Kroeger In The Midday: Darin Gantt Weighs In On Tepper Owning The Panthers

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Thursday, May 17th

Darin Gantt joins Josh Parcell to react to David Tepper buying the Carolina Panthers.


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Powered by ortho Carolina. Good Morning America had it on clearly was the Guinea. Hey absolutely. I it's not be any someone else says I heard in my photo earlier it was the any now on the radio it's laurel. I need to see visible makes me nervous is or are we pull we not hearing what we think we hear on a daily basis. Q tips clean those ears hey check the low. It's just ourselves though. Good morning everybody. Oh man what do we about the dates on there and I don't know but it could be fun. I'll look you gotta be careful you talk about the Q tips and clean and not choose you're not supposed to put two Q did in your ear remember we talked about. You're not supposed to put you guys or some other external cleaning. So what I am the cute kid down into the canal on your hair your pack and all that waxed down in there. The what's the something comes out of attitudes have done that and then the yellow and brown well that's actually collects count on this you know ears sort of self clear he's seen the falls away it's not supposed get out of here they you'd give. Have young children and he. I am a young child that's a fair point I yeah anybody with young kids know the pediatrician just don't put the Q tip down into the year. Eleven a liar impacting the waxed well this has already a success of another and today they go to west breakdowns. On that if Lindsay good morning everybody. We gal all right so once again -- -- -- -- North Carolina I'm just -- billion for -- all -- today we got there again the house we got a great show for you guys coming up today couple gas coming your way Chris patrol is gonna be on the -- at noon EST in college basketball analyst he'll talk about the NBA draft as well as some of the -- -- be getting into all weeklong and carbonite. The BC SC's sports anchor here in Charlotte will join us at eleven to talk cantor is in hornets and then at 1 o'clock we've got Joe -- former NFL executive worked and Jimmy has -- hasn't connections to obviously NFL front offices he'll talk about the Dave -- situation which is where we start today again what are your thoughts on this right off the -- we've had Damien Lewis and -- stand -- in the house last couple days and then we have broke down the Dave -- Situation he is buying the Carolina Panthers most guys know the story by now 2.2 to 2.3 billion dollars somewhere in that range he currently owns a 5% stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Of which you'll obviously have to divest as he takes over for the Panthers but Darren you're a guy who I wanted to get your thoughts on this as soon as any you're gonna be in here on Thursday so the floor is yours tenants lay out the law what you think out this is what this means for the Panthers going forward. I think more than anything else act and would be I would tend to be optimistic rather than pessimistic about the sale simply because. He's so fantastically. Successful. I mean there's things he has chosen to do he has won at every turn. The guy has taken a risk but they being calculated risk. And they all paid off incredibly mean. His fortune was effectively built on flipping distressed properties right buying low and selling high which is the basis of a capitalist economy. Why he bed at the right times he bad at correctly that the United States government was not going to let big banks fail. And he bought up a bunch of stock in places like oh by the way Bank of America. Now he owns Bank of America Stadium so as anything more than anything else the reason people should be encouraged. By the temporary administration is the guy has won. The guy has been a winner in business he has been good. And making money and because making money has been his goal he's been very good at it now he's got a different gulf. And it's always interesting with these guys. Owners. Sort of create a framework. For organizations and set the agenda it and I think. When you think about the impact an owner can have I got back to like any good Barlow in the 49 Ers. He said. We're SP no money it takes to be unit for. Now there are owners who look at these things as an investment and say. You're spending too much money on football I don't envision. David tepper being cheap. I don't think he's gonna go out and turning the Dan Snyder and spend on all the shiny new toys in free agency or anything like that but I do believe he's going to be the kind of guy who will fund the mandate who will. Yeah I'll allow the Marty journeys and Ron Rivera has to do their football. Without having to worry about. Oh god do we got to come back on scouting trips to the West Coast can we you know those kind of paper clip items in the budget I don't think's gonna necessarily be a concern. I think there's going to be some changes around there I think they're primarily going to be on the business side I think football's gonna look like it continues to look. But he's gonna make some changes around there he wants to he has bought this place to make money. That's what he does with the aid distressed properties he dies he buys them to increase their value and I think he's looking to do that. On the business side of things I think he's gonna change some things stadium wise. In terms of things he sells a add Kennedy said half jokingly I don't think 90% of the