Jorge Sedano on Dwight Howard: "a Player like Dwight doesn't mean as much as he did 5 years ago."

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Tuesday, February 13th

Jorge Sedano joins Primetime to talk about the struggling Hornets, Dwayne Wade's return to Miami, and the Warriors having players coach the game.


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We're gonna talk some hornets and we'll talk some NBA as we go to the technique come guess line here. And the hornets make a sad sort we're gonna bring in George Sadat for me espionage yourself give us something George make us happy why should we be happy is as hornets fans right now give us open here. Here. Words are words. Don't much they give beyond that front Gloria I know I I don't I thought. I understood the lot on. On the white. Was brought it yeah. I set the it's Pete Clifford team yet but the that and because the relationship whatever that that the other. I think we're just trying to come to airing in the NBA where a player like white. These shots not as valuable what you've been jobs I don't know three or four years ago and I think that. That becomes an issue you you're aiming surely it Latin. Centers and beat me in an air. Ball. Where perimeter guys are raining or it's just a year situation. George stink about this likes legitimately you can you know can you were down in Miami but it likes legitimately 67 years ago. We were talking about. Who's the guy would you rather have his foundational starter for your team is it Dwight Howard or LeBron James that that was a legitimate conversation at well like. Not that more than happy not much more than half decade ago that is wild but that was a legitimate conversation that was had. What they I am and and yet it's clearly not the case anymore so. I'm computers to be out into rebuilt. I am curious what they do with kemba this offseason and what they can get her. Autumn by. You know I just think that the construction of the team is an ideal and did now core rock and ultimate objective. Now that well rich Joseph is still under contract it seems like like it'll a dead man walk in his final year result of his contract. I is coming up here they picked up his option last year and you have that trust me man X-Men X is kind of lobbed out there that the Mitch Kupchak thing has got some. Some real legs and I think it makes sense I guess from. Jordan standpoint how low that we may connect is it just seems like not fit to be from a market standpoint what do you think about that. There should there I think they start there and look at the I knew we could all you have to talk about sport any walk like that matter. Akers hear what degree from Mitch. All mixed now jams on particularly in the fortunately in his case with the lakers he was dealing with a situation where. At the end of the day answer to a guy who was working closely wiggles oh. Part order that. Some kind. It. Dispute. Our personnel in the end indeed be what did you just think that it would take a minute one angle everything that's going on there sure. We're talking to George Saddam over ESPN ESPN radio. You sports nation today to write your busy we don't today here all over the place. I wasn't doing sports station today and tomorrow I was actually in Miami for 24 hours and are you doing wade. Column for sports that are that that grant being black Knight in this morning. I yeah I've been all over the place on highly questionable next week that's basically a balance around a lot of you're not yet been bought. While I was saying earlier like that interview by the way we Dwyane was incredible and to be you know it's Wayne's been one of the guys is always honest and candid. And some of the stuff that he was saying would you George like what you especially when it came to the chemistry stuff but what really wasn't coming together and you know he was talking about how that's not what a championship caliber team supposed to look like and feel like like. You even after a trade Oregon leads a team you don't hear that kind of honesty very often but you were getting that from doing yesterday. Yeah I mean like lights and I think the older I think they care. Public perception right like we saw from Coby a lot at the end of Kobe was the guy who was cursing all the time. What you would meet with immediate drop and spotted it while all. It looked I think there's also a bit of a comfort there we like to open way but I'm in Miami I covered most of his career around there. So I think that played the role it to them up or between two people. All when they're talking. I think it it's all of those things combine gonna take credit for I think it is to wait a bit they'd like to do it. What Hollywood is George Saddam knows what this again ESPN you can follow him on Twitter set tadano ESPN he's with the some attack become guest line. You like it these are I'd I'd admittedly I'm saying this on the front and I understand twain's and a different class went Kemba Walker is on the verge when this year's over. A become the all time leading scorer hornets history he's passed Dell curry already for one of those records in three point field goals made Vista who shooting 30% from three. Three years ago and he's now one of the better players it is position in the entire NBA's remade its game. They won seven games all the way to 48 a couple years and obviously last year and a half has him on what they want. But tell Timmy has put himself in that category as if not already the greatest order never one of the top two or three hornet's ever. And there's something to be said for that right like there's a unique. Bonded experience the city has with its with its best player we kind of had that here during a global robot caddies were Gerald Wallace could. This cut I'm feeling like recently this bond with kemba in the city of Charlotte something you sought in Miami Dwyane Wade like you can put a value on that stuff some time. Yeah I agree with that. It also shows you go. Been awarded history they've had some great players because I'm around long enough yet. That spark and that got samba but I don't look at kemba all they are right now elect would fail on the war was start his career. In Charlotte bomb or even but be impacted so much like that our sport and the day. Careers concern. But yeah he's been a phenomenal what he's deserving of all the actively yet you carry that franchise. Shot at a time you know as we mentioned a couple of years ago you mentioned they want forty games. And were in the mixed. They are disputed any evened the Eastern Conference really outside of maybe the top team on and they act. You know that lot right ate raw meat from