Kroeger In the Midday: Joe Banner Give Insight Into Ownership Changes

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Thursday, May 17th

Josh Parcell and Darin Gantt talk with former chief executive officer of the Cleveland Browns Joe Banner about what to expect when going through an ownership change.


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Powered by ortho Carolina. For like two years my driver's side window wouldn't roll class golf Fisher rolled down five goals and counted so liberating now gone through a drive through window and not have an open the door and hang your head out for like two years I did then you're hanging out to you today I came into the game here tonight last week when I came in five. Had and I opened the door hung my manager out to get in the gates in this week I rolled the window down mostly while this is how the other half lives. And maybe a jinx myself on the car. He has sounds like that hasn't ended well for him. It's features on the card in there and dance on the line between him and there again. One time I had a buddy. Do we we love to play practical jokes on him. And get a new car and they've really loved and one of our friends took some pictures on it and put it up on cell phone Craigslist. Without him knowing knife so burned by two straight days our friend is getting calls about this car that was not out. Actually for sale but are we put a hold Craig's list that does the great practical joke John played under friends. All right so anyway I'm coming back from regular in the midday dot by ortho Carolina and now joining us on the detonation on gas lines former NFL executives. I Joe Banner. And Joseph how are you. We. Do wells. We're doing well Joseph everybody in Charlotte is trying to figure out as much as they can right now about David tepper in trying to figure out what to Carolina Panthers. Our our in store for you were in actively involved in the league when tepper became a minority owner with to Steelers tell us why the impression of this man is from inside the late. I thought we don't know. I know a lot of people that I want going on back then and now. And I don't ever not been a very good and the bottom very Smart guy very committed to very successful whatever is done. From what I hear about a with guys who really really be invested in winning. Well being number one priority of the video on the cared about it because of their own property obviously want to run a business well but. What I've heard that they did everybody should be excited and getting an excellent on. Was there anything about this sale process that resulted in David tapper but winning with perhaps one of the lower bids was there anything about this process that surprised you from a league perspective. Now I honestly I'm a little skeptical that that really what took place having been involved in. The two prior to thousand. Similar stories have taken place than. Just thinking about what they're likely values that the franchise and I thought it had a chance to go two and a half but I know that Tutu and happen. Two did it come on the middle of that that makes sense. And I looked that are credible reasons why that would bypass a better bid and then there was speculation. Obviously the seasonally they're motivated to make it look like. The real there it says is pop over the oddest. But it they have very good owner. Who they thought it was a very high quality person. Clearly paid it very sizable amount of money especially historically when NFL franchise and I think everybody can look back and that we could really really good about where it came out. From an organizational standpoint what are the biggest. I guess difficulties in making the transition like this just from the people Marty in the building we what is it like going through a big organizational change like best. Very stressful but I was so we took over Philly with Jeff Laurie we took over the exact time. Well one Okajima have woman in Cleveland. Lawless chili pepper Keenan was able who are started and if we really didn't they take over ownership at the end of October. And hello to that there is rightfully received in the league that people whether PGM mine owner like they have their own people. That doesn't mean everybody make changes but there's a lot of anxiety in the people there that are wondering you know what do you think what he believed in what he's even poll about a and you know what do I need to do for him to bully you know the right well. They don't really know much about her mother about it what they've read if they're lucky that spoke a few people that know him so. There's a lot of anxiety he won't want to change some things they may not be people are they may not be the most visible people in the GM of the head coach but. I think conceivable somebody come in with a new life. A new marketplace and down and does that some ideas. Teams that people that they wanna make changes well. My main answer is that people that if there are very best outlet valve with a without reason. Change just grin that you know to the foreground. Do you think it helps at all on the football side of things having such an established head coach and quarterback and even now GM he knows gonna be there at least for the foreseeable future. And that was believe that that we've evaluated you know who I think these