Mac Attack: Blow Up The Hornets?

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Thursday, December 7th

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You've beaten. Every Thursday Charlotte threads. Although we're not gonna be very happy do we talk about the hornets right now and an effort last night and Andy Charlotte warrior warriors fan clubs still showing up despite staffs. And the referees not even got to vent about the rest worries I did love you brown go on the game though that mammals got that label called the way he sees it. At one point he say he rip nick toon for not box and out the other point he ripped nick bitumen said that at some point make it -- needs to show up. It's like this dude man I wanna watch the games you don't go UB. How once existed soldiers go afterwards players the way we all do when we get frustrated with his team. But anyways 384 years old right now he's got a lot he's got a lot of easy to come undone. It keeps it coming he just teed up the rest time and time again as anonymous alcoholic he was tracking this foul calls on the lawyers. God bless that man and that's the heck with you with the rest we couldn't get a call inside you gonna you know. Offense is based on getting the free throw line Roberts unfortunately in three point shooting. It would or based off and getting the free throw line it's one the only ways we'd have a chance that a game like that. And for us to do warp drive it and get the ball inside and not get any of those calls until I swear the last 23 minutes of the game. Infuriated many and that's true the question right now for those of you that we're at the hornets game last night watched the hornets game on ESPN. Gee are you mad about something this morning like you argue are you mad about this hornets team the effort last night I mean. They they battled back in a given that and Jessica it's a 50 Michael Carter Williams misses second wide open label of the game. To me when you see that Steffi is out and dream on green is out I'm not expecting to be down 26 points in the second quarter of this game. And if you watched the first eight minutes of the second quarter this game you saw offensive incompetency. That was on an extremely. High level of offensive and timing issues we couldn't take two dribbles make two passes and I'll turn the ball over we had four points in those eight minutes. And oh by the way to rant and sway you PR drain threes and going all on the other end. I thought we were going to put on a good show on national TV bone nonsense over and win the game Paul Pierce after the game ripped Charlotte. And said he felt like he should win the game with stats and dream on that I'm not even say I'm Nancy vulnerable you were at home where you rate three don't into the game. I just wanted to competitive game the whole way through not one where you're down by 26 and furious in the middle of the second quarter was so just. It was it was I don't knows embarrassing is strong enough to describe ballast out last night with the way they were down my twenties they saw early they're down by 26 we got to worry about. The war your stance quote on quote taken over the arena last night in my brain again pointing out the massive amount of of lawyers fans and look I get it. There were rock star team they're like the lakers are these national brands I get it. The fans are gonna commit here but I feel like there's a lot of players on the hornet's all the Sunday Tom boy your science when that step career rise and last night. He did even arrived it imply last night I don't understand all. Did know that frustrate me tell you three things I'm frustrated with just sorry this team in general while just lumping all the hornet plane. Things and a man about it within one wants to do at the sands. Thank you diesel there's nothing I can do about the summit in the first hour said Mack quit going off on the enemy stands and on cable box is nothing you can do about it and I. I understand that but I feel like actually we got at least try recipes we got could at least and we've got to be at least. Point is how did man this sucks and this should I want is to be an MBA town. Where we are more for our team until the NBA lends itself to these sort of stands all over the place. Jonathan says Max. I have I was there last night cheering on my warriors and I yelled don't know why you expect me to be a hornets fans. Listen to me unhappy is a lark today you guys sounds flat miserable. Why would it NBA standings Charlotte or any of these other towns would bad teams when no chance of winning. Why would they support the home team that just because they're the home team he should root for the circus could you gonna Baghdad's on the McLaren. Absolute pure cloud I mean listen yet you're happier that I am there's no doubt about its biased I feel like you're getting cheap happiness. I'm gonna wait this out original lord is turn this thing around and my happiness at that point is going to be complete utter bliss. You out people that extreme on occasion your daily value email that jerk back I'm sure it's emails probably op jerk He asked jerk How long he's been a warrior spent four. Was he there during a run TMC oh no they're there in the Don Nelson years was he there with Baron Davis or Richardson or seeds and has he been there since I don't know they sort of when he chipped. I get the impression he was