Kroeger In The Midday: Chris Spatola Gives His Draft Pick For The Hornets

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Thursday, May 17th

Josh Parcell and Darin Gantt talk to ESPN's College Basketball Analyst Chris Spatola to get his pick for the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA Draft.


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Powered by ortho Carolina. Order one of the sensors on the buildings and attacks line thanks in have you gone. Not shut the women in the fire in the OG. Good political answer I'm. Especially. Music go down Ellis turned pro weekend didn't end Tobeck Toomey who descend on the lived there for a little bit like Charlotte but I'd US coast there. I know this is the knock off hilly version but. Brown Bob Roch why has that been buried and gone. Bring that back. I think ESPN actually played it going to break a few times during like the NBA finals last year. And it's just come out and I'm sure there's a rights issues and sure there's some Saudi. Big lengthy. The law you're in contract deal where you just. It can't be played anymore as a fifteen somebody man that was the best. Best best best stains on them any network for any sport. NBA on NBC has the zones and the ground ball brought to me this is the again isn't enough I'll let you put the round this is coming at the melody homer and I was going for the John says sugar yeah that's going to resume gas hockey on owning only SPN's going to tune. How can ESPN is good. Fox NFL Timmy has the best. Among the football. And the networks at least has a lot. Miller had to go and ruin it thanks knowing this is pretty terrible it's. If I am now I'm not analyze objectively that. Again we can raise children I hear my share of an awful music only hours of a given week this is particularly bad this is all they'll mean this is from a while ago it. And Ellie what do Renny had eyes and be a big Nellie sand filled smile. Now my pump up music in seventh grade basketball. New number one million the old cotton here taking your clothes off you know data that's on there and the other on repeat there. Terror how my daughter asked me the other night if they girl wanted to know if I would go to C post Malone with her. And I was like I was actually more in a pre Malone you know that Karl. Frank Layden the Utah Jazz. As frame alone or mines. Probably. Oh boy all right so now that we welcome on the Telecom guests on Chris but soul ESPN college basketball analyst serious extent ACC radio host catch him at 3 o'clock today on Sirius XM ACC today when Jack Collins worth Chris are you. Don't well then good to hear from you and I love we go a lot of different directions what the conversation today I guess we'll start with the NBA in the won't take it off to the draft in the horn of specifically but just your impressions of last night's game between the rockets and the warriors and Houston it would really responding in an emphatic blame game to. Yet you know it's made these guys we will look at it to a the most explosive most of this year. Most on the watch all that is we've seen in this league along I hit it to look at it too. Off spirit is that have revolutionize. The game. Spoke from an extra note strategic standpoint from a personnel use standpoint. If it it's a lot of fun to watch it it's so I think. I think what we're seeing it in the first two games at its its particular series is that it you purity he'd get it going. They cannot be re explode and I think he can become demoralized thing where you pony it in that. You know we're both the speed data collecting they're making shots there credibly not the art and it sort of takes. What are sort of energy or momentum that that either he has and I I think we certainly thought up by gold stayed in the air. There recollection other ones. Some strategic break down the rhetoric that are I just think. Houston had it rolling and an in game one goal they'd better calling. And you know sometimes it over State's. Things you'd just sort of break it down anything more about it in two incredible law that it would have a goal like it to be really tough to stop. Looking at Stefan curry last night obviously he did not look like himself and even in game one Miller moments where he didn't look like the stuff grow we obviously know I said earlier in the show I. I understand that that carries such as the role he plays in the gravity did he has an offense but. Even if curry is not a 100% or even close I still think the lawyers of the team to beat me. In the in the entire NBA do you agree or do you think they're gonna need more Adam Curry to get past use in the series. What they are guide you know here's a stake to about both those means and what sparked talk specific curry you can beat Becker liability in the week we are seeing that. Or really in the playoffs or anything out me not to argue you're go back to play off to get out and about. That's exactly what it that's wanted to do you yet stepped curry in a switch and you drive the match up and force. Step great app that the Bender you are sport's Golden State out there. Perhaps the sort of provide help behind or or. Come up with something different that they try to mitigate. It the agencies but you know look it's the faint faint beat you guys know it. It's remarkable