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Friday, February 2nd

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Betty apple would involve Americans front cover powered by ortho Carolina our coverage brought you by. The luckiest generate we had to kick Omar Gaither Ralph. And that's okay because we're we're welcoming him to a Charlotte zone. Jets quarterback Josh McCown joining us also. NFL network analyst Steve Smith we added we don't know if somebody had since we had to boot Omar Gaither and if you throw look at these are both those guys do would have been here. I. They give them my two Josh you know the guy that that god has a lot less pigmentation. And Obama but can they give it to me so they not races. Well balanced out right now balance out you're rolling your odds Josh McCown I'm just not slam you know I saw gave faced is that yeah. This weekend. You know that's he's as quick to simply always an audio. Throughout mobility to new York and now you forgot all the Little Feat that's what you're supposed to do that's okay. Yeah you heart forgive everybody you know yeah make new friends that's a 1007 at W I don't know that it incident was the first guy try to forget about. I appreciate that my guy nudges and I'm just messing around because I knew if I said that Johnson's it was personality today Johnson's. Dozens of good friend of mine but he's also do that man. You know they say I'm we got it I go down the alleyway and Josh is a doubt my go to an alleyway that's in the bill. No doubt I would not go down an Alley without Steve because you know and a Smart idea. Exactly what you think this season with the TV personality that would be suited and booted what he's got to sell it to dog he's Killen those first thing I noticed he's doing good column on the to have reform puts him on TV does very. But this is the end of your first year of media you close out with a bank Super Bowl how's how's how's the the first season band as as NFL network analyst Steve Smith is think. Eight but is also you know it's 367. Days. On since last summer concert I came here I'll sign in with either. Yes we knew who was very close we're in a film that word that was the deal not flew down here I was gonna sound somebody else on with them and so I'd actually. Emails mob mob boss taxes and Mike the air yup. And he side we just like man with thankful. That we have you an answer please I'm I'm thankful for the opportunity and I hope to give them. Everything they don't have and that's not to say anything bad against them has got has made us all uniquely do differently what our special. Perspectives and I try to bring that special perspective. To the network. We'll look what are Sundays like for you now if you got to do all this crap you loved doing the prep your own loved doing the threat is really itself you don't look at. Perhaps I pulled. He loves Arlen homework I like doing to prep work like for you buying a lot like go to practice I like all of not go to prep but you have to do craft that's the reason you're not I have to do but I would rather be sitting at home play video games to want. I who. I'll look to get paid into a lot less. But now there's real nominees and a gentleman and a lesson by yeah that's what some people get owners say no I. It's not and I do like that give paper cuts did you like doing prep that you would give the prep of beautiful ballplayer that day today that. Had I had to press because if I didn't well. I was of repair my confidence comes in my preparation. And not in my build. He suffered a quarterback right now I don't know why he he's worked what he knows no doubt I'm an afternoon practice if things go right yet. Oh I'm not doing some I'm frustrated and I'm having a bad day because it. That's what my confidence comes I didn't have that confidence about screwed it up don't we. He's always he's always the example I use the young guys who know when I'm talking explosive receivers and everybody kind of has a different rhythm and they wanna come mountain into the weekend how they practice some gusts of one run on the stay that I wanna. And always use the example because. You know when you came out of practice and it was it was go time and and he played a lucky game is great. You're just watching he and they worked together and I think he gave to a degree since time where it's going to be. Vision didn't gain speed the game type written and Saudi it's part of what made the special and what makes it great and and Dustin as always when those guys off too young to hopefully inspire other guys that formula. When you dispute just came off a great year with New York which isn't the end I mean great here in New York so what would suffer just recount what's up next here we'll see and I wanna keep. Playing. And hopefully it's a New York with but obviously you know they got to make decisions and and and we'll see what happens as this thing goes. But. I had a lot of fun and you agree locker room and got it around like you guys who thinks so. We'll see what happens look so good good good time. What a great it was a great locker room because it because Josh Johnson's one of those guys we bring him in his locker