Kroeger In The Midday: Dana Holgorsen And Will Grier

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Friday, May 25th
Kroeger and Gantt talk to West Virginia University Head Coach Dana Holgorsen and Quarterback Will Grier about WVU 2017 season and what they hope to do in the 2018 season.

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Powered by ortho Carolina. Take began here about one of those people that just buys like an old cop car and then just paint over it you're not one of and that's actually good that we applaud crowns. But I don't make to crown Vic anymore I don't think it's like a police interceptor litigator and we we bought go full blues brother you ask the new blues and obviously a alternatives for a microphone. Right fit as soft power a new show the buildings that are just like 7045709610. He says growth of this the double in the Third Eye Blind soundtrack today. No complaints filed away. Of course why would you because apparently induces part of the demographic we're shooting for that I was unaware it's almost like we're on to something here yeah I you did not miss the memo I think it's just that very get. Seem to talk down to me when I told him a Third Eye Blind is very good and actually almost criminally underrated in the mainstream. Because before they hear is semi charmed life that they can absorb one hit wonder. That they don't understand that this is actually one of the best rock fans in my opinion. Of their rare. Think you're still doing the smarmy know it took you are you know it's fine I don't care Matchbox Twenty to begin right that's in your problem you know. Adds maybe I should listen to modern music now but I have sweet satellite radio maybe I shouldn't exports aren't that well we're here at the Charlotte touchdown club everybody's out inside beyond the ballroom for the lodges we'll see. Yes Stephen CPU feel this they get out that's dreadful. Is actually decent track but it is going to think of them as big as you're gonna be down you'll be working from a different different place okay. Although we're here at the touchdown club West Virginia. He's gonna play Tennessee for the Belk college kick off game Saturday September 1 you can get tickets adult college kick off dot com we talked to Charlotte's own will Greer. Head coaches are up quarterback a West Virginia and their head coach Dana holder suggested a last little bit we appreciate that dropped him by. We let Mike three dollar us. In ten minutes and also don't forget it's a free ticket Friday so that means we've got tickets to giveaway dirty heads. And also government you'll be doing that coming up at 1 o'clock solicited for your chance. To win those tickets would do that coming up. And in just a little bits of recent play some good music. And they're saying Lincoln Park got smacked. And Three Days Grace thanks for gas started second in and well it's Dick from Belmont shoot I. Hi I did it if you if you go to Lincoln Park that's straight gassing callow man if you are not far off on that her wet well then. Stereotyping did you well there's no really no anti personnel EMS announced there's not Lincoln Park slumped this do you think can get all way aides say it's a genre that they I mean I know limp biscuit and a Fred Durst is again Estonia boy but yes it up baby now have about that all right you guys sometimes there are the types are stereotypes because they're true you guys hit Texas buildings that are taxed like 70457. And I'd sixty you can weigh in on our Twitter poets get a quarter pole update here in a moment. I admit days on WA offense he would be talking a lot of Panthers this Cam Newton. And also. Norv Turner Mary three point oh that's wonderful music to be lit as the kids say yes or no foot get an update of its what are fall from Stephen back. Who is 77. Votes or 83% say yes 17%. Say no it is climbing to people are now optimistic I really miss I thought misjudged our audience today I thought this could be Headley is lit is still raster intensity to. He hit me earlier I crash. As and I want to get to this by the lakers Derek Peterson did you see the cryptic tweets last night on the social media you know I did not because Derek Anderson blog me on Twitter. He blocked two on Twitter yeah what happened there I don't know I guess he got tired of fly. Dry witty humor and library and also David record type of David that's gonna happen at least Greg's got the integrity to not block me on Twitter because that seems. That seem so petty and small so Carol pulls tables plus social media inbox at middays on WS that he is where he cannot fight is no tricks no gimmicks. Just honest answers all your question you could see their share room 4445. East independence boulevard to DNA tweeted this last night like 930 there was an Arizona so that really means it's. What 630 'cause they don't observe daylight savings time and Arizona to judo that as a state they just don't do it I think Indiana's that way. So anyway are you sure I'm certain of this couple bad. A little tired fair enough we thought it was making that well I knew there was days Indiana did and then they didn't in certain carry enough miners are located airs on the same time they don't do it anyway. I admire the frontier spirit not going along with the bird DA tweeted this out last night he said told the kid goes there might not be at a football for daddy this year has stag devastated. No I did say might not but like there's going to be any key here. Always is not used that's not gonna happen I don't I mean. It's in case of emergency break glass. I I just don't know day and again maybe this is why dear