Kroeger In The Midday: Jay Bilas Gives Thoughts On Hornets Picking Eleventh In The Draft

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Wednesday, May 16th
Josh Parcell and Damione Lewis talk with ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas about the NBA Draft Lottery.

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Powered by ortho Carolina. Texas thing going down at. Sticks to. You stop it is. Lord that we. It's like. All right that was Mitch cubs and general manager of the Charlotte hornets last night after the draft lottery the hornet's fault in the eleven slot after the lottery the topic going to the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento jumps up from the seventh best option number two and toss it up with the third pick as well and joining us to talk draft lottery as well as an NBA playoffs and even some sports betting legalization sought is. ESPN -- carried on. Hope that we had do we have JJ there. Yeah you do it there we can. Turn are still great I got there. We're doing we're bill. We're doing well hopefully you are as well so I did judge you for a second on the second stream broadcast second screen broadcast last night four that Celtics game and what are your thoughts on another way the way Boston handled Cleveland report. I was depressed prepared deep for me bought then contestant just about every shot back out up so much the first out but. They're transition people are really good. At their rotation or excellent. They were there or move we get the ball moved and I don't remember if they did get an idol ever Cleveland getting very mediocre shot. Back out where the first app they're at the rim what do they want it. They're getting wide open looks but thought the defense. The public on the keyboard and are. Do you feel like in the second half the Celtics are just pretty much impose their will over the cavaliers economy don't fold up chair. Yeah that was part of it I mean I picked part of it the other part will rot at he got it back at. In the per capita in order a couple of weapons and I don't particularly in any map that. Not blame a lot about partly derby factor. You do you do do you see Cleveland as a team that can come back from this because we've seen two different Cleveland teams now in the playoffs and obviously a large part of their struggles have been a byproduct of what the Celtics have been able to do but we saw as supporting cast the struggle against Indiana we saw them rebound and play extremely well against Toronto and obviously having struggles again do you think that when the series goes back to Cleveland the cavaliers can turn this thing around. I'd never they never went brought the ball but about where are being. Oh if the op all that they can win both games in Cleveland event. You know everything is riding on game five to about where it going to be appear if they're very open window to. On the one or game five traditionally don't win period the import want. It's possible yeah Brett you don't beat paramedic team comeback from 02. And win in the Eastern Conference final happening at all but only that. And I think I think. Pop and proving that they've got more weapons and nearly put six guys double figures do that only. I think you're gonna you're going to be the eve of Guerrero. And what is your opinion on the Cleveland Cavaliers supporting class JR's are supporting cast JR Smith. And how love and in the likes how do you think their plan to producers so far. Well employed well out they have not that it would be pretty clear mean you know I idol which airstrip made maybe shot I think our our corporate. You know we were deadlocked on how or what negate the what traditional way of watching it gain. But can't Korver didn't die early on he got open looks and then and that didn't happen out as quickly overly cramp our. Back out Clark laid out what you eat. Well off but the other don't wave that what are going to be able corporate B. And not an out if he wanted to be don't get help and added that it first began a series yet deputy -- So. SP NC during the game you did something similar are at least once honest none multiple times during the college football national championship how happy were you last night that Bill Walton was not in the room with GO. Not happy at all costs of all. You throw. Out Barbara you know broke my per time. Get the hang out. On the air with a report out you do it. And sharper guys or been around. Bobbie not our early look forward and Mort I'm with dammit its crew. Strapped prop and we really learning more about all for me. You know like I give my opinion and it you know you give it on. Beat rink. By. Even though it may be otherwise about Sierra topic it is the be all and Nadal are like here or other day at. And a sharp group of people are more out of Lockheed. Jane Willis joining us on the topic on gas line we do what are your your opinion now on though some of the prospects in the NBA drafts of the sons and a winning the lottery and they have a lot of directions they can go obviously some young pieces and Devin Booker just Jackson. Martin is Chris perhaps is as building blocks now it seems like it's look at daunted Jordy Andrei know the two guys really in the mix of that number one pick. If you were sitting at the GM of the Phoenix Suns today who would be the guy you think makes the most sense for them. And it do you think that debt that whoever that is is the number one prospectors are just the best