Mac Attack: Andrew Norwell to Jags

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Tuesday, March 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Jim Szoke talks about Andrew Norwell signing with the Jaguars. 


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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with the Mac obviously at down the road. Alice's sometimes with Tebow. He might have to yeah. Do yourself and Zack let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Chris McLean. We got 99 problems but a Mac they want. That is very true although we do the math problem today MX not here. A for those who enjoyed listening to him for four hours yesterday sure he'll highest it's it's difficult to do a radio show without a voice. And nobody needs her voice more than Mac does because he uses that at its full 100% capacity so he's on injured reserve today. Jim's OK in today for Mac. Campbell see about tomorrow but we think we sequel a Mac back tomorrow we had a great show lined up Zack what's your line from those. What's yours you're cook go bills let's go let's go bills this fifth. A couple really been fighting defining moment of course a T bone here as well guys and we are yen. What is technically the NFL free agency allowed just tampering. Part before tomorrow's 4 o'clock free agency. Which organs some specifics or some overnight breaking news a vote players in their whereabouts of where they're headed looks like. Why wait guys what are we have this tampering leading into free agency period there seems to be no it's all great to me. It's just it's just free agency and if there are you announcing they're not announcing deals but Twitter and the way out is announcing these deals before they happen most of what just what would just destroy us free agency right now while we wait until 4 o'clock tomorrow first of all good morning uncles are dates are prominent and try to be very appreciate I was gonna come into a anyways he had. He just different role and what it is it legal tampering sort of redundant term or eight. Besides job. It's a weird term is an illegal tampering if they're basically saying that you're doing something. That's the way to Europe say it's a terror is a medicinal marijuana. Is that what it is yet basically marijuana sounds like is not legal but it's us medicinal bits illegals legal tempers ever exotic it's every shouldn't be associated with legal flight data for the arms together. Five. Like legal cocaine has its is that we've arrived check. Will the NFL free agency. I mean I just I just figured out the quadrant thing with a college hoops and then this legal tampering thing his commanders say that sport too much at once it's a lot of one month a lot of other quadrant thing I came in my head right now and but anyways let's let's give some of the overnight news. Peiris. Against a 4 o'clock tomorrow so as not official Denver Broncos case genome. Quarter crack. One of the many Minnesota six picture or spin your wheel of Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks who were there going the first chip delay and appears to be case genome. Going to the Denver Broncos. For John Elway actually knowing broncos'. Football Orwell as a Super Bowl winning quarterback she's had a few troubles. They achieve achieve those in your brought console Oilers and just kind of. I don't know your he's had a is that an ought to rod because there's so much greatness of what he's Don won the super bowl of course unfortunately. Yes our Panthers but also he's also had some. Some things lately were you go where a lot of misses Paxson lynch was one yes there's a lot of there's a slice and well what are status percent of your really good mood but there's also it's not a it shows you that you could still be really good and also have misses like he has the right. Well I think it inspector appoint anyone who place finisher for bono's just there's not a lot of really good quarterbacks out there. When the world is set on fire that the browns got Tyrod Taylor last week from the mountain is not a lot of really great quarterbacks. You start looking at guys like Tyrod Taylor case can go and they've had moments where they weren't awful. That's you know that's worth. Twenty million not try to take away from the year that case keep them had but but who's the real case keynote current. It's it's like a Richard Gannon saying he finally found himself play in his career and he became. Something Royce special or does he have the exact right situation for himself last year if he had great receivers. Had a great defense. Are what I think is a really good head coach a great offensive mind that became head coach for the giants then was it just all set up perfectly for case keep them washed here we have that same success in Denver yes the defense is there. Yes to marry is Thomas is there Emanuel Sanders we don't know about this piece is there are spots. It's not it's not a foregone conclusion that case keynote carries out over to another team. And the other thing that happens in terms of expectations Jim Keenan comes off the bench nothing's expected every week their life. Maybe he'll tell suck this week and we convention into Bridgewater and just week after week she kept outperforming what they thought now he's expected to be that case keep them every week in Denver because whether they wanted to or not the stands and become he has his contract which I always think is odd is not his fault that the broncos' radar for a while this money he'll get paid he still had a case genome. Beyoncé is like he's not an MLB all I'm one of the twenty million dollar a year case you know he's going to be whatever case to them is he's gonna have to learn whatever the new system yes. Does he is he Texans in and rams Keno Marisa Celek you know prayers. I I I you lean towards probably not the Minnesota got to meet