blog real trick I don't know what Derek Anderson's actual value is he the you know the old thing was all he knew the playbook with a play that changed. If you just want somebody that knows the playbook Taylor hot. Hi Nicky. Is that is that power saying is that how you pronounce our name Taylor trying to tailor hot icky knows the playbook from work when northern Minnesota so if you just need some might it knows the playbook you know that the necessarily applauded American and I don't know how. Effective there it's actually been the last two years to be honest we did I mean Derek made a lot of money over the years by being that guy who could come off the BH and win that one game against Tampa Bay for it. And he did that for life. Three or four years here until the one who got our game we had a run until he came you know and if your backup quarterback doesn't run. UK if you can't run the same plays as your starter with your back up. Any can't come in and win that one game against Tampa Bay when you needed to win what's his purpose really. And why would you pay that person more than the minimum but I mean. One of my favorite NFL stories in a map to modify it a little bit to keep us on the air Tom Moore the legendary offensive coordinator who was in Indiana Indianapolis for so long with Peyton Manning. They're talking to Tom Moore they said with our backup quarterback Ty how many ripped should we give him in practice and he's like Nolan. And they're like forty Maine what if something happened to Peyton what would we do then and he said if anything happens to Peyton we're. Believed. And I don't want a practice believed. And that's gonna way it is I mean I think every day like Derrick he can be fitted in well but. If Derek Anderson at a place significant football that team's not going to the playoffs. I guess my question is I'd I'm cool with adopting their gators and I've gotten to know of any sort of conviction on their gators attributed Steve's back a quarterback. Come September. But he's our guy on the roster right now my bait ran into Garrett Gilbert asked I don't use Heidi key is it. Now probably not I mean if it's anybody it's Gilbert of that cast it's at near now I don't think any of these two kids don't have to rookie minicamp and and bust their heart says to kids just aren't. NFL quarterbacks but being the first 100 NFL quarterbacks are already employed these Gaza distilled outlines on. You know I don't know that there's a material difference between what you might get out of Garrett Gilbert. And what you know you're gonna get out of a Matt Moore Derek Anderson at this point I mean. In Matt's gonna get a job somewhere somebody a panic or some I'll get heard in in August when they go to training camp in those guys might get jobs but. I just don't know based on what we've seen out of Derrick on the field lately. That it's a tremendous benefit to sign him and AM more than the minimum to come out and do his thing we'll get back to panther stalking a sakic is a wanna talk about his offense and deem most talent on paper and ought James Neal win games on paper but on paper. This is the most out of panthers' offense since. When it daring game gives is that it's or rent first. My brain you know the voice of the NBA on ABC and ESPN he joins us next on the call for cabs. In Celtics game six tonight at the Q he makes time for us first it's middays on offense we were powered by ortho Carolina. Coming up for this decade NBA. But ESPN and ABC so the called game six tonight at 835 ball at BQ in Cleveland. As the Catholic try to avoid elimination how hot Santa Dodi Al golf Goodell and the beautiful way of getting there but for the life of me I can't. Envision a scenario. Where there's not a game seven in Boston this weekend again. Certainly looks that way and saw what your Mike Reid's thoughts on that although all we learned it would cornbread Maxwell drop by I just in the last hour and a half that. If the Celtics were to close it out. I mean he's he basically told us right he's the man who gets these just searching someone is gonna have his hands on the trophy yeah. No sir I disagree MBA there is not anything tied to that the waiter is an hockey. With touching the trophy before you get to the end you funnels right I think it's like him football the conference championship the Lamar Hunt did you know. Those trophies get painted around in the wake of a championship game site and have a trophy all right don't forget cornbread is going to be the man with his hands on to get my perks stock count your place to fund the best deals in Charlotte you can get state great chicken wings everybody's talking about bonds' shot 25 dollars and in a gift cards you're getting ruined they're really good Abacha bodily 25 dollar gift card you pay fifteen bucks that's a great deal. And he can get that I get my perks dot com coming up in about forty minutes. I we will have. Not one but two pairs of tickets to giveaway so do that at 1 o'clock and it also. Your chance I too much to dropping within other keyword to win a thousand dollars from Dudack coming up. At at 115 into the theme that really blew me away about the Western Conference finals last night. The rockets finally over the last two games 25 and 81 from the three point line. You know you went into it to halftime last night. Where it was Chris Paul and James Harden. Combining. I think there were 441 overall for the field at the half. And they were over ten I believe from the three point line yeah that's not good like it's always funny people are saying. Watching not it's always fun needed to watch a game and that see the