Kroeger In The Midday: Jake Delhomme Previews The NFL Draft

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Thursday, April 26th

Kroeger and Darin Gantt talk with former Panther Quarterback Jack Delhomme on who he wants the Panthers to take in the Draft.


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He's crew. Powered by ortho Carolina. We are snorting NFL draft takes left and right right. It's like somebody's crush it up on the table we're just doing lines of the NFL. Junkies and an almost and I say that was full self awareness we can not get enough. It's called the NFL we're all getting high. Happy draft day folks Chris Kroger. Daring gan a pro football talk dot com he goes full screen and sports liberal on us in twenty minutes. To talk about the construct that is the NFL draft we go to detective come. This line is we open up our number two my birthday brother from another mother. A January test baby just like I am my favor got to talk to almost every single day of the week if we could I would it's Jake DelHomme former Panthers quarterback Jake you dead brother's good to talk to you. It could talk me you guys. Doing great they don't like everyone else I can't wait what they're soap opera better you know not strapped to my. Can you party where you thought this is where joking about this earlier you so I feel like you're in are either on either end of the spectrum you either love it eat sleep breathe the NFL draft coverage he can't get enough. Or a year just so over a minute this isn't real football and you just wanna you wanna get to the practices and both in the in the indeed you know the pre season games than the actual meaningful games. Once week one rolls around how do you feel about draft coverage shake. I. I enjoyed it I really don't wanna go pick one that enjoy it I'll. I love it is that we talked about it so much been so patched it a college football fans in the water or whatever it is don't see why there. And betrayed them where you value what players and I absolutely love it and come out tonight when I say I am. I'm so ready to watch that he would an ample the bogeys quarterback. As it seemed like it will be trade I know why it it won't hurt but I have a audit spam or at all all. And then now you know you get these reports now are going to be made field but it. I mean how much because these reports that sort of lie oh all right now did you just never know. We you're around daring guess forever see you know you can't trust the media Jake you know I don't doubt that they don't have to. Where it's always about us take we've got an agenda every single day I need since I need to know Jake are you like because I know who we got guys around here that are like amateur scouts the point of film on YouTube are you going to that links are you pull on a taped on YouTube. No 100% on about there and that up Everett they well we hope there'll economic are economically they event. I don't. I don't go back and watched Toby play him. I probably have a little more interest in the quarterback active positions because that's what outplayed him in you know so highly well it. I know I do not go back to what so there. Jacque we're just soccer matches before you came on Josh Allen scanned himself in a little trouble because people found Simpson mold tweets from when he was in high school with some racially insensitive language. And you know whatever you think about people digging up high schoolers tweets it's out there now you cross pass with Kerry Collins in New Orleans after Cary. Left here under some dubious circumstances. Is the reaction in the locker room. To Cary. Won a lot of guys heard about OK you said this about a black teammates you got punched by guy in a bar because. You said some things did he have explaining to do when he walked into the room because of that. And I know not really be quite honest though he was playing by the state that they you let go up up and they're they'll never brought up want. You know I think at the time with the saint and I'll want to vote quarterback think that now quarterback optics. They were due to duplicate the somewhat the commitment play well at quarterback this beat quite honor and it. And I got overshadowed fairly quick bit they're better at the root DW I only you beat back there you look. On the same speed so that that really became a it spoke they're pretty much out there that they'll. Doubt never doubt that that was brought up in the lead it into war declared that. We're talking a Panthers quarterback Jake DelHomme is what is right now on the tech become just like do you take to things that have always been valued in evaluation prospect the process for quarterbacks is the same as it always has been takers are different now do you do you have to look at and evaluate quarterbacks destroy yours it's the same sort of benchmark she always looks Forester as you look for quarterback. Well I think. Everything's so prevalent on it seems like we had that app. What expressed in the top box you know be empathy there or apple one. That that's Robert law that perhaps in the top five that they don't have most productive NFL quarterback on Iraq there and you have that