Kroeger In The Midday: Mushin Muhammad Gives Thoughts On Panthers Offense

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Wednesday, May 16th
Josh Parcell and Damione Lewis talk with former Panther Mushin Muhammad about the Panthers offense and wide receiver corps.

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Powered by ortho Carolina. He can't even find a small percentage of NFL team for fifty million that's ridiculous it's at all. Tell your money and I was fifty million. This vision that David tepper school. Calls for gold and. Midday job by ortho Carolina. I'm John force so he's Damione Lewis got one more hours ago. Given right here until 2 o'clock when Garcia and Bailey will take over for us from to a six. And boy what a show in his daily beginning and a all sorts of topics today than Dynegy builds for joining us a little bit earlier in the show. And on a win as well and now joining us on the to become guest on former Panthers wide receiver. Muhsin Mohammed amiss in how are you buddy. Bob Dole well and I don't see that. This is going to. Forego big girl. No to a group. All right so music and comedy and joining us in the Telecom guests on follow on Twitter rant was Mohammad 87 and as he gets it with you right now but we just have a conversation on the other side of this break out about a story we read yesterday concerning underclassmen going pro in the NFL and those kind of a slow time in the NFL but other is a story about how she essentially a couple of years ago the NFL changed its and its policy on how it degraded underclassmen going to the NFL. Essentially you either get a grade of first and second round. Or come back to school. And what's happened is a lot of guys now are getting that come back to school grade and not coming back to school they're going pro and and last year forty players underclassmen went undrafted what was your situation like when you're in college and you were deciding which it to go pro or not and I may be some experience you've heard of some other players along the way and and what went into their philosophy their thought process. Well I you know. I don't know what they fortunate or unfortunate. But I got an amateur right came back from our senior year because you know we played well you know. Really want these. In her remark there a couple of injuries and Collins but then. You know much New Year's out of backed up and I'll start it was their house group also you know this. I now wasn't in respect our opposition either fortunate or unfortunate but you know op play much here. I graduated or got my degree and you know proud. And and I came back have a great time McCullough my singing here and and operate fourteen years you know out of work in this situation want a little rushed to judgment. For whatever reason. But in apparently the visibility God's got a very you know and I know that there's there's in that position where they're decided hey. You know you know with the money the way it is is now. You know the leaders make him not doing it revenue. And you know. Salary cap then it you know and no 170 range you know if you win out opposite brought welcome back to school later and take advantage or. An opportunity and yeah I mean there is a good problem to have but is it that you do have responded on their respective little ones who have not. Drafted right you know as of yet making that mistake going out there and make him have mistaken and well relinquishing your eligibility go back to school. Today now we're just talking about this like I said before we got you on and it looked so many. These kids now as early as 1516 years old are the through social media and the Internet are being sold. Their future superstars that and it's very hard for a teenager to hear that and to be able to process that and understand though the path that lies ahead for them so when you start that early in the four or five star recruit the odds are still against you'll yet you go to college and you may even have a great college career but three years and if your someone's telling you. You know from an NFL draft advisory board hey you know as you might be a third to a fourth round pick body does he did come to school but you've got family members agent whoever telling you. I'm and you know lead you Eurostar. It's gotta be hard for kids today. To be able audit of to not hear that that really exciting the good the good composite. Inside that India would come back to school I imagine that you've probably seen players who have dealt with that done throughout your career. Mean you know it is to take you found that will live there right now we're what would the social media and you know cute did in all of these you know notoriety. At a very young age. You know well I have been under a microscope on offense and had probably been my gut. Addition call local Olympic facilities that would give a lot of national exposure you know you either deservedly or maybe some not. But you know it's this other stuff Orton got simply put a lot of pressure on and so that the very young agent. And you're right I mean that the definitive let the 1% and got to have an opportunity to play professional levels in the game of musical chairs and there's not enough just thought it got. Usually you think arms are canoe. Where. You know not a mature voted well the problem but you know armed. You know having an opportunity to you know make a type money they're if these guys can make. You know plan export that they love this video obviously used. You know who didn't make it a king's ransom you know our business as a child would be good to started spreading Chal ten. You know build