reaction on social media. And everybody's take away was how always this two rockets seem to be up playing the warriors how is it only how's the game tied her house at one point game. Well because those guys are shooting like that like you can think like what oh that's not a quick look at the box score look at how Chris Paul and James Harden were shooting it which really crazy is to. When you look at at the rockets and and and what they were doing over a court in the habit this pardon has missed twenty straight three point field goals. Over the last two games twenty straight three point Google's move seats the most since Robert Gloria I believe it 03 ESPN stats and info like that stat last night. He went 0411 last night it's the most misses from three to game since John Starks was going to Iraq. I fire zone that John Starks can throw in the ocean side if that was one of those nights you but that was the only thing John Starks was offering Internet attitude and like Jane talked so it's just wild to watch the way that game took place near taken. How owner through Houston. Either winning this game we're still in this game but if they seem to suck. Golden State into some Pizarro basketball last night Golden State did not look like themselves and it worked and so we welcome bit on the technique not guess slide here we love talking to this event you're gonna hear is voice 830 tonight. On the ESPN for game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals three hits through the Celtics lead the cavaliers. That's gonna try to avoid elimination tonight of forcing game seven in Boston this weekend. The great Mike Green kind enough to make some tough force Mike can you bet my friend it's good to talk to her. Take Chris daycare and I because to a. Through while my door load I know you watch that gave a little bit as you're you do what your prep for for tonight's game what what did you make of how uncomfortable Golden State looks last night he gave six. Twelve applies thought been in the last two games issues and issues sure to book that transformational between the rockets won the last two games with their defense. And I don't think many people would pick which don't would be saying that. You look at the final score of the game neither team reaching a hundred since it's just it's been a bit hollow conference final on open and and I agree with you which circle of state you know it just. It's such a free flowing offensive team. There's a tentative this tour right now on a hesitancy that. We just haven't seen them amnesty Herrera and you have to give a lot of credit to go to the rockets because it's. Mike would it be fair to suggest that the warriors may not know how to react in situations like that simply because they haven't been in many situations like that because they're so talent. Because things may be came a little easier to homer over the course of the last couple years. We talk I don't dictate at their share of close games obviously at some of the regular seasons they that stretches where they've been dominant that they have their share of close games in the playoffs. And and all these guys whether it's consular greener car reader to ramp. People opened through the highest pressure games. I don't really have an explanation port except that. But the one thing I saw from Golden State all this year. Was that they've lost a little bit of that hunger. And I've I've always that oppressive that they kept the Hungary even after winning a cup Egyptian. Go to the finals. They've lost a little bit about hunger edit 200 that is so evident with the rockets into the nature you know you have so much succession. You lose a little bit of the under. And the rockets at crunch time they they just seem to have a book or that and obviously having a player like Chris Paul uh oh always you know such. But I have patients. Fighter at both ends of the floor I think there's really made the difference in the close games for the rockets. That's the voice of Mike Brady's going to be on a call tonight of course game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals Celtics gonna try to close it out we'll talk Eastern Conference finals. Coming up in a moment but you'll hear him at 830 tonight you'll see him at 830 tonight alongside Mark Jackson and Jeff King Gandhi and I just took up point Michael what I find interesting is there's no doubt you'd rather have. Did the roster the Golden State has compared to Houston even even though there are down three to two. But to your point about. It not having that hunger necessarily this is the unintended consequence of I don't further on down the total pool but this is the unintended consequence. Correct of having so much talent there's a lot. To keep up with it to drive each other and to push each other and you don't just win because UF talent but I feel like what you're speaking about when we see a team like Boston who was a true team may do without a superstar. They're able to have that edge because they don't have to count advantage to rely on his affair with Golden State. Well I think it it's more of a cup other team like golden state of this as any team that that could be on the threshold of a dynasty. Apart they have been very few teams. Get to the final security here at the year in over opposite field itself which is the exception. The idea I mean devils topics that this sub pixel acres of of these 88 is well but it it it's hard to get back they are part of the reason is. This again that. You know he's playing together yet so much success or used to willingness to sacrifice so you still want to put in the extra work continues