people can win. His goal is to win big vs most owners just are satisfied to have any competitive team year to year. Yeah I actually did our hope that Super Bowl trophy hunting and short of that is that not enough. Tom some of the better record the people that there have in the long form he has a photo. The better for them but a lot of things have tightened to within each other. Feeling comfortable. Going there's. And symmetry in the way to look at into what their priorities are. Com I'm sure Ronald reevaluated on things like we won loss record but also the Japanese put together. Common culture that he's created. You know Marty you know obviously has out of this period when he was running things than that into eruption. And then the resumption. Mound you know he's gonna wanted to is that what that's about I think that yes people believe about marketing and get very solid you know very well are working. Our quality person. But it brought to determine you know whether he can actually get into the level. That the ownership position firing again. Targeted so bad her longtime NFL executives there and Joseph Lou as you mentioned you've had the opportunity go to this process a couple of times where there are moments whether in Philadelphia or Cleveland where you almost had to act is a parking brake Wear a new owner wants to make a bunch of changes. Immediately and you sort of say well let's wait and see. The oral or do you find that those guys are a little more deliberate and going through that process having invested so much money. The most deliberate because frankly incredibly successful work of cannot deliberate and you're not becoming an owner that it could have been also that. Used to deliver. It was a very big difference though when we took over the Eagles today gave up a lot of cheers and and observe and spent some people really get to know them. So by the end of next season. We made a bunch of change as well we've really had a hundred no enough. To vote no. What we were changing from. An having some might be what we change until now on the ground please don't take over thought global fortunately everybody in a position. And you know we we had a pretty good idea but we really wish we pat won Han early but he where things were at. Before we had to make changes and frankly learn better about who may be available of where we want to be headed. So if you don't buy it he this is the ideal time to get by I'm going to be shocked if you made any changes before the end of the season. And this won't give him a good 78 months to really learn the people learn the system. Developed some relationships around illegal people we can trust the pick their brains get your place. Com and it won't cure everything but it will not let this chance to boot up making good decisions blue or. What are the things we've heard pretty consistently. You know since it became apparent this was the direction this move was. Happening is how well thought out David tepper is within the league and because of his personal wealth because of the success he's had in the business arena that the league was very interested in having. David tepper be a part of the club. How do you think that's going to impact league wide matter Ximian Terry Richardson was a guy who for a long time had a lot of influence. In certain committees in certain corners of the league how much influence do you think David temper will come to have in the NFL's all. Oh absolutely right it was it was kind of under cover that Jerry pitcher was uncovered when you operate in general. I just it was one of the more right influential all folders in the league he can have the commissioners here. I think people would have prolonged power my second on the BBA negotiations we used part of the TEC. Which usually at Google and those final approval on any deal. That the stated he was influential. Listen to what it would be an understatement these edit a significant amount of power that David I think has a persona. Present. The background of of intelligent. Set to end flat oil and their pay. A lot of people wanna hear but is actually very important within the ownership group that has developed over time. We won't have that the first minute he walked in and give those I've never seen an owner. Be actively. Engaged in conversation. Speaking out and owners' meetings. After the first period kind of been there they sit back it was and they get the know the people in the income of what's appropriate when the speak. And the main gate. Keeper David will be Roger pretty much unilaterally decide what owners are on what committee. And he usually tries to reflect. His opinion the people's strengths and weaknesses. And the background in terms of well you know what businesses they may have been accept what and how that translate that certain committee. He might be lobbying early to be lowest person on the totem pole a couple of important committees. And then it establishes an open gets more spirit we have an opportunity to develop as Jerry did. It to a very important voice to the other owners and to ride through you know in the end has popped that a lot of. And show you talked about the influence Jerry Richardson had. How much of the last six months tarnish the legacy of the Jerry Richardson ultimately leaves on the NFL in the Carolinas. Well so I think it apparently