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Friday, April 13th

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All right this guy's kind of a big deal because he was mr. Alabama in the state of staying in the state of Alabama mr. football in the state of Alabama Andy lettuce. High school team to three state. Championships and then he goes on Auburn has great career he's beaten. Alabama left in Rite Aid in done now is coming down the NFL draft and Serena detect become guess like Jamar Nesbit Chris Kroger we're gonna while command Auburn running back we'll duel with a war eagle carry on Johnson when this Kara good to talk demand you've been. Under Urquhart I'm dole well I love reading these drafts we don't like scouting reports of people put on the Internet in. A money NFL's website right now OK and so it's got like overview strengths weaknesses. And it's got all these bullet points in some of the ways that people describe the the skills in the attributes. For players is really funny to me isn't funny for US player the way to people talk about the things you do on a football fielder's it is it just wanted us outsiders. Yeah I think it's fun it hurt her whenever they bring out what we do that's been a while people still aren't one. To let them at remote very clear that we know. And they are to put it down at the surely there are invited yet he well what they say that Bo I think a player there are a lot of our. That kind of probably dollar are part of their people and delete it where it could each article to complement the bottom that the auto Warren may be Tutan not ridiculous. Like on their read she won a weakness okay carry on Johnson's with us by the way this island and what this means to Al we understand what this means you won't put his weakness are now -- into the strikes just the strikes are funny to me about this what does this even mean carry on it's this is from it says. Yardage doesn't come easily. Well what does that mean. I guess I don't know what do you that would lead you there. Are. That's all I don't know if that's kind of football right yardages is supposed to come easily found caring and work three yards and I just didn't teach you your grinder that just drank diet you're young you know I mean CR we flipped it. You work for your York. So then that's the way to flip yeah that is just. Ask. That's a new one we yardage doesn't come easily really that's up month may be the last time did you see if you could actually carry on Johnson's what is running back coming out Auburn by Andy's with this right now on the technique I'm guessing I'd love this woman runs with juice. But symbolism mean Iran would Jews carry on CU when it when somebody says you run we Jews would say Jewish or run away. I hope we gonna look yeah I'm hoping it is a home. After Beijing native new Yorker or are actually horsepower our legacy and our broken or keyboard into created an and when they have been causes. We gotta be careful nowadays than you know would Jews could mean. And we hate to adapt to start their room. We're hurt her here now we need to we we missile that right now all right we got cherry on Johnson who is coming out are brought on the benefit any NFL draft at Auburn and you talk about the ID raining. SEC offensive player of the year and you know I'm I'm reading. I'm reading here from Dana Jeremiah and dare I trust and you Kazaa a would have black to state Daniel put quarterback there's such as makes him a Smart guy and Daniel says or he sooner or what. Or then that's the only answer didn't look at Daley says about you carry on he says your first round talent do you feel that way like hey man I don't know where I go but I know one of the best Jackson distressed class. Oh yeah definitely. Farmers who burner are expert at first back there and hurt Guerrero. We tell me about it. That but like let's say not how let say we need to play and play out. Damon game now for the past these pardons or this political border that they look at our. We're debate here that we're not they're restore. He sure. Well you had it obviously such an incredible game in the Iron Bowl you you had such an incredible career and Auburn. You you were recruited by both correct Ab Alabama and Auburn both came Matty came after why not you were mr. football. In the state of Alabama the both schools came hot and heavy for you in high school correct. Yet they so what led to what led Auburn had it daddy daddy does the Gus bus. Land land you in on the planes what happened there as opposed to going to Tuscaloosa which check cleared first and what we're trying to stop it. I definitely have to ask you to. The their little on alternate law opponent. Our team and although the played more our market didn't do is improve our. Another boom and the current all of our oil from Barbara Cook there from the burner and learn from him. The fans and bring it right there and it is critical America criminal more more visits here. In it is great and I knew right away or not right away from what I do what I want to go out and he left it Adam Dunn ordered. It worked out and I haven't thought about it. Witten when did you what ways of growing up where you were you and Robert Fenner and Alabama fixed got to pick outside the state. Not a hundred forests. And I don't know won't bore the governor and the apparently is governor Arnold prepared grower not a armed war so popular they don't want it to those two are definitely. Now mall or remove the. So are saying gimbal Fisher. You saint Jumbo Fisher didn't recruit you get what happened there what are you gonna official. I mean I would say I was talking to. He how to promote Smart commitment that it. And then can't hurt immunity from my city in. Never promoted soon couldn't. Believe me. How bad would you love to play them in your in your college career how badly did you reopen its it was gonna wind up in a bowl game or something you play them. Well I would love to aren't really written I'm out. A lot of the players are intact and bring it out of there. Cameroon then the game. The relegation meet personally circle and looked at. There. What what to I carry on Johnson's win this again by the way Auburn running back coming out the NFL draft he's with this right now. On the technique on guess it was a bad man on the football field rating SEC offensive player of the year what what drives carry on Johnson what motivates you. Sort of on the Obama play the sport. Numbers go out there player or ten minutes and they're so well. Kate is going to be a bit for the fellowship in medical. Is that money you know I want to go out there ought to do it all. Can't put this sport scared can't put it have got to go out there that do give it a 110% or close it out. There are kind of a carton sort of got their players are much and it. Beat the best that I can be read and that's. I look frame are pro bowler you know so that there are no longer than it that there are indicative apparently. Oh cool so now let me ask you this