Kroeger In The Midday: Coca Cola 600, David Tepper, MLS & More With Marcus Smith

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Thursday, May 24th
Marcus Smith stopped by Kroeger in the Midday with Chris & Darin Gantt. Smith previewed the Coca Cola 600 as well as sharing his thoughts on David Tepper and the direction of the Panthers. 

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Powered by ortho Carolina. Tells me and tweeting and he says that we're very interview this morning when Mac was great and you're right he's kinda like he's on his honeymoon from. With the Panthers right now but he dropped demeaning bomb. And it's like giving the bride and Dutch oven on wedding night really paints the word pictures. Like I figured if it's our job and or literal much of the wasn't that severe tracked wedding though touch of an excellent thing cast iron. It appears as you'd take care of approximately assuming trust and I don't think that's what our guys this sales man it's going. This Dutch oven would exist under under the sheets is well yourself and drives okay that would that accent reduction. It is this. Which version of the real hard okay this is not Rascal Flatts it was a from the car soundtrack. Dexter writes in building center text like very pushy texture yet be careful about this he says. Ariel put that stuff. I'm about to get in the car with the family had at a Townsend and gilt edged textured. And in that car then I'm sure you would use students go with your family get out of town they have this thing called a radio. Art our signal as 610 on the AM dial is one or 2.5 on yes and I'll even if he didn't get great perception we have this thing called it an apt. All right we can listen live on the Internet yeah and if you've got Bluetooth and a NASCAR could stream or you know it may be at that'll walk that walk scored. He got dead USB plug in all dairy what did you do with the cool say it. Lets you do it did because in 2015 surely now at this point now. There's no way you vehicle that has a cassette player now says doesn't have a CD player yeah it does have a CD of anger some vehicles don't have CD players any more than I -- I was in my eternal shame I may have left a CD and stereo of the camera Artest that's like a gift for the next person and it was true that debt CDU is likely what's beer I believe it was that's another crane soundtrack text that's in grants that's another black hole we would wander down trying to get people to guess what CD get left in his in the car that exalted the dealerships are so here's here's what's going on daring can't. Odds the noted scream a sports liberal. Ally he does say he's a hillbilly MD everything is about the utilitarian design and functionality. And value. And being just. Really easy to operate and use. Our links that are right yes virtue of these uneven bright object to us so everything he does and is day to day life is based around those core tenets OK so Daryn I found out. Somehow shockingly. While I was on vacation sold his Toyota Camry of seventeen years which racked up well over 200000 miles and I was wondering. What is the vehicle the daring him bought in so we've had a lot of different ideas we've had people saying his Subaru Outback. And how does it great when I might be willing to go all end with a super route back because while it might be a little costly there's great value. It holds its value it is one of the safest vehicles I believe you can buy two very durable. It's got a lot of utility about it whether it's. You know trunk space in folding down seats and Fuller a dress four wheel drive as well it just seems on brand for a lot of reasons. For daring yet we've had people saying a Toyota Prius frank Garcia says he thinks of whenever make a model it's an electric car because you can just go plug it in anywhere. It's a he thinks electric vehicle for you I can duplicate their francs Allison moved off his electric yes so we've got all sorts of people weighing in some reset Mazda Miata we've had a lot of Hyundai Genesis is an. Genocide I don't know how that works I think up to Chico came with a Volkswagen van camper yes. So not as we've heard a lot of that somebody said he graduated from a Toyota to Honda and he went to a Honda Accord is that really a graduate I'm. Don't know like I don't know number I don't like cats may say in a bad word about the Toyota camera set tomato Tamar well after onto somebody says a sigh on cue here but the wait is over but the far do you find a drum roll please should not only is our studios what he's doing excellent production here from Stephen held big here we go. After a long. A lot of threes there. Long months. Of trying to think of what's the right car for me in my family. I win win. The 2050. Because I donate to depreciation on. Toyota Prius. Wow I'm now Prius. Oh and I got to tell you I candlelight kids alone and China dig in it. I was out on the highway elude its last night run and around and I turn it off when I get home and it says on this trip. You averaged 55 point nine miles per gallon. And I got to tell you that's pretty nice. Gas prices are climbing. Pushing three bucks a gallon again my mouth as a gate right now because in a weird way it's so accurate and so believable that it's. It's almost unbelievable. Like. It almost seems to obviously he would buy a buy a Prius I am now Prius guys to the core I think I may have always been in a Prius guy. Now I just have a pre S. A cause it down it is actually