stay focused all season. Because as much as. You know the playoffs they can sail boat turned the switch on so what you what you do with the playoffs is this from all happens to put poultry to develop during the regular season. I taught for Golden State that's slipped a little bit that it and the candidates it's human nature it's it's hard to stay at that. That's focused and energized global hero the year of the year went. But he's chasing you when you have a team that everybody wants to bring down. And thank you bring in a team like Houston that. It was not only talented. But now they're roster but perfect in terms of offensive players have a bit of the defense players. They do at that that star quality plus 700 talked about it it's just it's particularly hard. It's really hard to get back to the finals. Europe two year. And I'm not trying to say it would dollar doesn't have a huge impact he does I don't both ends of the floor but it it to me when we here's your fifth best player he is their fifth best player Mike. I understand missing and it's hurt. But that can't be the difference in the series can it we can't look back and say well. Eight he was out for the final two to three games that cost them it they've got so much talent to allow that to be the difference in the series I feel like. Dubai you know I I I think when when teams are so close. In terms of their ability. I think one or two players being out of 12 players they get foul trouble really can sway of difference in the game. And as you guys don't mean the last three years at an opposite this year as well. Fourth quarter of big games crunch time. Gonzales on the floor the whole time. Because it is better dealt with leadership and he he he adds to respect both ends of the floor at times. If you stay or smartest defender on the drain on brings their best defender predicted dollars they're Smart as dependents and medication they're Smart and stop the supplier terms of probably be up some. In Indian were supposed to be so I do think that the big difference especially when you look at the fact that. You know the last two games can go out of fourth quarter execution at both bands. And without a I do think it makes the difference. Or talk to Mike Breen NBA on ESPN tonight 830 we will see the tip off between. The caps in the Celtics at the Q in Cleveland game six Celtics can close this thing out it. We should pass along ESPN now reporting as were live with Mike right now that. Chris Paul has been ruled out for game six so he is a hamstring strain he will not be able to play game six and it just it feels like we're heading towards a game seven right Mike I mean it you never nobody feels like game seven something we might see for both of these series. Yeah I think. I think it's subways. You used to this thank you listen. Game six is going to be really difficult to win. Let's make sure east peace closer to a 100% pre game seven I think that's Smart decision. Due to be played it it was an odd percent of be hard for them to wind and the last thing you want him to do is to reactivate it. Order. You know stop the treatments where you get better so I think it's and so on which site up I would certainly don't wait to watch that the case. Would be a lot of fodder to see eight to seated. This guy has worked so hard. And is finally had a chance to get to a cup of spinal they have mr. interspersed Bible that he's got to pull a hamstring Netscape six it's sort game five. That's that's just individually it's crushing per. Per an athlete like that. But this it did to me this is what I love this is the MBA correct and I don't James hard I thought had an awesome. Also got a quote last night after the game but he got asked about his all for eleven shooting night from three's missed his last twenty. And he said who cares who cares because at this forty year ago he was posting incredible numbers and yet Houston wasn't winning the postseason so if you don't buy it. It's winning this time a year and in the history. We'll forget the fine details all we were we tend to remember in the long run this. Did you get to the championships did you win the championship. And that's the stuff that lets forever and so I you know this is the journey that's what makes this thinks are difficult to be crowded NBA champion. Yeah so right com. I'm ready to go back and look at the box scores. Michael Jordan has some really bad shooting games in big games Coby Bryant some. Really difficult didn't sit in big games Larry Bird plastic cup they all have their struggles at times. But it's it's an opiate you'd be you'd find a way to win it you find a way to. To grind out a victory and an advancement and what a title so he's certainly not alone and have them both games and in Mexico expire. Mike we had Cedric Maxwell on earlier in the show and we just asked the court read flat out. When Boston has those early struggles this year did you think there was any chance that they would be in this position consider count lefty like help. Though sit health have been no actually well actually I had was just trying to clean up health of the Dow corn bread out of bed this isn't our US alarmed as everyone else. That we're this close to talking about the Celtics in the NBA finals. I wouldn't say alarm Darby I think it's a great great story and I I think it's you know it's an improbable run. You know not only that they were picked the way they were able to bounce back from losing their key freeagent. There have been its its all of hold true value find out more chance that your best pleasures is done for the seat and it's it's deflating for most teams. Salute