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Thursday, May 17th

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And now joining us on the technical gas lines former NFL executive. Joe Banner and got Joseph how are you. Yeah doing well. We're doing well Joseph everybody in Charlotte is trying to figure out as much as they can right now about David tepper in trying to figure out what to Carolina Panthers. Our our in store for you were in actively involved in the league when tepper became a minority owner with the Steelers tell us what the impression of this man is from inside the late. I've put out there who don't know on. I know a lot of people that home going on back then and now. Or nothing but very good and about a very Smart guys very committed very successful whatever is done. From what I hear bottom really really be invested in waiting. Well he's number one priority of the deal and he cares about it because of their own property on the T want to run out of business well but. From what I've heard that they did everybody should be excited they're getting an excellent on. Was there any thing about this sale process that resulted in David tepper but it winning with perhaps one of the lower bids was there anything about this process that surprised you from a league perspective. Well and honestly I'm skeptical that that's really what two point seven billion in. Two prior sales and similar stories have taken place in the just thinking about what they are likely values that the French and that you look two. Attuned to happen. Into the among the middle of that that makes sense. And I'm that are credible reason let that would bypass the better of it and in the speculation. Obviously could easily get motivated to make it look like. The real where it hasn't let up over the honest. I think they have an owner. Very high quality person. Out clearly paid a very sizable amount of money especially historically clinical. And I particularly look back until it was really clear that they can well. From an organizational standpoint what are the biggest. I guess difficulties in making the transition like this just from the people party in the building and what is it like. Going through a big organizational change like this. Just very stressful. Since I was so we took over Italy with Jeff Laurie we took over at the exact time. One of the can have woman in Cleveland. All the Jimmy had a team and was able who are starting if we really didn't technical ownership and at the end of October. And and that there is rightfully received in the league that people whether PGM bar owner like they have their own people and and it doesn't mean everybody makes changes but there's a lot of anxiety in the people there that are wondering you know what do you think what he he believed in what he's an old about it. And you know what I need to do frequently done you know the right well. They don't really know much about that it would read it like that spoke to a few people that know and so. There's a lot of it it and he will want to change some things that may not be people they may not be the most visible people at GM of the vote but. Inconceivable somebody come in with a new. Who want a place does that someone is. Things that people that they wanna make changes well my main answer is that people that are there are urged best outlet out with a without reason. It changes were in that you know at an affordable. Do you think it helps and on the football side of things having such an established head coach and quarterback and even now a GM you know is gonna be there at least for the foreseeable future. They're we you know let them eat people can win. If his goal is to win big Burton you know owners just are satisfied to have any competitive each year yet. And that's what actually did their hope that the bulk of the inning and short of that is that not to. So the the better record the people there have been one form is about. The better for them but a lot of the patent do it and see each other. Not feeling comfortable. Feel it is. And symmetry in the way it looked into what their priorities are. Com I'm sure Ronald reevaluated on things like we won loss record well those that he's put together. On the culture that he created. You know Marty you know obviously has at this period when he was running things than that into eruption. And then the resumption. Mound you know he's the one of the book that above I think that yet people believe about marketing and get very well at you know very well are working quality person. But it brought to determine you know whether he can actually get into the level. That they ownership of the firing again. Talking to Joe Banner longtime NFL executives there and Joseph as you mentioned you've had the opportunity go to this process a couple of times. Were there are moments whether in Philadelphia or Cleveland where you almost had to act is a parking brake Wear a new owner wants to make a bunch of changes. I immediately and you sort of say well let's wait and see the or or do you find that those guys are little more deliberate. And going through that process having invested so much money. The most deliberate because frankly incredibly successful what about the liberty cannot become an owner that and that that we'll let that. They used to deliberate. It was a very big difference though when we took over the Eagles today in a lot at and observe and spent some people really get the note of so by the end of the knicks beat them. Now we made a bunch of changes but we've really had that I'm now enough. To both know. What we were changing from an evidence that might change Ito now on the ground that note tickle looked local fortunately they've let him in a position. And you know we we had a pretty good idea but we really wish we pat what I'm early study where things were. Before we had dictate it and frankly learn better about making available of where we want to be. So if you're gonna buy it is that I feel I'm being hit by I'm going to be shot if you made any changes before the end of the beaten. And this podium with a 78 months to really learn that people are in the system. Developed some relation rebel legal people we could well pick their brain get hurt by. Com and it won't cure every single that went as chances make good decisions well or. What are the things we've heard pretty consistently. You know since it became apparent this was the direction this move was. Happening is how well thought out David tepper