he's got to make a ton of money if he's not a tops your quarterback. But he's probably. Swells soon. Top twelve Corbett I'd much rather have Kirk cousins nikkei's gain. I think I know what Kirk cousins is at this point I don't know what type speed and I think top twelve or even high out of your association I do I say I don't think wanna risk there I think good key Nazi league good cause and just probably topped up. And we are getting the best of Kirk cousins are you upset that guy that went to Seattle last year with no offensive line in won the football game probably a top twelve quarterback now. It's fluid. There can be any given day when he plays like a top. 45 quarterback but I'd did you comparing those two guys. Yet among these different I'd I would much I take my chances are cousins every team in the. There's a thing people get all bent out of shape about contracts. What. This goes through the history of sport but let's say Kirk cousins gets thirty million dollars per year. Two years from now you guys are we sitting here with Mac talking about can you believe 45 million dollars a year per Cam Newton and issues is it's always going one direction is not just our backpedaling. All of a sudden we're like quarterbacks or start going for ten million dollars a year and in 34 years is going the other way. We're talking last week about cams contract. How by the time his is up he's going to be light. In the twenties but it's always it's always that way and Hot Springs I say well hundred million dollar contract 125 million up. It can be patched in the future is just like what I signed on here. I was the number one highest catering to preserve the country yes and now are now on number seven a pretty solid out just. The thing with k's came into is I think that they addressed. That they don't have to take a quarterback in the first round now they've because they have the fifth overall addictive once sicker and pick into third round picks I think that maybe they can wait. Obviously the skies and their future what is he 3031 years old and like weren't at thirty so. I mean he's a stop gap quarterback I think the same thing for Tyrod and I mean it's not a bad move I mean. If he can be the vikings kinki you know my guess he can leave now you problem I was not a bad mu is just it's not. Mean this is not like you got Peyton Manning is primer Andrew Lloyd territory injured a shoulder. Also a lot of pressure in Denver. You know that's a franchise that. Usually expects. To be in the playoffs not only pressure with the fans but you've got the best player in franchise history a guy that signed the mean so. Not every one in those circumstances is going to live up to that to their pressure we get another big signings go he overnight in the NFC. Would be Chicago Bears. Former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver again in the legal tampering period we're not officially there will go the legal and I can't say it backwards to legal tenets of the steals illegal. The legal tampering. Alex it's like illegal free agency legal tampering that Alan Robinson Chicago Bears. Boxed colds foxy right do you like oh yeah and Eleanor almost every damn money fifth itself. That's fox sports job I thought that's a big get the digger we still don't tell me I don't know yet they still on the legal tampering of Jack blocks. Chicago Bears three years 42 million dollars ESPN is reporting for Robinson I know that there's a topic I've had my popped in here to talk a Panthers football with Matt before as he was bill in non Alan Robinson. And the looks like Alan Robbins is gonna go to Chicago which. As we talk about the evolution of Mitch Mitchell too risky. That can be in that doubles some some there. Doubt and then you now went looking back the price too high for Robinson to be here right we. Noting that there was no chance at three years 4225. Guarantee paid what. Which by next Wednesday to my point will be a bargain in the NFL because the prices are about to go through the roof was free agency really that there are two teams in the NFC. That if he read the power keys and reads somebody summaries for next year. I'm not saying contenders yet but there are two teams that have been down. That are starting to show some wife obviously Sara just a forty niners but Jimmy drop lower going to be every once. Rob dark course playoff team next year in the NFC does when it's finished but there's some people that think the bears. But their new head coach Nagy who with their running game with Howard you know Colin with Alan Robinson now which Robiskie in year two. The defense is pretty good last year for the most part there's are some thought that the bears are covered pretty sound like it's they're building the right way and that Norris Boeing now the north's. We already know Minnesota Green Bay or go we'll see what Minnesota does a core certain Detroit's always around. Not great but ramat Stafford still is your chance to see a home there and are tossed right now you throw the bears and the knicks as a competitive team. The NFC north it's gotta be jobs. But community let itself can add that to be that you NFC south which is serving good the last couple years. So that's those are some of the bigger ones that are going on as we had to in Q what is to be a fun. Free agency period said he did I expect the Panthers to be what they've been in the past which is. Build through the draft plug holes in free agency depth. Not as important big price starters and I think they're Smart as an example Ndamukong Suh a couple years the highest paid defensive player in the league Miami Dolphins why did they release them why they releasing much money too much. So it's like you contradict yourself when we're going all in the hell the dolphins are getting rid of the entire team because they can afford and they're gonna go Chicago Bears let's take it