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Monday, March 19th

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All right we're less than fifty days away from the NFL draft and we've been having fun we're talking all these different draft prospects in. Here's here's a guy that I think he's worthy of some attention I feel if he's given an opponent Serena talked to the former all Big Ten running back in daddy's lap and dizziness is the true. Four year man at a at a northwestern we got Justin Jackson the right back at a the Big Ten with this right now on the technical and guess like Justin how you doing man. Go out that Brendan. Well you just yet no no probably discuss W pro day yesterday so come by in the book pro days in the books so I guess the the Hays county in the barn at this point the rest of the way Obama. Yeah that is no well I work and no and fortunate enough obviously to the Columbine. He really thought that you know on the move forward really yesterday that I have documents running. I've got demonstrating that I used to play out there for years so they are the real world in the on time. Now are just a waiting game who else did he weighed on the draft. Got about actually here in no matter of record book. What import and no time does not work now lost not a contract stuff in the paper for time. Yeah yeah we're talking to Justin Jackson right now northwestern running back he's coming up the NFL draft these with this right now. On the technique I'm guess like you you ran a 84540. Atacama would you run it was and him was a better your Prodi yesterday Alger Prodi if. It. Actually didn't run. That the at the prospect well you know did not Obama times you know as some gouge out your doubtful he would understand a lot of self knowledge. I was perfectly okay you know I got crew left so you know what I could have but it didn't come bonds are Petraeus just who did not bands. I've got no best mark my so slow excited. And then just did the position drills you know just trying to additional. You know thousand coaches you know my mom bought it. How did you feel about all this so it's kind of weird right dizzy you play a team game and I get some of these deals kind of translate the lake you're Tommy you'd eat at the track stuff behind you rights like. How do you feel we're doing these shows really come on man this this has nothing to do with me being a good football player not only do you feel about some of that stuff. Immelt did it and saying because you know there's no certain people who know are no I've tracked background yeah like they're saying. There's other people you know isn't it and they're paying at all. It is good that does the game he's got a plan. So that's the outcome of my mind that more than the last three months I've been really just things are straining so you know more cost of I've never worked though. They certain drill never do ever again. Actually really enjoy you know I had Belarus Ukraine. To discuss that aren't so do people have a multiple sports but but that. Developed a little lucid. He would do and maybe some continue I think that would help remark did everything but. At Beverly and showing how much you know cardinal within minutes but considering a lot of it doesn't translate directly. But debt that also works both ways is your say in the -- easy to look at some of the sevens a kimono and I just wanna play football but you're also doing stuff now is you get ready for the drafted. Maybe because of your school work floater or the way you guys practices at the college level. You're you're testing herself and in ways that you never thought possible because this is your job now writes you push your body in Newark in new directions that we're. No definitely know what that limit the no I'm excited that the missile school. And be able to have more time to do little things like this whether it's speech training. In the worst is you know functional movement published not a lot of YouTube all of that stuff. And that's really what they'll professor at this do you know your body of work. And so I'm looking towards you know focusing more on my body now that I've been able to do the tests to scoop on demand and among open up an open into all of a little. Remember talking to Justin Jackson running back edit northwestern he's with this right now on the technical on guests on you can follow him on Twitter by the way it's at. Underscore may and prime 21 buddies with this right now coming out in the NFL draft and give your you've been a productive guide every level Justin in high school you're one of the most prolific running backs and Illinois State history when you go to northwestern you're like. Yeah I guess I'll just keep doing this for four more years I've kept track of all the rushing yards you've had over the course severe. Really what now you're talking like 56 years playing you know football the way to where you're going in the NFL how how have you kept track of those numbers. The affairs of us on that you for the sound politically and hope that all of you get to followers a flurry lesson we can do. But yeah no it's actually wild. Six or seven years a local call it lewd and really our level. Then the Mattel Lotta Lotta hit a lot of care is why you are. Melodic but that's a lot of the dust of life and obviously in the incredibly fortunate that I was you know so many great teammate I'm greatly. But just give about their let me get my little foreign. And to go other do our best and I met hawking asked Amal is you know just work my hardest golf paired who played streak they lose. And just beat me up that some that have done in college and high school that you mentioned on the weak market can. You feel like people all that stuff against it's weird we we do this anymore it's like oh if you go to college for four years and you've been productive for four years that's like that's a bad thing right and as you feel like people are almost up against you. That's that's like actually to I think. A lot of people tell you get X might carry your backed by a mile aren't all the but they had their employers will have enough of yeah. I'm just getting started. Much like what he does this really is the frame you know what you look at it may have been a bit you'll be so successful productive. On the durable because because of the way I can take care of my body so it's not as much so about how the game you played on the matters is what are you take your body. Now how do you prevent those big injuries. I use arm rest there on the field you played there's certain