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Friday, March 16th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Billy Marshall. 


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Steve I just kept playing a song man he's soft enough where he hurt he's hurt enough right now. Or maybe your throat while Brothers is right around right out Charlotte Keith. A man down Jerry goes in the sold nine years now nine U 9000004. Hour. Now for three years. Mozilla has a long time this feline is going to be nasty we at halfback and a very dual rear. Rate of five million dollars a year conferees. What looks to be his final year. Borchard Braylon bring swagger and as soon as an an upgrade it corner is well pose an upgraded defense of tackle. The one we seem to debate about your all is how much of an upgrade at all. Bomb. You know what Torrey Smith says I believe he's an upgrade is a veteran receiver it'll be good in the room over there. I believe are receiving corps was so baron that it is an improvement even if he's a number two receiver on this team it's deep threat sort of guy that could sit in this norm offense. I believe more theories make in this football team better than Orwell thing does suck. Arm but man I believe this football teams getting better so here 7 o'clock or supports our troops would jump in here were to talk. About the Davidson Lawson made a valiant run to give back and even the game up before losing late to consult key words are about the state loss of your state fan. You wanna sent a little bit about the way this season ended I mean big picture future's bright we should all be happy. But just the way they defended. The way to offensively Beijing was all our Alec Freeman who just creating an ad at what the lack of anything from York seven was so frustrating last nicely and all that stuff. As well on the if you wanna win tickets to see the day session including the heels. And the new game prominence in Texas. And them over to Specter senator. Tune in in state soon for the 8 o'clock hour 8 o'clock are you aware parrot tickets. To the afternoon session of the big boss here in the building gave up his seats someone out there is going get the bosses sees we're really gonna get the boss's seat. One of you guys will. On as a caveat doted exits that you got tickets next. Now that footage that's not a bad guys got guys he's got to say your house always kind of it's definitely not a rock. Beds punishment. Are right out of talked Panthers just surveillance what are panther fans were cranked up more cranked up. Then you guys were over the freely move certainly a bit over the Torrey Smith moved. I would argue maybe even more fired up there when Julius Peppers so I'm coming back for another year. I wanted to know if you guys are feeling the turn our people out there now. Two days goes got a lukewarm bony answer to Braylon deal these some people or four pumped to other people wore cautious other people said how do we even noticed teams better. Our European they're seeing out there are you not excited about what Marty attorney is doing. I'll admit I reservations about him get this full time GM job but it really feels like he's going for it feels like there's an urgency. Or a I heard her urgency Sony so that's his team that. Has never had in free agency in recent years somebody's forcing it comes the hard giants are the forty years again coming years this is an urgency early in free agency that is a nice change I'm not saying it's got to be something you do all the time. But I think it's a nice change it's nice it more he recognizes. I do we get a show out here citi's new owner we have to produce this year. I think the defense phone is going to be better last year last year's defense towards the end of the year declined obviously. I believe they were right there about bottom siding yards allowed last 67 weeks of the season that's unacceptable that's not how this franchise needs to win would defense. And I think you go out there you get pat back for another year I think part of what was gonna take steps forward. You can now get you know I don't work him any rotation you don't have to put all the pressure on the start because you got to Don Terry poke a short next to each other. Zach made a great point for the show what is the best way to totally throw also quarterback BC news this agri yes Jackman and Craig bowling a solid hill best way to do it is to come right up the dealt with at interior rush. And pose a better pass rusher in star he's got more explosives and burst take a short obviously is a man child in the middle. The linebackers are gonna love it known because they're gonna run freely I think it'll help the run defense still. And that's what this team wants to do they wanna stop the run and rush the passer and then you throw in Greeley and that's an upgrade over war early so it is very least maybe if you're looking at the offense kind of like and a hum and hum and Hamanaka. At the very least Tebow do you not agree people sit may be excited and Marty has this aggressiveness. That we really didn't seek common especially