Kroeger In The Midday: Cornbread Maxwell Previews the Celtics-Cavs Game

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Friday, May 25th
Kroeger and Gantt talk to Celtics legend Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell to preview Celtics-Cavs game 6.

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Powered by ortho Carolina. Text eroded the car salesman that sold daring do in his car bronze the contract to hang on his wall. The elusive kids sale is like the Grand Slam of car sales in terms of car sales accomplishment assets. If you can close the deal would airing and did you surf you're going to some sort of ring of honor at whatever car dealership here. In fact it might mean the car dealership after you if there's a car sales are also aimed at guys now first ballot hall of Famer. So we gotta get this with Rezko raised taxes amount of Boeing jets are gonna get a mobile phones we get here this is as this theme songs. Let's not doctored up I don't know how he's gonna create I don't know I was gonna react to this. He's a major star he's used to being treated a certain lines downed I'm sure he gets treated. Yeah. A lot better. Five but what showing great the other Celtics radio network and now we're about to treat it right here I guess we've we've misplaced his his open. We've we've we've got to I don't know where it is we can't fight it's OK it is what it is we've got to reduce software change. Dear WFA thesis some of our imaging or elements that we place. I don't know about where they used to be so what you're saying as technology moves sheep don't still have access to all yours. Oh now because you know not all the time or overdue and it's. I felt like all those all those Led Zeppelin tape. I had my car the old. In Ajax yeah Billy tricks like Bobby Rush 2112. I'd say that I shot to all the time your freezer and they took issue that some shots but we're gonna go after months. That's why don't want Darren walks into the dealership he's got no other negotiable boys that. Can do retrofit this thing as soon as possible can meaningless Sendak in this thing that. That big. That big box that the satellite radio is in on the dash that there's a lot of room there all right we can put some other stuff in that I don't know how this is gonna go see that he might have to run back that that music once again because I had. Go. To prevent. They're there we go. Tough tough. Global played badly here you're okay. If that video it's. An audience did feel a lot here so long. Both good flight explorer and I felt. I just killed abuses does kill the music Max we lost we lost your theme song Max we lost her tips on all night. Where you might you know work. About opera you gotta make. I I knew yesterday night Iliescu thanked him home man NBA finals MVP Charlotte 49ers legend Celtics radio network speed is a big game six. In the Eastern Conference finals tonight and all the pressure. Is on the Cleveland Cavaliers right or wrong Max all the pressure of the Cleveland cut cavaliers tonight for game six at the Q. But you know bet that'd. That's been through if you want to be I mean you think of it that way the trophy is it the field. Tonight it was the soul you know only what he can do it tonight and networking to carefully. Though there. And spent pressure with stuff that the spirit because it. You know who broke work not the paper the cavaliers a pride thing with the proposed record to a eight straight five. Max if I take you all the way back guy to go to the first five minutes of the season and I you were in the building I was watching at home on my couch I mean like most of America we were all just in complete shock oh what happened to Gordon Hayward and his ankle. And adding injury if I told you. In that very moment we would pass for all the way until. Late may it it would be a game six Celtics up three games to two going to Cleveland to maybe go to the NBA finals not only without Gordon Hayward. You would also be without Tyree Irving you have told me what if I told you all. Way that that all the way back in October. Wolf we're dealt with that note this tough not tough enough. What did you think at that point the expectation was. What are. I'd you know you do that now food because when you look at LA court it would do big you have to Wear it like carrier. So our round in between them did it seem that you did he keep them pay and pay them if they have in the wake yet. And proudly fancy new way air and get them to carry your team. And not chance you're going to the play in two yet. You wouldn't gave away from that aren't. Almighty give you just couldn't write it up you know you can let it be likely culprit. You know but there in note they they cap the story that. But it is also a testimony Jason Tait has been incredible wanna talk about him dissect it Cedric cornbread Maxwell is what this. Celtics radio network Charlotte 49ers legend and an NBA finals MVPs with this right now. On the technique come gas line I don't off Al Horford gotten enough credit Max may be Boston I think he has but nationally. Throughout the season and especially throughout these playoffs subtle dig out more for Scott enough credit for how Brady's been a. Well I thought the Mike with the group coaxed it in middle aircraft. And he's dead Al Horford is a standup guy. And that was that just that you know there was small gap in the that he can work out kind of weird thing cruise control. And what he didn't miss Sweeney point they're bad or what's wrong what else would veteran players in turn it on that the Ian. And held them I believe what warned about the ball rebounding blocking shots and clearly he's the leader. And the catnip for the young bath Butler they've let your statement given to grab the. Did you say he's the Cedric Maxwell of this thing. That'd be a Little Richard great deal it's a