injuries that could do you know god of course you can get 200 and each week. Not just by hearing your trainer and listen to take care about it so that's that's an artist and. Julie you didn't miss a single game in your career correct you never mister Damon northwestern. I did not a good numbers game there was definitely games where you know maybe you know could have set out there you know that was what percent or maybe look like 90% but. Want to be available for Martinez Matisse on the now and whatever the president could do that that. It's so you know sometimes two didn't do it doesn't feel quite. But I just don't put that out and Lou played good. I'm like I said earlier I'm really excited about you know you're having all maritime resources allocated toward Asia my body during on every Sunday at supplement. Unless they would do in college I listen accomplice in the dollar compliment them in school. And I were talking to Justin Jackson running back to Mineta northwestern four year man and he led the Big Ten rushing. I'm not this pastor the year before his juniors coming out now after senior season. And I he's going to be in this NFL draft loaded draft class a running back Steve did have you have you looked around you know some of these guys especially a guy like 61 in your own conference we look around like. May in the running back positions back baby your Lebanese try to kill off the right position but it's the right now Justin. But it did it then you know I think for a cute. A lot of people are right back off course and no I'm dying breed. But you know I'll look at that serves multiple players charged or Jamal you know. It obviously on the ball there because while back it up the slice it there's no block like allotments all these different the government could do. Another delusion don't do that surely well. I think having a great running back it's Obama wouldn't look at. You know the closer role adapter or religion really get rednecks all contributors and so that kind of I think the model in the framework is not you have a great running game. The other sort of backed. You're gonna get better to do so yeah like you said there's so many get right back now little meet and talk allowed them computer problem and yet while battling out that the combined. Antitrust trying to and so did go to class I'm really excited about you know did you know part of this and hope to shut up some apple corps. Prove who's the guy you would you look at Justin maybe I don't know if he had time during the during the season but you guys are fans like everybody else would it was their guy like man I can't wait to watch these guys highlights and whoever they played on Saturday who was that back elsewhere in the country this year relied. Men is a bad dude I just love watching him run disease didn't nobody we can get their hands on. I believe that led the student of the game I mean. I want all of our national multiple levels you know whether it's pastor of aura and that kind of foreign backed by you could college. I'm back so I mean do you even look at just the Big Ten Conference. On the note got lucky that they are more than a guy like Accra while you are and are bought out this year. I doubt London and tailored arm so that it since on the large magnet a and guided it. They've got low humidity and the hard. Really hard adult almost like you know look down at the two Rebecca George. Really the period another person a good dirty blows if you're limited menu all over the country there's a myriad of really good running back. I got that can bring Beckett should about a position south. And I'm glad that she I'm a part of this draft class where there's somebody get right back. The open are hoping that you know I don't look you know there is also right that the patent has years into the universe and we can you are a little bit higher. We're talking to Justin Jackson Ritalin go to moma northwestern running back coming out the NFL draftees with this right now on the technique I guess like I love talking as you guys coming out of the draft Justin begins. It's a Mia I find everybody's so incher staying in would what motivates them and their backgrounds are what they went to school for what they do off the football field. And I think more route well rounded people make for better football players and some people would arguably does sometimes split. You went to school and it and awesome academic school and your would what's your major economics we majoring in right now. Economic writer you Kim mil in economics Justin you go to you go to northwestern for economic you're going you're going to cost every day is what you're trying to do right now. It has yes you are yeah argue that I'm actually. So quite a little school and on catching up actually got to trial the same liberal economics. That'll be that'll be fun but yet stop you know that we can't let that are developed jobless or you know on the no relief in our own economic and I standards. That's that's some wanted to do was go to school where I can pursue valid vote. Also my academic Jude Law also. We outlawed the use disagree outlaw yeah left before. But definitely having that your back pocket it's something you can always you know and I hear pat on. And some numbers problem you know it is an execution like northwestern. Get a degree you know you know Dylan we haven't been both our man I love to do is really good quarterback. From the that a lot of people concluded that tells us. The crowd so it if you were playing football lol what would you do with an economics degree you have a job in mind is there something you think men at the interstate I like to do that for a living every day what would be have anything in mind there. Yes it does not Syria. That I do in terms of your neighborhood. Maybe some trouble consulting a financial budgeting. Something like that (%expletive) like that but hopefully. You'll have a little word. If you don't have to worry if the view we all you heard about that yet I love that our Justin Jackson running back get a northwestern. And again with pumped his Twitter made earlier to get his followers W follow him on Twitter I have. Man prime 21 end. I don't know what you bush league but on northwestern slipping on you is sleep on school you guys at ten wins again this year nobody's talking about northwestern at the Big Ten so. Justin in enjoy the next few months and it's gonna be crazy Milosevic to run and soak it all and will be senior on Sunday soon okay thanks for making time for older. Well that they get some of them are usually.