Kroeger In The Midday: It's Draft Day!!!

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Thursday, April 26th

Kroeger and Darin Gantt are pumped up for the 2018 Draft and give their thoughts on who the Panthers should pick at 24.


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Powered by ortho Carolina. It. There's not enough sugar in a box of blood to arms let's replace the serials with a frosted flakes it's an actual thing and I walked by. While she was beaten good. And cook checks next week. Cereal the bowl. I'm just I'm walker. The rest of the afternoon. Yes sugar high. This is a nice greeting on the building senator text line text or writes in I'm here my love. I guess that's remained. Thanks booze why what is being. They've done our Chris Kroger eight Darrent hoarding. Buried cancel this on a Thursday its draft day folks. Wait is that a Hernandez it might be I'm here I. Their rights and I would consider tax line is we open this Thursday 7040 John you're never know at least now 9610. God. Help me for the next four hours folksy guys join his principal one man happy draft day all you need to know OK it is draft day we've built to this months it's the only thing that smells tastes looks feels kind of sort of like football even though are months away from actual real meaningful football. OK but we love and anyway. Because we're junkies we need to fix I said yesterday were all snorting lines of draft takes right now to just give us all the draft takes he got dressed in Iraq remained give it right to a suitcase straight down. Straight down the pipes. And the only thing you need to do you really do have a problem don't you do have a problem and the only thing he really didn't need to know about draft day is in and we all know most people would notice around here. I around this time eight years ago or seven years ago I should say there are legitimately people. People that have real meaningful jobs in the NFL and around the NFL would talk about the NFL and covered the NFL working the NFL who thought Blaine Gabbert was going to turn into. Every quarterback's first of all blame Gabelli and it worked out in terms about showing up let us as an battery died which is very imposing mobility speech. What is an interview process where you show that football classes so good character let's face reorganization. That you want your quarterback to be moving forward so Blaine Gabbert Wally didn't blow moved up nodded firmly established himself right now as the top quarterback in this draft. Kim duties to make amends when his pro day but certainly for Blaine Gabbert high you can make an argument he's in the mix for the number one pick overall when you hear comparisons to a more athletic Drew Bledsoe certainly I'll Blaine Gabbert is not a lot you know didn't throw he has a good pro day Josh is moving up avenue number eight right now on the big board how much authority is number five or numbers say how much we got a lot of milk. For talking about going Gabbert you're gonna get out of here get out of here that that makes my head hurt all you need to and always four years eight years ago seven years ago sees me at this time there are people live it legitimized doubling devers gonna be a better quarterback. In the NFL think it's so fun. This is his infamous take from from the year before suddenly is not on the Internet anymore why. But amazing. All if Jimmy Claussen is not a great cornerback Al retire. Yes now stock. And where's San today now I might know working my favorite part of that whole back and forth is when when time makes Shea and I don't. I don't know why but we don't know what he has been scrubbed from the from existence you can't find that audio anywhere you can find is a transcription of it but during that does that back and forth where we're Todd said. Now we only need three years he says I won eight years now OK you've had eight years melt. If you have here here we stand so it's draft day we love the draft everybody does because it's the hope it's that it's the widest since the you say no you don't like hidden. I would wonder Ryan put it on the pole we always have a poll question at the polls and put this at WS then you guys can tweet us. We're on Twitter as well knew new show Randall is at mid days to d.s altogether at middays on WS frenzy. I'll -- somebody was actually reading this and yesterday in the text line can't saying that day Ari die hard Pinter fit PS so holders season ticket holder. Eat sleep breeze loved Peter so Paul the Euro over the draft already before it got out we can hurl over. They've packed an extra week into the schedule this year I mean eight everything got pushed back a little bit so. It's one more week of rehash it one more week of BS anymore where it. I feel sometimes eight and again my opinions going to be different because I'm doing this for a living in. You know I mean