Justin Kutcher On Kroeger In The Midday

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Friday, May 25th

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Justin Kutcher fox sports FS one. If it's not college basketball season it's baseball season was a baseball season it's football season. But he's here because he's got to go on the road to Oregon Rangers need to Florida offense when it's 4 o'clock but we got her. For at least a little bit here justice and deceiving and I have been great to see you it has been awhile haven't yet have you good enough you would ever come icici you want to be helpful if they're like oh adjusted on offense what he's gone again it's almost like you're hanging now have a beer to it's now down that would normally when I see you special your basketball season. You get one of the great broadcast this time it's if you get raft with you it's it's the greatest broadcast assignment he is the best person in the world's hands. The nights are long after a game but that's fine yes it is and it took how did you prepare yourself for your first draft game knowing the legend that was. You won another real story yes so it was Tennessee that Xavier. That's my first game ever working with them and he got there earlier to the hotel to go to the bar restaurant. And I'm like I'll be right there is like all right maybe at the bar. I meet him because get a drink so I ordered drink. And then we go to sit down and so he says. We'll have another drink. And now it's let's let's order a bottle of wine. So he orders a bottle wine pours the cup for me force what last ram. And I finished that last pretty quickly. Now we re fills me. And I'm eating mistake he's eating a steak. And he's like you slowing down on me and I'm looking down like a crushing him mama I'm almost all my food already. And then I'm like oh you mean the wind. So. I sets in my go he raps I've got to rule. Then I'm kind of breaking your night because you know what's that I said I never drink the night before broadcast. Because I never know how my body's gonna response. And he said. That's good our games at nine drink up a make your final pull hook up. A puff puff puff puff puff puff puff up. Side I drank out. And how little did that night go that night was all right the next night was late I mean when he was in town just recently for the first and second round of the NCAA tournament. The night. That you NBC beat you VA so he called for games I went he'll meet you in the crew afterwards at their hotel. My body wasn't down I said hey just like you know. It will probably be out of four. And he said okay whatever. We left the hotel at 340. I see it's just called for games and that like 245 is like what you say one more and that's not one more glass that's one more bottle. My ears he is it's a machine and and the the best part is a wake up at 7 AM. No problem. Anything you'll give a speaking engagement. Meanwhile Euro like at 7 AM looking at the porcelain toilet. And wondering what's going on he's on real now now I wondered is it is can dance go hard the paint like that two of them are no sew Nance actually tapped out about. 130 and this the best party stand that he stood up he goes. Good night friends. Look for a couple for the content of the pat pat pat pat pat pat pat. Oh just it's always important and make FedEx. He's just that country's Lewis who's got the call Lamar you wanna see when the two you'll do that offense one royals and Rangers for a 5 eastern time it's going to be the first pitch. Based bully that you realize right like did I love it that your favorite thing to call it Louisiana fifth. What is it about baseball that you're like then this is just some Hillary MBA like IBM VA. That's baseball for you what is it about baseball for me it's growing up in the northeast. It's. There's just there's passion for it and for me it's also the fact that I could sit down my dad. Or my grandfather when he was alive and talk about who he used to watch. My dad used to watch and compare to this generation it allows for for conversation during a broadcast and I love that mama I'm a baseball nuts when I hear stories that my analysts tell me. I think it's one of the coolest things in the world so how do you feel about these here you're closer to my age so how do you feel about baseball. Because it changed drastically right in front of our own eyes where. You think I was loaded up baseball the numbers mattered and therefore right like that's what made that sport awesome batting average home runs whatever was ERA strikeouts. Innings pitched. Those numbers it kind of lost. Their context is aware of the game is gone for obvious reasons but we've also gone to a place where. It's all or nothing right to strike out is no longer thought to be a a bad thing because you not put a ball in play. That thinks it happens this idea of Saber metrics and analytics in baseball has changed the game how do you feel about we're leading the baseball is honestly yeah. It's not yet it's not good because. There's a reason why baseball or or sport or something has sustain itself for so long and when you try to train just as drastically as they're trying to change right now. I mean. You see the problems ways. The LA Dodgers last year they went their ball and almost five innings a game. He