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Friday, August 17th

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And right now we welcome on the technique on gasoline and nobody on Joseph OSHA attic covers the Miami Dolphins for the Palm Beach post is gonna give us the ins and outs. Of Miami as they walked in tonight to make America at 730. Joseph how hard of a man. And while. Of course been good to hear from you so. All the keep it really open ended right here we're gonna talk about the dolphins in more depth but. What is maybe the biggest story line that dolphins fans are looking for tonight's game we asked fans earlier in the stance. Would they wanna see for the Panthers and it what do dolphins fans would receive from the dolphins tonight. What I think the first in order the is. Worker works though and and book sure. You know he's he obviously but along times and yet anchor it is one driver or even. And sort of the entire ball and he's been injured on rind and Ellen in the quarterback of course most important position. The dolphins their banking sort of bowl there O on an eagle's recovery in. And the idea that he can play as well not better it took about sixteen. So for fans who might not have seen ten hill last week he was four of six and a game but I mean how did he look mobility wise and it didn't look comfortable in his first game back. Don't talk in orbit first place in the nine will write what you know that. Scene is. You know it's keeping the pocket intentionally. Designed who way giving him an opportunity to create more time and throw the ball which get its act. Black. Rose rock park I think there are some Ross Sheikh. On he looked about like sore right in Angel tree. Mostly protected the football and I think you'll be fine as. Think you know monitoring how much. Interest there's. We see guys get hurt. Petrie was in there you know projected starting out article. And and it really. Mean it just leaves you think that shouldn't your really Ole. Folk. Art all. Yeah I mean that's the danger at the risk reward sometimes can be used area low in the in the return aspect of that so. The running game real quick to Kenya on Drake the guy who lit the world on fire at the end of last season he got in a little mix up it sounds like earlier this week with gay right in practice. Where is his tenure on Drake stand with coach Adam gays right now we know what you do on the field the cut it sounds like there's some stuff going on. I in practice that might be holding him back. You know security. Kenyan thirteen men and you really get a proper arc arc last year took over JH I after I dumped to an attitude our show tremendous six celebration. Opt Porsche to spin moves and they'll break tackles inside and you are at Alabama. All you know I think for court throwing more complimentary goal line back in canyon creek it also carries in the primary torque back field a lot. All of treat a hard time adjusting to the professional game rook but you know were in. And so that he's expressed the week generally need to make sure that canyon. Control system auctions and you know they've moved on from our plane was an emotional player on HI. Interest and that indeed want guys to kind of just personality which energetic. Alpha dog I detail what comes he also a guy who all structure. And now she pointed out to tree if you get dejected as he did the last team watched your old. After Poland ball two hours playing during the bill. That that can really hurt the team. But I. Ball on the side liking and wanting emotional MIT I think dole out. Really support our morning. So what are the biggest question mark still for the Panthers is their offensive line they've dealt with so many injuries in fall camp losing two starters already they'll they'll be out tonight. And they're gonna be just kind of putting together a makeshift group. So I look immediately to the dolphins defensive line and can you kind of give us a scouting report they added Robert Quinn what is that dolphins Stevens of Lima do you imagine that they're going to put pressure on Cam Newton because that's what matters they gonna be ought to put pressure on cam knew an early in this game. They should have been adopting deepened the line early apply pressure route Tampa not lead to questions. Spot the ball and but you know note back saying. On but he noted law and comic and news and a and a salary cap decision. The people that they're gonna deal with generate more pass rush under the sentiment in wages and urged all camp. He does not look watched. Most guys who need would look on Charles Eric is mean improvement that peculiar heat and or. Our William Hayes. Is that really how he and then one of the heart. Players on ancient and wrote it to thirteen so. Are tremendous let up on the ball and these are the ones are currently eat sentiment to fashion. That Europe Europe one stroke going because. Dalton and the one that trying to nine no report. I feel like you can't read any article about the Miami Dolphins in the pre season without reading about think of Fitzpatrick mean this guy was picked eleventh it sounds like he's put the world on fire in camp had a good pre season outing as well we had Dre' Bly on earlier Joseph. And drain has been spending some time with the coaching staff down there I mean just sang the praises of Fitzpatrick over and over again what have you been hearing about that's Patrick and the expectations for him. In when he eighteen. We don't throughout this boring in the early portrait. Into that Patrick was dumplings ceased the and in tonight's game at all likely that can spark for the first time and Altman. Slot position the dolphins are leading their Hartley peed. Bomb pretty darn good slot quarter Bobby keen to be outside in debt for me and the dolphins. Patrick can handle it need to admit to me this week that. You know how often do so many different roles is order that it was when he did that and now it went down in Alabama. Where they start winning more on the street or positions so I mean look at Patrick is I ever. Diligent worker army the next on athlete he's got a nose for the ball. Dolphins didn't read any turnovers last year and the in Taiwan police. More turner this year is so with the addition to Patrick did so that dolphins actually at three CE Neal and just kind of an ultra. Shot Jones who's their best player. Pro bowler multiple times in the TJ McDonnell to sort of built more like a linebacker shall. What ability and versatility really give submit match introduce. This can't look at for tonight's game Joshi data from the Palm Beach post he covers the dolphins inside and out it Joseph thank you so much for joining us and we look forward to talking with you hopefully again sometime enough desolate covering the team this season. I.