Kroeger In The Midday: Kroeger Reacts To Teppers Speech

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Monday, May 21st
Kroeger and Damione Lewis react to the speech David Tepper gave at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Powered by ortho Carolina yeah it. You shoot some new rooms with two pairs of big fish and the first to be voting system. And I got a little sun on my skin. Little tequila in my belly and that's a little bit. Just a little bit to the mid way did you drink the water I did and it was the I think right out of the tap to we have filtered water is there was pretty exe like to live dangerously no we were perfectly fine I'm well rested its. A normal little angry because I wanna. So I wanna set the scene today OK it is middays on FNC we are powered by ortho Carolina Chris Kroger the great Damione Lewis. Don't welcome committee is I come back from a from a nice ten day vacation. Five of which were spent. In beautiful Mexico OK I love Mexico I really do is a country I love it but people are great. I could I could live without typing whether all the time even if it's a little muggy. In the eighties so I need a pop up shower so is back out an hour it was beautiful okay it's so I'm back from vacation but here's what I feel like when I come back. I feel like I'm that parents OK from every stereotypical. Teen angst movie you've ever seen in your life for all of them. I see Telecom that parent that went away for a weekend the long weekend. And I said now kids. Don't do anything crazy long gone be good I know where everything is and how sign oracle everything that I know the house is clean when I'm leaving now and so I expected to look at that same manner when I returned and as I opened the door start to look around in something just feels off. Write something just looks awfully seals off. I know it probably is off you guys to her house party while I was gone and he tried to clean up. What does that straight to your candor in the corner over there. Why why is it a date David tepper left us some money level party I want to fund that book was actually in a different shelf over there what's going on with that why is everything moved while I was gone so I I generally know things were mostly cleaned up when I return. But I get hints okay like get people tweeting me while I'm on vacation crow you won't believe the stuff they're saying in on the radio right now you gotta get back this girl you'll believe what's going on Brian comes into the office this morning says. So I think we need to talk some hornets than as a what are you what happened what do we get it I mean they're not been playing. Reagan has been hired for about a week and a half now. I know they have a lottery on Tuesday and there's an RJ Triana are in a high energy Triana last actually like to wanna talk about data getting injury jade tree on a story. Are coming up in a little bit. I'm Michael what do we need to talk about with the hornets and Ryan Davey and he says. Well Max talking about trading Kemba Walker and a symbol. Again. Like where when how where that comes from what does that report is that a story what do you mean what do you mean he's talking about trading Kimba walker again. And he said finally she's talking about as some would know. No. We need to stop that I dads and I'm not saying it can't happen but that idea right there to me is not a good once I just feel like okay I'm back. We're gonna let some reason and logic and understanding play out today we got a lot to get into was a pretty good sports weekend overall NBA playoffs have been really interesting in the conference finals because none of the games have been any good. I feel like they've been good can I say that can those two things co exist that this has clearly been very important side. But I I kind of enjoy watching great players beat great players and I feel like that's what we've seen here through through the first six games of the conference final so Sorgi little but I say you know. More current down to the wire culture no no no no. No they have not and we've had six games they all largely been blowouts they've had largely been deciding going into the fourth quarter you know and so I wanna talk a little NBA playoffs we got stuff to get into that. I'll we've got to talk about David tepper who. Mom and he gets ready tomorrow to a weight of votes from the rest of the week the owners in the NFL whether he will be officially led into the club that seems like a format. Really cut to Tim says he's like a formality right so we put I'm actually an interesting. Thought experiment I wanna do with David tepper in the Carolina Peters and Jerry Richardson a case it blog postings in December amid the Brinks truck so call come. Guys. No right on the ground we'll pick it up later. OK so did anticipate if there's stuff and week we're just got a lot of fun today in Thompson's gonna join us at 1115. I've got his book write your crummy right now. And it is called the soul of basketball the epic showdown between LeBron Kobe doc and jerk. Did save the NBA I read this on vacation. Took me about two days it's incredible really as it's incredible the quotes this story east. The anecdotes in here on the record from guys like Coby like Mitch Kupchak. Like a duck reverse Paul Pierce. All the power players in the NBA over the last ten to fifteen years it's incredible. And this is what I wanna talk to Ian about I think you publish publish this book a year too early. Because the entire thesis of this book is. What happened to LeBron a decade ago where he felt stuck