one especially the way the rules are. Situated now the secret the players are sort of they lack there up the heat that the player because. It become. Pat mainly eat yet and any doubt about it touched enemy could apparel football or are what. But to me you're not Smart because you have an advantage over illegal carpet in the book I don't you ought to be sit there at their opinion will change so. It's all quarterback driven right now. Let's say an evaluation prop bet changed that. I'm not really is so certain about that I think everybody around that they'll be Paramount. I want a one type a read quarterback. Make it sort take all four of the gunplay and all the or EO of think that nature that a lot of these diet these quote that the calling late in the sidelines. I need to do that truly not understanding shrug their coverages at them and how to re direct line not that they're actually they're pretty and run well are being re. So a lot of that at the tip on how much they think folks in the college and the market well that's that's where are we going to. So it's really a true or not they're all so the mental capability of these here you're not. Well what pairs because they're not act that you so many things so that's why it's only been trying to get in me and even that much information that possible put him on the board. Just seeing what they know it's not apparent that not their fault that they don't know what Condit matter matter at all. You want that they're page drop your your top three pat which yet college. Don't they were covered it you can predict that and what was your read it -- why they just want to give them well. Bombs and see what they you know went into kind of the piper from there. If they were talking really about understanding covered that they would do runny that typical Stella. Did you ever think the NFL will begin to adapt what they ask quarterbacks to do simply because a supply and demand and the guys coming out of college are asked to do XY and Z. Why can't an NFL coach say let me do that instead. I can't stay there there's been actually hurts a little bit different you know they'll. You know this game where you know all people appeal for things like that in the quarterback of the football. Indeed I mean you see it firsthand we you know we now you know. Cam Newton is big exception because he is that it physicals that meant it take up some of that beating him running in Spain in the pocket. Some of these other I mean Michael Vick was probably the most dynamic player I've ever seen and I thought quite the year being an indoor Carolina. But toward the end. Even when Michael you know they'll well a player that being that it took just from true running the ball so much you know Michael it's. Tired steep probable all of the at an hour just from the repetitive it over and over so I think a lot of Opel that well it did it trouble. Content relating should they quarterback what because he just kept running that much you're happy it was and that and they broke. We're talking to. On the technique contest line and by the way were sneaked this in really quickly because it is of note we'll get into it later on but Doug Greg Olsen. According got to show after deciding a two year extension. With the Carolina Panthers today so the painters are busy work we got Jake DelHomme with this right now. On the technique come guests lined Jake you know Marty as well as anybody so it's been six years since he's been able to run a draft. What do you what do you think go club where he's at what he's gonna do going into this weekend for the Panthers against. Well I try to go back if you know other COQ where were they in that were deported do previous Malia that it. Dared gonna have to help me on it yet so Williams who. Tweets that it was when wherever they went seven I think twenty yeah 2728. Late twenties stuff. You know at the end so there we have Chris Gamble what they were 28 their bottom you know this was 25 GA BC mostly hostile. I'm not sure morning jumps you know yet somebody in its. Best player available so I believe I remember like yet today in my house. Our I believe maybe it's Saturday night or what. When Ryan a little self respect route and we had just signed just the court we've been rated BA free agent contract then. But he couldn't will be there player available while in law and we took it. Now those are the right move. You know so hopefully they trapped there for its threat that they and they pick the best player available and look there where we pick and either. Player better not. You know there where they aboard that then hopefully can trade back or. Is that the value and media accountable what is accused spot there that somebody who want you to do that. You know how to eat you wanna take the pass player available be it. We you'd have a quarterback you have cam Newton's got a pretty dark pit he bit respective for a separate so the pizza that they. And Bob you wanted to kind of just keep adding that the team that must or call. Jake. With to that point and you know I think what's really interesting about this team right now is maybe maybe some of the stuff in in the secondary and then you've been