up is there's an objective make it beyond doubt you know. I'll answer questions specifically you know just that. You know the social media and and what they are the impression they're they're putting on these kids are in error and you're right I mean there it is just as hard on there are out there. Do you think is incumbent upon college and pro to the gift. Good information out to these guys. Away from work you know grossed out if you don't want to run us from agents and on this term storage or given Garros they indeed do you think it's about time. I'm good college loans. Are actually social ball wears a gold to the whole process of gore to become burn it didn't get enough to the draft if they don't turn agent. Which an opportunity to comeback to play college football is you don't work up to when he started work. I would like I like the leader of I hate. They're if the gut is clear to the draft. And he doesn't get directed it you know there is career especially over for college you can't go back you know and I am. You know essentially test in the water boo if you haven't accepted compensation and they have been. Palm. Hired an agent and you really relinquish your eligibility of college eligibility epic you've really got the bit harder than their question. You're in a lot of courses about that the business model. All college football right now and of course all of loop the copper suit there. And networks reckon you know millions of dollars and college athletes are not struggling to get meals that are. And make an almost one traditional person who steps you've taken a hard look at our. Not object on the topic that you talk about specifically do lose. You know I've got the ball more junior and he is just the water you want to see what is. You know what his status would be it could if you do address in the antidote to the prospect and go to the umpire. He doesn't address it the other side in a bill concert or or or. Relinquished their. You know that they're they're college status there should be due to go back and I would figure out there yeah you know what these guys should have a chance to go back. Mr. Mohamed former Panthers wide receiver joining us on the job to come guests on Damione Lewis I'm just Marcel and and on the topic of the cantor is a big news this week in any coming down today the official announcement that David tepper will in fact by the Panthers are 2.2 billion with a B keeps saying that billion with a B dollars. The largest transaction in NFL history for a franchise. What are your thoughts about supper and I guess first does start off by saying what do you remember about the Jerry Richardson era while you were a part of the franchise back in the day. Donald we have a problem problem problem in round numbers at the six. I don't out of so hard at all I thought there. Do reduce. What the passionate got Patton about women pet passionate about. The best were players. You know up our group Iguodala. He's a human is not perfect and I think everybody know that by now. Bush outlook greater you know. Everything we do about everything good. Not. Had a relationship with leader dissent. There were all the popular reasons are and I think that most of the things we try to do for the city. Four and a thorough. All rooted and in an unpopular things. They're an epic that would take away is the gotten better by quite a bit. He gambled quite a bit and and won a lot and and and I think they're this city. Com this team organization. All benefited from good vision of a computer Rick descent. And now would they picked up look on the there are big they're similar is there anything good gambler. Because we've gotten there will be any one of these. But but calculated and very Smart guy and and view of the wind right out if you look the way up if you will have on Arctic could be a great fit for the king. What are you saying that the players will miss most about having this rich and around the locker room. You know op. Well we get up for re out of a different type of relationship you know good decay and you know she was employer first you know good people predicted mr. Robertson played in a masterful bogey. And political certainly played and in a title payment. People forget that man that he understood. How players. Thought he understood it he knew what do. You know with important and down I think gotten bit. You know have a somebody like that who understood you edit and also go to account. Right there have been a different way. Into different type owner include more and don't put a little worried. Of you know sort of a back row which would allow got to do their job right. And be responsible for your job and LG Kabul would prevent what are they got will be part of you know Arctic and in his later years he he wasn't around much but you know we remember. Much younger observer to separate out what are so that way. And heaven and come in that you know and it talks between human interest heaven now that statute book other most of all group we will remember. Then he started it in a bill France China and in Carolina are in this city since then did between eating in a book call. This city's air it has exploded with growth. Muhsin Mohammed a former friend is wide receiver joining us on the technique come gas line NBC movie. Onto the field with competitors in a lot of changes in the receiving cores this offseason I'm bringing and Jerry is right obviously drafting DJ Moore in the first round what do you make of the Panthers receiving corps as it stands today yesterday that we had done a conversation about just how the Panthers skill players stacked up in the rest of the NFC south