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Thursday, July 19th
Tim Murray talks with Hornets Forward Marvin Williams about the Hornets upcoming training camp and what he thinks of the Hornets roster.

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Please he's WFANC. Powered by ortho Carolina here's Tim Murray. Every day out with you today in advance that you get 50%. By ortho Carolina building senate sex on a 704570961. Net zero. He always tweet us to better Carolina pool tables plus Twitter feed at WFNC. Minus at. One that. Tim Murray some news that. I should be passing across more frequently must tell what you know now now keep reminding you. Doubles Sweeney had tootsie Clemson and enjoying. WS NC here at its all 155. So we are going to sign off a little bit early right Brian that's the deal we're gonna sock a 150. And that really get things rolling with. But Frankie Kyle coming up at 155 dollar below the head man at Clemson and John Chambers who kept coach so like getting a great way to kick off the afternoon should today a Dicey because the root the Weston. Love that stuff though it's gonna be on I want 55 I would imagine it will be a question asked about their quarterback situation. I'll go on a limb and say he won't tell you. The proper answer. And hopefully he won't say disparaging things about CTE. Like yesterday well maybe he will be great on on our airwaves so be part of be great. So. So I got this texts. On our once again on our building center text line. I watched the Panthers last year. When they played the saints in New Orleans with some friends and others that are not panther fans and I swore I would never. Do that again nothing is more frustrating. Then watching a huge game with people that don't know football. Or root against the Panthers that from a Brennan appreciate the text. The. The only time I did I can feel like if that's that's an instance where you can get -- out as it is it's like you're at a barbecue or your your your your drinking beer you drink a beer whatever and you have a chance at lake if it's like a rivalry game like I I've I've enjoyed watching you know rusty were raving games over the years and when my team is one. I've been it's been nice feel to kind of hang that over their head a little bit but yeah I mean if I'm sitting there at home and I'm trying to wash a gamer trying to evaluate jerks or have something to say on Monday or Tuesday for the radio afterwards he had on not don't want that that that annoying jerk there. Because you ruin that experience but it but I think there are instances where where that's okay. Now I think we all at different levels of sand them for particular teams right there are just a different classifications. So for me once again I'd do it I'm from DC that's where I am right now. And I'm not making this is DC centric show. But you know the capitals for instance I'd I'd like to capitals but they're not you know all the level of my number one team like Notre Dame so. I went out to bars and watch capital gains and and I would happily go low bar. And you know not hang on every single play any when you are watching. A painter's team or UNC basketball game or whatever is number one preview. You literally hang on to every single play it you know every single play you are watching critiquing. You know an end and that is. When you're at a bar there's so much going on I just I can't do that now there are some people who who love that who loved talking smack you don't love going into the enemy territory Ryan L. And and doing what he said about it you know ravens Steelers game that's just not me. So. 58% I'm surprised 58%. China you know what Tim Murray say that you would prefer to watch big gains by yourself. 31% group of friends. Only 4% of you say you would pay any cost. To be there now both Friday night did that he went to the ravens' Super Bowl a couple of years ago I went to an hurting national title in 2000. This was technically 2013 the 20s12 season that meantime fake girlfriend season. Hum. I didn't go but for the most part regular season teams pull games up Tom Watson by myself and in solidarity I just I can't deal with. But dumb questions I have one it's kind of funny I don't know if anyone else tests. I have a buddy of mine from grade school. And it. My wife has never met him. And he's not a guy deem a great friend. Is it do you take acquaintance but all we do is texts about notre day. And we'll text during games he's the only person attacks during games it's it's kind of weird that he's sick my Notre Dame boyfriend and that's it that's all we talk about. You don't even know Fiat knows I have sought I mean. We just talk about one thing. One thing only he's an extended member of the family it only on Saturdays at noon yes I mean age you we don't we don't go out and get peers that I see him randomly Ellison lol. You know it's not like really don't know sun article policies and. You have actually seen this personally it's not one of those things for you guys are both walking down on the sidewalk yes directions not knowing if you look at that guy you're the man at that I'd like that guy he thank going to be talked Obama's time through text message to us it's not a random the united immediate money in a chat room. Iraqi catfish by am and our Irish fan yes hits there's more cat fishing going on now using god to grade school with. Who are best friends but you know holes text about. You know recruiting and stuff like that it's weird I have a weird obsession that I don't I don't hide anything about it is it is say unhealthy access Emma met my wife the first time. You know she found out of that that that was is cores Notre Dame fan and and I think initially she is that all