around Marty I think Marty values the secondary maybe in a Detroit and Dave gentlemen but how do you feel about the way that secondary looks right now at least on paper he can change in this draft might be a part of it but I do feel about the value of corner and safety offer for this team what they need to do there. I'm so it conduct normal if they happen yeah me too I mean I don't know are there are in the that this is that we play at. You eat yet and all I'm very Drew Brees you have Matt Ryan. You have tickets went that are built. They got a lot of ability there. We need to covered dot Wii did make an appointment that if there last year we barely had that much let pat Rick so. We need some that the ballot be obviously an area need you like the about it if all there but we think we're proud about you they bear. Poppy a state he or corner because. In that that this is. That you played it seems like the year it would become more the it's accurate throwers so corporate lawyer it would obviously help. Jake DelHomme I wanna know about tell you being all state in high school I couldn't believe this when I read this this morning your Allstate in high school but not as a quarterback you or your Allstate is a defensive back is this true. Yeah yeah Ottawa. Well a mile. Up a plate they B unit that the quarterback. They were in rights were they what they do it all would be supposedly is selling. Now that you do it would. I think a lot of that Beckett being quarterback well they just booty everyone remember he would beat up one high school recruit coming out he was the necklacing. The greater think that we were are all they quarterback. Well relegate you about that is that it. You got the last laugh on that one all right. It worked out very compliant network a pretty good as I say take this back this week in 1997. Yes what was Jake DelHomme doing to celebrate the draft. Colored urinate they'll Raymond got to do all caught that the rapid. They go to camp but you know this is just yet invited. There were so. No. CNET how would be drafted in the league they don't work that out for maybe my every that might have been about it and a local. Appropriate war that I worked so it there was not. I would not expect it to go up or they would hopefully this in the can't. None at all CIA no inkling whatsoever he might get a call that weakens. No no no I look back that none whatsoever. Played it was just so I hope you're out there would hope that palm. You know of it my agent at the time ma what the local guy at a record yet. You know it is we're real hopeful we get an invite to remedy. Jake stayed in these are much different days back then but how much do you ever you look back and say man I'd. That time in my life and NFL Europe I miss those days are for fun did you ever think about those times. Absolutely all the time their opinion that the little guy there until we think that would the great learning ground for me I mean it's it's it's training ground there. Think of some raw with the blog and little brawl wide receiver and quarterback that truly believe built got it developed by my bracket. You guys running in two quarterback system in Frankfurt right back then nobody was. How did that work. Well packed court about pat of the third round pick of the Tampa city chiefs' third or fourth round pick in it without heated. On the same allocated to Frankfurt so about it. You know a lot of though you had we. We need to work for him and I we weren't dealt with each other they about the big or debit and we just kind of we just relocated and we gave we try to give BK at this some some problems because. You know one play one portable reported an act that we both do. Is that the purpose for our betterment of the quarterback playing what help but obviously we want the play in the hope. I probably would appear that wanna be game pat had a very and it actually worked out great form to let up. You just idiot what idiot that you committed minor league system and at that make it you just enjoyed it except they're simply fail. Can you give us an example Leodis Jay can you give us an example I heard so I think it was injure Brandt was saying recently that he when he was over there working and NFL Europe he remembered that that the that a lot of the sales staff was complaining to him saying what are you guys doing with all you gotta stop doing these stoppages in recent what do you mean he stoppages easily sands are used to these. That he did they're not used to you guys what do you guys are doing in a circle when he saw what don't we call those huddles. We hung up to a call the plays do you have any example of both of the fans not understanding they'd love to eat the sport but not understanding the new wants of the sport you any good story about that. No matter released lower Amsterdam upper tier when all outback that third quarter at the end. They weren't ready over all of their familiar with the American football and they were the better advocate to be very odd. The next she's going to Germany there were and Peewee football think that they just put that work well. Some knowledge of the game of football a little stamp well up points and a lot more in theory. Bob and now up in that that they understood that what the really any day. Let me expand bullet and out of it. That they were let it out of its time and if the music was playing at an eight ball well all warm and they have. We had a great home field advantage in Frankfurt it became an attic it that. We threw the ball around him we got away. We want those games there that may occur I. Larry. 