in the tunnel. I and I stay in the NFL bubble year round so. I'm probably more since did this been people who have hobbies are lives outside a sports and I feel like I've said everything there is to be said about to strap don't think we've discussed each one of these to death and in talking about the Blaine Gabbert Jimmy Claussen stuff I think because. There is an industry of talking about this stuff there's a temptation to talk yourselves in the things that you don't necessarily believe. I mean if you. And I admittedly I don't see a lot of college football. During an NFL season Saturday is like a day off and that's when I try to do stuff with my kids go outside and don't sit in front of the TV all day studying college prospects. Armed but I saw enough college football to know that Jimmy Claussen had happy feet. I saw enough college football to know that blamed ever really was never that good. I mean I'll be honest we yank that thing that got Blaine Gabbert drafted in the first round was twice gang great hair straight teeth and Tom Condon for an agent. And I mean if you take away all those things in just went and watched Blaine Gabbert played football I don't know why you would've ever thought that's a first round pick. Well let's put this on the pole this way Ryan could here's the way I wanna phrases are you hire hung over on draft coverage. As we build toward tonight and everything on the clock or you hire hung over already how do you feel now I'm. I either go that's our poll music right there were CNN right there on our policy guys vote for that C and I'm struggling offenses and I'm straight at Sunday morning coming down. I'm you know Chris Kristofferson in this process is that you you've been in it for so long. It's just we invent takes like how about this and I don't doubt that this is coming from people that actually know stuff but Matt Miller Lite that Miller a lot NFL draft get on Twitter. Can you thought you go down a fifth Matt Miller says here's what I'm hearing 10 AM update here's what I mean I've either. 123 baker cinquanta Arnold he just tweeted that out why does it mean manned what does it mean we'll get an updated eleven what I'm hearing at eleven for Matt Miller NFL drafts get on Twitter what he's hearing today so that steering gear pro football talk dot com. You're gonna go full scream in sports liberal on us and an hour correct. Is that when you wanna do it yeah I love is that when when you want me to uncork this take I do because you're gonna take time out of one or given away but Derek get the screen is forced liberal himself is gonna is gonna unleash I'm ready to fundamentally change the way you think about professional untraceable do that at 1120 that'll come after Jake DelHomme whose gonna join us at eleven skillet to talk to jail cold if you missed Marty heard yesterday at the we integrate conversation with Marty cutting are getting into his mind said. As he gets ready for draft that he as a man in charge of for the first time in six years it's been awhile for Marty. And I'm sure he's chomping at the bit to get he told he told me yesterday against when he told you last week which is. I'm ready to make depict Latin we can go I'm ready to go man dam lets you visiting Nolan. Let's do that hockey and mean and it is disguised. And that's one of the other things that's happening with the I'm hearings is. These guys are already it's all prepared the board set. The one of the more ridiculous stories of yesterday was to be. Q Jackson is in the loop knot in the looping Cleveland John Dorsey skipped this a secret is John Dorsey doesn't want it out there on the streets. If he tells you Jackson too far in advance you Jackson's gonna tell one of the reporters he tells things to. And it's that's on and neck in nobody wants that I cannot wonder because I'm a cynic is Saddam. Is whether the NFL is offering an inducement to Cleveland to keep this quiet and to keep a little drama for Rogers TV issue. Because that's all the NFL cares about his Rogers TV ship. We'll get to this quarter toll return you guys vote at WS NC are you hire or hung over and grandpa or mom just hit the text clientele can put it to that when we return to. Or again Chris Kroger are we got Jake DelHomme and eleven Marty birdie at 1130 and a 1230 bill vote tool reveal all seven picks for the theaters throughout the course and I have a the next few day knows the secrets he's been in the staff meeting we're gonna get to all of that over the course of the next few hours shocks already paying an album working men when we return it and I I think this is a legitimate question this is why the draft is so frustrating sometimes. I'm not sure there's a single thing I mean it's not a single thing. Marty could do that would give us a 100% approval rating among paper stands tomorrow morning we get to that would get after this middays on offense he powered by ortho Carolina. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. Ideally to talk to Jake DelHomme and 45 minutes I actually wanna spend a lot of time talking to Jake. Now about what he thinks about the needs of the Panthers are made what position would you take JT 24 you're on the clock what do you think what would you do. I want to talk to Jake about his NFL Europe dates. This seemed like fun time to damp the seem like like like simpler times for Jake DelHomme Mota talked to Jay about his NFL your career a little bit he backed up some guy maybe you've heard of just heard it all Famer got to be hall of Famer Kurt Warner so. Have you solace so like David Newton I think I gave him like that he had people like something out there are like best undrafted player for the Carolina Panthers and I don't think of him as an undrafted player for the Carolina Palin's address to play for the same rights of who would be that guy for the for the panther. Let's do question a friend Elaine Brad Hoover. Yeah I'd say who's Fred lane yes but I'm minutes that makes me sad sure does. It's and that's a that's a tough question you're right on Iraq is Jacque was on draft abuse undrafted is a C I also asking that question. Think he was gonna get drafted like he even as a six or some drug take no. Don't you think he had any thought of hey maybe somebody grabbed me and I wonder if that what's that feeling like that's got to be. That's got to be disappointing do they want me yeah that's got to be disappointing in my MI lag because every player has the belief okay when I get to whatever team I'm going to I'm going to become a great player. Then matter whether Rama first round pick and matter whether Imus six round picks but everybody wants to be validated everybody wants to another bosses love them and and think they add value to the organization what did you just we can make our. Derek gets what his pro football talk dot com and discreetly sports liberal 7045709610. People writing in on the building setter tax lined eyes saying it's great daddy guys on the mid day show welcome it's good to have you listened to and so you guys can tweet us at mid days. On WS frenzy that's a Twitter handle you can vote for a hole of the day which is going to be higher hung over on the draft pick is saying yesterday their die hard hit their since they're just over with this man like did the build up. Becomes too much bigger ready to just. Beat beat their torched opponents have this is the cycle of the NFL where football football football we miss it pretty quickly. The draft is the closest thing to football we over hype that and then people get over it. And only scrimmage for OTA's and mini camp to training camp the next thing you know it'll be. August or ready to go well I mean it did the NFL has so would you the American dream they've sold you beer around content. So would you drama I even if it's manufactured I still can't get enough personal I can't get enough right now hero over at where you fall. May not do on high on it being so sometimes I had you know. I genitalia went to Charleston over the weekend. Left my phone turned off in my pocket wasn't checking football news just dig in on some music eaten great food. And join a couple of cocktails out and had it's echo on the whole love Dion is just great. I'm might become music festival guy by the way. That is the least shocking thing you've ever told you your life go full dirty hippie. On travel the country in my Volkswagen van camp was snow bands that surprises actually that it's taken this long for you don't have to think that's part of your life that's been missing for quite so I know I do I feel like it a world was open up to me that I knew nothing of an Obama and now I wanna enjoy more when we're talking about things that were in your house in your part one ever thought your van was just literally in your and your family there. Remember how. My house is much. That's the dirty little secret I thought you had a woven tapestry hanging from bureau also this. All on Branford there again get my perks is back find your favorite new brew our first flood your cards one flight a beer from ten A Charlotte Jesper is only 29 bucks you're limited edition pint glass right now to get my perks stock Cummins also snag a great deal. On an awesome club you can up your golf game by saving 50%. On untitled is golf balls to get my perk start coming at a golf club deal up there as well and you could get a twelve pack a ball throwing 24 dollars your choice of two different pro V one series golf balls. By demo and get my perks dot com right now get yours today so. Stewart who are opening topic of the day I'll. It's funny because attacks derisive building Sydor text line 70457. And ice extent true toll Kroger I've been over for a month or more I wanna talk playoffs and NBA draft but it's funny