Kroeger In The Midday: Do You Trust Mitch Kupchak In The NBA Draft?

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Wednesday, May 16th
Josh Parcell and Damione Lewis debate what Mitch Kupchak will do in the NBA Draft.

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Powered by ortho Carolina. Mass on the abilities and attacks on because there's never been a bud lite number eight Budweiser whenever all right there you got your three minutes and NASCAR for the day. On the night. Cause if you say the over under on three minutes of NASCAR today I would I would go under. I think they're gonna duress they're clear of DS stock cars to the Mayo. Miguel Gomez is frustrated with the new what do you mean I live in that LA mayor when he shot. Back to driver in the midget albino or the Carolina. The door here. I'll little order of one of the sensors on the buildings and attacks line that accident have you gone out shot the women in the fire and Mozee is. Good political answer its fifth. Many years ago down it's LA it's hard for a weekend and end check back in a meat and descend on live there for a little bit alike Charlotte but. I do with ghosts little bit better you you're a piece jewelry Harry announced that naturally only at night at the moment the moment. Ozone Havel's we'll see about that you don't there's rarely. Clearly the mound and gone now are. A milestone this audience for the show and sports. A great restaurants Amanda the it's just a much where the clubs and just getting up there and I'm. At that stage in my life direct I'm changing the subject bag now sued these Charlotte hornets and what they should do in the draft may be impossible trades. The day can be explore we got the group phone lines lighting up now and first job is match in Charlotte Matt you're gonna talk about Mitch Kupchak. You are on the line buddy Matt what do you think about the hornets. Any judgment of first up it's always exciting to have you do the towels you know for a triple our what he did it also. What what bridge structure I think we should pop politics a little bit not gonna tell you why KG it's yet outlet. And there are players that actually help hostage. To go play a little lakers went both Ito ordered our speech so he got that he'll. Op you know I don't go to quite respect he has where it. And I've become superstars. You know I thought the play a great person to even keel or debate. Not to break it out there are packed about the atmosphere sort of comply. So. That they but he did GM could go to city. But I think what kept him too much credit to assert and we really need is what this guy can do were basically optic and up to drop yeah. All right thanks a lot for the call Matt appreciate it and one of the points he talked about was context draft history non important caveat and that is the concept was drafting in the Mac into a first round alive because the lakers are winning titles and competing for championships it was hard to draft these superstar when you're constantly picking 2829. And thirtieth some of the guys that come jags did drafted he drafted Juli is Randall. I believe his party was there when they drafted diesel Russell is about to be a pretty pretty good player he's obviously moved on from the lakers now at this point. Obviously not a ton of success through the draft something. As the lakers drafted I'm just going to basketball reference right now Marc Gasol was originally a lakers draft pick Patrick Beverley was it lakers draft picks we've this look at. A talent identification. He has a good job one of the only times that cut jet drafted in the lottery he drug that Andrew Bynum now I know it didn't end well for Bynum. But he was the key play a key role on a couple championship teams fully know what you're so when cup check has had the opportunity to draft in the lottery the late lottery -- that he did find a guy who became a perennial star player on championship teams that he does that going for him but I do agree that again this is a different animal running the hornets than it is running lakers two very different jobs. Riley he's been able to feel a liquor rosters to support. Kobe Bryant for a lot of years it bought championship so he does have a lot of experience in you know assessing our authority on the pro level. If being neighbor brain knows Ghazi until you go to make it all work. He did then we can't take that critical word from the cause you notably better great Ron there in early two thousands and you don't go a lot of that you know we can hang his I don't. And you know we do you have people like emailing and as well talking to us on the Carolina pulled tables plus email inbox Carol temple tables plus forty years of experience and Charlotte knowledge and know how to educate you on yours and your family on a new or used pool table before you buy local expert no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers all your questions you can find them at 4445. -- independence boulevard they also have a location in Columbia so on that inbox we do have somebody's and the lakers were attractive back in the day because they were winning it wasn't because of the city just look at recent years when they've sucked. No free agent has wanted to go there that. Is it a boy like I said players no longer simply wanted to go places because of the market or the weather whatever it is they do wanna go play with other guys that they think can help win a championship a lot about. Has been not only because LeBron sort of that. Continued that wave when he joined Miami but LeBron has been so good the only way to contend and win it is to pair pair up and partner up and find our girls are that you can play with to try when I look look no further than Kevin Durant obviously sunny with a. The mold to cause remember him before did it was you know if you do you marquee star player you didn't leave lose you attracting guests you. And you know for him to pick. In go to Miami Indian their brain you know we have already have a home with a man that changed everything in a gust of Marmara Mittal got must bossy brings us you know must wish him. And you know did change to hold dynamics of how free agency working normally took something and they come from that little