Kroeger In The Midday: Nick Carboni Gives Insight On David Tepper Owning The Panthers

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Thursday, May 17th

Josh Parcell and Darin Gantt talk to WCNC Sports Anchor Nick Carboni about what David Tepper will do with the Panthers organazation.


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Powered by ortho Carolina. Otherwise assail ability Eagles have unveiled their commemorative Super Bowl winning ones always that then they've had plenty of time Miller today it's. IG had killed a music right there are no longer really silly mind how long were you sitting on that show actually present on the website serial. So where do not do I will not be pandered to. Hello my departure might take her there. Click on the I love it. Welcome back to drug in the mid antibody ortho Carolina I'm just ourselves follow me at just parcel on Twitter Denham a bad host you are on Twitter that tearing dance and that's what I thought they wanna mess that's an early adopt her I didn't have to go crazy with underscores your numbers or anything like that DUI normally implicitly meek you're probably too old for the and I am instant messenger Arum to give a screen name on AOL and never did AOL never did a oh well I was summer ball five. There's my embarrassing sort for the day yeah summer bola fox tells me tells what fifteen year old Josh thought Yale ladies would like. Making your way messages and all that stuff. We and they got bottom line is gonna join us in just two seconds on the Pentagon guest on the road quake did to set the stage. Before the break we were asking on for your tax most embarrassing sports stories. We've got some good ones already won them and read off right now hopefully nick is listening in middle school. My mom had done laundry and her underwear was stuck inside my breakaway pants. Number the breakaway chance he's aware before basketball games when I'm broken away after warm ups and they broke away also with the where they grainy penny is where they. Something else. That's what I want and also Texan I need any more details now in that text or maybe I don't I don't know so quit on that note let's log onto the Pentagon guess line at WC NCA Internet carbon anybody in my what subject. A man who's never had women's underwear attached to his breakaway pants and a I don't have to. I wonder coming up and put you on the spot before even the real talk I didn't you have to have an embarrassing sports moments in in your lifetime something that's. You never really wanted to bring up until somebody acid on live radio. How long do we I mean no orient and I pull up little bit. Called from the athletic trainer of my out I mean I crashed through wooden wall trying to diaper about the all. I doubt saw my own base which is really difficult to do this and the worst one was probably. I was playing center field and game and mid inning during a pitching change my coach movement at third base. And while playing center field. Wasn't wearing a certain piece of equipment between April 3 base. And it paid or manage other there's a laundry to a threat they're no no punt and a. Terror worst foul ball off the face surf foul ball lost. Base. Slow. Are we talking about pain or pride because I think you know what were the cry for them out Kosher so. Yeah they were all pretty debt that the sound equally painful I didn't expect to be part of that that might be an emotional bank now not that it. Talk about the kind of stopped the world in that deeply. Do you appreciate it growing up whether it's nick thanks. We're listening. Tell us how you really feel neck. Are men so let's look at this a national sport sought care. There is selling the franchise to Dave tepper this week and next week is a big did the NFL league meetings. I mean how this total debt vote to go down is there any kind of hold up on this sailor we pretty much on all systems go. I'll devoted going to be cool and breezy for the lead I mean not only got it exactly that that the other owners wanted. The entire comic guy with a catch a guy with the league connections. And I dying wish and and and how to critical that there be read or Greer how about that they'll say you pointed out that the guy that. He terror really get a lot of their papal. When this idiot come up against so that put the data that we wanted all along. Is that the number Jerry wanted all along no but this need to happen and the weak minded and really probably Jerry mind. By next week and met the back it was gonna happen the only hold up at this point not really all up a bit. They're not Adam and a map but the main heart rodino act the data. Make sure the transaction and it did with the government nap at about thirty days. After the that vote takes place what were called upon to that threat but a deal quote a lot. Meg from what you guys have gathered there they had seen NC what do you. What what kind of reaction have you guys found locally to David tepper from either the the local government owned local business leaders odd to be getting a guy who is a bit of an unknown commodity here in Charlotte until the last couple weeks or month. And and you guys have lived in a burial plot at and people in that area a lot. Outsider that come in and kind of temporary. The Charlotte area be part of a