kind of funny when Nam my kids are still getting used to the idea. Baby girls not crazy about it. Xian. She thinks I've had a good gone a different direction she was thinking triarc. Something maybe a little more manually in her mind that she's fifteen year old girl so her vision of gender roles I don't know that I'm gonna go to the bank on but. The boy child seems to be all and he likes it on any gives me a chance to do one of the other things that I probably enjoy as much as anything which is judge people. Because I gotta tell you I was sitting at a stoplight in Ballantine the other night there's this big. You know giant suvs sitting there belting out tunes in to the ozone. Now can kick in around twelve miles a gallon and it just looked ever adamant the stoplight he gave me the look and has said. Yeah how's it going and polar bear murderer. Somebody texting in saying we waited all that time and that is the biggest let down since the Panthers lost to soup has lost the Super Bowl. Twice now. Of course your drive a Prius. Of course your drive a Prius. Julie Julie circle back to wanting real quickly could possibly be going on in the dean households. The your daughter's just kind of true. Similar true. On the side he's got a little hippie vibe to yeah I mean after the sort of generally slow after we scolded the first guy had done a stoplight the next two and we saw and another giant issue B which there are a lot of in my zip Kennard you know. You would cover. What's going all forest Draper. Why do you not care about the environment text your Prodi he says dude seriously. In at least a high Lander Toyota loyalty aside there are several viable options above a Prius congratulations and I guess I'm feeling pretty good about it. Mainly because I haven't had to put gas city and we have some sort of scattered shards on daring get where you've fallen certain things because affecting your team blew cheese. And your team wing with a feather right. But you also drive a Toyota Prius. Certified pre owned nonetheless my brother there's some things that are just not. They don't compute ride and I mean I'll be honest which ideal like throwing people off so if there was day. You know. Reagan bush 84 bumper sticker I can slap on the back of Prius I would totally do that. Bomb may be Goldwater 64 would be able to moron brand is any video swiftly on this like because it's so on bridge it's almost surprising like I was almost all brand itself. There's no way that it can be that accurate like there's no way like it was still a pair of course you drive a Toyota Prius and guess what. I'm driving it to the Willie Nelson concert Saturday nine home my word let's get to describe sort. For Marcus Smith joins us coming up in a few minutes of up from speedway motor sports talk Coke 600 all star race was a smashing success on Saturday. Talked to him coming up in a few minutes and ask him how you politicians are so here you go. I yelled go wrong has a Porsche now Gloria. Name wrong. Now ground was injured just like grown tense obviously missed out on the big event the other Kentucky Derby a few weeks ago. But he is he has odds for the Belmont Stakes right now OK are you ready for this in this is too perfect even. I can't believe this is actually happening. So you'll first all you know Lincoln to be a Belmont Stakes is going to be June 9. Now it's just ticketed paid on that. Mean 69. Chances six month and a 69 and then the odds for wrong cry now at the gates are our look at its 69 to one. Knots. Money and Marcus Smith next is middays on SNC were powered by ortho Carol. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. Great song. So here's here's here's a look behind the curtains we are right on vacation he's earned it. Com and Steve god yes definitely. Amanda Stephen Hill big and Billy the marlin archived and is views on the board Phillies tomorrow right Terrance writes a third team effort it is an all hands on deck in so we're gonna talk to Marcus Smith here to second and you know Stephen was being producer guy and he picked up the phone was when when Marcus called and he said your posts are going to be daring get interest Kroger and I turned to Daryn I said. Loud and he got top billing. Pretty good. Guy get top money passed. He and talk to a bosses on that let's go to the technique come just like. It's going to be a big weekend as it's been a view big few weeks as it always is one of the great times in Charlotte over these two weeks as Charlotte motor speed by the Coke 600 on Sunday and of course. Are you can get ticket info by go to Charlotte motor speedway dot com and it's it's going to be a great race I think this weekend but all I know is everybody's still buzzing about what happened on Saturday night with a new aero package shouldn't. We don't know what to expect the wouldn't with a restrictor plate bigger spoiler all that stuff but it delivered some really incredible racing on Saturday that was super compelling and we got a familiar result nobody is Kevin Harvick just keeps winning everything as we welcome in. President of Speedway Motorsports Marcus Smith was Marcus or you don't man it's good to talk do you. They were up there occur. Current as a go market is still little he still smiling from Saturday night do you still think back like me and that's really that went off way better than we even thought it could have on Saturday. Well welcome given that their top billing to do some bad. And it's a new world order market out there