little stronger that's I thought that comes to Parker. If that goes too far. Albert business outlook calls itself and you know how to do with you right now appeared out of 25 me about your though. If that you're ranked I had a grenade back what I am white but I'm not there it's. Oh man corporate. Corps graduate this right now on the tech because guess slide Celtics radio network and of course I Celtics great he is an NBA finals MVP Charlotte 49ers legend. And Eastern Conference finals game six tonight up three games to two it is inexplicable. This Celtics team go to Cleveland with the lead and they can go to punch their ticket be the first team to do it for the NBA finals and it looks like. Maybe they could see Houston we'll talk to Max about that. In a second I would love to know corn bread because I was reading Ian Thompson's latest book. I'd just a few weeks ago and there are a lot of really interesting quotes in the air from from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and from Doc Rivers and about the any change in about just everything that's been built organizationally Boston but more than anything. Just this. Mr. cool mythical or that is being a Boston Celtic what is that because so many teams talk about all history lineage. But there is something to Boston the great not only being great but always sticking around in passing that on. To the next generation of players how many teams truly have what Boston has in the NBA the way the U guys do. I think what that he'd be looked at and I hate to see it but how critical update with fake that look they they would be at the bit. You know I wish they would be to close that they. The Boston thought that with you know the leg at the at the cleared. And although they thought affiliate it is the give unique. You know they've entered the you know I've been out. Want to cut them up. This led you to pick would be a map all. And how we get from the battle so I wanted to go to Atlanta did not feel apple and think about Balkman so. It would be draft this and that but you're itself the with the win multiple can't be if you're laid up with great players you know great player we will be like Larry Bird. There have been there and and you know all those guys they're dark ball proper care if it would it would they want the full one but we'll make it like it. Now we are right now they're cracked well are both very weird McConnell on the sitcom get. Squad yes and regular but we are. Yes well what do. Do you have a story Max is Paul Pierce Hussein in this book he remembered very early on I think it was his rookie season. Read our back up pulled him aside one day and just wanted to talk to wanted to talk to him for like thirty minutes that he was just blown away that red hour back. Not only knew who he was but it watched his college teams that knew everything about his game. And he says he'll never forget that even to this date that's something that every Tommy took the court he remembered that specific conversation with red do you have any memories of that in your career where. If former Celtic great Posey to decided and you guys had a conversation or somebody said something like that do you have any memories of stuff like that. I remember all look at that lately you know much virtue leak was John Pavlik just let your. One and Matt might hurt your leaked out what I would be ready to it at that year I did reach these them back where we. And now it would do if it was it was the real because. People play whether it a little bit in the end. And Bowen taught third year we went and spoke won the championship. Camera repeat they in the mean anything Britain's army dramatic. I want lecture notes that mr. we beat them. I'm Gary you retire that wacky if he said that walked out market in which took a lot of money back that day. They're that important thing is not the change my bank account and that was that day you walk the way it outfit so happy to actually know now. I bet that story and network. They're bird and myself. And people care reform to court during the exhibition game. And Europe every script the ball in the Larry. The McCain bounded up looking Larry and an air force that got him he came back to debate and golf how about you know that there is that. Larry got a pair moved the ball you know keeping it looking like there. And Larry what about the bit that looked at me that they're you really damn good it would be publicly release. Who who think Obama. We'll put the top and control cost now I don't think. It did look up there were about to bite out of your logo wait wait Larry Kantor had their Pratt. Really if the Pope or the old purple electric. But what about they might as well what we do expect Q what is it. That way. Oh my gosh that's cold blooded. All of us are curious do you think too much has been made of the impact Brad Stevens himself has had on the Celtics team does seems like as a play else has gone on you've gotten a lot of that. Brad Stevens is a young genius but the thing I'm curious about it him as. What is it he's done specifically to make the transition from great college coach do great NBA coach. And having found that this year. Our ticket outlet app as answer the first thought I asked in the question. Had you heard any of grant even later complained about you being called continued. That would be no you know not that too many eight. We treat that cool men and and you got on the and the other you know you can in the could give that big cricket get rid Ku and they don't believe it. Labor anything that you put out there there's Serb live up. How that now he's in now or come. With the players agree on that they're not think that the typical she's got you worried he would he would know. And you're below the radar. He would not try to let it court is not. What your appeal is pulling out of the and that will