community especially an outsider that buying and a belt team for two billion dollars. And a and a candidate that is ready to import it that bad but all but watt in. So locally and typically it embrace them and and spend a lot of time here whether he moved here permanently or not we know he's gonna get. And I turnout and all of a somewhere that you lived here more than it was in Miami cap don't outlet. They wanna hear that he's gonna keep that in here it that that always the the pride in being the media that people deal. Worried about that but I get that sentiment. I think it's just a little bit of an insecurity and I'm Charlotte part maybe that that he would move but I think we've heard from all the right people B side David pepper that won't. I'm and then the city is you know they're they're the caveat every and the doctor what about we we want to welcome him. I think now while that yesterday but we also are looking forward to speaking within about decrypt it so I think they wanna see him. Put a net you a little bit the first time he he takes a marker on which maybe next Tuesday may be able and a. It and by the way nick welcome to Charlotte you've tapped into our city can insecurity which as much as craft beer green trees. And traffic on I 77 is part of our our coal train lands. I was a little worried out animate bumped off the that but they don't. Boy that's classic bad that is textbook Charlotte right there's a nick. Nick our body the BC SE sports figure joining us on the Telecom gas line just parcel here Darin gantt and but we keep hearing about his ties to the sealer to seal on 5% of the Steelers he obviously part of the NFL's Stanley already. And everyone says all is gonna bring the steeler mentality. To Carolina and I wanna dates supermodels I mean it's it's just we know everybody wants to be the Steelers when it comes to being that consistent winner in the NFL. But it's how realistic is it that he's gonna be able to bring any sort of what happened in pits or what he saw in Pittsburgh into Carolina. Are you of the five per cent owner rights that are dealers that I wouldn't run and show up there. You were friendly with the Rooney it probably gave Ben Roethlisberger a couple of pat on the back before game. But I don't get it you know that this guy's got his own way of doing things you've got to own a lot of these. I think yet maybe he'd he'd take some of those from what he Don Pittsburg. But in terms of football operations he got. In play here right now. For him to either. One wit or grew up. Product on the field that can. Be consistent right now it's never happened then we all know they haven't had back to back winning these and but. Did on the field football product that he walked in new it's barely ideal for somebody that perk of being a franchise that did not. Up franchise that have been disarray on the football field at the moment so. You know I think he expressed similar a lot of these are them some reporter that you know and report but I've been. I'm in terms of free agent B and and contract and bill were I don't know out but it pick bat really well Obama got beat but. Not I think he's gonna put it not been fun. All right shouldn't exist but to go on the can't talk for now let's shift over to the hornets 211 take in the NBA lottery just the other day. Where do you think the morning is going to pick you did they ultimately stay at eleven as their chance that they make a move prior to the draft where they move around that date or maybe acquire any others. Well a bit then you know. Obviously not read anything that Mitch Kupchak. If that at this point in terms of what they're going to do. I thought actually in I don't know the guys who watched jitter or weapons to attack but I thought James pareto that but it ticket I've heard an incoming coach B about. Exactly what you want the Buick with a note why didn't they know edit Taylor. The guys we have here in and Gary got yet I mean he really told us how you want the play how he want the plane now. And that might not be spurs basketball right up the that would in and try to make it pretty darn well. He says they have the people who do that I'm not sure that. True foods with who'd gotten that part I got a man is honest says that the rest of the cut the rest of the press conference. You know gut check basically went up by a reporter at. The parade go press conference. Are you going to blow it up. Typically did but the entire rundown of the calendar Pete and be out even. And said you know become kind of a weak and under threat and then there's free agent and I went through February we trade where we can make trait that not at all many that. We don't have any immediate plan to blow anything. So I think a pretty going to be pretty hard for the team going forward to pull. Keep the players that they were allowed to keep. But also the but he may get but the play out and it simply have a chance to win period and the quite out well. I don't know what they're going to be able that if they wanna do anything without a weapon at I would think if you want to. Start to India planned side and have a culture. That get there year after year and Eastern Conference he got to make them major groups. You've got to do what you can get them back or it. Translators and move on from kemba. I don't and