concerned black cap room. And then be told you have to be excited about the defense of your pants or not. 01 as a percent we went to the depth chart earlier the only spot not still right now would be a safety spot it's only more sixteenth. The offseason brought the process really just begun so when he tried to go slide your safety what did the draft or. More free agents are capex it is CF so much time to fill that won the starting spot on defense it's only march 16. As big TARP as a big time job by Marty are you know we know that there is big go to battle sorry in the past we know with gentlemen there was good bet. Here's why today I'm excited wide Moriarty is here ended government stocks for today because do you think that Dade government would have what star walked. Is a dot. Yeah he's I think got politicized I would've been more like I don't try decide his own traffic to prove a point. I think party has no ties to start already made it got a better player at a cheaper deal I think. I think gentlemen what do brought his own guy back. Probably at a value that was to our I ask why I'm glad Marty skills and us. Mean starting its ten million dollar some buffaloes certainly supposed to let him walk us was a sign that they're pretty seats and the again I know we're not defense attack schools and we don't see a finer things that those tackles still. But I'm telling you it's been still might be here. The government or he might I'll definitely definitely what exactly so he's slippery he's loyal to resort draft picks to prove a point Aaron likes big guys. But now bone he we've got this free can dietary Powe who can do the stop stuff. Out of soften up running lanes and occupy blockers but he also can disrupting get after it twice the pressures of star last year twice the run stopped twice. Apple's last year you're gonna get a guy that's going to make more plays in the back field you know short gonna make them there. Then go out and get your rookie defensive end somewhere. Chad Thomas Miami and for a visit yesterday pre draft. So I'm excited about his squad what I wanted to do what I wanna do though is see if it's carried over to pay us the saints where all the pain at the fans were on Twitter yesterday about all shocked and heat up that morning her he would make a move like this and he's pushing almost every last dollar and attack. No I know is that it is they were seller and Marty party list are. I say good old Laura Abby Sears or we'd have a Marty party. We need Abbott our show Marty part. I'd maybe as part of what we're doing right now you're saying like a real and actual in actual market aren't going to be kind of funny right and I got a cool we held to celebrate Mardi smooth. But what you would have to do there are new to the show this sound effect has been around for a long time and it came back out. Because of pop. This sounds like right here started. Because of Don Terry Pau and Max loving him to come by like big guys that was because well there are big bucket full circle like a big guys that. Didn't do wins Indy bone at 350 and ran a 487. And Izzo streak now he's got to keep himself in shape I was reading an article today. Atlanta. Make him lose weight usually a 350 cancer because he was a 34 big old Vince Wilfork are are. Are you know and Atlanta so we need two to 43 next degrading Gerri we need more explosiveness from you a disruption. He played at 330. Was a contract year right he's on one year prove a deal on Atlanta. He got down to 330 stayed there can be disrupted like I said he double all stores disruption numbers. He you've got to keep him at 330 man you've got to hide the barbecue. You've got to get his student motivated and keep them at 330 but I'm telling you these are two streaks gimmick take a short big dudes and getting off the ball back quickly innings most half the man. And I love it and then also an TDs last season it looks like it's going to be a better one because. Of the presence of hello Luke. And be honest bone I thought at times last year Lou did look like don't let the best Lou look like a good look the media does best sell Shaq Thompson were desperately begging him. To step up and rising occasion those linebackers will be better if we can just get a starting safety somewhat I went Pigram. Safety put this in the Mac attack Norv Turner bag interest of the YouTube this image or record on this one I have seen before. But Teri polo carried a simple. Oh we are article oil and catchy drills and what do you do when he's through and call 1820. Yeah and your read on the throwing that touchdown he ran when they don't want one as well all of this is what we. I'm glad it's fairly central. That's got a ton of fun right there if this if this guy runs one in the end zone and I'd I may work out there. Because I love I love me some fat now that. When he threw a low man that was absurd I. Remember him catch it we need you to breeze to zero or get a check these out between a map all right and by the way multiple people to ask. Do we have the audio on file of when I was reacting to seeing posed. Big quake like big guy at the