did they change the game to change the basketball game because they went immediately tour championship. It's in your house to that they won the championship and won a number one back to back so that changed everything and free agents. Russell and it and it's look Jonas is a different landscape in today's NBA in these guys. Ever played in the league now for awhile. They grow up playing with one another they went to the same day you turn a U basketball was around in the eighties and early ninety's but it was not as prevalent. As it is now ever since I've been this rod tocchet you vessel in Charlotte I've coasted around the country I did these mid major ninety under armour shoe company turner is these guys are all playing on one another they know one another they're following each other on social media from the time their freshman high school we are so they're tight at this it's a different they are now are these guys. They wanna play one another talking about it before leaving it to the end he would like man what a one day you and I can play together and try to win a title that's what these guys wanna hear. And when you look at hey you live did you shrinks to community so much more do what it already you know as you know basketball is basketball. What you know you have Texas basketball yacht Louise and you got shorty got all these different areas. When you bring that they you into it shrinks it. So much more than what it was just Wear high school ball. In now when you get the college these guys aren't totally disregarded talking about what they're gonna do with the next level one and donors are so these guys are poured out there already know whether to join years go on and on it'd just changed our whole landscape of everything because those relationships. You don't they've created would Gaza in different states in different ports of the city in different parts of the state coming on different watching or else they were. Or is it changes everything becomes a free agent causal relationship and even. Happening in college basketball mean just wanted to do after several years duke is now done that would what did they called the brotherhood. On the Harry and our unlimited that this recruiting class them coming in next year these guys want to play together so it is a different on mold than just. Strictly going somewhere in the NBA to be any big market that that is a good point but again Charlotte even if they wanted to sign a base our fridge and then I'm anywhere near the room to do so they do not know what we're doing enough. A hundred years he has indicated to a landscape of the city I think it's about the pocketbook. In mr. wood in the play a luxury tax you're not gonna get a big time free agent here there's no way no how our miss you rooted in my. You know why now word or you know which sold out our contract there's no way you gonna let me get a big time free agent you don't have to guess as to do. We did have a sensor taxi and asking how that would work if they were to buy out a guy like Dwight how do you still get that money is still on the books who had to pay check out about know what you can deal is and several teams have done this in the past in recent years as you can use what's called the stretch provision in the collective bargaining agreement where you pay that money listen Dwight Howard is O'Dowd 45 million dollars but you can stretch that money over three years spans so instead of taking its point five million dollar hit next season you can pay him essentially aid in and change. Each year over the next three years to do there's still carries against the cavs career he had so count against the cap but instead of it being all in one year you could stretch it over three years to give yourself a little bit more little room Reynolds good paying all that money L but continued gives you more room here in a year out which I'll place this is just get it out of the way and here comes on what is done. It happened with Josh Smith with the Detroit Pistons where they've basically released salmon stressed that contract out over several years you know going in playing with the clippers and then Houston's up but the pistons were still paying him for several years that's generally reiterated its well exactly are you telling me he's so I was like you pay ten million dollars in the engine cut from wherever I'm doing so hit manager listening. We are gonna get back to the lines are David's been on the line and then I'm Greensboro you're after Davis or David Padgett right now you are alive you wanna talk about mr. object. When has silent mr. what are pretty excited about the court the global outlook partly Diddy is what I want you just beat were I would not want to give all of it. In light of that group to meet sculpture that. So I just don't tell so I would not be in a good market I think we're doing it wrong honestly mean this is great weather. What topics Automator what are warm relaxed and I'm of the breed are waiting to speak to want to go are your whatever. Only three hours away heavily to the Arctic and what are. You say oh just like to move real brother world this place is Jim ground out it is too I was aware of everything until the. Yeah amazing report and he's the golf look I mean I think Charlotte is is. Let's let's just call what it is as it has not been a a free agent destination really any point I mean that the biggest free agent signing that they have made. Since they didn't come back to Charlotte as the bobcats was Lance Stephenson and that gives you limited in their face immediately but. A moment that was a nice signing for them late season was an emerging. Global clients are but definitely really did play on a playoff team it was a good sign for Charlotte and then the globe in their face immediately because silicon they've been able to bat go into battles and sign a free agent they did sign Gordon Hayward to an offer she when he was a restricted free agent you talk matched it has to reject your two. They did they go into it but again it's in shot has not been able to really. They're never in the conversation for the Paul George's of the world those guys are are looking elsewhere I Charlotte now if Kemba Walker was. Everywhere as well