Kroeger In The Midday: Do You Trust Norv Turner To Help Cam Newton?

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Friday, May 25th
Kroeger and Darin Gantt pose the question will the Norv Turner and Cam Newton relationship be a good one?

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Powered by ortho Carolina. A bustling if you had a just add them. Giant played a ball slow ways we're talking like 24 count all to yourself right in front of you and there there nice and hot and you've got your lefty got a little a little dipping sauce. With some branch into the right you've got some and it's just a nice chunky blue cheese what are we dipping your ball slowing Cindy. I think he. Trigger a required turn it over with earth surface and I wanna I wanna have ordered secret that's a millions me. Dolls out those windows safety crews did to the Memorial Day holiday it is. Middays on FAZ do not adjust your radios. Although it an hour somebody's gonna come on its day but just your radios turn your radio is off center court right back so I've never known it yet I don't. I hear radios off. When he comes on the way to Cedric cornbread Maxwell eighth a professional broadcaster by trade now Celtics legend NBA finals MVP Georgia sent an hour. And of course Charlotte 49ers legend he's gonna jump plot but do not adjust your radios that is the voice. Of one daring dance for the second day in a row on a Friday having an addict taking us into the weekend. From pro football talk dot com DeMarre everybody hey we had to to whom do we owe the pleasure. That we could have daring jail where there's two days in a road headed to a holiday Hayden and you you're my people you ask guy answer I'm here fortieth minute where to have some fun today so we're here at the shared it. For the Charlotte touchdown club dirt there luncheon series and of course. They build all the way to the Robert durst he awards banquet on later on this year that'll be in December. And effort for today it's gonna be a lot of fun we've just got word in an hour and a half date holders in and Charlotte's own. What is the illegal arms in all of college football. We'll Greer they're gonna be on this together I think the quarterback for WVU the head coach for WVU. And of course west Virginia's going to be here in Charlotte for the belt college kick off game. And I'm just gonna call it. It this might be a stereotype I got I gotta tread carefully here but it's the it's the couch burning bowl that's what we've got to Charlotte Tennessee and West Virginia meeting for the first time ever. In Charlotte for the belt college kick off game that we ever furniture sponsor sweeper that spot weld might be doesn't get we did get one between now yet Tyndall furniture gallery will both sponsored the the beat the couch burning coal. And that's just a lot of thought when we're gonna talk to data coming up at 1130 will derby I'll witness and I will bet the little thing Gupta the end of last year in West Virginia was off to a hot start last year. Odds are going to be another team I think it is expected to be at the top of the big twelve and willow. I mean I don't pay it off not one of these guys that's like 24 months ahead in the draft cycle. But will Grier will be one of the top quarterbacks I believe when you start talking NFL draft. In about eight to ten months he's going to be one of those guys are talking about no question I mean when you're as productive as he is said in this Israeli. You know I could spot for him because the offense he's in his conducive to putting up number I mean he is going to be extremely productive. Yeah I'll barring some kind of calamity is so. You know it's natural that he's going to get those kind of looks I mean you saw this year five quarterbacks go in the first round so there obviously at a high premium. And people are willing to pay for an even. You know if you don't how. Have to be that Peyton Manning. Tides coming out to be for sure and quarterbacks. I mean the fact we have what six quarterbacks taken in the first round especially I thought she got this year mesa are the kid Rock Hill Rudolph was the third so it's just amazing were at with quarterbacks where we keep saying nominates quarterback driven league and it's supply demand dance team say I mean do you just do you take grew sicker and and so will be one of those guys what some thought 1130 he's gonna drop by with data holder sadistic coach. Sector corporate Maxwell at eleven we will talk NBA playoffs with him because it is a pivotal. Game six tonight in Cleveland for the caps and the Celtics and I just think we're gonna go to game seven in Boston because why would we Boston hasn't played on the road. They've only won once on the road the entire post season. And are we really going to say LeBron is gonna bow out death before game 7 of the Eastern Conference final is if you wanna go all skip Bayless and and cranked out hot. Take machine not been Salem bronze time it's over. Six self I'm not going to I've seen the guy do