we talk a BA sometimes and people are saying I wanna join us are predators I want draft wanna snort it can be all of it. Just give me every single draft take you could give me right now so it's it is interesting to watch relief with a split and split is on this amongst the fans. Of the the construct of nothingness that is the NFL draft and vs real meaningful sports last night as we didn't watch LeBron James did LeBron James thinks that are incredible to watch rightly got extra that actually happened on on an actual game any game that mattered last night and big stage that I actually made the play on both ends of the floor in the last three seconds of the gang goaltending and now. I thought it was good ball abundantly clear blocked it all right you can tweet a steal at middays on WFANZ at daring deal with two tees. And a act Kroger at Ryan shells WS NC CH LL if you wanna tweet a mayor and it's all brought to Bob Bradley Jewelers its diamond market rally and to celebrate their giveaway a week and get away for free with any purchase of 1999. Dollars it's the best selection the best values the best deals on diamonds. Only one choice it's proudly Jewelers. And Bradley Jewelers stock comments go to its shock. Who's saying honey what's the jumping with a 704570916. And chuck would submit what you wanna say. They played so well they did not call one but but Jerry Richardson will be involved not yet it is any. Are also won the it off Edison is not a joke but it keyed a bullet didn't involve you know process. Oh or eight were quick answer what you want to do not yet so urgent at a mock draft yesterday outlawed. And you eat Eckert moved from walker. All right so is there a lot of steps to text a lot of cost causing these answers I mean. Will Jerry Richardson in teen and Becker would be in the draft room I don't know I mean it's still his building. This is. The last one of these he gets Steven B tangentially involved went so Willie beach last year by the way from the opening round he lets us make himself visible. I mean he want make a spectacle of himself but I wouldn't be surprised if he stuck his head in a room at some point a process but he's also. And older gentleman and that picking coming off the board till about 1030 wanted to get zero like he might be asleep was taken like Heidi the plant the corners that he's been in Canada. Days since he owns the place he pays the photographers so he can make himself inconspicuous you Brett you were at the mini camp actually. Lacked this past year where Christian finally was able to show up right one of the last wasn't one the one at practice are two practices. And Cherie was there. And I found it's so odd do you remember this he was in his golf carton with Gelman at the time. The good old days. And Deirdre my consent to fans were literally following Christian everywhere he went like he would move from one field so the next from like one drill so the next amp T like the golf course which just. Meander or around the field it was always settled up right behind Christian watching watching with the prized. Tony it was going to have really stick on this radio show ninety don't want to get fascinated with a shiny new toy. And now but no he'll be a brown how involved Willie B will he veto a pig will he beat out by hello Marty Enron be asking for is input now I don't mean. Any I don't know how much he cares at this point but the reality is he NT and back her about three weeks away from not having any role here at all. I mean I don't think Tina's going to be you know let's be honest she's. I Jerry Richardson employees specifically so I don't envision a big role for herb. You know after the sales complete and that's. The timeline for their remains get it done by the middle name my tirade he was riding in doling center Texas buddies is croak several mark dress and other critical articles as a side gig for fifteen years I took a break spent some time with my new grandson ideal watched. Or listen to any draft coverage until this week already overt and I'm ready for pizza starts already say and he hung over on the draft coverage that's how he's voting today it's funny I mean it's say it's a strange little drugged because the people who are into it. Our way he intuit. And a lot of people look at and say I don't get it Chris McLean. The deck amount that may seem I love at a maximum Alessio Mac is a junkie I look like act ease a junkie he can't get enough for this stuff is so good let's go to Jerry early quick Jerry would sell male would you wanna say. I croak well commit statements thanks Monday. I figured you more often hit data that didn't happen and it's I'm Bradley on there might shoot. Corked bat the dress and I don't think they're Marty is gonna reach their number 24. Unless they're number one guy is they're torn for. Obviously in trading back Morton I can't straighten if the debt