you have to rely on these young players and I think the surprises. There we knew they overall good. But to see them take the playoff pressure and that was the question going into account regional players are they gonna do with the playoff pressure and this additional responsibility. Just never know how it simply is gonna react. And all three of them are talking about Tatum and and brown and Crozier here. They just don't you just embraced it and excelled and played better than they did the regular season it's don't see that very often. It is and so much on the watch the opposite so well coached. But these young players. You know the majority of them do this is off the charts I don't know by the ever seen or very few young players. Oh with a much poise and maturity of bricks spot to state and Tatum it's it's been really from the watch. Have you ever seen a team also I was remarking about this earlier if you ever seen a team advance to this point one game away from making an NBA finals win at. Only one game on the road to this point yet they've only lost one game at home which speaks to watch the wider here but have you ever seen that because. In my recent memory Mike I've never seen a team beyond the brink of an NBA finals appearance. Yet have just one road game that they've wanted to get to this point throughout the playoffs that seems odd to me. Well if you remember that the Celtics took 2008. Whip Garnett pierce and Rondo and Ray Allen what they want the title. The first two rounds they did when I wrote game they went seven games in the first two series. They lost their first six road games and they've finished up. I think the finish Korean time. On the road in that putt and chip that you abroad so. Look at apple quarterback but it can be done it doesn't happen very often and I think in recent years. All quarter bench hasn't been as a big factor. But in this series that's that's the whole story is true reform it's the most most predictable series of and not just put the home court advantage is has produced victories. But the big game during the competitive in in many cases to elders in in the whole series like five gates. There's been one lead change in the second attack inside gates'. I don't call that's ever happened. Well and it does feel will let you go this Mike it does feel like because history says so. We'll see a game seven and LeBron will leave everything on Florida night to make that so especially out on its home floor. It for you to just as a broadcaster but also is a fan. What's it like walking into an arena knowing everything that's at stake for a game like this and knowing I'm probably going to see a historic performance from one of the game's greatest players ever what's that feeling like for you tonight. I don't say this and take there's slightly I think I'm the luckiest guy of the business to be able watch this and and didn't sit courtside for these games I take it as a responsibility of about. Because of fan I can't wait like come. I'm still go by preparation work of Michael overall what was our wish to tip ball was sort of our way to deteriorate and I think about and I it is. Total on Janus. His future uncertain. Not only. You know will look and his run of dominance in the east. It could then is time again Eric Cleveland. Did because of who he is. It will change for the foreseeable future hopefully he depending on where he decides to go so I would say the stakes are fairly tight for tonight. Well I can't wait to watch it all America's gonna be watch at 830 tonight obvious he had gave six cavs and Celtics. And the Celtics gonna try to close it out who were if not we will have a game seven this weekend. In Boston at the TD garden and Mike breeds gonna be on the call alongside Mark Jackson Jeff Van Gundy. Mike it is always a pleasure and does best the luck tonight have a great call connect. Let's talk with because I always appreciate it. The Eagles Mike Breen we appreciate him make it's not force and that guy has one of the fun nominal voices in all broadcasting and not only that. Is there a better call simply don't sports that just bank would somebody gets a big shot. Quarter three whatever it is. And I imagine tonight we got to bang call on the way for LeBron probably settle under are banks that I think oh I'm taking you know for whatever it's sad that two and a half. Are you taking over I definitely taken it over on and I love list and a night. Because he's understated we've become not every broadcast has to be guest Johnson's health and I just like the fact that it's professional and is confident that he lets. He lets the game broadcast itself a lot of times so Chris Paul rockets just announced again is not going to playing games six and so that meets the rockets innings game seven it is you think right I mean if they win this on the road without Chris Paul yeah bar the door for the rockets it might just be either year I could be I just can't see a way. That they're going to be able to pull that off and mean it. We're we keep assuming the warriors are gonna wake up and be the warriors right outlets that don't they can't possibly. Lose their home in game six. Against the rockets without Chris Albright. Now we said that also went in 2016 what happened there right very big cats not a way to do what they did the unthinkable and maybe it happens again I don't know let's take a quick talk about we come back on the other side. Another chance three what do thousand dollars coming up in a little bit more than thirty minutes Charles Johnson. In about twenty minutes if you missed his conversation with us yesterday it's a good one