it too many times I'm just not going to say. This is the time when it's all over from the bronze and weld will also talk to if you missy -- I think we had awesome conversation yesterday with painters for cancer data today Charles Johnson you'll hear that at 1 o'clock. But between now and then we get so much to get into I wanna talk a lot of painters today as it pertains to the offense I ask you for the show yet because you're. You're well reasoned that OK your season the US contact means old gas all the six your little musty tents so. I think I'm pretty reasonable overall but I can lose sight of things sometimes it's a last US to Darren. This panthers' offense on paper because it's that it's on paper a lot can change between now and even week for week five of the NFL season. On paper this is the most talented. Panthers offense since. And fill in the blank and you actually gave me an answer to get away now paired up which you gave me an answer I thought man. That's did something right like there it is OK to have high expectations. Did not unreasonably high but it's OK to have high expectations. Because of that talent the personnel. And the coaching change correct with the north starter for the Panthers offense and I think it's it's going to be fun I cannot wait I can't tell you the last time. I always this excited to see if panthers' offense take the field because I just thought they were gonna be really good. You know I and I asked I was doing a show. A national show the other day new Scruggs asked me what I felt the biggest addition for the Panthers this offseason was substantively. And I think he was stationed for DJ Moore Torrey Smith or something like Dennis the biggest editions Norv Turner. As said. Kim's got him a real live offensive coordinator and you know I've. Had my spore with Mike Shula over the years say it and I don't think he's a bad position coach I just think he was a little overcast. And now home can't get somebody who's gonna pushing and can't get to maybe skins on the wall who knows how to do this. And has been successful with a number of different kinds of quarterbacks so I think assuming cam takes to the teaching yup because his job is going to get a lot harder. I mean he eat more is going to be asked of him by Norv Turner than it ever was by Mike Shula. And I think as long as scams cool with that knows that that's going to be the deal going and he'll get better rock like Stephen back in the studio OK right is on vacation Stephen held expect the studio Billy the marlin is with us here at the Charlotte touchdown club with a shared it. As we get ready for this opening luncheon kick off series and it would be Dana holder said it will Greer who's gonna join us coming up. In the next ninety minutes the put this on the pole at middays on WFAN CO OK we'll get through to this throughout the show but it does relate to the pay if there's any offense. I there ago. No word KM. This marriage. Is it going to be less okay as the kids say yes or health is it gonna be let Miller KM this marriage this holy matrimony that is offensive coordinator. And quarterback is it gonna be lit yes or no footer on the pole at middays on WS I think it's going to be more con game cam. Then call we interest yes. I would note that means is that. I got an idea he got a fact that I that's going to be slightly more stable would that be that that was my effort to beat. Optical and young how a day ago. What they both kind of burn bright right like they they aired there's drama around both of those relationships but one is slightly more stable than the other yeah and one is. The latest in one is safe OK. That's here after your OK yeah. I am. Pick it up put your foot doubtful ago you guys vote at middays on WS bush shame that I just made a car dash in reference I the first tee and I was pretty assurance. Did you watch the the Western Conference finals last night did have a sack from the movies that with the movie's early so I saw the solo premiere last night when my son that's our thing we go to that we do noted the premiere the night ahead premier. Every time when he's comes out and not so I was back 99 much all game and it's a little. It was a little alarming I mean. I don't want they again I hate hot take culture in sports I think we cheapen a lot of things by just looking for that digest able sound bite. And I don't want to beat the guy to say all the warriors are a bunch of front runners. But they don't look like they've been in very many hard situations they don't look like they did a mini games that they've had to push through and be greedy. Because they're so insanely talented they win because they have more good players I don't then the other team. But in watching that game last night there was a little bit of these guys don't know how to react to a hard situation. Because they haven't been in very many. They don't I mean they'd never had to grind through a game because. You roll up the ball and you get staffing playing Kevin Durant but they don't win