hold my outlook on clear. A living are the accountable. And you don't know who coach and felt you know break op beard. I like that who you know yellow book bit beat it must resist I'll bet on that throughout Latin. A secret that you can bet in that the new millennium we're here. You are new millennium coat them and their work in the third. Without the server will serve him very well so far Condit who are you of the players who play poker. Max I heard Robert Parish just the other day say that he thinks Brad Stevens is getting too much credit. They're Robert curse of the plate so. And I think that's where people who are ready now and that's what I have you hurt anybody who simply aren't there you know. At that weight quitting right now currently any player pray if you're hurt our reach patent thing here you heard Al Horford you go down the line. All beat low what you got now I'd do in the band play meet Robert Perry because you can't date you know there. Branded be an inordinate right out and make rep that they're playing but you know he adds that when the champion here but clearly people on the pan out. The weight you go. Is you know if things go all the way to go you know get carrier will be back next year. Scored chaebol come back make here you know you bet apple what you would have you could be a good mix right now with the big cup league years. So far as next stop be their year to win a championship with a camera players that you care. We're talking to center court or Max or eleven golden moment finals MVP an MBA champion. Celtics radio network he's with this right now detect become guess I also feel like Max. Part of that is to. Odds are people that have started a conversation heck ESPN did it not shockingly. Would you rather have a superstar like LeBron James or Kevin Durant or Brad Stevens and that's a silly conversation any NBA right now that's not. I that it looked like. That's part of it probably rightly yeah. You're right with the world with not one ability situation when did capital superstar players that of the but you'd you know what you have to be the work with them. If you'll if you are both right now I go out right now called the theme maybe not doing as well that apple when your name coat gonna gat. You know LeBron gay and that it complain you know you can you can get you know it eventually. You know that the that we got work it step yep is big right now they come up with a pretty good he would you ever if you get that the current cup. May actually go to six days from where we are right now game one. Of the NBA finals who were the two teams that are going to be on the floor. I'll add that that that I've looked up the question ad unit at the pump yet lines so hot. What you you'd get on this date that we'll repeat itself that. And I'm apartment near you put it count it cheapened the battle of Booker albeit the call late. I think you'd that it points to beat your book might be viewed that and itself. Let us that you make do we it'll wind it's the it's going to be gatlin I hung up the fact if the fact that built to win the game here. In Cleveland tonight. What do you think it would you be giving the trophy prepared over the deal what made you think the popular. A threat to beat me they're. Columbus at the it don't mean. They hit it over to the boat out at me Peter Dow he might get it yep yep is the that the bat well you got to prep we've got Mike the Ryder Cup only about the only Jack the book out that not much you. My my people talk to your people Max my people talk to your people and met some red haired man you hit back somebody if you do that carte Blanche. Our thoughts check will be in the mail ballot only top of the problem he'll we how to tell them that they're all part of it here. Shock him hey brands have a great call we showed tonight it will be watching man best the loss of next. God it's not because they assume they're former Maxwell. Hurry up Vegas. Guys love to deal. Good enough we take a quick break we comeback date Alderson will Greer. In about fifteen minutes and the menace going to be and seeing today at the Charlotte touchdown club oral Powell just didn't culture written she just didn't allow fox sports FS one he's been busy to a baseball golf all that stuff he drops by to get. Kroger it's a bit days had a chance at 1000 dollars comes up next were powered by ortho Carolina. Yeah. Yeah race to the taste five days Philadelphia Charlotte it's going to be June 9. It takes you around stuff Tampa. Right around Bank of America Steve all the way back just to be a lot of (%expletive) get details at WS NC dot com under events. Also don't forget we got award winning work to win coming up again 1215 your chance to put a thousand dollars or Grand Slam giveaway your left Wednesday. Listen it for the keyword the number to text to do you can give more details there WS fancy dot com so data holder said it will you're gonna drop by the next little bit. Head coaching quarterback. Or quarterback and head coach adopt the West Virginia and we're here at the Charlotte touchdown club for their luncheon series it's the inaugural one here for the season and BM CRO how it exceed blockers he's always on the road Justin Kutcher fox sports FS one. If it's not college basketball season it's baseball season was a baseball season it's football season. But he's here because he's got to go on the road to Oregon Rangers need tomorrow to offense 1 at 4 o'clock but we got her. For at least a little bit here justice and deceiving and I have been great to see you it has been awhile I've been good have you good after would ever come icici want to be helpful if they're like oh adjusted on offense what he's gone again it's almost like you're hanging out having a bearded it's now down that would normally what I see you special your basketball season. You get one of the