your a lot of purity at one. And also one. Not one but two pairs a concert tickets to giveaway Derek get Chris Grover in the most talented panthers' offense on paper. Since when we finally answer that question after this middays on FA NC were powered by ortho Carolina. Just like free ticket for. False gonna be up for game six after the rockets. Just took it home last night in game five they have recently you were down after the first game number one seed the last them. Yes and they lost game one of people made it a giant referenda on everything they did in the regular season and out of 13 and a quarter up three games to do. Knock off the warriors last night 9890 for the warriors continue to just short circuit. In late game situations and Chris Paul. Went down grabbed the back of his leg it's a hamstring strains who's gonna miss game six which means we think we're probably seeing a gain of seven you'll see we'll get a game seven. For cavs and Celtics because game six is tonight. And done the Celtics gonna try to close that thing out the rough three games to two in Cleveland and you'd expect some LeBron theatrics but force also had done. Charles Johnson a fifteen minutes we will give away a chance at two concert tickets two pairs a concert tickets. Coming up at 1 o'clock but I issue before the show give because. Just looking at this panthers' offense. You're actually any holes I don't even people hearsay offered to want a sawed a hole that could be a weakness. That could be something that you would say could hurt this team. If if injury X happens or if this unit. Really does underperformed bush could say that about the wide receivers do with this wide receiver group really doesn't play up to level I think they could play at it could hurt the offense they're art. Every team Scott holes there's no Ross. Roster in the NFL that is completely set at every major position over it doesn't work that way now that's why there's a salary cap that's why I believe because of this hour because the salary cap. It dictates stuff like that and so when I look at this panthers' offense. I was asking you. Like not not a major boxing is gonna be the best panthers' offense ever but on paper going into his season. I can't remember the last time I had such high expectations for an offense to just be really productive. I I honestly think Chris I mean when you ask me this before the show my first thought was 2004. And if you go back I mean that was season Steve Smith breaks his ankle in the opener which obviously derailed everything but you didn't have. Steve Smith and Muhsin Mohammed and wide receiver. With Ricky Proehl hang around death doing very key for all things remain. Now the tying group didn't have that special player but Chris Magnum is a guy did a job for a long time enemy X. In terms of skill position talent because we tend to look at things through their fantasy football wins so often. That's what people focus on I don't know if it's the end as good as that group of people here sense that. And again I think it's a testament to the Canaccord aback Cam Newton actually is that he's gotten results without having that kind of personnel around him. But this group of personnel should really coach. I had I think it's got to potential. People talk about CJ Anderson and I think the roles misunderstood. They didn't just add somebody to be a back up front and act Christian McAfee this guy ran for a thousand yards last year on a team that didn't have a quarterback. So he's pretty good. He's a perfect compliment he's a between the tackles runner to work with Christian McCaffery and I think it's going to be of an interesting combination. Again with the way they use those two guys. Well and I think. Again what's that when you set the bar ad firm from an expectation standpoint. I think it's okay. And this is my expectations. I've been actually pretty disappointed if this offense is it. At a were around top ten in the NFL when it's also note I think gets a reasonable expectation Purcell this should be one of the best running games in the NFL it should be because they've got the personnel to be that good now let's say they're going to be the most. The best rushing attack but if Vick because of how committed they've bent to it. Even before under north. You'd expect this to be a top five issue running attack and NFL com yeah I mean again I wanna see who replaces Orwell. Because that's you know up pretty big ask of somebody to come in and replace an offer a guy. But I am wanna see who comes out of that competition how those guys fit together and continue keep. Rank Khalil healthy critic his. And I don't make too much of the Brothers thing but. Mac O Leo plays better when his big Brothers on the field that mean that's just a fact when the when he's been out there along with his brother. Everything's better and that speaks to the kind of playwright Khalili is as well. But yeah they've got some things to prove. Offensive line wise but yes skill position talent. Yeah I'd match it up with anything they've had since. 