Kroeger In The Midday: Reactions To David Tepper As The Panthers Owner

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Wednesday, May 16th
Josh Parcell and Damione Lewis talk with ESPN3 NFL Analyst Renaldo Wynn about David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers staying in Charlotte.

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Powered by ortho Carolina. She can't even. The last small percentage of NFL team for fifty million that's ridiculous it's at all. I was fifty million. I just vision and David tepper screws put. Happy hump day everybody in Charlotte this is Kroger in midday powered by ortho Carolina I'm just ourself billions for drugs and I've got alongside me on the my Damione Lewis. You know you nobody doing great man just come Robertson rhythm right now regular auto sales. I like this tune yeah. Have a Grande prison run it was a music may or may not forgot to do that today's. On that once and Susan Willis came off only in Zulu earthquake of five. And and and then he came got the lowest rated now. They say feels like. Has already and I need some excellent sunshine. Hopefully this brings us some good vibes this relic of the weather was a little later this morning. I'm away and is chop dad Dennis moan about is how good solid good I had been Agassi news since. Since your chains around. And cool how has that ACC JB we don't dogma. We had talked about it listen we puppies. Grows so does what Tiger Woods who's gonna look at three or four bridges are we on me a little bit. That's you know that's that's our concern among Hokies aren't even there are so you really freed yeah California you're on though you know we gotta feel a little bit to know we do this RM tool also -- it looks awesome college football a little bit there's an interesting story in the athletic today about. The numbers of guys going pro early on your take on that a little bit of whether or not it's a good decision for some of these guys to roll the dice and go pro even if they are guaranteed to be a how round picks so just enjoy them but I don't got a little bit later in the show we also have to get to the big news of the day which is the Panthers. I'll finally announcing the sale of the team David tepper hedge fund manager. Who founded apple is a management. Net worth of eleven billion with a B dollars per just. Purchasing the Panthers. Fourth 2.2 billion with a B dollars which I matches the sale price of the Houston Rockets from last season as the richest sale in US pro sports history so big day obviously for the Panthers had just been something we've talked about for several days now there's not a lot to add to the story from this point forward really it was just a matter of in getting this announcement dine before the league meetings next week which will take place this thing should start to be signed off in the coming weeks and months something you won't be totally official the closing will take place until middle of July but did temper will be the next. Owner of the Carolina Panthers and something you'll buy in cash that which is just. Two buses iced tea with just regular. Most people were put together an investment group in order to around fifty years you know 25 million there don't have. I sponsor characters just kind of pull this morning together right he said no player. Simeone that you know 10. Does this whole loan shall we limit phone call let me just dropped his background quick yet he makes a phone call to stock market mood a little. Next thing you know yup. Yeah. I did like Dick won't get as there can only jobs. This. I teach how about that so anyway if you if you haven't heard in the last few days you Dave tepper is just just to recap he is a minority owner was a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a 5% stake in that organization which you -- since 2009. You'll now have to divest that state which is worth a 122 point five million I don't have to you're of that before he takes over for the Panthers. Is that hedge fund manager guy who really made his wealth investing into the banks men made a big investment Bank of America back in 2009 that I cast out around I believe over five million dollar ultra so you're almost half as well coming from that so I'm. Rumba for both. Movies so our guys to our guys Taylor don't. Thousand trust you know DelHomme and you know big rumor going it was a good. Long is actually may have made aware transfer service selloff yesterday we had on Ian Rapoport from the NFL network we also talked to Katie paroled to the day before to kind of give us a lot of insight into who did temper is what we can expect from him and look Jerry Richardson is a guy who over the last five to ten years much less visible of an owners and that was obviously due to some health concerns that part of it may have been and do a fact some of the things have been going on in the background of the organization they came to light obviously in December which was. Is what spurred the sell this team and how. Happened did tempers gonna be a much more aggressive outgoing. Personality and face of this team he's probably gonna be more available to the media and Richardson