are it would you're gonna patent race everybody is still talking about it. Exciting news or equity here in the apple really that great career and her go motor vehicle I think that there at all. Well what's crazy about it is markets like wheat I mentioned I think at the time is it kind of I think may be flew under the radar that they're there were going to be changes. To the race in and there always are but from a from an aero to aero package standpoint and I don't think he got a lot of traction. But you know other people's a lot on how this is gonna work really restrict or played at a mile and a half full voice is gonna look like and but you've known this for a little while rightly so when did the I guess the planning process started when did you get wind of this and I guess what were your expectations going into the race on Saturday. Well it's great questions I don't know we start working on this back in November December and we it took a lot of condemn saying a lot of teamwork. There is you know some people. Who resisted he has been a part to change some time that our Q are kind of move away the world what you are familiar with that. For anybody and in any kind of situation and so we. We know learn about. There that's racing package that we used to Earl Starr. What a great technical you know it's not really something that is easily talked about. Two to somebody hears not in the middle of great things all the so. I had huge expectations were it not come at a person here are kind of like. You know ease my expectations. Then and and not. Put so much on you know what kind of life. My hope sort going to be a that this is something that I I expect Peyton who are so open about it. And as we get closer and closer it the all star race. We're here it's so popped off about finger cars and and it paid off I mean we we two career and we would put a lot out there but it absolutely paid off it was cool straight. I'll watch practice on Saturday morning. And it was unbelievable and I can't say that about any other practice stopped about that apple so. It would it was very cool and and a lot of people are talking about. Marcus there. The Fey and reaction to this has been overwhelmingly positive is the racing news good is hard to talk race car drivers seem to drop a slower car. You know if it was very it it was. Definitely not slow amid their of 135. Mile an hour it was very back. That got back Carter going to end at nine. Around Charlotte motor speedway in an integrity great time great memories of NASCAR. What a lot of insiders know about racing in general. It's sometimes you have to slow cars down in order to actually captain great city. And you know I'll tell you that they took a little up the speed is still amazing when they're gone by you understand about all of our. The difference between 175. And two harder Tyre which is what they'll be doing here. Later tonight. Is is them meant when it comes after pressure on the tires and that connection from the corner to attract. Just DU ragged edit that they're running on. And that. Everything about the car becomes exponentially. More difficult and intense when when you're going. Over 200 mile an hour and not. So people ought to be bent forward and we want to know. This based Peabody got to come here and and who readjust things and you know at that that are like any other sport motor sports. That happened. And it it. Part of the way that this work is. It is is governed. Are different or not anybody out there. Because the teams are are always. Working really hard to figure out how to aircraft there. Marcus you don't have to tell me about the dentist when 175 and 205 I drive a Prius now. Shots here are clear and I don't know what's going to have Marcus Smith is what this president and CC EO of speed limit forced by the way we should note tonight is poll night and the guys will be over the speed way club in the afternoon so I you've got to check it out and all week and it's gonna be great on the to be at the race with a life on Sunday adding get ticket info 180455. Fans Charlotte motor speedway dot com and I'll say this on Monday markets I think. You know we're gonna get a free. You know stark contrast this is what's so awesome about the all star race being back to back with a Coke 600 at the same track you don't get this in any other any other speedway. In units in the circuit. We're gonna see exactly what the aero package meant to racing and go to a different formats much longer mileage put we're gonna see I think pretty starkly on Sunday. What the difference could be in that that's gonna help I think driving decision moving for about stuff like that. Yes I agree I agree Rick yeah are never the Coke 600 in years they're now. One of the most epic breakthrough that NASCAR you got that the two or later crown jewel map current Coke 600 at Daytona 500. Every driver out there would have loved to be in Victory Lane on other night I'm sorry you're you're at it it went in and away from that but. But there will be a huge difference and I mean it you'll attest that the caller on the crew and a driver for 600 bottles. But it will be a decorated in a B one bit. You don't want it yet it says. At the speedway he's you know the band didn't speak into their good strategy that are being its can't really see. You can you can lift an end to the team talk and that really pit. Opinion but I never been happening on track and it'll be at a and other making cuts the other. Marcus obviously this is the