people probably 99% of people don't care about this but. Bank of America stadiums a rarity in that it's got to press box it's fifty yard line. And that's in the X. That thing's going to be extinct sent its last all this season it'll be a surprise it definitely by the time they start playing twenty. Nineteen I would imagine the press box is going to be in some. Corner of the end zone at some point I mean it's just you can sell fifty yard I'm property for more than you canyons on property and he's gonna turn that into suite make more money off of it that's going to be one of the kinds of changes he'll make to that stadium. But I don't. I don't know that he's necessarily and we haven't heard him say this. But I don't know that he's. Necessarily looking to come in here and make big structural changes or put a stadium in four mil or any other kind of you know sky's falling talk that a lot of people or word about but I do you think he's going to look to maximize. His investment. And acting primarily that's gonna be on the business side first. But again if I was a fan of the Carolina Panthers. I would be happy about it but cause you've got a guy who has already proven himself incredibly successful. An incredibly driven and if he carries that same kind of attitude and to the football operation. One would think. That would be a good thing. I'm insisted ask Joe Banner this little bit later just about the learning curve of being in new owner renowned temper at least has some. Experience being in the NFL family as a minority owner of the Steelers but you did you hit on him being a guy who has a history of buying quote unquote distressed properties and turning them around it's an interesting time to buy an NFL franchise because I think there was there was a lot of thought really in the last year that. The NFL values while obviously astronomically high in Maine c.'s hit a ceiling at some point in the near future with television. Ratings going down continuously plummeting like did last year. How popularly called probably a little strong I'm it's Amber's trying on television. But living relatives aware lies all of Israel is it this is only show on television plummeted relative to where Wallace shore but but what but the point way to decline mirrors the rate of decline of all broadcast and then make an NFL team heard the NFL's all inherently less valuable plus people are watching. I don't know. Coming in at the time and we had some questions about this in house of the FT about. Would these Supreme Court gambling decision. Be a last minute monkey wrench in this process because you know Mark Cuban came out and said the values of sports teams basically doubled. With this decision nears a whole new pipeline or revenue from there wasn't available to teams before armed. And that's going to be available now and apparently that wasn't really factored deals buttoned up being and I think. Because a lot of reasons Jerry Richardson and the unifil were rating get to steal don't move. Arm but the reality is this thing did not come in as valuable as a lot of people were anticipating and I think 90% of the blame for that more so than. Declining television ratings or anything like that is based on the fact Jeter hitched in couldn't keep his hands off the help. And Julie do you think that is itself the value of the franchise. I don't think there's any question that it affected the value of the franchise because he could've waited. And at the one thing I know about tier Richardson from dealing with him for. Twenty years is he is H proud and stubborn man and he was. And the old Jerry Richardson would have dug in and said not hill with deal I'm gonna do this my way and I'll wait as long as it takes to get what I want for the steam. But because of the investigation because of the pressure being put on him by the NFL I think some of that resolved Mayweather to weigh it would about it. Do you think. That we have frank Garcia texting and who's gonna be unhinged a couple of our own does do is a college Shia now he's trying to do is resurgent Ellison and you know and as what do you think libel the training camp location which used to be your will has been in Wofford which was Jerry's alma mater you think that maybe they try and wipe their hands clean of any ties to the Richardson Erin moved training camp somewhere else. Com. I don't know that he necessarily has a preference for that the one thing that limits it is there's not mail like for like here. Odd to do it they've got three practice fields. But it's. Com. You know there's not all the infrastructure necessarily here to hold a training camps. I like the idea of going away I'm kind of old school that way you know the way the Steelers have done it forever going to saint Vincent's in what drove armed you know any if he is a go away to camp guy like the Rooney's have always been then maybe that's something he carries over I don't know I think. You know Watford has been a good place to have training camp because of the facilities because of the infrastructure they've got they're now could they do the same theme in Boone. Could they do the same thing at Clemson can they do the same being added east Carolina. Maybe but. Now again I think boom it would be interesting simply because you you make it a little cooler on yourself in the middle of the summer in us read your brains out and training camp but some people get off on that. We had a break we're gonna continue talking about the Dave tepper situation here by the Carolina Panthers he has some you guys texting and already on