that both of these teams have been is good cop bad that we had they had. I think have as consistently had they have because their perimeter security team then and they are there are some bite or tight so all in net dot. Which is the remarkable thing about them. Where they're gonna be hit shots but there and I'd rather not an addict and I think indicate step curry is out Hewitt they stretching to eat that's making reverse shots. We have seen playoff game guys where he had not. That had not happened and sometimes it is is because of injury and I think you go back a couple of years ago I think he'd start and not play out here. I'm I don't know what he completely healthy or not but I do know that he did he steps of pressure that it applies. In those switches. I think hurts development and so I think that. In particular to last night I think that's kind of what we saw. It's going to be tough for them I mean did I I think again. Even just the threat of having curry on the court I think is enough. To at least put a threaten the defense is include the warriors spacing. Or yeah that that message is just having him on the floor so. We don't remove all we wanna talk about the hornets and the NBA draft here close to home here in Charlotte so. We've been talking all week long I've been told him for Chris Grover since Monday about what the hornet's should do what their future and is there a guy in the draft in that ten to fourteen range I mean where the hornets are obviously picking eleven but you think would make a significant impact for Charlotte next season we've seen either of the bridges have been mentioned maybe a guy like if Colin sexton were to fall and they wanted to move on from kemba I mean there's obviously not a lot of different directions the hornets can go who are the guys that you think the show should be looking at is people who could. Impact thirteen immediately this season. Yeah I mean I think. You know my outbreak is that if you have a chance to take a guy like that it did they eat some they need. They meet somebody could put the ball on the back if the video and picture they need somebody with that sort of typical brain might think. That that guy who's sort of fit into the old book that. That personal and played three different types of petition. Type of guy and I I admire I'd miles reduced our for a while I think he extra years he's hitting. Some have seen a year he added as a negative you know some aspect stigma tied. It's already. You know it's sort state director here at not being don't want it done. But I I think you have to hit it take either of those guys they all are we help bridges. And it has bet that winning pedigree which. I don't think you can understate. Had he ability to shoot it. I beat you stole that are developing shooter so I don't BQ trap them or that. But I more than the Cadillac I think if you have a team at stake while Bridget I think that they ate a spectacular yet. Because I think I think you've got to tricked out there I think it'll make it or athletic. Put up those two guys humanitarian I. I don't think there's any question to me that that's the guy that. I love I love it here he added I I thought they'd order a little bit which dealt some what day it is not court camp. But I while mile per. Chris one guy being kind of curious about it in see in this process unfold after the lottery is and I'm just gonna have to throw myself at the mercy of the court the Kentucky point guard with a three names in the long arms. Yeah so you of former employees. Keep the typical profile other how good out of player he is expected to shady. There are better guard he India strap it frankly. I'm taking gala brought before taking Jake he'll just Alexandria it yet well here's what you read in a like we. All of that based on the circuit that we don't know about you but we know but I did. Like a lot of games. I don't shop at the top quite long about Malcolm racked up rock it would be about a particular in that trap and and I they're not. What are we gonna mess around me he just gonna measure route all think that they cut a wat. He Stupak and about throughout athletically. But but look at the body of work every bit there aren't things you can't they all go and you cannot pick the book on what you were brought to our college. And again I thought Malcolm are in collapse was was not as. Was not very good and so the rookie of the year battle that was waged. Well lit up without a competitive like the act is you had a great year at BQ experience helped him adjust quickly to that level. I think anything that that that he's not happy that you'd get pat straight don't count that these specs and you got a guy. I expect to patent a guy like well it's been it takes someone like say you're the Alexander because he is that correct that one in darting here. It could have been a drought with a the taller walker. Probably more athletic I just think you're you're crazy like I think you have bought steps any ink can help the team. Right away while on that point guard position. Stay on the point guard position you just talked about a guy wanted to ask you about Trey young. Obviously was the biggest star in college basketball throughout the season and the stock started default towards the end of the year they didn't play as well