signature event for you guys there's not some other big business in Charlotte we'd be remiss if we and ask you about always hedge on. Obviously with David tepper Meehan improves this week is the new owner of the Panthers just got a curious what your thoughts on him. You know but coming to Charlotte T and now I'm in joining the sports landscape which you guys in and people who know about. But the non big advance what are you know about David tepper and what's been your reaction and so Paul. Well you know I think it's fantastic. I'm really excited over what they separate cheer. I used to be a bit short and it seemed like he. He really jumped right in with you'd ever yeah. The players. Yesterday. We had our pick cheer you up on the grid and that we had. Colonial there and now our Gramm and noted. It took for bear and that it was so and they set that. Separate came by and and they ought to meet demand and now he's got spoke out early break he seems to be jumping in when it. Both speed and I think he's gonna be a great notre for the Panthers celebrity but that's quite the peppers and patrol. And and they eight outlook two. Be able to get joint haven't just helping to to continue to picture all the great place to live and work and not built Britain's. Marcus will follow up on that a second first I'm very angry at you because you buried the lead you had here you had your charity event last night and you've raised over a million dollars why did you we raised over a million dollars last night he didn't say a word about that. Well you know I don't want to brag but it was but I. Smarty Stewart's tee. There wasn't really considered to be exact. They're very all of our. Brand and our sponsors they were there it was a phenomenal night we had this fantastic band called that moment. Grammy nominated band out of Austin, Texas they did a great job and time. It was it was very cool. It was a fun fun event sellout crowd at at the writ and not it was spent on a bond we. Who we had that event every year that was our 38 annual event and it was political. 1804 scifi fans for ticket info this week in Coke 600 Paul nights tonight of course you get to cancel as well Charlotte motor speedway dot com that's Marcus Smith president and CEO speedway motor sports and I and we don't I mean we haven't gotten to really get to know much obviously other than some brief press availability but I know David tepper said the other day. There he might look into the idea of adding some local minority partners I guess back in. I to the team because he's got sole possession right health ownership it is that something you guys would be interest and innocent as a Stanley Marcus of that presented itself. Yeah I think if we are really interesting guy you know we're we're in the sport entertainment business that happened that there were passionate about. And you know whether it. You know scorer aura outlook and opportunities to you go to work where the connectors or. Or maybe you know that opportunity. It it's up things that the thumb our radar and that. Yeah I think it's covered a lot fun but it also great for our city to think about. This city of Charlotte is is an all by the live. And that they get in large part due to all on that you could have here and it wouldn't be the same without. NASCAR or the Panthers of the hornet to divide up around yeah. And now I'm not. I'm a believer in and having quality of life that aren't in life I think it than the actual court just like food water and time on. Mark does he mention temperaments and almost in passing the other day something about the MLS when he was talking about things he wanted to bring to Charlotte while he might wanna do and things he's looking out it's setter. I guess I would ask aide did that catch you by surprise indeed. Where things stand with the MLS and your your family's moment. Well. I that you people mention that he Betty it. Good thing about nevertheless they have got that great I think it's really Smart. And yeah if we can play part of that I would love. And I'm. Yeah well we'll see what happens and it as far as general out there I think it like a they have beat great Charlotte. I think that. Miller wants to be in Charlotte. And you know I think Charlotte chewed. Should wrap their arms around that opportunity and and really try to make it happen because. We will look back in. Ten or twenty years and he really really excited about having an analyst in a trial. Marcus do you think five years so now the France family still wants NASCAR. I so if Seton do you not put at what do you make of that report that came out to a couple weeks who have from Reuters that there and it just exploratory interest that maybe they started a process to at least examine what that would look like if they were to sell NASCAR what did you think of that. Well and it was an unattributed. Rumor. So who. I. I don't really think a lot about that kind of stuff is there and you know hours to have a conversation bill gone. You know and and and on attributed to anonymous. Between your source and so. I'm too close to it. You know a lot more theirs that I think. Yet if Brett family is has built grand and NASCAR into a fantastic. Our global sport that they may will this weekend will be on almost 200 countries around the world with a Coke 600 from Charlotte. And you know we've been in this that haven't been a record low ball and removed grew won't let users are worst celebrating tonight. Cook 600 true item we got so many kinda