Kansas State CB DJ Reed on Overtime

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Friday, February 16th

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Welcome back to prime time here on WFNC in Charlotte I am Ryan shell. We've been doing this with a couple guys are the sole pro without this out throughout this whole offseason the Panthers don't have a GM at this at this point but that doesn't mean that we can't talk but the draft in the upcoming moves through for the Carolina Panthers. We're gonna go out to detect the com gas line talked to a guy. The tell you what the campus probably to corner and this is a guy that maybe could be a call here four Carolina you know and at some point through this draft we're gonna go to detect come guests lining go out to. Our welcome in DJ re quarterback from Kansas State DJ how real. A good. I. Good I'm good a pleasure to talk Tia. You know what's what's this you know houses draft process for you know what you learned so far house think how to have how have things gone for you so far. Here at the draft process you know so far there are have been trading in an art California stars. And so our revised charter just a little processes you know Israeli human virtues note. A politician you know between you know any other you know quarter prospect or whomever. Wrote notes. You version everyday life you're given better today than personal so you know mentally physically. You know it really I don't know what you think what is really you know. About what you wanna do so. What is thought process. Talking to DJ read out here on Maytag com yes on your prime time on WO frenzy. I DJ what is you know wintertime I can't say I know I you know you kind of moved around the had a good did you garrote and then eventually find your way to you know to Kansas State the what did you enjoy the most for your time there. Well public. Obviously watching no. Though all the guys you know what it's. Or. I know a lot of bases exit. So. What lies only. For. You know I thought I'd like. Great quote Seau. But teammates meeting new people who also. You know my first side it was built lets you know. Well very little to do just you know you. You put is definitely a better way. And I think we'll always do that a us citizen what did you say now that it's. Then it's whether that's been edition though every it was. Very fortunate. And I. We all like there is really thought out. School. That is a voice did theory here on the on non primetime on W on W a frenzy here in Charlotte. I was actually my next question for you DJC going to be me too that you know won't or was it like playing her Bill Snyder but here's the thing the what's. What was your I need a bill Schneider's story like what's what's the you know what something that he kind of he's kind of he's one of those. He's an institution like he's an institution college football and you love in the he's the only coach in college full let's playing in a stadium is named after rom. Like I I need a bill Snyder's story like what's what's your favor interaction her because of the funniest thing you know interaction you had with coach during your time there. Follow art of record by virtue of their own fault here. They had everything I mean everything. Order. She saw that this won't go. A little folk they're blocking. Oh yeah and everything. If you I didn't get up there it was by tradition. That's focus LA coach Michael. And you and you break I mean I need to do water break. Avatar. Codes and go. Out there to vomit bag which you know there's no audit performed better you know six. You know one of the principal unit in the buy side. Evokes. A lot of guys do which is going to go. Your budget. They're so this is your budget to adopt in W. But having said that that's that's certain is that our. Nobody there and expect. You know is that everything will be let out sample questions. I've got that set up sushi abrasive although. What you do it. So cassava that's the voice of these series hero primetime on W opens a you know based upon that you know you mention the fact the role of feel you played corner you know you didn't touch your return part return all I can stuff. You're with all with all that kind of in your back pocket woody feel like you could offer team at the at the next level. Not like offered in a lot out of this place order not to play outside. Where no question about. Though I didn't salad they're athletic with great state need. Also quite a bit of its sales Arctic if you outside. A play inside as well the appropriate. Recoverability. Are being very versatile and that's there's an optical quote well. Are such things you know you know. You know what century which all but forced to utilize well you they double. Talk. Did you series here on WO frenzy you know. Yeah you how do you feel like your skills as a kick return you know he mentioned how do you feel like that that helps address start. Note that's you know improve a little bit just because. You know it's very. Boy do the better. And so we've been all the steps the level. Ought to back let's see here the kids stay in. This year don't give opportunity to do they keep the senate vote saying duties. Not the rebels. So. A spot like that we all know about it. Hopefully some other you know. What's more enjoyable. Taking a kickback on on apart her kick return or getting an interception taking aback for a touchdown. Six is. A figure that the answer yeah. Yeah pop up to six of affected sites against all of by sophomore year. Six. You have that you mention the fact you pick off pat Holmes who's who right now as a starting quarterback for the McKinsey she's a mean yeah you play in the big twelve. You play with a bunch of these high powered offenses in the you know these guys of Arab it is like that it's been quarterback and you and in terms of the conference. Yeah how did that challenge to play a plane as quarterbacks every ski you ready for this next sound when you're when you're going in the NFL. Like the big twelve you know really suitable business for our receivers and quarterbacks I'm going to be faithful. And I got to watch they'll really. Don't get exposed there's nobody that. And obviously there's lots. So what Russert Bob if you don't. Government watch Elvin socialization do recognize. What effect being given the age of an advantage in our at a disadvantage I already think. So I would say. Although I know it's all. Are possible. At our Nolan. You know what I got to do the garden major fires. You know I talked in Washington couple weeks ago and there's there's a bunch a wide receivers in this conference as well who's the most who's the most good mystical white receive the one up against college. 