down to this the studs and rebuilt from there. Causality the sauce on my DSL savior group be honest I'm not. I'm trying not to freak out over the Panthers wide receivers if it's missed porous minutes on just might be okay with that here's why. We got the factory and Olsen coming back to health and there's a thousand yard receiving tight and not every team at breakfast I send you those in the league and especially that makes up for some of the lack of receivers perhaps it. These Owen McCaffery. Who gets maybe next year eighty judges again eighty catches 85 catches so you're getting production from two spots to achieve the football yeah that not every team past. So I think when we forget about wide receivers remember. Not every team has all sin and not every team has McCaffery catching the football and that right there is something that. Those judges count. But those judges do count towards the total of the season like we don't know while also cited tight and I catch just a couple of dates. You know you have to drag it runs for 6700 yards which most teams don't ask don't I think terms of just overall production of moving the ball well I like another one of course but. You know I don't I don't think this is the I don't think with what I bowl since healthy I think that's such a big difference and I want our office now I agree with that and the combination. Of a return to health of demeanor bird Chris Samuels gives you a couple guys are like some 43 speed basically. And I think it's going to be. Honestly difficulty both of them on the field at all times health wise because they are smaller quicker guys but you ultra rapid I think he would. It kind of hedging your bet the U got two guys that can kind of duplicates some less Emeril. You can't as best season he had a he had receiver in Ted game that sort of has some more skill set a Taurus and there wasn't there wasn't. This great receiving corps now last year or damn they didn't have the receivers and it's a team with a speed str. He actually does he did better in sixteen that he did with Calvin vegetables not the number one receipt. And I know contracts or contracts in the says there there's a spot for Russell Shepard right with what we got bring in Torrey Smith bringing back Byrd and Samuel to health at a recital CO plus a roster spot lawsuit an injury for a what's it like -- special team that's the only thing we're between it and you get Samuel burden McCaffery and the aerial look. Yeah it is here he did the craziest part dollars and four go to break here the craziest part about chuck artist. That is contract was one million dollars western targets. Last year and and you look at the intact again had a nor once we saw three times. The federal decided I would be. I would be stops pounced on that Russell Shepard is still. Still hang around here that's to these these probably the next domino to fall I would get. I think some of that is again hedging your bet on injuries had you can interest in general is no. You don't have to get this down to 53 today so I think some of that is just hang around and goes one out some gyms out in format today along with Tebow and ends that. As a phone call 7045709610. We're talking in the NFL free agency right now Maria lots of NCAA determined talk coming up Oregon that come back and say about the guest list. As Tebow and as well I don't for. But the biggest names in broadcasting and writing to come talk sports with us today because he is the seventh highest paid producer in America. I wanted to find to be a frenzy. Thousand dollars. Brad now all right here we go this is that you text to win and the word today is manager. Manager just like a baseball manager. But just to be fair and when a spell it MA and AG ER manager text that word to seven to. 881 to get into in a thousand dollars you get to the top of the hour to texting and this is a national contest. Message and data rates apply full contest rules are available at W upn C dot com text the word manager to seven Q8 81 to try to get into when 1000 dollars aren't. Manager as an I just woke up my manager during the commercial break but I called sorry had man. I bet did you assume. Is Nokia by the way for Matt today who's out we were not called Mac this early to assume he's trying to get healthy did you know that. He'd be a sleeper did you it's obviously be away it's one of the other usually is completely wired. Or he's asleep I thought today would be a day I'm right there is a rule here is okay when you say his name yet it is. That's a sad sack that was created by it man it's man. Eight results out of that so we mentioned his name is here you legally now at the plight sounds so there's yeah. There's a rule that you can give yourself a nickname are you able to give yourself your own sound effect apparently did yes about your nickname yes. Any and every time you play he laps so right now. He's laughing so it's oh so. Now so he was upset of the woken up but now he's in a good movie avatar he's got this exact exact toll during the break dog called obviously buys exact. I know or boss a guy he doesn't slate. He doesn't sleep at all had to know that now he was he was densely. Completely as he differently you know giving you straight news he was asleep so he had to do you value of deals. Body. But it can't really. He was out he was done. Is that right. To recall mathison is gonna expect that's gonna live update from man let's just call people there. It's 6 o'clock hour outside in here yesterday at the wooden accelerated to sound like old foxy what was his voice sounding like I picked up as the day went along. Bob what do what he first came into the building I was like how is this guy get in your radio was actually in in all seriousness. And I'm not busting chops once like that. The fact that he came really did the show yesterday with no voice no it's pretty remarkable