written Phoenix. Well I think you have to go with the not so well player. I don't think Phoenix go to Russia where they're looking at a and all of a sudden they're chipped chipped it better that they're they're trying to. What pillars it ought you know in the bit that the somewhere. They can't continue to spill and it spoke for being it would be their yacht parade there with a doctorate. They've got connection with the market so they don't really well Nadal helped a lot but I. Where Whitney York caught drop their new coach coach doc church. And you are what not to do it like where your form overall by no problem apple client. Mike what about warrant because the show up all the I's ability to tap the ball. Darker look at all the move maybe not but we go. I don't think eight out of a prototype MBA player with this is why it whether the bill stop wade not there for shop the mobility. I would probably err on the side of 08 and but but like it they know that there's no LeBron of this strap Bobby where there's no greater ought peck. So you know you you could go a number the direction and not be wrong. But it but it just just one player. I even believe got restrict the Arctic epic beat extra respect the first drop to one players pocket or are a truck like props well it. It's gonna have to be a collection of players for being. Before the season Marvin Baddeley was the guy that I think was right there in the mix of not being number one prospect before the season started took a little bit of a slide for a couple reasons during the season. Where do you see badly split in the NBA and what you Wear your biggest concerns about him as he transitions to the next level. What Shapiro a couple of interpreter about what a development productivity at all. The return are out and I think for good or that anybody out at the end of be able party but yeah they're going to be eat did not impact the it ought deeper. And traditionally perk got a side if not block a shot in a steal or what action. But that the red black. Yeah you got you know what both spent the NBA and you know I really do that and and I think at time. There refute regard not that he if you picking up about the trot out. Like you want up probably don't know what all the mark Rackley. Part because edit and ability are all green that. India or you'll go to April thanks very bad you should be able picked off early are what they expect a little bit quicker. By. You know I don't what they are are splitting hairs here because you gonna be a top top warrior or they're about a wire. Even with that but I think he could have been and number one overall pick if if you were better shop locker upper. A lot closer in Charlotte we show I'd miss coach six show a little disappointed about being about Hamlin number eleven a long period. Pool will be available where sort of sort of enormously ground there we're currently open to turn things around here. Well they're number guys that are going to be real well it really good. Well it you know traditionally I think midget probably right beat you hope that they could be better that'll happen but the jets over a couple of spotter like what wonder. Well like well. Great the chance to be able to do it. Why are we being guided about watt that have become all are that all eight players out. And an example that the laughter dot Mitchell we would start what Mitchell they are deeper yeah yeah and my. Yeah out perky though you know you get really good players that are. We get up get up to be fortunate and other people about a lot of but you know McCain operatives may be there you it out it out Pollack back then there. It popped bubble like although I doubt that the tree on it quite up there. But their number. Our operatives from bar for Bridget create wind up being very well they're what they're up or option there. But I don't think everything prop up the draft that meeting he can certainly use that pick the practice it was up well try to try to use and trade. Well I you know my perception of Charlotte which cup Jack is Smart about while I'm there at country. The world frankly. I think I think Charlotte got it through the draft. And it it's really thought betrayed because if not a the nation or create and it boat so it it's more it's more like the traditional. Sort Golden State Warriors round group a unit fell through the draft that you wind up a ball lottery. A bumper year that I got it yet aggregate value of opinions about lottery number or Charlotte about. Jay had tend to agree with you and I think if you look at the makeup of the hornets roster right now without brilliant any cap flexibility whatsoever of their biggest asset is obviously kemba Walker's on achieve guild expires after next season. He's a guy who's obviously been a mainstay here face of the franchise maybe the greatest one ever but if you're trying to build the model that that you just talked about which is rebuilding through the draft and a small market. Does that mean that exiling Kimmel walker may be a good idea to trade him and try to turn and ended 23 assets including a couple Tex. I think everything on the table I think when you're when struggling and it and it Charlotte at it good that I'm way out there a but you know upbeat and what I want I don't think he is being stuck in the middle the FB eight were well it could be. And it fired period in the middle wonder Arctic. But you don't wanna be in the middle weight it would your state in the middle are all. Ed Dodd. And