yeah right and if he was the guy that was made. A buck Brian Monroe it's always gonna show people like to live in their mobile sometimes and they see Jim Walker and they paint and he and he saw Tim walker is a borderline borderline. At all star player he had to he was an alternate essentially who got in after injury or diseases self made all star player and he's done and he's you he's done all right we're back in the world market a great player but what I'm saying is this in the landscape of the NBA Kemba Walker is. Is probably on the fringe of the top 25 to thirty players in the league mark he's not in the top ten or fifteen he's not a guy who unrestricted free agents are going out of their way to take meetings with the hornets to try to join forces with them and they obviously the owners don't have to face any sort of world. What we're saying is that we need to move players to accumulate draft picks so we com. And attract proceeded to play basketball and would cause for sale or surrender would also know is that. Exactly and that might mean moving on from Tim and helping to identify who that next caller might be in doing that through the draft that's really the only option that I seek Matt in Greensboro you've been waiting as well for a few minutes you wanna talk about the hornets future when you got. I got all. What celebrated. At how much more respect to our home. Are ordering your you know your way next year. And it created under very. Hey you know you know. Walker are well and you got a car. You know are really Mac. Contract I IE. Dollar figure it. Ended that it really bored today. What do you state. He could get that number eight. Lleyton were Campbell we have a but it should. It lead group. In. Art and it worked are already well. Yet the match that's actually really good playing can always in the conversation I had to trade deadline for Cleveland and the cavaliers had their hands and about eight different trades it seem like before volatile deterred on a couple ones that brought in Georgia on some of those guys. I think would be on the table but there's so many things out to have a look everything that whatever it takes places offseason it starts with LeBron. And does it a lot of dominoes that fall after LeBron announces whatever he's got to do whether that means that he re ups in Cleveland or whether he'd moves on and signs in Houston or Philadelphia the reason I don't think Cleveland that picket on the table is because the bronze not going to decide where he's going to go. In sill after the draft she's not gonna decide until mid July when the free agency period opens so. Cleveland not going to move that pick for Kemba Walker. Until they know what LeBron did it because of LeBron moves on they would much rather have that pic earned and they would have kemba there they wanna do it total rebuild so. Yet at. That would have made sense in January or February in Cleveland said. I weeping Kemba Walker is the piece that we're missing to try to make it championship run now but in the offseason that's not gonna make as much sense because now you've got LeBron here and you've got away on whatever he decides there's no more games to play obviously the season's over. I don't think did that take is really in the fold on for the miss a good thought from that but I don't think that that that's gonna we're gonna see that happening to much more likely to make a deal elsewhere if it happens. Do you think shall we gonna get out of burn issued or do you think he's gonna come to the table was fresh and make a decision mean the way I'd say you gain you think these are things you always does. The governor lunch and why at this point I mean either you leave it or you're not while wait. In you don't have this big fiasco wondering you've done it twice is worked our great minority has whatever that is porn is like don't just regular season so we know for. Funneled into play. Our of the whole LeBron James Bruce Wayne C show why I am sickened to. OK you lost this year are you if you don't go to the championship this year while we sit railway no human could see right. Well now legally I mean the free agency period has even open until July 1 so that's what even if he. There's no leverage and him saying before July 1 now to know every Julie's gonna re Max money anywhere he goes again. You mean you got there is that there's so many pieces that are gonna move around around him whether that's Paul George coli Leonard some of those other guys you LeBron camp is gonna channel lineup the best possible landing spot for him whether that's staying in Cleveland or whether that's moving to a place like Chile you Senora LA and I don't think there. Gonna take time to. Landscape seems so better if these finals then we went. The awareness that the landscape shapes up bettered a sole owner he comes out and announces what he's doing what if she's green and he needs to play if he's staying he needs to let it. Not what any man who ran Al thing I think he learned his lesson the first time when he left Cleveland not to draw this out and draw so much attention to himself it was a much more subtle there was a real. What he did it. We have the greatest land sports is an old are you a citizen hire by death I don't I don't as well our kids and me and sixteen year old kid announcing on signing day on taking my talents to a Tuscaloosa my all right cool like we get it like you LeBron is that it's over him. Didn't move on these two years from now this is actually could have did that don't give me on that interview tonight talk about that a few minutes and you wanna get Indus unconscionable real quickly but we're gonna take a break right now we'll come back on the other side keep continuing this NBA conversation reported to the eleventh pick in the draft. And somebody sex and then asking what the hornets pitches for LeBron so that's our Judy go to commercial all right I. I felt his Damione Lewis unjust rush so keep it right here Kroger in the mid day town by ortho Carolina. I. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. Producer Ryan get the ball was coming yesterday. Don't play you just little angry today it's okay. You can then off dear to you run. Under the welcome back to grow in the mid day and just ourselves. We're proud by ortho Carolina. The Damione Lewis joining me is well a lot of horn saw today. And people fired up man you people have some strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum about what to Hornish should do going forward. Some people say it straight kemba. Restart. Some people say we got a hold on agenda and build around him and this is the thing. If you try to build. Around Kemba Walker he's facing your franchise he's the all time leading scorer he's such a lovable guy I love Kemba Walker as much as anybody he's such a competitor he is the mean. I am on a bad word to say about him. This is not an indictment on whatever he has done as a part of the hornets this is an indictment on the team that has been built around him and the lack of ability you have to build a winning team. Around Kemba Walker one of the trades that I Terrelle earlier than I think makes a lot of sense is a trade senator around kemba out to the Philadelphia 76ers. Who are in a win now mode. And are lacking a point guard who can score who can shoot bin Simmons is a guy who played point guard this season but was not a threat to shoot the basketball and that really hurt them in the Celtics series a team that was able to game plan against him kept him out of around there is we kept it out of the lane forcing the issue and he didn't do it if they have a guy and kemba who can be that guy it Kris Benson is up to do more things spaces the floor kemba can play off the ball so we trade for -- to Philadelphia makes sense -- who would Philadelphia sent back to Charlotte this is where it gets interesting to think about -- fault a guy who Philadelphia drafted last year number one overall to be that point guard but now there's big questions about his shoulder is he gonna be okay going forward I think Charles in a position to take that risk to roll the dice right you can roll the dice on a guy who the potential. The potential is there to be an all star now before it's very well there is a lot of risk involved. But you can get a guy and told you could get the number ten pick at Philadelphia. How badly do they need that number ten pick is probably more worth their time to get a guy like Kevin who can help them contend for the Eastern Conference now to get the ten picky Martell faults I think Philadelphia could offload Robert Covington a contract they can get out from under giving them more space to sign Paul George or thereafter. Who would still coming to his role on the floor. Now Charlotte has had three Indy guy as well shall we have to probably sent another contract most likely guy like Marvin Williams. Makes sense from Philly standpoint I don't think gimmick maybe they take Cody Zeller back in that deal somebody like got to make money work that's a trait that makes sense to me I believe that kemba is the guy you got to move we have a lot of people. Texting him one person it Texan says how. How the hell do you build around Kemba Walker for those sort of stands that wanna do that explain how you get better once or one of the last teams in NBA attendance and they wanna keep kemba I mean. Sometimes sort of sensed immediately they look at the look at the teams are teal colored glasses and think that this team is all of a sudden we're gonna snap their fingers and they're going to be a winner and they're just not that close or. What it is you don't report which you're guys you don't kill bush has don't also and things are he's been a great guarantee community. He's been a great player for the hornets he's been their star player. In you don't wanna part with that will cause there's still one sure thing that you have. Out in you know speaking as the hornets strain and I am not in favor of them trading Cuba. But after the sport Bruce for new perspective and understand and and not his thing works I don't see other gonna get any thing Els Don if they keep her in you know you've got a front way to bring in your Charlie got a frontal way together draft picks in the only cleanest can now only. On the roster and it says hey this is worse open. Yields moving Kim welcome because you're not gonna separate from the young guys you sure after the last couple years you know those sort of future Eugene you got a guy who's you know bin two years in a row he's been all star player better than Brad it's an all star game there is your Val. Value if you look at the movement of things from a business they employ almost half to as the fans are really would hate to see him leave the city. Aren't present you obviously to it would hurt it would be an emotional pitch for the whole city he's an. Favorite we get that I'm not arguing that some people saying. Folds for Jeb is the dumbest. Believe I ever heard. Don't we stop talking about this this the city has spoken. Obviously if you. Apple didn't get rich but you're getting worse but that's a point okay you're a small market team we had Jay bell is on an hour ago who talked about this exactly if Charlotte is going to improve its gonna do so through the draft is gonna do you do so potentially through a trade it's not gonna do so through free agency. If you're the hornets hurt at. Attic if you add a guy like faults you now have the number one pick in the number eleven pick in animal terribly usually general assembly monk from the 2017 just in two lottery guys from that draft you would then add in in this scenario the tenth pick. From Philadelphia vicious you'd have three lottery guys in their first or second years playing on next year's team. Getting valuable experience digging them crap beat out of them okay they would lose a lot of games. But then you add in all likelihood a top 34 or five pick next year now you're gonna have four players in this hypothetical. Faults month. Whoever they draft this year at at ten and eleven. And then. Doesn't have players committed just eleven pick and then next year's. The high lottery pick you up five young players to build around to meet that so much more exciting for the long term future this team then Kemba Walker and a bunch overpaid veterans that aren't gonna get you anywhere that's just me we have a caller call the other day I thought I put extremely well you can either it you can