I don't want there every dot I do I guess I'm being in it you're fairly done now I've welcome to Addis. But I I you know all the color ramp from Connecticut on the wartime national champ. And Campbell what part of my my favorite running at a point eleven and I tied it back the Charlotte just because it is kind of indicative of the player and guy he is. And that like at that. Has embraced Charlotte Charlotte embraced him but he spent his formative NBA years I'm very bad team. And now that he'd blocked them and it's ready to go and is chock full of value they're kind of at this crossroad. With the French side. They keep him around here and hopeful re sign. And I hope that he'll be value in signing here through its prime when the team has been shown consistently can make a run. That it's going to be a tough decision that both bill up and makes sooner rather than later. What about Dwight Howard what were you what you think he fits ended James ray goes plans didn't sound like you he was very ambitious about Howard's future in the pro. Stand the chicken burrito very talkative buried deep felt very thorough enough prep opera fit that were. About one topic. Don't like Howard didn't talk a whole lot about how the white my it and it to a map it and say oh we gotta get out of here but that. And he didn't say that you know he he couldn't make some use but my main blood had an incredibly productive here I know people are looking at it. But it didn't affect the bottom line I mean. In the bottom line was pretty darn good last year and they got a lot out of them. Be it incorporate go all that we want to do on or no. But can they move and it is one year point five million dollar contract. For something that they. Value I'm not sure so he might be an X here but there certainly epic debate and move him. And get rid of Sendak contract and kind of open up the floor a little bit they they might ought to do it. Basically pretty well not sure how I was actually in prep and that surprised by the numbers that he put out a and that you know people who knows what you'd think it would be like in second even we haven't seen that permit and allow by. You know what they it's a contract that. It's not ideal but that it one year left without it. This and always a lot more questions than there are answer is when it comes the hornets going forward as far as different. Let it really is and I don't I don't envy anybody over there trying to figure that out how to try to they added it. But also you know think not just for next year but praise for years and at bat. Carbonite WC and C sports anchor you catch him all all the time in a failure on TV every time I turn around you and Chelsea. Yeah we're out we're all over the place that you bring you know can't pervert these boat owner changes that such. That it ever. We'll see you we can do all right. You do a great job man now that's gonna happen villain and the beach a little longer appreciate him in electing its interest guts they would get it and do it. Thanks man appreciate having gone. Our rights and that was there carbonite and now we're gonna get a break come back on the other side we got you to these tax man's some of these stories of these embarrassing sports moments I mean a lot of these have been in middle school which makes sense of that's the most that's when you're the least. Athletically inclined is probably about twelve years old. Right now it seems fair either twelve or like forty you're like are growing in your own body death did it the having given up yet. So DL lot of middle school stories here we're gonna get to those on the other side also one of your esteemed co host on WS NC also between today and on the ground the Jewelers Twitter feed his embarrassing sort of what it's all that on the other side of the break this is Kroger in the mid day car but ortho Carolina. Powered by ortho Carolina. Back in the march Spain studios are still sustain a real estate this is in the mid day car by ortho Carolina I'm just par so he's Darin gantt and everybody show has taken some weird turns already today you don't know labs. That's what happens when when their walks in the studio feel like I just down I descended on the course and we just take it wherever he goes. Direction unless there's nothing that's already well. I'm now. So thanks in carbonite for joining us WC and C sports anchor. Talk and Panthers hornets and weighed in on several if he can't either I'll I was word of putting him on the spot. Asking him what's most embarrassing athletic story and he just. Ran around like 45 in a row a lot of them evolving and getting hit with baseball's. Now so we've where he was extremely athletic as he mentioned a basketball story and a baseball story. So either he was is it trial or you play the athletic. Or clumsy. One or the other. I'm lets you take one guess it was one it was willow and you will have to do more research with our Connecticut bureau and C I'll blowing come up with that. Oh my goodness all right so it back on the abilities and attacks on seven a 45709610. Sexton your embarrassing stories. We have another one at Darren you're gonna like this one. In high school I'd play center field and one time I was picking my nose. In high school. So let's just on death doesn't just putting this dude too addicted two