Kemba Walker Joins Primetime

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Tuesday, February 13th

Hornets Point Guard Kemba Walker sits down with Chris Kroeger to talk about going to another all-star game, always having his mom at courtside, Malik Monk, and what the Hornets need to do to make a playoff push.


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Are reported to get rated close out the first half of the season are the first half almost three quarters of the way done and get 26 games ago 25 will be after the all star break and this has gonna have to pick your spots to try and arrest these these go back to the all star game for the second straight year Campbell Walker's with a Kevin you doing man I'm good merry go. I'm on the wealth to take us back to last Thursday right it's always. Kind of a weird day at the trade deadline it's moved up a little bit. Obviously we've been talking for few weeks and you know you you just never know all right I mean it's just that it's a business that's the NBA so. Factory 3 o'clock comes and goes and then you also get some welcome news few hours later so Thursday had to be a wild day for you. Bill that pretty inches. Day. Obviously with this should guns be over. But then we'll go from when that. Falls blown and to me it wasn't great news knows what it's also a game or replacement. Just awful thing to switch for us. You know pretty pretty cool thing I mean. Not cool that he he he he knew was injured of course might be we always keep you are. What. They're will be named. Place I know you're kind of a I could sense you're just kind of like you know it's great it's a nice accomplishment and also as the reserves Bob put. You know coach was saying last week you know would you circuit to molten ball star appearances what that says about a player. And he said given your rage Judas is your seven for you in the NBA elect. You put yourself on a different trajectory like that that's an elite class when you start talking a molten balls are appearances for players that sunk in for you were known to. I don't think so and I yet. Still so I figured all and yeah I mean. The I'll always have days where I think about stuff like that over. Even just getting an MBA. Is such as. Most special thing for me and I just never thought I would I would be here. Let alone these 57 is now. When you guys. Know me in the face of friends you know when the guys that out of business Santos or me. So we'll saws on the as is this is where this room. But the really great feeling. No loud and proud of me and well from it in the Bronx it from me. Nothing on the whole city's much offense with a host in my bag. But this this critical. To take us back to your days in a race high school and you you place a high level high school that's on the that's the Mecca of high school basketball basketball in general New York City. He said he didn't think he'd be here what what were you think can honestly Becton junior year senior high school we knew what we think in life ahead for Kemba Walker is gonna look like. Harvard. Thought this fall yet I don't know I mean. I just a good day by day and just played notes for the on the of the game so much in the just played. Though this game is from so far this is just I mean Jesse different places and I mean chances when a school for free. You know gave the chances. It's this level it didn't take him a family. So. I don't know I don't know that though would be. Always seem to know being here at work. You though is. It's tough to jail and yes. And I'm not that everyone that we will makes. Don't need to be one but kids as. No make you think you just. It's it's pretty unbelievable. Come here and no I'm not December 2 time all star which is which is really really really creates new office tell me anything completed. It has as its trade. Friends of the vets that literally a couple of walker orders point guard were getting ready for all star weekend get a final game on Wednesday against the magic gonna take a few days off welcome back funneled 25 games. She stated. People blown up the phone right you got a lot of support. Nobody's bigger fan of mama walker so what oil among walker say when she found out you go back to the all star game. She told me to leave. Two to give her my own. My credit cause nausea stuff. She's on the loose out indexes. Fifth let's go bowling mom oh yeah that's definitely that's definitely the shoes she was really excited of course. No she was proud and so she's she's looking forward to it. And again LA's join that's how much do you love that defected cheese behind the bench every game that's special man not everybody has that. Has there relationship with their with their parents and especially with the moment she's here every single game she's the biggest fan in the building feeling regale us. Questions each and execution and she loved to chase. No she gets Padilla says he tells him what to. Don't share. A truck that's this is not college and here she she thinks he meant how's that this is still nowhere everyone's just chairing no. Is this is different so. His mom got in trouble you with you with the rest says that become a thing yet or no she did about over the head he has too much narcotics without. On