either drag him blocker and try to build for the future or you can sorry hang up banners are finished in eighth place in the east. Oh but that's what you'll get out of your opponent so you know get to sit in and tell me I'm the idiot but I'm the one who's trying to to to build a hornet's roster that can be playing right now like to 76ers are playing yeah we laughed at him for years ago when they are winning 1015 games who's. I think now because Philadelphia got to the second round of the playoffs the hornets are sitting and held and guess who's picking a the hornets in the draft the Philadelphia 76ers they're waiting now Anderson a better for the future that's a franchise I wanna build myself just. They cannot tell you wouldn't want to know when I mean that that's just the way so yeah. That is the wholesome situation being what true leader and I Jimmy you either wanna be Boston or Philadelphia right now Milwaukee is in a great place Indiana's and a decent place in the east but those those dude seems to me Boston Philadelphia Boston there's no other stores and stars sit on the bench hurt exactly. Exactly they're doing I mean in and you plug his new we'll get into this and a little bit we don't get a break but you think you might be getting them for Boston to say to shell out plus plus cats. On on Carrie Ann and maybe even Hayward where were we party gotten this far without them maybe we turn those guys in the something even better to set us up long term so maybe we'll talk about that coming up but also. The other side his story can that I read this morning about guys going pro in the NFL is that a good idea to turn pro when you're not guaranteed a the first or second round pick your guy who went to a situation like that obviously been a former college star told told you about that as well as other mentality of young athletes today we'll talk about that next you are here this is Grover in the midday about my ortho Carolina. Yeah none. Powered by ortho Carolina. Pain in the. Welcome back to Kroger in the mid day cowed by North Carolina I'm just ourself filling in at Ford Chris Kroger alongside Damien Lewis today. Call him on tour at Lewis underscored Damien on me on Twitter at Josh Marcel and before we move on we're gonna put a bow on a conversation about the hornets for now we're gonna go through the Carolina. I pulled tables plus email inbox Carolina pool tables plus twenty years of experience in Charlotte no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers all your questions. Find them at 4445. East independence boulevard also they have a location in Colombia. Where somebody's in the -- screwed up when they didn't take the Celtics trade offer a couple of years ago and the Celtics did offer a boatload of picks when just as Winslow is on the board and they end up passing on that to take trade Kaminsky back is a big one if if you're the hornets they could have set themselves up with a ton draft picks moving forward instead the Celtics held pat use some of those picks later on to get guys like Jason -- and Jalen brown. Obviously we see with those guys are doing now under the tutelage of Brad Stevens so that there's a lot of things that need to be facing in Charlotte James the radio the new head coach for the hornets is that a lot of the right things but it's a little long term project ahead. Ahead of him and I'm not trying to be doom and gloom for the hornets I'm just trying to give you guys a dose of reality and that reality is this hornets roster as fitted right now is probably one of the six to eight. The worst in the league at least when it looks when you look at long term viability of this of this Rosser does not seem to have a bright long term future. There's gonna do radical changes I think they need to be made if they want to be in a position like Philadelphia is. Right now or Boston or Toronto and that is a contender in the Eastern Conference so that's that but I do wanna get to another topic so. David is a guy who. Obviously a former star at the U wood down there in Miami guy who played NFL for a long time. You now did you come out early or did you did you leave after your senior you are street alone on the start rushing your so when you're a junior okay. Was there a conversation to be had there or just there were. I was OK real conversation we have actor and honestly only has it to my own hours of graduate. Which is why I asked the national like from. I had no Schumer for improvement you know Marbury was on late first early second. You'll come out over. Arm coming out as a junior. And you know I was there I was right there are being at a point where I was about to graduate in the army in my Marmol promised and I don't onto what I promise all our loan through school. And that is a very hard decision for a lot of people are. Part of this rig is grounds and a Muslim forums Lincoln. They do want to listen to one not you know do we have a chance to do we know do we not it and honestly with the football team did you know almost porn begged to play with. In 2000 we had just go to jail is as any other team in the country to win a national championship. More immediate anything more calls a war we changed from in 96 and like any seven born on you know five and six and in turn in and around and now all of a sudden in 2000 we make this huge one and we just know about a player from the national championship. You absolutely didn't. As of Virginia Tech fan I am on your side that that team got snubbed out of that national championship run that was the year Florida State made it and you guys are believed beat the Knowles that Wear on some things on the lunar or not. Access the. We live that was nasty that was Jack don't. Do decisions change. Based on my teammates that you know where Colin were in college and what we set out to do right you know more sold in Orange chase and I knew that opportunity. Would be there and I did the Smart thing I want to get an insurance policy just in case that you know do the worst of the worst case scenario governor and the injured are mounting a player do you ever play the game would you import. At the end of the day my brother's in college bit more to me than just taken off and run and you don't play professional