that's you know your passion about something that's great Mike okay. You probably won't have that same tune you know later on and yet certainly. It is changed she won't watch games just mean she wants nothing to do with. Me so I know sort of Kyle talk with us on Garcia Billy couple days ago in terms of MLB dot attendance and things like that if money was not an issue do you think more and more people would be going to these kids like if if if yeah whether it's food prices or ticket prices. If he's in every sport out there made things more affordable for the for the for the regular family the regular Joseph blow. To go out there and and bring a family's four door to a ball Parker to a stadium do you think that that that that. Things with the those numbers based on your poll would be different. I don't. No I do think it's you know it depends on where you sit right I mean with the technology we have now. A lot of people. Would enjoy the confines of their home. And I you to San crisis let's remove prices because it's cheaper appears at home and cheaper food. Half the time and more than half the time. Your vantage point from home is better. Than that of being in a stadium now I'm different I like going to games. And I love going to baseball games and act and act go to football games and and do all that. But here's the thing though when you go to a baseball game are you paying attention to everything like can you it seems like even Mae and I'm a bombing huge baseball fan like I was a memorial season ticket holder like when I go to Oriole game. Like I'm going to like him I'm usually going to pickles across the street from from Camden yards and drinking a bunch and that he goes in whatever not really paying attention. To all point you know all 27 ounces of the game. Yeah I think baseball I guess to mean it is a little bit of that experience and just kind of hang and now and you know it's it's aids different. Then football my opinion but you know I I think an issue for the NFL and has nothing do with popularity. I think it has do with potential attendance is you know with the rise of fantasy football and daily fantasy I mean people. Don't see the advantages of going to a game as opposed to sitting at home. Watching. We're watching EB your favorite team and then keeping tabs and your fancy T how many of your friends. Watching game and have their laptop open to their fancy team I mean fantasy football has become so massive. That. That is lets you I think people. Not wanting to go to games. Where it's a quick break out because I'm excited about the next segment Marvin Williams hornets forward former. UNC tar heel he's gonna join us get his thoughts on. Had a couple practices. Back in his old stomping grounds. Marvin Williams hornets forward joins is on the other side it it's midday on that you have fancy power by ortho Carolina. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Effort and you get Marvin Williams to join the program when he calls in we will. Obviously type them on through reminder we're going to be done a little bit early today. And for good reason. Garcia and Bailey get a start up the ground 145. Or so. Double Sweeney head coach at Clemson will join them at 155. Over at the ACC kick offs adopt most Sweeney head coach of clan senate. At one net. 55. This afternoon so stick around for that will be head out just a little bit early. And Davos an annual joint Garcia and Bailey coming up. At one net 55. Once again open and catch up but Marvin Williams here just a little bit. Com some we were talking about. Bryant a nine last night wearers kind of throwing ideas out there. Four dish shell. And one that came up that we felt like she. It was one of those topics in this is the fun thing as we go little inside baseball here is if you just cannot throw things out there and you see what sticks used on darts like would that. And once again I'm an outsider so I'm I'm curious what you guys wanna hear Ryan. Is in the know and works at WFNC. Day in day out say sick man of the people on and Charlie care about that's like our notes let's not do that. But what they we were his cat talking about. Was. Major League Baseball and that the NBA and you know today and yesterday with the slow sports days of the year. Coming off the all star break there's not much going on in and sports we obviously know that we joked about the MLS. The missing a golden opportunity to it to be playing on these days even though you know they wouldn't get. A ton of buzz they would be on television and people just kind of clamor for for. Anything lied sports to be on their television but the NBA has accomplished something. That the NFL's did it and I think the NFL almost this offseason has is almost got away from. And that they were trying to just gonna happen there was no news. The NBA has become a twelve month leak. And they are always in the headlights. And grossly for the stuff that happens in free agency an awesome cord right and and now I'm not saying in told her don't try to twist my words I am not saying the NBA is is better than the NFL the NFL. Once. Week one starts I know for a pre season training camp holes I've fallen to that will in people are fired up for that their count down the days less than a week away from training camp for the Panthers. But what's weak ones starts I mean it is every team is vastly important and every game a college football is important. In the NBA in October or November. In December it's white noise it's oh yeah there's that game but does it mean anything and I we've joked about it you know earlier that. With that that the powers that there are Golden State Houston last year Cleveland Boston. I mean that the opening night doubleheader. On TNT was