Kroeger In The Midday: Ian Thomsen Gives Insight On Mitch Kupchak

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Monday, May 21st
Kroeger and Damione Lewis talk with Author of "The Soul Of Basketball" Ian Thomsen on LeBron James and how Mitch Kupchak will fix the Hornets.

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Powered by ortho Carolina. Sports is globe you guys whose fortunes go. France is terms in the country in a hundred kids from the mistake and I'm. Those three facets where you can take is just say it's. Damian is still just pounding his chest over the state of Texas unfortunately. Every time Tre Boston standing here I should say fortunately every country Boston's many near Florida did. You've been here you guys go back and forth on this stuff unfortunately. But had to separate the two I've had a blast has to make sure the both number well. Riot cluster manager do better is going to be with us tomorrow okay that wouldn't got the stats but you from. Throughout this we don't gonna turn as a as the grounded on Joseph get a merry. Kids in high school in the great state of Texas actually did a little. When Damian from Texas calls and tomorrow make sure Pat's right in the tray with Amy Adams. Total purse strings. Lewis put us on a Monday on back from vacation we got Ian Thompson in fifteen minutes we'll talk a little NBA within his two books that I read on vacation. If you like basketball. And all I think you'd find this really interstate. If you love it you have to read it and especially if you love the NBA on any on any level to silk. I would talk to an 11151230. We're gonna talk to former panther Tyrone Poole will drop by and that we got other pay after stuff to get into but dead that David tepper audio. Is really powerful on a lot of levels and bottle you guys can email us. Our earth our email inbox if you guys want to get at us. Is sponsored by the Carolina pulls tables plus and Carolina pulls tables plus now would you know how to educate you when your family on new or used pool tables before you buy in of course she can check him out there sure were 4445. East independence boulevard you told me during a quick break though gaming you said. David tempers and American American story of American success story went on about why you say that what about what about his story to you says man that's a slow cars aren't their common of this is distorted choose your debt that's what makes this country so great. You can then no matter where you start. No matter where you Warren life. If you get educated if you push your work your way through inferno with two college that you can change your life. In years ago who you know without a father worked extremely all. But also had a father that you know it was a bit abusive little physical abuse there you know I think. A lot of people in this world can you know can relate with that it when he took it he drove him. He went to school you got his masters and he started a company and you don't now he's a multi billionaire by. An eighth of football team yeah cash money anywhere people walked around the face of this planet that can drop 2.2 billion dollars football team today. She's not crazy I love that they probably got to the end of the process would I eat I eat and reducing a finance subtle though we have financed like that to bring drug Dario Rory fifty or 60% testimony cash I got to the site you'll two point seven. Give credit I would listen as I got out of my price tag which is 2.2 that's what I wanted and so we will pay in cash your camera right I'm ready to deal I think it's really uninteresting. Money I'm not I'm not. More cruel gods is donating in helping me. This lifting when it feels this is your money just Ian I'm gonna talk about having that kind of money with the ability to do that. To just say I'm buying into an exclusive club. Something that again as a kid I never thought I'd even be able to be around what is so do you think use this and to maneuver and it's. I think use this to do and oh really. We juvenile song vector carrying on that's a good on German I had a driver and I. That is a good one for data it's whether the governor. And I I think it's interesting because I relate to this so much a part of the reason I I you know I I am so fortunate to be able to be an easier ways every day growing up in this city. And it. When he talks about not being a little forty ticket. One of five kids my parents I look back on at every day I get older I look back. At my childhood growing up tonight a very good childhood and my parents loved me like no other OK don't wanna spy kids state they love all of us that way. And my grandparents same thing they spoiled us arch and I think this is the thing you look back now it is if you get older right. You have people in your life whatever your circumstances are however you array east colonial in different ways because you need to be logged in different ways Charlotte and get to preach entered a second bush urged. And on to get emotional but my grandparents loved me to no end because my parents. Doing middle class jobs probably could afford to give things to us. As kids don't want it right and so we go to my grandparents' house and let's go to McDonald's seriously do little things like death let's go to McDonald's and and a happy what's takes a five kids was David tapper there's no he was not there because he couldn't get a job their but it sure is this like those