24 for the Panthers who is its at all. I elect am I gonna do your name to the the pop up come on give them. You still on the line make them learn how it did not have now been really follow I think packed it beer I'm a bit great pick and other weapons he relies. All for it but I think if quarterbacks but by the playmaker they corner well. I've come preferably a cornerback. If we get one that we value that the ball all. That's not quarterback it's more than a bigger the ball in order you know so and obviously there are some parts though. Prepared at the resident expert on the law I don't think he should well a little more. Knowledge of what the paint that might be on there so. I think bitterness or that it kind of put it on the line here. And never is the term expert in throwing around so loosely now really stick to low this is also when we usually count on you for Kentucky Derby tank again now that girl walks out of the right yeah what's happen with the derby. Graf cannot have a chance people in. Wide open race I think they're going to be for our legitimate favorite or to let that be a great. I like Magnum grew. As I think he'll probably a third of four joy. I think you know departmental. Will be one of the favorites along that well or just the spot but I like Mac remotely been defeated and you let it be one at that up pretty don't sell. Jacob wants to have a great weekend NFL draft and Kentucky Derby this guy's gonna be live in their next weekend's two weekends excuse and star magic don't go on excuse that was my traditional Jake DelHomme mini camp question after the draft as a result is we can after the draft night day you guys give me your pick. That's not our there who you take it for the although the campus. All I said pretty consistently I think I think James Daniels would be interesting aid if he's there as a guy who complain left guard Nelson or later. Arm that would be interesting but hey you're gonna be able to find a starter radio left Carter corner. At that spot. Yep outfitted with quick I did not hear about the article that expansion of their you do that there. Don't I don't know if they'll look even a place for. It ought the first pompano that would probably be all Ford now. One would think this guy knows his draft he knows this Coppola talked this guy Jake a bet a best of best of luck and die it's good to talk to UN delicate chips are okay thanks to drop about where our. Take care are being good they go Jake DelHomme I've IE if I always feel intrinsically linked to Jake as we share the same birthday. We're Jenner we're January 10 birthday baby sit down and gee I grew up on gigolo. That guy I don't I wolf a legitimate Moriarty true drama Jake DelHomme truth or timid dogs Jake DelHomme you don't know nothing about painters Opel and it really is having been around work and at the paper Meehan on the B basically for his entire rawness the starting quarterback. And from the time he walked into the door you know my family was always a rabbit my daughter would come visited training camp when she was in a stroller and take would you know she was toddler run around JB IK and I don't baby you know. And for my soul from my daughter Jake DelHomme is to some cat who worked too bad it's just an awesome dude man holistic could get very we come back on the other side daring can't unleashes his full screen is sports liberal terror down all of the construct that is the NFL draft and Marty tourney coming up in a matter of minutes to write your amid days on FNC. Were powered by ortho Carolina. Urging them. Powered by Ford so Carolina. Yeah. Fearing can't win this pro football talk dot com on this Thursday happy draft day you'll hear Marty Ernie within the next ten minutes Kantor's GM if you miss him yesterday you'll hear that coming up in a matter of minutes and also get bill both roll on through your in an hour but daring get is a lot of things okay he is a great sportswriter. He is serious charge he he's very smarmy. Very windy. Some of that humor is not always found. Upon every recipient tune it takes say an acquired taste will much like my blue cheese okay. But we've also discovered things about you your bit of a I don't know I want what would you we call you hit the hillbilly MD as well right. You sometimes you distill what is it a Gatorade and a banana you take two aspirin will fix a problem. Well I don't take care of most when the kids have a cold and they're convinced they mostly blue and have to go to the urgent care and Wal-Mart and a banana drinking Gatorade hydrate yourself. Thanks a man fall. I don't wanna do some rest so you sleep it off it's happened so that's your your hillbilly MDH we've also found this out about should you do your bit to get a mixology as you've got a pension for a mic mixing a