the states state political. To get multiple second ranked second third graphics. Because everybody. Says oh well they'll be about it when the second round terribly well we only got one pick and so on. Number two access. If they betrayed then make them right now for a second. Earlier period in the second round and maybe in our program. And very firm. Everybody's part about it the values and certain third my third I don't think there's going to be or rape kit and number when he's not the portrait. May be wrong. That's an interesting idea asserting nag and IAA also you hear people say okay value and second and third Marty mentioned that is press conference the other day other GMs have made similar comments. And a lot of that is. It not as much based on how good the second round is back Howell. If heard general managers say okay we've got seventeen guys with first round grades we've got nineteen guys with Perth we get 21 guys with first round grades nobody ever says we've got 32 guys with first grant. Brown greats there's gonna be 321 round picks in the breaking. That's just my mask so yeah go slow unless unless there's a deflate gate that happens in the next you know down five hours on the way we've certainly. Did they win loss prediction -- all 32 teams that somehow it didn't he did equal out to a completely 500 record half it didn't it dawn cold to 56 and 250s they how does possible they're not the worldwide leader amassed about that Derrick did he's what does all show we got Jake DelHomme and thirty minutes if you miss Marty tourney I thought we at all awesome an interesting conversation with him yesterday make you hear that get at 1130. You can build look at 1230 to talk some Panthers who is prepared there's dot com when we come back. Robs tweeting in the most incredible and hilarious. Smoking gun conspiracy theory about this cantor strategize and we do that when we come back and during kids can tell us if Marty or he can do anything to make everybody happy at some point we do it next right here amid days on offense he powered by ortho Carolina. I think this is nothing when no hasn't come innings have an immediate impact and not you know ideally parked where you're right way and you know even the first the first hole days but the person two days. We have pork tips from the top three rounds you can write hurt those guys in the top three rounds. To come in and into DA accused tricky role he wants that person perfect Communist he realized it starts and that's that's. That's what we should foreign. Let's apportion Marty or you're gonna hear him in an hour we're a phone conversation Mario thought an interesting conversation would Marty hurt he he joined as gracious enough to join us yesterday a day outside of the NFL draft it'll get going tonight we got Darin gantt is Chris crow or he's amid days here on FNC my guy Wes is tweeting and he said they had the hangover is ended. It ended yesterday today. It's you can rally so he's learned that in Texas that's that that's a high is what he's only half. Our weekly put it on our poll at the polls on our Twitter account at middays on WFANC. How do you feel concerning the draft are you high or are you tunnel for and right now what's the early return or I would we got on the right now hi is that is taking the lead at 64% and -- overs 36% of texture still writing in the lady techsters rodents is that I gruesome these other guys a huge cantor say I'm just tired of the draft talk especially after we saw last night at a LeBron and Russ. In the NBA playoffs I thought I thought the thunder were dead to rights last night no 125 midway through the third. And actually dozed off the bench for a few minutes a woke up Michael why. How or the jazz down right now what is going on. Like what breed like woke up a different world but wow what alternate reality in my living in right now silly people are voting and you can do it at mid days. On WS then he Jake DelHomme and twenty minutes bill vote is gonna join us at 1230 daring get is going to tear down the entire construct. Off pro football coming up an 11 o'clock hour as this agreement sports liberal. I just a challenge people to think about a different way and nobody doesn't quite late do you get let me ask you this is there any possibility. That when Marty makes a ticket 24 tonight assuming they stay 24. That stands a wake up tomorrow morning and say you know what Marty. Good job now well gun kill at universal. Appraise and acclaim and its spam basis say you know what Marty I doubt did you maybe I had a little confidence in you but you conniving SOB I can't believe you pulled that off. Death isn't anything that could actually yeah I think there are a couple of guys he can draft and do that Bradley child take on Barkley may be. If either of those two guys fall to 24. Now I mean there's not a and the guy don't do I mean that I think