materials that I look back on now is eight. And now didn't know my grandparents are alive you know you you just don't know I was a kid. What's being done for you and why it's being done for you miss my mom used to deliver newspapers at the crack of dawn. And she would deliver newspapers and she'd come home and she Guinness already and at a bed and send to soften the the world and she go do other jobs. And then she'd be Darryl we got home and you know what do we have dinner we always have dinner. As a family we would always have dinner there and my my father ruse worked in the grocery business honest feet. Org gosh my dad's been doing this for forty plus years it's the only job he's ever had. And he's worked his way up a in the ranks doing that only that job the only job he's ever had dirty work at a Kroger did not or group that would have been ironic. But here's the probably here's the thing with that is like. I look back on that now and my dad spent. Forty years of his life working nights and weekends and holidays and yet he was always there for the most part when he needed to be there for us he was there for us. And those are the things that I relate to would David tepper where David tepper talks about in my dad loved me he worked hard you set a great example for what hard work looks like between what. There are also some different elements to that too but to be able to look back on and Alex for me is so lately we could afford to go big games here and to the Panthers reported Celeste. My dad got tickets the worker we knew somebody it was very rare that we can just afford to do. Let's go to the game this week right like hey let's go to there's a game tonight let's go to the coliseum. When we wait it was a big deal because we didn't get to go very often and now is somebody that gets to talk about these teams on the airwaves every day. And I season tickets to the Panthers. I mean if you totally that's forty years go to senior on your mind there's no way I'd be able to do that. And so that's on a much different level than David tapper but I relate so much think so many people relate to that is mean you grow up in whatever circumstances jury end. That's America pick yourself up buyer bootstraps and go make something of yourself and you look back on those times you say man I couldn't be here today if it wasn't for where I came from mark David tempers not a billionaire today. Worth arguably fifteen billion dollars. If he doesn't grow up in that environment these different person today religious life that's reality you get put on a different trajectory you get put on a different timeline. But who David tepper is today eight. He's because of how we were thrilled how we was raise good and bad and guess what it's now affecting you you heard the way he's raising his kids are how powerful is that stuff. You're just a string of powerful post at the end of the day. We want to make sure our kids have a better than we had all that we you know we. Do things better do what our prayers did not send up prayers in a bad job but you don't weaken and we can work form home. And you know for him to be able to accomplish dad and be able to narrow that cycle of abuse being broke you go through here. Pass along to his key is that's unbelievable missile well. Lot of people even some people who are successful still able to defeat Ted demon king nor is it says a lot. About who years and about the character of Israel. I miss about the way we shouldn't paint him as a senior person and I'm sure he would want to be paid it that way I'll order but all I know is like if this is the introduction were getting to David tepper Sunday and yesterday at Carnegie Mellon giving his commencement address. I QE it's a group of students where he was once in that. In their seats. After he just bought the Panthers a few days and alert earlier for 2.2 billion dollars in cash like if that was our introduction to Asia to David tepper yesterday. That's a heck of an introduction yeah I got me I am very optimistic about what the future of the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte north Carolina's gonna look like the person or persons are doubtless short break Ian Thompson joins us next Damione Lewis. Chris Kroger is middays on SNC were powered by ortho Carolina. Buffett like his honestly there's like it. It might just. And oh. It was funny we're just talking about David tepper who just wants to Carolina Panthers for 2.2 five billion dollars by the way of sort of point 25 does that actually that brings it does mean something because now it is the richest ailing US sports history surpassing the Houston Rockets Tillman for T got a billion dollar buyer all the rockets last year for 2.2. So he raises the bar just a little bit Richardson -- be a little bit more and I'd be on top if he does he he's got to be on topics of it's an ego thing I'm also a little extra money regulars and extra money or -- Ian Thompson you gotta read his book and a reason I'm talking about the Sox went to second but if this there's something in this book there's a lot in this book but there's something in this book that I think relates. Maybe even loosely to David tepper but the book is out now the soul of basketball the epic showdown between LeBron Kobe docked in Dirk. It saved the NBA he's on Twitter at Ian Thompson you can find links to buy. It is Twitter profile and god this book was also that made my vacation a nominee MBA junkie but