that many ahead of a he's to have gone what. Let's say this you you know I think you guy I'm I'm well aware how much were you guys put in over there are some times you get the results you want with a race in times you don't it was really fun for me Monday morning off vacation for a week I ID was not expecting this at all people wanted to talk about right out of the gates. Was how awesome that race was and I was glued to my couch Saturday night unto you know I love the NBA markets you know that. I was flipping back and forth early on between that in the Eastern Conference finals in about midway through the second quarter. I quit and now we should stick with the all star race and FS once we you guys have fun on Saturday. Yet either so much on our quicker lap belt. You know I. I've got this week that the cleric where I don't want to get everything and I backed ever but in my week went up on a route to watch a did Napa talked to anybody who I was watching the regular book signing up ever done that before it was it was awesome and I think. That did show you how awesome NASCAR is and we've got a few tweaks to make but we are right on the edge and and I think it's very excited. Well I'm only to be there Sunday OK so maybe you'll connect may be a seamy and why for gonna Goss was going to be a lot of fun if you want tickets yet 180455. San Charlotte motor speedway dot com and it is Paul night tonight guys are gonna be over to speed way club for a Garcia merely coming up the two markets it is always a pleasure my friend thanks for making time. Thank you bet very much. Enjoyed PepsiCo are we going to be a lot of fun. I've been thanks Mario and bodily speed street is going is underway to enough town right now everything's going on with that so. Put the race if we talked about this on Monday. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse and this is only get to some stuff from the painters temper but. We can talk all all day long tour below the face off fixing NASCAR what people want is competitive racing and zero point get like I think the idea that. You know you took. It all up to sixty miles per hour off the speeds of these vehicles you see 19 BSCMS that's not crazy to see. But when you when you win at times it the right conditions happen. You pull back to the you know they don't horse power on these cars it's amazing what it does from a competition standpoint in bunching up the pack so. You don't think they're nested as you'll see on Sunday it's going to be a largely different race that might be good might be bad but I think we're gonna see these changes coming sooner rather than later and a point system race. Well it and honestly as Marcus said drivers in in particularly Prius drivers understand the difference between 170 and 200 by. I think when you can watch it. Fast is fast and once you know hey that guy's going a lot faster than I go on I 77 optically a semi senate. But. When you see the racing like that I can keep the fans lose sight of the fact out. It doesn't necessarily looks on is what I'm trying to say I mean just seeing good action. Doesn't leave the impression all these these guys are going on it's all well so my reaction to just to listening to two Marcus answer some of that stuff about temper and a team and MLS and -- I I found those few things and it's funny trusting the tepper kind of odd touch briefly. Am and that's everything immediately got to get in this was stand yesterday all I would've loved to hear this are what allowed deer that there'll be a time and place yet more in depth discussions on a lot of these guys. But he touched on a lot of the deed topics he needed to touch on during his introductory press or the other day. And I thought a few of those things richer sing with. Bringing up the MLS out of nowhere the have and all so. Talking about the idea may be having minority partners it depends on what that would look like but he talked about the value of having local people in the community bank with an understanding of all that stuff that's a no brainer. And this would seem may be like gay I I know what we it's been very well noted maybe the Smiths and the Richardson's. Warned necessarily. Wants to play in the same pull on the Christmas card yes. I think this is obviously an opportunity not only for Charlotte to starkly with the new owner but for somebody other people may be in the business community said hey I I wanna help. But maybe you were willing to listen in my help for maybe I want a medium bowl but maybe you don't want me to be involved. I think you talk about you wanna deeds if MLS is a thing here you really wanted to happen. Now you got noted billionaire David tepper Boehner of NFL team. And it. You've got well accomplished businessman. And sports entertainment family. In the Smiths is well they could come together whether that's from a minority partnership with a with a painters or may be with MLS to blood. Well I mean that's that's a that's a great relationship you wanna Foster in some bushes and even though they've been trying to find a solution. Four memorial stadium as part of you know any MLS talk anything like that night I think we'd be remiss if we didn't recognize that David tepper is also. Owner of a 70000 sea state Jeff you know so if until you needed a place to put on you needed plays to play some games. Guy he and and if you could candidate you wanted to read between the lines on on Marcus Spears got about calling. But to talk. He's he's he's talked beating