the everybody else here is of course those who do. I know she's a big crazy. Things and did she just enjoys herself and they know us. That's how it's she gives you know it's really. Been just as she loves sports games she loves him and on points. This isn't she he's been. Numbness finally a couple walker with a target for humor most are let go get referrals or we can is go back for the second straight year. You've talked about where your game is always talked about this a lot right you've gone from seven wins to forty wins a few years you try to get that this team back to that spot would. Killing two years ago three years ago you were shooting 30%. From three you were shooting 38% from the field. Like that's I mean you know like that's the wild where you're at right now we want eight guys in the NBA. Who were shooting what you shoot scoring points assists rebounds and in shooting what you're shooting from three. And the other guys like LeBron. It's death James Harden I mean you put yourself into into an elite class in the NBA. And you don't and in a in a pretty quick time so had I mean how does that happen what do what do which changed. Oh Bruce. He's headed Bruce and we'll just some confidence as well and I mean. The thing that. Did anybody anywhere is all weren't on. What were armed and invest. That's really all I can say I mean I'm always in the gym. And Summers on upon them all work to get better. Much is a lovely day shift of the game and you know before Augusta. In god never really never really cared about supercenters they're like that when you know. Numbers that is a select as big an MBA is on the way had to know how to get more efficient so this man knows a just. So but the word and just put the word today no Thelma spots. Learn how to get my shots all know fast. Though the bigger defenders and knowledge that I had to be crafty and things of that nature so no so much when instantly. Loving that does become the. Was there ever a moment where you like had a conversation with terrorists with cliff for coach price at that time or a coach Kurt quite early to talk nowhere though like. And then you change he sings or game you're changing your game like what. Or he tell me those gates only though. The last few months three ball better. Lisa just so people can keep going on this it's only once and it lets mostly to people consistently that. Not deal also. And he was right just really tough you know guys have gone. And the degree. Just because I think. Don't score from anywhere else on the court so. Him I mean that's. Definitely was a day changes and making being that they had to eat no more consistent. Normally go here a moment a couple of things when guys are talking about you've been in the shoes holy month help how much do you talk to bully about stuff like that he sees. He he I mean he is he's kind of like you when he came he's got some. Physically he's got to change is body's gonna change his game he's got to develop how much she talked him about that of these. Excessive. He put his world which is stolen you. He's going is this a process. Is a process and most everything takes you know as long as the state level. It's we're. Great things are confident kid I mean he's super talented he's nineteen years old politics when you want when I came he's nineteen and I mean. He has so much time here he's he's going to be he's just graze he's gonna do you statements are. We're lady go this year going to be busy and I mean that these are easier to get some rest like him in a plane next week fiscally Campbell it. You know you have 25 games after this all star break right now you're ten games under 500 going into Wednesday. I mean you know who did this is going to be tough but did the schedules their for you guys too so. You guys speak about that Blake what's said in the lock from amongst you guys and what what needs to happen to make disloyal for. Downwind. Listen got locked in gently cleanse them. Gilad since we got to gambling game if you he wouldn't make posted typical ugly from his nom was talking and he says he knows in front of us and I mean granted this that we had the easiest schedule left and then gave bush. And have you won those. This professional basketball. All the teams are good because of their record and we can lose anybody anybody can win on any given night so. We haven't thought there are getting give everything he does because we've all of them and of course is never die and try to rack up these wins his last from six games. Partly go this authority saw this Andrei. David West I think tray model point in the in the huddle for the warriors last night coaching. For the warriors they're drawn up plays and agree sport where the us that happens real boost who's going to be the guy in the huddle coach cliff turns over the grease supporters get whose calm place. I gotta you gotta Obama draw some more for myself the extent of that withdrawal hand off. The that we had gulf. That's legs in those vast Gulf Coast town okay so I still remember those plays. So I'm humbled them. Those Jumbo I know it's been a crazy few weeks I speak for a lot of Charlotte T is we're glad you're still here man and who individually all star break look at things that we should do.