Boston Cleveland. Houston gold state. They basically predicted right there Eddie is that the four best teams that probably went conference finals and they did but. The NBA. With the star power that they had. With. With the notoriety and all of that. They have. The offseason has really become more exceeding in many facets that the regular season. Heck even the playoffs you could argue the finals because of the way the files were this year. And it. For baseball and this hurts me because. I'm a huge baseball guy and I I spent four years calling baseball on the minor leagues are gonna get to that in and just a little bit to close out the show. But I thought that the all star game. Was great. This year you have home runs yet strikeouts even though as we well that's Killen baseball all loses home runs a strike outs well people seem to enjoy that for the all star game. And we had as good of a home run derby as I can remember. With the theatrics between harper ensure ever. And that and that the ratings were were weighed down we're gonna continue this conversation just a little bit unhappy in. Police to bring on hornets forward Marvin Williams another year here in Charlotte Marvin good afternoon as the offseason treat it. OK great mayor thank you got you know I appreciate. No problem we were just talking about how the NBA's become twelve month leak it. You know that this offseason. And then the free agent signings and you know the trades is. Is always kind of intriguing time you know how do you look at you know what just went down yesterday this call why Leonard. Tree eighty C two all stars traded for each other coli goes to Toronto. DeMar DeRozan goes the San Antonio what was your take away at that trade yesterday. Yeah describing our have to be our numbers are not a team out all the social revert quote the technical. Probably even started here. What he's accomplished what he's in the Nokia can help continue to build there that were traditionally thought he could pick Aaron attitude stick rap so I. I know about surprised by that trader I was truly troops could brought by. Tomorrow leading to a Arnold. He's he's an incredible feel for those guys because I don't know decade you all he's accomplished what they're terrible I know that this he gonna miss him. I won't trade him to distribute look so there's a credit card in any recreated here and under the trade and we don't finally. MR how do you look at it minute DeMar DeRozan. Had some bad. Had some pointed words talking about the raptors organization have basically they did them wrong saying they promised me they work in a trade me in and I get treated. How do you look at that because I think on one side people can say it's a business and you have to do whatever you believe. That you should do to better your team and on the other side. A man is only is as strong as his word if you said that probably should go back on network. Yeah obviously you know no one ever wants to be told when Palin the exact opposite you know hack and I never foreign especially when you build a relationship with people. Dropped business or personal relationship whatever the case may be so you always want to stay true Q where. I would doubt they get a bit difficult you know because organizations do. Time after time do what's best for him and I do feel like it's a clear people wrong and because when they do what's best for them. Now sometimes too little white so I don't think that's very fairly complex where players employed with. I'll be cured it you gonna do they have to do and I'm not very familiar with the situation obviously. But if that it is that it would happen if you told that he wasn't going to be treated people that don't very typical Shalala they. Talking a hornets forward Marvin Williams I wanna get to. The hornets situation this offseason you're just smoke I'm curious how much. I mean year Ford in the NBA some sure you've you've had your years your dealings with coli Leonard. How what are your thoughts on him he's now going to be in the same conference as you being in Toronto so a guy that you really playing guess a little bit more. How much did you see when your and you talk I mean what what stands out about cool while energy you. The UAE is probably the best two way guy feel like in the terms of being able to court you know 234 position. But I and still be able quad or between night. I'd grab situation on the rebound tonight so. I require lenders to be leader of Heatley. You know when we were we were lucky to stand twice you know or are you clearly you don't turn on the list so are still wet weather reports he's. We'll have our work cut out for a fourth chills obviously. Pelletreau almost truly excited about what they're beginning and I'm I'm sure you know when you just can't that would trigger. Well speaking of San Antonio you've got yourself a new coach he comes from San Antonio from the Popovich tree what is your early impressions your interactions been like with coach Arrigo. Not any great man and an ingredient conduct a really really great guy great family did. Really excited feeling is going to be a great coach I know a lot of excess players have been talking about a really started start claims swap our contributors he's already. Gun does forces he's been in insurer doing great so. Although the court to get used to be they're gonna go up or they're you know here but overall I start the platform and I think he's excited because this little guitar and quite. And hearing the thoughts of a coach for radio Marvin and you know there were rumors out there early on in the off season you know maybe kemba gets traded. And that's clearly not the way disorganization is going their stick with kemba your all star and they're