Miami are Dwyane Wade had a phenomenal year been purple shirt I went home cry. By. And take away from it I think that sometimes. The business of basketball is as important. As the actual basketball being played on the floor and I think. Across wrote Michael Jordan finds himself that right now would Kemba Walker. Can the raptors do this humble I'm buying Georgian people wanna buy but I'm buying the numbers the math on this and the star power and how they adapt I'm buying the fact them. I'm not gonna bet against LeBron and on saying this is the ultimate head judges would be surprised if they actually made it all the way to the NBA finals what do you think it rafters right now. I wouldn't be surprised the I think they're going to be won the Eastern Conference like I do believe that it indicate I think the play out different story. I brought. Still the team that bait just dumb low. I would've given them much better shot that I'd like this team brought up around him younger it's more fiber optic played much better deepened. I think that all the things will help him. And I think they still come out of so I haven't wavered on that but I do think the raptors will be the one he and I do think the raptors will pay. Put in the Eastern Conference final I think that bought it and about the way to cap and they're not going to be able to survive that. Who got the last laugh would all these cats moves Colby Altman and dance. I Dan Gilbert or or LeBron and and in his crew at the last laugh when the straits. Don't LeBron is true. Article Altman and those guys pretty good job in Spain. Surrender the Brooklyn tech they gave up their own pick which is going to be you know in the twenties mid twenties or whatever it's gonna be right now. But yeah back to me what the big bank like they could trait that Brooklyn that don't look people say wow it's only the great pick right now. Yet in theory. It's only the seventh theory that but it added 25% chance we get the lottery to be in the top and so I wouldn't give up a point 5% chance. Knowing full well there are good jets. My guess is that much higher at that point 5% LeBron leading up to. Well and for all the conspiracy theorists out there when it comes to the NBA draft how many times of the cats wound up with a number one pick when they had no business getting the number one pick. Yeah look at what time yet you know we we've seen that app it consortium ought to make that you know work that but he clearly Cleveland did. Are now they got Lockheed right you know it could inquiry would have been in Cleveland without a bra. I don't think there's good. They were what brought it back it also fortunate that. You know the greatest player on the planet I happened to grow up with a forty miles away from Cleveland I picked up play a bigger role it. But yet they've had to block and Andy you know it's worked to their paper. So I look at this both ways they re not either or and elegant as both ways with what Golden State did last night having the players' coach during timeouts awesome. Also equally the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen during an NBA game and I loved every moment both of those things what you may connect is that is. That was something yesterday from Steve Kerr blown up the suns the way they did. I think that. When you about it like that that's going on the screen you rod that's been at this for four straight years playing deep into June. Look at Robert they'll Miami team that did that. Are up with. There were put up with each other coaching that they'll just wanted to go there upper weight pretty obvious. I think would be Kurt and usable. You're talking about that already well or the law that this year which is a lot. Like that that team medical ago would gain whatever. I think that. You've been doing really engage your players. And that's what to do bailed you I'll watch the videotape. Dad help would be game 100. And remind. Wrong way so me and I think he would make it. A way users to be disrespectful toward the sub regional steep course perspective I think it was more. Mike he depicted as they. And it did I do think about them and like it would be respected because. You're doing but it the bird with a rocket. That local gigantic but that. It's respectful but it. You know teams are dropping like forty points so that I'm not that they would treat it. Dad says more rev Phoenix's says mental state to be honest George Saddam ESPN he's on Twitter at Saddam no ESP we're gonna let him go. I hear in a moment and we we we end with this Georgia is as you look around right now in the NBA do the best team in the NBA. Odds to win a championship not named Cleveland or Golden State is accused and they have a legitimate shot what do what do you make of rockets right now. There are no question but it did one at a sidelined other games earlier this season and may pay. Mike and Tony was the first one to really changed but in the NBA you know shooting in the breed a second flats or whatever percent that whatever what. Back in the next day. Now he's got the roster to do that again by doing out there are. Beat 2% up there shot attempts our report in that's insane number rejecting or picture or that percent. So that's all you need to know what they're doing beat them up on its head a little bit on opposite. Also expected that defensively. Their big men switch. On Jews regard for the opponent. And the reason. They they're they deploy up tight on those barred debate on the switched because. They are right. Do about that for those. Are right buyer and scored two ago Korea the other. And the math works out for them. And Matt who's been there would be more general manager Mike this audience and they did they work so yeah. I think just based on. The analytic. Anybody in the world the wars. You think that's necessarily sustainable and a seven game series though. Seven games Ares one and you know and I mean my thing. You know there's no predicting what happened is that predictors. Accounted for injury or. It Asian greens and the type but I am sure are Ryan Anderson the report sure reported the torture. James harder the report that your ball that report each year I mean actual. Extra read the bigots all the people graduate in what way. It's wild that. Been on the bad it Gerald Green can get hot note super street he. Our template department. Should be open to stamp what they do it all day out sitting spurring on the general. I'll so. I think that they get to. Abort your talent and I think that would end up winning more than. George you're free go get some sleep man thinks there may in time force. Everybody I go George tadano ESPN a dudes on a grind man.