great broadcast this time it's if you get raft with you it's it's the greatest broadcast assignment he is the best person in the world's hands. The nights are long after game but that's fine yes it is and it took how did you prepare yourself for your first draft game knowing the legend that was. You won another real story yes so it was Tennessee at Xavier. That's my first game ever working with them and he got there earlier to the hotel to go to the bar restaurant. And I'm like I'll be right there is like all right maybe at the bar and meet him because get a drink so I ordered drink. And then we go to sit down and so he says. We'll have another drink. And now it's let's let's order model of line. So he orders a bottled wine for the cup for me force one glass for him. And I finished that class pretty quickly. Now we refills. And I'm eating a steak he's eating a steak and he's like you slowing down on me and I'm looking down like. I'm crushing him mama I'm almost all my food already. And then I'm like oh you mean the wind. So. I sets in my go he raps I've got to rule. Then I'm kind of breaking your night because you know what's that I said I never drink the night before broadcast. Because I never know how my body's gonna response. And he said. That's good our games at nine drink yup I'll make sure your final pull hook up. A pop up up up up up up after a I I drank out. And how little did that night go that night was all right the next night was late I mean when he was in town just recently for the first and second round of the NCAA tournament. The night. That you NBC beat you VA so he called for games I went to a median the crew afterwards at their hotel. My body wasn't down I said hey just like you know. It will probably be out of four. And he said okay whatever. We left the hotel at 340. Putts he had just called for games and that like. 245 is like what you say one more and that's not one more glass that's one more bottle. My ears he is it's a machine and and the the best part is a wake up at 7 AM. No problem anything you'll give a speaking engagement. Meanwhile Euro like at 7 AM looking at the porcelain toilet. And wondering what's going on he's on real now now I wondered is it is can it go hard the paint like that two of them are no sew Nance actually tapped out about. 130 and this the best party stand that he stood up he goes. Good night friends hookup. So vocal this into the path with a tap tap tap Mac. Oh just it's always important and make FedEx. He's just that Kutcher so this who's got the call Lamar you wanna see him on the two he'll do benefits one royals and Rangers for a 5 eastern time it's going to be the first pitch. Based bully that you realize right like did I love it that's your favorite thing to call it Louisiana fifth what is it about baseball. That you're like then this is just some Hillary MBA like I of the MBA. That's baseball for you what is it about baseball for me it's growing up in the northeast. It's. There's just there's passion for it and for me it's also the fact that I could sit down my dad. Or my grandfather when he was alive and talk about who he used to watch. My dad used to watch and compare to this generation it allows for for conversation during a broadcast and I love that I'm not I'm a baseball nuts when I hear stories that my analysts tell me. I think it's one of the coolest things in the world so how do you feel about these here you're closer to my eight Saudi feel about baseball. He's changed drastically right in front of our own eyes where. You think I was loaded up baseball the numbers mattered and therefore right like that's what made that sport awesome batting average home runs whatever was ERA strikeouts. Innings pitched. Those numbers it kind of lost. Their context aware of the game is gone for obvious reasons but we've also gone to a place where. It's all or nothing right to strike out is no longer thought to be a a bad thing because you've not put a ball in play. That things can happen earlier this idea of Saber metrics and analytics in baseball has changed the game how do you feel about where to get the baseball is honestly yeah. It's not yet it's not good because. There's a reason why baseball or or sport or something has sustain itself for so long and when you try to train just as drastically as they're trying to change right now. I mean. You see the problems ways. The LA Dodgers last year they went their ball and almost five innings a game. He can't do that these guys Wear out they're done and now they're having trouble this year. The fact that a strikeout is just as good as. A ball put in planets and now that's that's totally false like you said. Because as you mentioned something good can happen there's a productive out strikeouts never productive out. So the outcome easy there'll a walk a strikeout or home run it's not healthy there's too much down time there's not enough action and it's. I feel like there's got to be a market correction Saber metrics starter for a reason people thought it was money ball. Money ball happened and was successful for one reason and one reason moment. There are three pitchers there Hudson Mulder Zito we're all. Under contract controllable because their draft picks once those guys left money ball doesn't work and somehow some way people thought this was the way to do it. And I think there's got to be some type of market correction where we get back to actually playing baseball is baseball right now is now we know though many get like. What so could exploit or listening audience what Tampa Bay's doing with their pitching staff right now could you explain door to the average maybe sports fan that doesn't pay attention to baseball that much. Tell tell folks what would Tampa bays and basically except they have four starters that they trust the fifth starter it's kind of up in the air