Oklahoma obviously struggled down the stretch. Where you see him fitting into this NBA do you think he's he's going to be able to live up to the expectations that have been placed upon him a fairly or unfairly. Oh yeah you know it took great question. It's hurt our work it's because you expectations. I think I think. Dwindled a little bit it it's it's great it stayed out without good close but I I I think we sort of all law operates play. Beat the expectations but not nearly what they were perhaps earlier in the he's been. I'm the one thing I would if I'm talking mid Ichi yen and I had a chance to watch Trey got a lot this year. You know the app what he may know a lot of really good weight gore in a lot of really big cart and the big twelve. And and I think part of their recent British drop off and drop all relic that we speak he needs. You know it's again relatively speaking by. Part of that drop off I think had to do with it out to court in that we India what it in the app wedded to them. That was sort of displayed by a lot of those guys very displayed by the guys. I'm so that would be a concern not tell you what man. I interviewed the other day at the top bind. And I haven't gotten the better scorer or capture. It could be out of suitable better passer and part you know aren't being mean in my shots election it was was me figuring out. Who I was in an ounce Billy don't player. But I think I'm in the right situation right there are are a couple of better passer. And I got to take our nickel back to you can't take the spot in the aren't let in Asia scoring that it never been dumped four minutes. Like he can act go back to that curry compare in like with what step curry it and yet they try to respect you're you can't fake like not like being in a bottle. That guy who waited there in two. NBA player and I at the same about tree out. Chris again I ask you. Is grace and Allen and NBA player. You know it's going to be tough it's gonna be our top bit I don't wanna make no outright. Because I I I think. You know like it and if it if pain that we could not get it now correctly or somebody sure. And he's not nearly a yes. And I think guys are complexion would be Eric Wright that don't forget what it. But here the straight line guy not. A lateral. Wet cycle wire. Not a great ball handler did not begin not for the quick court petition what you could say well he may pick if he played at in stretches at that apple. He don't make it about throughout I would be shocked if anything about it's great. And it did he not great he actively that was part of like we do so much data you've spent struggled this year a lot of at duke which were about balance and great finale. At that point of attack them so. I hit that note throughout the year. I would probably they'll say it's gonna be a puppet for him. Operate a week where they put a premium on shooting he sir we do that. So any comfort you know I would there about Carolina died a couple good pedigree in people but are they wires on guys like that. But I would pay more likely that dot. He would probably not in a latch onto it as somebody up there with GOP. And singularly to invite to the come by and bomb. This week do you almost see him and I've always thought a tense and as a guy who might almost fit in better at TN BA leveled any dinning college because you know he is seems like he can defend a lot of different positions and maybe. You know the versatility he showed a Carolina while he's a good player I don't know that. Maybe maximize that. Yet you know it's a good point. And I think if we need to go with what you were somebody who you beat it beat back special the other thing about the open it's indeed incredibly Smart. Any incredibly gauging. I'd be really good and a lock rule EP you know Teddy comes from a pedigree is that well coached he'd he'd been around they are program. Each he's been a part of a national JP chip. You know I I think that was part of these sort of waited issue camp. Lucky he's never going to be diet can help you all all bets simply don't apply. So I think he's got. The B audit if it but not impair the duke Carolina got our. I think you'll pick that they much better it it yet yea and a great outlook would beat you on just because that's what equate basically eat debts or the profile. And he gives you'll you know if you're talking about bench guys. You're either talking about a guy's gonna committed just make perimeter shots like Kyle Korver which I don't think great now that. Or you're talking about that app political wing to become way to guard multiple position. In understands how to play. And it is a good culture guy and I think he'll he'll pitch in its all well. We are choosing to see where he said to me a lot of guys in the NBA if you can carve out a specific role. A lot of times that works and in the NBA is evolving today where you do one guys who are versatile Benson is a versatile player Ronnie and Carnell a different position so Chris we got to go to this man I'm sorry I appreciate all the time to talk basketball what do you travel management issued returning to his show 3 o'clock today on Sirius XM radio ACC today president desolate we'll talk to you soon. Thanks Chris. All right so we're gonna. Get a break right here on the other side will come back we've