in his heat here a few years ago like I he's unabashed about it he's just like I did a team that makes me happy why would you receive orders. On the we say yeah I'm frustrated but to me that's part of being a loyal fans right is. When things are bad you got to live the good the bad moments with this franchise though Mans seriously the band's frustrating moment completely outweighed the good moments the NIC Batum thing drives me crazy to do it for three quarters and his basketball game was invisible. He played one good quarter when he had ten in the third that's not enough for a guy who's making his salary is supposed to be your number two guy. Mom Marvin Williams I honestly didn't know if you I had to keep checking his Mark Williams on the floor. He's such a non free can factor at times on offense it's crazy. And nothing to bone is and here's the thing that sucks is now things got worse yesterday too and as such as the game. Coach cliff is out. In deadly his health and again coach cliff may get well brother you are great guy great coach. And obvious your health is way more important events in about basketball but as he's saying you throw that in and it's like okay houses team gonna do when Al cliff I worry about that. Franken Cody both get hurt last night till. We can't stay healthy we can't keep our coach Chelsea we can keep players LC. It's just sucks man I'm just I just one event today and I'm wondering. You guys that watched this game went to the game last night to report its fans. Are you frustrated I mentioned the referees don't that's another thing I'm frustrated about our team. Charlotte lawyer sands and the referees. Because again legacy did you smashes and I take you track the what I screamed bass. That's so like we were not getting a reward for getting the ball into the paint. Against such a good defensive team they were allowed to slap it away allowed to hit us with a body and do things should not be allowed to do to protect George rim. And as you mentioned in the first hour he's a great term. I'm not a member of the insane ten posse never have been probably never will be but at some point as we approach to trade deadline of February you've got to look at this Rosser and go. We need to keep this the same or can we move just about two weeks. Ask teens if they want anybody but kemba probably mark somebody even. Evens Colton about let's do Coulter is about the white power and KG sour when anybody take debate on these guys do at some point. If it continues the way it's going you're gonna have to make decisions about this roster in its future it you're gonna vote upper. Now it is it says how does show is still a job I don't even watch basketball like that anymore yet somehow my draft picks from the couch human better than the expert here's a great unknown over there. How much is show how much is Michael Jordan. That's just the one thing we don't know I don't know where to make my personnel venting. But again to meet the personnel on this team the blown opportunities the missed opportunities coach urban air I'll say it and drafting high and just not getting getting players that are okay role players. But not getting those special players that see successful organizations have gotten when they've drafted in that position. You know it's frustrated show makes a trade for Dwight Howard and I think Cho. Got up past because around the same time he gets the white power monks fall to him. So when the year begins they're not playing well souls like with her in all the anti Cho guys went away because he got those two guys are right now Moly must stop playing. We know we will at some point. If Dwight Howard what's his total in that been on the French test. He's he's put up some good numbers are ties but the winds still aren't Decker so we trade for Dwight Howard and we Arabs always contract that these are brought it here but. The good thing is we really didn't give up much of anything now like right like it's like one million belly is now for not really going anywhere and now we're kind of running in circles here if he would have and that's why people say tank this guy Brian says. Timonen is very close to seeing at the tanking lights that only she is just a year now want to just blow it up mount. I'm saying Indian cities always going this year we get this category trade deadline how do we not try to move some parts. We not move Margaret how we got called teams about Kaminsky. How do we not see what's out there and try to Lee's biggest assets back this team as a serious lack of assets always as they always well is just as we get to Jude and trade time it's created aren't we have nothing to offer because we have no assets just its assets as it says he straight Tamba. So I'd trade him try to get multiple first rounder for him. Arm I don't think is completely insane how did they do that I wouldn't I would I would add the salt race for kemba can at least take the call and say an eight. What are you offering you don't you don't go dangle him but someone calls you you say. I don't think anybody offer I don't think anything's off the table with this situation right because here's the thing with kemba when he's up for his contract and you pay him some huge mega contracts well then it becomes even harder to pay a supporting cast around him like you pointed out the first hour we've got a pretty good where all our star player are all