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Wednesday, July 11th

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Is we bring in Katie for all the Charlotte Observer business reporter. Good morning Kate I'd rather have a beer with Cheney brought that. It thank you that the huge compliment. The last time I saw Katie we were down in lancet the Whitley hotel and we were all our legs were getting tired as we were standing in the hotel lobby waiting for owner. After owner to come in first to get a glimpse of how I'm glad you survived all that Katie. Get out of that thousand fund today development. It was interesting but that's it but you are mentioned Ryan I said I wanted to get you on BK is. You know from day wine you were charged at the observer to you know. Let's find out who the new owner is going to be for the Carolina Panthers and it kind of seems to me from reading your stuff in the teal leaves from from cutting let's de wine. It kind of appeared this was David tempers team to lose from day one wasn't it. Now a backpack okay. It was kind of murky in the early days and I feel like we kind of reported these mean we've. If you are Collie. Early on me I eat a lot to worry about and the borrow. We have that we can Torre about. Michael rebate on one random Sunday. That we need to do ambulance story about peppered for Kabila. It was just like one unit aimed at the heart flooding out and that we we did in poking around in be kind created in minutes in one story about it was about. Minority owners there Richard can cashing and afterward are getting bidding war on Saturday as Torre let. But the point is that one. Stand on Torrey because it was certainly and one more game also the sort of our facts despite random billionaire. And part of the Steelers. You know has no Charlotte connections. Ito didn't exactly they reap any lack effort that that he of course. You know is the richest of all that guys do and it up putting in and it's so you know at that did that day his. It is mad and it hit that. He approaches his final day ended up being I am what eventually won so I think they're at and their athletic and at the and that the sort that I'm not. And that carried out details but I do you know it it wasn't exactly. It was exactly sure thing from the get counts that. Caper alt a business reporter Charlotte Observer joining us on the tech become gas line so we moved to Jim yesterday. David tepper is introductory news conference and we've kind of beat the statue thing to death already so. I wanna get your take on what what was your overall take away. From David tempers news conference you know we were on the air here yesterday I said you know hey this is you know a new era folk should be excited. Did you come away from that feeling. As a I know reporter unlike a sports guys a did you feel satisfied with tempers statements. A pretty much from a to B eight easy. Yeah I'd that he is much more frank and bury it played quite honestly I mean. Jerry Richards and had get given a press conference and that years ago even happened. One where new water cannot talk about it and you know. Development. New pact sealed different events that make America stadium and a lack. You know it change the culture. Out and there's a lot like DL then I would've expected though. You know from a purely news and community standpoint it's huge to have that. Transparency and it seemed like EPL. They do want to continue that dialogue which is really I don't think that means that. Yeah I don't think that means I'll leave tweeting all the time that are not now necessarily like. You know how to press conference every week. At some point in the news it is and it certainly. Appreciate it parent. And I am that this mr. Parker you like there's there's lots and packed in terms of what he has and entered its redevelopment he's focused a lot on the inkling he. How that. I'd happily and EU and had a and you definitely done line I think it's going to be really interesting conversation. From a political standpoint you know I know that it actually have to. Turn to that city county and state for help online building new facilities and I think it's an interesting to see how our relationship about it. To April the way this on the to become guess idea Katie. What to expect from David tepper this is guy has visit just around the country obviously he is not from here. Do you think you'll see a lot of him press conference or not or will he kind of be in and out. Michael Jordan. You know he'd he'd made it clear they. Plain and Q that was some sort of residency here I don't think battle its all time home he has. How the ball over at the rest as you can imagine but you know he plans to be part of the community. Her shirt and he you know everywhere he's. You know planted his flag whether it hurt. New Jersey Miami he and that. Spending a lie on you know different Philanthropic in diapers. You know I think he. After remember what her awful by one of the more recent hurricane. In Miami he he donated millions. It Puerto Rico in the city of Miami come into. Aid and that threat Ang. He'd donate a lot at schools