strong punch. In a pinch with whatever limited capabilities you're at your your mud from a guy ever make solid just if you will I don't like throwing things away so it down all the renders Celtic collects at the back and it. And that we will use from time to that we've also learned this I think above everything else you are a seeker of truth and justice but we've also is understood the meteor is slanted a certain way okay we like to call you just scream in sports liberal around your BS SL a few well. Fair or unfair and it's here. I don't know that it's I think people have extrapolated it to some may be political beliefs that I don't necessarily have did this why sports related here I scream in sports liberal bias what I believe then most of all is everybody's ability and everybody's liberty to pursue their own happiness. As they see fit that's why I think the NFL testing for marijuana is ridiculously hypocritical considering. What they all allow. Team doctors to put in the players that isn't necessarily good for them. So so things like that have released on all remain presidential music I would have gone as I'm Grateful Dead something I'll. Let's sell out jam band is what I what he's a guy but I think more than anything else I just believe everybody ought to have their own ability. To pursue their own life liberty enacted so what you would feed your idea for you you don't like to construct that is the NFL and I. Yeah I think candidate in an effort to pursue that most clearly for a labor. The thing you have to do is end the NFL draft. Poll would. Come again. Do away with the NFL draft. I mean why it is failure about a system. Which is build a mean what we've got here is systemic. Inequality. You have created a system where you have rewarded. The poorest performing. Members of your car tail. With the ability to get the very best human talent. In what other line of work if you go to college for four years you've got to broadcasting degree. You've got the ability to go I'm pursuing job wherever you wanna pursue a job. What would what would you think if coming out of broadcasting school Appalachian State your rights were obtained by a K yanks are Q and Las Cruces, New Mexico. You'll I'm proud if you biggest most people don't know this do you are you aware of what you just did there. The K instead of the W yeah are you aware of what you just did so West Coast East Coast and west of the Mississippi that Mississippi's K call letter shortly K as opposed to a to a W. Well I I'm proud are you hearing have you had nine minus KF CNN Pittsburgh yes yes if you had been drafted by a JL low as you lose serve and Finn in wallow while Washington and Italy Canada dispirited by that. You've worked Harding college you think sailed that your trade. You hurt your bright young talent who's going places in this business and now you've been sentenced to four years. With the wretched refuse of the NFL have been sentenced to something else text or writing in on a building senator text line hot take alert. Now. Killed a draft what would you do you would you just let these people pick we're gonna wanna go let's ride in limited free agency. I mean it works great for the owners it's a fantastic deal for the owners because not only did they get price control labor for four years they get to make it a TV show. That's the other thing I would do if I was one of these draft picks. I damn sure wouldn't be in Dallas Texas tonight Hogan Roger Goodell could be like I don't see any part of that. You announced where you're gonna go. Draft captain I would announce a yeah I would turn it in the national signing day but for four pro football but for professional football you declare free agency the same way we do for veteran players and let the highest bidder if you're the Buffalo Bills and you wanna make sure you get quarterback X. Don't and the most money. IMS endurance plan is like a Hunger Games like an American Gladiators in terms of free agency. I kind of liked that I'd be content. I don't now you're on to something the color line now turns into something where if you perform better to come behind you earned the right to hand select where you're gonna go first. You get to be the first to the top of the outlines and for example say clump Barkley he would be the first guy up in the order tonight can he chooses. What team he wants to go to trial or flesh and hang out after they did on him. You create competition between teams based on you turn it. I almost into an all well and I don't sort of think of it is free agents value asked me to think I'm thinking and I'm start to come around the steering get I mean really what is Payer about drafting people. I know this Marty very eager to hear that coming up in a minute Jacque judge big excuse me Greg Olson decided two year contract extension day Marty doing Marty thank her out of shape after eight and a half million dollar pre your Max value up to ten. Are a million dollars for your first source from out of chapter. Could it. Could make him the NFL's highest paid tight end. That just happened yulia Marty next is right here on midday scant Kroger were powered by ortho Carolina for. And then poorly putting