a large segment and I actually it's Calvin riddle your DJ Moore all. I think that would get a lot of hoop I think in about about like her what about on the other side of all went well liked her when James Chara Alexander mink or brown hi Patrick I have it was a of those guys. I think people will be generally. I think people ought to be now I can't really explain the reaction in this market sometimes to Marty Ernie and I don't know if it was because he wasn't a quote unquote football guy. Because the guy came from a background of you know not. Dave gentleman sitting there with a clicker in his hand watching sixteen millimeter film and the guy. On I don't know why a the response has this has supported him when things have gone generally good yeah with his draft picks him with his roster construction armed. But the guy Emmy people are gonna kill the guy no matter what happens so if he drabs. You know Josh Jackson if he drafts jagr Alexander it's there's a corner who's gonna start day one if you dressing guard it well probably not if he's dressing guard. But if he Dresser receiver draster corner I don't. You don't -- like names though yes I like my name's they've heard of so Jai ears lung disease from Charlotte so I think fans are starting to have there's been there's been a movement I think Tebow he started this morning there's been a movement for him adding common relieve DJ more people of wide receivers to Ireland names they love flashy positions and wide receivers one of those yeah. I mean there was a time when drafting Cary Colbert drafting him. Was regarded as a good thing to do when those two guys came in the second round at a southern cal and I just it. I think ultimately what people how people react tomorrow doesn't matter because there were initial reactions that while. How do we ways to pick on Lou key callais we've got a perfectly good middle linebacker right now all. And that is can it takes you back to. Understanding that there's a lot of point listeners to. The break downs we've done for three months of some of the stuff because until you get a guy in until you see how he fits I mean. As I was joking with you a couple of weeks ago I think you asked me which one of these quarterbacks I've always going to be a complete disaster and I say them all and I said the one that gets drafted by click here you know it doesn't matter which one it is it doesn't matter whether it's Josh calendar maker mayfield it's the one who gets put into a bad situation. In the NFL it's about the fit it's about do you get into a situation that maximizes your ability now Geary is a baseline. Okay this guy's better than Mac guy this guy is more talented etc. by it so much of it is. Based on do you fit into the team your drafted too I. I think this one early it was weird 'cause I think early on tight end got a lot of traction analogy like this name is swung back the other way to support this thing the pendulum moves back and forth so quickly and I'm rob was tweeting in on the rally Jewelers Twitter feed. Any tweet me Accra Marie says my first nightmare for tonight this is funny. My worst nightmare tonight rob says former tide and from South Carolina in his last draft as an owner. Rides off into the sunset sunset by forcing the Panthers to take a tight end for South Carolina. Jerry calling your shot by Mike by picking the next Jerry does hate her status South Carolina it dumb that's quite a conspiracy theory that be a thing man Tom. Would be interest thing I don't know. If you start stacking up the needs of the Carolina Panthers I don't know that tiger is not god to me one of the first four or five things I we get to. It would be nice to have somebody to take over for Greg you're familiar to you hear this again and about 45 minutes because again if you miss Marty or yesterday you hear this conversation 1130 that you just heard that portion of the sound bite. You pick a guy it's an in the first round he's tennis he needs to start now to be on the field you gravitate Hurst a 24 he's not starting. Even if he's on the field a lot it's not going to be more than what maybe 50% of the offensive snaps at best that's not we use a first round pick for. But they clearly saying it there's used for a second tight end because they did bring Erick Aybar and intruder does it. They were interested they're up to a pretty significant price point. I he just went to a place that offered more money in a more. You know media role I think so mom. It's going to be inching CI shakes out but I still think it's a lot more likely that there's going to be a day one starter Rick corner at left guard. Are probably not safety. But may be wide receiver is well and I don't know if the receiver drafted at 24 starts immediately. And let's be honest receivers typically take time under adapt to the NFL game which is why I think it's. It's Dicey to draft these