like he got a new like he was deceased. You don't want a further damage your vocal chords especially when you have to talk for forty hours a week in and it. Nearly and he knew the day yesterday was the answer to what's already knew what a man athletes determine. Credit to him he really. He was a station evolves the listeners and eat some highlights means that so he. He really he really put it all out there estranged it's no wonder he's out to them that's a guy EI is a glorious cars sold in emotional trauma. I'd take. There was like a hint of a tear in your voice if that's possible yeah I don't listen I don't know I don't miss some but I was gonna try to finish with a trip it's a lot different conversation with these are not as much yelling it's crazy jealousy I think this is YC I'm I'm consistent his eyes I've in this goes back to like elementary school I'm totally Dixie myself like I always it was like had perfect attendance thriller so it's I'm not gonna scream and yell at a pace myself like a marathon not a sprint kind of thing yeah so I'm not save in the boys I'm gonna I'm gonna give you like nine innings. Okay B nine innings I'm not good not good like fifth inning six innings you're going to the middle reliever left hander eligible karma give you nine innings you're kind of like Tom black. Yes Mike your your crafty. We know what we don't already NASA grainy shots and then you look at that's that's gonna go all out there are Jamal yes exactly and into your your look up and I've still go to 11819 games where you have a lot of items and that comment. So he once the last time you yelled don't like he really got after he just he did you lost marbles was a new parts or my Achilles and it's hard. Pass play pick a basket was like fifteen years or tore my Achilles tendon that hurt Lanka so I'm guessing yelled at fifteen years that has our moron it's great and I almost as apple and it's at that point I was already injured so is like I had some time cut off commentary my Achilles. I I haven't yielded seven hours basically got you guys have seen Gus the poppy you cannot yelling does the poppy and you just look at that base and it doesn't matter what he's gotten into and what he's left on the floor using every you. Use. Puppies you got a tweet out a subtle gusts this morning at Jim's hokey people need to see gusts all right blood Milledge easiest thing is. I went out this week is a go to go to at Jim's Oki on Twitter and you'll see Gus also he'll seats but I mistakenly wrote this tiger I realize that I eroded just from tiger world does Reggio alliance a little lion cubs Syria by dissident pasty moment solemn took a picture tweeted and who cares it's called tiger world so it's probably better I said that anyway but there are little lion cubs in our lobby yesterday COC and coming Dan Levin targets all animals now so I had lie and this and -- the poppy -- to my last three tweets. And then something on Davidson basketball got in the middle of those two but at Jim's O'Keefe and of course yet at Tebow and media frenzy and exact. WS frenzy on the Twitter are coming up Melissa in the rundown for the show today. I know Mac of course Joseph person at 745 shall observe earth talking Panthers and NFL free agency and how it impacts the Panthers and then Jason Cole from Bleacher Report logo around the league you talk about what we've been talking Melbourne case Keenan Allen Robinson. Other release of the Ndamukong Suh Jimmy dykes thought it is usually turn a 9 o'clock today he from ESPN of course all over bureau college basketball stuff and then Matt Carroll talk and hornets you know go on a road trip and yet the euros pelicans tonight. I'm Matt Carroll former player course radio TV on the corners network talk in the latest we succumb ruffle win. If he did he makes at least that is that's tied game win streak by united easier. I got excited but yeah they did. Early six and a half out of the eighth spot. With what fourteen to play or something yeah thirteen 1250 I don't know I forget the number at this point down the stuntman. Never city entered Eastern Conference is a mess isn't it I just they should just have the rockets in the warriors play for the title just ditch the whole thing this year I will get a break from mode the regular format made potential authors are key have you seen the Western Conference standings. I had except in the last year it is absolutely. The little cold up here is that solely in birds are now out of the playoffs it's her circle are there with you they are now indeed tenth spot with 37 wins yet the news all the way up to four us nine clarity as or if there is. Bob four games between. Always been. In three separating eleven and three right the Portland trailblazers Byron white had just stand there the third seed got a once and in a row even between. Three and six. There's still have games separated us into the sad this fourth round of the playoffs now is just spent seven games over 500 it's insane. Whereas in the east the ninth best team the first one out Detroit his thirtieth 36. It's this way for about like ten years. It's weird because I grew up in the era of the east with the Celtics in the sixers and all the great teams in the east of course you had the lakers in the west but the east was always top heavy load it was great teams has just. Weird how they can't you're the pistons bad boys and adjusted they can't get it together what is the last time the sport and this will be a dumb question what does the last and the sport is missed the playoffs. It's been awhile I don't think they miss him once walk Tim Duncan was there I think they now. There was it'd there was a year whenever I do drugs cigar heard them like the third overall pick where they pick Tim Duncan or something like denim pretty sure they've made the playoffs. Every year since I don't. They date miss the playoffs since that year. Were out early since 1997 my guests and. We go breaking news here pro football talk points lawyers saying is a source source with knowledge of the case keynote is expected to get between eighteen and twenty million a year. Should we tested that that's not always 720 million no there's no contract he's just said he as a source that is the talks are estimating between eighteen and twenty million a year probably from. Warts or five years obviously that doesn't sound like stopgap money to me like I kind of know. Lies that are residents got your quarterback also get a pay an entity is past his mid thirties and I mean assuming it's like what he's 31 we said. He'll be thirty when the season Yasser he's going to be he's going to be there are always. 