com nine and Tebow has promised me he found the audio is six years old it was 2012 calm mind. What I've never I've never been that excited after a combo he had that audio now on it'll be audio counsels great. It's what the audience how close you race for district are big guys play that is our played at around 730 you can hear how fired up I got back in the day so I'm excited for this panther fans how do you feel Jonathan says parties do it a good job but throwing a Marty party in his honor and seems a little premature. Are you down when a large party donors he deserved it does he deserve a dog house WF Lindsay party to celebrate free agency aggressiveness that we have not seen it while we just wanna drink man would Miramar Florida aren't settled down 7045709. Success one year from pay at their fans still dog her. Ernie your attorney we'll talk actual dog football but they have their fans are you feel like her are you get pumped double talk there it is cache cluster contest if you win this money given to Marty he needs some help. We don't know how close knit cap com takes a war zone ZO Andy. In the end text it to seven sue a date on each your chance you take 7000 dollars it's a national contest yet a lot of competition. Yeah and so the top of the hour to texting and messaging data rates applied. Full contest rules available at WS and Z dot com this do once Joshua levs. From Florida State as a young. In no reviews about how slow he is to kind of giggle and but who is that guy in the draft you look at and say. He he's he's perfect condition when pat mentor him for a year. I let's go to the phones we've got some people feel and her and I'm excited to talk to excite fans are fans. You want talk brackets we can go there as well but panther fans is Mardy Ernie get you pumped up how you feel about this team 704. 57096. And saying Thomas is up next what's on sale. We'll go fellow yes her attorney Burton definitely deserve at a boy go out to an aggressive. I did not paper definitely did the day coming. Are easy to step up and started please indicate maybe get a boy only going approved looping in that it got to take care safety the but the newly got me site with Eric. Give me adored by great goals and four year do what they could come back home in North Carolina is the perfect situation I hope they can well beyond that. Not as good golf brother and I did say I like Luke Wilson Horry bronze he brunt sexier though. Luke Wilson is just solid you get him as a backup that's just solid rights like the fact there are dressing as Ed Dickson to great dude I'm not trying to disparage him but as I kind of felt like and it took one young died that would be nice studio groom. But right now it seems like you wanna go the veteran rap and they do have their diva on and today it's his first visit. Since he's been released by lions he is scheduled to go to Indian New England this weekend but if he steal in the her. And now he may not get there you know get some of those places and the thing with Hebrew on is the tantalizing upside. That man you've got a guy you're gonna get him on the cheek. And he's got this athletic schism he's. Has probably drops he's just he's kind of been a knuckle head I don't think he split. Nothing in so it's. But if you get the light bulb go on for this cat and he mentioned the norm offense is tight end friendly all sit as a mentor is not a bad thing to be very cultural back here in North Carolina although he has already according to Twitter eaten -- angles we gonna keep mosque. So much of that but he said away from cook outs are a bad choose one or the other I gotta tell you disciplines you go to click after that big drag. When you get. You can get right to chicken strip and the two sides are are starting to chicken nuggets you get so much has stood for so little money could go man you do a nice that I used to back in back in my wild partying days. We would go to cut out like 2 in the morning and look at you man what dad did he realize. Chicken tenders Oslo peace and French Fries or not chicken nuggets. Probably not to think that the best meal at 2 in the morning and that's why now the giants fatty. Oh that explains I guess that's the Genesis of your stats aren't came home alone a lot to the actor Barnard went and asked. I says he brunch or young tight animal least one in four years old you're right you know there's physical sound there he's got to get get an out of them. I must go back to phones I'm trying to see are you guys healed her like are you excited. Like Tebow on and I are right now over the moves being made especially the way this defense. Is being improved and the safety markets not move and people aren't sign in safety so it's not like we're falling behind there either. Are 70457096. And duke Blaine wants to talk about Marty Ernie in the Panthers was up what Wayne. Well out there and I event when he. But it did it not the aunt there thing. A bit better bury. It not many people that we got to. Great end. And it played. Four. And create did. And not depend on that draft that much and now that we've really done that yet