star has played for twelve million dollars a year and we used up all the macabre there's no cap rumor right up against the luxury tax and this is a team we're putting on the floor so how are they going to be able to seal it seems we have to take him a tons of money a means to. Skated. You know with the respect that kemba has around the league her Doran talk about him yesterday. Who's to say when he's a free agent with the way the league works that two stars don't look around and go. I can it was a free agent. Can he join us as a way to league worst seat I'd be careful that. They're gonna play this right that you know Campbell wants to be here because he might bolt do. I wouldn't blame the Diebold that if he's frustrated that there's not enough help around him hasn't been for years I would not blame him and it sucks to say there's always stand. I we come back we're all right you guys wanna hear supported station on this one. Are you did you wake up this morning that. But last night we got discouraged frustrated about the hornets after last night's game don't like 26 in their missteps in Fremont. 70457096. And what are you frustrated about what is the cure. What is the six it's America's. We started the game slow in this beginning of the second quarter. More playing the right way is offensively as far as getting the ball moving and playing with the pace minutes. With the pace and Ken Lewis penetrating and always move. That carried on. Third quarter and fourth quarter. It plays down stressed that. To rant I suppose there are really tough. That team owner. Points because you know. It's downplaying the loss. Richards. Richard says seems silencing the Silas Marvin Williams was saying you're listening to this. Since we have been very excited to view stages that I Darche I was thinking right acting head coach Stephen Silas here's a deal mom what the heck was I going to say now my skirt over them all just about relay I look like the hornet's the first eight minutes of first quarter we asked our strongest segment you're. Yeah army ultimately under one voice to lawyers OK but didn't have stuff. You know they didn't have dream on green as well you guys always glory 87 and they don't have their best defensive force a dream on greens so. There's just I'm sorry I'm just frustrated so just about last night's game. Thomas says Mac I actually thought the horse showed hard to fight back understood I don't understand why are so bitter today in that studio. If you if you know if you're not feel like we are told in Chelsea's. I just I expected us to hang all game long and I expected good basketball game with stats and drain money out. I guess on a dummy for expectant. You know that's when it comes down to for me and this is it's a lot of frustration with this team man he really is and then it's things like. I'm just not deal get a break with injuries and stuff like that franking Cody go down arms and did or didn't tackle the break there there's a lot of basketball Laura one thing. He's not there as a repeatedly not taking advantage of opportunities and I guess I missed opportunities but. Not taking advantage situations scorers twice without letter to Parker lost the Celtics were now with Al Horford and carrier ring in the game. They lost the warriors down to players waseige bale lost. At some pull us a. Are poised guys don't have stars can win these games that's so far away we are you can take the stars all these elite teams and look where we still are it's just that's what's so frustrating that's what makes me say I hate. I just hate this study in this sport. In this market the honest real answer might be you just got to make yourself sucked against her view I just I just hate data about the NBA I do. But made ashes where it has to be an edge and I asked god hates I just hate saying that. I'd 70457096. Stand Thomas is up next is up Thomas. Carnivore America and if we it would be out here archer cannot it is this but there. Our to rebuild street. I thought about. All of let's just say this or certificate. What properly and not. You know toward what Juan very you know it's for the best but yeah. Where harper oh well I totally but to fight for your it to repay and shoot pretty. And always should brace. What Barack. What sort out there either seems always should be open. No that's important that's really important and you don't crazy appreciates disposal Dicey bet that but I've I've heard that last part. Bones seats for a start but just last week which 44 in the league in three point percentage and listen we've got to be better net. This team bones member just to just two years ago when they made the playoffs fraud when they pushed that he the first round you could argue if they you know maybe should won the first round series. That team shot the heck out of this three ball and look at where we are now live moves along. You know Tom O'Neal Lee's north Lehman is long and now or in the place where we're no longer good three point shooting team at all we start to finally build. A modern NBA roster and now you look at us we're not that anymore. And it's just as frustrated. We've regressed. In case you wonder if what cliff wants to do it if it is that on the same page is what the front office wants to. You don't mean are they on the same page about I wanna play the game because the pieces are coming in here these days it Wycliffe want to errors