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Monday, June 11th

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If so keep the fans as radio network join us now Jim. Thanks for being a man how you doing today. Will deliberate reality that I. Dorm room was so it's Monday we've got about these neighborhood grill in the studio so you know stood. This bird are pathetic I yeah build the Libya did we manage change and no but that's what we we've talked to Jimmy did you ever talk about the other cancers account of the you know the the moves and who made this offseason whether it's bringing a Norv Turner adding some more offensive talent through the draft and kind of what that looks like moving forward I think a lot of fans. Are really excited about the potential. Of an offense that could look vastly different to what we see from the Mike Hsu offices last few seasons. Has the grades cam has a lot of weapons been used yesterday. Check theft after. I'm actually. Effect become like the smoking can have a lot of weapons. And it's it's interstate there yup you monetary Matt but you know he doesn't really have a number one receiver and now he's like he's got a lot of receiving options out there but what you just said you know he had DJ Moore. In the draft you at Torrey Smith great better player that you get started here obviously debit or just contract year. You should get the best to DeVon bunt just out there Jaret Wright who knows this offense of north turner come and him and how weird to hear birds and occurred Samuel. And then I'll I'll helping Greg Olsen the epic budget they passed it up it just looked like so many options. I if they get blood got there are so they can sustain a not go to so many injuries like it did Lester but there's a lot of receiving option those cuts. It is okay I know. You can watch a lot of cards are no you see the coupled with no no they don't have fallen pants I understand. But what do you think about this young receiving corps. I'd you know I think this year except to be great you know thing is they're all learning together with a new cooperative coordinator. In Norv Turner so each week have been out at the the GA sections. And for that you know the conversation. Most of that time has been on the opposite side it is just learning. Norv Turner's office whether that's the rookies whether it is Greg Olsen. That there alerted to build it do with Soviet conspiracy. It bored you tell what that looks like us of that. Things are talking about is more precise route running is the key. Obviously we talked a lot about you know the running game the big factor which is not gonna be changed so. Most here in past years it's always been you know one of the heavier run cheap Italy has been the Panthers. About it looked like with the speed they have a with the a lot of it looks like we're gonna happen. A lot of play actions said he got beat throws. And you know what the ballot check down McCaffery you wanna thank you lose that that incorporating more of the seat all into the off Bobby stop. A policy to. Only on C camera 3-D O offers from Hermosillo. It more than he did in years past was Caroline barrels or twenty trial Simpson trial Moore is going to be certain things that we used mainly operate number gone. Yeah I think I think it's where he's most comfortable and I think because of the Arctic but let's start out not much that you look at LP. Many into running more than ever as last year and it probably more shut down like you're certainly 7525. Would be like an expectation. Knowing because that is comfort level is still the most options to make reads. And do you think that the run pass option that of that so I would anticipate you don't wanna lose Matt if you continue that lots of. Jim argue with a solid technique come guests live from the Panthers radio network in WBT write down the hallway we were listening to in the mid day on the BS as he powered by ortho Carolina we were talking earlier Jim about the other Daryle Williams situation coming off a Pro Bowl caliber season you know. Almost kind of unexpected made the most of an opportunity in now there's this discussion and is this the kind of thing Marty Ernie needs to get him signed a long term deal it may be can be team friendly now do you see that something needs to happen here this offseason. Except that you love to see happen before your training camp does it has solid wood Marty meant last year immediately urged. Signed straight turner go big contract which. Basically was the end there do normally as he does like it or patriot guard that amount of money but now you're talking about. Apple so Daryle Williams. Pro Bowl performer what is our lives here Matt well. Pull them a little curveball it would be that Adrian last year he did play much better what he's got going and he got help your strategic continue to be healthy. I do you know a solid player let that nobody got you there away much younger option. Media guide actually you could switch over that left tackle position going to be great vehicle. Oh when asked both of you you know. We've talked a lot about Christian McCaffery heading into the season and you the pictures that I've seen of him Jaime may have seen in practice looks a little bigger looks like he's you know beefed up a little bit the offseason Iran's talked little about. More load for him. Maybe don't have. Have to do that if you have a you know with a CJ Anderson and house but it is Christian McCaffrey did the kind of guy that can be that leads feature running back and get those carries between the tackle. Yeah out of court within those states too but Serbia I think you know. I wouldn't overdo it mean to because respect our multiple they look like equity altered about. How you operate that state is what he does that you bring in CJ Anderson. And that you have Yemen artist paint. You can share I don't think he had to do a lot of running between the Jack well they should be your other options like that Alex. It'll be active at the state I'm Damian but I think more I think is is running numbers were modest by deputy to do more the running game but. Debate about being in Alec way to Utah blaster given opens basic human that. It tells us to meet your sister have you know been able to get want they want in the political in the minds you know and the solidity targets New Orleans and to guitarist. I think he brings that you noted that Mitt did Diamondbacks out of his game and passing game as well as being able to detect is of defense morsel internal into the teeth. Those big defensive tackles they are less are re which totally journal. We're here and have a good things about DJ Moore so far but should we be concerned you know with the with the mandatory OT is coming up here that he's not signed yet. Now what we're about and I stuck messed up so slated to be taken care of Syria agent stuck stuck here. You know you want to step taken care and advance it up on the kind I wouldn't be concerned. And again the only he's hurting you need more so because all right because there's a lot of up. At receiver and I know people. Didn't really get secrecy and last year they got it sent a bigger bird before. He got injured Richard Curtis Samuel is ability and got a palate were not unlike what Kirk connect