3430 mile or sex we joked about Tyrod Taylor and they will draft a quarterback obviously but Zach coming up I've heard that they're bringing in Taylor an aide David. Maybe of you know talk and contract with him play extending. Now what he's he's sixteen million this terribly Tyrod Taylor he he does have a big deal he signed it. We researcher with the Muster I think he's on a 1760 million dollars area and our NCAA tourney begins tonight record all in on these are Dayton games come ought. Our everything you want to know about Long Island in Radford when we come back in addition women look at some other team's NCAA basketball tournament week. Brackets actually did my bracket yesterday I think I spent three and a half minutes on it because if you don't know by now is to me is like. These are prepared by times Saddam and his and in the once you don't know you guess I need to see us. A fifth killed in seas likely Creighton Kansas State game cuts at a flyer and that all toggle bit scholarships and up next soaking in on the Mac at tackle which he bone and Zach you're 125 W infancy. Access on Tuesday Jim's a key in his Mac is resting there the voice along with Timonen Zach here we're gonna talk some NCAA. Basketball but this is the frenzy that is NFL free agency is because of the brakes excellent command at the Twitter and Adam show after the SPN reporting and do nor well. Panthers guard intends to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars five year deal 66 and a half million dollars including thirty million dollars. Fully guaranteed he becomes the NFL's highest paid guard over thirteen million a year thirteen point three. Good for the trek and Jew nor while we knew he wasn't coming back here every detail away the cancers are talking ages could not go in and how much money. So us as as a young gentleman that Bristol multiple teams are neither one of them to get Norwalk. I thought this was the giant Garcia. They've killed a magic. Wow that's this this is the beauty of odd days like this that. Was there any talk of Jackson and other got money ball was there any talk of Jacksonville guest. I guess they chose. I heard Falwell stimulus nor will support around Robinson army out of her giants have heard for you this is why a lot of the stuff is just a bunch of I think agents put out stuff they dated they heighten. Some of the sifting through the media is obvious connection with government in Norway also we automatically assume that that's worried generally work that way. Now is when it's all it's all set for Jacksonville itself the defense is there and they've got sworn nets. They've got. Okay he receivers I guess they do need upgrade their little bit. You know the elder Huntsman for a while yet and I'm glad the jury to that I understand but they did but it based public morals. So are we ready to buy in solely on Jacksonville being a year in year out threat. Would you rank and I like sports Blake portals are case Keenan. I would take a ski and although I'm not trusting genome yet I think that I had to maple. I don't know I don't mound I take you over boards made errors. A lot of core that's what I say it nicely in Jacksonville this offseason you know that that's a spot or cornerbacks have been run to be honest with. Well it's it's become an attractive place to play also which it was not like two years ago Eric may be the beginning of last season all right we will sit here and we won't waste a tent and it's well that was. That was printed news or just were to reduce the opposite that's not that's a starlets like Orwell when he got Torrey Smith yes I starlet truly be the next when McKee but I have were so we got I think Marty's Oregon has brackets right now I see it seemed as if since early got satellite this was Leo it did the first the first rain of Marty was he overspent he did too much and now these kind of being. Patient and and letting letting the big ones fall you know is gonna fill in with some free agency along the way here someone just called Marty said he deer by Norway's at what happened right now half trying to figure out the right stated they got to say. Let's say you loser you can lose whatever he does sega's CEOs are doing our job he's doing too much distance as soon as he makes a move he gets ripped out it doesn't beat. It's it's it's almost like Marty. May get ripped no matter what. But they're important here and the buildings are excellent at. What exactly has Marty done question mark to seem as so many holes. They didn't know eleven and five and make the class and they did go to Super Bowl 38 the first time your series the work he's done it I'm not saying it's like he's bright to Kenton but it's like these he's done some things in the clear that this team is largely tennis. I don't all bought the veteran core. Eddie gotta also all the email never that he answered an email bottles and governor trading drafted camp he drastic deeply which was not they wasn't it was which was say. Highly discussed take at that time we don't typically was going to be an alt artwork he drafted Thomas Davis collegial. So they'd be called a