00 yeah oh. Based agency of the Bard's single out somebody. You know very under the radar because this is the opposite gene that was decades they've put. Yes very big experience like little ancient order and they're. Good property. So like audit is in fact it maybe you ought war. Certain quote book because on the Oklahoma Texas successor. They showed its well. Not go. What you don't say. It was a. Talking to did you read here in primetime on WF and CIA actually when asked about two quarterbacks you know one of them obviously you know is is being is. You have obviously has a lot of attention arm but from a national perspective but also guy you were here in Charlotte Mason Rudolph well I was quarterback over Oklahoma State news a local kid for us here. On the what did you see when when UN begins Mason value in those and has doubts he had against Oklahoma State. Yeah I play against Oklahoma State 46 edit they get commission is what they're. Saying oh. I read our jobs and especially that it was in there. This from the beginning of the game that spiritual outlook not expected back for the but the on the first but it is good. I let you know that she. It is the thank you very accurate so that it affects our our public office here without shelter. You know in the right place but it didn't play that ball. The very spot. So. Thank you so. Far yeah plus it's both sides if this quarter but I. Oh. Yeah but yeah guys you is accurate. Well believe markets send them. These series here on primetime on W up and see and then obviously that other quarterback. That you know ever won in in through this draft process and talk about is that as the guy who Oklahoman baker mayfield. You know it you know everyone's going to be criticizing him for the next couple months about you know just the way he carries himself on and off the field his competitor all that kind of stuff and and and you know you're ready yet guys are going to be evaluating you over the next so must be Rossi because gonna get questions about about you know a guy he went against the maker mayfield. Nor was your kind of opinion of baker during air during your battles over the years in the big twelve. Baker or edit or it is I mean. If some brought against them they're like you note certain god it's a bit it's something different about it big is that that characteristic oh. Very competitive. Can't get the garbage can but let's put it back up states this. Oh my god so she went to pieces that you didn't play. That some thought to stave off they predicted it. Talking to us talk and did you read your prime time on WF Lindsay here in Charlotte have gone back to you DJ. You know what you have obviously you you're you're leaving her after junior year in and you know and kind of doing some research to hear about John I know we O'Connell watt you know I've looked in your decision as to why nearly Mattel Telus is out there. You're kind of why you're signing two to go to next level. I just felt that it are almost all that much so about Israel's war in other. Was played through years of opportunities in me. So obviously. We'll give. Our state budget C. An awful lot of great sophomore season that I felt that. No I did everything I won't say. It's such it's much. Oh who is definitely. Well or provide some offset. I just said this is the best all to do. You know wit with your with your journey RO BO for for guys that don't know out there you know eating getting any college offers come high school yet to walk on Fresno state Kenyans go back did you go out all. You know you know did you ever you know in your mind as you ever think that this wasn't gonna happen for you how that and how does that kind of made you better player in kind of you know in making. In making sure the you're determined to make this work at the next level. I was saying. Such as both states. Oh really. Great lie but I did so mark felt that by a questionable folks in my good enough to threaten global. Lot of questions like. My little words tried to get the wreckage. Play of football. This may not before me. A good exit data as much were. No god at some figures as a state budget provides you know through this so bosses like you got to work with them. Day you've got a word in which he gets the better it is today I go to work every day every day in case I can't. You got it spot on what you did yesterday which you did this year. And accomplishments because. It really doesn't. Know about oh watches are. You know you're better and it if this is what it is. That's what I learned from a fourth that worked. There yet there is going to be 88 it was such as well. R&D your read your prime time on W Athens it was on Twitter. In and day the common hash tag on all your Twitter pics was an all your tweets was induced in due time tell me about that. Yeah I'm not this. It's unfortunate. But folks say is good this. And you're actually illustrated despite its keep working to working as good image says there. And we don't know what all our we're going to be at light. Did you go artists which ebitda and go to what is it teaching. It makes sense. Though democratic side as well take you know rappers McConnell. I think our shot that put pressure. Put on the spot called that's so. She would consider it except and its. It wouldn't lots and vote on the everyday without them at that stage. What. Dipped voice did you read here in primetime on W Athens they you know I got you know. As also saw that one of the reasons why you know you're kind of make in this is isn't is obviously helping mommy said your mom to working for 35 years and you know you wanna be able to take care her and your dad's gonna gone through some health problems I know was great for you to be able to have him come to a couple of your games of the last couple years. You know how what you know with with everything with your NFL dream how important it won't know is it for you to be able to get this opportunity to be able to take care for your family. Arms bomb bomb election that work just broke 35 years so. The very part of me particular questions they're here she. That the United States salt water. It would provide for their putting those she's going you don't know going back to be sure though. I would say that's outlawed by. Everybody gets double life you at this level there is that I've dated. Got seven with the white door I would essence said Bob ball. Is about law is logically what I just said though while a chip as the bears out what particular because. Shouldn't that the world so everything she's done since then at some sort of getting over a person said then that on this subject so. Other than holds his own person been there from the beginning so. It will modify it says. Possible assertion that. Does suck so let's let's say you get drafted and yeah you you know you you have. You have depending on where you get drafting you go on the money let's say you know UB UB become a great NFL player and you get that big paycheck. What are you what are you buying for your mom first off or what's what's the thing you're going to take care take caramel mom. Yeah I have that the free data what's the let's let's let's the second contract didn't differ for your mom. Yeah what are at one there are circulation at Boston. The first chargers ever. I would. You ought to travel the world I tutored in. Whoever you want it. You mentioned she owes player bodies just some adults order. Ocean very shouldn't simple woman shoots what give it over the road which is if we gave. Is there lies but he really doesn't want to know what the big house but most say. You know they said orbit. This is there anywhere she's wanted to Gallagher is she knows he wanted to go to Paris her that is or somewhere in particular like she's wanted to go. It's you want to go to you know a lot of places but one would be oh Hawaii. What what Africa. And when did apple is distraught about it so. That would be out. You are you making that trip whether are you are you've got to kind of likes to to stay in one place. Right there is that the that's. A bad. Or worse we're. It's got all the budget or you deserve it does to plant in the offseason that's that's how you don't it. Yeah of evil yeah that's true. Good stuff as though that is the voice of DJ read our quarterback from Kansas State you know he's he's hopefully. You know going to be you know I got it done hopefully with given the need for the Panthers maybe maybe a call here at the end of April so. TJ certainly appreciate the time today good luck this whole process and you all the best for you moving forward.