in the Eastern Conference and that's why I went to Miami. Set up the next ten years in the NBA and yet he's back there again right when he feels like we're watching O'Brien look exasperated. Like he doesn't have enough help. Which I disagree with bottle way but he looks like he's exasperated. He looks tired he looks like he's stock. And what decision is that gonna gonna dictate coming up and a few months when he hits free agency again would he leave Cleveland the second time. And soaked in Thompson he's gonna join us and and our great NBA writer and we're gonna talk to Tyrone Poole former Panthers safety former patriots safety is crystal ball kept coming up with the stocks and Panthers with him that's coming up to 1230 Damione Lewis with a solo show settle for 5709610. Or number to jump in on the phones. And on the building center text line 70457. Ninths extent you can tweet us. On the brownie Jewelers Twitter feed at middays on WFNC. Rally Jewelers recently named one of the top sixty retail jewelry chains in the country. Binational jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. It's rally Jewelers and Braly jeweler stock comp but here's the really interesting thing right like I come back from vacation and a lot of stuff only get to. I lost thoughts they wanna I wanna I wanna get off my chest because I haven't spoke on the radio for ten days. But I also feel like you guys need to fill me in select what I missed for the last week and a half but what's going on around here other than David tepper officially buying the team last Tuesday. It's been a whole lot going. You know we had armed unmanned car sales you know he started this whole trade Kimba walker thing you know we got a whole plan worked out this into. Those of Ron Shelley. The other stories going on a shoo in Miami so our he'd gotten noted ticks through Charlotte will be okay. And that we had a good week so all over although he was relatively quiet like his or any other news story that surfaced last week while I was gone. Obviously the temper thing was the big thing headed officially quitting. Other royal wedding did you guys talk royal wedding loans gone knows who's his government have been okay but when you previewing the royal wedding I don't know no Burnett the US dollars mil. Until Friday Newman's daughters who you can even knows a thing that's what I slept through it but what we knew it was like 25 to 30 in the morning at Bob when you sleep through. I was actually up because I was hit it to go cold so my. Flag footballers Victoria holt foundation. Flag football game. Hole blues foundation and I turned on the TV and every don't go and tell him it was only at the wrong way to know assuming. Urged did you step did you keeping an eye on the radio like on not okay that's cool no. Brush my teeth show you dress in I was at I was look at these as a glance and that was it there was BC we want all the dress up my. A sojourn C while we're on my wife DVR all of it that we got back on Saturday evening and she just spent the entire night just like catching up. On wearing on the free I guess they did like pre game coverage of the wedding and then the wedding itself into the post game coverage they had. Hundred year old syrup the good and Jerry but it is a good experiment right because now we know it's very harsh trusts his guys to put ourselves and our and our wives or girlfriends shoes right like it's hard for us to understand how they feel about. The things that we do Wii Sports we now know right like that's a full on a taste. A lick of how they feel pretty much every Saturday or Sunday to ruffle policies are like two World Cup yes yes they're looking at us like. Really why are you washing before game four hour pregame show oval where for William but for weeks for the NFL like why do you care this much like of course we care honey there's a lot to get to OK there's a lot of implications on this it matters uniforms they're gonna Wear that somehow. How we spin this in our favor. What that when you must do you wash the wedding you Billups and build some equity in the bank there. I didn't do that they'll probably should've done that now in hindsight I made a big mistake I probably should have done that and I've been. Omaha who sit and watched it for you would have just been viewed greater cause you know bosnians you know this is like perfect leverage well here's the thing we've got so much to get into I wanna do this in the opening hour where to go a little NASCAR and Panthers here in the opening hour because of what we get into David tapper now soon to be official owner of the Carolina Panthers. His speech yesterday did you see his speech at Carnegie Mellon I did not okay incredible commencement speech. And it was a little self involved but I actually like to click in almost any of that stuff I don't like when people get really self involved. In speeches for other people like you're trying to empower other people. Pushed those people send them off into the world hey you're college graduate now. Go go take the day seize the day. But I thought the way that he got self involved yesterday it was really interesting and I think if your painter stand. Who's been on offense who's been uneasy about what this next era of cantor football's gonna look like I think you probably able to see that yesterday. Or hear that yesterday and if you haven't you'll do this a little bit when us. And kind of take a sigh of relief and say you know white. Everything might be okay after all an effect it might not only be okay it might be better off. As there chance we might be better off tomorrow. That we were yesterday and so do that we gonna talk about the great racing at Charlotte motor speedway on Saturday night we do all that next Damione Lewis Chris Crowe which middays on a frenzy were powered by ortho Carolina. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. Peaches and herb. This is gonna sensual though I was feeling this is almost. It's too much to go peaches and herb reunited for me and Damione Lewis today we're making dollars and UN is in the last spring that is true that is there Richard Dana Lewis is with us on a Monday Kroger is back from vacation you guys can jump in 704570. 916 and Ian Thompson in an hour little less 1115 a Jonas and die he's the author is new book the soul basketball already on vacation it's incredible and we'll talk NBA playoffs women general stated the NBA I want to ask Ian Thompson his question as it pertains to LeBron and I wanna get into this coming up in it in the 11 o'clock hour to. Does the outcome of these conference finals or LeBron gets to the NBA finals. Will dictate one way or the other what he's decision is going to be or is he simply going to make his decision. Brings it seems like even so here's the thing I can say the cavs somehow do the unthinkable to come back from an 02 older now down to one say they come back and when the series then go to the final somehow win the NBA finals sent all seems very unlikely but a played out for second CNN happens. If he wins another championship a second in three years. We lease or will make it easier or harder for him to leave we look at and seen what guys like 82 titles this what more could you ask for me or would you look at and say you know what maybe I can keep winning here. Even though it's been a little messy easily even though it's been an exhausting at times audio likely the most equity. I do wonder that question I wonder daddy is gonna join us and he talks to so many people in this book and will would do that 1115 Tyrone Poole former cantor safety. At 1230 so somebody writes in building center text line 7045709610. Okay he says wow Damien. NASCAR talk. Your fans and export your audience thank you I've talked NASCAR with talk Claudia NASCAR on this show okay. Other problems with NASCAR is so often I heard Doug rice talk about this today he said it's exhausting. To come on the radio and feel like you always need to apologize to your sport. And that is unfortunate because if you still if you're somebody in NASCAR that always is the starting point Writely can always get on the radio. Or on TV and you're trying to explain why things are the way they are. Why people aren't maybe it as injure stating your sport is they were before Hawaii this sport is as compelling as it once was. And so. Source to complicate the whole point system in the racing his is like bill first second and third to home. Omen or you're racing fan in general or you're racing fan I would be more racing fans we give them to the nitty gritty enable collaboration sure I'm. Our kids sit up six hours. At the house barbecue. And lawn know what else why it's all right Smith. He you'll at all a time to be put that Cologne on that meat is to get their merit or money you know what I don't watch NASCAR I wasn't in the about the NASCAR race in the pit. I would be all the end desks like the former sport knows I'm. All right it's usually it is amazing outside of that I guess yes it. Looks now it. The thing about that issue get such an appreciation especially in today's stage for the type of athletes those those pit crew members are there. You see it all the data that's in front of those guys piece did you see all a lot of the theaters flesh and say a lot hateful painters players DeVon punch is his birthday today. I he was at the happy birthday fund fund he was at the track Saturday which withdrew Christian McCaffery. I think Taylor tiny key was there. I jury is right I believe was there as well six jury Panthers players are there or Austin Dillon of course Austin won the 600 last year and Austin Austin when the 500 Austin's a big painter stand there so they actually did the driver intro and Austin Austin came after the all star race. Can you would never seen. Those guys have more fun like I'm being serious thing I've never seen those guys that ecstatic guidelines don't like they were coming after those intra DeVon consciousness like a pig in slop yesterday I am and you look here's some fun here and it's homophobic you can't help but go down there can be blown away because in my. We've argued about this would Omar before. Omar so entrenched on the idea that these guys own at least there what they do isn't all that horror and and that each is kind of it runs itself and I think when you get down in there and you get the pits and you get so close to it. You realized. These guys are truly taking their lives into their own hands in your own freaking insure that track right in their moving so fast in her so much going on and it's a calculated yes every into scaffolding so there have value. The trailer tires how to speed increases after you put new birds are Newser retirement how to speed increases rail up to a three and you can keep track all I mean is this a lol that's out of it but you don't get that on TV star and now to get that sit in the stands either. What Nolan and it's also kind of the feel I think hockey's another sport that way were in till you get into an arena. Especially the NHL level when you watch a hockey game you have and you don't have the amount of respect you need to have for how quick those