football and always looked at as a defense of mom and offensively. And it's easier to make that decision and then if you play run and Brad. Or why that would cause skill positions to taper you don't falls also stress in Chile flight this year Michelle Fleischer short so you know based on position. It seems like we're defense of how many shooter is your good defense of environment and stay healthy. Which is not in your control you know all you do is work at a live and do things that they carry your body. What if you stay healthy did you have a chance to play a long career also when you do remember. I exactly and and a story the reason I bring this up is because there's a story in the athletic they came out yesterday the athletic dot com and I'm axles and talking about the new look a relatively new and at least on. It ruled by the college out of advisory committee to the NFL. Blur and few years ago they made it change it they used to give Tom draft grades to. Underclassmen. Saying hey you're either going to be a first round pick a second round pick earth third through seventh or undrafted now they've changed it where they've either they give you two choices they either say you're gonna be a first or second round pick. Or are you should come back to school those are the two basically answer is that not only on the clock. And that's the problem did you need to be realistic in these are you gonna be won the tool three to four. 27. Or you're not going to get drafted give the guy has done loading humbled calls. And on your family situation. 3213. Shares a lot better than five through seven. You don't sense why knee in that's going to be the desk only to close off. About a season a mean case in point we are to be sure to tell our schools they came at a UN more as a force royalty what was the seventh where it. It will freeze government classmen. On God's green earth would you be coming out early to deal falls in the seventh round pick one who got drafted here. Makes no sense for you don't leave school early. In gear and totally get drafted and seven royal controller we just live here is that the round pick one out. You know you own more of what is set up to beat one of the top five defense and in all of college football make sure. You are going to be the marquee guy in the middle hole in what is telling you to come out early because seven or pick. Vs first second third round pick. I stay in school one more year yeah cause I make good money out when October. Mixture of polls look login page in the opportunity that I would now. To make the football team in December after it. Also what this story was really talking about is win the committee decided to make it changed the thought process behind it was they're trying to Mitt. A lot of these underclassmen going pro in the mother trying to basically say if you're not a first or is that a round pick. You should come back they're saying it's it's so much more likely fear how to sustain grew in the NFL if you make it as a first or second round pick but what's happened is the opposite effect is another place where it even more guys this year there was a record in in 123. Underclassmen who announced and stay in the NFL draft 36 of those guys went the first two rounds. Forty of them on draft where it has its own misses it's not scoring there's a guy that can't go back to school going to. I don't playing baseball. If you don't hire an agent basketball you don't turn agent you're able to. He real role if you don't like were you got drafted. Was this thing and not sit after football. If you wanna say well you know the guy and this city assign as many looks but they got a certain guys in basketball they got to give got scholarships in baseball what I did not. Given the saying Curtis day ago the sports or the calls guys wanna know. Sometimes you can't trust what your vehicle shows U regardless I mean we all. I don't think it's a perfect world you know. You can't always trust what your coach tells you can't trust. New information source or your source is not directly from the scouting department of the NFL in form of letter and phone call at 830 minute conversation of what's your future may be if you decide to go utterly how can you make an informed decision. Especially when you've got some monitor works was some agent who lives in some CD thirty you don't have to cross because it's where you lead over where you play telling you hey man but from what I hear you going to be a third rail for a fourth when did what are your UW 123. Where you get that information strong. In how come my privilege and an inflammation as a player getting ready to come out of college so well. The thing years why are we not supply these guys with the information that they need unbiased source. You know it's a pretty good opportunity to make an informed decision. OK so let's let's take that into my oldest consumer and certainly my. I could go to your decisions so what you're doing the people that you were discussing I mean you said he'd talk to your family made a promise to your mom but don't hum. The infrastructure Brazilians are the real problem would drop only. Conversation happened no right after. Our last a right after a bowl game we played Georgia Tech in the ballgame as if I had a really good game against Georgia Tech we played in the inaugural bowl and Jackson deal. We got backed. Took three days later I went in I'll sit down we're close Davis in a sit down already announced that coach was tools when we look at it he said the only Armas which you. You try to go in a beard. At this case a late first and worst case of late second. Soul you definitely looking at a low late first early on such a royal great is not easy and it's just there's just effects. You're only and I took dead end which is not he's not a guy did you know she also lot you know what because he was playing your players he's always been right down. Was she destroyed came back to Paul dean Paul B. Here's what what what are you getting what are you hearing any remorse collaborate when butch say it thus it okay. Did you don't you start getting word docile communal. Gas and this guy saying that agency in this agency and that where everything you Gaza saying is pretty much same