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Monday, April 16th

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The hall of Famer himself Carolina legend he's coached everywhere UCLA Cannes is the pacers the sixers. And right here in Charlotte Bobcats sort of welcoming and Larry Brown who's with us right now on the technique on guests on Larry you don't it's good to talk do against. Are. Let me ask you this so cake is we're talking food and I was saying my my wife's grandmother just coax the most incredible lunch. Every Sunday at 1 o'clock it's can't miss so what's the thing for you growing up whether it was your mom or your grandmother or or just a family member win when this was on the table. Larry's eyes got as just these big as his head he just knew we was eaten good that afternoon what's that thing trio. On my mom or. They're being nauert debates so. We had made blow on a Monday night. Probably have been slow courts aren't that week. Oh man I'm. I love meat loaf at all. They were both pretty good nominee I filling meal looks got a bad rap would you agree on that I love meatloaf but there's bad meat loaf out there. Not not lawyer and a mob of its keyword. My brother I would. Me globe on Monday and then. We pretty crooked on two very. Went spent third they were. You know being happy to have it yet though it was OK it's always been made it prepare reports we are where are okay we bit. Repeat it can. Go on and I was so good enough Europe. I see this is why we brought Larry Brown not to talk crude and to talk me low fees with this right now on the technique I guess Len hall of Famer and a former bobcats head coach. I would wonder Larry what what did you make coast. Of the Mitch Kupchak higher last week for the hornets is GM and then also. What did you think of his decision to search real big decision on the job to a release Steve Clifford of his of his head coaching duties. Well so Politico code but it but it great I like being. You know what sort of met the bunch of games. During the series that watchers thought. But Mitt Mitt is that I spoke are me. You know our our adult but a lot of people remember birdie yet like guaranteed contract football lick resort was jerk. Of what beer or not going to be able play good breaks here and they're gonna say it many. He showed up the purse their practice there are rated go to work. The ability contract and I are working under very well and played for coach Smith and bill loyal. Employee. It did an excellent job with collectors. And but the fact they're the only they're sort of Michael. I think you're gonna do an amazing job Michael Price. I think Mitch knows fully decked great values. Or they aren't papers but. No major rob. Well people. Because people get fired coaches but not admit it's gonna. Regret way to work we're both prices could be out for it and they'll they'll figure things out. Do you think Steve cook could you look back and Larry Brown through this again by the way could you look back and say over the course of the of of the five years that's a long time in the NBA on a Simon if you're not doing a lot of real meaningful winning. Five years is a long time any NBA I mean he took over team. Larry as you know that 128 games combined in the two years before it took over and they never won fewer than 33. It is five years so what would you go would you look back personal and say you know what. Knowing the dynamics of what he took over and where he left it Steve Clifford coaching tenure was a success here how would you group how would you grade it out. Are they get for six you know. Armonk comparable what Kuwaiti you know we treat cultures. But that's the nature of the triplets when. You know Rihanna and BA they're broke for merit any other league guys think because you started people who are 50. It's a long term contract. And it's pretty good golf that you don't think it seems you know what enough for their standard. Ardent pro prop that's worried that they relaxed spirit. Want leopard that I got a bigger one or be around Burton law because. You know generally you it's not like that he is second lottery but ability as well. But not you know I I don't know what. You know people judge your coat short or what he does. I think the bigger favorite app but it only group bringing in great kids that are so young. It would not develop. A lot of you know we get all these. Worked out quote Jews sort developmental coaches are out there they're teaching kids that applied. Well fortunately polio who even sorely. That makes it real typical. You know I don't but I'm battles they don't respect the minute they get. You know they have a bad game there are both the media and somebody in their permit complied and it employ about. It's pretty tough but. They develop a code but. Not but it but it shouldn't embark over a really want to pull up the series they get. I have a really good seem. And I don't they believe there. So great where you have been your credit they're pretty quickly. And Elmo for a so. They're broke right wondered yet so Liederman. And help phone kids get better but I think the way you know the foundation around. What we've. I think cope bode well for the next coach that's what I. Oh local or one Internet rewarding work and that was Detroit. And not. Our fortune out of follow code what. Rick Carlisle. Carlisle had some pretty good values what I got to these court. And I are really benefit by that. We're talking to Larry brownies with the trend L hall of Famer former Kansas UCLA bobcats pacers sixers they're coach is with us on the technique come guess like. And also the only coach in basketball history to win in CAA NN BA title let him Larry you love. When you're with a box kids and at other places you made it a point tempted to talk a lot about getting your team to play the right way he's Telus science. In a paragraphs into when you say play the right way in the NBA what are you talking about. Well I watched the game now and god it's it's a lot different