even if you're not aegis of loosely love the game of basketball or the sport. I think you'll find his book to be pretty incredible so you should read hi Ian you don't thanks to make time for us. I appreciate crept back and so you have any interest seeing wary about writing this book were you can't have these these these figures of the seminal moments that happen over the course of basically a decade in the NBA in their their kind of each chapter to themselves and one of the chapters is the entrepreneur or and it's sign. Mark Cuban and I don't know what you know about David tepper may be nothing and that that's that's fine but I can't help but think those. David tepper business small goal hedge fund manager self made billionaire. Buying an NFL teams in cash for 2.2 billion dollars. And not just think of Mark Cuban buying the Dallas Mavericks and you spent some time in your book writing about Mark Cuban what was the most interest in seeing you walked away. After writing this book about Mark Cuban learning what was the most interesting thing for you. You know it as a player your situation. I think it's totally true at one saint two Tupperware bowl and I hadn't been they've got. By eighteen catch ordered both these guys did. But mark became a different kind of opener and put themselves in competing and took responsibility. Or are. Reinventing the way because business and he looked at every single thing that the metrics didn't they were hurt. Due to an underperforming. NBA franchise. And every little aspect of the business he took a look at what they were doing they've sent to the traditionally do you think it is then go ahead and do it. But it didn't he try to come up with a new way to beat up looking at it and we've approaching that. And he was written it seemed everything was or an achievement that you. Where were sort of a quad site general manager to presenters. Did it focused on the basketball side for sure. But you do what was go now so he wasn't one of these terrorists and just show up indicated he's there all the time. Just talking everybody into squalid camp and they've got why is this the keyword is the most. Oh dynamic person already on the team. Even yourselves and the players and the coach. And so we've put together this week that it this oddly county group but they weren't able where. They've they've only won one Dirk Nowitzki finally step forward. Indicating. The leader there on the corporate of the franchise to eat it became the dominant personality. This I think I did an immigrant from Germany Geeknews speak very mobile. Almost had to be talked into June living the life of an empty star. Sam when he by the BB a cut and ownership of doubts when he became the guy I think it sort of put Cuban backing to quit it's quite. And there's just being in the book where you know Mark Cuban probably the only charity McCain's is he looks like he's always felt everybody. Internet Waco between the winter finally broke through. Beat Cuba was yelling Attica. And we keep Dirk. Takes on its mouth piece in the also keep a gunshot DD I thought. Very everybody here and it's a very ugly moment. But would also like a rite of passage without. We even need out of it really is that it did the ownership is going to make a difference yet to be involved deal for a moment step back. I was fascinated with the Dirk chapter I was fascinated with Dirk throughout the entire course of this story in this both by the way it is out the solar basketball in tops and eroded as with this right now. On the technique on guess like the epic showdown between LeBron Coby doc and Dirk to save the NBA during credibly candy quotes. And stories in this it's fascinating it's a look behind the curtain. In the NBA over the last ten to sixteen years it's well worth your time you should actually read it I just finished it on vacation but I was fascinated by eight odd that the guy that really is. I don't know if you wanna call on the wizard behind the curtain effort for Dirk Britain hold her. Dish winter. I've gone saying his name correctly and is this kind of guided. Basically molded jerk into what he is is a basketball player correct like this story I know life I claim to know a lot about the MBA and work around the NBA I was unfamiliar with colder until you brought this story to light in this book I thought he was a fascinating character and oldest. The ethics. All glitter. What they were tired. German player people as the captain of the German national team turn and I can commute to the Munich. Happened. We he had briefly retired from playing. Also you can actually get this Ortiz and he noticed there. Way to regain gem. Terkel sixty feet. So our potential. And older with the guys they could've played the NBA we foreigner could try to according MVP the newborn twenty years later. He MB was interest international players from east side in Dirk. I've got a date could get the MPAA. And you know he likened likened archetype true up well when you retire to shoot the basketball he came up with an entirely new way to. Through this kid to put it. And he did it first with. Technical and Kapler in right fairway computers and up these wins soon to be three dimensional work on this commute computer. Stick figures to show. Based on Turks you know IE and strengthen. This theology that with a perfect our basketball. What we continue watching the essence over the years it would roll it down and I'll open up every single