pain in my. The mud decent in my head coach says so while it Maghreb take what you sale or not did you see it in no way that against him you know if he's given me. Between valuation from the Gaza these called in he had convictions in the we have time nothing Jimmy. Was just newly starts from mom and from there on the cowboys Dallas in the area that was coach and an armed with a doll I mean John. You don't if he's getting information from his scouts in from his context on the next level. I want to take his word over anybody else is about know how well he was connected on the next level. It's a really interesting I. I love having your opinion on this your perspective we'll continue that causes a few other points I wanna get who we're gonna take a break here and come back and continued talking about that until the top of the hour we'll come back and have more on the Panthers in the daytime Priscilla is well I and and probably have a little bit more on conversation about Kemba Walker did you guys are fired up about that is so to the right here will continue the conversation on the other side of the break I'm just Marcel he's Damian Lewis this is Kroger in the mid day down by ortho Carolina. All right welcome back to. Kroger in the midday cowed by ortho Carolina I'm just myself filling in for Chris Kroger don't worry we'll be back on Monday for all you angry taxes out that we got some nice ones as well. One guy said media game you should be the starters I guess he means we should be determining guys who are drugs are out. Six just get no love for willow drugs and he will be back on Monday so like you right here that we're taking you up until 2 o'clock Joseph Garcia M Daley and suing and coming up that 11 receive Mohammad a former Panthers are joining us on the show to talk enters and a felon and we're gonna ask about this conversation you and I are having on the before the break as well saga about a story in. In the athletic dot com yesterday. About undrafted players you cover I guess I'm underclassmen players some of them going undrafted murder it and the decision process that goes into that a couple of years ago the NFL used to giving grade underclassmen so you're either a first round pick. You were a second slash third round pick or you're fourth through seventh now it's either you're a first or second round pick. Or come back to school. Those are the only two options they give you and what's happened is they thought they were doing that in order to kind of help keep some underclassmen in school because you know hey if if you don't have that guarantee of being a first or second round pick come back and try to improve your dress that what's happened is the number of underclassmen has skyrocketed. Up to lay a record 523. Guys this year. This totally because there aren't informed and they had to know that was gonna happen I mean you gonna give guy the first sickening the end you know most coal go way to school on them. Also and there was Abbott is a lot of the college coaches that this was done almost as a favor to those college coach is because they want to see these underclassmen comeback obviously as you know you have. I'll do wonders for short so you know guys like judge Dana hold ricin was quoted in the story is talking about you know they're guys that could be first or second guessing as a person does it on their guys here that you know if they combat prettier than can be first round that's on hold on. There's only 321 round flops it's not like every dude who's an underclassmen of those men forty of them just went undrafted 223 total forty went undrafted. Obviously no commitment probably none of those forty if any are going to be a first round pick in our lives. They could get drafted alone and had to get an artist I must say they could beat ourselves and it's the first where we are. Look a certain point. This just because his column would idealism first round draft picks a born. In the end there polished when they get cut its. You have to be certain how a certain way certain speed certainly if there's so much mathematics and so much growth. In your body in your DNA that make sure first round draft be moved into a new a couple of guys that slid into the first drill. Alltel that it may have solved but not all a little stretched but most first round draft picks follow up on the tree. What they looked like another bureau moms or everybody else is going to get money out of fifty guy. Asked this gonna become. Out every year there's gonna fall in this pool and that you will be considering a first round draft pick you know your software. I think you know can't be in not very explosive fastball. To hit you home the first earnings as a worm just don't work that way. So I've had a couple thoughts on this Damien beyond you have covered person asked because. Le. Yes there are some guys the a look at them in Entercom minor they're proud and you like all right I. Bradley child and Mario William Reggie Bush Tim Newton got and as physical freaks that are just on into the 1% of 1% of 1% yes. But. Realistically speaking how big of a gap is there between. A lot of guys from athletic standpoint local they got all Ryan they're all strong girl addled there are differences and stuff but so much to me of what I see as an outsider who got in played a game not at your level of course. What I see is guys who. And Evan at third fourth fifth sixth round. Those are the guys who have a chip on their shoulder when who have something to prove who don't have that contract and those. Ultimately a majority NFL is made up on guys who come from those rounds yes it is they have something to prove. When they get it can't they are given a big contract from that first round and to meet because the gap at. Athletically is in my mind. Fairly slim between it. I'm talking purely athletic first round and a fourth or fifth round the guy US. It was a little bit more motivation to me has a better chance of staying on long term picture is a pitcher's ability a franchise and dynasty and a lot of guys who are not first round picks. Now they've built the franchise and a dynasty over ramadi Barney that's where Bill Belichick is Georgian chore in just the middle the middle beat Dan and he gives his