guys are moving how hoard their meeting. They're hurting every bit as hard as you guys do what they're doing it on skates and often times it's slow speed and often times sometimes what we're going back courts here. Like he is crazy what I want meanwhile while Liu Eddie he rubberized puck coming that you had what nearly triple digits miles per hour yes. Yes so that's Fortis crazy only about. And cause chaos and that's they're doing it on cyanide so when I get down there in the arena and they're like oh okay this sports a lot different than it is on T what is the same thing and harming US football on TV you Kara appreciate all the movement or jeopardy or dummy I've never been on the sidelines for an NFL game for live action. An effort everybody's sale if you've never been. When I during kiwi it's hard to do that in the NFL you and they will not allow a lot of people live action during a game on this LaSalle. Miles an hour and that's what people said immediately after he never coming on you've never covered again like in the last two minutes. Listeners all that press on the field flies off I never done that but even beyond that like I've heard people say just during the regular course of the game so trash. And the violence under us and you're you're you're either guy you get you to towed you to grow our. You her own cause you think everything is totally correct yes yup it's clearly the ground which is not moving anywhere so here's my question okay because we've done this ship we did show heck almost a week ago before I left on vacation with the news that NASCAR was up for sale potentially. What were saying what are the things that needs to change in NASCAR. I too to keep making this more viable. Moving forward and I'm not interested necessarily in doing that show again today. But did we get the answer on Saturday night because the all star race was incredible. It was really incredible racing it was compelling. It was interesting and there are going to be some people were still ultimately cynical and say we know Kevin Harvick won again what different cinematic. You know what I think that's the most interesting point because the guy who's been the best driver all year long. In the best car all year long with the best team all year long and the best engine arguably all yearlong. When they mixed up the aero package is something we've never seen it a mile and a half oval before in a NASCAR race. Still found a way to get to the winner's circle so you add all this compelling racing and guess what at the end of the day who was left at the at the front of the pack the best driver in NASCAR this year and I think we got the answer to oral question on Saturday night what needs to change when NASCAR embracing just needs to be more consistent and more competitive. In more throwing for the course of two to three hours and that's exactly what we got on Saturday night. Your urges earning your your job well put on a sober how. How do you get that in charge of that and Obama that's a good week after week to week because. Coming next week you were America the same also think about it well and here's the interesting toward Damien in this is writing the decision on what we're gonna see when NASCAR is gonna come. This Sunday I really believe that I think moving forward. A major decision for NASCAR's gonna be made this Sunday and I'm gonna fall well and I'll tell you why withstood that when we come back chase wants to jumping if you guys to talk NASCAR what does he do that we got to get to this David tepper audio which is you just listen to a during the break its powerful stuff this is powerful stuff subordinates that some NASCAR talk as well it's middays on FNC Kroger Damione Lewis overpowered by ortho Carolina. Would you check in the first tornado first domain was everything you can get them anything that's what what you get him until the last month on the list is the last car. No she won't get an offensive line. It is middays on their fancy Ian Thompson and about 45 minutes of talk NBA playoffs we'll talk his new book. We'll talk courted swimming is one of the best basketball writers out there is new book is also my writer on vacation you should read into it is if you care at all about where the NBA is banned. History MBA and then toward the league flies. You know and then rule late nineties early two thousands after Michael Jordan and then where it now we use of words going you need to read this. Also talked to Ian he's gonna join us at 1115. Former panther Tyrone pulled what twelfth funny thirty that's Damione Lewis Chris Kroger you guys can tweet us at. Middays on WS NC brownie Jewelers Twitter if you don't forget. Race to the chase five K is coming up June 9 and is gonna be a lot of fun always in uptown Charlotte so I weep we do go to the race you know the great street vendors that are out there all Saturday as well also login details for that and WFANC dot com. Under events and you can also go there to register for the seventeenth annual 24 hours a bu T it's coming up July 26. And 27 to Myers park and is a great cause and something that's become a really awesome tradition at Charlotte submit details for that it WFAN seat. Dot com as well when you click on a bad so I want to I wanna talk about some really quick OK because you were saying. That NASCAR's gonna figure out some things right they've got to figure out some things moving forward our. How do you make the racing more compelling what the aero package that they used on Saturday night with a larger spoiler and restrictor plate which is never been done. At