data that I ever. I always thought the right way it ought to look at my background I've played the most vibrant John what I don't know and Pete Newell Al Adam. I require. Coach Smith about coach alongside coach Smith but. I think they're values all pretty similar. And obviously. And then by Jeremy try to make it seem it's better to what you do best. Data structure and play hard. Really not a coach's job to beg you to play hard but it to have good values good guys are probably do that. Great shot. You know. He fortunate spread on the board play are way more wary the other out on. When I was a freshman coach a coach. They would be all right by that we the united great regret and independents who could. But rebel was fine but. But my thing you know I. I think it's been great shot there's really really critical. Because Kuwait Kuwait it is now but when he workshop is so great shots they can and transition. You know our rebutted talks about that brief ball a member. I'm not buried at the beer great reported injured in training. I think there's a lot about that but it is indeed if you don't coincide you do it well it jets begin respecting shot. You know in our percentage shots and then. With all that spell and get back on B. I don't think you can Wear. So I think planned a right way or coach pep talk about. Larry what's the hardest thing about working for Michael Jordan as an executive. Well. One thing written on the bench where new crop in our. You know what players compatible followed yeah. Our. Had you I think it's really important when you take somebody out you can't explain don't. You know why it's been about. Whatever barriers. I wrote about it if Cole Chris Michael partly under birds just so competitive. You know they're they are out about now among went over and they'll. They want but weren't so that was so without Ford are both. One out but it is a really bright he really cared about the people who work former Baywatch but where armed. Go to break there really were more important the boot. I I think there's got to be an unbelievable that are going to be in the order. President. And the Coke. And not being in its between. You might have been agreement. And they might be pretty muted. But at the end it it's very there's only one boy and everybody go it's pretty well by Leo what that side. You know our our our our what. 1000 strong. Because there're there're a lot of different you know we had a code we had a there'll matters jewelry other older. Our own. And I I think from what might they have bought I ordered a yet Michael is here all put our borders are happy with many words there's sport it would ring. And I didn't feel good job chick from grant. And a I thought it would have been more important for beta out an open dialogue with Michael all the aren't they don't want net new order you're. Just if all five trying to. It. Well it would trigger point Willis Julius Larry I I was mentioning this earlier I mean as you said it's never fun to see people lose their jobs split. I was remarking he'd be defective Mitch is essentially cleared house in the scouting staff and a basketball operations all the way down the training staff. To me to that point that's a step in. Hey we've got to get everybody on the same page we can we can't just be peace doing the staff together even if guys are good at their jobs we need everybody. On day one buying into this idea of what needs to happen moving forward that's not a small thing to me that's a that's a big deal on an an encouraging sign moving for the Mitch did that last week. I think it's the greatest way to do a thing not that the people that Mitch slick go work capable of qualify. I remember what I got to coaching job. Coach Smith told you Larry good people but you have to sit next you. Are going to be the most important people you can have a morale and the spirit you can teach them all about or you know. What you can't teach their beloved respect you so make sure you. Are really aware of yeah. And I I think that was really remember but what I did struggle a lot of arm. Important court I avoid people. You know told me our instruments as. And I don't think that's the best thing. I know Mitt well it is that it's a sensitive guy cares about people. It's probably what made before but. He's got our people around around. You feel really cool loyal comparable. Where. Because they don't it guys really stern knows Michael Michael given on. An opportunity to do their arms. So well. I'm pretty sure that's going to be a good way to start I'd you know great pop but it should not they are if you work for me forever. On the right I think a lot of people want to look at this person. May be so there's two groups and you know little problem with Bartlett is that no none of us really know but. In general. It'll pop made the decision and everybody yell at acute execute so. It is unbelievable oil in connection between everybody and spaceship. And I think that's the way you win you don't have critics been meeting would approach me were the players. Now of a player goes a lot of units would be older sister. For the GO. You're you're altogether. Book your one orders and they know a bit. There's nobody celebrates that. I think the only way you do. Is surround yourself with capable people. That I understand you know loyal you wouldn't go execute any and you. Think it's important. And never did you have something that very very good statement the right way. Larry Brown the gulf are. Good Adler adamant he could chew off. I think it's a pretty. Typical spark from marriage personally knowing him. But I think it's the right thing to do. Larry Brown he's got inside he knows what it's like to turn a program around he's done ever been and that's why is also they were and the only man in history to win a college championship and an NBA championship and kind enough to make some moments Ross on the technique I'm guess line Larry is always a pleasure thanks for making time is good to talk to you again. I.