day. Whenever they were together turned in some birds and even turn to choose the one local go to Germany. And basically being together in there and there's an NBA start from the gras now there's an entirely new way. Play absent in order sheet to keep at least that was in the same winter came over to the NBA. And the way each it was near the telling me all these guys to put that Dirk all the way yeah. And they were doing different things correctly remembered the book you talked about how and not just what Dirk but so is other. Disciples to you would have them literally sleep on the hardwood with a basketball they would have them. I'd dribble shoot a jazz music correctly they were doing really weird stuff that people when they came over to the states they were like. This is odd maybe it works but we've never heard of something like this before this is odd behavior for from a coaching standpoint. Yet they often because of the mavericks the first time in that whole girl once when Kirkwood is so I equally to each and he sat down antenna weapons and taxes. And couldn't believe what you teary teary basketball that good poker come up with and the way to teach it. And all the big you are talking about and and it's not just out of clay but it it's the support that. You know and here he believed that. When he went adequate training with Colbert Dirk talked about dropping out high school and poker so it's the opposite you have to be contenders student if you wanna be a good basketball player you have to be good students that sort of the opposite who do you look at and sweet they cook sports is a very one dimensional pain and academics who can win a all looked and it took the opposite and when the average wanted her to give lip. To look what to get stronger Kohlberg pick them up to receive your gonna ruin are still pretty creepy big lesson weightlifting printer so he can keep. There's negative approach a basketball. It's fascinating all this stuff is in the book it's the solar basketball Ian Thompson is what does right now on the technique come guess slim but really. Guilty to do an elevator pitch write this book is all the void left after Michael Jordan. Everybody trying to you know claim the thrown and then. The one that was labeled the chosen one king James enters the NBA lofty expectation expectations he largely lives up to those. Outside in the biggest one which is winning a championship. And ultimately did decision. At least from Miami in the way he did it. And how good they are the mavs upset them in 2011 and then everything that's happened since but I. I I don't know about you Ian obviously you're around the NBA a lot I kind of feel like after reading this book. A decade later almost. We're back at square one with LeBron again to get serious falling short maybe against the Celtics and another free agency period coming up in a few months. That's on either that there are certain real cycle to all the credibility. But I think back clips that you know when you're seventeen years old when your told your record to be the next Michael Jordan and that's what a seventeen year old couldn't walk right. Put it all before so it is a guy I can and will probably young guy to pretend to be something he. He had the pretend like he had it all figured out like TD with. Going to do what thirty something year old Michael Jordan had done when they're seventeen you don't know who do you figured out. So for the first eight or nine years the public what it is what's gonna go all pretend to be something you. And that ultimately go to Miami Heat beat yourself who we didn't we get breakaway from it went from everything he used the only would never witnessed life. You do well lately but that was also hard to your wife to go to the Miami didn't get on this song be away from India know and be pinned. But there is built on because it was so it after that T each Coke. So now I feel brine. You're exactly right he's back. I don't typically one team that's not very good the benefits that you know come to win now insecure he's not pretending to be something if you know it's immediately. The champion he's the best clearly this generation cook and he's sort of trying to it is of the old guy that the BP trying to keep up these young so. For the younger step curry Kevin Durant. This cycle and generation after generation indeed even typed command. As pretenders try to be completely dark and they've learned the hard way I think and then there the old guys who are beating up the next generation. So when you look at the rundown in his choice coming up to leave or stay how do you see a plan out did you see him stay in Cleveland in rebuilding. A new dynasty there do you see you looking elsewhere. I'm Amy and I think he's quite believe because there is I'm. He's only got a few years left and oh by the way you put a with the bush to indicating how hard he works how important is. I don't think he's got this I think we that the rest of his career based on Hollywood motor show business sir commercial bank. That was a mistake you made it difficult if. But a real lose any let's put him back tunnel will soon get his phone cleaned up really quick it tops is what is the solo basketball. I see it is out recently and it's it's incredible reiterated on vacation Indians are great NBA writer. And dumb I think it's it really that's the story Damien like it's so crazy or read the sink any it's been putting all these stories together