bringing in you know veterans like Tony Parker is a team ahead that they clearly wants to win now I mean that's to be pretty exciting from where you are in your career. At at west 32 years old you've been in the league now offer for what is it you know thirteen seasons. It's it's a note that you know we're going four to have a an organization that says what we're gonna try to win market that much kind of break this thing down we're gonna try to win. How to match Jesse pretty exciting for you entering this season. And figured to have great dear country you know obviously Alaska student Evan normally lead 10. You know we know that is disappointing and obviously you know from an over their standpoint they don't have the out of orbit correct or. When they do give you that confident that they do wanna speak with you they do want to be a part of what they're trying to do it does make you feel good personally and and as a player will also. Obviously for those got the kind of stick with the thriller that we're gonna do it to get it done right duke the great get out so we are the order. I've been working extremely or become a rite is shifting. I would cost very little misstep when it was coming and hope was he does not know we we are players wanna get back on the right track to so. Should you get to the force to get plenty that we were working hard so we got were this year. And the addition of Tony Parker what do you think she'll bring to your team. Obviously the winner first and foremost he's been one of the elite point Gordon that he did in the immediate so you know offer a guide to come to block where my dead and no deer just now to all of not only just kemba at the point guard spot or whatever are typically are up just all the he's been nonstop numerous times individually or collectively at the scene so. She brought it upon learning how to watch him in it and hopefully become the kind of what bill some of these are there were trying to either shark well. And Marvin before we let you run some exciting news I'm sure for you. For hornet fans for tar heel fans you guys are gonna take it the show on the road you're gonna have some practices and training camp. At the dean dome get out a pre season game against the Celtics I imagine. Has he pretty exciting to go back to your old stomping grounds. Had to be able to play there again there's going to be really weren't. Are you up all I was never big guy. On traveling to training camp there's there's small date and they kind of want to go on to your own bit of debate there are reports that don't. All of golf for travel under attorney Kenneth hooker would stop and everybody is somewhere that before it's too. To get not they're Palestinians from the people back in Chapel Hill didn't work out back there you don't so that's going to be a fun time and again be at the box that would be great team to compete with these this year. It should be greater and greater importance. Kmart and appreciate the insight best of luck enjoy the rest of the offseason and we look forward to seeing you back on the floor very soon. Thank you are Peter. There is folks Marvin Williams some great stuff they're talking about Tony Parker while Leonard saying he's the best two way player in the league isn't. Yet that that's truthful right there I you know I've I've appreciated the honesty from from players talked about training camp like. Mean Mike Adams flat out said Alec training camp I'm a veteran an electronic hip Marvin Williams. I don't like traveling for training camp but our go back to North Carolina I'm good with that I'm good I'm good gone back and and playing on the same floor that a help lead a team to a national championship in 2000. And five reminder jobless Sweeney coming up at 155. So work can I get out of here after our next segment so we're gonna wrap things up. There are gonna throw it to Garcia and Bailey they're gonna get you all set doubles Sweeney head coach at Clemson. At one net 55 this afternoon it's the midday on WFNC power by ortho Carolina. The effect of the. Thanks again a Marvin Williams for joining us some good thoughts there for Marvin Williams thinks all the guess have joined us today. Mike Adams Dan wool can. Well then woken sort of wasn't his fault just had a poor reception. We talked to Fred Whitfield. Hornet's CEO earlier in the show Tom Logan bill gave us a little bit and ACC previous that's been a good show so unpopular for door for being an idiot and yes and Sparky conflict. Controversy conversations. Lots of angry people on the sex line at to make its shelves. That's what. A multiple radio host's comments well. The stupid comments and then he did constant conversation. And people on the other side of you're co anger over over stupid things. Love faux anger at. So angers phenomenal. Look good if that is the faux outrage I was talking about this yesterday. People in and DC hate. Ernie drawn felt that GM and when they when he drafted Troy Brown junior of organ after all how did you do this it's terrible Mike. It's the fifteenth pick who do you want the kid but Asia got this guy Mike how do you know he's going to be hearing this is. Well. Full for me having to having finally you know having the the bandit ripped off in terms of Manny Machado getting traded the Dodgers last night and seeing all the people saying myth that the Orioles a fumbled the trade. It's five to its five prospects top three of them are top thirty. Out of all the people out there it's an older they the dating get enough for a you know this week they didn't those guys haven't seen those players play every minute they got I think the number four prospect a number twenty prospect of 127 prospect like we don't know how these guys are gonna