or disconnect us. Sort of my dad's a valid point we it's always been wondered about cliffs and show when one page did they are goes on I Don Johnson is not blame Judy rose backyards or. They the horse show low which one do we play in Charlotte when things go wrong. Now Judy rose or shall leagues who's responsible for the hackers to Mecklenburg County I don't know. Our Domingo song 70457096. Stand once he used the most frustrating thing about does basketball team and I mean one is way out what is the six we go to sales who's up next they say what do you think it. I was going on those guys. Yeah about from a awarded it last year we they always go on these four six game losing streak. And you know in years patent easing copper spent you know you might still be able to be allowed in February march worked well with these mr. upper. And basically December inventory you know they have bad is programs don't go it chalk it up there reputation and Bob you're absent. You know I had a habit. Of accountability itself or may go hey everybody that they barely kemba month. Everybody yelled fire sale. We just three inches OK so we guess the or three and a half games out moan of the playoffs right now in the east mine you know. And we're only we only have a better record at this point in two teams in the east were tied with a Brooklyn nets. And Atlanta and Chicago are the only teams that are worsen us in the Eastern Conference. I know we missed a lot of it's you know man games to injury there's no doubt about it. But this is frustrating how are you one intent on the road. How are they bad incompetent on the road what is it about the road. That makes this team this pathetic I don't understand that either what teams that I hang out with an Eastern Conference right now where I wouldn't dance off and ahead of only hawks in the bowls. So where you want me to autopsies are playing homeless people on the roster. Let's. Do Ali I don't want to say which team it is. One of those teams they have beat or is already this year if your parents cracks it's W fins say god Donna's email address. Brian says any fan that doesn't want a tank like Mac and bona. You guys are idiots you'll join our party eventually where consider joining your party because I don't know it feels like we are still up I always has a great job here is. You didn't take one less thing last year so sooner you can page correct yes. They drafted well. And they get added how are not playing your first round draft pick at all. But the added Howard if you're gonna sting can realist can we leasing market you're gonna stink like honestly what's going pitching dual and I know he's better defensive player but what is it back on the day and I we come back hornets fans do you feel our frustration what do you wanna bet about 704. 57096. Stand and we talked some Panthers people want to pay if they're talked to cheer them up that's where Laura at Charlotte it's the Mac it's that. It remains 42 degrees up to 41 months famous catch financing is available. From Charlotte cover system. Earlier it is the Mac attack on any Thursday. Panthers viking so we got to get to that is well I'm getting. I got a dad and his request didn't. That's I get out of the pit we get added data misery that is hornets basketball and we focused on the Panthers. We do that for you Delhi Delhi would did you read into that add somebody we got to start working on that. The formula to beat the vikings is therefore really good ones what do we have to do to get his wind. Against Minnesota this week and also the question to a very curious with with cancer science. Who are eroding for tonight's. Based on on texts and tweets and social media. I've seen it seems like stands are are split on this one I wanna get into that conversation of like honestly are you ready for tonight and it comes down to your mindset are you still thinking you want to division like he's still badly for the division title. Well then I guess you want the falcons beat sinks and if you're a to point out that which is what to help give them the division let's make sure we get into the plane also we'll try to play better football ourselves so that when we get into the playoffs or play America. Then you probably would like I do want to saints to beat the falcons but I've been kind of intrigued by the fact that it has not bad as it's been a little splits. What I've seen from panther fans so we're talk about that one as well I would beat the vikings. And if you're can't expand our best interest tonight is to root for who are you with me on this. Root for the saints plus so it's of that we imported issues to talk about spam forestry residues bomb this dude says. It doesn't it was a good sank as a coach won't play our first round picks seem monk. This guy says I guarantee Cliff Floyd Mitchell in the front office wanted monk. Pick a player that fits the system we don't have time for project players. That's another thing too is it Donovan Mitchell the other guy do you think we were considering. Looks on free can believable when you saw that hurts still is he gonna go on the list when Devin Booker. Klay Thompson Bradley deal and all these other guys Don that we chose not to take. While he possibly can be and also hours earlier this season the way he's playing right now it's also wanna dates lead out that the jazz may have sound they're Damian Miller. In the first round he's