got some callers on the lines and techsters taxing and more embarrassing sports stories I love it text in your most embarrassing moment of your athletic career mean there middle finger some more in the break we can tell nick as. God knows we got Smart cooking up there are so anyway keep it right here from within and get into a bar so this is Kroger in the midday powered by ortho Carolina. Love this one. Runner on fire today. Welcome back to Kroger in the mid day tablet. Now I am just ourselves filling in for Chris Kroger all week long. And then again joining me as well as high rebounding and Joseph I'll tell you this song pops up in almost every Scorsese's film. I'm not a big film guy bit apparently it's been like every Scorsese film is it's the beginning of the departed which is. For my money and I'm not I I say this with a caveat I am not they filmed on a similar Denny said is again seen a lot of films. I do my best. That's to me that the first five minutes of the departed or maybe the best five minutes and the beginning of any movie outside the Lion King. I may raise an Arizona. Jesse Martin lost me. We just we unite we can't we can't we'll. We don't go to the same places. The from around here now. The stones came up last night is what's in the news of my son and they were talking about the latest New York Times story about the internal pressure investigation they said it was. Operation crossfire hurricane. And he was like what is creek crossfire hurricane I don't even know what day it is but it sounds bad asks. And so I started play in Rolling Stones records show my son he's like yeah that's pretty cool. I'm going along with that operation whatever it is. They're great stories today which we have talked about all R&R. CNN about this. She noted I don't know you have on wed not really there ended up. That that was the plan was that there is no plan. And I think my god we've executed that that's ahead. On a pool tables plus email inbox for me it's an email right now Steve is on the line and just a moment the decal on temple tables plus inbox at forty years of experience in Charlotte knowledge and know how to educate you and your family on a new or used pool table. Before you buy local expert no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers to all your questions. Carolina pool tables plus 4445. East independence boulevard they also have a location. In Columbia so we're asking you guys most embarrassing moments every athletic career. Somebody writes in and seventh grade playing guard for my school's first ever basketball team. Estimation women he's excited about that. Tell myself the lone player for our team near the basket as three tall opponents each tried to put the ball in from the paint I got the rebound put it back up. Why is that embarrassing oh scored for the other team. The classic score on your own team I've heard that one Ellen happened a lot. You know he never never need to see that you hate to see scorn on your own team so we've got plenty of others we have actually a second side tampons soil until Allan just a moment but right now we do you have on another. The phones we got Steve who has an embarrassing story or two to tell Steve you're on the line. Because I won't calm Derek Burton is it ought to be. Josh. As embarrassing as you can make it. Yes sir yes sir you don't know that that's correct Barney don't Altman or. Opened up for. Yeah idea I idea idea you know this is this is a former former roommate of mine back in my college days Steve we like Terry we can call you she's gonna call you she's. All right this is does mild college roommate sees you. We're all 601 of all we're gonna say too embarrassing stories. From sports okay because if we went to just embarrassing stories from your general life we'd be here until 9 o'clock don't. Moral yeah. Do want to repair warrant that apple should focal ball you you you told me this slippery. A man all right finally got. Had a lot of baseball and that's most of golf. Part so don't let it ET hole tournament while it is senior honor than usual he Mario Michael clay. Saw it double book he was kept their reporters he thought. So quickly to eighteen at the end you have to keep score I shot a 144. In a tournament wild. That next half of what may be at one occurred so why the former top the are to pop it pour there was goes toward debt they have mark ought. 144. There and I think you would have you wouldn't. I don't come to. One more often. Oh my gosh all right 144 they feel a black guy can shoot that may be well now 36 not quite good. Well 44 us pretty bad sees. It is sort of got more there are could've pulled up. A lot to open Portman though can't keep there was little. Thanks and we are FCC regulated so thank you very much appreciate that. I that was David Allen go I had so embarrassing stories so many of them there we are obvious and other breaks on the other side will come back we did have Chris it's all on the line earlier talking about the hornets and what they should do with their draft pick I wanna talk about that coming up next. Also your thoughts on what could potentially happen with Kemba Walker his future in Charlotte we've been discussing that all week we'll continue that conversation on the descent to the right here this is Kroger in the mid