was. And in terms of what he's gonna do with the franchise it sounds like he plans to keep the team in Charlotte current which I don't think was ever really a major question I had. That that was making a mountain out of a molehill thing and then the parent is ever gonna leave our show otherwise it's hard to maybe some of the other bidders might have wanted to move the stadium Al into maybe South Carolina are somewhere outside of the city but it sounds like temper once a team Bank of America where it is is gonna make some significant upgrades self from a city standpoint that's a sure looking at for the Dave -- air stability is gonna be a keeping with the Panthers going forward he comes from the Pittsburgh background in Rappaport yesterday from the NFL network said he does wanna bring in Pittsburgh white model to Carolina. I don't really buy into a ton of all that I mean obviously he wants to do that but what are anti corporate just doesn't. Birds model not a lot of turnover and that's the correctness of is that they keep your coaches. Nor will he wait older than anybody else for it and you know they don't have. I don't you know cautious changes so you wanna get people older stable that comes in that you not change our GM to return return around here coaches and I've been pharmacology team has been brought in a strange and long grueling race I mean what's wrong with that same things Richmond to. We're almost four Brian Meehan and first fortunately for separate six of our franchise that has. Has stability at three major positions are two of the three and you can argue a third Britain but coach obviously there's stability with Ron Rivera quarterback there's stability in Cam Newton can do you have a GM that that's now locked in for at least the foreseeable future and Mario and on the tornado. You know more it takes account huge would have but let's be honest there's still stars on this football team and good morning draft rights only you know lawless terms so yeah. He is reported this and he's going to be easy one of the three animosity after they don't bring him listen right now scar like a president. A full ball operational and I'm pretty sure you know tougher getting fielder pretty quickly. Yeah after a short so I guess you know we're about certainly on the field was is what most fans truly care about. Let's say the Panthers go oh. I do this I yesterday's five and eleven or something this season do you dig tempers it's not the guy or a viewer into her shoes do you think the Rivera might be and a little bit of trouble do you think he may wanna. He obviously wants to keep continuity for for time being by in somethings are so go south quickly could you see some changes happening from. I happen to this team at 1217. There's been enough turmoil and so our string going into the 2018 season. Every paying will be status quo in this just be honest the only reason this thing what have any business. More from an eleven is this if there's a major injury to a major player in debt. Drive the typical will be number war outside of that there's no reason why this team shouldn't each. Ted. NFL you never know there are teams I mean these these games they're game's image is all aside and you you lose a couple games in the final minute that could have gone one way or the other you all the Sonny go for me when team do a six survive Mangini can't happen I stooges and now. I'm not trying to set up here in and try and get hot takes that runner is going to be on the hot it is on the run this out. Asking if it's the worst case were to happen this year you have a new owner does all the sudden that stability look a little less safe it because you have that new orbit. Totally run Rivera has been deed easy rock of this franchise around. He's got a Marlins out. Consistency is where you are a team who's always been you know. In Oprah sort of winds in the league New Orleans had many seasons where they've been weighed down on the totem pole losses so you know he's always been competitive they've always been pushing for a playoff every year is even using didn't make it so. Is just one of those things like weeds and debris consistent trek burgers and consistent while you were common in storage unit just the calls were first sure. That you Gator and things don't go West Point. If you do look back at what the Steelers have done as a businesses and organizations are really their entire existence is one of the things that the the terms that you read about them is that they don't set the market on free agents that's something that that number will have a role in in terms of making decisions on how much money to be giving guys. Do you remember a year ago. Gail Gelman part of what led to him being touted as the GM in Carolina was his kind of reluctant seem to give money to guys like Greg Olsen Thomas Davis some of those guys they're not maybe wanting to overpay. I wonder if maybe that sir succumbing to play again because. You know Jerry Richardson wanted to take care of those guys that work that was a big big deal for him was to say hey look these guys have been here for a long time yes is it. It is it the best idea that maybe invest