compiling them for over a decade. And he just put out a couple dealt within the last little bit here and I thought. And you might almost put the setting your too soon to serial port Backus score one where LeBron is. Is faced with this decision for our and it's not unlike his victory would ask him this in the second and it sounds like my question him is. Does the outcome either the east Eastern Conference finals or the NBA finals. Dictate what he's going to do a free agency and it sounds like you say no like he's empowered to make whatever decision he thinks is best for basketball future. Right. And he's pretty adamant that he's going to Bali attack of at least. Armed just looking edit in just seen you know the whole process of levers we Unifirst terminating going down to Miami and winning championships. In your knowledge so they're coming back home up in almost you know just thinking about owls would make it hard to law. Bad go in do it again I don't think you would want a station that alone what's New Orleans is that would differ spare. Well and also if you're LeBron I think ultimately this is what happened when he's when he was able to win the shaping shipped two years ago by the way this is also its lost and that whole conversation is. Carrier ring. Felt like he was lost in the story of winning a Chica Jimmy rightfully should feel that way because he was he was great in that series he hit these shots. To clinch the series in game seven here and he was sick of being. This yeah and what's really been just a guy alongside for the ride and that's why he dictated the traded to Boston I think good. I think that's the it was also had the rumored that LeBron. Almost seek and for the and to Troy yes I recent two armies get that from these that was the nail. In the coffin I think that's the point delay it's exhausting like hey you know in. You wrote really well about this and he's back with a spot by the way but it really well about this in the book and I was reading I think it was Dave McManaman. And Brian win horse last week talking about that same thing Ian that LeBron is exhausting like there's a physical and mental tolls for all the greatness. How I tied to him and you you certainly want all that we view but from an organizational standpoint tapping clean in Cleveland first. Down to Miami and now it seems like the light cycles happening again in Cleveland a second time where. Each just exhausting dealing with LeBron on a lot of different levels and it's working exhaustion but it definitely seems to take a told on an organization and in the players and coaching staff. To have to deal with all the stuff that surrounds LeBron and what he brings to a basketball court. I think it's totally true and that it was probably the same with Kobe Bryant and deceit is subtle lakers back in Coby sky and they were just worn out by the time they were trying to reach their fourth straight final event. Do you see the cavaliers now look tired. That they have not defended a high level. Last year or this year which is why I think it's gonna leave and look for another team. A fraction can defend their championship level but. You know look at how tired the rescue team is then look at the processor is just based fire and he looks fresher than anything he led the league in minutes played every game so. I think he's he's learned how to incorporate all that spend. Everybody else to be under this scrutiny in to have to be good team have been trying to speed all the time and please help us next games and play out this definitely one does this team. Let's talk about a couple quick things in Thompson's with a cereal and go to Seoul basketball it's out now it's the epic showdown between LeBron Kobe doc and dirt to save the NBA dot he's completely. Unadulterated in this book quotes and candid nature of the quotes from Doc Rivers are worth worth the books themselves by the way so that that's just a note worth sharing but you talked about the Celtics a lot throughout the course of this book is a kind of or the standards. Throughout the course of time in the NBA a decade ago it looks like maybe there back to that a decade later with a new group young guys. And I found this interesting I'm talking about Danny Ainge is a general manager in the way their front office is set up. They actually have a guy from a talent evaluation standpoint Ian that. Is basically a brain doctor correctly they really study personalities in brain types in a way that's different from the rest of the NBA. And at this guy John needs article he's been involved with other teams he worked with I think Diego chargers and the college were two baseball Major League Baseball and these were together and be teams as well. And he uses the Myers Briggs standard. Trying to figure out so don't wiring of people the brain typing. Of of players. So in the book there's there's a big section about how he helped. The Celtics discovers on Rondo. And planned to go to move personnel the issues that the rest the Celtics had withdrawn go as a result. This is different way of looking at the players looking at them as people are trying to figure out their personality. And how that's going to influence the way they claim. And I think I think gave me and she uses it a lot it's not the final say but it definitely has an influence on how he takes players. And it probably helps explain why he's been alone in recent droughts like he's been able to. I understand