room bring the two the family he makes he. I am very in the hands of just not told him this and I'll say don't there. He is what I desire to be but I'm not made that way. He can socialize. With anybody he can make it he makes you feel like your special at that moment. And I told man number time like man I wish I could be not just here doing and that's what he's he's awesome like that does. It when you're ugly got it yet it's always nowadays have been other talents. Yellow and make friends nothing else I think that the feet. What do you do the moment you walk that's always going to be weird dynamic it's like your high school we get re like yours the new kid at school the moment you walk into a new locker room. How do you how do you put conference of these do throughout the body can respect like what how does not even go down as a guy would you step in that locker room. He commanded the respect you clearly did but how does David how has he doesn't command that respect when he stepped in the locker room in Carolina. He introduced himself and from there we've been friends ever since you know I think you just. I don't know you just don't you go to go to eagle summit of the student difference in method that fundamentally. The way he's being humble he's the only view I think. You just go in and listen to guys in listening to stories and they get to know people less the main thing and and you just look at all it's it's it's beautiful book as we all come from different places and and you sort of learned a got stories to hear that. There's something new his for the maybe encourage your life and maybe some figures or that and encouraged his life and certainly in the case of you know myself and Stephen accounts of the got to about noon review. Talking to Josh McCown NFL network analyst Steve Smith give me give you the best story you got from practice. Reelect him this duty he says he doesn't like doing the prep but he he does it really hard at the Kraft dvds reelect him steep terrain of Wednesday band like laying off like under the best know that sort of practice I don't want my mom always my memory of sleep and practice will be. Were out there OT aids I believe. And and at that time you can you know with. I'm a few that every go to jail time follows that a guy decides to make shower called careless and not just had a lot of the a lot of human socket in the senate. So it was one of those days where he showed up upgrading there and so. I'm just off first off season with the team and I traded right right in the camps I'd never experience that gave these guys. And so I don't know how to go in and prior to other experiences with come star receivers know. They shall like wants out every few days in OT eight they did their off of that killer it's an individual they're not gonna play team you know the night and laws that. This dude is. That you put into your name to repeat myself and I remember him kids in a slant and stiff arming. I think you looser on Martin's hurt his feelings yet yet those sorts of slits that they. Real values list and how Austin. And I'm like wow. Like distance he's he's competitive thank you it's legit and and that was the glitz to meal what made special Sunday gaga got defeated previous season you know. But that you see in the off season you know that's why this was. And in Allen leave. Not come back because I I took this set up in Carolina once. I was just there yup so I would train him off season I'll take my kids is through Google train and I just utilize that opportunity. And they would always questioning you know anyone is he really working now we're CBS. So outgoing national mom I'm humbled and I molested by I'll get mine maybe I'll make sure. I'm yours and then I'll be out there and out disappear but all I have to do because. They question. It was our economic and you don't you question that but it wasn't bad. It wasn't a question alone had the show because anytime you don't do it did you lose that privilege and right and is so I had to do that now is that that was kind of what. I don't feel collectively like these young receivers that have been working hard to kind of make you close the gap going to cells and Steve. And AC a come IL one day and you Rudy doesn't. You know we got to go back to work so it was that was cool. Steve what you remember fourteen years ago yesterday not to bring up old stuff for a convertible so fourteen years ago yesterday. You guys go down Super Bowl 38 with what are you what are you remember most I say that day that. Yet that you referred us that's forty years ago a lot has transpired meaning. Other memories you know and that that NASA memory that I have before lifetime DeShaun foster's. I'm uncle is Stephen Dave's blog called radio. You got brings him books and Dan Morgan and one of the things that nobody really remembers. They're a bit more ahead the other 72 wanted to get the 404220. Plus tackles right. I'll rod Smart. Reggie Howard Deon Grant there was so many guys that. I remember. Jordan Gross. Kevin Donnelly there's so many guys that I have relationships wit that over the years that. It isn't what I remember about the game plan New England Patriots. Is something