where they hear it could take upping the good the president and an urgent drought that. That would be really that would be really appealing. To me that I'm not a quick look not to be quick turnaround and it picked the spot. And about one of the struggle but what are part about the MBA. If you got in Europe I've got to get bad it good and Charlie has been a bad rap but her being routed through. In equality app that what a poll. And not you know what durable lotteries are much you know you wanna have or shall or. Open so I look there are there mistakes. That it a lot of teams make. And I don't think anybody could do that but I make a mistake by it but when you become. And they Kirk prolong our. Well the new regime in mental check engines Gregg you'll try to turn things around so. NCAA specifically. I I kind of look at the wave I I would Mike grandfather look at the end the prohibition. Or the idea come up at a broad street anyway it would be deal. I don't know anybody. I don't know anybody that yeah ample. And I've got a bunch of friends that they're at all bowl but they like the but it talked about it being the same way I have a lot of friends like that collapse wider view. Advice and I'm more of those guys like that what ought to about it. And you know our IE I never predict you know Laura or. By a couple of my friend got me into this you know golf pool where we pick just picked I went majors bought stop and you know it in big board George or watch. And it all I think it could be help eat per that there are no art no well. But just like cabinet cabinetry and be there are people that they could art beat up or problem. But I don't think you got you know or regulated and or like alcohol or any there are automobile. Made it. Wanted regulated out the right way there's there's no problem. But it's simple up or body of the group which overall good. Do you feel like it should be the same for pro sports as this college. Or do you think college should be cut out gambling in just leave from pro sports. I don't think college should be cut out of it in any way shape or more are not worried about that. You know to be a look colleges charge that they prices for tickets and they took it out of money or a proper. No why can and not be ample market you know what they're it would are ready to be where we're in the statement that work are out for or perhaps. You know in its you know what it a bad. Don't Wear the the or state. They're terrible at a college athletics so why would what would never they'd be able to make that there are golf and especially what's going on off or why can't we bring it up back. And bring it out into the sunshine and it and it quit acting like the world will allow all fall off the bat that property or if you are. Well all Aybar people in her about pocket. And they get the bat well up about oh my are more likely well portrait. In what likely report shaping went regulated more likely that shot. Her yet that's exactly that I talked to Gerri Willis joining us from the Pentagon gets plunge on a dead dog alleging yelled it real quickly just to follow up on that. Indeed it does bring in more money to the NCAA and all these other places you would assume that money would probably go to the conferences in terms of higher negotiations in the TV deals and things like that at the conference is a more money could you see this expediting the process. To eventually letting players get a little bit of piece of the pie. Well I mean I think that could have happened eventually anyway. You know we are never gonna get it and they're so rapidly up. Now what we're ever in a situation rapidly going out oh the world we can cap the tension between temperature is a billion dollar in are all way at the talk. Talk about Iraq on a way to go but we're gonna we're gonna happen now is or is there are amateur or it is yep the Dutch. All right Daly had a jade bill as college basketball analyst for ESPN I. All right so we're gonna break will react to that interview coming up on the other side will also talk more about the NBA draft lottery what should the hornets do with their future did bill is actually was spot on and what his analysis was a hell where the hornet's thin right now and what they need to do some hard decisions might have to be made by this front office so we'll talk about that on the other side keep it right here he's Damione Lewis I'm just ourself filling in for Kroger on the mid day powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome back to Kroger in the mid day power by ortho Carolina. I'm just Parcells joined by Damian Lewis today think is again to Jay bill us for joining us on it to become guest funniest income fastball analyst talked a little NBA playoffs with the Celtics cavs also got into the NBA draft lottery last night as well as us some conversation about why the legalization of sports gambling would mean form pro and college sports. So once again very Smart guy thinks he intend for joining us so I wanna go right into talking about the hornets and you and I were just having this conversation Damien in the break about where the hornets need to go going forward Jay touched on it in his interview him and he's exactly right looked as the hornets franchise. That is pretty opposing direction listen but that they're they're stuck right now they're stuck that does a team that has. A guy in general walker you would love to be able to build around you don't have the flexibility to build around