a mile and a half speedway like Charlotte before people were very uneasy about the idea. Of what that would look like well guess what he delivered competitive racing it delivered the type of racing you see at super speedway race. Two trains of course essentially running mostly most of the way through the track you guys running on the upper lane you guys running lower try to make passes wherever they could you have teams are working together. At times going three and four wide at Charlotte. But that's incredible and that's a never happens I think the numbers on this were. Gosh correct me if I'm wrong I think the numbers on this word. Eighteen lead chick sixteen lead changes through the start finish line. So when you calculate just buy from one lap starts to when it ends. Throughout that lead debt that lap sixteen lead changes but but throughout the course of the track through all the stages on Saturday night. 38 lead changes. That's incredible racing that's compelling racing that's competitive racing and you kept seemed like guys. Try to make debt pushing you'd see guys work together you take a mania he's gonna get him he's gonna get Kevin Harvick got final stays put Harvick even after the restart was really competitive racing. And ultimately carbon just had the best car amassed a dumb question. Okay how many amount. Holes is the are almost or. Also oracle I don't know how many I don't know how many miles it was exactly all I'll plead ignorance that 234. It was four stages though so they did three stages and an aide to the fourth and final stage winner take call. So you would always reset the field based off whenever the finishing grew employees from earth in the previous state she got to the fourth and final stage that was set up through. Through staged three and and here's the other interesting thing right like. The speeds. Much slower there's no arguing that like you can run really fast to Charlotte in certain conditions okay. Or I think they're the practice times they are on average like sixteen miles per hour slower. Then they were with the old package at Charlotte that's considerably slower now Lindsay will ridiculously slow paced. When he delivered better racing so sure the guys went slower we always want a single faster NASCAR sometimes going faster doesn't give you better racing. You got better racing because they slow down the cars they took the horse power out of the car that's with the restrict or clay does with zero flow packaged and so. My thing is with this moving forward Sunday they're not going to run this package it to 600 by the law of the a and other NASCAR charter you can't do it. You've got to have like a seventh month month lead time. To bring changes he'd say hey guys go to all the teams hey here's what we're doing to prepare. You can do it so you don't you're not even be able to do would this year be next year if they do Internet and appoints track a points race for any other track. So to see it very starkly we will how this is the unique thing you'll have a NASCAR the all star race in Charlotte at Charlotte motor speedway. With the package that we saw delivered great racing on Saturday a week later at the same track. Different package you'll be able to see very distinctly black and white. My draw off good or bad what the racing is gonna look like with Google package and if it looks as bad as we think it could. And I say bad it's gonna be bad because it might not be as competitive it was as it was on Saturday I think NASCAR. Has no choice but to look at and see to faint reaction on Saturday night see the way the racing looked on the track and say guys. Here's our change and I don't think you can do this and every track by the way we you've got to start introducing. Unique aero packages that are outside the box. A different tracks to dictate better racing I think. Got a free if you go to school memo making more competitiveness and their way is there's gotta go to weight. You know when you look at NASCAR and if you followed it over the years you know every year are Estrada in these watched some sort ratio to keep on those in his summer out we'll cause I just love the pit crew Sodom. But is just sold more it's a grass when you at all. Sonoma couch watching TV but I think Stillwater rebel. That's the probably right on that Damian and even to the average fan I think they don't care about did I only hear about aero packages I only hear about making a spoiler larger I don't hear about that can be better racing and cause that's the bottom. Are right in so simply everything that happened on Saturday NASCAR can champion everything they did from a restrictive plate standpoint in the air flow standpoint all that stuff. It's irrelevant what's relevant is the better racing par so keep delivering better racing going going into your whatever engineering labs you need to go into a a regular basis N'sync guys or. Article engineering. Whatever you all the guys in a lab coats whatever you need to do deliver better racing on a consistent stay on a consistent basis and I promise you I promise you. These fans will return maybe not to the same level they did twenty years ago but the fans will come back to your sport in this sport will be relevant and people will be talking about. He's guess what that's what. And is there any other sport you got a firm weighs a caption young artists and audiences if you've got young people watching in your sport is going to be awfully. If you don't get it won't ask what happens in football as what happens in basketball that's what happens all these races