Redman eight student obviously get magazines I remember I was I was arguing sands were telling me that Lou canard we bettered him in the NBA man I'd sorry I can always join more than markets right now Lisa the play in more than monk could finally go it's an aside theories that. I don't know 704 clearly its defense its lack of policy at point guard. Arm clearly those are the reason he's nineteen year old kid man and we got to keep tell results this but it's frustrating at some point do we draft the dynamo. What do we do that as some pointed out are the senile so the song 704 or 57096. And arm MC is up next and see what you say brother. Hey where are your purple due out. We're clear you know hope you're ready you're really down now will be will be very critical of march 1 all well they're goal. It drove a grant we would drip drip of book we drew drips dollar crib or not or ploy so are we usually do not. Play what. What are you prepared if anybody here at street port dual. Don't know in cold day below what did a pretty big if you need to be yoga group. We're pretty well here couple of people don't walker was shot which are probably 00 or. Do. Thanked all thanks. Where. You were or more weeks. Bought. A couple right well we're all. Clear who. Blew me out there. Now you've got to he's got to at some point but it's just a core that just feels like we got the best out of them two years ago rights. Marvin had held a year that year signs country has been the same. Resume same thing signs of contrary has like it just it just feels like that was the best we are gonna get from these guys and I have to say here we lock these guys up and now we don't get as much from him and it's just frustrates a frustrating war. And I don't know we do need young talent so may be taking is the answer is much is that here's the problem we tanking bone is. The team then becomes very hard to watch for a few years the team then becomes one that a lot of you guys are stands are watching and because you're like I'll catch them on the other side of the process. And as somebody it's a sports talk radio host in Charlotte but does not fun to me they did a little mini tank a little while backbone won seven games one year and it just it they then become a very frustrated. This is frustrating they become a team that no one really has anything to say about it until they actually come out on the other side the tank. So I guess I have a different perspective than most fans doing that matter you know army. To reach a point though when you have to assess the roster and figure out where were golly. So tank he's a term detainees are we Canada as we get to the trade deadline. Do we have to consider moves and a lot of pieces and try to get some assets because I don't know where otherwise they're gonna be stuck in ramadi are doing this thing forever where you. You know you're not good but and you add a PC to that's going to be the got to switch over to probably end up. I make in the playoffs at some point. You've just got to blow this thing out and move all these guys have tried them all some things are let me go to GM Joseph is up next we'll start just to get into the Panthers conversation next as well. Joseph let's go wrong. But they're very I don't do at least today you have got the quarterback and part by you've won or not that up on Bo hi JoAnne glad. Which went to work here. I would so little you couldn about the hornets and what Regan had to the discussion about our porters frustrate. The border into our laps that he duke law into their lives and their coach but of course they're all good there that the it was it did not try out. Given him one time all that low blow when you're dead Barea and Tom's been their job well that would let them go to adapt to mature you are. Our quick cooking Obama would Ottawa. The attitude that were holed out well. Yeah I heard that it was interesting and you know what I it makes so much sense there's no doubt about it I don't know I don't know if I'd say he lost a chance to be head coaches I think also. I think Thomas exiles is pretty respected around the league. Mom I know he's a respected in this organization for years. On the I thought he did a great job the first game he coach was at a time out possessions we were score on the east plays out of timeouts constantly. I just do tend to agree with Paul Pierce like Katie started early why would state ball out of the saints. Even with clay on the other side why wouldn't she make Quinn cook should do more solid there was one time. Where they may Quinn cook shooter and he made a shot news' Greta but I I'd make Jimmy aside before I keep given the range shots. I'd Robby is up to you don't rob he's feeling his oats right now because back in Boehner had mentioned the word tanking it's a barred its appliance tight match. The gravity was caught on rather. I hate bad but. These and it's here. I don't want you got beat it sort that was what she salt flat but there's no better I don't hear haven't correct one went lap I'd that would be a L well. We beat it star team of the magic won a couple of games early to beat despite incredibly. Who are not going Hartley being. This being stuck in purgatory. And see all the other caught protect and not been on the train for years. The only way this city outlook like two years of taking. And watching and thinking about what can be read and watch this to work