pan out plus. Many were shot though he was going to be a free agent two months anyway. You know and you're gonna let him in your eleven walk for nothing like at least you got something for him. No no that's the that's a way I look at the trade last night. Well a guy that spent some time in and Charlotte. Lucas Shealy go I mean he was up premier pitching prospect and he has struggled mightily in the major we just don't know with prospects so. IE eight. I understand what you local why they get delete prospects in all this. You just have no idea I applaud the Orioles are two that often because the handicap their general managers and absolute abomination and a moron. But they got they got five players says you mentioned. And the more the merrier and aegis don't know they hit rate of these prospects even if there. Expected to be the greatest thing since you know Ty Cobb. It may not work out so much. Doing as a remembering in the side guys are increased the probability that death all those guys are either going to pan Alley few mega rich only helping your odds there they're trade Zach Britton are gonna trade Adam Jones you would think. And that just get more people on hero quickly. You know obviously the people and Charlotte know your allegiances where you're from I'm curious the the Orioles fan on staff. What were wit when it finally happened it did. Where you re upset you said. Quote over your were your emotions of the man Amos Hart might mean a child departure. Com I mean it it it definitely it deathly hit hit hard especially for guys that they brought excitement back to Camden yards a guy that you know they drafted third overall and they developed and he brought heat yet he's a big part of those two of the of that team you're getting the playoffs is two years want one of the winningest division I where the the division championship certain. I've shirt you know multiple times some in the studio still brought all my orange gear down with me from Baltimore. I'm unaware my name is out of Jersey at some point effort but this is the nature of the business and the and we have this discussion every day down here in terms of Kemba Walker. We're to have this from the sure once once the games start. You know it's it's tough to see these guys go. And it's it's tough to see these guys who who you you brute force a fan. Struggle through losing but this is the nature of the business you have to let those guys go Marie to rebuild because you're not getting anywhere with that player like many was shot it was not. Getting the Orioles division play in a division championships and World Series every year and it's an if that's the case and you have to start over you have to rebuild and have to try again. And even if he went to free agency. It you're really not going to resign while the Orioles are gonna re sign him and you could argue that have been malpractice for an Orioles team that's a disaster right now to spend 300. Plus million dollars on one player he's a transcendent player but hit so many other holes to fill. And and knowing that ownership in and how much money you know how tight they are on the purse strings usually. Even if they were to pony up like like the Marlins stay with John Carlos Stanton. You know this is. This is in the NBA you can't. Win with just 1 player and I am in the NBA you have proven that that not even to be BKL would have done is always a handicap the franchise and it's just wanted to as people would've had resentment for Machado what did you take this much money look we kick. Mean it it. Heck it happens with a football team you cheer for and in Baltimore and that they do that Joseph Flacco all it's not well he took just big contract and how we can't get players to to be around admin and you know he handicapped us it's like well that's. That's the nature of the beast who was pretty cool. Might backgrounds as I mentioned in the passing here. Was a Minor League Baseball. And I was the broadcaster for the fracture key easy affiliate of the Orioles for three years and I had many in 2011. And he was an integral part of a championship run and endless at the sameness is winning anything in and the professional ranks but it is pretty neat and he was. You're watching a nineteen year old sometimes. It you can we mention prospects and the you can go to minor league games you go to Charlotte night games and and Charlotte Nike is a little bit different effecting its AAA. But we are the number one that mu shallowest and normal attendance to you're AAA team in the country. I forget when the reasons why I'm rob Manfred mention Charlotte has possibilities for LB expansion that stadium is beyond gorgeous it is phenomenal and and so many. Minor league towns and mining town center right way to phrase it but towns that have mightily baseball teams. Have done it correctly. Where they have built new state of the art. Downtown. Ballparks. And they thrive. You know for Wayne Indiana has want and people take advantage of them and it's huge for you know that the people go out they they wanna be a part of a beautiful ballpark self. But yeah I was it was called. Apart of that and as we met with prospects I knew him like that guy that one right there yet he's going to be really did not trade hit that guy right there don't. Don't trade him hey it was fun hanging out with you guys this fun interacting with you guys on our building senator tech's linemen thanks to Ryan. Producer extraordinaire. Once again my name is Tim Murray. The mid days we'll carry on tomorrow without me but good news Garcia and Bailey coming up next. And doubles Sweeney head coaching club cynic we'll join them at one minute 55. Once again my name is Tim Murray thanks for tuna and end up. CA folks.