and I was actually surprised when we look took an overview look added that the printers stacked up pretty well how do you feel they're gonna go to the appear this season the receiver position. I'm not that I think the Pentagon's backup quite quite well beyond would be well. You topic would be distributed or who's. You know appears to be very explosive got off you know. If we can't schools. You don't kind of approach in a mono blue over these Smith and Robert is smooth talking about him. During the draft and hey you know they just replace me. You know he's got a little more under the radar. You know. What an great football game. Obvious you don't want that we can do best all the player on a football game. With the addition of Evan and you've got. You know mother's side in the guy like that conscious you know he's a big physical and and and strong guy. These star and a guy like you know fruit raw and these are. Kurdistan do all the speed combination and another got our our. This move under the radar it was the new bird uses. You know can popularity up on later on in the season. He started making lewd it gory. Stepped up big for Cam Newton. Fortunately got injured foot you know you get to near bird back now. You really create a great confidence in the speed. And I think we're. What would work Cam Newton what you do mall with more turner they you know if they're gonna have a very deceptive. And and staff all. You know grid also distressed disputes still at the time and but they do go out and get another tired and I've really liked the you know. An investment and they're running their position and you know what I'm hoping that we have that down in. You know and down out right about right now you know even though we've got you know at their disposal program beckon and Christian camp. No no when you look at or a Smart camera spraying the drink a lot of guys in the locker room in nothing. He's going to be there got to try to shield the board that you get with. With Jonathan Stewart leaving but also. What do you feel like norm is gonna bring different to the socialist and what is being an import term of toys does that leave you with immune Tomasson with a carefree and can't tell me which came out. Fellows different doesn't work can do with this mix. Well outlook they've developed kept main problem is that there's captain not being here that aren't here. In his way into anyone's conversation. And he hasn't been given that brought think he had to begin Merrill will reap the you know adopt the Stuart reading that we can create avoids. And CJ Anderson and it is more insurance plan but I think that. You know camp who got actual and a bit more so. So I think Norv Turner. Not turner got to bring some discipline and how I mean he's gotten very structured very disciplined. And very creative when it comes to taking advantage of would be consistent. He has coax some of them. Some of the greatest players that you know they've played a game. You know actually men and Michael Irvin and you know up to them you know list goes on book. You know we've really been able to design. Saying that take advantage of the personnel that we have. And I think it's alone on a whole Cam Newton accountable to and and I'm not quite sure that Candace says that type both coach and there are they going to be you know to his benefit they have their type of close we're. You know you really start to see some growth in his game. You know beyond what you know is pretty soon notebook do running scholar and they're really physical will take a whole lot. And can't go to one of the longest career. As much as you can go to organization and a lot with an at bat boy. The only way you do that. Is to to really become cerebral it and not think the norm is going to challenge him in ways that he had that the challenge in the past. He is missing Mohamad former Pitt to star wide receiver joining us on the Telecom guests on mystery Alessio me and we really appreciate the time I'm sure he'll Gelman croak soon enough. You've got to go out there. I'm no doubt what you hear official ever really afford to. Get the biggest risk and the first there's been voting. So how how. Not through. A right to Islam is our attitude. Iowa had a break Terry we 45 minutes until the show we come back into the saddle wrapped keep grabbing the show up we gotta talk a little bit. Russia is warriors tonight right there's still a series going on deals. If we didn't know OK we'll talk about that you know you I'll never mind no why you're seeing night. Lawyers are you OK with this growing gang and is that okay. Do you mean he can't hear answers tonight we'll talk a the other semi hi this is go to the mid day I'm just she's Damian this is powered by ortho Carolina. Powered by ortho Carolina. Stood on the buildings and its excellent right now with somebody who is calling. Oh man he's an all this v.s and therefore Genentech. So when you put up business which I'm trying to figure out what he's done a pool here. Call us is Texas and Kansas Texas Washington. I knew what I toll to doing go poke the track turns four to 2018. This year. For the fastest times in the country for the 1020400. It did you tell me how many so what are those Gaza to explain that one of those hundreds you were just on the one of those 100000 is designed to turn around where you are slaughtering at his old seven we got what it takes up rigs internal files from the right there would no win. Learned you have. We are the fortitude to update we got to look three out of there and Houston area. There was Tim yours so that is high school this is it was crazy to me is you tell me 101 high school