a lot of money in aging veteran players might not live up to their contract Richardson. He was a loyal guy he wanted to take care of them may be tapper might not be quite from the same old he doesn't have the same attachment. Twosome of those veterans now you obviously Davis and and also are gonna be on the way out in the next coming years but now. How you look to the next generation that Lou key glean a few years now he's obviously still pretty young but some of those guys have been mainstays for a little bit in the print this organization what their next deal's going to look like when their free agency comes up here and a couple years. I think it's going to be always based on what is based on past performance you know if your if your play has not started turning as older player then you know you should expect. To beat you know being given a teen generous deal if nothing else you know let's not miss our kid ourselves you know Lucas is making a total money play a football right now. When he you see your nine European and encourage regs up of course is things we ask him fourteen truly deal calls now if at that point they are more possible bowl. What's more important your break account all the opportunities force compete for championships in over the course of these gonna have to deal with does that mean he's gonna take beaten. So this all to turn our will we are determined only display as mentioned it to you gotta pay yards with a player like here's a simple as that. And don't forget distillers are there organization that has consul and push back on giving maybe on bella big deal and the team that. Had a falling that would James Harrison who was a longtime mainstay face of the franchise and desperate for a long time right they were an army indeed all right bring chaos and disaster motto and he may fall into that he may not I think they can tools like completely juke as I never bit Roethlisberger. 401 bit about a guy. I dragon he's always been open historically pretty quarterback whether we agree with it or not solely in the in the same thing was also well. Comedy they've had over the years and only Greg I'm sure there's been you know for a little terrible looking thing Israel right now Arizona territory and what could help seed money Dawson and the de LA angels gasoline you know brave picking jewels truly wanted to brilliantly did one break is where there's not that they didn't use your money is this morning put. S so I gonna be interesting to see how decisions like that take place but that's probably years in the future now when you really start to feel the true impact of this change here. Four days tapper and you think he's got the most important we routinely blocked open totally torn exactly still going to be some stability there or is for the coming years and and hopefully Carolina can avoid one of those five clemency. Yeah those -- big playoff runs like they did a year ago so we get a break right here but coming up later in the show we are gonna break down the side cavs and Celtics last night game two LeBron James did everything he could it seemed like but it's still wasn't enough Boston wins going away and we'll also talk to Renaldo Wynn former NFL defensive end audio is still be in the suit are going to be god talking to us at 1030. The NBA draft lottery last night as well the hornet's fault the eleventh slots in the draft we'll talk about what they should do with that pick and how they could Alter their future drastically this summer on got a couple trade ideas in mind we'll talk about all that plus. The biggest debate. In all of the country today laurel or you any we'll talk about that more later in the show as well to give it right here I'm just Marcel he's Damione Lewis this is Kroger in the mid. They've powered by ortho Carolina. There is none. Powered by ortho Carolina. There were battered hello. You guys are having to show within a show that's. Well the show never really stops there we just keep on chatting during the breaks out anyway welcome back to the degree I mean I like White Stripes don't knock it like for four minutes. Yeah. We're really weird. What's that about. Both songs about a minute committed in a way to from beginners or did do the math. Oh my god. Iowa they've got to thoughts on special division in sports there for a minute that's all I did have enough the whole time and I was waiting for you guys to got to give him. How we have a bulldozer yeah. I guess and then the show never stopped the sport within the sports channels Celine raising children. All right so that's enough for dancing advisor today is an hour. We'll get back into the show welcome back drug in the mid day drive by ortho Carolina on job. Parcells he's Damione Lewis you can follow Matt Lewis underscored Damien on Twitter follow me at Josh ourself and we were talking on the other side about Dave tempered by the printers will come back to that in just a little bit but I do wanna get to the NBA before welcoming Renaldo Wynn at the bottom of the hour so. Last night in Boston TD garden the Celtics 1079 before they take down the cavaliers take it to zero lead in that series. I love LeBron James