's no way Einstein's earnings we take. There is no way bone I'm living in the south and on during sweetie so it's not like this is southern beverage things from it. And some drop I'll throw down the sun dropped shear line just looks like it's asked Jason emails and insists his. You take a barrel I read in Athens we. A sense of this law would look to form a sweet he is like it's like a liquid crack man secrets later the more you have the more you need. I'm Jay Stein it's implements excited series flavored some extra sweet doctor pepper not a fan and I've been here for 25 years. Unnamed text or says it's pretty good but not great she does a feeling I got like this is not our best work is bars institutions go. I will say this the cheer wine Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. You know I've done on those babies I should note that you put anything in it donuts. I'm gonna dig on and so I will admit that. Our rights or viewed communication Osborne find data for evil and if we're sending in the state of North Carolina what are our pennants and each day if not thirsty right now goad programmers some McConnell calls. That's us yes we and we and we are big complaints here at DO Stacey Cook go doghouse the other run and again. I where we come back. We go from soda and Matt careless match Carol Philadelphia native to cheer wined question. When we come back most importantly you see it with Osborne on blowing this hornets team up under the saying now.