it back together. For a little bit more than 24 hours away he's kind enough. A day out from the NFL draft to make some time winners here amid days and it's Lindsay were powered by ortho Carolina Marty it's good to talk to my friend you don't want. Gary current state and I get that. I'm I'm anxious man on radio ready for tomorrow night hi how do you feel right now. How great deal let tweet real. You know it's funny it's just nice just gonna go on over to enjoy watching. Mort pay third launcher of groups may be on your board and go on true 82 guys just to make sure you're right it. To make sure your orders rate your going over scenarios and tenure. I can't keen to see if there's. You know who Pietrus didn't. In general and well and not welcome back what they're slot he's going to be so just kind of duck the actual crust from the teams at this point. It's been six years since you've been on the spot Marty does it feel like six years. You know I kept that in a way but it it's I think it's kind of like right now by you know I think it. It it feels natural hey you know what to expect in. You know an arcade to 24 right now. Yeah you're gonna turn around until about eighteen or nineteen and and then. Ghost picture gonna be relevant to what happens without any torch so. But the process is the same Lynn. You know there's an excitement about this that this why you do it this the compound near mean this is the time that you can make connections. So let players that hopefully impact your and they turn out the wedding and it since the whole process it's something I've really until. We're talking a Marty Ernie Panthers general manager is very kind to make some time and be gracious when this time a day out from the NFL draft he's with us right now on the technique come guess like can you speaking generally about his Marty. How do you see UA's first round pick as we're Thomas earlier and I understand Dick top ten or may be tough fifteen or top twenty it's a little different some expectations but generally speaking your first round picks have been guys have gotten on the field to make contributions right away so what already general things are looking for regardless of position when you pick a guy in the first round. Well I think senator thinking what a guy who can come in and have an immediate impact in. But you know ideally start where you're right away and you know even the first the first old tape but the first to date we have four picks in the top three rounds you'd like earth those guys in the top three round. To come Maine and into be able to contribute role do you want that first prompted become and then. In her ideas start I mean not that that's what mission before and then the second and third round pick come and not compete to be a starter and in contribute rules didn't and that's our goal on. You know I think 24 no matter where you pick in the first round net back and it should be able commune. Com idea alien in had an impact for yet. Early out. Your three picks in the twenties and done this three times do you remember those three decks. Remember some mom mom I know Chris Gamble comes out John basin. And it's. Some guy named DeAngelo Williams who was the all time leading rusher in college football history a point it turned into the all time leading rusher paints her sister got some bad Marty. Now in Italy actually started fourteen of the data out and credit back the 25. And got an extra tricks so which acts apple it would use one right clearly I think that finger. You didn't annual you can doubled up on those two Marty attorneys or the theater general manager day out from the NFL draft is with us right now on the Texan -- site Ron says something really interesting yesterday Mardy about do we hear the term PGA all the time best player available. But Ron said. Need does factory and you've got groupings of players it's teacher evaluation where your valuation feature indeed that's BP A is that the EPA for everybody here is that how you guys who you UB DPS. It's played well what I I've yours that's Chris you have you have hot and every round yet groups of players. In every round and when you get to that group now you're trying to sort true that group co you're gonna take weather spots to double players. Well in the first round what you're doing and saying okay. It's it's. True it's gonna come back. Continent and have the most immediate impact in their biggest impact in the long term obviously that comes in and help our football team the most so. You know our situation experience. When you and me got me we could take a player at every position the first couple rounds of a quarterback and I think that the chance coming in and make it on so. If we need only comes into play when you get into that certain pocket there's a guy that is up on the board and they're teaching separation. And it meter known each you're gonna take him if he is great at that much higher than the other group. Mardy how many guys do you as a team as an organization how many guys do you a first round grades on in this year's draft. Probably enact certain people who. Eighteen range. So that and is that that's normal cracked often times and Anna