the buildings and it's actually keep those coming in 70457096. One's here you can give us a call that same number as well on this and we'll also talk MBA playoffs. Last night. I was wrong the warriors fall in game 21471. Of those five. Rockets temporary used to in Austin we Ruth Rivera. Root root. On how you Ponzi. I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy to admit when I'm wrong it's not often but when it is I gotta I gotta be honest about it so we'll talk about that on the other side is there again I'm just ourselves this is Kroger in the mid day about by ortho Carolina. Powered by the way. I Ryan's best climate for yesterday. Yesterday you me and Damian sat here for like 45 seconds on the air and talking about god knows alive. While we were unknowingly on the air a line call this out and then. Rise within the oil back their body yeah Collins the show within the show dog can sometimes be more entertaining bit different it is I'm on the and the guy there now and you have. Talk shows together but I'm the type of guy that. I feel nervous talking austere get a light to keep all the good conversations for the radio because that's what happens is you start talking during the break issue. There is better than whatever happens on the air you ending and then by the time you bring it back to the area until let's talk about that again yeah well it's it's not the same as you know my good stuff. During the break now when are you and I. I don't have to get sent to him with cells they Larry we're here it's all there is why in many years might be something we maybe degenerate like kind of have like a streamer like whatever like a live stream dirt here because Dan Patrick does that not acknowledge the dynamic that they have during the breaks yeah because talk about sports and down sports the box and what they do we had some very cool bombed you is wanna get on there you also yeah. Oh so this says that actually makes he's terribly nervous because I have a tendency to swing airlines off color stories during the breaks. And now I don't know he had a couple of with a couple is last breaks and that's that's that's that's on board for the oh Poland back to coordinate the yeah and some curtains shouldn't be pulled back something should be behind the curtain absolutely. Well the other kids pull back the curtain on the warriors. And what a win for them the rockets' winning game 2127. To 105. Blowing away Golden State in luck. I am I was guarding against this I kind of played both sides of the fence the last two days Iran could test this your back Derrick Thomas said I'm not. Overreact to game one guy I'm never that guy I'll always say look how many times do we watch a game one NCA team win and we think that that's the way this series is going to go well. Oftentimes. Game to game three things change but I'll admit that about correcting game two guy. Well and we have a call. To every game. We we do tend to do that means series change and look I think one of the things that you can never. Ever overestimate is. Did the sense of desperation. For a team in any series but especially in a conference finals in Houston which knows. And that that was we we use must win a lot but that was a must win game for his enemy and they fall behind go to own and go back to go and say to series is. For all intents and purposes over so for the rockets to it to come out and and really it was the play of their role players in guys like I'm PJ Tucker with 22 points. Who. Just absolutely lit the world on fire eight of nine from three. Guys like that are the guys you need to step up at. At home and and you hear and Jalen Rose talks about this allies a guy I like to listen to we talk about two boys as role players play better at home and in game one the role players for Houston were nowhere to be found. In game two PJ Tucker does his thing James Harden is only three of fifteen from three. To they needed some of those other guys to play well in the rockets. They didn't listen to the critics the critics said it what. You have to move the basketball more drafted abandon your style of play which is a isolation heavy. A system that relies on James Harden and Chris Paul the dictate the entire offense and to an extent they did obviously move better without the basketball last night you saw that from the jump but there was still a Houston Rockets style game I think they just did a better job of pushing the tempo and it led to a 127 points so. Daryn. Well in the other elephant in the room news you know and I'll run the risk of Steve Kerr make in front of me in a post game press conference on flight. Step curry doesn't correct right yes I mean in and they can talk around it and you know and it is a guy entitled have a bad game occasionally and I suppose. Bite. First step curried who have come back as recently as he has. And to now there are times when he still drive in the lane village that's where I think you see the biggest difference when staff his staff is not cranking up threes you can do that don't want length. But when Steffi is most effective it's when he can move with the ball. Drives a plane yes you know penetrate do those kind of things. And that's where I don't necessarily see you. Stiff being staff I mean and the one for eight from behind the arc jumps off the page gadgets when you look at his stats Seton. After the game Kerr was glib glad somebody asked him what degree. You know the injury was told he stepped back any kind of paused in grin and said like thirteen point 7% since you know it is funny and everybody