fortunately I'm young. Audience that they grab at a very young age and they absolutely don't sport any once in my life of many key at the lows in this school. Watched it on posted a Mormon religious Obama not affect our Jenny remember to keep his name because that's what we told him that you thought something was wrong way to realize. I'm absolutely dealers are really durable rewarded you don't put at the end of the day his nickname is NASCAR and this is made today. I'm not kidding about this though David I we I got home Saturday evening rights of the time I got back on the couch unpacked my luggage and like I just wanna sit here and flip back and forth between Eastern Conference finals. Any all star race. And I tell you what midway through the second quarter mile and what ended up happening I quit flipping back to TE SPN. I quit flipping back to the Eastern Conference finals a part of that is. They didn't have a compelling game other organ but NASCAR delivered a compelling product that I could not slip away from that's ultimately they're goal. Attract eyeballs in key Bible heart. If you are but because you're a basketball or what kind of Steve it's all right as I notice saying something I. Is that what the his name is that Saturday night I anyone to slip back to the Eastern Conference finals because that was so enthralled but what was going on at the track is Charlotte motor speedway so you must consider Augusta drank some of that water always find always a full capacity umpires. The bottle of tequila. Homes are. Probably should last a remote. That's about it Jason really quick chases a first he's an economic chase was a male he won six. I guess I need to do is. Good arm. I'm just gonna say I think 2019. Really going to be defining year there's really. Tutor action leaking oil and I think I love though we saw on Saturday night. Do you think did a plane should be complete you know I don't think the restrictor plate should be included. There is more than other bigger restrictor plate we had to air that's still where the big spoiler. I would think that. If you noticed the drivers were able to just hold it wide open just wide open the whole time. And Daniel soiree it's. He really he he generally get caught up in that final stage you really just didn't have the help. Can actually go debris could Jimmie Johnson and went ahead in the relied and that and that really get. It is kill all the all that momentum and to me. Either you are wrong time rates and I Ando I really wanna I'd really. I would really wanted to use that to really get an introductory to collect what we can't beat. But should put it more and don't pretend to be great and I think. And thing we should do is take those you know I mean different. What other more court I think could make a big different. Would be. You are not but I security chase I appreciate Kona I think you're on to something that we are just talking about though which is there's a different I'm not gear and so I don't I don't know didn't the intricacies of some of the stuff. But there's a difference between speed and power yeses are two different things okay. And so often I think we confusion or sings with racing and NASCAR. They throttle down the speed on Saturday night. But it'll allow for more power those guys are running wide open on the throttle like he was talking about in so you just saw guys going full bore after each other like ducks. That's what racing should be. Get a different you yard guys used to bruins' 1617. Miles an hour faster or any given Sunday on a trek up you brain dead and almost twenty miles an hour. That's a huge speed lovers Mansour now you get a little bit. Boulder because you feel like you got things under control in there are you able to you know you don't think it is corn really go because you feel like you have a lead as natural that you would have that embrace but jobless speak like that. Now is that or is that this is going to be consistent. If they do would you go into winning nineteen once drivers he's used to go on 1617 miles an hour who's sitting they're gonna give back yes in a conservative. Reverse and it doesn't think that's the problem to Damian like you don't want to say every track a genuine like did I think it's Dale Junior was tweet about this on Saturday night saying hey this is great. May be when we try to introduce this at Charlotte for points race next year. Indianapolis is another speedway he thought it would be good bad and I think that's like you can't go full board the other way and drive. Let's just do this and every mile and a half Opel and that's part of the problem NASCAR is people feel like there's a lot of cookie cutter tracks I get it. If there probably are who are you just can't run the same barrel packages and every track other continued this embracing it almost tracker I don't mean so like you've got to flying to. Whatever that balance is going to be all I know is the only man equipped to talk about all this on our airwaves is the great he won the only NASCAR George I George. Pay close it's about time you come over to the real sport. And I don't lash out but it was one what don't show. Don't and I am outraged that senate Connolly at. Don't I don't want the car you know the second apple boot parents pick up data that they got out of politics and so I must have been an Emmy and now. But it out but I think it kind of bend but don't start except Betty I want to what what it would land in particular document. Yeah. It was an at all other than that we can't. Totally blow up built at the core element about. Back to