who kill them grounded to achieve contained in this. And yet not let that kind of point of view run amok now let's be the most important thing but it it's one way of looking that the players it's really helped open except. In you have a couple both of its small quote he just is a small figure out figure throughout the course of the book for Mitch Kupchak who is now the of the hornets general manager of basketball operations president former lakers GM. And I his relationship with Colby in the weighted Kobe was wired and he's clearly has an immense respect for. The competitive nature that Kobe has because it's kind of how he's wire two but I would just left to go in general. What do you think about the hornet's hiring Mitch Kupchak and in the job that he is now equipped to deal which is take the hornets to. Another level as opposed to being just a team a milling teeny once stood to make them into something more than that what do you think of the order tiring Mitch Kupchak. I think it's terrific I mean all the institutional knowledge that he green from the point of view. Com Michael Jordan is if the champions clearly but how do you go from being the champ should clear to a championship owner championship executive. I have mixed cup checked there is a guy that knows how to take those same mistakes ambitions and turn them into reality that's a huge help. And I think he's gonna do a great job for them I don't know if they can be what the lakers were the lakers have all sorts of geographical advantages clearly. But that they took the point of view these two at the same teams seem to win Indian BA year after year ten. It's because those teams are structured to win a winning the championship is the most important thing. It begins at the top. He's hired a guy that knows how to do this as well attack. I want to see what Mitch country can do and Charlie coming off of Los Angeles and whether he can skill. The needs of this franchise. To to their realities as opposed to trying to make them without totally could swear. When you look at coach Dick do you sister it's as eight armed GM that will be would Horace in good our free agents morsel then. The strength of the draft goes I don't necessarily see him as a strong draft when he was in LA as much so as he was in bringing in veterans. The it was so hard place to draft because they were always taken at the back end of the the first round and they only had one top ten pick and who can Andrew Bynum. And decent couple championships with them it. But I think it's going to have to be through the draft it's not going to be to create conceived in Charlotte and lobbies so the peace and not get beat destination. Unless they have the young players great unclear who attract free agents that's the only way to do it so I have to start with the. Well and and last thing I know we can say were let you go less thing for me and Thompson you know I you walked away and maybe I'm jumping too far to a conclusion I think everything still slightly up in the air good. Reading his respect and knowing what I know from other people what they know Mitch Kupchak. In his desire to win and compete and have people that are in place it at every level the organization that feel the same way. The way he talks about Colby in that book. Beat Kemba Walker is as competitive as they come in the NBA as you know and I just can't envision a scenario where Mitch Kupchak walks in the door. And wants to part ways with a player of that ilk because of one how talented he's become. And two because of that culture of ultra competitive spirit that's something that Mitch Kupchak I think values above everything else in his basketball god talent evaluation. I think all the all the winning press tries to do that. Clearly match doesn't that does come across in the book. And I look at who did any interest in drafting populism often I look at you he's been drafting over the years and all of the hype pix he's used it been for gamers really just guys market Smart and Jim Brown to contain these guys are fighters. Again that the teams that lose they'd pick players. That put up great numbers during the regular season but they're all the numbers they don't know how to compete they disappear during the playoff. The team to win that aren't looking for these guys. They go beyond their numbers to elevate they're games during the playoffs they love those moments and you're exactly right about Campbell locker. You could look at what he doesn't have which is I hate. Or you can look way does have which is hard and that's that's something's missing a lot of the other players are heavily. Ian needed reviews were great the weather was great to tequila was great but the book was great to OK you don't make my vacations so it's great work people got to read it it's the so basketball from Ian Thompson he's on Twitter at Ian Thompson with an. He and Ian Thompson you can find a link to purchase the book and I'm telling you should it's really good are probably shooting and it's a pleasure to talk to Matt thanks for making time for us this. I'm grateful thanks to thanks so much guys appreciate it. We don't in tops it all we get we get a quick break a lawyer react on the other side because. I think this tortoise things really interesting what Mitch Kupchak and he has played coy. But he has dropped some bread crumbs or cookie crumbs when everyone a column in drugs that that's sandwich all over the over the last