to talk yet even in DC NN throughout the process of going through it and try to put a bid together if you were I would I would ballots from what we know of David tepper and he has. Almost finish for preparation and research. I wouldn't find it unusual if he hadn't had some familiarity with the Smith family and going into this. That's a that's a really interesting part of this that I don't think maybe he's got enough run throughout the process and I a bit of oral we didn't get to know much about that tomorrow okay because he's not the public figure David tepper is. He's not a guy that's involved in so many other businesses that you've been able to read about it and stuff over the years and he wasn't the NFL's handpicked replaced okay that's part of it but I guess my point is on our intent Navarro. I just I didn't like the big and it's not our it was our decision to make so this kind of a moot point anyway but I didn't like the idea that have been Navarro was going to be to god about the Panthers. EE he wasn't doing that other stuff Theo Ben Navarro went about a once and I didn't in my opinion because he's well swelling and what did what we were led to believe about his liquidity I mean he wasn't necessarily able to buy the Panthers and something guilt nor do you know. Whereas and I'm not saying David tempers gonna spend his entire net worth here. He's gonna say he's got the ability to be a big part of this community in auto whites and I think it'll be interesting to see. How he navigates the landscape I mean he's sorry talked to the Felix about a schism the world. Those conversations of how Felix told us that's yeah. So I am that's why I think it's it would strike me is unusual if he didn't have some familiarity with the NASCAR community and spent time in particular. Well what the other interesting thing from Goodell yesterday other than talking about the anthem he was asked about these other than him opening up the neck Colin words yes emanating from it so he talked about other Sports Illustrated story and was asked about the investigation be using the S side the latest SI story it was through the letters of one of the alleged victims calling it a farce Mary Jo white's investigation into jury consider a farce. And New Delhi yesterday said it's not a farce anything that Mary Jo White is involved in would not be a far other than the bounty gate investigation that she did which who is all the penalties were completely overturned by Paul Tagliabue OK other than that. So what's gonna happen with this stoke as the investigation if it is truly not a far I'm going now what happens here. Youkilis Argentine that's not long no longer own by that guy Jerry Richardson has being given the ultimate punishment already mean the nuclear option in the NFL Kerry's is that they can make an owner sell would dare Richardson's already done that but I I believe it's important to continue the investigation to make sure there's not a pattern of behavior inside the bill. I'm not saying there is I'm not saying there isn't I I believe that. You know there are people who will go with Jerry Richardson on his way out the door and I think there are people who will remain who will be. Not unhappy to see that necessarily buy it. You know I don't know that they're going to find this widespread pattern of workplace misconduct is should be the phrase we used tear soaked. I carry it continued they have to continue the investigation they've got to make sure it's in. It is an isolated Jerry Richardson led phenomenon. And the lawyers he worked with a crafty NBA's. But I think you know by and large they've got to let it go just to kind of root out all the bad. Make sure you're cut in a way all the bad tissue. When you do do surgery once so I think it's. Going to go long I wouldn't be surprised if at some point over the summer. For the season starts you hear hey Mary Joseph is complete your investigation we found this this this in this. Jerry Richardson was find an undetermined at you know unspecified amount. On the Panthers are going to go through some mandatory workplace sensitivity training and finding what would have fun event. Unspecified now are you here are you grinning nearly give me going keep face right now because he took a low bid. I mean I you know I firmly but listen I'll go full conspiracy theory on this one again. David tepper lodged Golota bit in this process. David temper was a friend of the NFL he was supported by Bob Kraft and Jerry Jones in a bunch of people high up the net. Organization. And the support put in the low bid had been bid accepted anyway you tell me why. I guess that ends the discussion let's go to James really quick before we get the break as we gonna come back on the other seven handoff with Kyle and frank the rover to speed way club for pulled night tonight as Charlotte motor speedway so Gamal due to hand off its go to James who has been hanging out really quickly your James were some anyway you wanna say. I just had a quick comment about Vietnam and you know coalition with dealing. The new rule would vote or just like it's a different perspective MM. I just make one quick point and then not a network. If so how it works for myself on the back with a weary after westerners. Well I sure do. We work for somebody they can tell you ought to be. So what let off we now have a mandatory meeting in our record beat they at the end about but it. Doubt I'd rather than that that all of later reading. You know why aren't