they looks. They don't look like the warriors who wears a we've come to god the last three to four years they don't look like that right there and I think we'd be. I think we did do an added disservice to go too deep into all his stance well is he healthy you know in the third quarter two nights ago when he's driving the lane and Jimmy in in. And crank it up funny fitter now Lotus deal looks fine now. You kept waiting for that third quarter surge that dory so often make last night he can't not come. And that's because Houston. The Houston does getting game's not that they're not talented but they have had to grind through games and you saw guys like. PJ Tucker and Trevor reason make him big plays at big moments and they just there. I don't know why I like the looks of that Houston team and you know ratings be damned I'd watch and seven games in a row what's crazy is Klay Thompson I think is that we'd always been really dinged up and I think he's been probably the most consistent warriors player death throughout the series and that's not good like that's an environment you like. I this is the thing that kills me to. When people talk Marjorie would ala that obviously each he has a few Jimmy's an NBA finals MVP okay he's got a huge impact on that team. But he's their fifth best player. So I don't care they've missed him last two games if Jerry championship caliber team and not only that championship caliber team a team of people are saying arguably could go to at a c.s in history. He in this era of one of the greatest teams of all time. If you're without Andre Iguodala you should still be able to find a way to win it should upset the entire hierarchy of how you're playing basketball right like so. I if I'm not even willing to follow the sort of Andre Iguodala is not out there he's their glue guy. Okay tough stuff if Andre Iguodala your fifth best player does that tell you how immensely talented that warrior Steve is yeah you've got to find a way to win even within a slightly dig up clay. And healthy Durant and as you sit maybe even a slightly dig up staff rye and straight months after you've got to find a way to win with those group of guys and yet they're did you look off the ankle and I don't know what's wrong we're Dray mind either I mean on the list of under performers for days it did for the warrior so far this playoffs he's got to be pretty near the top of the list not only. Getting blocked on a dunk attempt by the rim the other night which is embarrassing. Any kind of came up looking like an old man like you threw his back out China don't do not being able to finish. But just. Short Armon one last night on the stretch. Mean he had an alligator arms like he didn't want it very odd I don't know that team that I saw last night in Houston is one win away. And now it looks like they might have to do without Chris Paul that becomes the story line now is hamster exactly catalytic annulled so we'll get all that we're gonna talk a little NBA playoffs coming up an eleven because sector corporate Maxwell's gonna jump on. We'll talk NBA or else she's heard of them GAAP you know TP turn turn your radio is office he likes the guy who carried a layered bird to a title get on my back is what he likes to say Gary gets good results show we take a quick talk about we come back I wanna talk Panthers on a talk about the offense and I wanna talk about realistic expectations for all of it. We do it next we're at the Charlotte. Touchdown club. For their luncheon series date Alderson will Greer is gonna join us coming up with in the next hour and a half its after this middays on efficacy were powered by ortho Carolina. Favorite band ball on ABC one fan I can only listen to. This chance to rest my life third outlined as exacerbates your. Three weeks. It was phrases have never seen us live wait hold on this over booties. CF this is better ride means you've ever listened to the full catalog from Third Eye Blind they can. They make it they make good music home little millennial friend don't you think sorry here's this Lee Curtis the commercial success Third Eye Blind they've got. Talk to educate actually I haven't heard a lot of Third Eye Blind I do not care for them the way you do a cable are you riding back with me okay back to our studio after the show all all all take you through some of the Third Eye Blind catalog of damp the iPod in Iraq should act to get very far but you know it gets its disrespect file I will not like Kroger is dead on the money with their winter beach tracks. Third I plan is a phenomenal I don't know if I want this guy Michael now. You can assess it probably is like well Tony's equipment Obama won it also Oregon yes exactly he's he's the only four year old facility ought to play at about elective. You know you're talking about you know the tracks are besides and stuff like that I mean I grew up Led Zeppelin also say it's an app category. As they have for me from my age group okay well again. Prius yeah Landry a satellite like hey I saw