day talk about ortho Carolina. Yeah you know. Powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome back to grow. In days gone by ortho Carolina just myself filling in for drugs all week long law he tries to survive his Mexican vacation. We'll be back on Monday house and I'm joined by mr. Gary Indiana pro football talk. Hi everybody. Acts it's all right I don't Ryan the radio professional match here it's playing songs on purpose and outlook the minutes. What are you read from this one. Then. She's up I hope I die before. Before I get old. Do you feel. Almost slighted Don that's. We turn the same. You can read into what you. Hidden messages that Ryan tried to send a not so hidden messages. Well man that is. For me and cool story just popped up on Twitter today USC a blind long snapper Jay Adelson you've spicy and search. Drove a car for the first time at the Charlotte racetrack. As pretty cool that is cool I don't literally just saw the headline on top Bob Owens whereas your come. I'm back from break so that's that's pretty cool visited Charlotte motor speedway this week and with the help of former NASCAR driver Todd vote on. Drove a car for the first time around the one point five mile track Jake Olson other major sports and you've probably seen this or at some point is that Ted it was a long time USC football fan was kind of adopted by that the team when Pete Carroll was still a USC and actually ended up playing. For the trojans last year Peter and a couple games as a long Sampras an extra points tables and isn't is his name and his quote says a driving a car as a sense of independence a way to get around. As one of probably the most frustrating things in life as a blind person is just the absence of having that opportunity to just. How did your car and driving to tutor driving go help someone and to go to drive a car and have that sense of freedom as they say others are still good source of the day. Had tears actually and I feel terrible introduce new story click here remember his name but there is a bit old radio reporter in Atlanta Othman back in the nineties who was blind. And it. The falcons of the two legit two quit era. Love this guy inserted to come under his wing in Tim the tire would take him out let him drive his car in the parking lot. Georgia don't allow. Yeah as that's called that's physical storied there is also the night at a yacht and I hawks Celtics a playoff game queries make his way around the celtics' locker room. And you sort of patent is way around. Any kind of caught Robert period somewhere in the short soul region and achieve a fairly serious bullet or big Fella. And the guys just responded with well seats while I got you. This. As again that's a story about a blind radio reporter in Atlanta drive and a car. Man so let's let's let's get back on us and sports event. That allows suits again I admit this is the point to get to show back on track and now I don't know but. We had this been so long drama. Is serious exam he carries the ACC in all of college basketball for ESP and we had a talking about the draft lottery in what Hornish should do with that pick on its pick eleventh coming up in June and then there is. As I said all we more questions than there are answers about the future of this hornets team we do we really we know that there is Kemba Walker. We don't know hole of a lot else I mean other than we know we're going to be paying Nicholas Batum for several more years a lot of money and now Cody Zeller reluctant for a long time. Made fifteen million dollar annual salary just a lot of problems with this team and I started to go back and look at. You know how they got here what are the biggest mistakes. That the hornets have made because. For a long time I was kind of on the belief that. All of the draft picks that you wanna go back and point to and criticize. So the more defensible at. At the time Cody Zeller was a defensible draft pick at the time several picks later CJ McCollum went even he was not in the mix when the hornets were up at Simon. Yeah on a satirical but went fifteen obviously was not in the mix at five so it did the guys that went later on in the draft weren't guys that were seriously considered for that pick some other. Other teams passed up as well. The one pick that I think. Doesn't. The history is starting to look less and less fondly on. As time passes is frank Kaminsky. And not just. Because he's been a serviceable player obviously has his shortcomings as a seven foot guy struggles to defendants based it. Does shoot the ball fairly well but the Boston Celtics offered for first round picks and 62 picks overall. For that spot because the Celtics wanted to draft justice Winslow. And Michael Jordan which showed turn that. Offered down. And now all. Charlotte is blessed with frank Kamensky. While Boston is writing some of those draft picks which include guys like when we don't know the specifics of which picks they would have been benched but in the last few years Boston has drafted Jalen brown. Jason Tatum those guys have turned into BE. Two of the three key players on what could be a NBA finals senior about a week. Yeah AA it's disappointing I mean because the NBA dress a lot more crap shoot even in the NFL especially after you get out of the top ten and I think