in the way up thirteen to about water. And does not go anywhere and meet cute but gotta go get the static you know I don't care because right now I can't pay these networks. This is a lottery for a first round pick that makes something happen to Cleveland all the way helpful prob get older let's do it. Marry this appears to. Do incredible tax match easier to save the setting up out of crowds of okay. But tanker ran brown but I don't want another seven Wednesday's attack man it's. Okay go. The other day as soon as he saw let's watch that tank like the sky fairy god knows what another seven and Susan little Johnny can no longer on tight. I ran twelfth. There's a lot of bad basketball for two years I'd take. Yeah that's what. So bad basketball's not his Kryptonite he can handle the debate bar basketball player right now and it's really Betty could handle tonight here's my trusty assistants seven and a half left hook. Visited says don't iMac you don't wanna start the process because how bad you screamed at people for bringing it up for years now you seem to be a little crow. My stubborn this is seems like so my wife Sabrina Simmons and I have to concede he had Palin she's dumber when Robbie said. It may be a real stubborn maybe I should just give in May Robbie said two years of tanking let's let's let's remember how long it took Philadelphia Philadelphia is how many years for files least five years doesn't think you'll really wanna go stinks for four or five years in 1990 needed it that. I want it I want a tank but. We're not agree drafting. Is so what is would he get these context we don't Carlson a good looking but I get a getting laughter I. A good lockers so what do we never get that number six and then as does brings up would take two and three and four we've already skirt those picks up on. Our core of this team during the same process is gonna be Campbell Moly modular marriage. There right now. Are kind of happening it's happening Udall was happening and tanking against UN KG disguises that's the problem is taking on full truth Sacramento has been tank and I only know they're trying for years they never get any better so I just that's the thing is it's not full provide. 7045796. Standard should we all just give an end to the tank trained as Robbie called we'll talk about that. Panther fans how do we beat Minnesota. And who should we be rooting for tonight I swear it's the saints' isn't. Olive skinned feisty and ordered station and build considered sex Robbie doesn't live theory doesn't go to games on Monday Tuesday Wednesday night's. Screwed his opinion. That's the way I felt during 99% of robberies calls. At this point I'm just wondering if he's on the right side I hate to say this he should have it on the right side. And I don't know do we just need to start this thing from scratch again it is frustrate here's how are refusing to admit the seventh right it's really hard like seven Robby gather around saying that you're right I was rolling dad's. So guys and your job enormity of the speed and he's Tex say majesty's government is broke I would rather these guys have been up against you wanna give it to these guys easy I would rather have an eyeball and I had this senator is right about that that's that's. You say you don't wanna suck for four or five years where have you been to the previous ticker Astaro. It's true it's like geez even at our best we're not winning a playoff series so what you're saying you must makes a lot of sense. You must acquire. Assets. You must a mile exists it's it's a simple thing how many gasses is ST really Harry knows teams got Campbell. And in my DN AD's and interactive question Mr. Bush are we wasting in the prime of skimmed his career with the team it really. Ten million and not just a proud history are actually contrary he has in the prime of his career. I'm not like your team tag many euros a library on team take I had to I had to shut up for awhile why everybody's so positive and I I don't believe he saw. So it didn't hurt us thought looks like it might have been the right you know what they say. 99%. Of the time your first thought is the riser right errors I thought I made destitute and I we don't live here's the thing we get an interview. Coming up a human Dwight Howard yesterday late morning and liked. It was like he stills at another time and place like I was so happy was great conversation is just spin this this performance frustrated me last night it really did I'm trying to. Find out okay what is the consensus on what you guys are doing this at the same sort of night we watched this game watches game. What do keen eye no doubt about it. Between Atlanta and New Orleans. Some of you are saying falcons this guy says averting for a team trainers to be busy this. I don't comedy go quite as far as looks very this guy says emerging for a tie. Lot of people are abstaining here's a way I'm looking at just one and pay the fans tell me a furious if anybody you were on board with the sinking. That'd just points. The singer and I'm starting to be concerned with with Minnesota next week Rogers coming in I'm sure to be concerned with Ono is it possible we missed the playoffs I don't think we will. But that's my concern I really still going in the saints game but the division was on the line that if we lost that game. Because we would then you know have lost the series to them. And