they. How a lot easier not. And it art and art but here it. They keep you know our perpich grab perhaps there never. Our base and it did take a lot issued gear they don't Wear your. You know albeit on. Are out there thank hey. I'm not one speaker. Somebody but it. Being. There and it you know it directed got to get a following error an outlet yeah. W I don't. In moderately I want it be somebody all of that but that in fact well and it. And honor our. I think. Well it captain moderately out there. Yeah I don't blame me or catches it and Bonner late. I have been moderately I think camp to monitor learned would be out of here if this contract wasn't two point it's kind of like trying to trade in a car when you're still upside down home alone in your life now damn I can you were in this car yet. Captain Marlins of got upside down on his contract it would cost you too much money right now to get rid of them next year you can save money by getting rid of him I expect to be done. And I'm really dying corn elder as at tab tomorrow and replace and he might take some snaps this year clearly the staff was not happy with marlin. Arm and I wonder if TD still continues to show no age like to free candy is do they use Shaq in the slot is still try to keep TD on sealed. Is summoning nickel situations spears was driving me crazy Tebow like work but it about the Panthers. I live to talk dancers are determined talk straight world to back into it and we get all the first hour. But like I. I want I want Kansas fans excited I feel like it's not only Christmas in March to determine. But because morning Ernie said in a hurry is also. Marty causes actually study the stockings for it and changed like whose fault we were gonna get an eight million dollar player and a nine million dollar player. And doesn't that make it's now more tolerable that we took two or dismissal and because you've got to Florida wide receiver and allows you to get to a defensive difference makers like -- eliminate familiar and poet nine million year. How we can be created in the draft that having it be in need it's 44 that's the play and that's absolutely right away Ali needs right now. In terms of the deep the defensive side of the roster he gets a safety. Yeah the starters are sect and what when he is talking about his right you get into this draft you feel like you're not desperate for any say exactly as Claire mail that's a great point to point so with all this team around. Why am I look at negativity Tex lines and and the emails are real negative because we need to put the Morey we did the mistakes of Maurice past. Right now doll factory it doesn't matter as a matter what you think people are not willing to trade authority because he still hold a grunt job at this morning say they've got to clear the mechanism why is this visit visit the different different team. It's raids don't lead changes a lot. We can't. We can no longer talk about paint job restoring the lady that's overdoses most importantly no it is assumed Mardy puts judge him by now Phil Dawson when he twelve points at. Look says Mac come rolling my eyes right now Torrey Smith you want me to be excited. Borchard Braylon whose skins didn't even want you want me to be excited this is staged excitement Mac to try to beat a cheerleader that you are. Tony Meese says Mac. I can't believe you're losing your mind over this stunt Terry pose a bad ass and also lacks motivation. Braylon is a nut who gets too many penalties and Torrey Smith is done check out his stats. Kevin says Mac I'm cautiously optimistic but anybody calling the radio show today or doing a radio Asia today and acting like we've gotten a whole lot better. I don't see it yet. Why the hell the damn negativity borrowed my sales are gonna be negative when we do nothing in free agency rightly get the first few days we're used to doing nothing and fans of freak. Oh neither. The article you must wait aren't they are part of my job is sort of brackets right now then Marty wakes up he's stretches as is meal. It does some data as they did you go does what I'd. It's just admit. You don't like Marty doesn't matter what Marty does you don't like Marty Murray delivered that you are more creator it's you can't get excited about poll and short next to each other. Your streak that's just crazy to me man I can't wait to see his. USA. Mark I just says Mac I don't wanna throw parties for a couple of nice moves which is not a party man AMR front office must suck. Our rights comment here's a question everybody listening out there can somebody turn to the fans frowns upside down for brother. Can somebody do that man where's it near the middle March Madness in excited about the Panthers right. Like its seat Bartlett is it would distract because Mardy here he's doing work there's an urgency with him that I love seeing he he he is basically acknowledging. I gotta get to work here because we got a new boss coming in and it could be. And and gets tough hard nosed guy we got to impress. What are you guys stink about to move and at the very least is a defense got better and wiser moiso