guys in Texas and Arizona city is what life. Does this bear with me here when I take this storm about to take it but Jesse Owens all right so the world record in 1936 with a ten point 300 meter dash. And I so high school guys now are running faster than what the world record was 5067 years ago so bold the reason I say that is a set up a conversation I've had a four ever with mine. And we with friends and even had on the radio a thing before and talk about just the evolution of athletes. And I believe. Now I just was going in on high school football there's a minute ago but I believe that if you took the under armour all American game the top two points you do is in high school this year are right seniors in high school and line them up gave them whatever sometime to practice whatever so they know that the playbook and everything. And log them obvious in 1965 Green Bay Packers I say the high school to win by four touchdowns. And as good hornets you alone what we're when it wasn't Sammy you know you take those dues in that time there and and just you talk about how much further along the game is today. Did you play a bunch high school and I this image countries since I've seen these high school Americans up close and first odds at. At those games. And practices with the securities and sort of 5230. Pound waters it was I know the size of a left tackle they're in 1965 not to mention their slogan cigarettes on the sideline. Here's. Is there. So you'd think it if the 2018. High school all American team played against the 1965 Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. I say the high school teams at three touchdown favorite. We tell you. Are we are parlor grew. Thank you know Aaron and I am my my dad cannot get through his brain he's he says the player like scuba and old school way. He says the players I don't we're tougher he says they bump the receivers off laws that don't really it is about it. That they would rules were put him on access to my dad said he doesn't play well rolls everywhere with the old rules this little. Roper who are here guys you wouldn't matter Arnold burned it on you got linemen gubernatorial. Thirty pound tackles Tony at the I Versailles the defensive line on the Packers are like 245 pounds a gallon it is going up against Alex whether what is a lot title for Alabama now regularity. I runs a 4840. Guys are murdering your own cigarettes sodium beer drinking guys in the sixties only give. France's that Doug boasts dual Wimbledon have you sin if you take you know all done. Hide the college came armed with that our do nothing to only separation you're airman or older as in high school does this deal level. I feel like these kids are polished at all so literal thing just downright taking each in extortionist and Russia on missile trailer for a might be looked at. All I'm saying is give me a finals resume its give me a five star receiver gimme a five star quarterback out of socal and I I guy run a nine rout. And disasters DBs is I can't say anything and there's no hey guys remaining unchanged. Exactly how. That out before the end this shelve it that's a basketball for a minute we haven't even tossed to the trust on this game so far today that you say and Golden State tonight in game two rockets and warriors. In game one didn't. Did not go away you boys down there in Houston the final score in that game was won 190106. Now tonight we see game to 9 o'clock tip Bob on CNC not a pardon Boehner now book knows the park ball in the hole none Damien I'm looking right here at the line on this game. And you're telling me Houston. Is a two point favorite tonight to beat the Golden State Warriors tell me why should not back a Brinks truck. Truck up on the warriors OK money then invade if they looked anything rightly look. On the night before record this. Desperate you mean as I have in the Houston Zoolander and we know has either the glory of Famer I don't. Thank. Heavens are just as sound. I'm gonna get pay you take. Stinging wit the Marta still you are going to do my very well and I would believe this is where I think. Being that the astute gambler that I am I the I. I see lines like this why is that all is what we are they look weird for a reason and no lawyer in Vegas knows something that we know and and anybody who watched game one would say Golden State is going to roll in this series yet Houston remains a two point favorites or something along the lines is pointing to Houston bouncing back. And at least competing in any in this case according to the line waiting game to. Most people would say just because typically. Do not at all sure that you have said. If you do all these different things can happen on non the last. Score forty message it. Are you are. Hours or forty in all three of the series game one opener and they warn them. So if he goes on scores forty. Bagel out and they put it best foot forward. In this Clinton has this New York is our goal as they took their blow. Took their ball in the end. Secure our Canadian AJ the absolutely slaughtered he used to buy himself. Now if you go it alone but I'm the one he neither of them though from the Dubai himself. Right is there on the overnight. Air and Austria currently have a great get it and I know he's going to be built some bag he wanted to give him looking into so. Otto I don't see you have Barbara I don't see used to mean it cause they don't wanna convince some alternates we all thought that it was karma turn. He is the way they set up in the way they are running gone on record that was gonna catch up with them. Now ordeals because they don't have an altered to sit if they're doing