and they feel like they're gonna go to their reliever to start the game to get the top of the order out. So that the starter who might struggle that top of the order does have to face them until another time through the order. And if we keep on harping on the fact that guys can't face lives three times in a game. I mean. What's wrong with these players will tell these would be with a Saber metrics that we have to do this and I actually proposed last week that. What I go back to format rotation it's it's if these pitchers aren't working beyond five innings. Let's go back to a cameraman and I mean they've basically turned it into the College Baseball set up with the staff game on Sunday yeah now where. Now OK let's just get to write received. You know robot arms that this problem it's it's not. It's not the way baseball is to be played it's not going to be as successful. Run for them doing it. And if you look at teams all across. Baseball right now there is no Charlie like. I think dominant team that doesn't have a flaw. I think all these teams have flaws there's an underbelly and it's. Well it's funny too because like a hit and obviously huge cubs fan. We thought a couple of years ago man the cubs are going to build this. Unstoppable behemoth of a team that she's gonna bring up a bunch of championships for the next five years and they do so get another ring or two bullet. Like now there's talk oh for them they gotta go get many mature out of but that doesn't really fix a problem for them. No I mean your different maybe your better but I don't think it actually fixes a problem for them and you look at it pickups today ticket you're still pretty good you're the most talented teams of basal still got a really good farm system but. This is weird this could get away we thought LA maybe was here to stay for a little while they did awful this year they've been relieved underwhelming and they lose seeger for the U yeah. And there's a Cincinnati Reds whose fault was it three and you don't start death Canada's capital now that was the only flaw dance that was the only fault since then there are 510 nobody elected to brought the Braves are good example to rights of the Braves have been a great success story there leading the based baseball in runs scored per game which is awesome. They don't realistically happy arms to go to meet to sustain this all year so it's a cute story for a little while now. I mean what at a certain point that's that's gonna putter around a little bit to right that can't last forever we'll just look at every team who's in first or second place that's battling for a playoff position. And tell me the flaw on each and every team a what are they had to go out address it and so for the for the cubs if they going get Machado. Does that make him exciting for the regular season may be absolutely doesn't help them come playoff time when you're playing a series. Now because you need pitching to win and if you don't have it. You're not gonna do any from a previously I think used to joke that last year and they did it without a ball then because they use one of their starters or two of the starters my callers and Morgan. To finish our series. And that's that's what ends up happening so if you go to a four man rotation people one rather dark awful event and damp problem solved just to Kutcher you'll see it tomorrow on TV. FS one for a five it'll be. Hot Rangers in royals tomorrow on FS what she could see that little baseball. I throughout the Memorial Day holiday he's gonna be have seen here at the Charlotte touchdown club date Alderson will Greer. Of West Virginia and we'll see him throughout the faulty seemed to college hopefully there's a lot of big twelve games who's familiar with these 20 absolutely it's a lot of fun too and I'll say it's good to see a man gets seats they say tomorrow on at this point that it sounds good night pop open a beer I will I would do that'll be drinking a lawsuit just to Kutcher appreciate it we take a quick break we come back on the other side. We expected date Alderson and will Greer. Together we'll get a onset. Jerry get Chris Krueger it's middays on offense they were powered by ortho Carolina. Careers it's possible he goes to your music going here's an update Garrett you're on the wrong side has argued he's still my younger than I am today it is. We everybody we're here at the Charlotte touchdown club now we've really got to gallery around the scary again Chris Krueger and others is a tree because. Not only do we have the head coach for the West Virginia Mountaineers here as they get ready. For the belt college kickoff game against Tennessee I can't believe these two programs that never bag and we're gonna settle that once and for all the open the season but. We don't wanna Charlotte's own. Former Davidson day product. The great will Greer is one of the best arms and all college football so we can both of these guys with us at the same time gentlemen welcome to Charlotte and I appreciate it our guys are against good value unless this this will back only gonna fix Hollis Stacy gets to see sleepy girl bed last night. Good to be a moment. So this is gonna be fun you guys look at the plate tennesseans. I don't win this game was announced a few years ago I thought. How on earth has had these two teams in college football never met before but we're gonna settle that if you. Once I think it's it's it's it's awesome being down here in Charlotte. This game's been in the works for Arnold that's for six years about three years in six years ago. Tied to trees have been out West Virginia for eight years hotel we set this thing about six years ago. And then I got Smart I asserted coming down your morning restarted hunkered down here had a chance though. To get well to be able to come in West Virginia since then we've been down here and