couple weeks I get to that would Damione Lewis it's Chris drovers middays on FNC a were powered by ortho Carolina. Appreciate you Thompson dropped him by until you get a read the book cannot imagine blowing smoke up treasurer and because he came on the show like it was an incredible book and so I think you guys would. I would really appreciate is great storytelling is great candid stories from guys on the record like the enough cursing that comes out of Doc Rivers club now in his book the truth is on another level OK and Doc Rivers is one any interest in dudes in his book Doc Rivers when he interest in guys staying kind of filtering a book when you had to buy your desk like I've turned up probably about twenty different pages is throughout the book. Antsy like dockers was on every page you like him like he says he's always cursing up storms always cursed her. About everything he's always cursing Damione Lewis Chris Kroger your chance to when he thousand dollars coming up in thirty minutes will be about your next keyword. 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If the hornets couldn't build a winner around Kemba Walker while he was making twelve million dollars Howard are going to do when he's making 25 million in worst Casey decides to go elsewhere and you get nothing there's been no inclination. And didn't accident this morning like does that match the very easily sex in order for order he said 35 million certainly messes change in the number no so first of all there's been no indication whatsoever that Kemba Walker would leave the hornet's. Because he wants to go play for another team or another city there's been no indication about that whatsoever in fact the finances are so stacked. In favorable Fortis to reselling Kemba Walker a guy that's probably gotten one financial windfall coming his his way in his career with his contract. That he'd be silly of a player of his ilk which is a really good player a great player even but not a superstar player. Be silly for him to leave literally tens of millions of dollars on the table. One time to go signed with the team. Elsewhere another mark when guys are way to market is stacked went on LA you know kemba more than anybody does care more about money or security kept on winning he wants to make a lot of money also wants to win about a way you could do both of those things easier to call it. And you're not guaranteed to go do those things in another city either OK that's it like those of the finances. All of the NBA it's why it's why the NBA has set up a salary structure when you get an extra fifty year. To re sign with the team you're currently whisked. Which gives you that extra guaranteed contract the ministry welcomed there turning down 2.5 million dollars over the life of a contract Eagles signed for another team media players Kemba Walker stature. It would go do that. What he loves this city he's doing is forever home here any basically called Charlotte home now he thinks Charlotte as home now. Every bit as much as he does the Bronx so express your head around that for 12 I full LeBron less Cleveland. There's LeBron had to win championships that was the only way he was going to validate his career is Ian was just talking about you can't be called the Michael Jordan. Yeah if you don't winning championships and a lot album so are you saying Kim does. What do you say America a women records should be uniforms they let my work Campbell wants to weenie wants to win in the playoffs he wants to be in the playoffs in a regular basis. There are okay and then what's the time and that's on May try to like that's where these two guys and this is we're like we just make this stuff prior to me the ball. You wanna win late or are you wanna I wanna win and which ones to win now did you here's Cordell. It was also know that you'll put your desire to do was sort of an. Think you keep more you got that win when you're not designed to win now when you were the last two years that's a fact because you web birdies. To win or. Request from saying so that those two teams you can't run back those two teams and think all we gotta new coach and new GM everything will be fine and I don't think that's the play a bottle he'd like let's be honest about this but here's Mitch Kupchak. First a lot of. It's an. So what are those options well okay we don't know those things but that's my point Mitch Kupchak was hired. To make trades and to do deals Mitch Kupchak was not hired to be a guy that was gonna tear this thing down the building through the draft that's not it was not just play again. But to think Mitch cut checks so we know or deny eve to take over a roster that's been flawed to only win 36 games each of the last two years. And just hiring new coach and say guys. Let's go playoffs here we come. So the question is how do we get better in how do we give it a fast well and that's and he goes who stayed just that's what is one or two ago. Us debt whoa eventually be taken a blitzer John Walker one of our lord who am I gonna make that no I am I gonna make that link. Let me ask you this question why do you think James Perrigo is hired as head coach why you think James break it was higher player development there OK so what does that say right internally. There are guys on this team that we can I don't think this means everybody is again adding some of these guys are gonna be on the roster when when the opening night. Comes around for