laughs did you poke it there poke fun at two reporters there by Amazon but. You know until old. And I don't know that we can get that point we seen this it with staff to different points in his career. Where he'll come back from something and not be himself now does he need to be back in whatever capacity. Acting so I think to beat. The rockets comfortably in this series they're gonna need. You know more than thirteen point 7% instead of my. Bad I think it's reasonable to wonder how old affected he actually is because of the inning. Now you're right I mean I'd I think it's clear you are you that right on the head out something I wanted to get to his. Going through the basket. Curry going to Bassett really struggled around the rim last night and normally he's done a guy that when he's. Shooting well from the outside or even when he's not just this year threat of that of him being able to shoot from 2530 feet forces you to play him so tight on the burner he can get by you and get to the basket he's so crafty around the rim didn't have that same level of craft in his last night he hasn't had in this series and if you go back to two years ago in 2016 when curry came back from an ankle injury that he suffered in the playoffs and it. Essentially and I've talked to people very close to curry who have said look. Basically every time he stepped on the floor he made it worse so it was never going to get better throughout the playoffs it would wherever he. If he was at 90% in the in the conference semi finals it was an 85% the next day and it was an 80% the next it is gradually wore him down and by the time they got to that I NBA finals. He was so worn down in Cleveland was able to attack Tim so specifically that. And it only cost them the championship among other reasons so now look. They don't need in my opinion they don't need stuff curry to be. Even 80% of Stefan curry to win the NBA championship what they had let us face it they have made a shallow stuff curry in game one with. They beat Houston on the road they're now going back home to Golden State they should take care of business at home out I can't imagine even as they splitting go back to Houston to two. They're going to and end up winning the series home court advantage is going to be enough for this team Kevin Durant can carry them although last night I think you saw a Golden State team start to rely a little too much. On Kevin Durant creating by himself rather than what we've come to know the warriors who is a team the moves the basketball shares it. It was a bad game for clay it would and it was obviously begging for stuff like we just talked about but. You you worry about the help of staff. If they get to the NBA finals when they get to the NBA finals. I don't see Boston indoor event if somehow happens Cleveland's. Having enough to even be a team. In gold state that even a seven Gergen play Ryan I think Golden State was still good lobbied the team do you guys I've ever seen what he's truly Houston is in the cots. Correct I mean I think whoever comes out of the west is winning the title and I think the warriors could win the title they wouldn't be the dominant team they are now I think doors to win the title does that encourage. And that's that's how good they are and that's that's a shame I think for the league that you have it can you imagine this imagine I mean this is. It's unlikely to occur is getting it shut down and that's not gonna happen but if curry war to get shut down hypothetically speaking and they made the finals you would have. NBA finals match up where arguably amenable. Three of the seven all stars aren't even playing you have curry not playing for gold and stay and you have earning inhaler out for Boston. And is still have that mean star calorie and Kevin Durant in and Klay Thompson I mean it's just amazing that you could have been a finals where guys and we're gonna. Earlier columns and we hear pioneer talk about how brilliant Brad Stevens as. Which easier or not I'll tell us. Yeah it is biased but it's interesting that I mean you saw the pettiness of other coaches with him not get them vote for coach of the year. Com and I think here's an inevitable. Backlash on any of these kind of things and instill charming and it's still news now but will it. You hit that with star players you get that with coaches yes it the love in the hive been in the inevitable backlash guys. Again and and that yeah I mean and in in this case Brad Stevens actually is that good but I feel like he could take a couple late as he did take. You know Jason Tatum and Al Horford and the three of months and be. The cavaliers. Magic guard LeBron I think then yeah you you take you to I take JR Smith your lengthy. A title mumbled I'll take I'll take LeBron. We thank you know for political possibly go around enough but. I think you bring up a good point we got to get a break a second but the Celtics. Remind me a little bit. Of the lawyers for about four years ago. Where it was a young team they were super likable they play their box office. On the playgrounds details on every night you go to the lawyers before they were what they are now they weren't that underdog team that everybody fellow Blanton and then obviously Durant comes in they've become now this giant that people like tests of it it changes and it drastically so we're still in the honeymoon phase for Boston that the backlash will come it's only a matter of when that happens not if that's so they're false does that towers. I agree I agree wholesale long it takes and it be sooner than later