the guardian looks pretty good. It's jar and open its wheels fall off that then I'm gonna customize it you can't say doping fly with a Toyota Prius which I got some nice guards are very I was console. It was a very good very very good even if you're not a Star Wars Johncke even if you're not one of the cult members like me. A you're gonna enjoy that movie it holds up as a heist film even if you've never seen it yet the rest of them plus there's to block action as you're. Reduced to a lot of the characters that have just by the way. Royce tweeting and he's got my back he says croak I like three B two year old on this by three EB it's like he it's easy to like jumper in all there like older. I semi charmed life all their pop hits their mainstream hits. That's not their music their music so much better than that can own you're judging you roll your eyes just now that's okay I'm his judgment I am kind of judging you yeah I'm not. You know that's the thing I ate my music taste is different than a lot of people's self and the things that pass for popular modern music. Seem to be in Austin you don't have to say music taste you can sit my tastes are different than a lot of people today said that that actually have applied. You guys can tweet us at middays on WFANC. It's our Carol on a pool tables plus. Social media inbox. Carol ought to pool tables plus knowledge you know how to educate you when your family and a new or used pool table you can text that's 7045709610. Buildings that are Tex wants 704. 570. 9610 you can vote on March quarter pole of the day which is as the kids like to say is this Cam Newton. Norv Turner marriage could be lit but here's what's really interesting Jimmy Dickens I was thinking about this this morning a jazz up the crack of dawn. 5 AM that's right you might some of my best and right okay to meet the dog a pot of coffee there you go and sit economic on the couch it's pitch black and I'm just sit there with my computer. And I'm thinking about that would get into the snort and can't think today because I. For obvious reasons. This is such a big deal that a guy with Norse credentials nor resume the fact that north could show up to practice the other day for OTAs right. And duty to bring along with a Troy Aikman all yeah quarterback maybe you maybe you've heard this Mike Shula didn't have a couple like no offense he came from one of the first it was a football he just didn't have those kind of connections. To pick up a phone call somebody and even air in Washington are obese and said this yesterday everybody Dioner Brad Johnson. Yeah okay like this out just now we don't need him actually play decently safe yesterday. I think he taught painter stock come this that air Washington called a few months ago when he got the job and he said they should come back one day. It's a gal I Willis of the figured that it Dayton came yesterday I like the fact that nor can do that with so many different guys across the football landscape and say hey. What are you calm just talk to my guys come to be around the practice one day that tells you the type of talent obviously you're dealing with with north and so this is the thing I remember when they when they were talking a north initially it has to happen. I mean you're really telling a skit Euro one kind of dropped a not so decent hits that this was real this is gonna take shape them at a river a lot of fans were saying. I deal really wanna guy this age you really want a guy who's who's been out of work for a few years you really got to conduct maybe sort of got run out of Minnesota if that's we think happened. Do you wanna guy like that who may be just collecting retirement check and this is kind of his one last go around. And to meet. I don't think any that's based a reality show Norv Turner you need this job right if you're short term you don't meet you only work brokerage you wanna work on anyone to be good at what you do right. And so Timmy that is being number one atop the list when you talk about Norv Turner north coming out of retirement you wanna call that. This is Norris. Last I think. Pertaining to be go to to put out on his wall right this is his last thing is. As a football guys coordinator is an offensive mind to say I think he didn't go for awhile and he's not an old man by any stretch of the imagination. This reminds me of in a lot of ways Chris is. You talk about don't know or if he told us that. I go back to 2002 when John Fox was first hired. And he wanted Charlie Weis and that's back when people thought Charlie Weis was good coaching football. Imagine how times have changed. Arm but Charlie Weis was the bright young offensive mind he is the guy who took. Tom Brady busy patriots say rod Charlie Weis he's brilliant couldn't get Charlie wise and it's like. Now settle for this old guy it and hitting it worked at a couple levels a fox we had a first time head coach needed somebody with that kind of grabbed me kind of like we talked it out. With the hornets with parade go higher