thought that. There are some people that are probably feel like it image is greatly tarnished. And you know not happy with what we think we are now wondering how much we don't know. And there are others who probably a little bit more forgiving. And I feel like he he lived there a long life and had a longer period as an owner. And it's generally ran has franchise that did well. Was engaged in the community and then represented they're good values so. I don't know we don't want answered that I think a lot of people depending upon the spectacle which may be started. They have different views on that certainly. He went from having really no blemishes are virtually no bonuses at all. This company and I think most of us would rather not have to cut tore name reputation. Talking to Joe Banner former NFL executive president of the Eagles for eighteen years also former CEO of the Cleveland Browns and Joseph today the AI HBO announces that hard knocks this year will be following the Cleveland Browns. Oh this season of optimism for the browns. Obviously bring in Tyrod Taylor Jarvis Landry now bigger mayfield in the fold as well it seemed like this could be a year where we start to see some signs of competitiveness from the Cleveland. What are your feelings on bringing hard knocks to your training camp and and the distractions and make cause. Well you know it the ownership actually alluded to today we were out to do that when I was there and I know they have been asked again and lap. Firstly. Opposed to pretty strongly that we were in the are pure and ownership were the first few and head coach. We were approaching the first here is that it was a time to build upon vision for the future of the post that. Maximize trying to win the next year so I pushed back pretty aggressively. We get some people who were interested in doing and I think that there right in saying that time can be analysts say no. Some of the time and I didn't thank the optimism about the team is justified. I mean they they they really did it seem last year tell what should want well but this game. Didn't per writer variety of reasons not to because they've got such poor play out of the quarterback. Michael com. And now they've added a number of what is open created in the draft so that they really should be 789 win it this year I don't think unrealistic. And not be addressed and personalities there. So you know as a as a personnel who watched show at the consumer to cope with someone who's. Dealing with trying to run a team that didn't really want to distract activated an interest in Chile and put up looking forward to watching. Joseph is it an oversimplification. To say that all football side guys coaches and GM's. Hate the idea of doing the show but the pressure comes from the business side in wanting the exposure and push in the brand out there. From the other side of the building. Yeah all maybe a little too much because there are some guys that actually enjoyed he you know what. Some players and enjoy it but I think virtually all the time what you said is that is true I'm an eight. The people of the business side of the ownership that feel like it's not suited creek tomorrow amid the maybe some brand name. Kind of little buzz around the team and they care about that up with a good I'm. The coaches and GM and people like myself that are really just focused on getting the and whether the positive and negative it's just something added to the may actually just rather not going to be in the mix. Like you and you really can't control and not sure how people are gonna react you know. You often don't know what's gonna happen I mean look they just couldn't go to the military gives you want that aren't unique. Predicting that it happened like he. Problem might see you would think about the things that could happen though Iran and all of a little bit TV cameras you know our faces everywhere opponent about that well. I think what you said it right almost all the time. It's a it's a high risk reward I guess kind of ordeal they're going on are not cool so we we will see easy for me to say Cleveland on that show coming up this season so Joe Banner former NFL executives joining us on the Teddy come guests on Joey got valuable we really appreciate the time and I'm sure grow to talk to you soon. Thank you John. All right we're hit a break on the other side will come back continue we got to get to a few more of your most embarrassing athletic stories we got asked Kyle and frank when they got join us for the garage door guru handoff. And I heard one of Frank's. You have today and not to day but I know that I've got one that I know Frank Wills. Add are you better or doesn't say they're gonna have to bring him out track to be frank. Can't wait for that aren't even coming on the buildings and it's excellent or give us a call 704 by. 5709610. He's Daryn I'm Josh this is Grover in the mid day powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome back to Kroger in the mid day cowed by ortho Carolina. Just ourselves billions are pros and Darren can't as well. Three and a half hours of five star radio wide so how can that possibly daily. Got a half hour left there into a million homes I think we can't really bring them home I think we should all right where with all the help we've gotten from the listeners say it. A tunnel listeners today it's on a great listeners we really appreciate you guys calling texting and on the buildings and attacks and also on the Carolina pool tables plus email inbox. Carolina pool tables plus twenty years of experience in Charlotte no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers to all your questions. 