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Wednesday, June 13th

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Go into the technical on the gas line. Welcoming in former Panthers offensive tallying in twin him at. I don't laugh and Booker there. Well it. All figured that locker room but all I felt like there are ever hurt but it. Odd Jordan if if I'm asked us there if I'm able to I have my voice here heard a little bit more I got it I got a ton of before you run I got. I got I got so little bit. It's good for you to join us thank you so much referred to open always know we appreciate you. Our collective thought he get on a very good a good job. Thank anybody so I I would ask you look at retirement championship parades here. If if there was a Panthers championship parade we got Jordan Belle talking about the hats the Tennessee. What would you be sip and on. Yeah. But if it's out of player. Or work out it would oh there are well Oregon. Oh yeah if you can't bring abolish cabernet contentious parade. I. There are all. Why not I would popping there about though are off right now Butler brought buy market yet out. They are very well. This. Guy's got a he's he's he's he's discrete gentlemen ms. Jordan crosses yeah exactly yeah. So Daryle Williams. Talks of an extension. As you guys might be poised for huge pay day. As a right tackle now if he has to move to left is still to be seen. But pro football focus rates and as one of the highest rated tackles in the game last year. When you watched Darrell Williams play what stands out to you technique wise or or strength wise what are some of the strengths in his game. There'll just done an out there any doubt improve and every year pop up their body. Moot guy's demeanor. Kerry over the football field it just doesn't mean you do work out or where there it just that a great job market that potential point. I a young help they. It's really well all mindful that there are you I don't know anybody or. Yeah. When he came and it maybe you are ready group or B ball player so. And really at about oh life. Think John Mack you know there could be I paid out or are so that they'll beat it beat. Take it straight turner turned into an all pro pro or they or well or at all pro expected there'll William Hurt it and do all pro. And you don't see that at around Utley so be it harder or that book for your player watching him. From the bit and now he's just that such a great job with those players will defiant and Syria that. Jordan Gross joining a show on the ticket come gas line Jordan there's been some talk. That didn't give in Darrell development given that he's coming up and you're gonna give the man some serious paper here that it it might be worth may be seen if he could slide across the line long term given though the cap situation. And given his growth do you think that would be something that he could pull off. You don't. I played both. In my career I am left and it not incredibly harder could be that both playwright all of these are great app structure we will act. Popular they all urged. Both eyes so there's incredible out you'd way. I think it'd. Quote night that have a young lawyer. You know not even in the prime of their career yet but he you have options down a road. And not on a plea or copilot are cited the oil and oil computer right now our error quote amply it. He had been happy with. Out play. The last few years and that injury if they injury and surgery that yeah well be good or not but it just. To give each count up so. If you think about it if everybody like they're our right well they have to. Apple that he give Cam Newton are Propofol at the very thing to think about it or other team what am able to do you keep you get I'm Brooke all. The term trust in your offense wanna came up in the conversation in the first hour of the show and discussing Cam Newton. When you hear that. What do you think what what's what's the first thing that pops in a year where they become stations you've had with the unit coach or with your quarterback and trusting an offensive line. Well if you know of course it at all. In human and human nature all you're gonna look at. Aware that sex offender coming out here or there you go to get their appeal for sure that they are out Biehl. And look at it or. What you. That got up duty grow all that far it would. Aren't that. People are that they're both the that's what you could be a really been. Quarterback they're both what they dispute that they played them all real but you know I don't that the questionnaire where they're not an accurate or aren't barrel. And I don't think we put the effort that if you let a valuable player oh you're gonna band. Years trying to report that where there's been number. A bit of that that we can look at. The cop that they're players or other they're architectural. Barrel though they try to play with the other you're not. Gonna bring out or so. It's kind of an April exit rate order. Out on the right side upper part years. Years to come out that's the great thing at a any. Former Panthers tackle. Jordan Gross joining us in the tech a come gas line Jordan. You know US avenue seen cam up and close. There there's a lot of talk about Norv Turner and getting the most out of Cam Newton when we talk about getting the most out of Cam Newton. Really me what is the difference between an MV PCs in cam and may be you know the iteration we saw last year. Well help they LL. LP I'll be off topic you dip our. He got a number ought where you would cover injury or act or are there. After that and if you believe there. You were a little bit banged up for you and it just you know any what are I thought about oil or butter on a jury that they app. We are out there and I a little it's. Hell it is you're well. And it is great there and oh yeah I think what. A lot. It. Are able it meet or in print and then. You know are you. Worried at all. Talking about Darryl Williams contract and it in the division you've got. The holdout. Or none expected holdout of Julio Jones who has three years I believe two years left on his deal. How does that reverberate through locker room once a guy is being negotiated with when his contract isn't over as opposed to extending a guy for hard work. Thank you to report your people are currently at. Who better argue out like have everybody here. There are about. We are operable on the July. You know. I don't make it look bad about it it's the order that credibly. That it were both pretty much any other player you by about. I think it'd that the player. On the you know group out there and people are about well there are where. They're at that the B that ballot is that there. Regular you're gonna they're trying to. Yeah what I think he made they're going to be a little page that would go but if you rate its beak is better or your ability to get ready for a regular beat. This doesn't allow guys who are not close to the end of the deals also say hey wait a minute. You you start negotiate with him two years before his deal was up a feel like on the next guys that why teams don't wanna do. What the Atlanta doesn't wanna do with Atlanta with with Julio Jones because you get more guys with three years left on the deal wanna take it back to the lab. Out all. Out the we EO orbiter expire. Think about belts purse that's the way nobody knows 04 or New York each year what you you. What are you. I think there that we're all. Our units to be it expert you'd hear what player agent. You are. You know not. All of our group. And it's there where. Or local law. Build a relationship. Either negotiate thing you are you'll play. All. They'll work or. Go at about eight. And that I think Marty are incredibly good at that and so what I eat. You know the situation there oh what we were able earlier are able to such guys. I think everybody you know you know and well Marty. You know he's done an excellent job of that so GM what you call. What are you keep our art our our op. Look at where this team is sweet with cam I know his contract and what we have 2020s. Is kind of where. Wit or your religious are looking at that long term for that whenever the second contract beaver and you got guys like Darrell and fun just. And right get paid what do you think for for Marty going on his second term here in in Carolina what do you think relief. The goal should be how do you how do you move this thing forward and try to build knowing that you do have some expensive pieces here. Well you. All up in the eat good players out he didn't think we are Federer. The date. And what. Are why. Are. And so your gut and go to page and I'll. Now it is what he worked well both well. Into a network in a political wall. Contract the orbiter are brought a barrel both apple these are they already is. You know for example are all all all well you know I deal and we are trying to negotiate contracts after they get. Eight Pro Bowl or all out. You know greatly in their feel well you they are a lot of art market or you'll probably. You can vote Erica out bobbled what would you. Jordan excellent stuff and not when that day finally comes for the Carolina Panthers championship parade I do expect something in that Tumblr worth talking about a gadget that. I won't vote counts on music downloads yeah. I don't think I don't think Jordan Gross and in Jordan bill will be the Santa cannot say I guess I'll tells yeah exact dig database thanks so much art.