gonna do that I can say. People don't love the color green and but there have been brought for victims of the Holocaust what are you wanna take. I'm also gonna say what does that do we are meeting in the proper restraint. Happening I don't go to meetings enough time it is only my doubt. That that's how it works in the real world when you were first about it. In the real world they don't played a song before you start to work today. True. Well I mean I guess the other thing and you write on the adjacent also to understood it very distinct things between an average person's workplace like meat too we all we heard. At workplaces like this. We work for a company things are not collectively bargained OK so the NFL PA bargains there workplace environment with the NFL and I think that's where maybe some contentions that arise a movement Fortis and we integrated assure pushing this on us but we can say hey this is the environment we want to be playing in so. Again it's a little bit different Iverson we are coming from and your right to a certain extent. But that's the NFL and any pro sports league gave unions their collectively bargain with the body. The governing body about how things are gonna go so you know it's not as simple as saying you're my boss because you're actually not their partners in business with one another what do you think it is a 5050 partnership. They need one another to do the job they're gonna do which is put on pro sports and on a weekly basis. I understand that Butler store employee. No I actually not that Steve no you don't understand it if you don't ask is that I wonder not if it's not an employee were you sign up you work here because. They're partners with one another to appreciate your call you a good points I'm just saying it's not the same thing you're saying it is it's not it's just factually not they don't they're not 100% the same. But it is similar and I agree to at a certain point if bosses wanted to say I C north teams wanted to say here we are you know this is what we're gonna do all. And players on disagreeable grid that and that's fine you've put. That's going to be contention I think from the NFL PA is at one I don't know I don't know we know we're not good would that that's not all we wanna do I'm also is. Remarkably confused by a the populace is ability to side with two management instead of labor in so many cases like this when a lot of people who listen our radio station have a lot more in common with labor than managed well no we don't have very many billionaire listeners. Although now it tempers around maybe we've got one more well I know why and most of the people who listen and they show work. And have a boss. And what is appreciate being treated with respect in the workplace. And not being asked to adhere to a certain standard that you may or not. Believe in if if Matt was named. Our us caller I'm sorry I was mad mad if mats boss asked him to vote for a particular candidate for Scherer of that's not really something Abbas can do. And I just find it unusual that so many people are willing to side with bosses. When. They might have a boss themselves and wanna be treated with which are we did and also a time Kyle asks are you are good we do it next it's after this it's middays on offense they were powered by ortho Carolina. We waited two hours to find out do you drive a Toyota Prius. Sure the curry is nothing wrong with but I'm telling you I guess he was almost too obvious to be the answer. What new vehicle did you buy a week ago while I was on vacation I've still got to do semi customization negated up to specs and for Celso does that out of this Booth so I can return in my outdoors in my salad does that include also has yet bumper stickers on there and I didn't need a sticker. Co exist seems a little blade down of course it does calm that's what it I would go Reagan bush Cheney for. But I don't love a very goal water 64 all right let's do this before and buy crack if I get Mumbai Craig back on there before we do to hand off with Kyle and frank the garage door girl and off first we update our Twitter poll on something that you just heard. It was actually like we columnist Matt I think it was James was that James it was Jane half. The text on as of disarray king James right now snack called earlier I put our our Twitter poll today which was simply are you over it. And the results I think are what 70%. Yes 70% yes and 30% now. So I feel like most people feel that way so don't put just wanna see the world. And all right so we're gonna go to to the moved to Charlotte motor speedway or speed lake speedway club to be exact because Kyle and frank or get ready for mercy in Bailey two to six. It is whole night at Charlotte motor speedway tonight and we say hi to the boy's high voice. I was I just saw the fastest Prius in the world does blow my read by your it was it was plugged in right down the street. Who's it going like 252. I had easy now could sing and I. That thing out on the highway you can student council put francs fan but in its enemy when you meet a ban on semi protecting and did any good speed or mileage but so far so good. Well I heard about modifications asserted that we're talking Bellic hood scoop when nitrous are we talking about like co exist sticker or talk of non bike racks for the I'm being reticent buying crack on their may go by kayak and that's sick cult now where you get deployed in this thing. Not knowing its hybrid is a guy. Dad and I don't bring