Kelsey Riggs On Kroeger In The Midday

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Wednesday, May 23rd

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Before they are now that brought to the typical I'm just gonna go down to Atlanta. Let's get W scenes she's on the lovely Chelsea real joy and attributed to an conga line here at mid days all done differently. Josie good morning. God modern and Harry I and I am doing well they'll let that afternoon or being at an up early at art and. Yeah and let's all you all. On site are you in margin at the women hotel right now do you have over here shortly. A year Dahlia I bet that right on it I they eat. Meeting this morning are a great writer there it is now back in an ally here. A critical what we won't hold you won't work of wanna make sure I'm real big on information coming from the room. And although obviously the media not privy to. Direct contact insider Rome you know people whispering in the mayor's activity around the hole to Bill Self kind of walk us through your feelings and the reactions wants. David temple was announced unanimously as the owner of the Carolina Graham just a bit. You aren't buying act Eric Barton went Earth Day where did not that you especially I think it's if you're currently at a lot. I think element of people early or edit the current. I think our our owner about. Don't you order it by. That was kind of that feeling that we had yesterday it well. That eating. Out any document at bringing data that are out. Or get a Graham are based out at you it. I don't know you but can it be that David pepper it on a day. I get into their corporate paid a teacher editor such. You're like you're well area I hit a lot of people around an. 88888. He really. For Eddie and I are all I. Been with the dealers are white and I am a bit earlier in court they are in here on a couple of wait a little while officially unity make a quart EHH. That we officially idol. And our ally but not eat that's it or other are well. I'm also intrigued by what she didn't say we're there are some things that surprised you that he didn't address even when obviously to sensitive nature of the transfer of ownership power did you where she elusive for invasive in anything that you thought he might address for law. To be on he had more than I was expecting. What are you eat that way. You've got art of Arctic where they it it's a filing. That it. I tell without actually hearing. Year while secretly they think I'd truthfully not Annika and they. They want black and they are correct them right back out and buy it didn't know. And they're happy lot but I did pretty well it or not I don't. Personally you had more I thought you're gonna say by. Obviously they're still a question like that that out about Turkey what it in the Carolina Panthers. Along Ireland like our it. On what they liked about the day in yet they are. And it rightly pat. Go to ticket. I keep at it I hit it eight yacht that. Beer well Kurt LL in his in this picture that this is another act on it it is. I don't think they are practiced it and it doesn't like that but I at the Alley. Yeah I. Think out of not like it got out idiot or write it. Am. I. And I know you don't. And he felt like Alley but it it it out it is an eighty. I thought he had a lot of that eating out. He's been there or not like it better. State during the afternoon that they are. That's the horse of Josie rigs WC and C sports reporter and a local national joint and as a unit to become give slide middays on WF Lindsay. This is the question that I got a ton yesterday and I found an interest and I think our pro football talk can. A blurb about it and I wanna see was there anything you were able to pick up their photographs. Jerry Richardson being in Atlanta saw him in good DOC cans but it sounds almost like a camera closer. What you heard what exactly app that that we did not via we ought to go anchor out while they're at it here. You're pumping out it ain't back or not automatic you look at some of it guilt or the year are actually thanked them. Okay is a guy that brought the spot Carolina. They. And quit at that I'll be very quietly about patents are all done here a lot of what our. And at bat that he you're about what. With owner that while it's early in Everett on the edit it or and that you're at. Thank owners or skirts tightly and that it apparently out. Debuted at indoor. And not. That. Ryder Obama get Johnny on this and Kelsey reason given their resiliency. And it's none of a thumbs up thumbs down or. Are you OK I know there was some trepidation from the folks are locally about the hiring or the come. Announcement of a new owner. Has do you think David tepper has put everyone at ease as much as he can't or did you leave some meat on the bone. Question a lot of people a lot of handle an eloquent speaker at it Arctic that airline had that they are her. I. I packed app you or I eat each. Oprah eating at the point we've. I hate you in a lot and air that are you. You know they expect that all it out of people and so big that it'll eat. Different I think that he's back at it and it gets it at beaches catch it make. It not to let that a team but it. The community that Eleanor that we talk to beat that you aren't. They. Are. There. I it. Out active for perspective entity like the future generation of art that great. A bit is it like I it is eight at what he. About an accident a week. That their children account if you wanna. Joseph we appreciate it fantastic stuff I'm sure you have ton more coming out to if you're what I read and believe is true W some more activity going on there too little too this afternoon. We'll be following you on Twitter at Chelsea re eggs with two GE's Chelsea at kills agreed to WC NC would appreciate you join us this morning. And how to act it.