I thought I think I'm a resident of Charlotte and now this is probably my feet. Stripped down here in 2008 team alone so we'll recruit her how to serve it's. It's great to be here and we can't wait until September 1. MIC this right you at one time spent one season coaching if we get to bed. OK so when you like hot I live in Union County so I know where we get is my my father in law literally grew up could we get. I'm so that's a small town that's a small school would you tell people like coach if we get to people in college football lower that is. They get no clue Hillary. I thought I'd I'd say died when I was I was there for literally six months and took the job in May and it left in the summer I got offered the job that. When my cleats got there Texas Tech job by woke up in my. My two bedroom apartment and when he was married at the time my sons are here somewhere he was. He was that he was in my wife says the times belly right here and we woke up at 3 AM after rightly told me who got her car was left at every turn back. When at least you got an apartment when Jim Tom solo was rejected Talbot college you live in the cars or he would certainly Saturday actually has an on campus free of work. I don't know if that counts real plays into orbit exactly I don't I just called an apartment. They don't hold your city head coach at West Virginia and week out west Virginia's quarterback here as well we'll Greer was Charlotte product. We'll see you started fla you transfer to West Virginia how is it compared to what you thought it was going to be like. It's it's an awesome place in Sun City. You know I have agreed to plea for the obviously you know another big time program a lot of fun lot of good experience learned a lot. Kind of cost myself a little. When I came to us do you have got to flee through a great offensive mind in and then. Those something. Agree and who really comfortable. Another person has been busy through it's really been nothing but an amazing experience in the season. You hit the ground running last you get big twelve newcomer of the year and threw what 34 touchdown passes last year to leave the ground running what is it about cook told percentage. And I just over the entire offensive coaching staff who just may think so music. And then is one of the most innovative guys because of cloning comes through when it comes offensives in. Jake is you know break right there immediately do they do great job just in and scheming and play calling. And makes my job bloody. So you know legacy has been a pleasure leave real losers in all the white board watching film. Learn more in the past few years and then I would. Imagine so it's it's been a pleasant. And Dana you talk to battle trip she came here to do so would you will and when you record and what was it you sign him then that leads you to believe. This guy has what it takes to. Be a special quarterback. Well like they were or were talking about in talking to the best quarterback in college football right now so. You know he's he's a coach's kid is that over here are staggered to his dad knows more football than I do not just talking which counties. Outstanding so so our troops here. And we've we've we've had a lot of discussions about work a lot from him as well you know many of you so you got well here who's. He's played a lot of football is he's an older guys got a high IQ and he just knows the game of football so. We'll see if we can coach because you got a break we're back with Jack where were we got a polished quarterback now what we've got to do is just put him in position to be successful. And that's got to translate into about you when we hope we can win a championship you just. Austin out there very casually you know against the best quarterbacks in college football not everybody's willing to put that kind of pressure on their court. How he can handle that I mean look there's high expectations on him are always has been as high expectations on me. But if there's high expectations on West Virginia University move going into this football season we embrace that. Now we're excited about that I feel like we've got a very good team coming back he's got a lot of help around him. You know he doesn't have to go out there and make everything happen on his own game is going to be a lot slower reform this year which means that. We're going to be a lot more efficient this year and we have got some really good receivers and solid alignment. Go back record puts us in the right position to be successful so. You talk about expectations. Mentioned the H workers at an unspeakable work. Talk about that workers that want to touch until we're we're gonna talk about it on July 7 okay and that's when you mention it that's when that's when that's when a little campaign's gonna come out July 7 us detectives. So we live we all like you have us do wanted to know if we. What are you put you know that's a realistic car right you feel like that's a fair thing if we do if we handle our business I could be that guy would be great for the school. And then like I said that's that's not up to me what's up to me is give these guys. To win games so that's all folks who you know it's a piece that you could well executed three years and you see things grow down here coming down here from recruiting standpoint. I grew up around here. High school football is always pretty good now it's been really good that he could go across the border Iraq kill him. At Fort Mill of those areas that they take it seriously too. What is it about this series the growth you've seen just as soon as an assistant recruiting and travel the country over the last ten to twenty years of growth that we've seen in high school football in this area. If the secrets out now I can go ahead tell you the secrets out there every every every other school my country is in