comes out firing over twenty points in the first quarter egg gives the Cleveland a lead they were up forty seven's 43 at the end of the first. LeBron finishes the game with 4212 assists and rebounds a triple double hugely important points. You can't ask him for much more any yet there are still people today that are are asking more of LeBron and they. So I game becomes important term where you have the city. That was one know most also performances. In playoff history to have a triple double with 42 points and SE. But at the end of the day you know is some towns about just supporting cast you know how to use goals 42. And how do you you know tennis is what twelve Morton and you are not win a basketball game let me tell you out. So our arm the Celtics stayed the course. They fall outta roster as they want to in the first quarter they closed the gap a little bit in the second quarter. And they came out of there what are they absolutely took over Bogut. In a discussion that they play as a team and they dominated owner Becky into the game. Better than what the cavaliers did but everybody from enemy if they do what they had a dual LeBron they switched up guys they put different people on. I won't be sure it's big crowd when he drove to the hole you can ask him to do anything else if he's still got 42 left on that floor. The rest of the cavaliers a guy. Oakland get the word yet. Smith we're yeah. You know you're gonna show you got to show up when you man is afforded to married were warning were your team entertained a solo. So the teachers that Cleveland whereas during warm ups and on the bench all playoffs long has said whatever it takes. On the shirt they go to return with a team that's doing whatever it takes is the Boston Celtics. There that seemed that's. Playing with a more physical style basketball and more sense of urgency diving on the floor getting physical in the game and has to dilute that judge of the cavaliers put it afterwards he said that the Celtics worked. Quote good morning big game well. And Marcus Morris for the Celtics said. We are at best why would I will do and I think it's not a minute jabs at Cleveland he said we're doing whatever it takes exactly the Celtics are playing like a team that wants to make the NBA finals the cavs are playing like a team that knows. Is it probably into the run. Something's gonna changed drastically in a few weeks as soon as the season's over and it wouldn't surprise me if honestly Cleveland the guys like JR and George Hill and even Tristan Thompson Jeff Green are looking in sand. I'll be honest even if we get. To the finals we're gonna get swept by Golden State anyway is it worth putting forth the effort to go LeBron doing that LeBron is doing everything he can and he's not getting the effort and it's it's mom blowing to me because. This is what happened in the Indiana series in the Indian as there is LeBron James single handedly carried the cavaliers to that year's game seven win got throughout the entire series it was all LeBron he had no help from Kevin Love he's got very little help from Georgia who was injured most of that series Smith play played very poorly treated Thompson came on late in that series and help them in the final. Most Africans African country. But then. And ended the inning did see that in the raptors series against Iran so guys like love had a great series Korver had by far his Dresser is probably as a cavaliers and is derived and then all of a sudden it's reverted right back to this. Really pour shooting out that the missing open shots they're not die daily offensive rebounds it's really how physical and out hustled and everything. They don't they're being a plea. This is Carla what videos if you're not making sure that you got scraping to get rebounds you got to work deserve to get sick and shot opportunities are being played right now not mean we consider prayer we can go to Greece Mort. We can draw all these emotions and all his move when oil. Also as they are sure at a our gay and I'll also played it quite. Honestly again are coached to the general easily whom both stars or sitting on a bitch and a bit in the all carries little binge since March. And then you got a kid like rosier schools comedy and he's just flat out. All what else can you say this kid is what Ian wore heels went to eleven was reported first quarter of the way he has been flat out. Morris is series so forth and they don't have an answer for it in and when they were talking about a guy like Taylor Taylor. Monster game last night in their match at a warlord there Qichen. Cavaliers all. All over the court and wanna mentos in their mortem bawling their plan a routine and they looked completely opposite aren't closely and in going after loose balls and on a train then work on the calendars look they're just flat out opera element out of Austin. Yes seven players on the Celtics last night you saw more than ten minutes in that game. Six of those seven players scored in double figures for the Celtics are for the cavaliers meanwhile they had three players in double figures. A LeBron obviously a 42 love with 22 love brother actually had a good game if