veteran core of the team that's had a nice run here is that if there is more. Then later first round picks they were all just like off the top I mean you've got Q Thomas Davis and John decent guys are like in the twenty Semih wasn't like it was like you'd or like the first pick him out a way Cam Newton picked was. Not a lay up that your either was key. Glee it's gonna be good but there was we didn't. We did know diddley was going to be on a Ray Lewis like Bible when he got that otherwise you wouldn't hire in the draft. I thought it would be Jack I called in advance but a lot of people are still did I did you are so it's likely the same. The Macs are lucky we for a week. I was in on ballot tell the truth I wouldn't give my address or your Ed Ed what was it eight or 99. I was particularly on my mock drafts. And he means you do know we chatted and we're invalidated now but it it I'm not just a sailor every year like I know exactly it was player must think you know McCaffery last dress that was a nice fit for what they were trying to do last year. In I was right ticket number eight for what they needed a mother I'm not a brag or by any means is that that's like Ramones my wife and their technically. He says that's why on the seventh highest paid producer in the country. This accidentally I spelled out what spots more so sorry Howard Stern pastor. Well probably we it has wireless free agency new contracts are coming at it stop every moment Kyle Boller aside your reds I'll be number one again. We're gonna come back at every series out there of the crazy did you guys talk your bracket Jesse still filling yours out. Are you dealerships I'm working during a yeah. Mac and I. If I know I hear it's a great show I don't I don't get a shock you that Matt and I have a standoff on our brackets we will attorneys and until Thursday it and so. I'm not certain body before him you know doing the same time. Same time aren't as saying Nancy you're not tipping your hand as far as what you're doing you can I tell you all a bit of a secret about MacKey I want the bracket four point eight. When duke won because every one Kentucky got here I thought Garrett. If I'm gonna win this thing I've got to go opposite of that and I wonder if they know how that is a terrible and I want that your. Matt has never won the stake in its not really that clubs and well we'll all inside information here it tries conducts. I teeth feels like he should win this every year so my goal right now is that not only win this for myself I want that it was. Sosa is about the double edged sword and you winning I don't tell that to his face but I take pride and that's bracket explodes. A smile on the and so that's that's. And on the outside with it and model to his face so SEC ABM anybody but Mac philosophy or don't tell that though okay now he's not listening Joseph from four mil is on the line though Joseph good morning how are you. We've just don't potted up over their head out of Ottawa there's not a marijuana turmoil is a radio term ethnic that's potentially a meter and remains. Volume. Is he you know it's softer right now you got there NCAA Terry coming up in baseball and be start men hockey winding down. He gets what we're talking NFL matchup talked to thought you know are you wind down segment coming up. They own so anyway here here's the deal with this freeagent seem quarterback and he came to even go to Denver crazy man is money that these guy can get them. Quickly just tell you got a three year window. If you have an opportunity to win you better go for in that three year window because what that real windows over you're done and right now we're timbers set. I don't know there I think there windows closed now you know right now free agency even attempt there's what are they. I mean they have a small window here to win you better go out and get right now you don't. It's over and you guys are all over yet. So right now between its what is out there and free agency. It's a Los Angeles street did you kill and it in data needed to start create yet so I think that the team to watch out for equity stake. Yet I think that is a team that is in a three year window for example the New England Patriots thanks a phone call jokes are in year what fifteen of a three year window he took some -- Steelers have -- your assumptions have been I'll sustain this for a long period time Seahawks did for awhile I think the Panthers are one of those teams. Better it got to do this on the fly but they are in a window we look at TD go and -- last year Greg Olsen where he is rifle a lot of big names all this windows this is a forever like this is just answers are no windows what I'm saying there one of those franchises that the Denver I think is on the backside of both they might penalize Germans reader with a defense is old. And there's a quarterback here that that we wild but it's taken a lot of hits and a career so. And I know that he's not gonna play till forty like I don't see that he's got a lot of outside interests it's just stand there and east and you don't like to talk to be our measles. Also as a guy that if he walked away today he you don't have a second corridor every well. And it's Smart they got families they've got their health. And they had great careers and nobody's pushing them away early but he was so much a healthy life and death in TDs probably played longer than he would have on the calendar because of the three setbacks with the ACLs so he's ebitda has certain watched two and a half years of football. He mentioned the rams in what they've donate. They brought Sam shade out of what his mean a retirement as a additional quarter. They have to lead and they traded for mark is Peters and they have a great defensive coordinator in wage so up so on paper we've had sole lead five time pro bowler Dion Marcus Peterson could be all world if he's