NJ Triana. Having that old head on the bench with you helps you while you're learning to be a head coach. But also. When it comes to our fans so many times people over think these things and this guy's a bright young offensive mind any innovative and he's drawn up all these x.s and o.s we've never seen before. Do you want the dog it's gonna dig up your hold him yard. With all his energy or do you want to dog bit already knows where the bonds are varied and when you're talking about the band innings and in the north Turner's of the world. Give me that god. He knows how to offense already. Now can he adapt to different set a personnel we have because north hasn't necessarily worked with anybody like camp before there's not really anybody like camp. To have worked with. While before he's always you know. Dealt with other type you know the quote unquote more traditional type of back. Drop back passer phonetic cam probably work for tapers what do we get to see the right picture that but he was working with Teddy which is different but. Similar to way of that guys get a different skill set animal quarter like I I just think it's going to be a different challenge and I think the newness of working with the Cam Newton has Kennedy energized no more of a little bit. From talking to people around there and he seems fired up and I tea every picture you see. Every piece of video of north at work he's just get this go low on his face like he's. Really enjoying the possibility of what's about to unfold here well as for camp here's the thing too from camp's perspective right leg and I know this is what people so I we don't know how camps gonna be receptive to this or we don't know how. This is gonna work well if you came to think about this is these are facts. You're going into your eighth season in the NFL OK you've had as good as any quarterback. As up for seven years as any quarterbacks ever had really an NFL history what you think about passing a Russian if he's changed the game of football from that perspective. And yet here's the this is the beauty Cam Newton. He has a scratch the surface of what you become truly in the passing Gaby her right so that's the thing he's been so good it's still impressive and yet they're still look so much work to be done. Heading into his eighth season. He's only completed north of 60% of his passes twice in his one while he was sixty on the note okay what year so I guess 61 point seven so sixty dollars and twice right only north of sixty officially. Once in his first seven years. And whether that's his call the OC this team personnel I'm not I'm not trying to have that debate those are just that she could talk about. And on top of that when you talk about all the weapons. That have been added to this offense and use you think oh. What can can do. With with pencil but his own self on the running game now we think you might have a CJ Anderson a Christian McCaffery the writing game having Greg Olsen issued tight end. Having a much improved wide receiver core reason. I think whether this thing is gonna work or not is gonna say a lot about. KM quite honestly depth in it and it's OK to say that like I love came as much as anybody. But if this doesn't work. And it's it's if it's not so obviously because well ignores not fitting to his suits you know to his strong suit to whatever that is. This its camps got to change a little bit and that's a blessing is gonna change a lot he's got to change a little bit initiative say a lot of that we're cam Newton's. Maturation process is as a franchise quarterback going into your eight and I'm not saying I expected they want either because I don't. But I think the next twelve to 24 months should tell you a lot and I were Cam Newton is his quarterback in his sleep easiest thing for Ron are there to do this offseason was to keep everything the same. Coaching staff wise scented just let Mike Shula do Mike Shula things. Because he'd always defended him made always stood by his guy and he's been here so. It would've been easy for Rhonda just say the results are what they are we've been the boy how's it. Three years are up four out of five why would we screw this up. By. The it was a very real admission that we wanna push Cam Newton to a different level and ethnic bronze talked about that throughout throughout the offseason. And it is it's on him it puts pressure on him camp's going to have to work harder than he's worked before in his career. That's just the case I mean Norris can ask things of him that might never did. And like what though he's so what are those things well he's just gonna put a little more if it's not that came didn't have responsibility but he's going to be asked to play at a higher level. You know they've kind of I understand why people say it's unfair some of the criticism Mike Scott that it's always been because of scam they want and despite Mike when they've lost. Armed. But you're just dealing at a higher level I mean you're doing a different new kind of mass with Norv