you look at the box towards 12 or fifteen Kyle Korver chipped in eleven and and nobody else in double figures so it you're just not getting the same support around their star player like you're getting in Boston in Boston and how. Have a star player on the on the court right now I mean you could say Al Horford but Jalen brown to meet with the star last night he had thirteen the first quarter came out on fire was shooting a loss in the well that's both I'm -- game whining into he scored thirteen points in the first quarter alone. That's anatomy and for a guy who was injured coming up a hamstring injury you're sure you're gonna get out of him when he returned late in the a second round against Philadelphia now he is looks back to normal that's huge for them so Boston is taking control of the series. I aid. Still what to say Cleveland cantor we've seen Cleveland win the supporting cast. Gives LeBron enough helped Cleveland can still play like a team that's the best team in the Eastern Conference they were the favorites. In the series obviously going into the series they were even the favorites after losing game one they were still favored to win the cereal so that has changed obviously now that they followed my. I can't wait you lost last night totally last night was her game to win. Boston and come letting them play that women first prayer. Informed him talk. I work their way back into his game as they're close colleague Glenn. That one goal I mean you out and do what you gotta do live at the local federal court. Big goal came out and they took the game from the cavaliers for the with a game Ned fastened the cavaliers game to win two gold already and win two more MB up 31. And they blew it so it doesn't matter what you do in Cleveland at this point you just Lanny young team Null. That they can take your best torture them out. Bills today and won't you at the end of the game and that's exactly what they did that was all decked your beat Darrell that the show only cavaliers last night. So they've they've obviously made a save in the first two games in Boston will talk more about that series coming up in just a little bit but we are gonna get a break and on the other side we'll talk to Renaldo Wynn former NFL defense and then he'll talk about what's going on the Panthers right now as a well this is general thoughts on some of the offseason moves we've seen in the NFL and the painters outlook in 28 scenes of you right here this is the driver in the midday talk about ortho Carolina. We'll wait a whole minute. At this time and producer Ryan. And her time com national last break we'll get right to it today welcome back to drug in the mid day how about ortho Carolina. I'm just ourselves billion for grows alongside Damien Lewis. And we are welcoming now on to tell the gun guests on Renaldo Wynn former NFL defensive end his own NFL color analyst EST into real citizen console Boswell follow him on Twitter at. Renaldo wind and also you should check out his event this weekend charity event to launch party golf tournament at the peninsula club but in Cornelius. The game plan for life you'd have little holes coach Joseph Gibbs there for his event ever and also looking on out it's a little bit more about that how are you and although. Hey Josh and David alioto a meal. Doing. And we date men it's always the blasts about it to be vertical and not Arab oil. I notice right. There's a high traffic theft auto before we get into talking about half also tell us about TI event you guys are put on this weekend. Yes double part of a great team of course and is also a bit of course coach Joseph Gibbs lead the charge. And not found the game plan let's have an opportunity to be a portable data initiative. In terms of prisoner rehabilitation. And all this. Golf tournaments celebrity's coming into town adult for great call. And it's going to be at a mental from six to not force. My. One in my mid tour than lose votes is coming to speak on our behalf joke Richard dent. Clinton forty sure W birdie there is in us. Those we love it and of course if you want more information you wanna go to dissolve a bit and also supported great call. You can go to web site game plan polite dot com and be able to go ahead and pushed. Sign up for the bad. Go ahead and bought some tickets to go into our community. But we will look for admitted. That amount to come we got a little capacity issue but. We got a few tickets left willow people who come in and purchased tickets and of course they're also donating at the same time. So we're not a what is the goal in the purpose behind the prison minister what are you guys duel with the trails only inside the terminal. Coach is saying you're gore. Yeah and so you know we've we've heard a lot about the the negative things that are going on at two dark Tom of course that helped Carolina candidates today recently. But you know this right here is an opportunity to be able to change a coach all the prisons are just a mainstay. But also guys did now cause we know we're 90% Damian though all the and may it will be released into our communities and so. These steel ministers that we call we want to have an