nothing nobody could have been on the court you cannot be Golden State you can operate defense. And at one point one of the selling sounds to me at how. Halftime of the game and it was a believed tied it halftime of game one goal is simple when the third quarter. Yeah it was 5656 at halftime Golden State did not have an offensive rebound in the first half. Meanwhile Houston was way below their average efficiency rating in transition so what would Golden State had done was essentially take away the transition game from Houston forced them to play in the half court burn it and force them to run a lot of isolation dribble heavy sets which plays into the hands of the warriors goals they've finished the game with only two pre offensive rebounds they just they didn't think I. Guys and goblins of the last shot goes up first almost a time just go in when he's not going to end they got guys back on defense to keep Houston from whom are going to honor it is in that transition set and that really really are part of the rockets and other than that. Does it really today what does that say no deaths saying they don't mention they know who then they're gonna dominate the glass from a defense have been at a court. We'll call you sir has nobody in the brain banging for so you can give what your offensive rebounds well cause you know you're gonna hold him a one shot and I don't get a lot of figures on opportunity until you've still only his second shot shot ever to visit you decide to crash the boards coach your better. There also is better than what they put battlin' beavers Baylor report. Yeah and another another big factor that cannot happen in game two for Houston I think this is obvious is Trevor Ariza Canadiens Al trouble. And there you picked up his fifth foul. Two minutes into the third quarter and Ariza if you're watching closely and they gave a reason as the guy who actually started the game now on curry. They put ariz on curry they had hard and on and Iguodala. And Chris Paul was guarding Klay Thompson so they have a lot across bashing going on early in the game and in golds they made a point to attack Ariza did a great job getting him into Al trouble and when a reason whenever the out of the game was when gold as they really made that run the third quarter that separated them in and Houston was never able to fully come back so look this is gonna need all the weapons they can get I would expect to see more of looper sort of mom would say tonight he's morally I defense and guide they need somebody who can who can defend because god knows that it 119 points and Golden State just. And you know you did I know use Eliza running gun and that's where they are the only two Eagles stayed under wraps. That's what they don't do we don't play defense and that's been the issue Amin just sit back from career regular role on the march where one laurels games in a row. You know may grow to murder on the show and I'll simply say there. I don't know they can sustain the pace is gonna common term in a seven game series where you got a dog little things the right way. In gear and are capable I don't think they're capable of doing only they're capable of playing for quarters could be fixed in knocking down threes you don't want these score eighty points and that. That are sure to win in this struggle Robert. Pardon AD and CP forty actually only then. And and to be fair Houston struggled from the outside outside imparted in that game you had Trevor Rees it was one for five PJ Tucker O for two Paul was to a seven. Imam Hussein Anderson combined to go for three said they did not shoot the three well outside of James Harden who was up five denies that they need those other guys and knock down shots goals they did a great job of not fouling James hard and he did get ten free throws is below his season average. I know for a fact that I've talked to people who are close of the goals that organization who said it was a huge huge key for them. To not foul James Hardy and give him points at the line glory days you have to live that the with the fact that he's going to make some tough shots he's going to get into the pain at times. But as long as you can keep him off the foul line you're going to give yourself a good chance to keep Houston under wraps it doesn't it. Bit they're this is what they did and they dominated in the second. This than basketball's second passport. In Golden State owned the second half of the all. The third quarter in the old fourth quarter knew that you just can't win that we are used in you god. Put up the problem try it gives Golden State especially Golden State in the third quarter basketball games with the games they loans is James Worthy the entire. In scored in the third or they lose discordant note the scorn round in the third and you're not doing that is used and you'll have a chance to be Golden State. One at one of the guys I hate most in sports is overreact to game one guy. That happens all times what we see game one more like a bad fit that whoever won game one especially when the home team wins which is dispose happened where we think that the series is a wrap. In this case. How we can argue and say eight big Golden State didn't play midway ought to first turned F right they didn't. They integrated where you know are more or green turns out the gate which I think was told you know. Nobody owning Houston team checked in for right Dave is that there. All the tour be more double technical wanna do a jobs a bone in your star players don't work is the calvary. That's what everybody. There and watch and that's what Marcus Moore is did last night when the JR Smith pushed