Lee Sterling discusses who to bet on in the NCAA Tournament

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Wednesday, March 14th

Lee Sterling discusses who to bet on in the NCAA Tournament. 


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We're like you guys that are best single games during the tournament so much of that is going on sue. Our next guest can help you with those what might be nice little. Upset pick early on and determine a first round bargains. And you know axial final fours well let's do it all released early Paramount sports are handicapped are all football season long. Joins us every march on Wednesday before they tipped it off fatally what's going on how you do it. I don't agree. But to change chipped in the last 24 hours a particular. Food and Dirk there's an ops six million the counter errant shell game. There are expected to execute entire tourniquet one injury. I was singing about etc. like I don't know would sure think it was Virginia but I hit a point him out where I'm like OK I'll probably do Arizona Virginia in the sweet sixteen. And I didn't know what to do there or something like. He's he's one of those kids you know he can beacon which also on all tradition but not many of those guys it's been in college basketball so. Tom Dick and her more expensive. And it won't be offered at an event so yet fit to drink table I we were told we had that deterred in my bracket. I'm due to a from so. Might keep the Canadian one of them but right now I can status or church they can do it on the prevailed ahead or tunnel the only other. You okay what do you think about it's 'cause I know you always do you like to I those upsets and pass them along to us you know before the tournament. What do you eat it when you look at the south a region is Davidson you know we are local interest in Davidson nears Davidson over Kentucky consideration for your you signed another upset you like more. I know I I think the chicken the first round I think David can try to play the best give our team to play their best game. Or report the best couple games great Italian at a proper department I discount a little bit up to get back up. And to play at that level might perk somewhat like Michigan not popular Trout look at Georgia State he won a do you want her great great game that you know Michael way down to the end picnic at a real high. School weren't you know tortured state rotator I'd pick Davenport stamina with certain that people aren't. Typically that he only 68% pre troops are neck that could cost and so. Insurgency. Typical Laura out polio check Argo. They can't mine I think it's a long dial play to beat Miami to Miami probably lose to Tennessee. The next game by. Don't go you don't they thought bill with Phoebe Talking Heads on TV should delete their long. You wanna wanna torture around maybe it might upset it state I'll play. I think will take are great great not real big and duck after a lineup outside shooting at some time that that problem interpret. Why is source of cells are true if you're trying to take if you look at their bracken say OK I don't wanna put Virginia in their wanna try to go a little different. Sounds like Arizona using the same as me Arizona's or anybody else you would you would of course. Eight trickier to look at Tennessee and Kentucky. A canary to me until they do it took the book you know they're bigger begin to study history not being able. Not to do it Paterno kept so by the nine in nine appear true. Welcome to coach McCormick so. I'm a little electric global change it or are you watching some people ordered down. To defeat Kentucky Nevada. Don't don't back there are lots of multiplayer plenty troop one delegate torn Achilles club what they've never been checked. We're song release are in Paramount's sports are much. He is I didn't give you winners so determined so so you do that here before the end of this call or go on through the bracket Winamp. Down here to the west man I think North Carolina gets it got into a good spot. Xavier really feels like he weakness you know of of those one seeds by far. What do you think about Xavier I gotta be honest I heard I was listening to a podcast and they were break it down the brackets. They went through Westwood now mention Xavier I've never heard that before where he goes or region and don't read in the one seed maybe it's fitting because I look at it seems like Inzaghi Carolina and Michigan like I kind of I'm not even considering Xavier how do you feel about that. I actually the same way opting not wanna put Ohio State they're you know a month ago they didn't they're probably hadn't and number two chief choke. I'm disputed team execute close to 50% from the field that a lot of ballots. I think they're going to be a tough out eagerly. Even used to compute at a point in really good ball right now so top. That's the problem he would North Carolina it just so approach upbeat out like there are we gonna order too late to give every tool very. It'll come up with the heat play. Luke may. You know don't discount it either. And get a real tough. On the board so our. Did you know this is what popped into my upper bracket the ticket out. Come up to go shark you're electing target come out what. I got dom I'm actually consider that there's no doubt over I'd at least early will also spoke so I gotta get don't hear typically. We particular knock bigger. Orders speak. Got deputy people inside their program. Maybe when they what they account for started being cheeky guy that Granger Eric Schmidt and a reporter pop tart and had a toe injury. And they were like about that you can't be 80%. Went through demotion. I look at them to knock off Missouri pretty easily the first game ticket to a couple on dictator dictator could be gone after to get. All right on the on the right side and his bracket the east noble seals to me like they got the easiest passages or anybody in their way is it that you want us. Speak up Ford's it feels like a pretty good path to make. I think the only team it probably Texas Tech and Purdue. I'm looking they can go down checked around Arkansas Arkansas. Well like an up tempo game. No real quick hardcourt and then. Recruit hard court army did you not biggest blow forehead and then that problem in the parliament choke. Texas Tech is it team. Our talk at all doesn't talk Kamal I think there'll be the number show up I like Villanova a lot but you're embarking have to play almost portrait. Prevent to win it too will have many gonna do the court should receive them by a depict a shocker here heart protection direct connect to the product or. Wow wow that is that I had that takes some guts activity on that one. Our midwest we had duke and there's a two would Michigan say isn't three cans is a little one like. Man that's a tough one to three and A brackets what are your feelings what are your feelings about this site thinks. No comment that you know whether bracket except one other curia. I don't like keep it feature for our lineup like it acerbic can be duke and Michigan State. A month earlier this it states the number one I don't think the duke played up to the perpetual victim the most talented team in the country. Other starting lineup but that they get a better. Point guard play on the sharks and people picked out Michigan State here. Repeat do not belong in the start of the North Carolina State played no defense. Sometimes guys appalled by them uncontested layup they don't worry that them. Oklahoma had to put it would be the lost eleven of our laps fifty games and also Arizona State. Are you want first round. Play on the point spread Pennsylvania get can't describe it doesn't agree well paid double digit poll. The answer a sixty degree they are usually I usually better to sixteen house kind of surprised secede and then there on any upsets to sort lets you go like any. Notable upsets you like it either eastern midwest they're on the right side. I'll be easy I I would say on the deadly heat are like a tactic that produced gonna go down partly. And they're you're third game. And economic couple games I like the poor track against the spread either prolong teams favored Orkut all old Butler. Also like our. First round game will likely to win big game but I think both covered the spread because. Which protects our real hard core Alex Steve couple Austrian. To keep this game close throughout. Article like this support such a lot of points thirteen that they didn't score a lot Cheryl. Which there's Stevens apple often there are tough first round out. I we gotta run but tell us how everybody get to Paramount sports dot com has or ligature picks sort of madness. We've always had one losing march mad at the last ten years you want to get involved go to promote sport but come out but this. Usually 247. Belt should be tired turn it. True Monday April 2 used to poker table and are just a 140. Kevin dollar short our executive told turner just go to term multiple dot com. Coupon code 81 number culture guilt at eight under 400. Not a typical want to start work to protect. Our great stuff league good luck we will talk to down the road man thanks as always stick that in your.