Charlotte right now recruiting. You know it it it is president a couple of different things one population winners of the population is one of the fastest growing places in the entire United States that means. More people means more players you know got a great high school sophomore year they're well coached. Take its detectives so much discernment touchdown club that does a lot of the news. No she's a single handedly save middle school football. You know several years ago so they do a great job you know mr. Rocco does a great job of promoting athletics and promoting football across. Across the city of Charlotte it's playing off with what's what's really good really good job recruiting receptions. You feel like you get what you sale will Greer from Charlotte, North Carolina and you feel like people can't replace high school football down their arms you don't serve brotherhood yes. Not sure it's not Texas it's not Florida a few things are but I mean. Heck I remember growing up around here is independence at bunker kind of came around and mallet creek. But no chance that you talk about all the schools around here and play at a high level it's part of you know it's it's crazy right now we went high school football is like standing on a private school circuits you were looking for. We'll Greer did a whole percent quarterback pick go to West Virginia history here to Charlotte touchdown club this afternoon. Com we'll let you go this will what's the number one thing you miss. When you're not sure it's the season is a mom's cooking is that it is in place you like to hang out with the double figure minutes. I got a lot of family here it is. Both smokers live here my mom lives here. It was issues should just let them. Since the role here on this you know they. My dad and everybody is born in this city know. On this well welcome back it's good to see you guys you guys welcome to Charlotte and go see you back here if you monster for kick off into the great value appreciate that update a whole person head coach West Virginia. His quarterback Charlotte zone will Greer from David today and that that young man will be firmly in the Heisman race when we open the season it's season and I think he based off what they got in front of them. Hi it is not crazy to think he's gonna stay there for a while he's one of the best arms he might be arguably be that. Harvard College football gap and that does come with a lot of expectation and it is interesting I mean I Tenet the incident guaranteed. He just lob that now they're sort of parallel you guys have scored backing college football. That's not something you'd just saying. That's not something every kid. Who is that age is ready to hear. I mean we've seen other quarterbacks high profile kids come undone by expectations and you know will looks sort of shrugged it off handled his business. Now he's over there in the corner be in the rock star. That's it that's the other impressive thing about this this place is full. A West Virginia people so the atmosphere but that game against Tennessee here in September is gonna be off the chain. Well it in one of the things I think to be that if you remember Willis journey so when he goes from from Davidson data goes down to Florida apartment and the way he emerged that season. Had Florida out if we're being honest with ourselves has had some really great defense is some pretty good skill position players of the last few years. Quarterback has been the number one issue it's been the bugaboo. And they've just churned through. Quarterback after quarterback after quarterback. Six will that will was the guy that was that was handled his business down there and had them look at like you were gonna be up. A team atop the SEC then all of a sudden obviously. The suspension happens he transfers. And feel the rest is history but they have been able replace Willie for him to step in. Right away there but other guys have tried to do the same thing could do so I think to see him right out of the gates proved. Would he could be as a quarterback I think now is going into his senior season this guy think. The pull some crazy overstepped its art I like watching big twelve football until people. Think it's. Arguably inferior brand of football but if you like scoring and offense is the thieves may take five hours but yet there's a point to plenty to be twelve but if you like fun in our own or others weirdos who likes fallen with your football. And Dana Alderson this is it as speaks that your kids you get on the sidelines. But he's windswept hair is such a it's an Internet phenomenon. A social media comes Saturdays of the fall like what did it gives hope to all of us are meant great aren't let's do this we take a break I've got word I believe. Mike Reid is given to what it's coming up to twelve their hop beat Mike Green we love Mike breed around here he's going to be on the call for cavs and Celtics tonight. And so we will we will talk Dave it's 1230 if you this Charles Johnson. Four pitchers defense event yesterday we don't Paulson conversation now covered a lot of bases what's our best. We will hear that 1 o'clock we take a break. We come back on the other side we get back disappear after stalked here again Chris Crawford to middays on offense we were powered by ortho Carolina. For Mike marine. Working hard behind the scenes as we're here to Charlotte touchdown club. The voice of the NBA. On ABC and ESPN's Mike Green he's gonna drop by at 1250 don't forget we've got tickets to giveaway. It's a pair dirty had sticky it's it's also appeared government you'll tickets is that okay. By the way is that I don't is that our feeder good with that this discerning news musical connoisseur or is that okay. Sir dirty heads of government you'll tickets we get to payers would give those away coming up at 1 o'clock solicited for your