guys in the first round anyway expect in a big return because if you just look at the first round receivers over the last five years. You don't see a lot of immediate impact out of those guys and somebody's gonna walk in the door and have to be better than. DeVon sponsors and Torrey Smith and even if you don't and those guys are great NFL wide receivers there at least professional wide receivers. I'd ask you this as a painter saying you might not even say I agree with this decision but he's very single thing that this you know whether it's trading up or trading down I don't think it's the trading up or putting Kaymer position is very single thing Marty hurting could do tonight as the GM in the opening round for the painters in this NFL draft that you think would get. Spike approval ratings that people say man Marty what do you know what I should the Dow did you I'm on Friday Marty knocked this one out of the park is there a single thing. That could happen to get that kind of reaction from the database tomorrow morning we can't say that some more with daring yet and we also when we come back. Talk about this baker mayfield at the Cleveland Browns thing because it might actually be a thing. Right here's middays on offense he powered by ortho Carolina. The radio dot com after your official home for WFAZ downloaded today you can listen to us anytime. Anywhere who would wanna do that don't forget. He had draft coverage tonight a special draft preview 68 on BT's joke in frank you're gonna be doing that they're gonna lay out the big picks of the night. Some insight as well and Doug get some perspective on what's gonna happen and especially with the Panthers you hear that tonight our sister station. Hero for the painters is well new stock 11109933. WBT daring jail with a single tiered on the constructs that is the NFL draft I just went today as I did. Just one asks you to think differently about something you've. Held as an assumption for a long time alt I will grant you that space will do that thirty minutes Jake DelHomme is gonna enjoy this coming up in ten minutes and so we joked about this yesterday beyond the smoke screens that always come out in the NFL draft. Until the final days in the final hours and it was starting to turn into. Mal baker mayfield nemesis it would take me fields in play. But he's not not play either like that was essentially the report yesterday we're not sure what the browns are gonna do it number one but we can tell you baker mayfield. Piazza been ruled out so we not play but he's not nice play either. He's staying in the same hotel that that that China hands always and when he got dressed and he put out. The goat. Tweet of all time guess nine other Brett Favre free recreation re creating the Brett Favre draft day troop. Tweet right down to the T shirts they were written on with a sharply by a relative in the background to the George to the giant cell phone ready even down to like hand gestures like I like their hands on the floor all like yeah. I mean they nailed it. I mean and I even said I said this on Twitter last night Cleveland's the only place they can break the skit. I think he's going to be phenomenally successful. Unless he goes to Cleveland and and it's going to be a disaster because that's what happens they're. Armed. I just think the guy is and I think he's a really good quarterback he's extremely accurate accurate doesn't go away. Does he have the biggest army is he six foot two no no. Our buddy. He he puts the ball where it's supposed to be. Any winds about two games and he's got enough personality that I don't think it's gonna be too big foreign. A bomb the other thing that's happening right now and it's so weird ugly. Thing that nobody really knows how to wrap their mind around us is John I Allen tweets story so for those who don't know let's still people in on this for those who don't know while he was sleeping Josh Allen's old tweets from high school been dug up to console. Odds are some racially insensitive things in there right there at at at at at worst and there's some really just stupid immature things in there at best it's the kind of stuff when I saw the remarks I mean hey they're obviously regrettable. You know they he said some racist stuff. When you grow up and and I say this I grew up in the country. I when me and he grew up on her courage to be exact he grew up on a farm in California outside Fresno twenty miles away from the nearest freeway so I mean let's not. Pretend this guy grew up in an urban environment he grew up in the country and in some of the stuff on this Twitter feed new which has since been deleted. Oh was that kind of stuff that high school kids who never grew up around any kind of diversity say. Win and it's not an excuse and I'm not trying to say poor Josh is BJ being taken advantage of but Josh Allen's tweets from high school sound