him are you had the eleventh pick in the draft after last night you don't have any room to go on sign any sort of free agency you're already not a major free agent destination anyway. So if you're Charlotte BT now you have a new GM given new head coach and James Gray go you've faced a cold hard reality of well do we try to build around Kemba Walker and and really admit that our ceiling is the six or seven best team in the east and that's I mean that's the high end that ceiling and or do we try and find a way to move Kemba Walker who is your only valuable asset right now get off maybe a call a contractor tomb and get worse in the short term. But hopefully set you up to be better in the long term do what you can see from this hornets roster right now. I think you know when you look at the roster and if you make a decision to move Kemba Walker they mean coming our Kimmel your your portal. Lot of strange anomaly more in human right that the way he turned his season around rational way you played you know close amount is enough for you to say okay. We go willing to give him the reins along with a golf. Armed and I just don't know they're there yet I'm on. And I know that they're going to make the move would get it done and has to be now because Kim is coming up at the end of newsroom on his last are -- his contract next season and if there's value there and there's -- if there's teams they're willing to take him alone which arm being able to move some -- sorely. The horn is being able to pick up some pics or in the process the and that's an arsonist should be taken seriously. So on you know unlike when police finished that season you don't were cut or sore and it only played early on but at the end and using murky John you must you don't. Playing well mobile is an important ejected Don it is you know it's an option is something and they definitely serious this ultimately look at. Yeah and if you look at some of the contracts that really hurt Curt Schilling solid right now long term Dwight Howard is one that will come off the books after next season he's at 43 point five million through the and its when he 1819. Nicholas Batum is the one that's just an albatross right now he's going to be paid 24 million dollars next year 25 point five year after and then an option and 27. Point one for the following years so he's obviously and you going to be a very hard got to move. Marvin Williams of the guy you delight having his amazing guy probably not a very tradable assets. He's owed fourteen million next year Michael Kidd Gilchrist at thirteen million with a player option in 220. Cody Zeller 59 and all these guys these are guys that you're not going to be able to move very easily in the last. You pair with a guy like Kemba Walker who could be attractive to certain genes he knows his mom Bloomberg that caught these guys just name or make you more more. Jim wall exactly any member of the when Tim a sign that extension back several years ago it was I mean a great deal of the time kimbo was not the player at that time that he is now accusing good TC was obviously wouldn't probably the most vital player on the hornets. He was not an all star yet now he has played an all star game he he has become a borderline all star year ending year Al. And obviously will be a much more money in and next season or Charlotte will be able to offer him a higher level Max with his bird rights and any other team so if you're Campbell we got into the little bit the other day if you're kemba you have a decision to make next year assuming you're still on the roster do you take that extra money that Charlie can offer yield knowing that you're really limiting. You were ceiling as a player in terms of championship contention or do you try to take a pay cut. Now if you take a pay cut you could do so and stay in Charlotte give the hornet's maybe a little more room to add somebody around you all know. Signing guys is it really the way Charles going to be able to rebuild or you take a pay cut. And go play somewhere else and when I say take out I mean except in less than the Max to accept less than the Max but go sign elsewhere in unrestricted free agency they're going to be other teams that would certainly be lining up for his services SARS there's going to be a big question for him what I think Charlie needs to do at this point. And if you've been listening the last two days you've heard me bring this up. Tim walker is is the guy that needs to be traded and there's a team out there that makes perfect sense. For a Kemba Walker trade. And there are a team that's actually drafting one spot ahead of the hornet's now after Lawson slaughter that's the Philadelphia 76. So the 76ers or team right now that obviously have gone through the most infamous rebuild probably in the history of the NBA over the last five years. They just got to the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs probably a year earlier than many expected. They have to budding superstars in Dan Simmons enjoy while indeed. Now did Simmons is a guy who played the point for them this season was their primary ball handler but as a guy who. Is very limited as a shooter really was no threat whatsoever to shoot and that was exposed in the series against Boston and read it showed where Philadelphia needs to improve. So now if your Philadelphia the rebuild is over now it's time to content just so. Buildup has it tends to act but are you really adds somebody would attend tech