Turner on the fielding cams gonna have to. Played better but he's already played pretty well and I just I I think between the coaching improvement. And they improvement in the personnel I mean for God's sakes. You know bless their hearts as guys who were out there in the playoffs and in December trying to catch passes and run routes. You've gone from that to a first round pick Torrey Smith chairs right. It's better now. Somebody's writing in other buildings that are techs like get a wanna get to this on the other side because they're out there it's. There answering our question with a question okay that's not the way this thing works we need there is a crowd we do that X more Panthers talked we in thirty minutes we got the great Cedric cornbread Maxwell at the finals MVP. Celtics radio network 49ers legend. And what talked Eastern Conference finals game six in Cleveland tonight at the Q will be on the call he drops by at thirty minutes. An hour away from Dana hold your sin and Charlotte's own we'll Greer together on this set at the Charlotte touchdown club. We continue getting Kroger it's middays on WFANZ eight were powered by ortho Carolina. Is there again this season. Go to Korea. Textures Friday at buildings that are taxed like OK they've got my back on this saying. Third Eye Blind is very underrated they're musicality they are there's no arguing that lets you don't listen to the music at which point you make broad sweeping generalizations like you do. That in a south only deals having terrible taste in music this is the this is. If this is beyond quintessential nice he's his like nineties early 2000 feet in mid 2000. Third Eye Blind to me is one of the premiere there's an effort came out of the nineties if you were saying what about. What about Tom Petty topic he's not a standard or. Musician in the nineties Tom Petty is a guy that lingered into the ninety's that's not the same thing that sounds like me yes I'm lingered into the nineties which explain in the water thousands. Waving hey ladies play and it's. What about I mean prints to prove fighters for the fighters are ninety's I guess they are I enjoy their work garages as well yes. Now they were done in the early night yeah changes and things like death off putting image but they're in that's. Category to be you see what happens here is until I have if you ask me isn't rob Thomas the lead singer third sidelined then. I sit. No no that's it that's Matchbox Twenty and it's not as other terrible Vance with a number in their name that. Now you're you're being very confused right now anyway so here's the thing you guys can weigh in on the on the rally jeweler virtues Rihanna are off on our mid days to act middays on WFANC. I Twitter account our Twitter pulled the day at the polls. Will the Cam Newton in Norv Turner marriage relationship feel it. Yes or no you can display in on the Twitter poll let me get us to get a quick update on the Twitter Boyer I conceive and get this. Updated well we. Put them clicking on the pole of the pulls out there hello why Marlon I've seen the bolts what's happening you're gonna use era before right now. What's happening I'm confused. No I blew everyone's minds with my card fashions reference it's weird it's like it's not loading up or we'll get the results of the second you guys can vote on that how about. This from from thomas' maybe I'm cautiously optimistic. Nor ages like distillers reunion tour. And he said it may be okay camps weapons our question mark. He wrote it what we gonna say I believe the update right now as 82% yes 17%. Know. Now. That's where it ought to be. That's actually surprisingly high I think body into the show this might ballots out to the point where it's like 60% yes because I think there's still a general like. I would seek distrust but I think people are very skeptical of the Panthers fan base that this thing's gonna end well what's more the camp I don't know why but there at Uighur people that think. It's gonna go down in flames like they can't might just. Not take anything that north try to do were north gonna try to asking it to do things that he knows can't can't I would imagine that the in the case I can't imagine it not being. I can't imagine it being unproductive. Now he's hit a home run did they win the Super Bowl I'm not gonna sit here and to clear that right now there would be foolish. But it's going to be a good offense unless people start getting hurt to let me ask you this that to somebody wrote in May answered our question. With another question I hate when people do that are always good it's a crack addicts and exit will this Cam Newton Norv Turner marriage be lit well what Marty attorney thought offensive lineman who can give came in north tied to do their thing if the line improves. I would say yes ma'am. I'm curious there are some guys there's some old dead veterans who were still out there are looking for work and I'm curious to see is they get closer to training camp if they go out and find. One of those old