like things ignorant high school kids say and I don't mean dumb I mean I mean you've never been exposed to that. I've listened. That bad word that he said that came out of my mouth when I was a kid. Which you know what happens when you're kidding you groping you learn when to change and you learn that that was dull. And you can't go through life thinking that way in saying that same stuff and I think Josh Allen. Is going to have a lot of explaining to do to a lot of teammates when he walks in the door. And this place this week and this isn't an explanation or excuse side of this is the sickening part on the other side show after tweeted this a little bit ago. I bodily tweet us at amid days on WS Lindsay can vote on our poll Isaac comes to the NFL draft tonight are you hire hung over on the draft coverage are you ready to be done with it or you can you still I get enough as we head into the weekend tweet as though got on the burly Jewelers Twitter feed. It's diamond monster rally and to celebrate their given away a week and get away for free with any purchase of 1999. Dollars for the best selections values can deals on diamonds. Only one choice it's proudly Jewelers. Kimberly jeweler stock concept which weed this out can he said a theory to people in the past hour of health floated. Another teen plotted to have Josh Allen's insensitive tweets put out just before the draft in order to increase the chances he would fall on the draft to that team. Odd. Dog you don't say well there's a couple problems there number one. Could it be a team that wanted and Josh Allen the faulted them possibly but is that the way you wanna start a long term relationship. With just him pretty gross violation of trust. I mean you're single by that then on I am not saying I don't buy it I'm just saying if a team. Loved him enough to try to get him that way I mean you're starting your relationship with a lot. When you enter into your relationship it's not built on a foundation of trust I think it's hard to build on it in the future. Armed. So that's gonna be difficult I think it is as likely that an agent. For herb. Some other quarterback who wants to be drafted higher than Josh Allen. Alerted somebody to their existence and here are things like he's OG since it sand Arnold and Josh honor breast CAA guys and these Celia Josh I was I was Josh Rosen is an athletes first climate. OK so you suggest some nefarious here either by us in the 38 simple it could be as simple as we get to the bottom okay. The Laramie console gas mask long story a couple of years ago. That apparently was from may and another employee relationship gone wrong a past NFL draft scandal and yesteryear death I mean it seems like a hundred years ago that was what two years and years ago palm aids the Genesis of that story is apparently a fractured family relationship is there some cousin. Who hates Josh Allen and thinks he's gotten. Too big for his britches and wants to take him down a tiger to we don't know where these things came for quiet but I also with the same time. Think it's absolutely. Shameful. To go digging through. I teenagers tweaks to find some pooped to smear on. Well it would and it happened here what Jordan Rodrigue earlier last year was yet with Cam Newton. And the people who build through Jordan's tweets from when she was a teenager Wimbledon when she was a college student earlier. I just don't understand the mindset of why you would do that to another human B. It's just it's amazing to me by two questions. I don't I worry about the mindset of people who dig for that kind of stuff and if I was listen. If I was Josh Allen and I found out too that a team and did that to me the night before the draft because they wanted me to fall to them. I would have a really hard time walking in the door you know when your employer treat you with that kind of disrespect on day one. To have to walk into the office every day and look that person in the guy that does not. Sets stage for LT well elation wrapped tweeting this IDC tune OT Rappaport from the NFL network is a two notes one teams have been told some of the tweets recording song lyrics movies or TV shows others were meant to be jokes to friends Charlie did send them and then to try teams have been reticent to judge Josh Allen based on tweet from high school best that I mean yeah that's the biggest takeaways c'mon you're not with this. This is not dissuading and I would hopefully does not send his draft climate that being said he did say the inward weather's quote a song her cordoned something else or whatever happened and he he said. The magic word that you can't say and he's gonna have teammates next week. Who aren't going to like that I want to talk to Jay to log on to talk to jigsaw doctor Jack Miller talked to Jake DelHomme next it's middays on that Lindsay back in a quick moment powered by ortho Carolina.