laurel Torrey Smith insists that an eight million on Richardson. Or more on March he sleeve and the other guys we spend five million. And it it allows us to go after Pau and go after Braylon upgrade those positions 70457096. And is it worthy of us celebrating and holding a Radio Marti party or should we all just chill. It sounds Carroll. Sent a new song moved in and our to Pam. The free yeah. Yeah. Since he's. Got a Arabs it's been stated that path and full full. Our little bit on edge as. I don't think so and yeah. And actor nervous and hold. It and stabbed and not on okay again. It my little. And had. An engine and. The market party USA what that was supposed to being. By requests we were dug up the audio six years ago during the come by and I saw this dude Don Terry Powell he was. 350 here in a 48740. That was supposed to be audio meat from Baghdad what then it turned into bone doctoring the audio makes you sound silly. What did I doctor about dot audio I lied to assemble exile while I was there to yourself once in awhile that was actually he was 21 ER was when he went Sosa went well when he twice and here's a guy satellite Mickey Mouse yes let's switch and tell me I don't I don't see your high school. I don't figure hearing where you sound like. That's the Americans Zach is jazz accents accident around and then I was a senior high school Baghdad this does sound like Mac. I nerves and I'll. Yeah act. Thank you it's very funny when you do that's a good voice but I'm just saying I don't want people so I guess Alec kindergartners I don't know I don't wanna be accused of doctoring audio clips. I'd let's see we seem to have a lot of people rallying to Marty's dissents rallying to Panthers defenseman excitement. Because that'll pass this he couldn't clerks. Or just absolutely. Negative nannies they weren't this guy says best part. About one hernia is on there is improve other positions. Was cornerback defensive tackle Brad burying KK get better to get those guys get help else like who do you take on now. Because the for a sale take on more early now it's like go to idolize through debris Illinois Rhoda to. To Guam Bradbury size KK all the sudden does he get doubled every time to short to double in certain games. I just helps everybody on the they could get on it try to queue up to my favorite artist and I think. There's so I heard of audio and other dude it is like a big big. If they don't have a three week but you've got to play three started like you did that let you all. Finally goes on 704570. Nine's extent. So would you all think about what Marty's doing it free agency Jason and Jason are you excited about this stuff. Caller I'm really excited about the bulk of an earlier comment about. I asked text email or used earlier well. Market picking out you know library or a potent. Does that ability and don't wall. It nor free agency. Well you don't need that this kid cannot borrow more of their underperforming but we have a history it's all even I get a little here. There are people plug and play and you look at our group our systems are pay them and then make up all our our also mayor not know better by now and are bitterly ego. No I don't think it's a great way to phrase it don't Jason like. A week go think about how you thought about the standard seam and tell me how you feel bottom now and like some of you guys are trying to be this tall unimpressed fan or whenever. How do you not say you feel better about him right now on even chance you have do you know on the these thoughts. You know of Allan robins center Sammy Watkins and listen they could've done some delights that. But I think what Marty thought about Dylan is I wanna improve corner. I want improved defensive tackle our defense was not the same at the end of the year all we need to be a defense is team. I you'll also bringing guys that are young in their mid twenties in the our poll and freelance that's good to see says ST younger team that's getting younger. And Torrey Smith is a veteran presence that was needed on this young receiving corps and he is a speed guy he's exact type of receiver so. I think it shows is set to go into one big receiver to go after three positions they used 22 million dollars a salary for this year on those three positions Torrey Smith. Bree land and the Pope. I only go to still needs. They didn't feel a lot of needs already so what are as we talked about last seven now we do go to the draft. There's not as much pressure for tech now that's before to be a plug and play guy right away I think I can maybe more to what that kind of white. Burnham Boller started chatted for a while so now 24 or taken a deep got to be choosy it's we want to or not it is so we need guys. And then maybe you ditch your wide receiver at number 24 you know maybe do that. Knowing that deposition Alston doesn't come in right away ready to go you know look at last year's first round and second round. Wide receivers are Carolina man is always cranked up area Carolina man how you feel about the Panthers man in this tournament let's go wrong. I'm not. Gonna. The end and I