that was the conventional wisdom by the hornets is we don't wanna get out of the top in we don't want these late first. Our that connecting if you didn't see value and it and really with two guys they had taken a match I don't know that that's the wrong decision proof because. You know what's more picks for people to misfire on. Anything else with the with the Jay Sprague are I'm curious and fascinated to see. What this does to make the team is the contract terrible it is is neighbor to the terrible player and always not and when you think of all the guys on this roster. If you tried to extrapolate them into a San Antonio system. I mean other than Kemba Walker Hoosier best player. Mikva to miss the guy who fits what Gregg Popovich does yes when you think about ball movement when you think about personal players. Who can do a lot of different things I mean nick attends the Kenny guy who. Wouldn't get in a place like San Antonio and absolutely thrive so I I think you know perhaps the thinking on hiring jays Horatio was. We gotta get something out of this sunk cost innate but Tim because the contract makes him almost on movable. And I think most people in the NBA agreed that he has a value maybe it's not that value so you hire a guy who can maximize. The sunk cost I mean if you you just sort of got a hold your breath in get through another year Dwight Howard I had a man I don't think they can move it I don't think they would want to. I don't like the idea didn't read it kemba and mean I understand he's got value and leisure most valuable asset if you wanted to flip something. But I can't imagine going to watch. The Charlotte hornets next year Kimmel walkers now part of the thing I I don't know why I would want to spend my hard earned to watch their team play basketball. Yeah I. I understand that I think the reality of the NBA today is it takes. Something of that nature of a bottoming bottoming out of sorts. To ultimately end up contending and that might mean a year or two of a team that quite honestly is terrible team that Sox Byrd. A couple seasons develops a bunch of young players and then and then certainly to look look at Philadelphia ISL went on array yesterday. The semi sixers obviously the most intimate story of this of this rebuild but but now all the 76ers just made it to the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. And their pick it ahead of Charlotte in the draft. They got to have the best of both worlds they're picking a number it's and so Charlotte right now has. Really no direction whatsoever I understand wanting to have kemba Daryn but at a dinner today is Kemba Walker going to be the best player on a championship and aromatic Eastern Conference playoff contender and the answer is no. He's a great player he's a great player he is and not men and I'll come out there and the guys who lead. In less Brad Stevens as your coach the guys who carry you to a conference finals are James pardons Chris Paul's. Liberal lines to ranch those are the guys playing in the conference finals Campbell walker is a number two. Player or maybe even a number three player on a conference finals team. And that's your goal. You cannot build a round Kemba Walker. I'm not sure if I agree with the thesis says super day especially as it pertains to a guy like Chris fault. Because I think if you just asked thirty general managers Chris Paul Kim walker I don't know that it's unanimously crisp ball. I am I wow yeah I mean I just Freud. I think it crisp all this cannot yeah I think Chris Paul's found a good fit in Houston with James Harden I didn't know how that would work initially I just I. I think Kim visit a more valuable parts and I think a lot of people are willing to concede and I think he's going to be harder replaced but you talk about everybody talks about Philadelphia now that Philadelphia's made. A little bit of Iran in their interesting all of a sudden people are like of course why don't we do the process to. Philadelphia has a lot more established basketball culture. I think. The 76ers. Could do almost anything and people are still gonna show up of Philadelphia 76ers are never gonna go away. I think if you go through three year rebuilding Charlotte. Where you win about forty or fifty games over three seasons. I think you might be able to call the team the Supersonics as they be living in Seattle I just don't think Charlotte. As a basketball market right now can withstand. Going through three years is sucking I think people would just stay away in droves and that's why I think there's a real danger of not having a Kemba Walker on this team because. Given what Charlotte's go on through. Lately I don't know that the fan base is gonna sit here and watched three years of guaranteed terrible basketball that's why a faint. You've heard so much out a cup check you've heard a beret go through this process say in all we don't want you know. Their step and as far away from talk about the process and rebuild new ball it up as it possibly can't the vetting they understand it to bed. If you go through three years of people not showing up picture season ticket base bottoms out because people know you're going to be terrible. I worry about the future of basketball in Charlotte. I get that I think there are everyone points to