guys to stick at left guard to you know be maybe it's not going to be a like for like replacement for nor well Christmas the pro bowler. But I would be surprised that think they just now wanna see get their routier's get through May be the mood of first couple weeks of training camp and see if these young kids if somebody rises up. And mccombs Andrew nor well who becomes a guy who's. Well he's a lot better than we thought it was going to be. So I think Kate they've got time to wait but that's certainly a spot where I could conceivably see them finding veteran help a player but even if you play this out rightly because I thought about this this offensive line I'm I don't think it's a top five. Known you read any NFL it's probably not even a top ten unity NFL nor was it in 2015 what they want fifteen games like super agreed. And by the way I don't think issued its atop. A bottom tenure and other like I didn't squarely in the middle it's okay and guess what they're lot of teams that win with OK riots of lying and Annika and I I think you're right tackle it's kind of a push chasing him actually yields a more athletic version. Of Michael lore. Com you know if Ryan is well and that's going to be one of the big wins I mean if that's. If you want a Bellwether for the entire season on that nonsense it's house Franco Leo hold up if his neck is sound if he stays well if he's on the field for sixteen games. That one's gonna be okay IE I don't often agree with cowboy fans are okay but PCI think he's speaking truth on the buildings that are excellent right now 70457. And I'd sixties as men there's always an excuse weapons. All line no team's perfect people can't needs to get a dot I agree. This offensive line is good and then went a lot of football game so you might get it done like he did when he won an MVP in 2015 we Jericho Cotchery is a star wide receiver gas seeming like an act at Tokai. I go out with you that's just judge him fairly that's all I mean it just feels like they're people who I I don't know what he's got to show people anymore. You know somebody broke something and I don't mean I don't wanna call it dial by name. But it was only Adam Adam it always let us it was written earlier this offseason they can still got to prove himself. I was like Herbert hi we are right that that was a national I'm I don't wanna I don't wanna add anybody out onus of our Brody got a semi com. But he Arabs like what's he got to prove it to the MVP on his mantle. The out of prevented those fifteen wins in 2015. I I just think people are grasping for criticism sometimes of the outlook. Is that what we do with with Brady where we say. In terms of like get the job done because why we sit Brady to me is one of the greatest of all time as he got it done with so many different cast to characterize and Peyton Manning what do you. Think he's better than Brady or not I feel like that debates kind of ended in recent years. Many had multiple hall of famers in terms of weapons that he was thrown the ball to and that's fine it's Gillick. That doesn't diminish his product at a certain point at certain points. But Brady I think why we credit radius is offensive lines have largely then just okay and at times he's running backs have been random dudes throughout most of his career right he's had patriots skill position players other thing grown kids largely bin alike. Mom Aaron Rodgers receivers and that I don't think the Packers have had the best receivers in the NFL I think they're good because they get to play with air Rogers. They're good because of what they are rounder in the guy's throwing it to them rather than. Their own talent so is it because Randall Cobbs great now it's because he's playing with. Play with well well and look at Minnesota okay will use Minnesota in Philadelphia to be used to good examples in the NFC championship game last year Stephane Dick Adams Phelan were very very good last year they've developed into pretty good wide receivers in the NF regular rich man's friend her. And then you've got you've got guys for the for the Eagles network anybody could have some of these guys over the last few years they'll sag award going to delight she was widely thought to be a bit of a disappointment is not an outright bust. Going into his third year. You talked about Al Shawn Jeffrey Al Shawn Jeffrey was a guy that. It all was pretty good he took a major step flashier it is development and ship as he came over from Chicago. You look at what they've Torrey Smith people we tore Smith comes your people Salvatore C is just a guy with Portsmouth was productive enough in that offense last year so. You look at those guys but those weapons if you were doing a read draft of a skill position players in the NFL right now how many of those guys are first off the board. They're good enough like to gut it dashed that's what you need in the NFL. Now it's actually not very often that you win with the number one wide receiver in the NFL those days are actually kind of come and gone