Al Horford there was that come in here. Did the defense of his guy Houston nobody back hard interest and also say. I didn't kicked out of a guy goes about the draw up boy and Julia doesn't go there was pretty sure but there was. Use it now had. Part is that nobody that bond authority says it did drain money and that is I think goes a little bits. Does that similarly to what is the bully tactic and Steve Kerr talked about this before game one where he said. You know we have rings we have the XP championship experience user doesn't have that they're historic I think Houston was afraid of the mogul but they weren't sure how to react because dream on does what dream on does and comes out and got a mole isn't around really quickly and I think Houston's what you saw was a little some that being a little timid I'm not sure OK do we. Do we do we but how often do we try and and stand sort of tell a damn war. How would they saw was a team that's been there and no and is confident and assertive in Golden State Houston didn't have that and tonight they have a choice they've got to win this game because of course they cannot go to I don't know. So when they win this game is if they shoot forty plus percent from a tree that can't happen let us. Roberts and I can't. Happen to a different egos as big Golden State defeat in that the three point learn better than any other team in the NBA so bold shots all going to be contested there won't be uncontested threes. And that means Portland has the burning energy to create separation in nod there are shots CP has the bird energy to create separation in the I got a three shock caused it will be contested at the three point line tonight just like they were led before last. Castle that other bones and a tremendous game plan what you've seen in both conference final series are two teams that do such a good job of moving without the basketball creating all bosh and it makes it just hard to guard yeah and and what you're seeing on the other side are shooting innocent life and in Houston that are built around one or two guys that are so bald Dominique even people as great as LeBron and James hard and it becomes so much easier to defend and when you get in these conference finals games. That the level of competition is so high the visit algae can be so high at any moment you get to stand still and and kind of relax on the so relax a little bit on the defense and then another and all that much easier for those two teams and it's a reason why it usage to report daily remover big wonderful yeah you're gonna end its average. Never ever seen them be successful in all the best well Hewitt Hewitt Charles Barkley on the same side has Bartley was going in on the rockets built but. During halftime and after that game on that but. It is what got. That is what got Houston this point I mean they they do is not sustainable onerous that we gave serious against the team that can be. Exactly and that's I think. It's something people forget ally is you can run a certain style of play this district is not just the rockets into Iran asylum play that looks a really good against 26 or 27 teams in the league they are but when you find the teams that can match what you do and can do what you do better. In particular match ups can give you trouble in golden state of course is the biggest matchup nightmare in the history of basketball cause they don't person. Hauled in BA didn't go our direct not born. Not one I Brussels earlier and he says when managers of game lesser man okay the news came out of Boston went from the time. I got his quit yeah AMR I mean out of others traded guard KD I want any eBay he is paid Obama is gonna. You go small courtroom but you put a 68 guy on him he's gonna shoot over them. It is minus eleven MI go around and and you put a obviously a smaller guard on grass into every wants so there's really nobody in the league that you can visibly put up against him he may be healthy coli Leonard at even those guys are that you're not you're not shut out. Those Diane he's gonna get. Tony by the thirty points whenever he wants an end Grassley is gonna get easily and that's a slow night for him to let us go 25. A turtle he told us about. You gotta win and you got to win those bright you try and make him racial goal in the flat and we're proud that promises. Get to that and then you gotta keep Chrysler out of prison and lasting error our brother two nights ago Seth Curry used one for five from three. And in the gold sewers Romans thirteen on the road and. You just want her talking tour anywhere in your break is when it comes when it happened so important to see you guys you're gonna get loose he'd talk to install toward gore is doing hello. Blacks can't be peace who wouldn't last Coles and they follow me and Klay Thompson and recorded just drowned in threes left or right they just got too many weapons read you you are a team with a two time MVP and you're telling him in the conference finals is fun and I'm like you it'll happen eventually I don't think you're. Cleveland is like what. No toilet grow. Your head coach in print and a great job adapting their current car is say it he is a mean he did what no breeze and a great. X.s and o.s job at building an offense that has become inaudible might. What he's done such a good job is managing the egos of that team in their stroke and enjoy it on the keeping them and they were not engaged for most of this season but now it seems like they're locked and loaded there underdogs tonight I have a hard time seeing why eagle please and not gonna win do. Make your coach Greg typically you know. Other and take my money tight and I come at a better jungle they oppose legalized Tories and understand I understand I don't know. Also how I got him I well we. Getting a break on this side will do it the other garage door guru handoff with Kyle Bailey in frank Garcia took it right here though we got. One more block to go this is Kroger in the mid day power by ortho Carolina. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. All right wrapping up day Wednesday I'll take in the mid day car by ortho Carolina. Damien Lewis and enjoyment of the last four hours I'm just ourself a new with you again tomorrow we only got tomorrow and Darren can't tomorrow right. Dengue and tomorrow. Joining me for four hours as well so be sure to tune in for that we'll be talking playing warriors rockets into tonight we just broke and down on the last segment. And how much more about the Panthers I'm sure the news will come out more about Dave tell. Or who is in line Dubai and he can't is that the news today it news of the day. In Charlotte 2.2 billion with a B dollars the purchase price or the Pentagon. Or just pay cash cash and drop them back. More than ten there's 2.2 billion. Delivered an abridged. You have how. We bring shorts that were there and I'm going to be one big and even know. To be what does that look like what what would that like if you what is your similar amount towards. Solutions that he might ask if they might call. Will he just mentioned during cancer if you go on daring dance Twitter I think he I don't know London against Apple's control again go. On there on your your own risk he has again at the flaming sports liberal. If you go on his Twitter yesterday from may fifteenth is about halfway through his through his feet he actually shares a picture of I think it's twelve pallets that are filled with money and that's one billion dollars looks like. Wales palates vault pallets are actually 16 August Essex and talent there it is the drop of one billion dollars looks like. My gosh. And must be nice to have you got intersect got out I'll and I'll read tweaked out on my page ad just ourselves you wanna check up that picture of what. One billion dollars and that is the caption is great now imagine 2.2 of these tests does is less than half. Avoid. Didn't ever used to by the vendors that uses a lot of doom that is the same we had a it'll a great Texan in the buildings and attacks on 7045709610. Damion we were having a little discussion briefly in the last segment about. My philosophy that India high schoolers of today high school Americans would be the H. 1965 Green Bay Packers are now 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers that we start to get a little bit more interesting we get closer that's OK if we did they beat the Packers what do you think here. Would it would be under armour all Americans of the freshman all American and college whatever much eighteen year olds. If you line them up against the steel curtain. From 1976. Different story see it that third to get sick in the only. Really I would have caused the game is evolving. As you girls were yes at the C Seattle is thought pattern of remains limits on Joseph greens here. Mean they don't green though I don't even those guys are gonna well polished college football. Where's Brian you know Basilan. When we can you say 6667. There's only game really started to change and evolution of football started so are you are when you look at those guys in the seventies late seventies Dallas Cowboys still curtain. Those additional football seems like. Yeah like I didn't and 8240 niners are white in the floor with Derek nice woman are. Nowhere close nowhere close but does many things these teams. Those visits is easily a war hero to me this excuse me. Usually cirrus and asylum there and drinking beer at an honorable Warner's first no I don't. Street corner Downey regardless of Gatorade with the. All right on the abilities and attacks on old school would beat the kids today hands down because under the old rules receivers and quarterbacks to be too scared to move the ball after a feel I mean that I get that I did look at guys were a whole lot tougher bagged them. Well I notice. If you fingers you know sixties football team verses are today's remarks seemed. There are an armored corrupt there's no need to be a free as a lot of ugliness around a mountain came running with the can't. We don't implement a sprint allscripts in his career. It's going to rip. All right so I'm honestly I had nothing else to talk about today what do we just gonna ask what I would hope it will pore over comparing eras here in 2000 Miami team. Going up against 117 Alabama early you know that not only seventeen but this you know the last 400002001. Murmured yeah. Even though that that greatest triumph through the bristle cone tunes and console ever ever I agree. And so so we're we're we're this little line if it's if it's the Miami team when you win and shot GM Bob and to endorse JS a BQB in Portis and McGahee and I'm. Andre Johnson days you're embryo donor. I'm cannot okay that's my. I think you may hurt into Somalis who asked that he can you guys you so you guys against that's different friends and a jump in here deciding Garcia bad Stacy. All right so let's take it to go to. Don't care who did it. Thousands digits through 2000 soup Miami vs the 0405 USC vs the 20s14. Through seventeen Alabama. We don't care brand. And appreciated. They act I really don't care Brian I think I did I say yeah. What did you appreciate we have for Israel is an ever positions and there are playing a man did US and back to back they didn't. Idols in Miami say bring home I'm