don't. Up. They're all the more you don't want. You liked the moods at the blue and we will not be there. I. You like to know is. It's Carolina man are you excited about this. They had no I don't. Oh man I care a lot man bag back I think we got a lot accomplished there. But also you really that was almost like got inside the actor's studio type stuff their that was as deep as he usually goes off I will say this knowledge do you recycle about the tournament. And he got Agassi does he got excited we start doubled to paint it and that's what's happening me right now you know liberal get back in term in this 8 o'clock hour. But I've been overtaken with cancer mania was turning mania right now like this was on X so I should Pau move was unexpected. Well I I gotta be honest enter resigned Torrey Smith phone I didn't know we sign any free agent worth eight million dollars. I thought they all might be five million dollars in down to go out and get an eight million dollar a year guy Embree went. A nine million dollar guy in po like this is not normal pants are free agency starts this is an urgency that this school. Sit back zinc is up next Dick what do you think can. They have my act and we are thankful about 500 got you guys very well he was driven up by immune to draw a low budget though whatever. So I ask somebody like you madrassa just took about six years. He didn't yeah. Put out data like that it struck like a big guys in debt outlook to believe that occur if there awards. I feel like it's not you're always in the back there and I did you can't go bury you we thought credit yeah it is to but I did develop it. What is your regular go through their cell like you. And I liked it looked up Monday that it you know keep it up. I like to man John says Mac don't people won't give Marty earning credit for this run that he's on right now reader cowboy fans. Where there Panthers fans with a attorney grudge. Kevin says Mac I'm sorry if my wife cheats on me. And is a better life multiple times and then also she cooks me a nice steak dinner every single sudden among go crazy and throw parties for teller a great she is. I don't know there's a lot going on that acts like first off you know because I don't this is a real story I don't now if you're not miserable I mean the only political sort of talent. They're in data below that didn't I didn't want Slater says that's pretty cold but Tebow just play more audio of knack from the past but I was Carolina man that was not hold back. It Mac did W after that it they get what this guy says Carolina bands should be the motivational speaker next year for the Ted Brazil we never thought Carolina man in that Melvin motivational role. 'cause idea. Because. Look there there's not. The motivate the motivational speeches they go on for awhile right when they're there a minute or more some guys longer to bring a new it is. Does Carolina make it. It's almost like trying to stretch out a closer to be starting pitcher and how much more gas to be died for us again I'm ready to go for the season. Going to try it but I can't promise with the train of trying to train and get to a one minute rain it's easy to do. That's gotta we started out as the I think Ernestine caller courtesy might beat at the speaker next year do you think so she's good on the well let's let's get ready to call that a distant says it's crazy that. Where's is only making five million dinosaurs more money than anybody on the team I don't I'd say deserve more money in camp but he if he were on the open market it can say are bidders come here. He would he could get more than five million hell he probably can get more than five million for the Panthers. He's a team guy. And this is one of the things I think with. I'm glad to see the tide has turned on Julius Peppers bomb I think he got labels a selfish guy that played when he wanted to play in love football and I think we're seeing now dude who cares enough to you loves football not keep playing up until those you know high thirties. And this do right now two years in a row could've asked for more money from the Panthers and he's done teen friendly deals he's a reason why. We were able to sign Pau and signed Barry Lynn he's got to be given credit for his well it was either right or manpower to back in the day. Yeah I believe there ought to get this guy Edgar Allan and only you might have been clarified no relation to that is yes I believe. I felt he had some windy I don't know how when we come back one of the best Twitter follow us on Twitter. When it comes to pay if there's stuff is Billy Marshall is studios like the sense say I'll take a video clips for any of the Panthers lot of video clips on his Twitter feed of the new players according it is analysis of the Pau move debris removed Torrey Smith. See what he thinks he's been watching film of these news we'll talk to him next decent pay the talk on 8 o'clock we gotta mix that tournament the madness estimate expect it. Hi let's do this let's keep the cancer mania the Harry mania rather wild bomb. That a lot of people excited we still doesn't naysayers