4445. East independence boulevard they also have a location in Columbia so on the Carolina pulled tables plus embarks. We have today embarrassing athletic story. And this one. This one hurts Darren. This one from Sean T Meehan my body thought it would be a great idea. For me to pitch a basketball. To him and have him hit it was an aluminum bat. Who well he hit the basketball. But the bounce back off the bat didn't land well in his noggin. Lol so he's the basketball and I see imagine them aluminum bat just. Ricocheting right off the basketball. And I guess it was a way and a helmet. You can't do that and not Wear a helmet. I guess you can yeah I guess she get you know these kind of if you're going out full Johnny Knoxville and doing stuff like that if you're not thinking about the safety. Requirement you're not thinking hey this could be dangerous someone could get hurt perhaps I should put on my helmet. I think if your idea is you want. And you know I did we have to put that in different category from all the others we've got guys that we're in your life setting yourself up I'm very embarrassment. Whereas some of these others like there was another guy there's a difference between an athletic feat that just doesn't go your way. Jackass Surrey county yeah our come as a good point that's the big C you bring those cerebral side to this that I just can't offer myself. That's what you bring to this Darin gantt we have a someone Jesse and buildings and attacks on 7045709610. I was playing soccer and a white Jersey blue it's not rocket that resulted in a fierce and bloody nose mine got one it's not rocket yeah. So Theres a bloody nose to me that's like. Lori L math. That's due knowing half full way he must've put it you took up his nose Darren or something. Blood all over his white Jersey had to stop the game changed Jersey to color entirely different from the rest of his team I was the only one wearing a Jersey. That color than nobody else had on. That's that's sucks. That's not good. I just don't departs and it's not rocket that result in any fears blogging here. That's pretty aggressive I don't care where your plans now hope or guys country blow gone wrong. Had the other one had coffee and hot summer morning before playing golf with an old Panthers DB. Halfway through the round he comes up to me while wearing these clean white golf pants and said bro you just craft your pants. So. I won't go to the turning at the clubhouse proceed to washed the pants he walks in one butt naked easing my junk. All right. When the Panthers DB where all right so I. Questions. Don't go away. You didn't realize yourself. That this had happened. It needed to be pointed out by and another individual. Like. How it is that something making just happened to you without you being aware of your own environment. In your own pants. Way so and the capacity of your pants. Yeah I feel like when you know you know there's no lying there's no. Mean who really craps Airpwn pants and and looks arouses a love NN Helena since. Works at all and in Alaska account Franken a little bit what they think Ghana just a hunch. Man what does the content does coffee make you took yourself. And again he said he's also a blessing and I had coffee and hot summer morning. I mean there's the whole daily constitutional thing and cup of coffee ditch dates. Started off on the right foot so to speak. That's somebody Texans is another situation where you be in eleven years old makes it a little harder. To have the same kind of context on us old guys need that cup of coffee in the morning to. If things going sodas they might be. I have to never see that name and usher will come. Somebody else tried punting has a six foot six against teenager long legs. Kicked myself in the face and broke my nose. Stud to receiving access issues such a gymnastics after that you got you'd put all the way up to your nose you know that's pretty impressive. That's similar listings and yeah as a go on the list of most impressive especially this crane maneuver in you guys are gonna be down with an actual crane. Oh my gosh. Chinese restaurant for lunch one day one of my classmates down five or six Griese egg rolls two hours later he was running in. A track meet and ceded to crack himself on his running. Oh man. These are great these are race of man I'm going to go wrong and what's affluent and girls. We assume we used to have a a tradition in college every Friday we got to a Chinese bus today and I didn't really go but. But but some guys who go there and then basically you knew the rest of the afternoon they're out of commission sure I don't know why you would put yourself through that because your not gonna pay for a buff Fay and only have done. You know. Respectable salad. Probably not you go Indy Toyota or off face to gorge yourself. Do your day a year paying for the gluttony more than the food itself. Not not like a Petit somebody else got banned from a charity basketball league for cursing help the rest about a terrible call. I mean is