essentially be two games behind that it would pretty much below. I don't see a cease falling apart I think their teams to sound on offense and defense. So I've just got to conceded the division so that means with the falcons game behind us any shot at us at the end of the season. I'm rooting for the saints to sweep these fools yeah then it makes the saints untouchable. But by the same token it keeps the falcons falcons are the only team that is within a game of us for that last wild card spot if we're tied with Seattle. So is Atlanta themselves loses twice in New Orleans. That might be enough and certainly than we beat them that's enough to keep them out of the playoff mix so to me. Isn't it prudent thing just to make sure we get it determines and to root for the Atlanta. I would indeed prudent is that an old saying from of the can't be prudent wouldn't be prudent one MITRE can't do it I knew I'd be out of yeah I think that I think people are really paying attention to though the landscape of the division race here. I would say dad you were probably want the saints just to keep our witty and you focus on. It now Wachovia has tried to text assays in the south is going to be a tough task but they have the jets coming up the Buccaneers at home. At a for the southeast why even. The falcons they here's the thing if the falcons beat him twice bone. The Datsyuk problems on our hands it back to Gloria ballots may be women a one problem here in won't he won't focus on yourself for about a Steve says a building senator text line. Says that I once three. NFC south teams in the playoffs screw the C chickens. Here's the thing I can tell you this isn't college sports Rio some sort pride in your conference or something brightly SEC fans and we until the player always does god I don't care where first of ball. First a source of all why do we want it played in the playoffs at all like Atlanta is my number one on my hate leader in the south by far at this point so naturally I don't want him in the playoffs. How does that how he's bought out BellSouth itself goes when you do at a seaside city south. Tennessee south Tennessee senator. Mark I was get a couple calls in but if you're if their fan are you with me that we should be in unison. On pulling for the saints to beat the falcons not just tonight but twice skip the out of or hair 704 or 57096. And Dwight Howard top of the hour Greg cosell inside the film room. Howell is the match up looking. Against the vikings that's coming up at 830 on the show aren't as good joke he's called about his work Panthers saying Joseph how you feel about all this with the Panthers. Our real quick Anchorage. I think is out there always talk about there are there out there it is about. Ruby to neuter bit well paragraph. Right now at this control their own bed you know we have news or Italy and and there are no plans out there about the other is what they do. We can try our best and we will win orient period up Peggy. Okay just did and that's C nasty attitude to disguise hasn't built in senate tax grows some balls Mac we will kill Atlanta. Bautista tied city. Teddy and Hendrick does Gmail Mexican team boat on the war reward stands. Is that is that a way to phrase we were rewarded stands in the history of Charlotte. These two guys are on the air trying to leave panther nation we are gut we sell gutless right now toward tell her own business and we're good. Here's a thing no I watched last night's game. Last week's game would you be shocked if we lost to the vikings I would not be wouldn't be shocked if we lost Aaron Rodgers although I Selig will win that game. I'm just saying I think you businesses now don't get any easier these next couple of weeks. I'm the type both say and that is not too proud to ask for help even if I have to ask you divisional rival just beat us down for help I'm not too proud to do that like some of their fans are that's all I'm saying it. I want to go to man this is as a meter or two this is a low point maybe in our show in my life here and sent a arguing with a Brooklyn nets fans there are. This shows you. Stay at or wizards fan or cas and Margaret now. About the next four swords we are he has said that says a lot moto assailant to go to Matt who's up next all the answers about what he said. I get it or cook or order it I'll want to thank they're gonna go oh administration. Maybe yes I have to I have to ask did you. It is no doubt thank what comes out of our hands and it that it seriously or. Had there it missed and I say yeah. They are grip it and edit. I want out about a picture about a let out of wannabe had to go. Out there Atlanta. You know what that that play yeah they went exactly what our way. So I think it's a fair point although. This get you know a lot of people are sick agreed to sell goods ourselves have some faith and and it will be the falcons ourselves I just I don't wanna leave it up to that I just don't want to I would like to see us say sell LaSalle does that make any bad Jonathan says Mac is a welfare strain. He wants a damp hand out where I come from an American you go there and claim your play else but yourself. Even deteriorating source saints falcons has taken on political undertones. When we come back Dwight Howard this interview was done before last night's game it was a happier hornets match during this interview is a good conversation to what's coming up next.