that he winning the way they are right now so we're had a break again coming up at eleven and we have nick carbonite sports anchor from WC and C he'll join us to talk all things printers and hornets and at twelve crisper it's all join us is due in college basketball analyst he will give us his thoughts on some of the top players in the NBA draft where the hornets should go at eleven and maybe Alaska about some of the trade ideas have been drawn up this week for the hornets. That's all coming up next on in the mid day out by ortho Carolina. Welcome back to Kroger in the mid day got by ortho Carolina I'm just Parcells joined by Darren can't. A pro football talked hi everybody. General joke teller. Not a good golfer apparently. Now how do you measure yourself against other golfers to honest hi. With the fifth has probably. Probably the only way I can I did. I did play around a golf about two weeks ago for the first time in a year and a half I use of laid off five days a week I used to play golf a lot. Got away from it got a little too you really don't have kids I do not. Now we'll see so I did this summer's use to be pretty light for me of me was busy for me when I was an ESPN it was counseled on college basketball and then. There was nothing for the whole summer so I. I dodged a deliberative plane AT 127 holes every now and then on as you days and weeks and but it got to the point where will that this is the point of the story for those you play golf out there. Stop trying. Because. I've played it. Every day for weeks and months and you know taser had break Haiti deal 7879. Whatever. But. I would go to the driving range every day and hit balls and balls try and learn how to draw the ball little better fade the ball a little better whatever. And then you know finally I was getting so in my own had a sort of playing more so just gave an opposite I'm not gonna play for an entire summer I can't waste my money my time there was stressing me out. Was so I knew anyway and come out and played two weeks ago. And hadn't swung a golf club in literally a year later the body and mind shot 81. When no no no practice no dropped its like just I do eleven over par is like that does is who I am I due to. There's some to be said for however good you are at golf's in the first six months you play golf is about how good you're going to be. Then I think the notion of people now listen I mean it you're a newbie and you go from student won twenty Cain you become a ninety's. Maybe but I mean if shared terrible golf the day you pick up a golf club here or not. Ever going to become a scratch golfer. Lets you are well yes scratch and lesser just so reds that you pay for lessons. I mean all the time India I guess anybody can become decent but if it's for those of us who are normal human beings and now there's a limit on on how good you can get I mean I've. Again did you just stop stop wasting your money because you're only organic and no joy yet. I mean it's kind of guy it's an electronic. I couldn't train we just beat top you know coaches of the US Olympic Committee in action and I'm not ever gonna run a five minute mile. I mean that's just do it all there is doable when I run I enjoy the running and that's the that's the point in joy the gulf. Now see I hated running that this is funny source about four years ago and I hater and my whole life. Started deciding and I you know what I'm and try to run a little bit here in the Aaron 2013 so five years ago this month in May I ran about a nine didn't thirty mile. I run a five minute mile today. So I'd I took them myself now not not today no amateur days ago RS yeah you're young and hated running. But like I went and I Borg or serious fitness and and that's what's really completely changed it around and made running fun to me but I. But like even if you guys right now like you wanna go on the run and the like cannot really but I don't of those classes and you did the competitive juices get flowing and you just need to start doing and all the sudden get better and better and now. We should write I'm minimize your befall you got out of Rome in drugs has Kroger comes or is there with retail tries a run faster than me can't. I never I I've never tried to just spread out Enron. A mile as fast as I could I don't know what I would probably do that if I yeah I mean again I didn't realize how much I loved running until I broke my calling Tehran now. It's is change is a man those changes let's talk about those changes now on this. I may. I mean probably never going to be a five minute mile guy who escaped I think it's reasonable to think OK if I knew I had to run just one. I kept going around run five k's in 830 pays some right now and that's yet. That's got past that. Back out fast is as good as you guys you do several of these so isn't able in the buildings and attacks on texting and Josh you can't get any better golf because god hates you for being a patriots fan fare not okay all right they're not somebody just decimating you just suck at golf but you're an adult son gauntlet and actually decent but like. I'm just I'm I'm I'm an average to a run maverick hey I never see anything else is pure shooting eighties you don't socket gulf. Atlanta is definitely a definitely serviceable got a captain's choice seem like I'm not gonna wait I'm down I'm. I'm not. What I'm putt first so that you can line up the putt guy. Probably going to be tired behalf not the go get Beers guy but be in on the OK yeah it. I'm that guy. On a golf course is a matter of fact in factory we ruined it we