can't do that these guys Wear out they're done and now they're having trouble this year. The fact that a strikeout is just as good as. Pop a ball put him planets and now that's that's totally false like you said. Because as you mentioned something good can happen there's a productive out strikeouts never productive out. So the outcome is there'll a walk a strikeout or home run it's not healthy there's too much down time there's not enough action and it's. I feel like there's got to be a market correction Saber metrics starter for a reason people thought it was money ball. Money ball happened it was successful for one reason and one reason moment. There are three pitchers there Hudson Mulder Zito who are all. Under contract controllable because their draft picks once those guys left money ball doesn't work and somehow some way people thought this was the way to do it. And I think there's got to be some type of market correction where we get back to actually playing baseball is baseball right now is now we know though many get like. What so could exploit or listening audience would Tampa Bay's doing with their pitching staff right now could you explain to walk to the average maybe sports fan that doesn't pay attention to baseball that much. Tell tell folks what would Tampa bays and basically to staff they have four starters that they trust the fifth starter it's kind of up in the air and they feel like they're gonna go to their reliever to start the game to get the top of the order out. So that the starter who might struggle that top of the order does have to face them until another time through the order. And if we keep on harping on the fact that guys can't face lives three times in a game. I mean. What's wrong with these players will tell these with the with a Saber metrics that we have to do this and I actually proposed last week that. What I go back to format rotations. It's if these pitchers aren't working beyond five innings. Let's go back to a cameraman and I mean they've basically turned it into the College Baseball set up which the staff game on Sunday yeah now where. Now OK let's just get to write received. You know probe but arms that this problem it's it's not. It's not the way baseball is to be played it's not going to be a successful. Run for them doing it. And if you look at teams all across. Baseball right now there is no Charlie like I think dominant team that doesn't have a flaw. I think all these teams have lost there's an underbelly and it's. Well it's funny too because like a hit and obviously huge cubs fan. We thought a couple years ago man the cubs are going to build this. Unstoppable behemoth of a team that she's gonna bring up a bunch of championships for the next five years and maybe used to get another ring or two bullet. Like now there's talk Oprah then they got to go get many mature out of but that doesn't really fix a problem for them now like I mean your different maybe your better battle to get actually fixes a problem for them. And you look at it pickups today ticket you're still pretty good you're the most touted team to basal still got a really good farm system but. This is weird he's picked up a way we thought LA maybe was here to stay for a little while they awful this year they've been released underwhelming and they lose seeger for the year yeah. And there's a Cincinnati Reds whose fall within three and I don't start death Canada's capital now that was the only flaw dance that was the only fault since then there are 510 but he elected to drop the Braves are good example to rights of rays have been a great success story we're leading the based baseball in runs scored per game which is awesome. They don't realistically happy arms to go to meet to sustain this all year so it's a cute story for a little while yeah. I mean what at a certain point that's that's gonna put around a little bit to right that can't last forever we'll just look at every team who's in first or second place that's battling for a playoff position. And tell me the flaw on each and every team what do they had to go out addresses and so for the for the cubs if they going get Machado. Does that make him exciting for the regular season may be absolutely doesn't help them come playoff time when you're playing a series. Now because you need pitching to win and if you don't have it. You're not gonna do any publicly used and I think used to show them last year and they did it without a bullpen because they use one of their starters or to the starters my callers and Morgan. To finish our series. And that's that's what ends up happening so if you go to format rotation people we're not start off bullpen and damp problem solved just to Kutcher you'll see it tomorrow on TV. FS 1405. Relief. Up Rangers and royals tomorrow on FS what you could see that little baseball. Hot throughout the Memorial Day holiday and he's gonna be have seen here at the Charlotte touchdown club Dana hold your sin will Greer. Of West Virginia and we'll see him throughout the faulty seemed to college hopefully there's a lot of big twelve games who's familiar with these 20 absolutely it's a lot of fun too we must take me it's good to see a man gets seats say a thing tomorrow on FS one that it sounds good night pop open a beer I will I would do that'll be drinking on.