who's gonna make it tangible difference between. Getting past Boston. You know next year the blouse what it's gonna be Boston until next here in the Eastern Conference that was going to be the two teams. In less. LeBron James adds. Andy Davis somehow which obviously isn't I'm not I'm not talking crazy I'm designing go to Boston and Philadelphia so if your filly. Why not say all right look we've got a guy. In more kill faults do we drafted thinking he was going to be our point guard of the future but. Some injury concerns that the shoulder there was that just doesn't really messy year altogether. Why don't we press the reset button on faults we already gotten as far as we did without him. That could be valuable. Asset to a team like Charlotte who's looking to rebuild. Why don't we say hey. Philadelphia will will give you faults. We'll give you that tend to pick in the draft which we don't really need as I just described would give him Robert Covington has a seventy million dollar contract right now. And as a three Indy guy who actually puts the three in three and the unlike Michael Kidd Gilchrist and you got a guy on the way you can play you can actually shoot the basketball. Andy you guys give us back. You know probably another contract maybe it's Marvin Williams 11 apart would Jeremy lamb but. Essentially you do you you're giving up kemba if you're Charlotte and you're getting back Martell faults. The tenth pick in the draft. And Robert Covington Philadelphia already has room to go out and still sign that things are gonna Covington they can still sign Paul George. They didn't they'd probably wouldn't Ellison a trade for quite Leonard if they give up all the statistics and acquire Leonard are enough. Kemba Walker deal but also in Philadelphia gets a guy kemba who can. Take care of the basketball be the primary ball handler who can shoot. But can also play off the ball when Dan Simmons is running the offense that is if they can play together that's a versatile back court. And then hopefully they can get a guy like Paul George that makes Philadelphia instantly I think on par with the Celtics. And also it helps Charlotte kick off a rebuild you now have two lottery picks ten and eleven I mean not there obviously not top five pick but still lottery picks can you can listen to. The pace that. It certainly has the women got to hear it but the game but the whole game of the lottery is give yourself as many chances as possible though Philadelphia genuinely here you gotta get what you you hope that one of those Geisel pan out but she got the league monkey got a guy and Jeremy lamb is a decent player you would get someone like Covington back. You would start the process of the rebuild now. That team next year would be very bad that's good that team would be very bad but as soon as I. With two of those picks that you can wheel and deal is where exactly so now you that you're gonna have three young players in the league monk and whoever they would get at ten and eleven CF three players in their first or second year as. Plus what would they all likely to be a top four had taken the war's next year because fellow would be very bad now you got. If you get into that range you're talking about drafting. What would likely be an all star or what you hope to be and also are in the top there for much more likely that to me is it true rebuild that's committing to turning the page on the future of the Charlotte hornets. They can extortion rebuild you say and then we'll be bad for you nor your tunes but you know about Tony Torre it's one it's 11 things are these turnaround and almost wins as those Zain. What's a trillion us in real determined things Renner pretty quickly as they tell him alone drone. I'm going to go to process you don't will be bad for 2019 towards warning but when you are 20/20 one and 20/20 two we should be competitive. If you're shot I've got some people Jesse underlings and attacks on Santa Anita quit saying the horn seeded trade kemba and some people say this people are my side I mean so one of the prison sexing great trade and they're doing. Very similar. Tutsi were really good. I mean he he termer he's got a what you like this a year and so all of these tall she's you know what I. All in you know we just plays a game the way it's supposed to be played it is going to be horrible chairs report wins. Such a likable player this is not an indictment on Kemba Walker whatsoever I think you have simmer. Exactly and this guy who is one of the best competitors in the NBA he had you know people are criticizing LeBron last night in and I understand the criticism. At times the guy like LeBron for not having that killer attitude quite an essential water has that it offers a guide you can get behind and he has lifted the hornets who wins that they have never been at the business of winning so it would be very very hard it would be an emotional loss to trade a guy like kemba but if you are looking at what is going to set the hornets up. To be the most successful long term. It's probably using Campbell as that asset unfortunately the hornets just don't have anybody else. That they can use it there was somebody else on the roster who is that are out. We can try to move this guy and builds did something around helped him there's just no other way to do it other than that nobody's trading for Batum Kidd Gilchrist zealot instant it's and and non starter is not. Happening right soak soaked in the move is going to