Ryan if you need a bunch of really good guys you need a bunch of really solid guys across the board. Gives got a bunch of those guys right now it's laughable to look at the depth chart today. First is that debt. That debate that wild card round game in New Orleans like you literally laughed out loud if you surely side by side if he was throwing detailing clay in Britain Burson. Mean that's what he was out there win than if those two guys appear on an NFL roster this year it will be a surprise. Mom I just I I think fantasy football Scott. Deserves part of the blame for this because Everett I think so I gotta get a number one wideout I gotta get one. Is Torrey Smith a wine. Not by the tradition not amnesty thought all measures is Torrey Smith a lot better than Britain burst and yes he years. Is. Devin fun just a wine I don't know. He is the combination of Torrey Smith and find tennis and Darius rice and DJ Moore a lot better than what you had oh yes absolutely. And it's not even close. And who's to say you still couldn't go out a guy if if somebody gets cut herself and by the time drinking April I think this is a fascinating project for somebody people are so hesitant to take him on. And I think the perceived to this problem is probably greater than the actual disc problem has the end. But it. He. Has been a good wide receiver when he had a good quarterback with it. All right did I don't know that he had won in Dallas last year daring dance with a soft Friday were so grace grateful to have him back to back days is pretty rare update Thursday Friday we double dip heading into the holiday weekend ten minutes away. From the great Cedric cornbread Maxwell. You get a chance to what a thousand dollars coming up at 1115. And 113 because we're here to Charlotte touchdown club we will have veto holders in head coach at West Virginia. And their quarterback Charlotte's own will Greer dropped about together on set with us at 1130 it's all after this middays on offense we were powered by ortho Carolina. Fourth Jill Carroll. Fair idea of Propofol Sox dot com. We're just glad it's I enjoy it. What tonight Joyce you'll be going through your ally did what they do you enjoy this music that's a you don't have hoped for all people as if they find the thing that makes it then ms. after years. Three oh and or whatever they're either my third I've illustrate does for you assist these figures might our demo memoranda are Democrats are sweet spot modern rock alternative obviously feet. He cyclical radio professional Jerry did his level. You claim to know the radio this and I'm not here immediately think like a program for some thoughts about that but Charlotte's a middle aged white guy town shouldn't we just feed flame free bird oversee. I'm sure oh yeah on yeah that that's not what we're doing a knockout rounds are glad to play long before rocks are very gets what is what Dick I heard some fog had all the way in this morning I that you did hear it outside a I think he you know Daryn we we established this yesterday bought a new car to Toyota Prius is certified opryland pretty good about its certified pre owed its over. All this is on brand for daring yet. Eddie he asked me he said. Chris. How has that satellite radio things work and I said. You mean you have a senior in your cards yet got it he said to life to pay for them I said blow eventually. You don't normally turn it on for a little while then that's when he got to start ponying up he said. I'd just driving around and us he's got a zone's own channel on there you can listen I want the art of Mike. Now welcome welcome to 2018 my friend I was pretty fired up here in master of puppets on the way to the studio this morning knows you're telling me that you didn't have that. What what model year is your camera you know 0101 do you have satellite radio and you'll know I didn't have set up I've gone from tape deck to Bluetooth shocking it's it's a whole new world all the little concerned OK because Corbett it's gonna cause of a couple of minutes are gonna talk NBA playoffs with a what I'm concerned about is this as you all know cormorant gotta zone open. He's got his own theme song and it's long as I've heard corn bread on the radio since I was a kid on this radio station. You have to play corporates open and it. I don't know if we have it and I'm already well the backlash that might happen from his from NBA finals MVP. Larry Bird get up my best. Greta I don't know what's gonna happen if we like usual it readies. Larry Bird Dylan back to that let's look down then we had to have. It happened what if we have is open what's gonna have got it he's not gonna drop them I can just walk off I think you know I think he might I think he might Stephen is like working feverishly back behind the bond ward right now by himself of that studio trying to trying to. Tracked down that opened for Cedric cornbread Maxwell. He joins us whether or not we find it next it's midday sun editors Ross everybody were powered by ortho Carolina.