into into a do together. And my nose started bleeding in the trainer had to come out in the middle of the inning and plug my nose of the Tampa on. By the bottom of the inning my nose was still bleeding and I had to go to bat with the tampons sticking out of my nose. That's not a they're they are fundamentally gets it sounds like a fairly Brothers movie that's just. Awful. Things. Aaron and I can I get a thing you have dude just. Leave school moved to a new district change your campaign is over dad's over for you in that town it's I mean it is all going. That's bad your forever code takes away and yet now high school you're never living that down not one day. So. And the Allen Allen might take the case so far on Sunday is still flying in here on the tax on right now. If you want to know mind. Goes into either W at W a frenzy Twitter. Or my own tour I just ourselves. To another video link to mind most embarrassing athletic moment it was a high school. A football game where I was the personal protector I was up man on on punts and solid to guide the fullback basically on punts a very important role. And basically arm planner. Caleb musk the snap me just hit him right in the bread basket he drops its apiece are scrambling around. And eight and comes flying the number one ranked defensive end in this state. The number one shot putter in the state and have planned defensive end at Marshall. A couple years later he tries to tackle the potter he missed as he falls on the ground I. I do. What I'm taught to do was to get on the ground lay on top of them don't let him get back up and chased down are honored and god knows how that would end and instead I get lifted up on to his shoulders carried for a solid fifteen yards on this guy's back glee cameo like a sack of potatoes. Literally a sack of potatoes I'm looking up at the sky I'd I still remember this mentally today as dale looking up in the air and I can't. I don't know sensible way in hell until the coming up there for five minutes and all of a sudden. The world to starts turning upside down and flipping in and and this did flips me over his shoulder and I do a complete. 360 I guess you would call it in the air land only about fifteen yard penalty was the big is game we had the whole game. Proud moment. G a year handled it well I yeah. Athletic club and are being sue blacks to get up and start clapping and point to the flag that was pretty impressive. I mean it's just that I was talking smack after I got thrown around like Iraq. On the other end of it in middle school obviously did Tyler Larson of my middle school football team I was the backup guard sinner who could plug in anywhere and not really talented enough to be valuable but I got into the game on nights. And literally instead of getting bull rushed over I just grabbed again about the front of the shirt and pulled him down what. And so yes they threw a flag only for holding because I held but the flag. Got stuck in my face mask so when I stood up. The flag was like yeah. Hathaway over my face and let the Phantom of the Opera. The only yellow. There's like so talent so may. Yes that one's own. And how long did your football career last I cannot bear much now okay. A lot of these stories or baseball catching in a state playoff game I threw the ball a third. After a strike Al to initiate the around the horn for got a router was on second base. My third baseman wasn't expecting this or oh it would give it to left field in the runners scored from second we lost by one of a lot of baseball stories man it is you gotta get come get some help a man is another one come get some apps frank Garcia. Oh god. Oh boy I want to ask frank about that when he comes in here for the news for the garage door guru handoff here in three hours pocono as we get between now and then. Several more will come back to those in just a few minutes we do wanna get into another story that Darren has been on the forefront of your mind the pivot away from this on the inside. You wanna talk about. Forgiveness in sports and in light of several stories. The second place got take your pick of all the scandals that have gone down across the landscape of sports but obviously one that hits home close to us in Charlotte with Jerry Richardson. Having to sell the team under the circumstances that he did in I guess your question a like you'd you setup before the break tell you when it sees it. Is how would you phrase. Well and we got stuck Damascus last night while we're doing show prep because that's the thing professional radio shows do we talk about things in advance ops and actually got to thinking about it while reading the Sports Illustrated story about the kind. The pitcher from Oregon State who. Had pleaded guilty to child molestation. I'll when he was a teenager came back I'll fulfilled all his probation all that kind of stuff and has continued to pitch an organ state primarily because no way drafted. Last year nobody was gonna take him or. Or heard it put themselves out therefore it and the entire story it was a brilliantly written story by SL price it was beautifully written. As. SL price does. And yeah. It was based on the theme of forgiveness and and what are you willing to forgive me and I just thought it was kind of fascinated am curious how it applies locally