that embarrassing or does that mean SS you need to rethink your priorities in life again I need to know more was his Catholic. Was this this is Lutheran where send send us all things in moderation it's send send these team nobody knows pentecostals. We need more details if you want my story go to my Twitter at Josh Parcells I tweeted the video of myself getting simplex over to the back of a defensive end back in high school that video will forever live in infamy on the Internet so. Man I I just that is we had some idiot if you guys doing is great stories today really appreciate that Darin gantt in how. We even get on that subject in the first place was a talk about your awful golf game. I was that it I'm now what I'm not sure what the gateway drug was for that one but Don Hahn now my golf game should've been enough to spark that. My golf game was nothing to speak of at all what we were talking are most impressive an impressive athletic feats. And then I got on the topic of most embarrassing ones has been a far better conversation topic because it's good to be honest. Among good that among the people. Are we are we more likely to have impressive athletic accomplishments are we more likely to hit ourselves in the head with a baseball bat. I think we know the answer the failure of the human drama that's where that lives exactly. Speaking of failure there's very few people know true athletic glory the wage in Slaney and it's true athletic glory that was amazing at right what we can't pay its potential and have that clicked already knew we grind. The story of Jim Slaney is 300. On the bowling Alley unit you're gonna have to save that played for Kroger when he gets home on my guys on the website it's on the web site got goals and let's say Jim Cellini and historian the threat of the first of all tell told an incredibly -- hilarious story about getting a hole and wind. Runs down first we'll hit the wrong club according to his body is in and hitting a hole in one runs down the fairway at clicking his heels by this forties who shot pretty stock oddly stocky Texas Japanese it just about the club. I was great but didn't. Seamlessly transitions to a very emotional support of them a bull in a 300. And the entire bowling Alley is is in silence watching him. As he bowls the eleventh and twelve frames or I guess is not whatever the tenth frame at the eleventh and twelfth. Roles and rule says is not sound official Dinah I feel like that's wrong now you probably as it heads rose. Is a breath it was a problem by Los sets. You Disco balls but. Listening to Jim and that's that they knew you haven't had the pleasure means in so layer work in with the men and he's a legend around here for a lot of reasons that may mean so much still a lot of people to hear the genuine emotion in Jim's voice and I think reminds us all of okay you you don't get very many chances to be in that spot to deliver food in front of a lot of people and to hear how emotional Jimmy became about that I mean a it reminds you how much we all plugged in -- in a very real and I say that sincerely. I in imperial way. We all love and no cause of that. Stood up there. And I remembered here as armor and exactly we're senate passed my first step away you. In cult like talk to shut it didn't came off the side real so that wrecked whatever you won't call it. And to get them but did not go backward. And that is what I really. Emboldened and actually an especially good today and they're all watching they're all watching this. They're an average bowler troll perfect game. Oh. Man. That was you we will have dubbed it the Cormier got it got deep for a minute and that was that was decent you know this is it. So there was a look at system intact right now. Or one of the 83. This a perfect game apart planes was. We had a plan and colonel light here generated emotional there. You're I get emotional scene and they are very. Very few opportunities anybody has in life to do this thing they're choosing to do whether it's athletics or whatever and to do it perfectly and especially you do it in front of you. They do 197300. Can I never ever in my life dreamed about bowled a 300 game. I'd tell him and you say what you want to 300. That is. One of the hardest things is forcing you. Gotta be right. We're sure you damn mean it's in doing the thing perfectly twelve times and around. I mean whether it's anything whether it's due in radio shows flipping coins I mean trying to do anything twelve times at around a little like exactly right yes I like I didn't shoot I'd make fun of bawling because it's something you do while having a beer fine and then I mean it's not a lot of you can do anything I haven't a beard and this about you put your mind to it. C'mon. I have put my mind too that you can counter value having a beer. There that was Ryan it's true colors come out for Iran right now is they're not in an episode abroad are about a during iron pulled my beer I drink my bare. And one other person says in a Brussels a Catholic Church we got to the detectors on and basic Catholic Church but he's not Catholic. So he's and I guess I can almost always sir you were banished trespassing on on a Catholic Church league and cursing out for refresh on evercore dot this wouldn't you be better guy this should be a better story if it wasn't a referee if it was a