my drop cord over to your house on video and and build your due to pay our bills are you guys with me on this so is almost too obvious like Michigan to be something similar but it surely could have been a Prius that I guess some wrong. Well see that's actually that was not my guess even though you're right it is on brand I was I was actually texting debt to do about our depth is up till now we're about to try to sell my car was texting debt. As again I've actually got a really good fuel efficient relatively new car that I try to get rid of because I need a truck from these renovations at a Buick I've been in a car for the first time in my life like the last eight months. It's or get tells me he's been driving around in his dad's Toyota Tacoma. You know which is what my dead drives and I thought he was fallen so low what does Tacoma based on what he was telling me. But I thought it was actually going to be a truck so I was surprised by the Prius a little bit I thought I don't you be driving a truck. Based on what he told me he was called love to Tacoma was driving around time. I love having around I. I do don't love Phil ended up with gas well listen I mean I don't know if you guys realize this some more to it or is electric cars I sent it to you groves via via text. You realize these things are first property cheat the 2018 focus electric. But you realize how many miles to the gallon or two electric lithium battery. Why they get a 118. It was against a once one on charged on one charge and are maintained I read earlier on extra batteries don't feel like a three char. Italian but you study and fun to stop police are ideally some rest stops I think haven't Abby go somewhere you finally get a fun spot to plugging its Jews for a little while. So when you go a long road trip you can't just like yeah me to go you'll find a spot on the side of the road that's gonna that's got us an electric plug and. Good luck with so with that some of the voice long extension cords I would suggest the backs have got epithet at these guys got Salmonella scare enough about the earth to go to the effort when. I don't look I applaud you really wished to I was laughing hysterically when I heard Dell polar bear murderer soon. I thought I was I was with fewer descent but you love the polar bears great that we did say it's occurrences question we're gonna support a pyramid I've not been. Up here where we're sitting right now in years and I forgot to salary incredible it is to be appearance over excited to talk about pulled right in other race this week Denver gonna talk about playoffs and with I don't you guys have been talking about the NFL rules changes or not. I still feel like the unifil are caused itself more problems that assaults would with a new if the policy in some of these rule changes so we'll get into some about. All right nicely well and what we sure. Bush thought in the playoffs last night you guys here's Celtics gonna do this or no. I don't count out LeBron down 32 are still gives goes back to Cleveland you knowing Gately even. Going out in six so we go to game seven in Boston coming up. I am if the MBA hum has anything to do at that time. They're gonna play seven I don't know and playing seven minutes or until seven they're gonna find a way to get to game seven some way shape or form and you know I think the referees pretty much all the whistles and I think that's where the brawn. You got to favor him don't just the superstar in the biggest game on the brightest moment the chance to go to. You know another you know NBA finals and in any of the warmer can be Golden State but ultimately. You know he it'll it'll it'll come down to games. So what you're saying is it's fixed frank. I am I made. A sick about it from this standpoint like you say a big you know. Do you read the rest are gonna have to get involved to get to game seven the Celtics have won road playoff win in the entire series and their one in the entire playoffs. They're one game away from making the NBA finals it meanwhile they've only lost one game at home. I can never in my life remember team this far into the playoffs one road loss in one home loss. In the NBA playoffs and they're about to make the finals like Datsyuk it's a weird season. Throughout the post season the Celtics have had so far. And that's that's part of the reason that the people ought to try to make the case for the NBA finals on the neutral court like you and I talked but I don't think they're necessarily related people Sunday's wild swings from home to road games she knows they will look let's look into neutral site well I. Idol the did fixes that but I do think what you said is very interest. Adds Philip. I mean I think it's if your Boston and they got to the finals they would get running oracle. Like they would get Ronnie a lot of the others that get ugly you know directory art Garcia Bailey coming up the truth from the speedway club Charlotte motor speedway stick around for those guys. And Daryn I will see tomorrow are you doing a rare double dip on third. Every saved anything for tomorrow's show no we saved a lot for tomorrow. So it pace yourself we're back tomorrow by the way tomorrow worth the Charlotte touchdown club okay for their for their kickoff luncheon painters kickoff luncheon. Dana holders and I think will Greer is well we'll have those guys and lot of pain after talks tomorrow to get into that we'll see you then stick around Garcia Garcia Bailey's up next right here on SNC.