chance to win. We'll do that. And also don't forget we have your next chance to win 1000 dollars coming up at 1215 as well we'll give your keywords elicited. And the number to text it to 151 more time as well. And at. 1 o'clock Charles Johnson former Panthers offensive and if you miss Tim so. We talked about obviously the National Anthem take a little bit yesterday a lot yesterday I know people weren't made exhausted by it but I found this really to stick okay. Up first all night I guess if I can give a shot up because she came all this the other day and I was anti orthodontist so like I become Italy and I think get to talk to. But kill us he risks a WC Hudson. Is busted her butt OK now if you're not following Kelsey. I think it's act you'll see rates WC FCs were hands on Twitter but if you don't following Kelsey Kelsey still awesome work. And she's broken a lot of stories out there doing the journalism and how about that okay big Jake capping. And journal and honest to goodness amid the story yesterday. That David tepper flew to Charlotte to meet with guys now when we're talking to Marcus yesterday. Marcus let the cat out of bag I had tempers in town he was talking to some guys they were at our fund raiser in he's sort is slid that in their casually. You know but Chelsea is report yesterday afternoon that. Temper actually flew into town I mean immediately after being in Atlanta at the owners' meetings where is approved to come to Charlotte. To sit out what the old heads to and we don't know who is in that meeting I think it's reasonable to assume. The cam still Luke's the gray eggs the Thomas's are probably part of that meeting probably Julius. As well I mean it's good it's a good sign it David tepper felt it important enough to come take the temperature those guys immediately. And it if it speaks to me of how seriously he's taking his obligation as an owner that. He knows this is a big issue potentially divisive issue amongst a lot of people and he wants to be boots on the ground and not get in front of little. This so Kelsey first reported that yesterday and that's a great scoop but then the observer reported it as well later on after that click to I just think it is distinct from this standpoint. If we had to guess game and we don't know it's all this is yes it's speculation with pepper were read the tea leaves just say we did before he officially bought the team. But he is a guy that very clearly is not afraid to be outspoken Jones and incredibly successful the business community because. Trust this guy he trust doing things that maybe other people are sent or a popular all I would go down that path. Here's a guy with convictions. Now those don't have to be political convictions on my boarding a political conversation today when a basket is this is a broad picture thing. I can't wait to find out if David tepper the guy that walks in. Into the ownership circle once he's officially a lot to start doing that July and it says you know what here's how I feel. Here's what on the to do I don't care of them if everybody else is reading the room saying the majority it's gonna do this right or is he going to be to guide it says you know what I am. New to the club with you guys did capture me to a certain extent it's all play along ID's I just wonder how does he thread it through the waters of from his own convictions either from a business standpoint or whatever it is with the other NFL owners. Is David tepper going to be some limits as albeit trail blazer all to my own thing out here what you guys think. Where's he going to he wanted to say you know what for a little while we still stayed at the back of the Roman reed ever. You know we talked to Joe Banner of the old Eagles and browns. And CEO in GM. Last week when you're on vacation Josh and I talked to Joe Banner and Joseph talked about. David tepper has an instinctual leader in that room. Among that group he is a guy who will eventually after he gets the lay of the land after he becomes more comfortable in the NFL. It would Joseph say it wouldn't surprise him to see David become one of those guys. In that John Mayer Bob Kraft Jerry Jones Arthur Blank type of group that. Swing a big stick around there and I just think because. Even though he's the richest guy in the rooms can remain Paul Allen because that thing he invented Microsoft maybe you've heard of it. That's a different. Grade of billionaire than some of the rest of these guys but. Tip first pollution in that kind of tax bracket I mean that's who he's among and being the one of the richest guys in the room doesn't necessarily convey power. But everything we've seen from David tepper so far from them the stories you read about him from the people you talk to about Memphis. The guy has a gravity. The guy has a seriousness about him that I thought it was instructive to beat in Orlando at the owners' meetings back in March. Talking to people in the league about how much Bob Kraft won't. David tepper and wanted David tepper to be in the club. And Jerry Jones was a big proponent of David tepper. And and you could tilt to see the reaction he was getting from those kind of guys. What they thought he was going to be when he moves his way again not every owner. Is that had a rich. Not every owner is taken that seriously but I think this guy's going to be are we gonna get a break we come back top of the hour fifty minutes away from Mike Breen he might breed. Voice of the NBA. On ABC and ESPN's. And also. We will give away a chance of 1000 dollars but only get back to the Panthers talk on the field because they're against. Both contacts full of history because he's really olds with Telus on paper. That this is the best pick if there's offense since when we answer that and more one eyed bandit music yeah that. Middays on offense they were powered by ortho Carolina.