none. Well the reverie could've been in nine. I mean they Wear the black and white. Adam gets a tune in mid mental picture of what town and right now. 7045709610. The buildings there attacks line as somebody else Tyson mind harassing moment was I was having a conversation with a friend about basketball and was trying to convince several people that Chris Paul is the best point guard. And they laughed me out of the building now this is clearly an ally you totally embarrassing and it's clearly a lot because there and you're not my friend. So. I mean that that story is invalid and I will not see it as a arguments in this building right now. Why could have been a hypothetical different situation in a different radio station with a different set of friends. May be at once and he'd be employees because nobody would actually say that and believe that. Probably not in Little League try to do a first place. That's his first slide. Into second base came up short by about fifteen feet got tagged out looking over my shoulder to see my dad cracking up. So that that goes back to a Rossi Teresa except on the phone if you have the embarrassing moment as a kid would you rather look up in the stands and see your dad laughing at deal. Or head in his hands embarrassed in shame. Probably laughing now. Which you Iraqis say laughing. So Brian you haven't chimed in on this yet we don't we have like two minutes before we go to break run what's your embarrassing athletic story. That's a good one don't have a lot of athletic moment here in Maryland near Maryland fans in does that count. Well it's funny of those in the air I mean did you feel fan I'm doing terrible hire like sports history might as the national championship was probably. It was probably an embarrassing you're you're the guys who blew the twenty point lead wherever against duke right in the final form yeah. Instead they go but good for you athletically come on there's going to be some suited dejected when am I have to think about that I won't give it about every hour is. Odds are kind of he couldn't come up more than three point guards earlier better than Chris Paul and he had five minutes due to the whole show and I bush on the spot now and how I'm perfect drive and I don't have any embarrassing stories. How cast some embarrassing if you haven't tried. Somebody get frank it's always embarrassing story and getting kicked out of a church league softball game. Want to ask frank about that on the garage or guru handoff. So it's all coming up next. What a day what a show the Randy ancillary and Maryland got a good one on the tax on his wealth will get a break you'll come back we'll handed off to Kyle and frank give it right here on drug in the mid day he's Daryn I'm Josh this is. Like I said a cut by ortho Carolina. Powered by ortho Carolina. It's almost over Darren. It feels like it's just a gun. Kroger in the mid day town by ortho Carolina. I'm just ourselves joined by deer again of pro football talk follow him on Twitter at Darren can't tell me what an equally creative Twitter handle that dust ourselves. What a show Chris Paul never talked hot takes on Chris Paul would be raging throughout the show but they are. We had somebody who texted an earlier on the buildings and its excellent said that you guys are crazy. Heat Chris Paul's not one of the top three point guards the number one he may be the best pure point guard but the number one and point guard of all time is Russell Westbrook. But you're doing now Russell Westbrook to you have to count Allen Iverson to their which bush is in down one more spot. Would dwell on arsons a point guard no lead but the point and point guard. Sort of he is a different kind of point you went to class. It definitely was so the story we've been talking about all day it was the most embarrassing athletics or is returning it to a second producer Ryan has his we have a few more on the tax line. But also just to recap Dave tepper again officially will buy it Carolina Panthers 2.2 75 billion dollars with a B which 2.2 voices of the cracks me up there's got to be some legal reason why this is happening to 2.2 of these. 2.2 75. Will be dating cache but that. An extra point 075 is. It's going to be and they pulled that off but I'll lay away for a couple months at I don't know what the deal isn't that they're given answer why that would be. I do not having not the particulars of that contrast. Isn't right radiates in yet Al. Maybe you just got a little something down on it I mean. Com yeah I don't think Dave tepper has to do lay away. But it's just alarming to me and I put up a picture of it the other day I was curious what a billion dollars in cash look I saw this sweet dessert and fix the talent this picture of the pallets what was it like twelve palace six and 1616. Pallets of cash was a billion dollars. Then times 2.2. And that's a whole lot I mean a lot of stress more than would fill this room this room full of cash. Would not be enough to die the Carolina Panthers. But David tepper had them actress. The end and these initial read about myself. An unmanned coming up to the couple's guest frank Garcia money and he'd he'd guys. As frank lost by India most by the studio percent on the day of tipper would Wear that shirt but that's another story for a note while so maybe that's and frank Garcia most embarrassing