that he had and there's a lot of other options out there. It became more or anybody is proper to injury or whatever you heard it. Curtis and while Carter a quickening the dismissing Curtis Sam and I've said it's almost like we're getting another draft pick. This year because we just really didn't see much the same a last year with the injuries that he had in the camp and in the one during the season. So it's almost like you're getting a node late first early second round pick talent wise Jim what are you here as far as his recovery is concerned. You do it better every day it is finding is going to be great as we head out this. Mini camp coming up this week they have that six week break or so until training camp looks like is help it has coincided perfectly with. In post on efforts that are they'd even be on a percent. And Spartanburg so I do like and as such a great land of Ronnie can't pass receiver special teams. And a last you know what ought bucket spoke on Evan used very good at Ohio State. I get the upper do you Damien my concern would be like the near bird just. Q and you. Really cannot these type of players to be healthy sixteen games because. It is you know disputed in your bird Brooke are certain things happen have a baby wouldn't happen to other players but they're gonna take yet so you'll beat a couple of players like that because that it are you help. Marquis knew it was going to be a surprise coming out steamer and all of these doesn't receiving corps is different are they certainly. When you look at there you see that pregnant schools and got did you say okay he's gonna make a million Americans from Martin. I think you're the one it cited talk about the least they have been with the most knowledge which is about it started it military's right and young veteran guy. Comes from norv Turner's offense in Minnesota. Is that they're under the terms respect and a roster a guy you know young and use five receivers so that has a great chance to make the team. As a guy like Jerry threat because it brings you a special teams and about their ability lit it up. And that again that knowledge of the off the inspect it a misstep I had that that's not been curtail. As other players get more familiar with that but it's always good to have. Guys like him the quarterback Taylor panicky I would put the vikings let big enough playing experience so much but just being around nor turn in a kind of office but he run in the past. Mac OL's kind of been an enigma trapped in a riddle you know and then you come in you get that big counters a lot of pressure on him to perform. Is it is that they hit stuff is it's you know. It is something else does it mean there were times last year where you it was difficult it was really difficult for you can really tell he was struggling. Yep but you know back nearly a quiet I think most of those struggles in earlier siege than that got better as the year went out he got help beer so we're super big. And hip surgery is is significant obviously that. Other surgery in his career when he was. A first round pick that rookie was very good and injuries that sent. There's so you have to factor knowledge and give them to go to task because he's politically help you gotta get out there. And placed rewrite of the medium like a lot of these players to be. Is help so I OP pack a little I think it's he's helped me a B a B did not keep up the top five it is position in the league but. People look at where you strap that money to make it to be realistic Quinn and his career would surgeries he's had a what you can expect it to be. The top ten top twelve look tackle in the league I think we're oak or. Know you look at too remote and do you see him as the data's going to be vegetables right tackle them tell local and National Guard or is he going to be a got to stripe put it on star position to mentor. I think could be determined because he will compete for starting left guard and but it might just been hearing the commentary and kind of the way to rotated so port. It's being prepared mode and head of state Tyler Larson or maybe even Jeremiah several other. Biking player to come in here and I again this step is again as they get there without pat the architect. That'd out from August but I would say at this moment is better talk today. The Tillamook and got a very good chance we just starting what art and plug and play right there which means just a domino effect now you got to find. Who is that guy into me and I mean basal till the move out. Really ever met the expectations are beaten quite a career. So they'll play better you become that we are. We've talked about offense almost exclusive beer with you Jim did Damon our Dario in the last segment about. The defense and kind of where where they need area where the concern areas we we pretty much say the secondary spicy back their safety. They brought us some young guys I mean obviously James spread very Obi takes the next step in. She got a maximum are cited him as it is going to be can cost Seymour. A corner and what Leo do you rely on a rookie to start at safety or do you think there's a moves still to be made to bring somebody in here. I think you do it that's to be determined to I think you know you got it all up there were out right lie. Rookies this step in his start right away your cup list at number saw that. I would James Grant Berry when he came in that he got better is inspecting year. And that times you know used. You'd delivered some rookie mistakes when that's the best perhaps you haven't they got they Jackson desserts right. To learn and make it out of Chile be a starter right away even though decrepit early I. Mike Adams is 36 here's all the state beat Norris beard he might be your other starter there. Who's you know not bounced around all opulent upload at a speed probably it is best easily might not be. In front of them as much as they are behind and it is what it is rebut these at all but it got a hodgepodge. Of really young guys and and some veterans and the captain modeling and a well it without a paper that opposition Muster took. Almost by default your point you know you're really going to be a decline you know you're really gonna. At linebacker by default you would be back to back field becomes the thing you can drive on the most. So I gotta ask are gonna ask I know they had put the pads on opposite before but how remain in Norton toward hurricane I know you. Own explosive. While most of the LA you lose those some good Kerry may have. These competing for a particular exhibit at the top spot eighties but they. Got here art how excited about Gary Coke comment at about the great motivated group of got into it was co come in and take a short perennial pro bowler. A former first round pick in Burnham Boller pal lot underrated plays so well. It's a numbers game and Sergio I would love to see what sort in do it may be the practice what guy along worldwide but you'll see you get a chance to compete out there just. That it may be the most stacked position on the team they type or roster spot. Our salute all right that was Jim Sorgi with a somewhat tied to come guess I feel like I learn something Jeff thank you very much for for educating us on on there resume. Mandatory OK I can you do appreciate it.