let's. That makes her good back and forth conversation let's talk to somebody that is one lesson gonna break. One of the must follow suit Europeans there's sand on Twitter really don't know he's over his friends call that was used germs aren't you got for Trout called Billy Marshall had Billy am underscored 91 on Twitter film an NFL draft nerds self described four cats scratch reader. And man's those cancer videos adults we'd outs. You know of the new signings forty season are just great stuff is well. So everybody checked this out. But let's look to Billy Marshall all right he's going to talk to us about what this film it shows about guys like pro and Bree land. As we all sit here you know and get ourselves into a lather should we. Be excited to be calm down a little bit based on the film Billy what's going on man are you doing. Morning guys thank you. Chris you deserve that demand and the fans need this is that your must follow dude it's great stuff and I said yesterday I did many cuts and assays anytime I'm quoting a talking about a video clip I saw on Twitter and regarded Panthers it's from Billy marshals account lets just call what it is com. What do you think let's start with Powell like I'm excited because. I think he's more disrupted at least that we advanced stats show he's you know way more disrupted install our he can you put limits in short next to each other. Managed just seems Nancy seems like the linebackers life's going to be better I mean should be weed we be really excited about just move what do you think. Well absolutely and you could replace star with a better player than. Dunn turned pro and I understand there's little concerned about. You know there's production the past couple years but I'm a buddy with really could not real accurate budget toward the end of the year when you know they were start to pick up their defense that he opens up. A lot of Alley for I think Deion Jones and I'd get there at linebacker in Atlanta so. If you can translate yet that's still in. For guys like two equally at Shaq in Davis then yes it's gonna be a terrific funny I'm I'm really excited about them. Yeah that that won't as a surprise I kind of thought there a let deposition being led Butler alone and maybe add another rotation guys that was a cool surprised. When you look at some Borchard Braylon on tape there's no doubt you look at his career and it's up and down I think any write up I read about him since the trade. It's got up and down or inconsistent in there. What do you think you did I feel like it's an upgrade though at that position what what do you what do you think what you see on films from Braylon. Yes so Purdue and I think if that another route finding out fresh for the money is getting them what they have got a contract that quarterbacks that are receiving in this market it's kind of ridiculous but. Are yet stock market really good job by you know make sure that different value for. Put a little bit per year deal off. Which is below a million guaranteed but. Hewitt won the better not cover corner in the league last year in I think what makes sense. Really get is how he's able to use this late in his streak with a one scrimmage and be able to impact. Up a lot of pros and kind of disrupt the timing between the quarterback in the wide receiver. I was watching the state game when Washington play in shortly but he did a really good job against Michael promising obviously Thomas doesn't like. The cricket for steeper but he went really well up one scrimmage. And I thought brittle and can help them all public all in that regard and I think it's quite the year in Carolina well but certainly. Positive for their protection how to get there Leslie Marshall. Stillman and draft guide for cats scratch reader great panther Twitter follow up act Billy am underscore 91. What do you think before we get to Torrey Smith because I feel like that might be where the odd negativity starts I'm not sure I'm mobile site down a second to ease that. But what do you think about the safety spot I'm really late like the fact they're bringing in Luke Wilson now today they bring any bronze going to sector and addresses back up tight end thing. But what do you think about the safety spot do you have somebody out there that you think would be a good sit for what we need. Yes so you know traditionally under. Ron Rivera they haven't really that's a lot in the position I'm just go back through the years ago Mike Mitchell. Aren't even knock a Marty wasn't really expensive when he came albeit Hewlett. And a disaster. But. I don't really think they're gonna really you know break debate for a guy and I know they're still player like what Carl and read out there could potentially help this team but. Stick you know if you don't look for familiarity debuted a might actually about the potential very dead arms. But I also think it dropped for a lot of options to him and Marty did mention few times I want to get younger quicker in the back and did pop I think this drafted really. Still a lot of young CP well with a good outlet for the and if they're looking to replace