be to have to do to make our decision and and paper and part ways of Kemba Walker that's that's to me is the move. Yeah MM and you hope that Nichols with total cover page of the pace with his son knew our shares from girls in you know as. Are you to himself and didn't torture and opposition movement after the tour in nineteen season look for right now there's not a team out here on 1218 season to me there's a team owners or make a more net. Yes so we're at where did break we'll come back we'll concede talking about that in the future of the hornets again they did finish with the eleventh pick in the lottery. After last night so it's sinister thoughts what should go what did you do with that pick we'll get that actual conversation as well as what the future of the roster as it since they shouldn't be this is greater in the midday talk about ortho Carolina I'm just parcel he's Damione Lewis. Freddie right when somebody how you doing. Good grossly door on doing good and we won't say god I did but it tailored to the big foundation was code blue did I was good food. Really have thought they go about it I think you can feel her you are. That's what you are you raise your blue cheese do you Freddie right. Oh great. That's detective Kruger in the mid day. Or by ortho Carolina. It's been a good show you those who are yeah. And where we do that is rare it was also also Wednesday. Welcome back to Kroger in the mid game out by ortho Carolina grosses out all week he's vacationing in Cancun cuddyer put an request for some of the Jose I don't remember sort of all born you know won't bore no money laundering in the water we talk about that earlier he better be during about a war. Brushing your teeth but I never been to Mexico but that the stories I've heard maybe never wanna go their songs and tell me I'm Vince to console realm. Also and also stay we had there are no really good people yes it is definitely tools and soft opening guarantee unless there's any at all. You know when you don't want different cultures in order writing you can spot are American a mile away. No we don't if we don't necessarily add to this and we out of the country Russo and has this come out of control. But you know you just are we lay low men Wesley lower and you know we had a ton. A drug user off your stories that can be told me the problem but we're not for the on there and I know we'll see how your critical hours and turned. We did something that you say they didn't feel vacation story. We should I know. Once at. I'm sure you are doesn't really grew I'm sure you do bullets let's get back on that topic we're talking about before the break and that is the hornets have an eleventh pick in the in the NBA draft draft lottery was last night the top of the draft went signs kings box grizzlies man's so not a king actually had a seventh best odds to land the number one pick before the other lottery last night they jump all the we have to to do we the first time in franchise history the two kings will draft in the top three they had the third pick last year but that pick went to Boston. Via a trade which intervened Jason Tatum so that negative and play for the kings right now will solve the wounded in the Sacramento fans continuance in the from the TV you know Crowley's comments please lord. They've got a good players do feel like we give it a Jerusalem at W Woodson as well so the way it works actually is on the in the lottery most people don't know this but the way the lottery works they don't draw every team. So they only draw the top three picks right so so they drop ping pong ball for the number one pick the number two pick the number three pick so at eleven and you're either going to be 123 of the high as you can actually end up is nine along and on math of that but on the way where today's live if you get. In two teams that were. I guess ahead of you get picked early at eight we can't move up much further unless you get all the way to 12 or three residential is a way or worse yet some people think they actually literally picked. The whole order but it but yes so it's a what was going through the looking at eleven. Or the miraculous jump of all the way up to 12 or three to look at Abbott as a team behind them which would have been the clippers. At 1213 or the nuggets could've. Then one of those teams to go into the top three would have slid Charlotte now worlds so anyway in a battle lemon. We we did talked yesterday on the air like I did it on the off chance the hornets got the number one pick with that phone conversation for like five minutes but neither here nor there at this point so we were talking. Before the break about. What they should do with Kemba Walker we did have some people texting and on the building Centex like 704570961. There would love to hear your thoughts and got some good I'd trade options being thrown out there one scenario that won the Texas put an ideal scenario in his mind trade kemba to Phoenix. For Josh Jackson the rookie from Phoenix who had it in a so so year with the suns at a Kansas then draft Colin sexton ordeal just Alexander the Kentucky point guard number eleven and then you're building. Around a core of either section and you'll decide to enter a young point guard Moly monk in just Jackson mean that that doesn't make sense you have to wonder would Phoenix be ready to part ways. With that picture or are you in just Jackson who the guys they just took last year at number four for a guy like Kemba