Philadelphia as the success story of a rebuild but you also have to look at places like Orlando and Phoenix and Sacramento who have been swelling mediocrity for the better part of the decade plus. So yeah you can you can think for a couple years and rebuild or you can stink for a long time and it. If you don't draft poorly or acquire players correctly then you're going to be bad for a long time in Charlotte doesn't have a history of drafting well I get that I'm a little personally offended and hurt. That you think that it wouldn't be unanimous that Chris Paul would be taken over Kemba Walker crystal is a first ballot hall of fame arguably one of the three best point guards of all time. There and yes we will argue about that you must. Now Chris Paul is one of the three best point guards all the time if he's he's in the top five and you can make it can't waste my time very. Hope you you you're you're the skip Bayless. Until LeBron now. I disagree as wow did you get to her. Well Chris Paul so nice player Chris Paul's a good feeling well thirty's. I think religion is stretching it and plus he likes to punch people in the Wiener and that's just not the kind of person you are representing. And here's an idea I mean it's the end he should get one in the other day. Monterey and when the junk that's what he does it's his rep that's the way he's always been so easy act. Hey active leader in all then career assists I won't go along with your thesis that Chris Paul is one of the three best point guards all time at wait for a the whole home and where has an a arguing for a salons texting and calling in Canada. I. There always apply. Extends through you might have been you might have found the one way to (%expletive) off wake forest graduate Rusty LaRue. Chris Paul and who's the other issue this. He's John Woods who else is on the mount Rushmore of Wake Forest guards. New forms is actually had aid he'd sneaky really good list of NBA players Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan and Chris Paul. You got. Josh Mallard had a good run for a while there's somebody else I'm forgetting that came out awake recently that those obviously very good man that. Chris Paul not a an all time great point guard that's it takes not not even the number one line I know you and I know you're stoking the fire with the Wake Forest commented. Tenet didn't mean when I think top three all time point guards I'm thinking about people like John Stockton yeah okay up. Stockton will be ahead of Paul. Yeah and I think. I think you have Stockton and Magic Johnson Magic Johnson maybe. Magic Johnson's Steve Nash John Stockton and now senator Robertson may be yet you could around the set category but after that. I don't I've pulled a top five point I don't I don't leaving give it to Chris Paul before the Gary Payton is of the world. Nissan Chris Chris Paul to me is a better all around player than Gary Payton that Paul voter you. I saw Gary JIA and I've seen Gary Peyton not the full career but enough of it I I sort of logic that's one about 95 was find your result. To date myself but. Someone else sex in months he dogs. Now. Do your dirty industries Chris Paul the third best point guard in the history of Wake Forest. I. And gentlemen and not good afternoon there at the all income. You know they're ridiculous. The year that they could do to blame but probably. A stamp out in a never order to update the rapid current. I don't think tank without. Quote it looks good call there will work and I we did years. What are not a pellet or spoke armored government don't go well a bit but not that went between eat better and Detroit this and in our prouder of what that. You know I could be there it was great to talk. Right you know Tony I'm on your side thanks a lot for the called town I. I think Chris Paul is absolutely a Wake Forest legend. I just don't think he's one of three best point guards in the NBA history I three I said there's my TID on a partner here okay. I basically gave a man. Add Blaine. He's he is he's in the top. It arguably one of the top eight I would put him in the top five and I think if you were a big Chris Paul and you could say he's one of the three or four best one as well don't you would have debate would have to be named Paul. Should make an argument. Somebody also attacks then 7045709610. Buildings and attacks on his many in the best point guard on his own team. TJ Hart and his shooting guard masquerading as a point guard on on the rockets but I but I get that mean hard pardons a better. Player than Paul right now chart up polls also on the bit the backed into his prime so we had a break dance can make more ridiculous waits for anti Wake Forest sentiments after Greg Faris that fact that it didn't delegates to make so keep your angry texts and calls coming this is Kroger in the mid day. I by North Carolina. Let's get back to. Powered by Ford Jill Carroll. We can improve it sold me on. Welcome back to Kroger in the mid day talk about ortho Carolina I'm just ourselves filling in for drugs all week the backup quarterback as a one caller clinic during the break. This is the backup quarterback this week I love the backup QB. As a compliment until they don't. I guess until he starts this that I think I guess maybe that made that analogy doesn't