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Monday, February 12th

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We talk about painter history all the time this team's 23 years in almost a quarter century in and out of first ever quarterback compared to her sister reported that ball floated Carolina pipeline when Bill Polian was here. Is now the new head coach for Indianapolis Colts and set a bad few days you go from like Super Bowl champion to. Big offset if you wanna call it that and the simple knocking off the patriots and now you're the head coach for the Colson sort of talked to his brother head coach for Wayne get the bulls. Center Wayne gave Joseph I can I join you can backs coach it's gonna talk Tia. Does is it Smart what are were what do we whether. I know into these guys know he kind of found some money recently so I you know it's always wants to spread some Downey could do that if he wants to. Act like you know it died but didn't expect to stop for the left or right terms. Your Brothers have a pretty we all you know you went through all you don't know where they got a job. But they were numbers were very easy to our citizens total total rather quiet but he. Being in a court document and open right about now I can't tell you about it. All right so we're talking to Joseph Reich and encode some Chinese sea island to Piedmont so I know a thing or two when you tell and retell Omar Gaither it's Wayne get right decent your son tries its wing hate it we tell you it's on how to pronounce the school. Well don't get Smart or bust out a billion euros or seventeen years ago BA he's a rich set you know you're on the north. So the first thing you do when you get up there are few better but it went well they're gonna kick yeah. And such an epidemic now there's been a lot of them or are slightly to try to go to Wendy university in the out of sorts. It's kind of bomb back. They gala compromise see my search on my good out. An audio that is Joseph coach Wright is what is by the way from the wing get geez what does right now on the technique I'm just like that is what happened. Around here when people say it's no longer downtown Charlotte is its uptown Charlotte yet classy couple and that's what people are trying to do and the wrong that. That's exactly right good brought aboard the cement and now we get that these are. Out. It exports. And I believe that that's where they are not sure where that's worked that's worked in what they're sure some. Okay so like a joke right is what is his brother frank now own enemy for the competition or you win Minneapolis last week coach did you go to the game. I think about my struggle so they are all all our growth and it was just. Architect had he had the time elect. You know what they're gonna sit brother were 05 in the soup won't open those. So there once so he they get the promise that was where it really was just spectacular. Of course I would start about the after party at this. And now. What are writes I'm want CD ego you know Doug Peterson was great at notre approach at work or. Somebody that if you must respect for and and really in front of god at that look you know what he's what he's worked with great people. He's got a you know he he's really in tune with that worked in well. What are your chest or where it. Didn't really don't there really you know how our Brooke are there and my brother speaks well it's currently emit those guys but. He's looked or noticed it was just so they ended up. Well and it's funny to right guy Joseph Reich's witness his brother now the new head coach for the colts he's the head coach. For wing get the defending southern athletic conference champions by the ways with a shred now on the so I think I guess I feel Sawyer I. I'm so here's what's funny coaches you know we were talking about this earlier yelled obviously Josh and Dana saying got a little ugly. But life always signs away years of working out right into. You know with we've which franks you know history starting out as an intern there and an assistant with the colts back in the day. I mean they might have actually wound up making the right higher when it's also in Dunning even though they didn't plan on this this actually might end up working out for best perk for everybody when Paulson done. It did because that is interesting that there exact way it worked out you know are we going to bowl picky about the way. I much rather well maybe this beta cycle I don't think it's not dubious bank the cycle not being here you know whatever you know ready to support him but while they all. Just do it these you know maybe next year cycle product but it also eager but they're back out you know the history. With the with the colts you know he's got a history there also goes in the biological saying. You know I think. You know certainly at a bill owning your corner like like we are so fortunate that I am without that mr. always gonna order or the brother. You know I'm always in it art in our great export like that yet. They you know make all. Which are sure they're really you know you know back gush just Obama I'm an optimist always set haven't him. You weigh in order just been an outstanding. I'm notices. Sparing no brainer but was that the toys have quit at all for your brother I mean with everything that we know mcdaniels with maybe some people still wanting him in an economist you know maybe you think you know we got a second fiddle whatever is that was said that the choice. At all difficult trimmed wanna take that job. I you know I don't watch any speech big you. You know he he just did not respond to respect and an app for an up the organization. And an Arctic so from that standpoint. I think it was any decision you know I think our Brothers competitive guy. He's got it what does your program he's you know you we look to set up and you know what's because they're you are secure force an app that kind of background. Knowing. That that you respect the program and it in and look Livan out there the people of Indianapolis although I think your set about it. Sort app that opening PP opening and an app that offer yeah. I don't think took the real. Like to talk to Joseph but it was idle is certainly Libya leaving people but they'll be. This situation out there stop. But I think. And what are quick to these may in the in the in the world so to an off season. To get an