Walker is that gonna make and substantially. Better. Long term maybe it does I mean they do that Devin Booker who who is a going to be an all star for years to come to blog would make got a very dynamic backcourt -- -- whoever trades for Kemba Walker if it happens when did acquire his bird rights could be offer -- able to offer him the Max next year when his deal is up. Anywhere that I think trades for Kemba Walker would have to do so meant getting to guarantee from Walker's camp that he would extend and sign with a team that's what happens in all these trades his when we got him on the marquee player a guy who's probably Oprah Max contract you're trading for him with a guarantee that he's gonna resign really one of the only anomalies in that situation in recent years was Paul George being traded. To Oklahoma City with our round re upping and extending his deal most guys. Do that Carmelo Anthony did it would the next few years ago several other cases that were baseless and are the not so much leverage in this because they can say hey we don't want that we're not gonna resign with view so you got to trade me but you can only Jami somewhere where all we extend my deal there Groupon so did you have a lot of control kemba Walker's here's a guy who is has said he's very happy in Charlotte he wants to stay in Charlotte but the hornet's may have to take a look in the mirror and say is this what's going to make us best in the long run so odd detail what they do their -- and didn't give us your thoughts on the tax on the let's talk about the draft specifically deal and you're looking at the top prospects earlier in the draft hit a -- stand pat. At eleven they can go a couple different ways assuming maybe Tim blockers still on the roster so -- pretty settled at point guard where the other direction that you can Gelman you've got a guy it's minimally monkey to a pretty good about gold forty keyed at least showed some promise at the end of last season with a double -- point games you have a backward maybe to build around do you go the route of a guy like miles bridges he's been thrown out a whole lot as a kind of a 34 Twitter guide Mattel bridges from Villanova another guy in that same builds. Up three Indy guys that to me is what the hornets need the most because. Like we said earlier they got a guy right now plays small forward has been here for five years group does not put the three injury in the affair and Michael Kidd Gilchrist. And you turn the three out of the completely shut. Attempted to three pointers last season being a star turn came they. You don't show and he showed less threes then the number three this it is I mean all season long that's I mean you. You cannot. Put starter minutes there are gives sort of message guy Alexander says is that. He is he doesn't bring any pop offensively and all right is this like he is a defensive guy. He brings nothing really to scorn table. We'll look at number and how many games he's available shifting points or your woes are farmers 67 maybe. That he's out of Bush's team point right so he's not a guy does bring you any story it. Own accord offensively united in the night out then. You don't on you Warner won one as a permanent struggles offensively when asked Porter reason you know you need morning Gaza just go round in new demands a bone you on. The opponent's best offender you need to have guys that can play defense and how. A level and do something contribute something that in ninety and Obama himself at a court. And if you look at the hornet's from a team standpoint last season they were actually one of the top five teams in the league in three point percentage. They were in the bottom five in frequency of three point attempts. So what that tells you as the guys who were taken a three shot it well Kemba Walker Nicholas Batum had a decent year shooting the three pointer Marvin Williams obviously terrific three point shooter is at the four but. You have guys in Dwight Howard Michael Kidd Gilchrist Cody Zeller. Do cannot face the flow whatsoever and that really really limits you on offense and issue much easier to defendant and isn't. Look no further than what the Boston Celtics have been able to do obviously that's an extreme example but look at any of the teams that have made it this far in the armed anti western and Eastern Conference finals they're teams that have a lot of shooters they're guys that make it you have to defend a lot of space you have to be able to to guard all five guys both inside and outside the three point line Charlotte does not have a roster that that debt. Lets you do that right now they don't end and that is why I think that with the eleventh pick you hope that a guy like Mattel bridges who is that three Indy mold miles bridges not quite a three point shooter that Mattel bridges is. Can in one of those guys would be a great great that you see all of those names listed a dollar window Carter junior and do that to me is pretty redundant with what you are you have on the roster in Cody Zeller either more a flag he's a better version of Cody Zeller but. He's still in them all he's not a guy is gonna immediately space the floor which is what you need to get a guy's gonna be a comment and score I don't even look further down to guys like I Troy Brown a shooting guard from organic all on May be even. Kevin Knox from Kentucky Lonnie locker from Miami and he knows our guard perimeter oriented players rise what you need I think more than