is within the league. And because of his personal wealth because of the success he's had in the business arena that the league was very interested in having. David tepper be a part of the club. How do you think that's going to impact the glide matters I mean Jerry Richardson was a guy who for a long time had a lot of influence in certain committees in certain corners of the league. How much influence do you think David tepper will come to have in the NFL's all. Playwright is kind of undercover that Gerri sure what covet what you are in general. But just it was one of the more influential all orders in the league he can have the commissioners year. And implemented can prolong a life jacket on the CPA negotiations when you are the east city which is related to vote as final approval on any deal. That the civic duty influential and listen to what it would be an understatement the edit a significant about. That day that I think has the persona. Present. The background of of intelligent. End like oil and they should know what we've warning you because that's very important within the ownership group. But the developed over time. But he won't happen at the first minute he walked in and get those I never even older. Be actively engaged in conversation. Speaking out and owners' meetings. After the first period and that is barely sit back and listen they get to know the people in the end of what's appropriate what the speak. And the name age. Keeper David will be Roger pretty much unilaterally decide what owners are on what committee. And he usually tries to reflect. His opinions of people strengths and weaknesses. And the background in terms of put you know what businesses they may have been except without that translate that certain committee. He's Smart he lobbied early to do lowest person on the totem pole a couple of important committees. And then it establishes an open get more spirit and opportunity to develop Gary did. It to a very important voice at the other owners and to Roger who you know in the end has filed than a lot of. And show you talked about the influence Jerry Richardson had. How much of the last six months tarnish the legacy of the Jerry Richardson ultimately leaves on the NFL in the Carolinas. Well but I think it apparently thought that there are some people there are probably feeling like is in the greatly tarnished. And you know not happy with what we think we've now wondering how much we don't know. And there are others who probably a little bit more forgiving. I don't feel like he lived there on life and along the period as an owner. And it generally ran bridge site that did well. I was engaged in the community and and represented bid that values so I don't know we don't want answers I think a lot of people that it on the perspective from which may be started. They have different views and that's certainly. He went from having really no blemishes are virtually no problems at all. That something that I think most of us would rather not have that or name reputation. Talking to Joe Banner former NFL executive president of the Eagles for eighteen years also former CEO of the Cleveland Browns and Joseph today the AI HBO announces that hard knocks this year will be following the Cleveland Browns. But this season of optimism for the browns obviously brand Tyrod Taylor Jarvis Landry now bigger mayfield in the fold as well. It seemed like this could be the year where we start to see some signs of competitiveness from the Cleveland. What are your feelings on bringing hard knocks to your training camp and and the distractions and Emeka cause. Well you know it the ownership actually alluded to today we were out to do that when I was there and I know they have again and viola. I personally. Opposed to pretty strongly that we were in the first pure and ownership were the first human head coach. We were approaching the first here is that it was a time to build on occasion for the future of the post that. Maximize trying to win the next year so I've pushed back pretty aggressively. We can dump people who weren't president doing and I picked it there right in saying that time came to analysts say you know. So many times I think the optimism about the team is justified. I mean they they they really got it last year Allen what should want but it gave me. Didn't variety of the right reasons smoke because they've got such poor play the quarterback. Michael I'll. And that it matters a number of ways as well and created in the press so that they really should be get 789 when he this year I don't think unrealistic. And not be interesting personalities there. So you know as a as a personnel who watched the show at the consumer to put on what boost. Dealing with try to run the team that didn't really want to distract activated an interest in Chile and put up the import. Joseph is it an oversimplification. To say that all football side guys coaches and GM's. Hate the idea of doing the show but the pressure comes from the business side in wanting the exposure and push in the brand out there. From the other side of the building. Yeah all mobile little too much because there are some guys that actually enjoyed he you know some players that enjoy it but I think virtually at all. The time what you said is that is true and they. The people out of business the ownership the feel like it's not suited to create some optimism may be branding. Kind of little buzz around the team and they care about a the good and the coaches and GM and people like myself but really just focused on getting the team ready. And whether the positive and negative it's just something added to the mix should just rat than not only thing into the mix. Like she's been you really can't control and not sure how people are gonna react to. And you also don't know what can happen amendment but he just put both in the military if you want that and unique. I predicted that happened what he. Problem might be you would think about things that could happen though Ross and all the that would be a TV cameras you know our bases everywhere we're going about that well. I think what you said it right almost all the time. It's at its high risk reward I guess kind of ordeal they're going on hard gospel who also we we will see easy for me to say Cleveland on that show coming up this season so Joe Banner former NFL executives joining us on the to become gas lines or legality Goebel we really appreciate the time and I'm sure grow to talk to you soon. Thank did you.