that do that route and yeah that's certainly an option but. You know you certainly don't wanna go into here was you know good depth chart currently have what Colin Jones and epic nature of Cox about Mike our occupy a pretty well last year all things considered. But yet they fairly upgraded. Maybe you bring back it gear bird took. That's about it pretty good being you know when you have. Rotating with Coleman and well. Yeah I'm not expecting it to make a big watch I think they dropped a lot of good options with regard to. All right Billy what looks good city the offensive side of the ball and this is where fans are a little nervous and Bryant to get into this little bit next hour. On the Torrey Smith I mean that looks like that's that may be V veteran free agent wide receiver signing. People were expecting nor hoping I should say at least for things like Al Robinson who watched and stuff like that well now you see the money there willing to spend up against the cap. And you see they could have gone after one of those guys and try to get in the bidding war it just seems like they wanted to upgrade. The get a wide receiver what do you think about Torrey Smith I feel like I'm on an island would not too many folks. This feel like he can be kind of a reclamation project like Ted Ginn was how do you feel about Torrey Smith. Yes that that certainly and other compared to been made between them again and opera I don't really did you know again we cannot college you'd like for novel happily yeah. You know albeit he did have a lot of struggled producing before it into Carolina. You know there's you don't what they really well and that's. He gets vertical and you know he's just doubled in other. Skilled that it you know below average in my opinion meaning you look at the weather there it can't protect like yards for a run which I think that the really in trouble trading. On yeah how wide receivers do it per pound basis and he was in the bottom absolutely it. Pro football focus and not just one group mentored you're. The third works why are you reluctant. But you know watching tape ruptured heat it really do a good job of getting vertical in the helped capital shot and yet Al galore and Kirk they can have opened up the playbook but. The same time I think they appear more like an innovative. Offensive coordinator and I'm not really sure I expect nor the kind of trend in that direction but. I do think you know it it's a fine starting on on the surface but I do I'm not a fan of and five million dollars that's kind of where my hand a bit. You don't think that the five million in comparison to what some of the other wide receiver deals are like does that does that make you feel any better all are now. Well the two guy I had in mind what's created the open where Mike Wallace and sprite Butler and neither have been signed yet well armed militants that the cut bait what kind of market it happened. I think those two guys you know do a better job of you know having missed skillful but Favre getting vertical and winning at one scrimmage pop it off what happened global diversity within their routes well. I Whipple look at what fortunate having potentially you know reached out one that it in the their market. I do agree with you that W feel like mockery and looking at and I had no debate exported it yesterday but that right grip just well that was little particular. Spoke spoke from that perspective yeah I get the market they'll have been really. That'll get our Madrid the defeat what he'll you know kind of percolate with guys like that the wall sport and export judgeship but I. I just feel like. For me iPod and they'll need to Bert what made it to point type of struggle and austere. I just hope that this mitts but it doesn't prevent that from you know you're receiving what stopped collecting. I understand that they have. Injury issue I could have gotten younger and more potential. We hope that typically think about. And you reminiscing point you know Mardi Mardy is pretty darn actor right other athletes urgency with him. Arms could they get back get that wide receiver marquis kind of in the second phase likable Wallace is still out there that does. I think that's an interesting question to our ability he killed it man first guest spot for you on the show it's not quite like doing Letterman when we were glad to have you cut Billy marshalls and on the couch doing. There was talk to be maxed it could. You gotta hurt our credit must follow. Prepared their fans can check out these up Stillman draft stuff a cat's scratch reader at Billy cam underscore 91 on Twitter will have to do this more often brother thanks for coming on. Trichet. Are RJ go Billy Marshall good stuff about the Carolina Panthers he always delivers it on Twitter is well clearly felt worlds we come back we'll get to Kansas that's gone I'm having requests from state haters and state stands to talk and I NC State's. We gotta get into that one how do we tie a bow on this stage season I'm so sick also the way they and that we got to talk about Datsyuk cancer talk to his answer lady run a while.