they injured the I think that from accurately on topic in point Charlie. Probably at that seeking a lot from installations well with David tepper. You know beyond that. I mean weird he had his headquarters attached by apple is that. He. He has the house IA a few blocks from where he'd like to where he's been like. You know that's that overkill in terms that the billionaire next door immediately get kind of normal guy who happens be worthwhile and Billy hollers. You know not at usher will be biking to work out at Charlotte by it it sounds like he'd and have a big ears. I'm seeing David tepper on lyme scooter. With her with a shirt buttoned down a little on but the couple buzzer to yeah depression you were here in Atlanta as well we we joked about this yesterday of that. Roger Goodell standing over shall we kind of felt like tepper could've stayed I wouldn't talk longer in Atlanta. Almost felt that way yesterday people were telling us after the press covers they could've they could've gone another half hour David separate again they were left wanting more. He really seems like he's got no problem answering questions he's. You know he's he's go he's flip and a little bit and he you know he's honesty is you said he's transparent I mean it this can be fun. Yeah like exactly like. We need that it can be big brown and apparently used purse and in play it off and he's not polyps it's great state he's willing to account at. How to you know just just preamble per day panic all up and its intent that you might not expected and mean. Say it every inning he had to end on how hot question I think that predetermined you know they they they set the heart stop you know lap and but the last question ended up being that they like it is it was one that left everybody. Wanting more I've been in on time that that as well owners' meetings like. Eat out that was the Erie strip if you have the other owners like being Idearc did not elaborate lies like it was clear that he had lately. Three questions to answer something like that so. Yeah I think it completely on and it's it's great to see them you know separately separate eating in Iraq for anti and then. He now at Carnegie melon I meant it get any case he he would be sickly like joked about going out notes which I'm sure would try to hear people need to. It is aimed at its quartet. It like I think it will be on. Few more minutes of caper also from the Charlotte Observer on our tech a come guests lined. Katie switching gears a little bit on Monday you I don't wanna call it a bombshell but it's a big story for Charlotte especially if you've been in Charlotte for a long time. You know the value of the CI double A tournament to this town especially economically. As well as historically. And it's eight appears now that the CI double layer after 2020. Is going to move. To another city they're gonna put out bids if I remember reading you correctly you story correctly. And it really does doesn't have anything to do with the city or do they simply want to put a different you know just get some other cities since other schools involved with the tournament. You know degree question because. There could be an argument made for. For both the questions I think I'm. Me AP one you know quote unquote reevaluate their relationship with Charlotte and and you know kind of be let out out there. Fade that year for thirteen years now and every year it's Charlotte Charlotte ticket event you know by total economic impact that it is and huge for Charlotte. Damon is there headquarters here in 2014. I believe. And and Charlotte also increased its annual amount that it. Gave back to the turn it. You don't maybe. Maybe this time they're electing the bullet that other big east they get more from another market. Over that time. Also at the port at that the C technically at ground I mean they are in the Carolinas but I think they. Yet they expect that really pampering and Maryland and stuff out and I can't beat that they want. Extend their geographic reach. You know it's a pattern means to be seen it yet that bell and I'm here is that. Day attendance and ticket numbers out and you know softer ears without demanded that doctor. You know maybe eight maybe it is a fresh start. You know pumps some new energy into that conference and see how they can you and other and other market and that glacier how long and you contract would be at the start and 20/20 that are I think it's two point one. By you know eight and that chart short maybe they're just and I had a catastrophe that that could be. A possibility it back on Charlotte could still its board internment they just haven't made up their mind yet about. Whether it was I think we will oh and you know are under early September whether or not that's something that does any points there. Katie really appreciate your time is always we enjoy your updated business. Writings if you absolutely you've got better hair than Stamberg person to do with that. I'll add that that they get out on mad. As ever noticed as we we we does is he likes it. Expect I think because he lacks it certainly noted that other people. Thank.