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Tuesday, February 13th

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All the stuff going on off the field in so we're gonna get some answers here we go to the tech become guest finally got to what does Joseph Corey former NFL agent. Nobody does the numbers better than this guy for CBS sports and CBS sports icon Joseph you don't man it's good to talk dia. Outdoor pretty good so we're doing well so I'll I'll start with this as we talk Panthers we'll talk the offseason what were just under a month ago month away from FO free agency firing up. This this whole thing. We're doing with the Panthers right now where are up for sale who has the full time GM the interim GMs on on unpaid leave right now third for the NFL being an in under investigation. It is this this have any impact on free agency and how you approach it or is that more just stuff for us to talk about. It can be of secondary actors poll. Question franchise stability. It would be a primary consideration. But all things being equal with a couple other teams are considering it might tip the balance that they it. You talk about primary consideration that is K issue right cash and cold dead following a primary consideration players who say. All right scene in act out the window when are you for me what oh we and I love some weekly score time a year title love Cleveland did this happen but the last hearing came I paid dark. Unreal select let's jump into this Jolie got so many questions are so much stuff did to get into let's start Marty attorney has for now. You know not on even unpaid leave easier and general manager. I ask you about how would you rate him I don't know Dave different strengths or weaknesses and that's why askew but how would you rate the job Marty did. During his tenure here is a longer tenure compared to Dave Gelman what are what are you thinking the other strengths or weaknesses of both of those guys. Well I think Dave's story that was in town of valuation. Marty. I courts in some of the decisions after a lot gal like you have you also take into consideration. But it he's operating under the directive ownership personally I would debate to running backs like there or court running backs but that's me. But he was still able to the rich guys that are pretty deep positions so. Not to argue anything Marty Gator it. The duke would you think is is this is that a major talking point as you can imagine because as you said it didn't end well here when Marty was let go and I think it has overshadow a lot of the good that he did. I as well but who do you think he is in your mind do you think he's a guy you'd say. He's got a bona fide he's he's he's credible enough that worthy enough of a being one of 32 NFL GM's again. What we he will begin again in between jobs and if he had become in European unit wasn't four. I've ever of the day's news and mediate took a swipe or start dealing with the fourth cable Caroline. What what are you into so what would what would be you eight for you we essentially you're saying if if your name you're not but if you were in charge. You might you be looking at outside candidate to be called the shots moving forward for the Panthers it sounds like. I want I would definitely wanna be unity and it'll be opposites in situations that'll. Because anytime you have are being changed whether it's you aeon company under new ownership they may want to bring in their own. So I would be peer review what it to become the Carolina anti union toll orders situation is that. So let's start talking about some of these these holes this team needs to fill and how to go about it joined paper or right now based off both. A word that we're the cap is how much cap space to the papers actually have to work with right now going into the offseason. Obeyed. Kind of predictions of a 178. Point one million roughly nineteen million which is not great ally that also means that it. If you wanted to speak of franchise tag on and Drupal world war slightly over fourteen million. You're gonna have to cut players are stretched contracts. That's not a good situation right there aren't sure awful were often wrongly Joseph Corey CBS sports CBS sports dot com he's on Twitter I Corey jolt. Which destroyed now. On the technique on gas line and I would say before you joined us. Julia could look at this of one of two ways which is injured or was found money he's on draft did you develop them he's turned into one of the best players in his position. In the NFL but he she said the numbers are the numbers might be hard to justify keeping him. But at the same time. Hey I did develop them and I don't wanna give up on a player like Betsy you could say hey we found one we could do it again or you could say. Mean what are we doing developing players if we're not gonna keep on so we took that that's that's the argument it's going on in the paint the front office right now. Well the question is you have you rights rights are not mean he knew. You have. The Oakland Raiders to high prices are yet the Cleveland Browns too high priced art and that's it unique situation last summer. When you. Many preterm priority over Hello World code now have read years of first team all Perot you put money open market. I need to eat props given you know. And that's history outage situation. You're gonna have to pay him board in order it equally keep let's put it franchise tag on him in the inaccurate polls this she's been. Because of the lack camper. CBS sports CBS sports dot com if you were to franchise tag him. Is set a way to kind of kick the can down the right and obviously this is burn the Redskins why they had to do what they do what Kirk cousins but. You're kind of play a little funny money game where you can franchise tag him for now and figure out the long term stuff later on or is that not really realistic. It's not out that are real it is if he's gonna make fourteen new franchise tag this year it. Given what he made his entire career army displayed in the when your franchise tag in and you'd act inappropriate I think on median next year for right hostess seventeen million dollars and you know get my money to. He's gonna take on the first team all pro this year I'm gonna former similar level. Camps billion you know where I would get my money and buy in that mark has moved in the U even more so by it