didn't say the good stuff for the show is still on the boy's turn to break in at one of our old Debbie SNC's celebrity golf classics. We must have been running short on celebrity's one year 'cause I had dropped in with the group and you've never seen a more disappointed with an athletic offers its. As just say is bad. Blair told that yet since the oh and I'm here to the jokes in the beer and on an up pods I hope you guys can play golf but when I get done. I've played in a golf tournament when I was in colleges and a media outing and I got like halfway through the event I had I was in a group before before I realize how my when my playing partners was. The morning talk show radio hosts and I grew up listening to not a sports guy just like the morning drive time show whatever. And once I realized who was a look out year your dig their heels is like gals like oh my god mama. I have to go like I literally called my mom on the golf course because that was like to her it was like George Clooney. It was like the biggest deal in the world so you never know you know you may be a celebrity in somebody's eyes Darren and they may never even know it. I'm god I feel sorry for those people at that street. So you know that this raises the question I think this should be a good question astle listeners today slow sports day in May and what is aimed. Or for those of us or never we pro athletes what is a sports accomplishment that you wanted to do as a you have done or what to do as an adult may be a served a five minute my old may be itself a hole in line urge your break eighty in golf previous dunk a basketball. Yeah all I hit a home run in softball may be a little that's prime not quite as difficult as some of their maybe it is I don't know but what's something you wanna do as they as the Joseph six pack. Athlete now that didn't just play assault on the weekends or goes out for around a golf once a month what some and you wanna do all. In your lifetime that Tim Allen got a dunk a basketball. I want and I came broke so I was real close when I was in college. On the on the room. Re not I'm not athletic when it comes since dignity are not your body already gotten and I understand ground and you can run a five minute mile blanking by definition your athletic director and jumped. Like I literally if I got it right here if you set light them you know I Union County phone book underneath beyond my ability get on top like that's about as high as I can get so but I. But I but I torn ACL and I was so close in college before I tore my ACL and ever since then this has been hopeless. And and now I'm I'm I'm now 27. Almost when he ate and I can grab the rim again. But but like I got like eight inches to go before on the mile Duncan that Nestle asking a lot for a guy who is. Pushing thirty man you can Duncan tennis ball at this point that's enough you know how would be back down and I count it for now I Jennifer's or somebody else it is saying a bowl of 300. That would be a good one that's that's that is to me like. That's hard Doug was edited or have you ever hold guys accountable I ELI I have right here really good bowler. Fewer gas ha yeah Atlanta fifty. I don't know I've never bowled a 250 I think my high game was 26 team got a new alliance and so good you know I I feel like if I wouldn't walk into a ball and Allie now can I throw 120 cheer Yasser probably. I'm in ninth grade. 170s stuff like I mean the above Larry Brown probably not great and what is. What does an average you're obviously a far more seasonable than me again. Have parades and balls bowling score I mean no clue I think. Walking in off the street people who don't bowl you know breaking a hundred is probably go OK I around for just Joseph citizen walking into the Alley. Let's get a quick I think mistress score too like one point 16. Supposed to supposed to I think that's a sixtieth says so casually there's a university some idea of about 89 inning game it's like now I just quit. It's over. Yeah brands give me that was kind of an okay if that's that goes without saying I did I've bowled so would you boggling and well. Two months inaudible the 139. And then bold like. 98 the next game I guess there's just a lot of variance in my game I don't really know. I don't know I Jim you know this polling on a regular basis you're not my hands are so honored repeat a bull. It's not I get the groups like. Or five weeks and they have a lighter balls for people like an hour and ended the pain goings with the six on numb that this small children use Asian travelers also I got fat fingers men and let America and the bumpers. Did some I said league guys averaged 200 into Tawny where get a lot of bowling insight. More than I thought we were get in the show. May be some minor ill call him. Explaining is one of the great media bowlers in the city of Charlotte. Oh man I don't even has that we're gonna get a break here are some oil sources like 405 again haven't done it's anti missiles that be nice boy I mean how much do Obama Chabraja. The bench press and here you know look at that an ear for talent strangled later because they'd actually a man on our oil to wanna bring that train my Google intuit. We'll say so we'll come back and decide this coming up but just a few minutes we do you have I nick Carbone you'll ask him how much he can bench. Coming up at eleven WS EC sports anchor Ali imagine a more sports saga as well can't there's talk courted stock on that good stuff coming up on the other side this is drug in the mid day time by ortho Carolina. Powered by