because. You know from long time the Jerry Richardson that we. Thought we knew the Jerry Richardson that there were statues of not just outside the stadium but it Watford and other places in billions named after him. Was of the great benefactor was the guy who brought football to our area. You know in in Charlotte has always had that civic insecurity that we joked about with nick and he sort of helped establish Charlotte is a place that wasn't just some locale town around the middle of the south but the Sports Illustrated story about him. I think change that and I'm really curious how people. In other deals they're willing to make with themselves and how they'll remember this guy do you allow yourself to say. Thank you Jerry Richardson for bringing football to Charlotte or does what happened over the last six months cloud. Every bit of legacy demand ever had and are really don't. I mean a different spot than I think a lot of fans because. It's tougher for me to say well OK I enjoy watching this player who's been arrested perform I'm cheering for him anyway. It's and don't. Have as much patience for that is a used to meg when I was a younger person so I don't know if I'm just curious about the bargains people who cup with themselves and whether. They're willing to say and win it'll be time. To be okay with Jerry Richardson B in the got a broad NFL football Charlotte. That's a heck of a tease there and get. Won't talk to talk about it for a the other side it was a very well eloquently put. Well aren't those things that I was the BP at the end short. Yeah now. I was out is that my timer every hair but that's OK good we'll talk about it in that spot and Biddle at the fans it's time men on Utah's below did they get it raises an interesting question of not just with that would Jerry Richardson but across all of sports and athletes who have. Had to resuscitate their image to resuscitate their grim wet wet where do we draw the line what between. Supporting them through through the hard times and and and and giving up forgiveness so how old will we remember Jerry Richardson what are your thoughts on the other side to the right here this is Kroger in the mid day powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome back to hurt in the mid day out by ortho Carolina I'm Josh fire sell filling in for drugs all week long while he tries to survive his vacation in Mexico I'm joined today by daring can't ever got a and daring the special guest on the line there were at. Charlotte legend Jim Selena. She's a sports broadcasting and WFANC. Legend. All of a newspaper described dividends just DDoS. Do you want to just do you just can't shut the hell up and get a size could save your priorities are pretty close he's a man. These two guys are Newbold plus enough. Hey Jerry Lewis told them curious as peace and silver bullets. Third like I. They changed team spirit week Ted Stevens hard to cinema Tuesday. We began really did great did she had rescinded his Super Bowl table. And it is sister. I look exactly like him sorry he's an icon and entertainer and as talk about jokes earnings. I know you know the coach Lloyd Bridges and drive chooses this season perhaps 1080. Water our great American they want doesn't have came into my. This morning radio telling you actually won't need to wake up. Normally go to sleep. He's also currently cracking open a nice cold silver bullet to solve probably maybe having a bullet for you so full of the share important cold one with us. Coors Light negotiations going there green for a segment we like to call and her phone calls we've GM's millennia. My first and does that too much build up for you Jimmy. Yeah Patrick showed up. Sure anybody can live up to that but if anyone can UK and this remember when we miss. A long long time ago the good old days they do is bring evolves. We've heard you heard it though that a ball goes to the bullet holes and that was it out there that record trade. That have been that embarrassing on celebrity golf classic where I was actually one of the celebrities. They are probably hoping they were gonna drawl it's insulating and they got daring camps in the rock Jill Carroll that day and I'm terribly disappointed. It. Yea side there's a huge story victories hill I think you probably wouldn't go that don't and I dad is serious that's too bad but it did. Most people don't believe it is but. I got I was measured in Denver I should do the little big man just. I thought shortest person in every market if it don't. And the members that are very affordable here but we've we've we've got a guy and if he visited Denver Bible. The white boys Robinson as it stupid. So it any measure admit 59 point 78 spinach as well I would go with but to get okay. I'm no I'm nowhere near that anymore bisexual. But. I could don't go oh it didn't friend trader fifty kids that serve record freshmen so here's what's probably needed a break we don't want slip and you know. I can build a golf ball and didn't I almost picked up a tennis ball would only have only golf ball. So I do exactly you would have dumped do you. I was close I was gotten and a basketball was. Elegance cost I was getting close I can grab the rim with two hands I could dug it as well I have done to tennis ball before so that I can check out off. I couldn't