hearing that I am crazy I mean all about a break. Break rooms everybody else. Everybody's got a plan to give ponson a map didn't really. There were yours we can here we cannot or not guarantee that we read your mail but no but I just don't eat it. House to issue up now so full. Worst calling college football and I there was nobody going through and I do agree that the withdrawal and how. Parents call you and they sure are. Our team now. I'm in control of millions of us on notice that I already not a football history right now hole yeah this down you another call. That was the worst about the game Ender Denny in the beginning yeah but it was the right. I don't know you that. I had to go on this has always conquer what they label. Chris he was a gamble Chris Gamble interviewed. The president of clinical real close all CNN. I wanna harder college football is to get things somewhere else. We've read in America is still a salty about it on the live McDonnell warned or even let you go. One is better to let the fight joy. If arguably is the greatest teams are never won a championship news the greatest assembly. Of talent. Oh he's out what do I do absolutely I mean that the chairman that USC team that you're talking about the Reggie Bush you wonder what the white. You know though forced him they stigma daily split the national title then it when the and as an adult and you would US USC split national title in 04 and then you know five they want to be Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. So is a daily is one line I didn't. They went back to back and enough to. 2001 of them wasn't easy I was there a guy yet when I guess you're just it and we showed that there. We don't we'll see the ridge books which are dead and high school. I mean it comes we should when he shouted down our 2002001. Universe commercial but we shut down we should I tell you on again we still. I hear you're Kramer oh now he is there was nothing more than Miami quarterback Ken Dorsey Dorsey who but I can. This isn't. I thought. Did this is a nasty that that's about 350. On his golf princess and this is a nasty our defense is my closest. I looked at what's what's the score among them is only thirty wants seventeen turning point 11 we don't read about you know so you know we'll just. And meanwhile state. Lose lose lose they've got to be his coach a our I had what do you. I had him I don't narrower use a 2001 golds the one guy. The warm day this is for that two thirds of what our team is Butch Davis Cotto. That's it it's our business attitudes that you would know that better than me he was a difference maker in college is no doubt about it no doubt you want everywhere anyway until he got cut. Until I went to Cleveland team. So they normally yours includes thirty years old well OK okay. I hear he hired Blake Blake who's got a cable has turned anyone is very reliably give you you know it's always. Daddy and I and elsewhere the year. I can join us so we got to that point right. You've got to hear homer all right guys this is reworked Hulk. Iron renewing the bottom nobody. And there are you know those guys the same day. Whitlock. His old self beach you don't ocean there where we lose any got a phone call so. I got. And on me he got a wire. You isn't isn't moves on to say you don't have to send that would lift it maybe got a phone Korea gets an a plus name your boys are yacht that he had down there. I won't name your boy oh yeah it's 000. Are you out of they were super. They really don't. Wanted us. EA short dead are. This is real is begging for a second this is the garage door. Zero. And I. I should have invested a brother sub a lot of really had Damien go now heading into this W I know how Bailey frank Garcia joining us today and Namibia on fairways and soon is six and boys that go to what do you have on tap for today because there's a lot to talk but obviously the Dave tepper does sales finally goes through not a time to add to it until I get this point even talking about a for a few days but boy it is anything new on the horizon I guess in that situation you guys must. Bush is the man entered into and interviews all they want you Doumit. Yeah I mean that's the thing that everybody wants to know is what type Boehner we've got with David tap turned around in the did the reality is we don't know. Do you even a part of this before where. The management is coming over and taken taken over and and when Georgia frontier no path. Aston they're you know everything kind of went there and a different direction with Arty kind of took over the rams and we see where that organization is that now in a while that in my opinion is due to Karachi and maybe not have the love the frontier and for that team in. Know that the. There's the ties that she had to the city so. There there's a lot of different directions this can go in on just because you come from you know an organization does that mean you're necessarily going to. Going to be that organization in all their philosophies. He's a gambler. He's he's gonna take risks and that's what he's built his billions to keep bets on himself. But they are seeing it again. And then much more that I'm shore as well as the lottery coming up probably as all of it coming soon and also loved laurel. It's more like battling this and it is a no debate I heard looters who brisk north two minutes what you have. Dude you're so my socks 46 moral it was thin. Young young Lee William regularly is crazy you worded different here and did here it was small and smaller LE SP world's. All sorts of front. Well thanks for joining is gone and and amid anti by the Carolina to show boy's side.