offer me after all there again joining me is to go. Old Derek Anderson nobody's Glavine. She she should take this serious. That's when did that happen. Call the Derek Anderson then when he was in Arizona blowing up the third quarter after Monday Night Football. There's oil CA today it's below ups and sparked I'd. Friend of the show or at least for enemy Kent Somers and ears on Republicans to say and I you know they should be on TV guys are left and on the bench you're getting beat by 25 what was funny. And dared didn't take it in the spirit in which it was intended and got a whole defense. I get thicker skin and that makes it I'll serve my body and thicker skinned. Seven babies a Wake Forest fans or not. With your assertion I fall I was being complementary await forests. Got a proud basketball tradition that attacked by a point guard of all time isn't even one of the three guys and why just wait I mean I guess if you started watching basketball in 2003. Pom. That may be he's in the top ten point guards of all time since 2003. Now. As a guy who remembers Oscar Robertson in John Stockton and Magic Johnson needs to SCANA aren't figured out which one of those guys Chris Paul's bump and awfully. All right so this whole thing started because you said you weren't sure that everybody would say. Not sure I was better than cannot so live right here and yearned Mitch Kupchak and the rockets call you out to the season they say you know why you know we think is gonna take us over the hump trading Chris Paul you guys for Kemba Walker you say no. Am not into it. I would rather have Kim day his number than Paula is Iowa now we're getting and the like salaries and someone say they may in the same amount of money. And I and to stand in. Like I said to hold. Point guard who punches people in the Wiener. Is to see out and it's a little much for me maybe it's a personality thing it's in as senator. Try and make good I like good point guards so I may not be the one that. Ask them up stoking the fire Rogers on the line he was the talk about the point guard discussion raji alive man. Rate charged. You were doing so well you bet outrageous com or at little creek Chris Karl. May be in top far apart carts. In okay. It took to. Take. Around and Carl are army army were talking about as crazy. Okay what it and we'll send around junior picked parent trigger ready what one per hour here on it oh well dictate. What you can be your turn our charts are. I'm great promise. Oscar Robertson. Sorry to abort your Magic Johnson column. See you well here are young and Dell are locked up here appear our Jason Kidd. Yet take her to help him as our. C opportunity. Arm. Well received dribble basically wood to answer all of his head down played 1941. Aren't yet ready to actually one compound are. Maurice G a better. Much. Better. Chris option. You can't mark the territory Mark Martin reports are. Tim Hardaway and armored very Crespo. Are. Stiff Currie. Yeah except for a page out. There's just multiple cats and tight visitor brought their bill payments spirit of pop under me and read that you'll you'll you'll see what were broken army could not even close. Edited top general are in it to go out long ago respect that we are part and as we treat your prayer. Alison Tim Hardaway and all those NBA titles he won he belongs above. A beloved about Chris Paul you know as you point. Site web. We're trying well I can produce certain point try to hardship or the run threat level. Well Chris Paul has more assistant Tim Hardaway by a almost 2000 in there and Chris Paul still has years ago that's what I thought Roger simulator RI I didn't do you have armor. I hear Obama's on the gas right he knew he lost that argument Tim Hardaway. That's what I know personally captors for names and then is that. Roger appreciate the comment I always look at southern personal assistant debate about sports rather fun but boy Chris Paul. It is in arguably one of the eight best point guards of all time you can make your own pace he would fall into the top five or top three week. Started talking that word means what you think it means in arguably. Top eight come clean just argued about it. So by definition it's not in argue bully in getting hits in our don't have an argument pits in arguable that magic Johnson's one of the top three point guards of all yes. It's an arguable that Oscar Robertson is one. I think it's arguable that his top story Oscar Robertson wow. He played in nineteen to 1921. And Ryan is an FCC limit on how old would you can be. To operate a radio station and a can you guys act like I haven't bought them and how I mean I'm all right. I'm not gonna sit here and defend how many hours of basketball I've watched. I've read Bill Simmons look at basketball Roger I've read it twice I I understand nobody appreciates the history of the game more than ideal I have a more favorable view Chris Paul than maybe some other people do but Tim Hardaway everyone except his mother. Well maybe we'll get more Wake Forest Todd takes from you were here a minute then we got to the top of the Elkhart thing. Any other sides of banners in to hopefully give us some good cheer on the other side talking about Panthers and the more NFL talk coming up after this. It's kronor in the mid day powered by ortho Carolina.