grip there I can bracket hang onto the river with one hand but I I'd maybe choose it and you have over the rim that's a ticket to the golf ball. The other thing was. Also put it into bad here. Indian trail. So it took a hole let the seat. That whole war and look at the damn car Britain have a whole war was a peacock get golf quote. In Europe October 22 1983. And haven't worked rant about why it shut 49 our front shut thirty feet on the back. But I had a whole war on thirteen. As sorry seven you're Butler. There. I remember playing with Phil mine too important I mean nobody had this car at all pick it up and resonant moment there right now. There until I was station manager that does kgo. And I doubt in my ass kicked but both of those there in Boca. And I hit hit it unlimited fidelity T. And it feels it so it. They get that they get between weight back that few would bet you better bring your spot wood and also to go to that this steers which were ruled. Just love this willingness by fire here but the damn bit like a baseball bat in the pro cup. Street here. A typical Russian. Over the stadium ditch. Outside Karl loose just worked out all the way to the green associate ball in the cup. I've probably done the same thing. That now how many free drinks did you have to dive for that hole in one gym. The Japanese it is but of course bought. It is like. Sport gate round sake. Old. Serious bit serious. And yeah so anyway but does engage you go to our planes and that was. In wart and I'm gonna look into the kingdom that the whole war and all that. So I'm not well part going to. I'm going to rebel 300 that the personally come bonus actually get to that I had like a 189 average. Or 187. 195 now the second team won 95 out clean. Which means no mrs. Opens don't miss it notes. So they're game. I'd never put step the first seven or eight from the first Ramos. And output step. Number nine. Nine and then went through does this strike and attend. All the certain. Everybody. Gave emotional talks about. What. There was. An issue. Everybody sit down. Just sit down and stop or bought it here with a machines. And up Berry won for the eleventh strikes. So a sudden uptick from twelve. Strike in a row. Sorry now that's okay Jim way and it at that moment. Could you tell I mean was there murmur of people behind you could you tell you had the support of all the people around you while this is happening. Holy stop all everybody. All children especially since he took the polls open looks all I can hear we're the machines. So I regret but like angle but all. And stood up there and I remember. Are we were seeing sector we're gonna put her step yeah. Now. In Cairo might pop shots and it hit game came off the side rails so that wrecked whatever you want call. And to get this but it has still backwards. And that is what really. Embolden and actually in especially yesterday and they're all watching they're all watching news. Bitter and every bowler troll perfect thing. Don't just hit. And sit so what do you sit I was so afraid. You're gonna by now we don't backwards. You know so there because I'm I'm look at him. That certain part right now. Or one of an 83. This a perfect game apart going to a incredible life here sort of emotional bit. You deserve to get emotional Tim they're very few opportunities anybody has in life to do this thing they're choosing to do whether it's athletics or whatever and to do it perfectly. And I especially do it in front of. And 85197310. I've never ever in my life dreamed about bullet 300 game. Let important that it did. So. Did you buy this hockey for everybody afterwards Jim. Oh they don't even hand so our claims do it's it's. I had a bowling the next leap scratch these guys with with Bruce Pollack and stone shall bear. So that it has since passed away in an unbelievable way never vote better owes me so everybody's watching it all he could hear. You know this city here. Ten dropped Bittermann and other drop. While wild had a how did the next series scared to him in the Democrats only. I'll. We bought into the wall in the last few lanes that that 300 came reckon it'll house. And George Pappas our audience but so that it would have a book of the last two lanes up against the wall which is where nobody wants to bowl. But. But that's still low so it didn't matter. I'll of course not no I'd it would every month and lay knew all the rest your frame you've all the rest your life doesn't matter after that him. Now let's hear you you're never gonna top that Justin credible source those is the kind of things I mean. Movies and stories can be made out of that that's incredible. I appreciate on this story Jim we we got to go to break remember we really appreciate call and then. A high technology surgery thanks Sam. All right wow. Alan Dallas somehow intelligent that is a legend. Well makes you wanna go bowl 300 and Claremont makes me wanna go doing anything and do it is well Lewiston supplying it. About time we had had a break we're gonna come back into the seven got Chris it's all coming up at noon. As you talk about the hornets and the rest of the NBA draft. As well maybe this and playoff talk is well some other stories we got a few people who wanna call when I've been told to give us there's an embarrassing sports stores why not too big on my data on a feel good Thursday ticket right here this is Kroger in the mid day car by ortho Carolina. I. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. Am. It was something analyze and still spilled processing logistics placed on our airwaves again and Josh went from. I only about Jim explaining to. So we talked him through here filming what I'm about to get into. I found out and had no idea you. You can hear one of the great stories. And Charlotte's forces that was so it's really loved in supplying him around here they went from time. I'm like a great hole in one story running down. On the fairway he'd taken his heels up buying shot Sasaki for everybody to. I mean brought to genuine tears over a story of a ball in the 300 I mean that was a heck of a story out I laid out for I was. I was not going to interrupt that story and it obviously meant something very much stand down and for somebody who's never topped 150. On the. And Nancy as the pressure I mean being in the middle how. Everybody stopping people in my in the final results that books. I'd I came in and here we're we're gonna lie and I would be the guy though in the twelfth frame. Did you all think one in the gutter and I am 9 AM I don't. After I got here is that you be that guy in the background that would yell like Joseph. Is now Nana and I would just on and I'd get that close and its load this team he's a closer. Then what a source so we had another caller on the line who is a very very special caller who wants to chime in on the conversation we're having earlier today. About what is your most embarrassing story of your athletic career we all have it now we've had several we had a guy who dobbs. Played in the outfield with the Tampa on in his nose. That that I think is the leader in the clubhouse right now in an unarmed atop we had another one though who had breakaway pants where when he broke the pants away his mother's underwear came out so. Then there's a lot of really good ones coming in right now I think we didn't get even better and it's about to get even better because on the line if you remember my show from last fall gods above country the podcast one of our very special guest was among those a man named. Rusty three stacks. And rusty Theresa has a story to tell and he's on the line now Rossi was somebody. Actually it's going on meant that you and I would doubt that we by the. God thank you I appreciate him and I appreciate tinian all the way from Richmond so yes so so now I know you're a long time listener a long time caller as well. And you have it you have a story to tell your most embarrassing. The athletic restore it as early wanted to multiple. But I didn't bear any time that no one in particular series though when I was twelve of the not to brag but pretty deep and wrecked basketball player and played it pretty competitively again. There was one girl in the entirely. And recliner team that they do good. I was guarding her. And she hits me with this like double crossed over. Then and I got let steep angle and I just went sprawling across the floor and she stepped back into the jumper. Looking at me. And I distinctly remember getting up and looking over our bench and making eye contact with it would give it our best players went on to point out that people all. And he's just shake his head and look at me like I am so disappointed in you know I liked it he knew right in that moment my basketball career was ceased. The crowd of laughing clapping I look at my dad might that it correcting. I was probably the war department that was just so it kind of machine probably that he knew. Alan bears violently resist cracking a terrible man and then north part she went on middle school. So I had the girl in school again the next day or Monday whatever was when she did like people look at me like she owned it which sits. Are all so would you rather look up in the crowd and see your dad laughing at you or just head and hands in barest. Lapping it was better. In my that and I fear similar that the tumors so she's. In Ira and he'd probably about going to Ireland going he won in basketball so and needed to be here really people not stroke for the out but it. Yeah referenda are good point though recently. It'd be a really good thing that ballad not during the in Bagram air or I would have been on and might help the highlights spur our dual. Told her old get exposed. By. Oh. Wow all right well Russ your basketball career if it picked up after that you I've seen you not done many in mid range jump shots in your day itself. All right well grocery we got a break I appreciate you calling in and out wool we'll talk disembodied. Damn crowded thank you. Aren't those rusty three sacks on the line up to the best men's running in a few months off on May have to save that story and bring them back Ghana. During the during the ceremony and he's there's probably a high chance of that half she's she's she's. All right so while we got more of that story and as well we'll get back to some real sports such as well coming up the side Chris Pensacola yesterday in college basketball in Russell join us to talk about all things MBA in hornets. To do right here over the cross the top of the hour I'm just par so he's Darren can't this is Kroger in the mid day talk about ortho Carolina.