another guy who's just going to clog the lane I mean we know they're not gonna go they they shouldn't go that route at least we're not at eleven sell another person sexy and the buildings and attacked science is saying that would that Josh Jackson train and that scenario the hornets only get Josh Jackson actually think he would also ask for one of Phoenix's 31 round picks. In that scenario see you again Jackson another first rounder obviously the number one pick but no one of the exam later in the first round to have a couple pieces adult around to giving the suns an all star point guard you'd get more than just one young piece out and aren't -- more involved but that's just kind of dubbed the crown jewels of the trade you build around it that's the framework of the deal come. And out all this the most valuable thing for the hornets all the PX box for. We're relieving care about getting guys back and ales on the different stuff I mean they need players but they're drafting and developing. And you don't on the early storm that with that over over the years but. Are we over a barrel soon bringing in the new or we got a new era in jail we got a new deal we got a new head coach given the opportunity to develop a change in you don't if you do get a player for your screen actually gravel are from Iraq from the saudis gray but at the end of the day it's about the draft picks me. It has and that's what you seen in Boston has had a lot of success of that they've won while doing it. The Philadelphia obviously building through the draft several teams have struggled to build through the draft Orlando is a big case of a team that drafted high for a long time and they have not been able to get out of of the lottery for a long time to Sacramento Kings the same way you're kind of expressly Romberg syndrome earlier in the day DO days. And Sacramento on in the rooms have been aimed rat for now almost fifteen years ever since they they had that run with C Webb and NB AB in those guys bigger and now. If your child you gotta trust the guys that you put in place you have James beret go ahead and head coach got Mitch Kupchak and experienced GM. Those guys are gonna have to make those hard decisions and look I'm getting tired a little better and corruption. To do years. He's obviously very experienced GM I have some questions about Kutcher did mills is on a little while ago joining us talking about. That glut. Mr. subject is one of the brightest basketball minds in the country I don't doubt that bought it. At the same time. I think it's got to go mind could argue culture comes from the being the GM in a very large market they're deep preeminent franchise in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers he was able to make deals and signed free agents and acquire guys who wanted to come to Los Angeles. That's not. The case in Charlotte is a different job then the job of running Los Angeles Lakers he doesn't. I have that same luxury of being on sunny LA and being able to trying to acquire guys like Shaquille O'Neal like I mean the depth how this all trades he made was one of the best trades in. In the history of the league when he was able to unload Kwame brown and get Pao Gasol but can he make deals like that in Charlotte that's going to be a bigger. Wouldn't you say that also don't think about look at how much money you're losing as Ashley when you went to Italy just to Texas. What makes LA's so we're trying to get out. And of Kobe Bryant in check at dinner the other the women. The weather in the women's basketball season is four. Some listened anyway knowing all season at the end of the day you don't use a lot. Money going out there early in you know you're if you're looking at it as a money deal are you looking at it. As any other I mean you're out there were calls tools already there are playing live and what comes prepared championship. Not be able to do the same things aren't don't understand why are people constantly say the edge you know these teens are more charge of the calls are location location location and that's the case Miami would be in the championship aren't. Every year well. Actually we'll be able to draft a guy like Dwyane Wade in he'll get a shag anyone. When the first championship now almost led Miami became attractive for the and what you want away and those guys there when Alonso won what are you breaking her neck to go to the mind and play basketball. Look at. York Chicago Lon because Porter women. My it is a different era I think today and he does a great point you made Damien because the guy is today are more likely to go where. The players are I mean LeBron James is in Cleveland and he was able to get on locally remarkably normal and imports hormel. Of course not so so having. They also are no matter where you are make sure more likely Trajan destinations today than it did maybe 1015 years ago where guys just wanted to go where they can get the biggest endorsement deals and NB in the warmest weather so we wanted to break we'll come back conceded talk more about that we've gotten that on the line we'll get him next to talk more about this cubs are able to Muhsin Mohammed joining us at 1 o'clock today it's it's up at dozens more in a fellow get into that against Dave tepper is behind the Panthers that was announcement came down earlier this morning so we'll talk all of that and more here he's in Louis I'm just parcel keep locked on Kroger in the mid day powered by ortho Carolina.