one. Welcome back to crow. In the midday dot by ortho Carolina. Again joining me today on Thursday just Marcella feel it filling in for growth in so Monday snow is still in Mexico. Darren any words of advice for Kroger Rollins on his vacation. They're trying to bait me in the one other shot. Zag players and do you have any advice yeah. Just advise him to relax and enjoy some good books and the hospitality that Mexico can afford it sure I'm not telling that story out. As it pains and and I liked it and unlike Tony they hit Mandel turn to water. You don't go to the foam parties to their hero phone party in Mexico how well do you think I am. Not that much older than him and minutemen fence may be depressing me. Com way to go play again now I'm gonna go drive into bridge a garment thanks Josh couldn't. No we we didn't have the foam parties when I was in school. Will they shouldn't have them now but then you never know that's. I was a source from a few days ago will move on from that so it's probably very you have to coming up and just a couple of minutes are gonna have nick Armani from WC and see the NBC affiliate here in Charlotte las amount of some parties how much he benches maybe even talk a little commanders in hornets on. Did you ever buying the Panthers that's obviously the big story of the week your 2.2 to 2.3 billion with a B thumb is surprised that that's gonna go for that to do so will last well as they call about that before the break we were asking guys it to text or call in 704570961. There was the buildings and attacks line. What sports accomplishment do you still have out there for you're likely to be a five minute mile and can be a home run could be dunking a basketball we had some people say 300. In bowl linked some somebody says such a little Larson 200 pulling for America Phillies are being realistic. That's fair and that's good. So we and so when I worked in Baltimore in 2012 when Billy Cundiff missed that field north it was a to 29 yard field all okay we is stationed here we had so many people ripping Billy with a time was the Pro Bowl kicker for the for the AFC. So we're like pool. You know how hard is this thing to do and people don't realize how hard it is to actually kick a thirty yard field goal. Oh absolutely so like we went out there and none of us could do it and it's one of those things ride always like did continue to try it and see if I could do it that. Where were you go on mark Mosley straight on the style yes. Yes I can't really damage your ticker that's probably the safest way to do it yes. I I used to be hold there. Well I when I was in high school I was the quarterback and I held until any homeowners feel holder doubts and half. Come on man. Let's. What sorry video. Well anyway little time gone it was harder than kicking and now I'm this I'm combined time civilian nick on the I'd do I'd I did think of another question in the break on that note token we do have some good people texting and what is the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you on the playing surface basketball football baseball soccer whatever it might be what's the what's the story that you don't want anyone ever find out about you never wanted to elegant gowns are going on call in and tell us those humiliating stories there and you don't have a you don't have wanted to. On I missed a three foot putt the one time I almost broke a hundred. And eighteenth. Now some this affiliate would you say to break a hundred is not really. Tell Dell was terrible golfer I didn't play for veil so you had a three took on eighteen that would of what made you give you I mean. And have you ever broken a hundred no. Man that's OK I only played golf even semi seriously for about two or three years com. And then kids come along in and you no longer have time to kill. Mostly when you're terrible. Successor to extend your miss humiliating it's sports or is already among the aired or we all if you want us to just sort of secrecy is one of please me during the day humor me out I'll be happy with that so real quick let's reset before we get an carbonite Dave tepper buying the cancers like we said. Something between 2.2 2.3 billion the Charlotte Observer has a story out now written by cheaper Alton who we interviewed on the air the other day and Rick Roth Thacker. Observers saying that that price at 2.2 75 billion. 2.2 billion of which will be cash up front so I don't know whatever their point 75. Maybe Darren you you can tell us about Glenn Cohen with the F I guess so maybe the maybe that's hiding underneath his pool in his backyard. If you're you're you're you're a big fan of apple I. I just love the remains mansion ankle I I just love the guy has so much money that he says you know why. You angered me at some point in your life so I'm going to buy anything they used to be yours that you still loved and I'm gonna tear down a bill Sumter and even nicer there might just. I added I would never be able to do that myself because I don't think teller and that can a few money the way David tepper does but I do think that yell. It is interesting to be able to dream about something like that. So we're at the top of the hour on this federal nick carbonite he'll give us his thoughts on the day it's a Purcell as well as what the hornets might wanna do going forward with the NBA draft don't they are picking eleventh. Coming up next month as we found out on Tuesday night. And maybe some questions about can block procedure in Charlotte as well keep it right here this is Kroger in the midday power by North Carolina.