opportunity to be able to equip these guys and he's still ministers to have an opportunity as they are right now as we speak. They will go to a four year seminary and so once they graduate way. They would banned. He could just like a pastor would to be able to build churches from with inside the prisons they're 56 supplement state and North Carolina they did dispatched two by two. I'm old guys will be living with accommodation toward a force that I don't I don't know. One and oh my pastor does when he finishes and all the based he's got to do what he's gotten heavily into a life force. And so that's one of the characteristic of the steel minister program these guys are life first every year there's a new thirty dornin and so. Every dollar is primarily raised there are no state bond no tax dollars. To be able to support of steel minister so we're raising bunch probably in a row boat towards that do we wanna take our communities. Because we want these guys to be fathers husbands. Back in our community contributing cannot. Continued need to to have any victimize users and so this right here's what is a great way to didn't do that and invest into our state. Fantastic event once again that's made Tony first this weekend in Cornelius at the peninsula club a game plan to transform lives and communities Renaldo Wynn joining us on the tactic on gas on Arnold I'll ask you Daniel earlier he was gonna come around to Boyer then leave a little scared is gonna shoot in the high ninety's. Occur. Hey duopoly and got double the 21 but. Guy like me and payment that probably can't play till this gap but want to bet on the twentieth best site for. Play over a golf. But you wanna just come in here loophole which you wanna come and it got to rub elbows with dad like Damien Lewis sent in lose votes in and Steve Smith your team take beer and a purely does. Come on out to open the large event on the twentieth stick denied but. Mean Damien I know I'm not planned Nobel fox. Doumit but I'm not did not vote green. A mostly out there comes CK is about 1030. It is about us you know I'm not somebody about Iran. I would auto let's move on toss a football here so the news today is Charlotte is that Dave tepper has agreed to by the Panthers 2.2 billion with a B dollars that he will purchase the bidders that that should I be finalized in the coming weeks and months as a Charlotte resident right now what is keeping the Panthers in Charlotte which is sounds like tempers going to do what does that mean deal. Well that's always also you can have an owner that. Bullies then in end in the community here and what not to say about that that he argued no the fan base. I mean are you earlier that you cute meeting even but boldly view moving team is is nonsense and so. All the people are not meet in the area. Mob the Panthers RB been. You know being in the a player although attain DOS are root for the guys Leo on the field and and so that is means. Did you have an older than it by then I don't know legitimate worries from but they welcome the Charlotte. And we thank god that he's keeping the bad news here in Charlie. Do you think Williams stand that he wants that do things come like with the Steelers of darling how Charlie how does the lose weight. Do you think got to be a benefit to travelers. Male wolf we know the Steelers meant six super Bozeman. And as an as a player you know. They beat you know we you know we always want a obstacle to the highest bidder but want and we know about the Steelers they always deal. From Bolivian and they these days they keep Dole's guys there and so. You know that the deal would still have been always looking for the half used created signing there'll. About dealing in developing their diet and that's how they've been able to be so successful for a long period of time so. What I can you say it Damian that's great I think for the organization up. To go to an important it's going to be a model hold it all the scouts and front office to be in the final diamonds in the rough like dole came here is sentence. You know indicated all the old different guys over the years when you talk about a steel is there were found no third fourth there. Sixth and seventh rounder so that's great Dijjer. Yeah you gotta do it didn't question us now. Ask Gail got to spend that for because everybody would wanna be the Steelers right I mean we we hear this well telecoms are a background of being a minority owner in Pittsburgh and yes I'm. I'm grain on the surface and wanna have continuity we wanna be just like Pittsburgh but yeah. What is the difference between Pittsburgh and any other franchise and obviously some of had a lot of sustained success. The guy doesn't never had back to back winning seasons what is the difference when you play you've been in the locker rooms you've been a part of organizations. How can you keep that continuity going what are the most important roles in an organization in order to keep that continuity. What they mean it probably controls side as well litigated storage with the front office in the coaching staff working hand in hand and a lot of times. There are not always on the same page you know a