opportunity to be Iannetta are a coach you know others are just gonna jump so I think that's where well. It's busy all they want the Rupert visiting with the pets I mean that the donor kind of set it up their form and you know we know pressure. Well archer. About stroke so. Should at least they can right now you know I like that I think it's. It's been a whirlwind week for that's beyond serious so that's you know he's he's coming out all when mr. rob but it you know it was direct and accurate and you know a week later he's been at an Indianapolis. Without having any real art bought that so there's a lot that goes into that now Mormon. Stuff that I have been really just talked about are sure at this point now we're gonna get the staff together and get all that open line and and you know make sure he gets the best that there are people dispersed out Jimmy's approach. See you guys are of peace how many years older than you where you're you're you're how many years older than him. The number Italian. Justice. Whether they can put a lot more higher. And I do it in the NBA and development such seventies. Party in. So. Other coach or so so my guess it just got more that maybe as but other than that he is your vote. It just Thomas Colin I mean he's easy to get his it's just and. I. Nobody had sort by again I'd I'd it was straight at destroy excite the white Democrat I spoke code number. Mama I spoke teacher coach or anything cheerleading. You're not be tracked whenever Obama or that. So might the might data I'd vote for awhile became but college coach or a local knowledge. Into that as an assistant so. Start my brother now be a coach summit Jordan at George charter is really accurate charge one. Well I would love to know for Joseph Wright head coach for we get the defending sacked champ tees where it is right now on the tech become just like his brother spyware first quarter compared her sister his brother frank Reich is now a head coach for the Indianapolis Colts you played offensive line a college he played quarterback obviously. Always an argument who's the smartest guy in the field so what is the smaller position offense a liner quarterback who knows more. Are not always opens a lot of offensive center I'm I'm. Certainly. Her MySpace blog or send it senator Bob smartest guy ever that despite that just might take a street target of quarterback but it. This quarterback what do you know. What I went out of you saw his quarterback when he's being wrote about this coach in Iceland assassin he was for his Monday Morning Quarterback article today and he talked to your brother he talked to Doug Peterson as a Saturday I think it Eagles offices at the time. About the play call. For the Zach urged go ahead touchdown and the bunch formation and in the pre snap motion. And they had run a play I think three different times throughout the year but three different pre snap motions. Three different reads after the snap. And it can beat the wide receivers coach Al groh son who's on staff there actually on earth that played during a traffic leading up to the game that week. And Doug Peterson supposedly all week all year long would ask his guys all the offensive coaches hey here's my play sheet. I dare you to find something better than this and if they found something he put it on the play she'd how normal is that because that seems like there's probably pretty rare in the NFL. I'm I don't get a coach at Obama that area. I think that probably beer I think when you've got a guy that's what my barber whether it will work computers much terms here Doug is not ready yeah. Not it's not about amistad about that Pieter Sen. It's it's about the folk are nervous about what makes us better in that thing our brother really close up and I think but well there will be sitting on anecdote. Bruce Kennedy joked I thought it. Can carry out spent a few minutes welcome it's not about if it's about. This column you know what's how what how can we get better. Broker out we get better be Indianapolis Colts. And you talk to but he just heard these are there on the gosh it's not about. So big so I don't be very similar action Mike wherever come from. It doesn't matter account from both from the low to no good quality control got a couple bottom of the totem pole. It is so should I go to doesn't matter where good ideas good idea. Is Smart enough that you know that a warmup go. Our coach trilogy go where we appreciate you being gracious with your time before I let you go. What what is the recruiting pitch real we will let us in kids listening are now if they wanna go play football local school right Euro bank your wing get the bulldogs if you wanna go play in the sack woods the recruiting pitch for coach -- Well military cadets at the university itself itself what is your real mystery is not here. And and spent time a blanket and don't north campus and you don't players we are back where commuter students the place to sell itself so. I guess it's it's this sports property is viewed by some recruiters will be destroyed and a corporate president and and you talk present to the president bad. Unanimously. Preference. Got sort wildest wish this were just it's been makes like beat don't go out. I tell you like EU present I'm still in the area I'm in Indian trail but I've grown up and in that area has so I've obviously I've been throwing get more than that I returned minutes gone through they're gone and tried trying to go to a 740 gets the beaches been through wing did come see you on a Saturday okay you guys got a great statements eight Odyssey is a great way to go spent a college football Saturday would you guys. That's you know what and that's the thing that we and a single source just it's. It's not close enough not to be 80000 screaming fans there there's going to be you know 3000 people that but it could reach setting very intimate setting branch right on the deal. Right next to the field it is a great small college atmosphere. You know we're we're almost we're into right now so you're could it ever get a chance during all but seven home games sexier some sort by lesser candidate but. Anybody gets chance come down on 6 o'clock on Saturday night. Doubt bit cryptic modelled. Are you going down to Wingate North Carolina that's I don't down and we gave basically go coach take it seriously it's a pleasure to talk to thank you for making unforced.