right. That could be a scary situation but also let's keep in mind they added to Disco personalities to locker room as well I. It it appears football wise or does the right moves. But there's no guarantees a Marcus Peters and only a key to leave. Behave netzero is a reason those guys are Lego socially Marcus Peters yeah it's only may have run out of his time in Denver but. Marcus Peters for the value that they got it returns ram that that tells me for god or sensible much as he does. There's there's a lot of Aurora medical have. Stuff great little slack in the stands last year okay that's the most egregious thing ever I know what ever you were idols remember he blessed us to have to steal. He wasn't ejected from the gay or any sticky you left the field but he was rejected it just to just stop why. So there's a lot that one on a regular copier so wool will see I think I'll paperwork for the rams. But does it does it actually worked out for them win out now that's that's a dangerous personalities and arc. And there's still one semi walking down the guy I don't think Sammy has a back there because he's got such an open bidding but there's there's still in play for Watkins come on back MI the only one that thinks acute toll could be way past his prime as well now you're really you know he's used docket these aren't played his best football please that'd get a few great years in Tampa Bay had a few great years in Denver and I mean how long requires really less of me I think the guys 3132. Maybe. I mean you bring him in he's not a shutdown corner anymore now Peters is for sure there's zero rivas and his got to play like he's living authors wreckage. It's either either guy could cost them a game at some point as much as when them again they saw. Sought silly even more Cooper last year we're contains often we see Marcus theatres this thing so yeah they can witness a football games next year guarantee one of those guys or do something in the game. That would that'll be the one of the main stories that we talk about a don't why did Peter forcibly be that there and they'll they'll do something next and it's difficult. To leaves 32 just turned 32 C and I agree with you I think she's live in Martha's the reputation is that the player that he was. I Zambian for macro guys take a break you're talking NFL free agency unit trying to get an NCAA terminal do a little bit of that coming up to a lot during guests lined up 47045709610. Building senator text line you can also text in their does so PT boat and Zach I want to five W offends me. Welcome back Stevie Mac attack here on a Tuesday. Uncle James O'Keefe fielded for the ailing Chris McLean. James O'Keefe has the last were afraid he may have been signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars are actually tourists back Cleveland Browns okay stack but I guess we are we trading got I think he got a negotiation during the break here with a team side you know we got the sports clashes which are usually handles so I had to go tell Sharon to make sure she knew of these Andrew nor well reported by Adam shifter. A signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars so. Jerry always seems to do the slashes on the days where there's chaos going. As she was like the truth or just the worst feeling because you do these and then you'd done the Canada yep which is BWR. And the worst is like when there's like. The British Open or some of the open championship this as the wants tiger made a birdied ten hit. The open championship besides the Olympics it should be open championship as I taught not to British has come. Obama also like your traditional street that that's the that's Wanda she's forty events he had that Ayers during our shelf. Very few bad Larry sporting events if somebody might get the house trillion opened ought tennis but besides that malware off a level a lot of moving parts here during the show you gotta look texts and phone calls for the Australian tennis open minister. You don't you don't have any idea how big guy am I am not in Australia and confront. I was gonna say how big guy and down under that's thousands. That sounds weird and I didn't say it that way for a reason I don't want that sound bite out there the last third down under cholesterol I. Was it was a few weeks ago during the Olympics and it takes you back to the two men luge competition when you start saying things like that like which the U wanna be the guy in the front of the back for the awkward to man luge death. Don't they tested it on here that is no winner has set it on the air out of the great why now I'll DS have been on here are stoked. Think he might lose stuff to be dvd only a portion of the art stuff but is there a soap opera sporting events at the Winter Olympics had to start so anyway that was the year the news I was passing to be. Slash department indication mr. last segment and I felt free agency this early and though it's the the legal. Tampering but there's a lot of legal tampering go and I'm like flights to Mars for is Camilla the classic when schools or teams hold press conferences a Yury know what's the news is. Before you arrive at 4 o'clock tomorrow is going to be such a let down because all the stuff is happening right now. Com here's the thing about the. Legal temporary period so. We're now just supposed to assume that oldest nor well stuff just came about. But there wasn't contact for the tugged at my old college missed 5 this morning and I 545 who has done yes always is it just we see this awhile away and as soon as did the window to sign players happens got to sit he just called on the three minutes later you have to guarantee money or doubt if you have Daschle contract he's actually probably dead there. So we did nothing happened before nor well. At all. Well before if you saw the movie Jerry Maguire they'll lots of context on an about a