than ever to be higher or lower at times but that's I heard Gil Brandt say this in the past where you talk about top fifteen is kind of one grouping and then he almost Hewitt after that into the midway portion of the second round is that is that next grouping often times we talk about talent evaluation. Yes sometimes appear to have a 120 you know you'll have to I'd gotten that growing that first and second round mind but I. You know Chris are still tactic can come in and make immediate impact oh. You know that bit degrading process differs from every team. But I you know you've faced seventeen or 181 round. Quality guys but there are another you know ten to fifteen Datsyuk can come in if you pick the right that comment and have an immediate impact and a couple. I'm more curious what this painter she Hamburg were a very grateful that he's gracious enough to make some time a day away from the NFL draft is what's this right now undetected con guess line has anything changed position only in terms of value in the league since the last time you were drafting in 2012. Quarterback still number one I mean what thing he's got kicked out an eleven minute at four quarterbacks on the top twelve then. There's going to be four quarterbacks maybe go on the top six so that's certainly hasn't changed that dictate. Position or you're all welcome Portland and the quarterback quake so. You wanna protect the parent term and rush a answers so offensive tackle to speculate left tackle and defense command or. Huge value I think maybe. What has changed is the value of guard he's. Protect that it took protect the quarterback from inside the closed that pressure inside deep deep dive off the spot. And the the rush rusher and side with. Move in and into attack on net collecting can't really improve. And then I think the value of state he had improved some so banking to really put a big value on being in very strong up the Mitt. What do you think Ted values that rising in in the value in the need for safety in this league worst that were more sex coming from what's that a direct result of Marty. I think just the ability. Changed to two. Get rid of the ball quickly. To to spread it out. In now you'd think you've got mistake he's coming down covering tight end conference slots you have to be able to. Makes what personnel groups cannot think they. You know athletic safety in this wake are are very nice. Marty attorneys with a three under for your hormones is kind enough to make some time right now joining us. On the technical I guess I thought this is interesting to you Enron were saying yesterday and we disagree every day there's always things we disagree on so what did he give me an example for you and don't have to be specific about a player Marty Reid give me an example where you Ron Sega and not and it's contentious even at times but give me an example or where Ron Marty your butt heads a little bit and you guys are strong opinions on the way things need to be done some thoughts. I'm like it's simple a bouquet of what position you know if these four guys earn that same group. What position do we need them out what what position what we've bringing Diane and perhaps the most immediate. End. You know while we disagree with social generally date. You know he eat you've talked about it and you get that point I think that agreement very got to go back. You know about a doctrine they'll give where Gretzky and big east that this Korea all the time but I. The important thing what I got on the same page when they want doubt that the court date in new respect for your patient and everybody ill bet and I think they. It's important. To look at things from different than most coaches looked and it. Selecting players differently them personnel people do come out just look at a guy who's gonna come and and be accountable hats and skins on the wall you know not make assignment errors than personnel people look at it and you know measurable potential. Skills sat. So you have to mix those two. When your reckoning stack the decision then that's basically this book discussion that Ryan and I. Mariano you did some some self reflection with talk about that a lot over the last year's show when you look back and add your drafting history over the years which sure greatest self critique. About where you say I mean I know I need to get better route will be better in this area what was your number one's self critique. I think I think there's been more patient you know out Ali. You know I acting to look back and I think we've done a lot of things well but I think these days. Maybe getting a little. Outrage just as far as a player to. I'm acting very you have to be patient you have to let the sport come PF and did that create and and worked out well for. So to have. Just you just have patience scandal where deport dictate. And don't. Don't follow up what one dire Q so. Locked in on the one guy right there at this. You know you might have tapped breaking might want to move Butler. Her loose some value just keep your value be patient and and. Right so do you think that is something you could point to with maybe some fear here lacks a lack of hits and severe