Charlotte concorde lounge. Just did this say about bent on that electorate got back to walk a bit to what sparked the right to state sort of I don't want people baker did after it collapsed on how about what happened I don't. I have created a lot about what happened. A little bit about the expression the what you get or what can stop it right breaststroke. We don't buy that stock Obama can't passport. Lou if they cut accountable to the commercial that it's too. And I cannot and can sequester coming up its canopy wake up at pocono and excited about it content and I can't edit content. Japan about content don't let till about how if they've practiced this so I missed its. Intended targets but today. But that's not so I don't expect I got to wake it up a bit more I have spent a couple of cabinet that one can't look at. When everything George he's winning everything right now. Right here. I decided. That the governor would put up photos just toward Austin and took a step Patrick wanted to work on apple and I don't punitive. What I can't accept it whether chicken out and out on what kind of an account won't be at 10 o'clock and I don't have to let a couple of bad. Or that the practice you know I don't know. It. You drop George doesn't go. Get started and others that wasn't they have got ready for new jet car gets lonely and Texas Sharma legend right now on. And now I don't know. Our Edwards you're up next our. Get away. You've never heard Jerry Richardson never speak I truly believe this will get to that audio it's after this it's been days and if Lindsay were powered by ortho Carolina. Powered by ortho Carolina. Green light flashes of the flags go up. Churning and burning that your involvement may. Folks are not happy with Brian for dumping out a NASCAR George my guess it was a nice my guys similar you OK DJ says thumb. You do not seen around NASCAR George never never ever what are you thinking. If you got a lot of nerves on. And what were you thinking because that is alleged. That is now and that is these NASCAR George he is known nationally and radio he'll call into national radio shows depth and people know a NASCAR George and go zero dragster out to kill. Don't producers go to your career and we're always doubted that I. Dial that didn't happen at an afternoon we don't put that on Georgia when it happened. Casey was texting in building center text line 70457. And I'd sixties is Crozier you lied to 1985 I. I think it's. Along rightly could be causing he'd just go along with the I was awarded the dynamic whatever frame of mind he's and you just you go along with it but in my direct and l.'s tweeting into leases Kroger talking aero packages. So the NBA draft in the NFL training camp can't come soon enough gas that short hook. At that point in the year we're gonna talk a little racing and racing was compelling on Saturday so NASCAR look we spent a lot of time. Banging on NASCAR. Chicken on. While they're down talk about what's wrong with their sport they got to write for a night on Saturday scenario right night now to go is a chemical we are we finally get an hour. Yes many American to a wonder if you can you replicate that's going to be mentally NASCAR we get to this David tepper audio and a second first Edwards got the last word talk a little NASCAR. Damione Lewis Chris program middays Edward was suddenly a what you wanna say. Our man. We're almost there probably set back in the 1967. They're true and they want to always physical world whoever thought but. You could go into their dealership the very and thereby a war. Preparation quote credible. Today iteration special platform were patient there. Sort Kyle Busch who are purple and red. If you go to the Toyota dealer say you're not what they're care authority got an export a lot of fan identification. We'd be proud of beer and able bought by true if you are truly don't choke like go. Yeah no no doubt mean that was the old adage right you went on Sunday by a Monday but you know here's the things that have those days are coming back. I think it was Harvick over the weekend that said after the race. He compared to what what the racing was Saturday night to eagle iiroc series riddled our series when they get out there and they Grayson like trains AMs. Everybody would have identical trans ams and be out there but it was all these drivers from all these different series legit like top flight drivers. In on what this is pretty cool on a random Saturday afternoon I'm watching all these guys go around the track and it was competitive racing but they were given the same cars with the same stipulations. Let's see if you can drive here's better than the other guy right let's see if you can figure out something different than any other teams this race does racing and that is race. And so like doing just that element is different now where. If you've been around the sport for literally 304050 years you're used to the idea back in the day of NASCAR being something of hey just go build of a fast car right and you don't include. MB ERC give the illusion that anybody can do. But diabetes you'll have that illusion and more like you know if you don't have money if you don't have multiple. A little support in our sponsorship behind you there's no way you can go out and have a competitive chance. All that's right I mean we see it all the time when you are look at the smaller resuming guys who. Head down you know supporting him back no doubt that cars are in town stress in Gaza that they're independent race but didn't. That is Larry just like in another sport would you