story there and I saw that a certain life all right well. I hate. We're gonna get talent drink in unison and into the garage door guru handoff but about pursuing its of the thumb on 7045709610. Freddie ray is on the line he's got an embarrassing distorted self Freddie ray Iran. Well just don't dare you drink. Could have meant so much story coach one and I our ability baseball. And oh or 011 week a bit too early. Well all right gain or likes each day it archery and in this each stroke yes I do know that. Mica like buried any. You know my stomach well. And I ended up brought up on the edge. Looms. The worst part or artwork. In the middle is in a better suited to making note that up to up our air. Is back. But can edit and I don't know Lex record here there will look like a period are. Are those bare speaker and I knew what that bad shape that the coach and exchange. Mad at you like to an early game well into quite a are okay boo me now. I don't know that it global. I. Would sit there like do you know aren't they must start. So all those of Freddie Rizzo how old were they where the kids. They threw a quick at that point 752 words earlier much. Let. OK there you go I've Freddie raise money men. Around trying to butter eleven year old. You gotta like give it to the strike zone gets a little bit bigger asset that that team the anime guys there's a make up calls and now there's definitely a makeup call after the man bunt down. How grown up on the cancer. It's elevenths like animal house and we threw up on dean armor and better. All right breaking guy making their way and you're just a moment I'm producer Ryan you had you hadn't three hours and five extra minutes to think about what you're most embarrassing athletic story as Sosa had. So as much Fred I was in my JV baseball team and undergrad I was on our own songs and that's that's that's were it ended there's there's no bragging after that. But like so around around eighth grade I circle is my visions like I'm I had trouble seeing that those near the chalkboard on what kind of stuff so if this was in the period before I was I was in the process getting glasses and contacts Laura styles this or better take a turn to right now it's just a really depressing instead it gets worse. So. My freshman year based thought I played with a IS SU clay without classes. And and essentially were in terms of hitting the baseball is that there was a lot of blind luckily it was just me swinging in making contact or whatever and so I was on first base. And I got net I've gotten the and assigned to steal second base. And I was lonely looking down and I saw our second base was and it's a solid a little white little little little little little base. I'm like OK I know where it is and you know I get to sign wherever I go and steal all up there the guy at the plate to hit the ball they had gone through through a hole at second base and they're here isn't the dirty gotten kicked up for whatever. And I went to go to go slide into second base I had overran the bad. You were in the bag by alike and I insulate and then middle and then slid and is that he left and the guy the guy literally tip like keep he tagged mayoral like I guess they had gone for the bag in there and gotten the double play. But the guy the guy task so much backing goes and look at and I looked behind me I had I had gone past the bag like I'd write it like to the right. And had slid into just slid into a big pile of empty dirt. That's pretty bad I thought you were about to tell me that you ran it thirty instead. I just feel they're not that we're on our show last night. It but if you wanna wait a year may be so I don't in the case yes that is mind their sing us Fort Stewart that's. Prayers and ask for stories yes so far and so all of us. We put this so and on Steve Horne. Here's sir did graduate who ruined off with Garcia and Bailey got that Cobb really frank Garcia here and frank we've been waiting for the last three hours for you to take SEC can tell us your story here used. You're gonna probably appreciate this because I'm sure we've all had this moment. I was a freshman in high school and we used to do the fat man relay at the very end of the race. And I was the anchor leg. And that we had a lead. So yeah after we're done our shot put her discus and everything everybody stays around to wash affect guys aren't. Because it's pretty comical well I can lead and I was pretty pretty fast but there are some other guys who were probably a little bit smaller than were running in high school. I was getting chased down from behind. And I could feel so I pushed a little harder and I started opening up a little bit more and I started really trying to reach out. And a group advance. Got a group like oh my brain function and players. I know now and it was his illness. It was it was a little bit to the next level than a short old I mean they came out I mean just the so so so it's still the underwear right and I'm sitting there. Swarming at the end of the race like our people smelling stuff yeah sorry you didn't. Yeah. Yeah own. Pass out I always Wear my mother this is a true story. So I don't know what to do with the group. I am sitting in this city in the short bald look is the best part of this so here's what I do I go into locker room. And I'm panicked. I like what do I do with this you