failures in the second round is that something you specifically point to say gasoline maybe that's for dontrelle. I don't think so much that Chris the ten day you know in the second round then and again I mean you know that's like trying not to. Terrorist plot because we have one of you very competent when he going in and we get a lot of it. In the second round that they may be reached when we might every tree need more in the second round to god they're so okay we got it spot that we wanna go with the guy. Maybe we take maybe a week retrain me more than net. But I think there's. What probably you know he'd take this same approach in the second round did you do the first crop that it got to take up the best player the most solid player. The one make you think has the highest chance. Not content. What's the likelihood the Panthers at some point throughout the course of the weekend are trading down what's the likelihood of that Marty. I don't Khamenei who you know I think there that think it's it's it's good. It is to want this car draft the kicker Chris I don't know. What can happen when your low aren't around some parents started out deeply and if you're higher. But certainly I mean that's that's going to be option and it's an option ought to trade up but obviously if you get a chance to creep back in instantly good value in there and get at a extra things that would be it. We're well he wants couple more things so we're gonna cut you loose in the second we were talking about all the good to you would done earlier retirement in the opening hours the show and it's funny Julius Peppers somewhere along the way became some sort of ticks that of course he picked Julius Peppers how could you not to Julius Peppers yet we're looking at the guys around him who got picked and address Internet should be pretty good draft but not the other guys in the top six turn out to be pro bowler and Julius is going to be a sure fire first ever tried and true Carolina panther to be a first ballot hall of Famer and I would love to know did Marty ever at one point consider any other prospect other than Julius Peppers and number two does that mean that's an Alzheimer Marty you -- holes Tamer on a curious elected to be selected all Famer seventeen years ago. You know it's tiny creek that's what you wanna do you wanna pick those guys that are yours are but he says that no brainer but I. When you don't back that are right there are people they. I can remember that people didn't think we should depict Juliet and you know Camden you can go back could spark its recently as 2011. And you know there was some permanent negative but heat back only take cam but it. I think that we work trigger that those two guys. We did this same process and we research guy to a group we've research spoke problem. Very thoroughly and regularly if you remember back with chillier. We're on the clock basically turned that worry not Houston. They come and then in its present time where there are taken to the car seem so we knew where I actually on the clock and have the top ten but I. Chile it was a brilliant guy we weren't we are focused on fairly early there a lot of work on them and educate what could turn out trapped. So never any did you ever give any serious consideration to a guy like Joey Harrington honesty was here at that time but do you ever give any sort of consideration and pattern well. Oh yeah I mean we brought joy Aaron and NN and we researched although I'm goes by quick it would carefully researched almost got good. You know 2011 I mean I was distraught cop the draft look at those guys quit you know Marcel Gary Peterson and I'm AJ green easy. Julio Jones dressed you reap search album but he just in both cases. I would say it. That guy we have to focus on the most from the start was Juliet nothing came into capitalist. Marty had gotten to know you have just a little bit throughout the course the other years and 9 I know I am I'm a competitor I hate to lose and I love show people the wrong improved people the wrong you have any that any anything that's fighting be this weekend just saying always going to be great to be back in that warm and entrusting your process good and I can't wait a good show on the best in the world that what I'd do it selecting talent got a new uniting you over the score over the course of today's. And that there I don't think you can do this got a contract competitive I mean but it's not of much kill everybody get what he can do it's really. You know how can getting player that can help this football team and help you win because that's. That's what at all out as young football games and so not proving anybody wrong or shown encouraging me not to play. You have accountants and yourself you can do the job been on any T Angola Cokie good football player we can win cookbook. Well Mardy are best of luck I know it's gonna be wild and so on weekends people probably not be just something we get an at any point this week and other than an hour to hear they're so enjoy it best to lock and you know we're very grateful for you taken some time for us and your busy right now so thanks for joining us. Not from crypt thank you government.