lot times you catch. That brought all this that. Like a different world in terms of their. Bulk and what they see you in terms of the direction of the team in talent and then you've got coaches that own a different page from the scouting in the front office so. A big one thing about distillers all the old guys on the plane pay each so you know in terms of those type of defense system that there running. We know that this deal would wanna beef or beef that's an out too hard defense to be able looked. Put together you gotta have the right personnel you gotta have that nose tackle mean that is the system and and we've seen teams try to transition to get treat for you don't always work. Deal and it paid itself amid just knowing the type scheme which you have in their brain and the right players for that particular stain. In there when you look at our own. With drug territory and are his relationship comedy and what's morally and when Roman Verne was care arm all these Gaza into 20/20. Do you see any reason for him regardless of the border change your praying. With that you know with the head of this football team being in place for the next three for the next two or three years. Novelty and it being different I mean like you said Damien mean gold guise of science you know loan term deal flow. I mean you wanna continue to build on the continuity and and and the candidate is if fifa owner. It is not broke don't try to fix it you know immediate indicate you won't add. To what they're already going. And do what they do good continue to do it of course it and so again. You know ownership I mean I don't know what it is to be an older but. It not been around this little unsure you have been in a row some great owners. And so most of the time it's just hard in the best dot for the job and that Dole's got a great job in dispute. It. If you talk about one of the moves the Panthers made recently obviously in the draft going with wide receiver DJ Moore that first it sounds like he was fairly impressive in the first. Rookie camp although I don't put a ton of stock in things like that but I got like DJ Moore what are your opinions on making that move and add. Adding another weapon at receiver as opposed to maybe go somewhere else in the first round. Well it's always great day at a extra. Weapon you know with the we're with Cam Newton in an evident next option on the Internet. That's been Pardo. I think the draw back in terms of you know have an at extra refused they have been some injuries you know to the receiver position. And so DJ Moore who I had an opportunity to cover. When you know I I covered a few great defeat games got merely from the DC area. You know I think he'd be got to have a little bit of height. You know a great athlete. Can make gold horse catches. Big dude from Philadelphia meant so you know he he's got he's got a little bit of swagger and it's a tough this. You know topic you don't be a great addition for the Carolina Panthers and and there are arson or oboe receivers. In watching him play for Merlin last year did you see him coming emerged. As offensively you don't crystal ball team I know he's played for more quarterbacks and nothing mean you know by the way for a a you don't miss or college your money he's found a way to stay consistent did you see that leadership and respect from his teammates. There one thing about golf from numbers seven opportunity covered the games there will you know I mean down always plays with passion. You know plays would excitement. You know loves playing the game altitude before Damon you know. Then you won't guys that love big game I mean a former player which shut Taylor what are your. On the early you've got you know make in net new low point and again and I'm just be getting beat de Mort it's infectious. You know he's don't make big plays but people to be out there it's. And it can be a leader and and you don't beat a great young guy and a great talent for a loan come up big advantage. You know as a former defensive end a guy you know it is not. I'm much older than Julius Peppers peppers is all they're doing his thing how aggressive visit do you look to see him still on the field plan that does that many snaps at end and playing at a high level. This is crumble it would it down like Jews but does that mean like ageless wonder. Why is he did just rob baker. There when you crossed that thirty year mark. They had in Gaza historically you've grandpa. I've they would every take him and I need a little bit of that but I don't retire so. It is they've been at the level he's playing. Cannot say crew goes he'd make it all us old guys may make an out proud of public like that this deal but it would not just be on the field at just the body. But also what you gotta you gotta get any player forward Julius Peppers so it's great to steal steal. Plan at a hot noble. Just amazing to see how productive he's continued to be over the years I don't know what they are going oh I don't know many schools not secure around Wichita and we cannot. Let them get in a volatile so we heard someone else will it. I still feel like I'm not. I know Kevin Carter pretty well assure