yet. Marketing and restricted free agent maybe I'm did more than was going to do this year after pocketing fourteen mil. Joseph one of the guys if you order if you were to try to fewer Marty Arian is seams and here he really talk where this number now it's really sort of seems that this is a this is this is a very slim possibility but if you were it. If you were to start. Moving some contracts around whether it's cutting or restructuring guys where would you start if you if you were if you're a painter she got some guys who say maybe they're a little older. And the money's high you can you could start here you're trying to add some more salary cap what are the moves that they can make your over the next little bit. Opera or throw. He was on the president rotates annually in the year at three point by right there. I don't know Julius Peppers mostly football next year he's been dip we have gas well in the paint so. Whatever money you have for Charles Johnson how clean it ulee's peppers comeback complaint for the same amount of money rep before. Many dollars again. This year. We've been talking about for several years. Dated maybe it's time to part ways with Jonathan's New York. Now he's going in the year contract. This may be a time not that Jonathan Stewart used to. Use also ordering. You would say three point 75 million right there. Is well. Unfortunately you can't do any thing with the Mac real track I don't know why it signing Kurt into it. You're stuck with them. Because the way to counteract structure. Is based gallery is fully dear anti eleven million. Drop to one million if you pay in the eighteen million dollar option bonus. Between four point last year of the contract between the first that they do we use that's mean march. Eat you don't pick up the option years they've on the roster except the payment in many dollar. Make to mean dollar paint. There's just no way it. Fortunately. You can start play in restructuring gain here this is candidate would be Cam Newton when he went mean dollar cap number. Take a short seventeen million dollar cap number was equally. Cap number. Slightly over thirteen million your best three players denied any danger go when he Torrey Pines and so if you wanna shift money around group. In future years that was your best. Joseph course of this man assistance under Joseph course of the CBS sports CBS sports stock comes with this right now on the technique I'm disliked and what about ironically only you restructure that deal with the U. We Lamar. Well secondary fire in the 2008 teens these and eat that Bart's and you know play in. And dramatic gains. Who will be making 630000. Dollars so. Yet you could pick up. At some point by cap room. It is this is upon here as you know if you wanted to do it. You create can hurt a huge portions salary in to signing bonus at affordable years. In over the cap. In 2019. That's not and you guys have done previously that you do Jordan Gross on. The. The one contract I was looking Agile and I was kind of surprised that isn't a big game of a good amount of money I'd I just was really kind of blown away when I saw some of the numbers. Specialist since he didn't make a big impact and it was his playing time came and went. Captain marlin I mean that's it debt and that number relative to what. He doesn't provide on the team that that's not that that contract looks really odd now and I said over the last year. Yeah yeah he's got it gave. One point 11. Point 90. Now we guarantees on March 16. I mean dollar cap it. The you're yes but it would be making what's called post Q1 designation. Which means you cut them aquarium in the cap into which you won Indian. You can spread the cap it over 201819. There'd be one point five billion cap charge left for this year during the 2019. You mentioned king and the interesting thing Jules and I I'd kind of forgot about this he can opt out. After the end of next season and beyond his play given the market that seems like a no brainer right if you're if you're Cam Newton. You what we you would almost certainly opt out at the end of 2018 to go get that new money that's flowed out there and quarterback markets since he signed. That is not that came new view I don't ever recall there being it was a street. By the year he. A weird I go kick some CMA may be a moron as some on spot track right now under shown a potential out in 2019. After the first four years of that deal. Now another note no way out OK you know let's go to signing an option bonus OK okay option bonus which is what instructions same way with two equally Steele is. He's under contract through two when he torn. Okay now that's good news then all right so we got a call Joseph module quarries where this right now CBS sports CBS sports dot com we're gonna win a gold a moment. I'm speaking a quarterback money what what exactly did stiffer Cisco do with this with his massive contract. Offer Jimmy grapple they did this once with Colin Capp record there was really some funny money in here. And they front loaded this when I had had his status this deal stack up to other quarterback deals at their cause and they want the press release but how much real money tied up in Jimmy grapple right now. This is much more real deal and power cap ex is capitalism or the paper was. Japanese. Pat about it well at like totally fully guaranteed. Which was ridiculous. You know quarterback deals war drop below 48 point seven million fully guaranteed signing. So he really came. You created them. Until between between these and you'd be turned out not to be what the needs. He's got a thirty cent million dollar cap number is here which is just ridiculous and now. There have been capped by. That over demeaning cap room so Smart for them to front load the country cap wise so that you some more flexibility. Want you to put pieces around it is cap number won't be as Smart they too have been the structure of the deal were conventionally. Into. Taking it out of the deal minimal. Cap residual aspects EPA is that the players need the key is the highest paid player by approach salary for now. By the time 2018 regular season's start he could before. While all right Joseph Corey CBS sports CBS sports Doug come nobody does this number stuff better than him former NFL agent. Andy's on Twitter at Corey jolt joy always great to talk to you man thanks to make it time for us. Surety company.