the hornets and October correct some of these guys on this roster. And Jeanne story going out of his wager any introductory press conference and with us on the radio a week and a half ago to talk about Malik mark this walker in the league mark. So those are two guys there German blame is another guy that's becoming very quality NBA rotational player as you're really not another step left him. Can Jeremy lamb turning into equality starting wing guard to wing player in the NBA I'll. Well I don't know what can you shake your no maybe he can't I think maybe he can't he's got incredible athletic schism. I think it's always about work for Jeremy lamb and he worked hard last year. Eddie turn into the deleting and score in the Eastern Conference this year in India. That's no small feat nor are so it's the other guys Dwyane bacon I know Steve cook for when he left his job thought Dwayne baker was going to be a starting wing in the NBA that's his future. Or are we interview released these are the same Rory OK so now you've got guys like bacon monk cheer alien who still young and relatively cheap. You've got Billy hurting Gomez who is an all NBA rookie player a couple years ago you got him for next to nothing. And I don't Cody Zeller is future is with this team I think he's a tradable asset. I Marvin Williams is a god is probably tradable I think MK Utah to Mormon Mormon way of saying hiding in KG is probably tradable to problem. They got this. You guys and he gives you nothing yup you got a government report. Our gives you nothing your sense of strict and he's. Ball over a resistance but this is the point right is you've got guys that are tradable and guys do you think are young enough and still malleable enough that with the right coaching staff in place and imported hired. And longtime NBA head coach Hughes dealer with the sons to her that's a good hire your first higher on your bench. If you're James parade go. You're putting a staff in place to tweak what you have and bodily hornets have been awfully late game situations also one of the worst teams in the NBA the last two years. If you split the difference on that if you just say a new coaching staff would you half of those games. You're few games out of being a playoff team just that alone. So now with some trades whenever this pick is gonna be eleven or you make a trade with it. And player development another year in the league Mark Twain bacon all those guys what is this team almost. Let's see your but we. Only the problem is I'm a trade anything with the hornets in this he's a part of the cause what else to look for this roster nothing but isn't that the trust or not that's right well you know portray more. Dark portrait meg not going to trade young starlet so what do you want on the roster you don't. Dwight Howard you know may Wal-Mart and puts you sure don't want him KG by any you don't want patrol. Well no I agree on that and so here's the problem all right Jamie Muir talk people talk about Kemba Walker as it tees the problem he's the solution no doubt so you know that. You know you wanna keep that anyone to find four guys that played there fairway if that play I would bet the farm in New York if our balls than if I'm clearly if any of those teams talk about trading any grain. Hornets are getting your local we have nothing right calls you. It's a ball through an outside the real and it's the right thing to trade like if you're expecting a name brand back nurtured say hypothetically trade and KG if you're expecting to name brand player backer turned friend JG I'm not sure you can get that you are. Easing in return if he'd be willing to take on a second round draft pick in May be a developmental player whatever that is like if you can make the money work on that that's what you do when you're sitting there roster spot is more valuable. The winners were getting into position currently without. And so that's work I get a coaching change is gonna dictate some ministers can be a fresh way of thinking and all I know is. Knowing Mitch Kupchak and people that know Mitch Kupchak key values competitors. Winning and people that are wired in a different way were losing his unacceptable. We will never be okay can I love that personally prior when Mitch Kupchak says I hope to never. Drafting or picking in the spot ever again that tells me I don't wanna be that was brought to be good which brings the next question is Michael Jordan don't swallow his pride say on this some bad deals ambassador guys out. As you're not trading Dwight everybody else does roster with him while you're gonna have to get a guy you have to because you need twice about it during. You would do you see it limo rolled Oreo for a while as if it be of service there with him you know and Roland for a little while he sort of two years left plus a player option after battling. Do a quick break as we ran label come back. Maybe we circle back to this a little bit I just think it's funny how like people are just so ready to give up on the unknown thing you have and I'm not saying it's easy whether it's true but there. Moore has got to go. That's crazy quick text and attacks on Mac I think that you I think what's going on there. We got to a tyrant boy thirty minutes former Panthers safety going back to some Panthers right now and your chance to win a grand and about twenty minutes Damione Lewis Chris Kroger. It's middays on offense they were powered by ortho Carolina.