in that as a as a thirty year old man that mammography planes. Is one of the neat things. That not everybody can chance. To experience an unfortunate part is involved the fortunate part is. I got to be yourself and no win nobody in my family ever got the experience. To this magnitude of Augusta. One other than my wife. I got I got to do. My first like I do my first love which is football every man. That plays ball as your first love football. And so it is cool and I get to be a part of it in us in a less intense way yup and I get to watch it but. That that that's the best. Well hospice team offer some biker game news that the bill altitude can go out and ask me man it is how we use. They pulled into Oklahoma and Arizona. They both live and Charlotte we competed and gave up to you but they got after the the font. Well and the only as you beat you say things people get lost in translation Jake was also vacated U caught a TD who's had so as the record 35 yarder to zero Rickie call the go ahead the shot to shot got that. Yet that dive into remote Richard. Heavy snow here I mean there's there's so many memories that damn home. You know is not a memory of bin Carolina panther yes and it's a memory of them. Brotherhood. And friendship and in this not and I must say in that part of it's taken a team out of it. I'm putting. The relationship. Part of it because a lot of these Meehan now. Aren't playing football just like me get and is all they have left to think about it's always fun to we see each other. How does the wife has the keys you know Doug. Think Doug have been here you know seeing his son his son is like Mossad that they're comic strip in his daughter Britons in college we met. These chancellor. Bradley hit middle school yet another college so those that things are pretty fun to go back to. But we'll let you go this you know moos is still made time and time again he's like you know he's night moos is not bitter about it she suffered six if you put. Yeah we I mean. They knew stuff that we David put on tape that that that is I mean do you do you feel is that true that we Philippine knew they were in your huddle so you might even work done so yet they do. So here's what here's what sometimes some analysts now so I can speak to in this regard. Hey your seat does a great job out of Baltimore and army colts as Baltimore. 37. Coaches. Analytics numbers we get it they got a guy out there a lot of his name when he gets up there he talked about that if you do. It's the first two recessions in the second half you get a first down and I get three and out you increase your chances 76%. Well within the game I asked that I was there. Wow they pay you for that run. Of course. Think you'll get 23 and outs due to increase your chances because you still on the field was taken apocalypse. And you what's going points but what I'm saying is they have people. Certain teams have people that just look at add analytic also go back and see. Coaches. Recycled each other they recycle play now they ball steal from Mattel announced they still leave it. They call. It a number system too old to. Deep jewel tones deep crosses are slaves and they call in west who have been called on the line and in another West Coast they call it a drag. And a member of a slang. If they just renamed the net and so that's what coach that's what good teams do. Is there prepare for every situation in New England deals that this. Most do you own an organization. Now being an analyst at understanding the system talking to scouts most teams. Only scalp to a 10275. Guys guess how many. Doing the dust they do this to. 270. To 325. God they burn the candle at both scenes. They also borne out their styles because they asked for a lot. That shows you some things have some teams don't. And on the day getting eighteen undrafted free agents on the roster due to that speaks to exactly what Steve Smith talked about NFL network analyst Steve Smith their coverage begins at 9 AM on Sunday. For Super Bowl 52. And what's it like chocolate. He's an easy is that there's everything they were down. No I don't know about it until we want somebody to only like chocolate no beauty he doesn't play with somebody at the crowd at the battle lines I don't know. I just recount. And that's why I pay what a football player yeah yeah. Now that's an hour over the values of fronts OK let's not get beat up right there that's another that's another word I use this did you lose your front step and I'm confident but don't want them back. Pedophile that would elect. Anyway when you when you when you give up my guess has overall in this segment was losing your front seven you get signatures on the job now you're surely what you guys are seriously lot of that's who by the way that's. But the bottom arbitrage by the way Josh McCown and analytic point delicate time for Steve Smith Steve to deceive as always good to see us -- you. I'll probably see if I got to do the draft yeah an and after that. My prime we'll talk to do because I'm just. This is okay and it's funny daytime we were not as scheduled today and it toddler's death Kristi Smith accidentally in general hostility at the time. I call fun.