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Tuesday, January 16th

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ESPN college football analyst former NFL linebacker he does everything is on the artists were committed radio and TV Greg Kirk Morrison make into a force on the technical and gets on and I don't incur the wrong in this thread like LA what they did they share Sean McVeigh a big part of it Wade Phillips a big part of it on defense. What they want and just got dudes that anybody could I had going into the offseason and change the coaching scheme. Brought in some new weapons and next thing you know oh yeah the rams are pretty good on offense but anybody could have done some good things that the rams did this past offseason. Yeah absolutely out of the biggest fear they fear what they went out and got eight left tackle and endure what what this started off. They got a reliable left tackle these but they are on. They don't got guys that were exposed to second fit that scheme that didn't. Pretty much you do a little bit of everything in an extract it will soon they like you originally here you got up about. Who have if what I'll be used an Allah they had you know there they never they didn't have it for rob Dick become the jerk off field. So they got caught in the background there I didn't throw everything got a starter. In cocoa cup at wide receiver schools that go wherever they buffet and program but what he record for respect the revolt never did it. He I think group never did he started really Britain Bieber in our history. And a couple of rookie Eric Bachmann played well that they had other states he in Jon Johnston who live there. Or route because well. He and that becomes the starter and intent don't swallow the seventh record becomes their special player and got great and got great. A lot of plates are because Eric Donald was a no show for Chinese careful how Turco about what they all this. A lot of those guys that got out there yeah Alan Ball well got reps early on and really feel about the debt on their roster throughout the that's what you're seeing now you've got when you take quarter actually you do now. You've got to have that yeah Alex and Mikey to the war was like that's what makes him so good this year that they are we started hitting all those were. In just flat out amazing to see and they did this overnight for the most gorgeous rebuilding their program but what about. What they do adults to learn to be able to establish the run game that they put on this year I had an opportunity to beyond Seattle when our. The royals came out and played the Seahawks and they did it their way open for the first three quarters to forty or you know early on getting. Yeah I think I could get it started with scrappy. Allow there to whip work in nearly went out and got a reliable. Older better and John Sullivan a better cool. You know pretty what you gonna probably won't harm got out of practice they're they've put no. Blocking being no. Put that can help our young quarterback. Can tell them hey this is what we're gonna blow a lot restriction of that hey we're right we're gonna why write a good or bad they're going to back. Yes junior golf and extra. That they kept the real quick so wild that were there previously you know apple. Hey I'm more out. They pretty much can be all of why impact in the Creighton thing about it was backed groups started the first fifteen games in all. Okay they did this start Alaska because they kind of ripped starter a little bit but that did basically. They've got guys that understood at a clip that we aren't robotic arm even started. They realize how wanna keep walking up. Scheme wise and that's where I've got like I currently able to find the holes get the chemistry together and move out the office allowed the block. And mixing up the call also help to you couldn't just let Erica you mind if in fact feel he was gonna right tackle right off tackle left. It was about getting a lot of the backfield as well that's what you completely pressure every section of our leader well. Our current Morrison's with a series sex and an authority alias in college football analyst longtime linebacker in the NFL and of course on a range radio network is well I Kirk right now for you. You're watching these playoff games conference championships Sunday coming up the baddest dude on the field. Of any of these fourteen just one guy had a single a one dude who's the baddest dude on the field for for these four teams remaining on Sunday. Jane pair of approach that's still had to do believe it still not sure he's always going to lose his rust. Alexander has their own rules are the only Osama. Kobe who the bad. I think that's the that'd do like out but I think. The most talented guy and I think there are really excited every pitcher to really beat him up because we didn't get a fair but we aren't sure it works you see Google bought him. Taylor ran to take off and how great quarter he has beard ordered early career going up against the change that. And barely standing around in there and play. He had dated who EA he the combination of quarter with Jack and bill. I think it has been their play off the letter by you know how it that yet include jaguar he and I've been all season long so. Also sold a bad dude thought would definitely say that we're watching. In these playoffs but it's good to have