guys in the way to assume mr. as a way to get the best auto. That's why they have what they have what. There is a somewhat of an athletic gap between first round passed the fourth where guys. The winners' board that you cannot own a piece of paper is what goes on between the ears right dead mental aspect is the difference maker some guy. It's just have a knack for finding a way to the football they're not the fast is gassed and out the best looking of guys in a debate is built of Gaza but they just have. Now all the way of making plays and sometimes there are being mutant. There tell us is big and he didn't in the scheme what they're hurting and in college you see each right CC flash is you see these things this board deals make their money. Cause legal and funnels guys who just have a mental toughness to a they're able to play the game and an extremely how. Level London Fletcher curls in my right up to real yeah sort of guy we just want to play college basketball London as an athlete they were. I don't know Caylee was so. And he just had this a million taught this in a mental preparation to regain got a lot of guys just. We're not born with these just a freak of nature when a game that let it and he just came when you don't want her greatest love. And yesterday and never enough. Tune to win approval Antonio Brown Antonio Brown they got a message of Michigan and you have. Unlike me and Sosa is like coming in from an apple employee I mean nowadays you look at him and you say wow how did this guy possibly be passed out and obviously these. There may be this receiver in the NFL I'd say he is the best receiver in NFL which but bullet that was overlooked and had to Ernie is a way. And so Rosser onto a onto the starting lineup and now he's the best receiver and only your. You can cherry pick our day we knew when he has Williams we Eagles so many different guy that would condemn what club most. Those guys at or. In the leave your jobs who earn and worked their way in states or is not always a magical first round pick this just a dog and only showed us the big guys this thing out you don't have a certain terms of portrait look a certain way and sometimes. Lot of times actually words of those guys last 100 tumbled to a bowl or merely. Is going to be available tools third fourth round picks I mean it's only so many first round picks Gloria at least he got warned. Initially hit on. On that Warren. In the but the rest of the guys are not first wanders young 11 round pick every year right is sometimes you'll mandatory but you've got hunt so you got more initiative they're forced to shoot 67. And free agents so I guess we're you gonna be it was a roster you gonna. Have you got there's going to be the face of that class Indian wrestler Gaza gonna give them while. And and they go on and wanted to automate the ball deep in some of those guys you hit good if you didn't you write these guys are gonna be on your roster for a whole career. And so so here's. What bothers me about the mentality of athletes today because you see so many of these guys that. Get the wrong information in their head and they go pro and it doesn't pan out for them they go undrafted they never medical roster than ever make a second contract in the NFL which is that's when you make a life changing money. Is it it begins even earlier and you and I kind of got into this a little bit earlier there off the air. You go back to these guys in high school Allen and the spotlight that's on these kids it is so much larger than it was when you were coming through I honestly from a small town in Texas you weren't a social media superstar you moron and so rim on YouTube on bleacher or dolls are doing is they didn't exist so you are you didn't have as to make sure you have people you don't tell you with a man but you didn't have the country and people all over the United States. Quite like what these guys have now Deion. Rosemary retained. Sports is global high school sports is gold right. On right now and Google's fastest terms in the country and hundreds in the from the mistake and nothing. Too little story fairest of terms were from Texas just saying ha ha just don't know the Saudi. If you don't Brett transfers shaded diner Dawson and endorse not know you have to demonstrate. Today is tell the truth wins. So. You know old with when you can you can go in on the you can pull a special meeting almost any clear and high school or. And you know you confirm that about you don't need any player any form of country. My school of the Internet so it's just this huge move with and they are you've gotten the whole word are you going to put how. Ally it's impossible new tool is as you can give as much exposure. As your Freel will allow you to give you can get it out to the masses is not just about don't colleges anymore it's about you in the asked follow him but more important out on social media so that's a total in our complete game changer in you know what honestly I don't blame the kids are playing. The adults you know we're the ones by. Un and that is where the lords turning on the TV watching you know national signing day money is being forewarned not a 5% of these kids would never reform again. Well and that's the boy you had only got ahead of Reagan's second but that exact notion a look I used to go when our duty as piano's that the ninety opening -- we they're all American camp seven on seven in the summer when they brought in the top 150 players in the country all rising high school seniors and I sat in the auditorium with them and I'm not gone and I he could the only ones who do it but I set an auditorium at that welcoming whatever you wanna call and expose day and they said look. Ndamukong Suh was in your shoes five years ago Aaron Rodgers I nudge here a photo Beckham's attitude the reality is. Less than 7% of the guys that report ever play in the NFL but yeah they think they're being told that they're the best of the best it's hard not to believe that was the right. Ahead but everybody thinks that they are way before it is it what to mr. Mohamed about that he's gonna join us on the other side in just a minute just keep it right here this is quite. Well we're in the midday powered by ortho Carolina.