know I mean everybody is a kind of scene you see this arguing the very back locker room. I take my doors off my stuff for the in the locker and I walked out. I'm just a high school nobody's taking a shower right I mean that's like the most embarrassing thing ever. Right so I just I took these doors off. I kept my pants on to my pants back on a free boulder all the way home into. This deal left left the outlets to drawers in that one of the blockers is that random. This gala what Andrew embarrassment. Showering in front of your class and it's his perceived as worse than supposedly good. No doubt about it. Having you know it is total life because everybody were studying gosh it was Garcia back there are those his. I I don't. Don't know but did people remember this story like did anyone know no. Talent and they couldn't see it wasn't visible from the locker well on the road tonight. Candidates Rick Neuheisel I do realize everybody remembers what the old PE shorts look like right oil that it was short they were shorter than these chubby is that don't count. I mean there were they were like all the way up to here. And knew they were we ever Wear blue ones and the horse so they're like polyester and shorten. Hot and rumble and trying to be chasing on the inside leg so I had those on and I was afraid that everybody is gonna kinda be checked in that you know that region out after I was done but thankfully they were dark blues or didn't go through the shorts. The mantra that triggered got a new job that I don't think I don't know if you can no I can't talk to you to anyone in to me earlier. What do I sit I do to one as an athlete as a broadcaster is such a similar francs up to Leo and first this is awful plus. The front at the very first football game I ever called on the radios all else Damon plays called rural retreat and it doesn't look nowhere freezing cold it's not open air press boxes like 25 degrees. And there's a bathroom up there and it was I was so nervous I was awful suit over coach like I went way over the top commander first playoff game on radio. And unforced or Cayman and the games blowout industrial the last two minutes and I had a two seasons passed up but when climbed on a lot of no end in a suit Joseph is gonna what actually into the game. Well got two point right couldn't hold anymore right and I thought I was gonna make it. But does the losing team inexplicably called timeout was about fifteen seconds long though I. And more and I wearing a light gray suit and I just let it go and I just our opinion down my leg and mom on the air calling a game piece. And it's 25 degrees outside the paint for us. Post game show was over and I can get out of there did you change into I had my gym backs on the very first game I ever called on the radio these cells to discuss that I did not answer your first day. Just I almost I'm almost the exact same story so when I was a senior in high school we were playing first giving your blacks reverse Giles she's got. I'm real guy. I remember this column but do you remember her under and six overseas over a six outside. I told you this sort of noise from the day OK we'll all be proud you know this is going so as they are in a. Its fifth the fifth time. So yes it was six overtime game and if we get through middle of the third quarter and I'm like hold my god I got a you're gonna go to like a concession stand itself so I end up. Getting through the third the fourth quarter and then we end up going to overtime this game we're up like thirty points we wind blew like a five touchdown lead so we were supposed to lag in the game is gonna be over Giles makes this huge comeback in the one to six overtimes. But in the third or fourth time I'll walk over to the Gatorade jug and I kind of they go to pour water on myself and they'll just test all. You don't well it's though it's all good it's you can do. Serenade Indiana. That's IE Mediterranean and. Referenced you guys did their craft intentionally mark was an accident and not know you didn't Schwartzel. A potential run well at least that is the reason that we do is exercise that in fact that it won't be myself I mean they make cups. What did they got a lot of other there was no withstanding an open their trust box full of other grown men and it would have understood now I don't know about that hey guys I'm so sorry turn away a little bit on the hole and it was an advertising. In my cellar right now I just got around you or myself little tighter just let it go man I had to do no harm we gotta go come grow quickly as Allentown. We got a really don't know doctor Terry stop them bomber talks mock drafts in the a little bit of obviously in the college basketball is immediately to exactly shrill or drives gonna talk by we'll talk about so new ownership and things like dead in the no livelihood. Buffalo Bills running back and still your a lot of running back and distance when Don of course a former Charlotte test with our friend coached and they are so up. We're gonna have some fun and maybe he'll tell my other embarrassing story. I'll take a way to guarantee that there are two to six Garcia and Bailey thanks again. Darren yeah we had a great Salmonella and that was fun we did it well we'll see and soon to direct your guys under given these this was corporate. In the mid day out by ortho Carolina.