question what is the worst thing that you do on the field but if you had to say you know it. This in what I got to fix in order to make myself go on of a true professional or so one thing that you know right now that you need to fix. I didn't evaporate more evolved. I think they'll be about that you want them out either. So we order it doesn't fit your runner Lipitor there. The bacteria Johnson's what does Auburn running back coming out the NFL draftees with a stride now. On the technique I'm guess on the reigning SEC offensive players here can you forget your Twitter handle. There's no way I could do and other than spelling it out which are Twitter handle carry on does it's kind of crazy what's your Twitter it'll mean. It is a you know you don't vote here there. The key you know can can and I moved around here is Erika Miller currently there don't or. A Euro and there are there to sort her back pin recruitment and her Motorola crew to make their. No America. Kind of accept whatever they're having failed to meet turn itself. Have you I don't know if you if you Auburn obviously does have so many great running backs have come through over the years and you guys have. It's at and that's one of those programs in one of those schools at that position every college programs can adopt I think Penn State Miami people think and as linebacker U. US seeking going to be quarterback you. I think of Auburn and I think of all the great lineage of running backs and gone through there over the years you're you're the latest you guys you guys if you get guidance from some of those former running accidents are we got one here in Charlotte and chairman artist paint did you guys. In Iraq would each other you gotten any words of wisdom from those guys. Well I'm not out just talk don't resemble recorder grant Perry and Barbara. Are the more reaching. Yeah. True right around. Probably among the early. That didn't work program director who apparently are drugs you don't. Are these certainly are about or third month jail armed car the cattle are couples currently ignorant. Are very good natured. It glacier cover your acknowledgment are. I know I doubt the busiest European phenomenon but what I clinic there early you're they're. I look forward to the character and it currently running backs it like that our secure apparently did the color that are currently. Well perverts and now you played on in Gaza miles are now comparing his system to what you might face here in the league. What do you think they're learning curve ball look like for you do you think you gonna have a leg up because of the complexity that Gus is known to run or you think is something that you won't have to. Star study real hard commentary. Did on the same page as everybody else. I'm walking up by the that he is innocent it's only. People we are not order a little you've ever heard of not gonna. You are not a clear more ordered from the political also a candidate there those workmen at. Our that I found that comic is Susan good footballers. Even if a government along quite cause you look cynical more acute terror in our market barely carpenter could power about their heroes. He's gonna become a critical work harder play caller who is wonderful and Archie paragraph for Cheney and duplicate. Well I'll update obviously he obviously had a stroke can't it be appropriate but I have lacquer. I don't look I don't picket is that it is. All right and I carry a couple more things or it will cut you loose here and a second have you public what's been your interaction with the Panthers throughout the so process. Public republic sounds that come aren't. You know this move will be meeting that we have here. Are there ever heard quite a program. But I artist. Do you runners due to disarm and Turkoglu left a week it is just there are yeah. Beat you heard everybody's so yup supplement our Monica enters. Have you allowed yourself to put your mind in a spot where you could think of carry on Johnson. And Cameron art stained and some guy named Kim general Newton one of the greatest football players and Auburn history are you allowed yourself to think about that being a possibility here you don't wanna talk about that. Odom and me if I was of the boot it at the so we did our he just set it about a foot beat. You know sort of those two guys armed guys who have earned in the system you. Performed and exceeded expectations on our behalf either you know to go there and so on. Amman nets did not offer a marketing manager he really you're just listen a couple of cheap pizza you know. Appear Curtis poppy really excited you know there's been a lot of our players that are appear on that rather well. And I could look forward to convict him and and repair the. All right Kara we're gonna we're not let you go with this we I got a good drive from you Karen I'm enjoyed talking to you but we've we use this question a candy brutal honesty 100% honesty here okay no line. Our our air replica on carry on Johnson's with a sovereign running back SEC offensive player of the year coming on the NFL draft this question is something we use around our radio show as just a real barometer. Engage on who somebody is at their core they good human being are they a bad human being what they all about what they stand for OK are you god fearing you'll pay. Look at us and so are you would you like buffalo wings carry on. What purpose okay do you traditional or boneless said he feel about that. There's an order from might yield your after a great start. That there are flat sir or or drums what do you like. All of our armed girder Apatow or Durham a catch my man I like him extra crispy like kind of out of double fry you like him that way. Ariel are soon. Okay media your ire on the same wave like you're so we'll see where this is the ultimate question carry on Johnson. Do you prefer if you were dipping your top buffalo wings do you prefer rancher blue cheese. Brandt who. Told you know I have no pagan here I Eric Eric Eric Eric you lose your error. Appropriate what's what's what's going on there comes on team blew cheese I think that's the problem right what's happened in the army ordered it went where it groups. He's a ASEAN is molds for its in penicillin. Ali better. Be good but it's like regular you'll wind person carryover drink wine as like obese is our hearing you know if you go like with a shark coterie board with a great wine you gotta have a pairing there there's a there's a there's a a Pallet thing going on with your with your taste buds sound spelled I think this. Feel like it or not. Round of applause from carry on Johnson for choosing ranch they carry on seriously man it's a pleasure to talk do you ice good fun watching you tear up the SEC the last years and best of luck in the NFL knows relatable thanks for making time for so connect. Corporate recruiter might be good they go carry on Johnson he's on Twitter a EO TG OK YE EY ago. KE jail OK just like it sounds. A yield key jokes you wanna follow him.