you guys by crossed paths whistle on the way that he looks like he's still play right now are you due to Damian at you guys you three and Juli is Deborah go a lot of the front four I think you guys you give us a gamer to. We do rebound Toyota to. It. Oh man I would not a we got Alessio thanks again for joining us on the Pentagon gas line and don't forget the game plan to transform lives and communities the launch party is on the twentieth six to 9 PM down there at the peninsula club in Cornelius and the golf tournament may 21 at 9 AM knowledge thank you so much for joining us. I don't make outcome ought to hit a few balls on Monday. Our pursuit to figure. All right that was Renaldo Wynn joining us we got to get a break coming up in an. At eleven and we have Jay bill as ESPN college basketball analysts join us he'll talk to us about the NBA draft lottery last night's from the players he likes. Both at the top of the draft in May do the hornets will be drafting an eleventh as well as he'll start to weigh in on his thoughts. On the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize or to let the states allow legalization of sports betting across the country so that is coming up just a few minutes also we still got to get to laurel or you Annie that's going to be coming up next is well suited right here we're just ourselves stimulus this is Kroger in the mid day powered by ortho Carolina. All right welcome back to grow in the midday tell ordered by ortho Carolina I'm just ourself filling in for drugs only once he's on vacation in Mexico this week we will be back in this chair on Monday I'm all my friends old and Damione Lewis joining me as well. And damion it's. And 55 minutes into the show and it's it's time. It's time to focus a little debate to end all debate so if you knock it on the Internet the last two days I only found out about this last night's might my buddies and me a text and said. I have you guys seen this that this laurel you anything and doesn't look what are you talking about laurel you anything okay as we say since the Philly Q what do you guys here so we did play this audio clip. And and apparently there's a big debate between whether or not this computerized voices saying laurel. Whether or see any we want you to weigh in on the buildings and attacks on 7045709610. Org give us a call if you feel even that strongly about it because reasonable minds that sounds like Janet defer on this and Ryan do we have the audio we have it ready. Yeah he. Laurels. Yeah old. Track laurels. I so so dame what are you hearing here in laurel but guess what Toyota gears are really isn't good in my left ear. Well this is it a nun. Yeah laurel yeah yeah Laura it's yeah glory. Yeah moral. Is moral. Undefeated if you. Don't look on the Internet and anything like that. The most heated debate since. LeBron vs Jordan. Is laurel Burris is he any right now I mean it is like 5050 split would you run you set up on ABC at 5545. In favor of laurel yes 45% of the country is clinically insane. I'm telling you they're playing two different routes. I'm here and be there so you have you said you saw on the news this morning didn't. Say nearly only uses one like straight up. By Guinea. Just like we're going to say in here and so the end you know I didn't car it clear don't ESPN. It's Laura argued here it's laurel. So this play and there's loan now Everett bits are. He probably. Knows is that deliberate I'm trying to hear you any time yeah. We are giving you. So there so there is an. Your video all all. I'll send its it's a U rival player later in the show manual Labor Day military is another bit where a guy eight. Literally changes the pitch the frequency on the word throughout the entire like do an extra thirty seconds he keeps changing the pitch from title whenever when he goes low. Lowe is a really obvious to slow when ego aside it still obvious that floral it's been laurel the whole time so if you guys haven't anyway we were taught and the in the Mac attack. And Good Morning America we any attacks now the buildings are taxed like Good Morning America had it on clearly was the Danny. No hey absolutely not it's not be any someone else says I heard a my phone earlier it was the nanny now on the radio it's laurel. I mean to see this and what makes me nervous is or read a we not hearing what we think we hear on the day to day basis. Out of this horrible as I have. Country here's something else damion it's completely under different. You're not you see your just your conspiracy theorist alumni is setting consider seminarians and well. There's laurel. The decision NE SPN's there was issues going back to like that thing with the dress where it's like a greener ran her balloon were it was it was blue and black or yellow light whoever would sell and actually did go back and forth on I couldn't. I couldn't decide who sometimes I did see Toobin just what it is. 100% laurel mineralized tables about that he's gonna join us on the other side of this on top of the hour break so keep it right here he will join us in just a moment I'm just Parcells he's Damian Lewis this is Grover in the mid day power by ortho Carolina.