allow like baseball teams do engineered different baseball bat. Join me like if you aren't beaten old because equipment is what makes like that's the that's what makes it what it is just part of the sports show like I understand why NASCAR moved in a direction where they tried to make things uniform to a certain excellence. Almost argues impede these are the sports yeah. It was good to this David tepper audio you are you unaware of this commencement speech. From soon to be Panthers owner David tepper according email a Carnegie Mellon I should say. Mac informed me this morning it's Carnegie Mellon got to make sure I get this right at Carnegie Mellon Carnegie no Carnegie Mellon okay where he got his grad his graduate degree. He went to undergrad at Pitt. Which is in Pittsburgh as his Carnegie Mellon and so. As a kid that grew up in that area. To go to those two schools and then to be invited back. To come and beat a commencement speaker I'm sure that was pretty I'm pretty emotional weren't pretty incredible pretty moving for Indiana hackable week last week. 2.2 billion dollars in cash for the Carolina Panthers made the market move yes and then all of a sudden I hate you wanna come back and give the commencement speech sure why not so David tepper. Had some some pretty impressive moments overall I think it was 125 minute commencement speech commencement address that he issued yesterday. And there are some really key rate in the Cayman on this like she got really real. About his upbringing her and why he is who we is how he's wired in we've read some of the stuff anecdotally. Dating all the way back to that. That New York magazine profile in 2010 and we've we kind of got a loose grip on who we think David tepper is. We start with a tribe we have here is we've got different sound bites from David tapper what you what you wanna start with you will be fun to be most interest and. I feel like and that then this disorder one of the stories that like you always hear but the from commencement speech is but it's pretty neat to hear this it's he talks about his first job and going from from this to an assault on our depth of the split I thought this topic for. My first job application was at McDonald's. I got turned down. I did. I think it was because I had an oversized Afro you need to. He takes office had ordered all your problem today. And prizes you know I have and have brought one boy throw did you really values that we talked about this I've got to find particularly he always seems that Cruz the we have seen African I don't know I think I've. Destroyed most of those pictures yeah. I think when I was like yeah I surpassed than I would do that was its freshman or sophomore year highs collide I don't quite poised for rim get really curly Larry and I. Austria I'm never since I was little but I gotta love to see what I want is there could never run before. It just wouldn't do it no I always love you could tell Frey broke you looking I think you would look now bro now don't we won't find out all right earlier do you have. What else we have a second but what else we got here from the from the big man I thought this is pretty good him talked him out just kind of his journey as well comic continuation of the last the last clout. I've had an incredible life from humble beginnings. I've raised three great kids. Have a woman I love. I've had a successful business career and a credible Philanthropic endeavors. And now you speak it you. That's and do we need doctorate and I am on the verge of being named an NFL owner. Not bad. AF not a lawyer whose life is good for David tepper right now I thought for new work I thought there were a couple of things there were really interest seeing right like one of them that. He really hit on ways. And we didn't notice about him I guess his father. He was very proud of his upbringing and his dad having to work. Sixty hours a week to make ends meet working very hard to provide for his family but he also went on and kind of told a different story later on in the speech. Despite these good things about my dad. He had a bad site to. He was physically abusive to me. I'm sure it was a cycle. That he got from his father. And his father got from his father. In my young life. There was nothing more terrifying. There is no greater adversity. But I pray to god. That I would never be the same to my children. If I'm proud to say. It won a US a greatest accomplishment in my life. Broke that cycle. That's pretty powerful Sam was due that was the tear Jerker like that was the won't Wear your like if you're not a fan of the sky after after hearing that so that was the one you did if we don't have a poll asked what the human level that so what do we Raphael this sound bite has him talking about buying the team this week. We have that sound byte where he spoke he got very choked up in a different way but he got very emotional talking about I think this is that it last week probably. The kids in the streets of Pittsburgh. Who had to work his way through college of pit. And grabbed what sleep CM you just got an honorary doctor and is giving commencement speech at this university. A kid. Who could afford to go to an NFL game. He knew. I kid you. I said cook couldn't sorry about death and jet who corner four to go to an unsalted. Until well what's his twenties. Is on the verge of getting the NFL's approval to by the Carolina Panthers. Not too shabby not to shabby hole I'm quick idea would come back we'll get into some of the steamy Louis Chris Kroger it's middays on SNC were powered by ortho Carolina.