the part of sport this is what we won't see this would expect it was going to be. Three quarterbacks that we work. You know considering it should be an upscale well. It just goes to show how much of philosophy and culture. If you have all been working for you it doesn't matter of he's behind in her seat back god absolutely you know what the coach is preaching. I mean he can still find a way to get it done. No we look at these four teams who do you think has the Disneyland commander on the search. Low. That these Jacksonville fought for. I mean when you throw up. I live Campbell who are currently leading in fact what law would mark felt sorry we actually. Typing got way I'm sick I'm actually in the way you know all our hockey outlines change. We're quite all right nick led up actually end up all would expect because so why I. They're the best I mean obviously when you look at Philadelphia they've still got one of the best in the NFL lecture caught breaking Graham don't for I'm not yeah it is well. Chris Long. I just think that's a cool who are political Jacksonville followed by Philadelphia. In big target goal is. Prior to that you throw in the Minnesota Vikings but they're more well all I'll stand up and put seven in a line of scrimmage shot seven. For wearing five more what more receptions on the Minnesota side. That followed by the patriot kind of bringing up the supporting. Spark that the physical blockers. A former NFL linebacker Kurds more since serious ex NFL radio range radio network ESPN college football analyst he doesn't always with us on the tech they come get slut I can hear your voice and let's just address the elephant in the room when Damien already put it out there I can hear what you're seeing right now you. Well I'd Ottawa Ottawa they I don't think it's jaguars where it's the nature where it but the key for me is I want to know how they. All of us see how what Josh big thank you have put it is stacked and build decent. Are arguing drop below like he'd been up by about a month ago. So it can be there are. But what the patriots personnel how they do out there are they don't come in thirteen person article appeared well first up. I'll let him what will be the formation. For the personnel that we really export its jaguar defense because they principles about the outlook for the year. That I wanna see what if the patriots brain to try to frustrate. Think people went out of all in all going to be for me the patriots are used to playing in games like this. I think this is where exactly those shows just a little bit of we're here and all but certain. It's kind of like I got here quite well on farm bureau here quite get all the way that you don't really New York he'd be less yeah. Is there. And I think this is that situation at that moment for Jacksonville where they've been right there rise that there on the biggest stage on Sunday. And all the food name would bear out what oh. Do we belong here and that's why I think the patriot. They handle their business they win situation a game of football copy beware out but that's their. Well again and come out. Look at the arm Jacksonville jarred and you can hear it and learn usually see yesterday's. He's covering what is your ambush when you look at the text field are jaguars are American or do you feel like these are guys that can play all three there was dead you know Jacksonville will get called up. In our turned a shift in our nickel and dime. And all these different personnel groups and they can handle whatever pages girl last year which are stormed through our records. That's the best the difference I think with these guys and I'm gonna look at a guy who got elevated to gotten elevated the global today quad -- there Earl with a separate but here's what we're beyond all that went up. These two great cover linebackers. You know what the patriots it was thought beyond all the latches to vote it would basically on all ball would you like to say or let that happen achievable. That thinks it won't pay the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Tobin Smith or what now Jack what all little guys people. To beat one on one with the Rex Burkhead exchanged by bike you'll sleep. Chain they hold up any dirt at him out of the running game that well we'll commute well what the patriots do in terms of personnel. If they come out that well personnel package that went back to tidy. But of course the jaguar have to keep their base personnel up there yeah that's where you're forced some linebacker I have to cover but also. Be able to have to play the world. But if they have to cover who's gonna copper proper cup the only that it bears church. The economy or your well Jack got to do because I tape it that's one thing that Pittsburgh Steelers have been lacking. Pete Miller retire is a threat the idea that this is going to OK but he wasn't he Miller. They thought that's where the big test that's what he's talking about being at this chess match that I'm looking forward so that. I'm watching how the patriots attacked the linebacker Jack well. Nobody works harder than mr. Kirk Morrison he knows his ball to former NFL linebacker ESPN college football analyst Sirius XM NFL radio rams radio analyst as well and how we appreciate him making time always always great to talk to occur seriously thanks for making time for us. Thank you got a couple go there I sorted out yup well.