2004 the Panthers total offense this is what they've ranked in cam Newton's career so far this is messing this is on Cam Newton just saying this. In his career so far this is what the officer says I've done seventh. In total offense a garage should it scheme. Then they were twelfth then Shula comes in them and you've got you've got 26 sixteenth. Eleven to 2015. The Super Bowl your number would scorn offense eleventh in total offense. And they were nineteenth. In nineteenth each of the last two years. Yes so very. Thirteenth sixteenth and then under Shula 29 its nineteenth 24 when he first went east and scoring mirrors that same sort of set a number some in 2015. Was the Al wire. Other than 2015. It's been a in the top third of the league may be wants Jeff. Yeah so they've been largely. Underwhelming. Now this gonna say largely okay they've just been OK I should mean I didn't and I wouldn't just make himself up about Mike Shula that maybe there was something to rip. How is that maybe there were constraints on the off chance that worm because of camps tie and not not expecting this to be the best offense in the NFL on it. Why can't they be with the Eagles were last year. Don't think there's any reason why can't they do in Minnesota was last year and I think that's the goal when you look at to teams especially the power teams in the NFC. If there's not one of those old school Buccaneers where they're getting by on one side of the ball because the other side so dominant. That's not the way it is that's not how they're doing business in the NFC anymore. The rams took off because Jerry god took a huge step last year they pushed all the chips to the middle of the table on defense this year and hadn't personnel. But if you look at the rams if you look at the Eagles if you look at the vikings if you look at the Panthers hey even the saints. Everybody thinks of them as Drew Brees in the saints overcoming that defense but that defense went from being awful to. At last year's still not great but. It is not like not the kind of thing you have to overcome one side of the ball the other. But I think it's okay to just say this this shooter should be ordered a top thirty the NFL overall the offense should be a top. To be another high energy and in a potential but I I don't expect it to come out. Overnight either there's going to be some growing pains I think there's going to be a time predict this team's got to. Hone in on it on its identity throughout took the first maybe quarter to half of the season but I never Jeff Schwartz was seen as last year give it time it's gonna be week eight week ten. Before this painters seem figure out what they wanna be the never figured out what they wanted to be last half. They never or over the last five years in public even clash with Chris McCaffery like a river with Jeff was talking a lot about that at the time about what. Let them figure out what McCaffrey is and how we fit today everything they wanna do with KM. And it was it seemed as if from month to month like they would do an at large spots to be like three or four weeks a year have. At another three to five weeks here we're gonna do XYZ McCaffrey's Decourt reason is it equally and it worked actually. Let's not play traffickers McCaffery the eighth overall you're drafted to be Decourt. And then it turned into well he's going to be up a part of the running game and you would do it then that would go away and then it turned into a lease she's gonna be safety valve. For Campbell underneath when things break off meal fall apart just dump on the ball let him go make place. But I think what you saw from crucial McCaffery last year we you need to recreate. What he did that New Orleans Saints playoff game in the in the wild card round you saw that touchdown he had. We use scheme given the space. Across the middle of the field any ran away from everybody that's what he did at Stanford. You got its base he made an explicit like and I must say every now I say adding CJ Anderson frees up that opportunity because. You know what's my consistent thing and for bald and have stated and have to be that hard. Okay Chris McCaffrey are you between the tackles runner now well then don't do that you know. What's that thing you're good at oh do more of that but it and I think Ellis Island til you go out and did a CJ Anderson you're not able to. If he is flexible and be his arsenal and that rang and I do think people. Mean I think you need to do some of that with McCaffery at least to keep teams honest though correct. You can't solely always a little bit I mean it can't be as they can be so obvious like OK every time this guy comes on the field it's a pass and out yet now lets you know wanna be completely predictable and Ed McCaffery. You know I think it's a matter of expectations with damning gentlemen may have seven to tie when he started trot out Curtis Martin's compare since. On a day was drafted this let's not forget curse Martin's old by the way hall fame running back top five all time rushing. I don't know the Christians ever going to be that kind of guy. Bloody if he's Darren Sproles. And you've also got a thousand yard run him back on the same team that's pretty to. So overdraft it may be but now he's yours and you got him. Howard got to maximize Errol are we got concert tickets to giveaway we're gonna do that now because. Coming up it'll literally about five minutes are gonna hear Charles Johnson we awesome conversational CJ yesterday. We've got concert tickets to giveaway. Two to dirty heads to pairs a concert tickets here we get dirty heads tickets to giveaway. And they'll also what else we've got to government government guilt government meal tickets anyway so what do right now we will take the fifth caller. We got two pairs of tickets dirty heads may thirtieth at Charlotte metro credit union epic theater and a government you'll tickets on August 17. Eggs at Charlotte victory pure metro credit union at the theaters will also fifth caller right now 704. 570. 9610. We give those away another chance at a thousand dollars coming up in twenty minutes. And Charles Johnson right after this it's middays on offense they were powered by ortho Carolina yeah.