half hour time period there so I don't think you understand a free agency were also said it would be draft day or two which is another story I was at. Man that was like the browns were there that is their best was slightly better concert is to study Weaver junior on the Mac let out. Just make you make it will be in a closet on draft day look like an hour before had success. I think it's for the right so in my generation and Gaza and how they didn't they didn't realize something about a player until light. Ten minutes before the latest on to realize why he did something Gary gamer something like this and teammate had a birthday party did invite the team captain quarterback to and then in that you're the browns drafted Johnny man's only did the exact opposite advice when they should take him like a little Mac or somebody in the draft that I wanna watch that movie right now as matter why you get this don't wanna watch that's a decades the movie but I think it's I think it's an all time great. I was Seattle just famously the love interest Jennifer Garner garner earth so it's like Kevin Costner and Jennifer she's like. 25 and he's late ninety's it's like it's like watching Matlock make an out and yeah and in a closet ready for the drastic ever had that that's that's a cell stimulate the injured Norway for real quiet calm Tom Coughlin was important even thirteen point three million years or okay where are sought. Oh yeah I think that's out probably. I knew it was coming and now it's like are is here now so as Tyler Larson obviously Thomas Taylor mode and so we'll talk about this Joseph person coming up this guy's a step up a sales lake. At least to begin. Taylor mode first manned up as far as stolen in that what are the guard positions this year and they like Larsson has a back up to you look Willits senator to place some garbage maybe not be the starter there's a way it looks. The Panthers right now but we'll talk more about that when Joseph personnel at 745 from the Charlotte Observer but man free agency often running it since Wimbledon it's just joy and open this open championship a free agency. That's happening right before here's a nice here as a Mac is out today case keen on going to the Denver Broncos. We had talked about Alan Robinson going to Chicago Bears Zak because you're here in your bills and what are the bills in the did the course a great panther tie in the there was coach Sean McDermott and Brandon being in the front office. What is the philosophy there because it they did Tyrod Taylor which you knew they would do but now they trade left tackle courting gland and they move up from 21 to twelve in the draft. What they think connect twelve do we sink in terms of again a quarterback at twelve or what's the plan here. They're not done move ago for sure because they had 21 and 22 in the package is 21 to get to twelve along with courting Glenn another slots fit in six fixed. They're gonna they have 21 round picks to stick around picks into third round pick so. You know I think that brand being understands something they maybe not a lot of gyms in a pharmacy and word it all starts with the quarterback you have to have your guy. Retirement yeah that one not him by and else it all starts you know did did GM's wanna go give their guy and he was hired after the draft last year so. He has a lot of them are now I don't see why you wouldn't go move up to go get your guy they weren't bad enough last year to be in the top ten to drop their guys so you so much ammo here I think there's you know he just wants his guy and build around him. Yes we're about what you get for asking a bill's question Matalin well I hit a coach. A lot of banter is north as I'm still intrigued by what they're putting together with a path to screw up there armed. But it's a it's a weird and a failure and that you have the Buffalo Bills like the playoffs the first time in what twenty years 1717. Years sayonara and I grab much higher roundup. Wins mostly Tyrod Taylor for you avenged a long way but Tyrod Taylor is a class quarterback and then the vikings go further than they've gone forever. With case keen on and these teams don't want these quarterbacks but other teams are just lining up to to take them off your hands so it's interesting how the league is so. Yeah I thanks frenzied about we don't wanna mutate them. People on Twitter so asking about the other normal situation what does this mean for. The also it's a wide of the Panthers going for the past and now NATO Goer a priority in the draft do you what what what is the door situation I ordered my unified. I think that could become more free agency situation of course they will draft but I think as a mentioned with. They're distracted Taylor mode last year Tyler Larson young players on their in the league for two years you got two young options right there that have been in the system working their way up for a year or two. So it's it screams to me. Probably a veteran influence. As a guard not the UN draft what you probably at some point in their draft on but it wouldn't be some video after the first round. Feel like more reinstate war and at times found some value on the offensive wise. Mirror some pieces there were guys to maybe your eventually parlay that into bigger contracts elsewhere so I do I do think that Marty does. I don't think also it's of wind was always an issue with Marty Ernie sock that's one area right guy you know while also Maury comes up. And it's good because we talked about in they were doubled out of positions and over pay running backs or some other positions but to really guard is again something where you can't go all night guardian academic salary cap left if you go. Trade turner and UN Indiana Andrew nor was much is like to have those guys back so pianist America tackle what Tebow and second a Tuesday here on one to choose by W a frenzy.